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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  September 3, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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towards tomorrow morning sensitive group air quality. those are the locations you will see the worse of the air quality tomorrow. now all the way through monday. another thing that's going to change, temperatures, upper 90s. we could be close to 100 degrees temperature. coming up in just a few minutes. >> thank you so much rob. a lot of people who wanted to head up to lake tahoe for the holiday weekend now changing their plans and trying to find something new to do. scott budman caught up with some of them. how are the air quality there and second i need some idea of what to do with the kids. >> reporter: yeah, we got something for you. because of a late afternoon breeze, the skies are blue here in the tri-valley area. a lot of people are determined to get outside for the three-day
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weekend. you are looking at pinot of the future. part of what darci ken hopes will be a good labor day weekend at her winery. >> every winery will be open, everybody got things going on from music and tastings and all kinds of stuff. >> reporter: it is a good distraction for kent. the fire is two miles from our house. >> reporter: a lot of people here in the tri-valley some with masks on outside and some without cancelled plans to go to tahoe, instead they'll stay local. >> reporter: braving the smoky air. >> both of our companies offered summer fridays and today is our last summer friday.
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>> reporter: air that's a lot clearer here than tahoe itself. >> one day is smoky and the next day it is not so whatever, huh? >> reporter: today was a good day to hang out at a winery. we checked in with local high schools here, they say the air quality is good enough so that friday night football games will still go on. scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> that's good. it will be fun to watch. >> download our nbc bay area app and you can get our forecast right to your smartphone and find out the air quality in our area. punch in your zip code and you are all set. this is one of the busiest weekends of the year of lake tahoe but not this year. more than 600 homes burned, thousands more have been savered. the caldor fire burned 213,000 acres so far the last couple of weeks. that's more of the size of san francisco, oakland and san jose
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combined. it is 29% contained. nbc bay area's thom jensen is joining us now. it is a popular spot where you are in the south shore, what are you seeing around you? >> reporter: a weekend like this would normally be packed with tourists instead of firefighters but as we came in here today, what we saw was an amazing fire fight. hundreds of firefighters who saved all of the cabins coming in at echo lake road and they even without a lower echo road here to protect historic and treasured cabin and doing it by the boat loads literally. just below a rocky summit. firefighters from as far away as texas and arizona pack in 4500 feet of fire hose to attack the flames above them. >> we are taking advantage of
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these great conditions to try to get this fire put out for good. >> reporter: along a smoky east shore, tahoe, one woman tells me she's breathing a sigh of relief because of the efforts of these firefighters. her home is safe and so are her friends' and family's home. >> reporter: with highway 50 closed, no one in the family have been able to check on the cabin that sits along lower echo lake. it is a holiday retreat for as long as she could remember. >> i would say two generations. >> reporter: goodness. >> and it was friends of the family before that. >> reporter: it is a real treasure. >> yes. >> i will check on it. >> reporter: there were spot fire and firefighters were already there doing what they could to save them. crews taking boths to islands
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and shorelines armed with chain saws and pick axes. two by two boats loaded up and headed tout the hot spot. if there is water in the way, we have to find a way to do it. >> i have to take this trail though. if you can see the trail behind me, active fire burning through here. hot ash and sometimes it can be deep and dangerous. this is the end of the trail for me. >> reporter: across the lake, i found a horse trail that gave me a peek. the cabin that's been in the family for two generations is okay. >> reporter: as we look back at the lake, i can see one of those boats coming in along the shoreline here with crews. i talked to people here at the echo and a firefighter who's got a cabin here, they told me every single cabin here so far has
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been saved. we are live at lower echo lake. thom jensen, nbc bay area news. >> great work and so many people involved with the echo lake cabin there. >> reporter: it is day one of the bottlerock music festival in napa. last year of course it was cancelled. this weekend smaller in scope, you can see the set up down below. they are expecting between 35 to 40,000 people per day. that's beginning this evening. one of the main acts, country singer chris stapleton is not performing tonight because he's sick but not with covid. other headliners, miley cyrus and the foo fighters and nbc's melissa colorado will join us at 6:00 p.m., she will take us backstage. a live look at san mateo
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bridge right now looking pretty smooth. 880 in oakland looking a little jammed up, southbound is pretty full right now. people getting out of town looking for clear skies for this labor day weekend. not just the roads but in the sky. the airport is gearing up for a crowded few days during one of the busiest travel weekends. travelers they take a notice. >>. >> reporter: over the last couple months what did you notice? >> full flight. every flight is full. >> reporter: this comes after the cdc recommended on tuesday anyone unvaccinated should not travel for the long holiday weekend. well, this is our new reality, many health experts say covid is here to stay. the question is how do we live with it? big key making vaccinations here, the big key is to make vaccinations morse common and routine. robert handa is at as notable
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event in the south bay where getting a shot will be apart of the labor day activities. >> reporter: we are here next to some of the super cool machines that'll be apart of the car show tomorrow, built as the biggest free car show in northern california. this year a new attraction of covid mobile vaccination site. many of the hundreds of classic cars that'll cover six or seven blocks of the community of san jose were built during a time when this type of covid pandemic was unthinkable. when the car show sets up on saturday morning, a mobile vaccination site will be on display as well. >> we have emergency people here and fire department close by, meantime we encourage everybody, we are supporters of it and we'll continue. >> this tone sounds great to me. >> reporter: infectious disease expert, dr. gandy is thrilled of the idea making vaccination a
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common place. she raised some concerns in light of the delta variant, we may eradicate covid. she says the vaccine can control it. >> we can take away its ability to cause misery by getting everyone vaccinated and taking away the severe disease and you live with it like cold viruses. it is interesting to see how many people choose to get vaccinated at the car show. organizers say they plan to get people wear a mask in areas where fans are mixed and mingling. robert handa, nbc bay area news. what about your kids' schools? we have been tracking cases in school districts across the bay area. head to, click on "school dashboard," you can find your child's school district and see how many cases have been reported so far this school
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year. are you ready? a live look at oracle part with the giants. they're getting ready to take on their biggest rivals, the dodgers. this is the biggest series of the season so far. >> i want to start the game right now. >> this is the first time both seems tied for first place since 1997. let's bring in anthony flores at the ballpark. you got the best seat in the house, anthony. >> reporter: let's give you a sense of this rivalry, i went shopping for a jacket today, i bought it and i was going to wear it tonight and i realized it is the same color as dodger blue. i left it in the closet and not wearing it tonight. the stage is set for an epic weekend of baseball here at oracle park. the giants taking on the dodgers. both place are show down. as you mentioned raj, it is the first time in nearly 25 years they both been tied at the top
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of the division in september. the giants looked like under dogs but these teams are evenly match. they played 16 games between each other and the series is split. each team scored 68 runs against each other. it does not get more even than that. this three-game series could go a long way and determine who'll win the division crowd. >> i think we are calm. not going to get too high or low. we have been talking about that for the better part of the season. >> there had been important games and series and moments throughout. we talked about those prior to those moments. with that, we learned that it is really important to kind of stay even. >> all right, the players may be calm but the fans here are anxious. they want to see some baseball. the first pitch at 6:40. you can see the game right here
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on nbc bay area. reporting live at oracle park in san francisco, anthony flores, back to you. >> any closer he's going to take batting practices with the dodgers. 911 calls going unanswered. what city leaders say what happened and another reason they can't promise of another outage won't happen again. how the company is helping drivers in the lone star state. look at the heat on the way to the bay area when we come right back. welcome you on the west coast, we are are looking into the deaths of nursing home residents evacuated during ida, we honor first responders, the heroes who raced into harm's way savoring so many lives this week, we'll show you what they face.
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some period of time that was the case. our system that identifies callers was not impacted so we were able to call back. >> reporter: the city says the cause was some kind of internal power outage that lasted object two hours. >> it impacted some other system like 311 and a few other systems we are still looking at. >> the building at church street houses, not only 911 but other city system. >> reporter: the executive director, she addressed the situation with others in public safety. >> it was a system failure with internal to the system. it was not external power
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outage, that's why we are doing investigation to find out why. >> reporter: the city's vpn were impacted, too. some city workers could not connect for work. with the system backup, the next step is to keep it from happening again. >> part of what we'll be doing is working on a mitigation plan. >> reporter: in san francisco, christie smith, nbc bay area news. some high-profile companies made it clear where they stand of the new ruling in texas of abortion. that law in texas allows people to prosecute ride share drivers who transport women to abortion appointments. those drivers could be fined
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$10,000 even if they had no idea where their riders are headed. texas' new law bans most abortions after six weeks of pregnancy. billionaire richard branson is now grounded from space. the faa says the rocket veered off course for about two-minutes as it was returning to earth. it is investigating what went wrong. virgin galactic is blaming high altitude winds. the faa is delaying the next launch until this investigation is complete. let's bring in rob mayeda back with us as we head into this labor day weekend. we got some issues to deal with here. the smoke. >> the air quality is going to be a big one to watch. the thing that used to be the cause of summer time, air alerts. you are seeing a little bit of that around san jose, 75
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degrees. 80 on the way tomorrow. 85 degrees in walnut creek. we'll see low 90s there. more hazy skies. 87 at northwest winds at 10:00. still going strong around san francisco. downtown 60 degrees. west winds at 15. giants and dodgers coming up at 6:30. oracle park should be in the low 60s. look at that wind, low clouds moving in at times. look at morning temperatures showing the patches of low clouds, could have some areas of fog along the coast. reduced visibility at times as high pressure builds and push this fog down towards ground level, we'll see that for the morning and the afternoon, more hazy skies and a little bit of a warm up. san francisco now, low 70s. 85 san jose, warmest temperatures tomorrow, into the low to mid-90s. that's the trend we are
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watching. air quality had been the big story of late. we have to transition to an aqi number of 101. that's the orange. if you have your favorite air quality app which we have here, it is color coded. anything orange to red is unhealthy. at time that's going to be ongoing for the sierra. you can see how that kind of comes down the coast? it gets brought in by the sea breeze. with smoke offshore and even the daily sea breeze is going to bring in a little smoke at a time. we are thinking it is going to stay moderate for most of the weekend. highs totals here, along the crest of the santa cruz mountain. we'll continue to see that smoke dropping into the north, swinging offshore and coming into the bay area while the worse of the air quality clearly continues around lake tahoe and areas north of redding. temperature trend as we head towards sunday, we are looking at in land area, mostly mid-90s.
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this the hottest day of the holiday weekend. we could be close to 90 degrees. 75 degrees, maybe a little hot around downtown. 80s for oakland, you can see scotts valley and los gatos, mid-80s. seven-day forecast, i have to say have some very interesting changes that could be coming towards the end of next week. look over my shoulder here and in front of me now, a chance of showers, it is been in the forecast for a while. we are taking a closer look at this computer models. it is possible some of the places seeing ongoing fires have a chance of seeing some showers. that could be welcome. the story of this holiday weekend is the warmer temperatures. 70s for you. valleys hot and cooling as the sea breeze comes back tuesday
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and wednesday. weakening high pressure i am prooifing our air quality as we head to the middle part of negs next week. >> the rain later this month would be fantastic. coming up. apple plans to combat child exploitation is now taking a step back. the reason why the company says it is delaying the plan that'll scan your phone.
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unlimited 5g and a free 5g smartphone. that's half the price... ...for one line of unlimited 5g smartphone data a free samsung galaxy 5g when you switch and trade-in. all with the power of the t-mobile 5g network. rule your day with 5g. only at metro by t-mobile. the shooting happened over night and ended in a crash. here is a look at the after math before 2:00 a.m. on southbound 280 near highway 1. the chp says six people were inside the suv when someone
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discover up and opened fire. two people were wounded and others injured in the crash. everyone is expected to survive. apple is taking a step back. the company is delaying its plan to scan photos for images of child exploitation. the move comes after an onslaught of privacy. the goal is to protect children. critics pointed out the photo-checking system was at odds to protect the privacy of customers. no word on how long this delay will last. here is a nice story. hats off to an oakland postal worker wrapping up four decades of the job. >> hard worker. >> meet martha mangle working the last day at the civic center post office at oakland. she's retiring. hopefully.
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she has been a postal worker for 42 years. >> it is the end of a long and yesterday that i started and in a way it seems like another century. >> oh, her neighbors are going to miss her on their route. they're going to miss her. >> mangle started off operating letters, she worked in different positions. she loves going through the changes with her postal family. >> congratulations to her. another live look outside from our exclusive ballpark cam, the crowd is heading into oracle park as we speak. we are talking about the giants and dodgers next. stay with us.
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tonight, the staggering toll from ida rising, and desperation growing. deaths climbing to more than 60 after ida sweeps across the country. new images in the northeast. homes and businesses exploding in areas swamped by floodwaters. in new jersey, how residents escaped this wall of water. and in philadelphia, highways still flooded. on the gulf coast, this stunning feed sparking a new investigation. evacuated nursing home residents packed into a warehouse, some dying. the president viewing the destruction firsthand. also tonight, the holiday travel crunch raising new covid super spreader fears and the stunning report children now making up one in five new covid


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