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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 3, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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millions of dollars in renovations and right now that money isn't there, even though it attracts a lot of tourists. long beach leaders have literally considered sinking that ship. >> that would be hard to watch. >> it would be. >> millions of dollars will be needed to keep it afloat. tough situation. breaking right now at 6:00 for you, a freeway shooting. gunfire on interstate 280 near san francisco leaves people hurt and the highway shut down for hours. >>lso breaking this morning, new progress on the frontlines of the caldor fire. an update on the containment made overnight and the fire that's burning at the edge of south lake tahoe. >> just don't want to cry anymore. i'm tired. burning up at night. you feel like you're in hell. >> stunning images of ida's devastation up and down the east coast. the latest on the damage from the storm, the race to recovery and the impact on the holiday
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weekend. this is "today in the bay." good morning. it is friday. glad you're starting your day with us. i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. >> we want to take you to daly city for the breaking news we've been talking about this morning. the chp is still investigating a freeway shooting near highway 1, that's in daly city. several people were taken to the hospital with bullet wounds and we don't know their conditions at this point. we know the call came in a little after 1:30 about an older model gold colord suv that crashed into the side walls just offs the freeway. investigators believe the shooter was in a separate vehicle and got away. the freeway is open once again, but the investigation does continue. bob redell will bring us a live report coming up in our next half hour. breaking right now, a hopeful turn on the frontlines of the caldor fire. crews are gaining more
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containment. right now that fire is listed at 27% contained. then some evacuation orders in el dorado county have been lifted. milder conditions provided a huge boost for the firefighters, but that fire has sadly still destroyed 650 homes, burning 211,000 acres. we generally get the latest update around the 7:00 hour so we're hoping there could be more improvement. meteorologist kari hall, you've been tracking what the conditions have been like for firefighters. >> yeah. they've been doing an amazing job with all of the conditions that we've seen recently and the winds are calming down and they're really taking advantage of that to try to get the upper hand on this fire. this is a look at our fire detection sensor new york and the yellow dots indicate where we've seen the fire burning. red shows us where the fire is moving and what else is ahead of that. the more active fire near south lake tahoe, here we are right over here by heavenly and this
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is what it looks like on some of the cameras this morning as we wake up and get a look at some of those flames that are still quickly moving in some of these spots and it's really been so sad to see over the past couple days. once again, we are hoping for more containment today as the winds calm down. it's going to be light and variable winds for today which, of course, also may reduce the visibility as some of that smoke settles in. if you're wondering what temperatures are like around the caldor fire, it's fairly mild today but it will be getting hot in this area heading into labor day and that's going to be very taxing on those fire crews that are already exhausted from battling these fires. we'll have more updates marcus. >> the fires taxing on our environment as well as those firefighters because the caldor fire along with the dixie fire are among several taking firefighters to the brink of exhaustion. the alameda county fire department has 30 members assisting in the sierra nevada. the department is maintaining
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full staffing levels. crews usually work two days on and four days off. when the big fire happens they can work seven days or 14 days straight. >> hot conditions they're working these fires 24/7. they're working very hard and they're eating and sleeping on the line many of the time. >> cal fire requires its employees to work 21 days straight with only two days off and while it may be physically and certainly mental exhausting, the agency says this is what they train for. our coverage doesn't stop here. the latest on the caldor fire by visiting us online you can go to breaking overnight, the prime minister of new zealand calling a stabbing rampage at a supermarket the work of an isis inspired terrorist. this happened in auckland. six people were injured, three are in critical condition. authorities did shoot and kill the attacker within about a minute's time. they say he was a sri lankan national who had been on their radar since at least 2016 and
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had been in new zealand for ten years. developing now, president biden heads to the gulf coast to survey the damage from hurricane ida. the storm carried a deadly mix of record rain, flooding and tornadoes stretching all the way up to new york and in the northeast there are now 42 confirmed deaths tied to that storm. "today in the bay's" tracie potts is live in washington with an update on the aftermath and we know that the president is headed there. what can we expect from that trip? >> biden is heading to the gulf region, kris. good morning, everyone, he wants to see the damage from louisiana when this category 4 hurricane hit the coastline and then barreled not only through the state but as you said all the way up to the northeast with the remnants of that storm causing so much damage. the president getting a bird's eye view today, actually a hands on view, and then also taking a look at what it's going to take
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for those communities to recover. >> reporter: in louisiana today, president biden will tour neighborhoods devastated by hurricane ida and meet with local leaders and victims. >> my message to everyone affected is we're all in this together. the nation is here to help. >> reporter: fema, the federal emergency management agency, has sent 11 teams, 1100 people to affected states providing water, generators and other help. federal agencies are helping with search and rescue, structural evaluations and restoring power in the brutal heat. >> just don't want to cry anymore. i'm tired. yeah. and burning up at night, you know. you wake up and feel like you're in hell. >> reporter: there are long lines as residents search for food, water and gas. >> it turned into a nightmare. i mean no gas is anywhere. >> reporter: the category 4 storm killed nearly 4 dozen people as it made its way north. tornadoes and rain ravaged the northeast causing record
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flooding like new york has never seen. >> this is the biggest wake-up call we could possibly get. >> reporter: president biden's tour today to see the damage, send help and figure out how to mitigate the impact for the next storm. now the president is also saying that storm damage,s flooding, the wildfires out west, it all provides more evidence that climate change is real and it's a problem that needs to be dealt with. >> tracie, we know what the government is now doing, but how is the president going to try to get private companies to help with the storm victims as well? >> reporter: sure. well, kris, he's got the federal agencies working with power companies to try to get the power back on, working with telecommunications companies, the ftc to try to make it easier for people to get their cell phones to work down there or use a different carrier if theirs is
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down. the president is leaning on insurance companies not to read the fine print and put people through red tape to deny claims instead of paying them. >> well, that lady said it best, it felt like hell. i can only imagine it truly does. thank you. to the pandemic, hospitals across the country are seeing an uptick in pediatric covid infections and hospitalizations. the cdc says more children have covid because it's spreading more quickly and more of our kids are back in school in person. still, data shows the overall number of children in the hospital with covid remains low. however, the american academy of pediatrics finds children still account for about 2% of covid related hospitalizations. in august look at that number, more than half a million children tested positive for covid. >> when you see the numbers look, we feed to talk about the infections being reported for the three largest school districts in san jose. kris, you were talking about the
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students. san jose unified telling us that the san jose spotlight that is, that it is seeing about five new case as day this week and since the reopening august 18th, it has had about 21 cases. take a look the at this, 21 cases, san jose unified. alum rock union seeing the same number. the east side school district reporting more than double, 47 cases. school there reopened august 10th. we are tracking all the covid cases in the bay area school district. what you can do, head over right now to and click on covid-19 dash board. link to that on the trending bar. an outbreak canceling tonight's football game at san mateo high school. half moon bay says the players are infected. there's no word on how many or when they were diagnosed. school leaders made the call to cancel the game saying it would not be safe for visiting students to attend.
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let's take a live look at sfo. perhaps you have travel plans for the labor day holiday weekend. chances are you made those plans for flight before the delta surge. we know now the cdc is urging unvaccinated people to stay home. vaccinated travelers are advised to mask up and keep their distance. ucsf expert peter chin-hong says taking precautions is very important. we are definitely going to see a bump in cases after the hospital. the amount of virus in the bay area is high. >> it is high here and higher in other parts of the country. if you're traveling to places like montana or florida or hawaii, where hospitals are stretched thin, you might even risk not being able to get medical care should you get sick or some covid affect. . finally, the series giants fans have been waiting for.
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we're wearing our orange. dodgers come to town for three games with the teams tied at the top of the division. >> let's play ball. the giants hopefully starting another roll. yesterday they busted open a 1-1 tie in the eighth. darren duff double scored. to make that 2-1. a couple batters later, a three-run home run from es straed da led the giants to a 5-1 win breaking the four-game losing streak. here we go. the giants play the dodgers tonight at oracle park. nbc bay area will air it. you don't have to go to the game if you're scared about getting out there. that starts at 6:30 right here. >> best seat in the house, right. if you can keeps the dog off the couch. >> look. >> yeah. >> look, take a look inside and if you do decide to go to the game this is where you're going to be. >> look at that. >> it does look refreshing this morning.
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it has been a little warm and now going to get warmer. kari has been tracking that as well. >> that's where you can go to cool off because the inland valleys are going to be hotter. take a look at our forecast for the game this evening. if you're going and live inland you may leave the -- out the door wearing short sleeves but here you need like a heavy coat because it's going to be chilly out there especially when those winds pick up. later on this evening, those temperatures drop down to the upper 50s. we're also concerned about the air quality so as of right now, we're seeing a lot of yellow dots that indicates moderate air quality. probably even able to smell a little bit of smoke. if you're going to be out and about this weekend make sure you're taking precautions around the smoke and heat. santa rosa to the low 80s, upper 80s in walnut creek and gilroy reaching 85. we'll talk about the weekend temperatures coming up. mike, how is it looking for the commute? >> live look in san jose, the commute, reports from chp said there might be a roadside fire.
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somewhere southbound 101 as folks are heading past story road. the lights are in our faces right now coming northbound and then they're spaced from what little you can see there. the sensors tell the better story. we typically have overnight warming fires even though it's not so severe. those who are living outside may be colder and that's what the fires are there. sometimes they get a little out of hand. we'll track that. no injuries reported and no structures. barely any slowing out of the altamont pass. no backups. contra costa county moving at speed. no backup at the toll plaza. back to you. >> thanks, mike. >> now hiring, next on "today in the bay," walmart prepares for the holiday season by adding a lot of new jobs. and there's a wage hike already in line for hundreds of thousands of workers. >> hopefully that will have a good effect on jobs numbers because we've got the latest and they were terrible. i'll go over them with you coming up. wall street doesn't seem to be too phased.
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of course it means lower interest rates for a longer period of time. we'll have the latest. plus -- ♪ ♪ give me give me a ♪ >> all right. give me a new song. how about that. abba back. the return four decades in the making. can you believe that? we're going to reveal one of the band's new songs that may have you moving on this friday. yeah. as we coast into the weekend. hey, get up wherever you are right now and just move around a little bit. it is friday and you are watching "today in the bay."
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good friday morning. less than 30 minutes away from sunrise. we're starting out with clouds. it's hard to sees the sun coming up. the temperatures in the mid 50s as we go through today it's going to be nice and comfortable to start but starting to warm up in our inland areas. we'll get a look at our microclimates and talk about air quality and how hot it's going to be coming up in a few minutes. >> we're looking at the general direction of the sunrise with the rise in traffic as well heading out of richmond toward the north bay. this is smooth, building traffic here. getting out of richmond the other direction down the east shore freeway we may have a problem. checking on that. >> good morning. it is the first friday of the month which means our printer is working overtime, printing the jobs report to get out our highlighters and figure out what's going on in the american economy. the headline news is today's
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report is a disappointment. 235,000 new jobs filled, not positions, as people stayed home in august and covid and the higher unemployment checks may have been a factor. >> one was the virus, being afraid of contracting it and potentially getting sick or dying. then you had another interesting group, dual income families. because of covid they couldn't come back, schools closed, parents couldn't have a babysitter for part of the day, couldn't find part-time help to help them, so they didn't come back. then other people that really just made more on unemployment. they got the state unemployment and federal cares act on top of that. >> the federal payments the extra ones which come economists think kept people out of the workforce end on monday. covid does not end soon. florida saw the deadliest day
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ever. 2,926 americans died yesterday, 1,338 were floridians coming two children. 45% of the deaths in the country in 24 hours in florida. president biden will peek about the disappointing jobs report later this morning. he doesn't know what the report says. presidents get the numbers at the same time we do. if he was expecting good news, they are rewriting that speech right now. covid still having a massive effect on the supply chain. ford says sales cratered last month and weren't enough cars and trucks to sell. gm will idle more plants. chip companies are building new facilities. a photograph at asml in san jose, intel building new ones in arizona. these take years to build and bring up to speed. we're looking at maybe another two years of chip shortages throughout the united states. >> a long time. something we need in everything. >> everything.
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>> unless you have an old pinto. >> then you have another problem. >> dangerous at any speed. >> thanks, scott. all right. new this morning, walmart is giving everyone a raise ahead of the holidays. the nation's largest retailer hiking hourly wages by at least a dollar for more than 565,000 store workers. the ceo says the average hourly wage is now $16.40. the retailer also plans to hire 20,000 more workers ahead of the holiday shopping season. hopefully they can find people to hire. after 40 years, abba is back. >> let's take listen to their new song. ♪♪ >> newell released song here. this is one of two new songs that band will release called "i still have faith in you" and they announced a new album is coming on september 5th.
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>> sunday. >> and you know what, next year, a hologram concert tour going to kick off in london. there you go. you can have your fix. do you like michael jordan? >> everybody wants to be like mike. >> trending right now you can bid on his personal clothing including, get this, his underwear. >> no, i'm not going to do that. >> probably wouldn't want that. if you are interested you can. the items from the personal collection for jordan's long-time personal security guard. bids start at $500 each. and it is happening now through september 25th. >> when did he wear the stuff? i wants the stuff he wore when playing basketball not the tie he wore to church, no offense, church. >> wait. the be like craze was about michael jordan? >> you thought it was about you. >> i could see how you could confuse the two. >> mike, mike. >> to each their own. >> greatness, greatness, hey, there you go.
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>> all right. >> good look at that forecast for you. another great one. >> yes. we're going to have a great weekend. it's last unofficial end to summer that's the way we usually tag it and we are also going to have hotter temperatures as we're starting out with clouds this morning. taking a look in san jose. of course the concern for us has been the air quality as our temperatures heat up, but these early morning hours are the best time to get out for getting yard work done or even throughout the weekend. whether you will be grilling or spending time out there with the family. now we're going to see our smoke model forecast indicating that we are going to see it trending more unhealthy in the moderate phase especially for parts of the north bay. there will at times be some clearing as some of the fresher breezes come in off the ocean. a lot of smoke coming down from the north with some of those fires burning across northern
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california. temperatures wise where we're headed today. mostly 70s and 80s and a couple spots hitting 90s but then there will be more widespread 90s in the forecast tomorrow afternoon after the cool start, temperatures in concord and livermore reaching into the mid to upper 90s. cool start on sunday morning and gets hotter, as high pressure moves in closer and that's going to boost the temperatures and fight back that ocean breeze. the winds will start to calm down, but then by next week we'll be watching a storm system approaching from the pacific northwest and that's going to gradually help cool us off. a look at our seven-day forecast shows that we're going it see those highs in the mid 90s for the weekend. hot on labor day. speaking of work, how is it looking getting out for work this morning? >> folks will have a little bit and i have a little work to do. little delay out of richmond. the richmond bridge, a smooth drive and the toll plaza heading across the bay, your commute directions are looking great.
6:24 am
getting away from the richmond bridge toward the east shore freeway at east 580 around carlson reports of a crash have yielded one vehicle in the middle lane there. that's the problem. it's in the middle lane so until a crew gets there to assist them we will have folks getting by on either direction. be careful there. the bay bridge toll plaza shows no backup. neither for the other incidents. something by the san mateo toll plaza we'll check on that. back to you. >> thanks, mike. 6:24 and outrage in antioch. next on "today in the bay," a student is arrested at school, it was all caught on camera. this is the video you're seeing here. parents and other students say they're shocked but we'll tell you how the district is responding. >> facing competition after a no confidence vote. sheriff laurie smith has a new challenger. who is it? we're going to talk about it when we return.
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there's concern running high at antioch high school after an arrest that was caught on camera. the board held a special meeting last night in the wake of this tiktok video that went viral. the principal says one student attacked a classmate and threatened to harm his entire class, but school says -- police say the school security needed help detaining the 16-year-old and why they showed up on campus. the video is raising a red flag for some people. next, gaining ground on the caldor fire. the process being made on the frontlines. this is in south lake tahoe. the air quality concerns here in the bay area. >> i'm bob redell.
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we're live here in daly city where several people have been shot while driving down southbound 280. the search for the suspect vehicle. you're watching "today in the bay."
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[music] 'my own garden is my own garden,' said the giant, so he built a high wall all around it. then one morning the giant heard some lovely music. through a little hole in the wall, the children had crept in. and the giant's heart melted... and they found the giant...all covered with blossoms. breaking at 6:30, a freeway shooting shuts down a thoroughfare outside of san francisco. we have bob redell there live. this is "today in the bay."
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good friday morning. i'm marcus washington. thank you for makings us a part of your morning. >> i'm in for laura garcia. we want to take you to daly city where the incident happened. >> "today in the bay's" bob redell is live for us. when we hear about the interstate shootings the first thing you have to ask, was anyone hit? >> reporter: several people unfortunately were shot. they were all in one vehicle. they were transported to the hospital. this is according to chp. their condition right now unknown. this happened behind me on southbound 280 before the eastmoor exit here in daly city. the calm -- call came in after 1:30 this morning. it was about a gold colored gmc suv that crashed in the side wall just off the frequent. you can see the back window and at least one of the side windows were blown out either by gunfire or from the impact of the collision. everyone in the suv was hit, was injured and tak to the
6:32 am
hospital chp officers searching the freeway looking for bullet casings. we believe the shooter was the a separate vehicle that did get away. chp still investigating and southbound 280 was shut down for some time but it has been reopened and i can hear the traffic flowing off of the side of your tv screen behind me. reporting live here in daly city, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> rough start to the morning. thank you. new overnight, police are investigating a deadly crash in san jose. this is a few blocks from san pedro square that happened around 10:30 near the intersection of east santa clara and 10th street. moments ago we learned the interstate has reopened. one car crashed into a building. one man died there at the scene. another suffering life-threatening injuries. right now there's no word on what might have led to that crash. breaking right now, the fire rages on this morning near south lake tahoe, but firefighters are gaining some ground.
6:33 am
containment of the caldor fire is up to 27%, higher than 25rs yesterday. that's not the only good news. some vaccination orders in el dorado county lifted and conditions yesterday were relatively mild for firefighters, though the vast majority of people are still out of their homes this morning and we know that at least 650 homes will be gone and are destroyed. the fire has burned 211,000 acres. let's take a live look outside across the bay area. wildfire smoke looming in the skies above. air quality advisory once again going into effect. meteorologist kari hall, of course, tracking those conditions for us this morning. kari? >> yeah. some of that smoke is mixing in with the low clouds that we typically see for our morning start this morning. we are seeing some moderate air quality. these are live weather sensors that show air quality around the bay area. yellow means moderate and so we're going to see at times some of that smoke drifting in,
6:34 am
moderate air quality will continue today. it looks like where we see the yellows and greens indicates some unhealthy air quality for those who are sensitive to the wildfire smoke. if you're smelling that most likely you are breathing in the wildfire smoke that could be unhealthy. some of the worst going into tomorrow will be in parts of the north bay, some of that smoke coming straight down from the fires burning farther to our north. we'll be monitoring the air quality as our temperatures heat up. we'll talk more about that coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you. our coverage does not stop here. you can get the latest on the caldor fire including those updated numbers that come down about 7:00 if you visit us online at 6:34. ballot security and accuracy, a big focus ahead of the recall election. security experts are asking california's secretary of state to conduct an audit after the september 14th election. now this follows last month's public release of the company's dominion ballot counting system
6:35 am
which runs elections across the country. that happened during an event organized by my pillow ceo mike lindell an ally for donald trump who is being sued by dominion over claims of false data collection. the group raising these concerns says that it is -- there is no evidence of foul play here and the secretary of state's office says that the 40 counties in california that use dominion use a different version of that system than the one leaked last month. but security experts say that leaked software very similar. new for you this morning embattled santa clara county sheriff laurie smith facing a new political challenger. according to "the mercury news" retired captain kevin jensen is looking to unseat her next year, something he tried to do back in 2014 and it comes after supervisors this week issued a largely symbolic no confidence vote. the vote follows san jose mayor sam liccardo's call for smith to resign be citing pay for play
6:36 am
scandal and patterns of abuse at county jails. sheriff smith called it fall and misleading allegations. turning to the pandemic, a new study further supports the idea that vaccines reduce the risk of severe disease and hospitalization in breakthrough covid infections. the data collected in the u.s. and the uks also says the shots can lower the odds of having long-term covid systems and the odds of having lingering infection conditions past 28 days were cut in half for those who were vaccinated. new concerns about the effectiveness of the covid vaccine. they measured the response for health care workers in the wake of the delta variant surge and after the end of the statewide mask mandate. what they found is from march through june, vaccine effectiveness was at about 90rs then in july dropped to about 65% after we unmasked. they note that vaccine still provided better protection from severe outcomes like
6:37 am
hospitalizations and deaths. their letter published this week in the "new england journal of medicine." everything now set in the criminal fraud trial for theranos founder elizabeth holmes. opening statements are schedule for nextednesday jurors were seated yesterday. that process moving relatively quickly despite all the local attention on the case. even the recent release of documents about the failed blood testing company. so the jury made up of seven men, five women and five alternates and it's believed the 37-year-old holmes will take the witness stand. developing right now, buying your peanuts and cracker jacks during the giants game may be tricky if the claims from vendors become accurate. >> the union representing concession workers is now threatening to strike tomorrow. it follows what the union says is at least 20 workers having been infected since the park fully reopened in june. the union seeking $3 an hour for
6:38 am
hazard pay. the giants are to the commenting, but the food management group has insisted ever since full reopening workers at oracle have been safe. we're taking you live outside in san francisco with where we know we could feel the impact of the smog from the wildfire and seeing fog and haze this morning. let's go to meteorologist kari hall. good morning, kari. >> good morning. you're thinking about that as you're making plans to head out there going to oracle park we are going to see the temperatures at the start of the game in the low 60s and it's going to be at times very breezy and then we deal with the drifts of smoke coming in. make sure you're bundled up and, of course, we always say those n-95 masks are better for wildfire smoke. people out there at bottlerock this weekend will have to contend with the heat. today not so bad. temperatures in the low 80s. we have some upper 80s during the middle of the day tomorrow and then it gets hotter on sunday reaching into the low 90s with the hazy sunshine. santa cruz is going to be one of
6:39 am
the popular destinations this weekend because of the inland heat and so we're going from the low 70s today to about 80 on sunday. the weather there is going to be really nice. in fact, for our beaches, as people celebrate the unofficial end of summer, we're going to see spots like monterey with highs in the mid to upper 60s continue. also the county fair going on there. heading over to you, mike. how is it looking for the morning commute. >> the forecast highway 17 hope you enjoy that if you're going to santa cruz as well. you will be there for a while. over here slowing down just a tad bit. light traffic and counter commute getting away from the richmond bridge toward golden gate field this is where eastbound 580 the vehicle stuck in the middle of eastbound 580 the stick point this morning that you won't expect. you expect more traffic at mare island for west 37 and highway 4 out of pittsburgh and bay point toward concord. the slower drives developing but not much of a problem. lighter friday commute.
6:40 am
no backup at the bay bridge toll plaza. the dumbarton bridge not the san mateo bridge and the dumbarton bridge is clear at the toll plaza everything else moves smoothly, marcus. back to you. we all know that high cost of living here in california makes it hard to make it in the bay. there is new data out this morning that shows where people are going once they leave the state. according to the new numbers in "the new york times" about 82,000 people left the golden state for texas last year. the cost of living there about half compared to what's going on here in california. arizona, nevada, washington, and oregon also saw more than 35,000 new residents courtesy of the golden state. the future of abortion rights, next on "today in the bay," after texas was allowed to keep its ban, now another state is looking for the same thing. but now dating apps are supporting a women's right to rouse and we'll show you how. i'm sharon katsuda live in walnut creek. covid rules are changing for
6:41 am
small and big events. why all eyes will be on the bottlerock concert coming up. >> in washington, the president dealing with the hurricane and its aftermath and a lousy jobs report. let's take you out to the big board before we go where the dow strils are not available but we'll get them later and be right back. i
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. good friday morning. right now at 6:43, and as you're stepping outs the door in the
6:44 am
east bay, martinez right now at 55 degrees, mostly clear and our mours are comfortable before the temperatures start to crank up. labor day weekend heat as well as more smoke. more on that and the forecast coming up. >> the prelabor day friday traffic, lighter overall than a typical friday. here san jose shows the slowest driving we've had so far. 6:44 now. a follow-up, abortion rights groups are asking if this week's supreme court decision to sidestep a drastic abortion ban in texas is a sign of things to come as mississippi becomes the next state to argue its case before the court during the upcoming session. >> the fact that they did not see a need to block a law that directly conflicts with the
6:45 am
court's constitutional rulings show there are justices on the court that are willing to curtail and potentially even he -- elip nate abortion rights. more details on that, some of the country's largest dating apps are taking a stand against texas abortion law. bumble announcing that it is creating a relief fund to support people seeking abortions in the state. while the ceo of match announcing in a memo she will personally create a fund to support texas based workers who need to seek care out of the state. now president biden has directed the department of justice to look into what's happening down in texas. >> the full weight of the federal government now on the lone star state. >> a battle between what states want to do or at least a small group of leaders in that state, and what the federal government government wants. biden in a written statement would ask doj and other agencies
6:46 am
to see what tools its has and what legal tools we have to insulate women and providers from the impact of texas' bizarre scheme of outsourced enforcement to private parties. >> most importantly, he's also directed them to work with the legal team here at the white house, the department of justice, the department of health and human services, to determine what, if any, steps can be taken to protect a woman's right to choose and access to health care. >> president biden will speak about the latest jobs report for august just out from the department of labor showing only 235,000 new jobs were created last month. well under hopes and estimates. unemployment rate falls to 5.2%. we're still going over the report line by line but covid is a big part of it. florida had its deadliest day ever yesterday. after talking about jobs the president and first lady will
6:47 am
travel to louisiana to inspect damage from hurricane ida. yesterday the president said he will dip into the strategic petroleum reserve to try to keep gas prices lower and will allow truck drivers to drive longer hours to deliver supplies and fuel. this is pretty standard post-hurricane playbook. most presidents do something similar. we have an update for you as well on one of the alleged attackers in the january 6th rebellion. doug jensen is back in jail. jensen is the one seen in photographs challenging police officers. he's the one in the video leading the charge ups the stairs towards officer eugene goodman, leading the mob away from lawmakers. jensen was out on bail at home, one of the requirements he stay off the internet. well, reports say a court officer caught him using an iphone on wi-fi in his garage watching my pillow guy mike lindell's cyber security summit. that was enough to convince a
6:48 am
judge to put him back in jail. it was the first time court officers had done a spot check on him at his house. we're on the internet and social media and i enjoy your comments and ideas. find me @scottmcgrew. the music is coming back from the pandemic in full force in the north bay and in just a few hours, bottlerock returns after it was canceled last year. >> a lot of folks are excited about that. there are risks for concertgoers, that's a question a lot of people are asking. "today in the bay's" sharon katsuda is here to explain what the experts are saying this morning. sharon? >> kris and marcus, here in contra costa county on a much smaller scale the families are being told they should mask up again even with outdoor sports events. that is an update here in contra costa county. but on a much larger scale, health experts are saying places like the bottle rock concert you may want to think twice before heading out to the larger events because of the delta surge.
6:49 am
bottlerock organizers are requiring proof of vaccination or a negative covid test within 72 hours of attendance. they're recommending masks in the outdoor spaces, but only requiring them indoors. wristbands and purchases will be touchless and public health and infectious disease experts say with those protocols in place, the delta surge makes any festival risky, especially for people who are not vaccinated. >> the bottom line is, anybody who is not vaccinated should not be attending. they're a major risk to themselves and they are a major risk to other people. if you are vaccinated, i personally would not go because we know that people who are vaccinated unfortunately some of these people can trans mitts-- transmit the virus. most don't. some can. if you're not vaccinated that's a major risk. >> reporter: here's what you can expect at other large outdoor
6:50 am
gatherings. outside lands like bottlerock will require proof of vaccination or a negative covid test to get in. hardly strictly bluegrass is taking their event online. want to watch giants baseball at oracle park with you won't need a test or vaccine card. don't expect people to be masked except when inside. concession workers will vote this weekend to possibly go on strike if they got get hazard pay for those working in those conditions. now here in contra costa county, some changes are in place and health experts say when you do consider those larger venues, maybe it was okay earlier this summer but not so much now. reporting live in walnut creek, i'm sharon katsuda, "today in the bay." >> the picture is different when people maybe bought their tickets to bottlerock or booked tickets for travel before the delta surge. it would be interesting to know how many folks are going to [ inaudible ] those plans. >> you're out there too. >> i have to tell you -- >> go ahead, sharon.
6:51 am
>> i have to tell you, this just happened to my friend for an event at the concord pavilion and he bought tickets, they changed it to vaccine required so my husband ended up buying the friktsz our friend because he couldn't go. a lot of adjustments being made as these rules are changed. >> have a good time at the concert. we foe you're vaccinated. thank you. all right. ahead of the holiday weekend, napa county leaders are banning barbecue and camp fires at lake berryessa because of the fire risk there. meanwhile, people are already being told to avoid the tahoe basin this weekend. boaters are being told to stay off the lake and that's because coast guard crews say they're going to be focused on the caldor fire and won't be able to respond promptly to calls. >> we know a lot of people will be out there on the lake and the water this weekend. >> hopefully folks -- it's the traditional, you know, end of summer, last bash and kari, it's
6:52 am
going to be a rough one to be outside. >> yeah. it's going to be rough to be outside and definitely scratch lake tahoe out of the plans as we deal with all of the smoke we've seen around the bay area. we're starting out with our typical morning low clouds and smoke mixing in. moderate air quality to start out. also we think about that when we're sendings the kids out there for school, even outdoor recess be happening today? drop-off time in san mateo expect temperatures at 56 degrees, mostly cloudy. pick-up time the sky will clear out, we'll see temperatures in the upper 60s. one of the few spots that will enjoy cooler weather, but we start to heat up in the inland east bay to the mid to upper 80s this afternoon and then for tonight we're heading back down into the 50s. but then tomorrow afternoon, that's when temperatures really start to ramp up and we'll see some of those highs in the 90s in the inland east bay as well as the south county, san jose, not bad. we're going to see the temperatures in the low 80s this
6:53 am
weekend as well as low 80s in santa rosa. but the overall trend for the weekend will be for the valley temperatures to turn much hotter reaching into the mid to upper 90s and it will still be very hot on labor day reaching up to about 97 degrees. heading out the door for work hopefully still friday light. >> it is overall but look over here, the richmond san raphael bridge the slowdown kicking in. folks leaving richmond across 580. the sensors show the slowing getting on to the span. the upper deck, double deck over there, westbound 37 build is stretching out farther. westbound 4 that slow down toward 242. eastbound 4 still one crew that's there. they're about an hour late, almost two hours late for the pick-up there. more slowing. getting away from the richmond bridge, we have the crash, one vehicle in the roadway around central. the rest of the bay smooth but even though you cannot go to tahoe we won't have that traffic but slowing early in the afternoon on friday.
6:54 am
back to you. >> thank you. happening now, apple is delaying its controversial plan to scan iphones for child pornography. critics pointd out that the plan was at odds with apple's messaging around its customers privacy. the system that was going to be used does not scan a photo but looks for known fingerprints matched against a database. a quick look at the top stories including the breaking news, freeway shooting on the peninsula. gunfire on the interstate near san francisco, injuring people and leads to a highway shutdown. breaking for you this morning, progress on the frontlines, an update on the containment of the caldor fire burning on the edge of south lake tahoe.
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6:57. welcome back. before you head out this morning we are moving you forward with a look at the top stories "today in the bay." first, to that freeway shooting. >> let's get to "today in the bay's" bob redell at the scene of that breaking news in daly city. we know the roadways are open. what about the investigation? >> chp still investigating. they did tell us everyone in this vehicle heading down southbound 280 just past eastmoor exit here in daly city was shot this morning. they were taken to the hospital. their condition is unknown. this call came in a little bit
6:58 am
after 1:30 as an accident, a vehicle collision. you can see the vehicle involved was an older model, gold colored gmc suv the vehicle that had all these people on board and they crashed into the side wall. you can see that the windows are blown out. not clear if they're blown out from the gunfire or collision itself. everyone in the suv was injured, taken to the hospital. you can see chp officers with flashlights also searching the freeway possibly looking for bullet casings. they did get away. there's been no vehicle description. chp still investigating and as you plepsed, southbound 280 as far as the commute is concerned has been reopened for some time now. reporting live here in daly city, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thank you. police are investigating a deadly crash in san jose. a few blocks from san pedro square. this happened around 10:30 last night near the intersection of east santa clara and 10th street. the intersection is back open. one car crashed into a building. sadly one man died there at the
6:59 am
scene. another suffered life-threatening injuries. breaking right now, hopeful turn on the frontlines of the caldor fire. crews are gaining more containment. right now it's listed at 27%. we expect it will get new numbers within the next half hour or so. some evacuation orders in el dorado county also are now lifted. already, though, the fire has destroyed about 650 homes and burned 211,000 acres. we want to take a live look outside across the bay area. wildfire smoke is looming in the skies and air quality advisory once again in effect. meteorologist kari hall, of course, tracking the conditions this morning. kari? >> yes. if you are sensitive to the smoke you need to lilts your time out there. our temperatures are going to be heating up this week and spending more time in air conditioning through the labor day holiday weekend. >> light friday. here's the bay bridge toll plaza. no backup. hasn't been all morning. san mateo bridge moves smoothly. 92 toward half moon bay, 17 towards santa cruz going to be crowded because we all saw
7:00 am
kari's forecast. >> that is what's happening "today in the bay." we have we hope you have a great labor day week and we'll be back monday morning. >> tonight the giants taking on the dodger at oracle park. watch it right here starting at 6:30. have a great weekend. good morning shocking toll, new images emerging in the wake of ida's brutal march across the country. >> we lost everything. >> more than 40 people killed in the northeast, one of the deadliest storms in years. parts of that region still under water. thousands rescued from flooded roads and highways while down south, misery mounting in louisiana. >> just don't want to cry any more i'm tired. >> the president heading there today. we are live with the latest on the damage and the race to recover.


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