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tv   Early Today  NBC  September 6, 2021 3:30am-4:00am PDT

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breaking overnight, new details surrounding the ex-marine who killed four in a florida home including an infant what police are saying about him. today millions of americans will lose their covid unemployment benefits, including that extra $300 a week check but some benefits remain we'll explain. hundreds of thousands still without power. scorching heat bakes the south and in the north neighborhoods are still trying to dry out from ida's deadly deluge. history in the making as a red bull stunt pilot delivers a
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death-defying record-breaking automobile tunnel flight not once but twice and the "today" show's al roker looks back at a mentor and the incredible life and career of the legendary willard scott it's labor day "early today" starts right now thanks for spending your holiday morning with us. i'm frances rivera >> and i'm phillip mena. we begin with that breaking news out of lakeland, florida a family's massacred by a stranger who burst into their home a man in camouflage and body armor shot all five people inside, killing four of them, including a mother and her baby. stacy desilva with our wfla affiliate has more >> reporter: the polk county sheriff says he will never unsee the vision of a deceased mother holding her deceased baby in her arms they are two of the victims of sunday morning's quadruple homicide in lakeland, florida. the suspect is 33-year-old brian riley, a retired marine and security guard from brandon,
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florida. sheriff grady judd says he had no connection whatsoever to the victims. he first showed up at the home in lakeland saturday night saying god told him to stop a woman from committing suicide. the sheriff says the man returned at 4:00 a.m. sunday, entered the home and shot everyone inside that home and the building behind it in all, four people were killed and the family dog, which was named after a canine that was shot previously. there is a fifth victim in this case, an 11-year-old girl. we're told she was shot up to seven times. she was airlifted to tampa general hospital where she is currently being treated. the shooter we should mention was also shot during a shootout with police. he surrendered and was treated and released from the hospital phillip, back to you >> just an awful story there staci, thanks. remnants of tropical storm ida pummeled the northeast, causing tornadoes and severe flooding, killing at least 51 in the area president biden is expected to survey the damage tuesday. >> gabe gutierrez is on the
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ground in the hard-hit town of manville, new jersey >> reporter: in manville, new jersey the streets are lined with memories. but what happened here kelly mumber would rather forget >> i'm here with the two kids and the dog and the water just kept getting higher and higher >> we have no idea what will happen to our house. >> reporter: these are the anxious moments when her family evacuated. look how high the water was. >> thank god for neighbors with boats. >> reporter: that's this guy mark manderski >> how many people did he r rescue >> i honestly didn't really keep track. but i'd say a good eight families on my block alone >> reporter: this neighborhood had seen floods before but not this bad >> the water came right through to the edge. >> so your entire basement was underwater >> if it just came up a little bit more, then that meant everything >> reporter: it wasn't just the amount of water but how fast it came and this really gives you a sense for how powerful it was. the river overflowed and just tossed this car. authorities say the water level
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was up to 14 feet high across the northeast the death toll from ida's remnants is up to at least 51 people. this video from the nypd shows officers frantically trying to reach a flooded basement when specialized rescue teams got there they found three people had already drowned. did you expect this much water >> no. nobody did >> reporter: back in new jersey it took richard mumber 11 hours to get back home to check if his home was okay. his wife and family now safe but shaken >> we were watching people getting picked off their roofs with helicopters like it was like something out of a movie >> reporter: the governor here says that four people are still missing. this is already one of the deadliest storms in new jersey's history, eclipsed only by superstorm sandy almost a decade ago. this cleanup won't be easy >> my goodness gabe, thank you. one week after hurricane ida made landfall in louisiana crews are still working around the clock to restore power for hundreds of thousands across the
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state. nbc's josh lederman is on the ground there with the latest on the efforts. josh, good morning >> reporter: frances, it's been a full week since hurricane ida pummeled the state of louisiana, but the problems for so many have not gone away you still have upwards of half a million people here without power as crews are frantically trying to do what you see behind me, repair those power lines, get ac back to people who have been sweltering in the heat for a week now, running low on supplies, even as amid all of that they're still trying to dig out from the storm, pull out moldy clothes and furniture from their homes. if there's a silver lining it's the outpouring of support that we have seen on the ground here from neighboring states, from volunteers coming as far as california to try to help people who are in need in the state of louisiana. but amid all of this more bad weather on the horizon a tropical disturbance now entering the gulf of mexico. about a 30% chance it could
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become a tropical depression that could hit the state as early as next week frances? >> certainly a distraction they do not need now. thank you, josh. the covid summer surge is slamming the south and causing huge rise in the number of covid hospitalizations and deaths. this is especially true in states like texas where over 13,000 people are currently hospitalized and more than 1,700 of them were admitted in just the last 24 hours. nbc's liz mclaughlin has more now on how texas hospitals are handling the crisis. >> reporter: phillip, i was talking to a nurse in kyle, texas just 30 minutes south of austin and she said that the situation at the hospital she works at is very bleak, that doctors and nurses are overwhelmed and overworked in fact, they were crying because they just couldn't handle the case load they're near capacity with almost all covid cases 32 beds on one floor 27 of them covid cases and serious ones at that
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preliminary data shows 99.5% of deaths, covid-related deaths here are with unvaccinated people, and less than half of the state of texas is currently vaccinated >> all right, liz, thank you jacqueline jackson, the wife of civil rights icon the reverend jesse jackson has been released from the hospital after battling covid-19. she was released on friday after weeks of of care it comes after both she and her husband, 79-year-old husband were hospitalized last month after a breakthrough case. reverend jackson has tested negative for the virus this according to their son jonathan jackson he has been moved to a rehabilitation center to undergo therapy for his parkinson's disease. and he also has a new look in a facebook post jesse jackson jr. said his father requested to be given a full shave and that included his iconic mustache in the caption jesse jr. wrote, "this is the first time in 56 years i have ever seen him." from flames to floods extreme weather has been
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battering this country the conditions worsening each year, fueling a climate crisis according to the "washington post," 1 in 3 americans live in a county hit by a weather disaster 64% of people live in places that experience several days of heat waves and $450 billion has been spent on rebuilding from wildfires, hurricanes, floods, snowstorms and tornadoes that have ravaged this country since 2005. >> and on top of that hurricane larry is churning in the atlantic ocean right now nbc meteorologist janessa webb is tracking the latest storm janessa, good morning. we're not ready to hear about it, but we have to >> yeah, you've got to get ready pretty quick because this is a really large storm system. already a cat 3. it's in a good part of the atlantic that is very warm i do expect this storm system to go into a cat 4, potentially cat 5, because it's in a good section of water now it's no threat to the u.s. right now.
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we're going to be -- continue to watch that turn. but coastal areas of the east coast, we're going to have some high surf, beach erosion that's going to be a problem. but the forecast not in full agreement just yet we'll watch that going into tuesday. still very concerned about southeast louisiana where heat concerns and advisories are in place. look at these daytime highs. they'll be in the mid 90s. avere a different story for the desert southwest. highs back in the 100s so many different weather stories will go back to the west coast. fire danger really increasing this week. we'll talk about that coming up. >> we'll talk to you then, janessa. thank you. notre dame and florida state added to the chaos of an action-packed opening weekend of
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college football the ninth-ranked fighting irish were up by 18 heading into the fourth quarter but florida state fought back, erasing that eph deficit, eventually kicking their way into overtime and in overtime notre dame's defense wins it. 41-38. >> talk about an endo tthe pandemic benefits. and moving the needle. the growing divide in the country over covid vaccinations. do you mean surprisingly great rates from state farm? i don't believe in accepting help. but i'll make an exception. here's the deal russell, there's no special rate. these prices are for everyone. with the oak and the eagle as witness, consider us square. i made that from memory, i know your face that well. when you want the real deal... like a good neighbor, state farm is there. what makes febreze air effects different? while cheaper aerosols rely on artificial propellants... when you want the real deal... febreze uses a 100% natural propellant.
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or if you had a vaccine or plan to. tremfya®. emerge tremfyant™. janssen can help you explore cost support options. don't settle for products that give you a sort of white smile. try new crest whitening emulsions tremfya®. emerge tremfyant™. for 100% whiter teeth. its highly active peroxide droplets swipe on in seconds. better. faster. 100% whiter teeth. leading the news, a major change is coming this week for millions of americans. federal covid unemployment benefits including that extra $300 a week for those out of work come to an end today. the federal programs were launched during the peak of the pandemic after more than 7 million people lost their jobs recipients will still be eligible for their state unemployment benefits, though. ride sharing apps lyft and uber will now cover the legal fees of drivers if they are sued under texas's anti-abortion law.
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under the new law individuals can now sue anyone who helps someone get an abortion, from medical providers to relatives, even an uber driver. both companies say drivers shouldn't be put at risk for helping get people where they want to go covid and the vaccine have made clear just how deep our political divisions are in this country. but those same conflicts are playing out every day on a smaller scale. the decision to get vaccinated or not is now tearing families and friends apart. kristen dahlgren reports >> reporter: jenny gimbit was already planning a small wedding when -- >> we get a text message one day that says hey, full disclosure, we're not vaccinated, we're not going to get vaccinated, and we don't like wearing masks >> reporter: her wedding got smaller. >> we uninvited them we have immunocompromised family members that are going to be there and there's three nurses in my family who that's drama i just did not care to have. >> reporter: across the country many are faced with similar
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decisions. choosing sides and canceling plans with loved ones divided over the covid vaccine >> every social interaction, yeah, is different because of this >> reporter: don driscoll has also changed plans not seeing some friends who might take issue with his unvaccinated status. >> i did recently make a trip and there were a few friends that i specifically did not tell i was in town. because i felt like it would have come up >> reporter: he says he takes precautions and thinks he will eventually get the vaccine but he wants it to be his decision >> why >> i'm kind of hanging out following the science. i'm not anti-vaccine i'm just not in a rush >> reporter: just over half of americans are now fully vaccinated but with more places now requiring proof of vaccinations the social divide could soon grow experts do have some advice so covid conflicts don't tear apart families and friendships clearly communicate and set boundaries
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check politics at the door this doesn't have to be partisan and be kind. even if you can't come to an understanding. you may need to agree to disagree and keep some distance for now if you want a relationship that lasts past the pandemic kristen dahlgren, nbc news >> a lot of unfollowing and unfriending because of that very thing too. >> we can all relate >> yep coming up on "early today" a superpowered start to the holiday box office "sha "shang-chi" grabs the second highest debut of the pandemic. and remembering a beloved member of our nbc family al roker's tribute to legendary weatherman willard scott
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he was one of the reasons so many americans turned on their tv in the morning. our nbc colleague the legendary "today" show weatherman willard scott died saturday at the age of 87. he spent over six decades bringing smiles to viewers al roker tells us about the impact willard had on his career >> it's a tough job. >> while standing in the rain. >> but somebody had to do it ♪ through the tulips ♪ >> when i would watch him, you'd see just how effortless he would do the weather he was just being willard. ♪ >> and i was thinking if i could get a quarter of that i could maybe do something who inspires you there's only one willard >> avocado guacamole dip
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uh >> it was 1973 and i remember turning on the "tomorrow show. i was still in college there was willard scott with tom snyder and i was like wow it was literally like a bolt from the blue. that's who i want to be. when i was in washington, we did the 10:00 news so i could watch willard at 5:00 and 6:00 then we'd go out to dinner and then i'd do my show. and then i'd watch him it literally was a master class in watching how you should be on tv i think what makes him so inspiring is that he gives of himself. a lot of people in this business when there's a young person coming up they see them as competition. and willard's not that way >> you know what today is. >> what's today? >> bring your daughter to work >> that's right. >> and i brought my daughter isn't she cute >> he makes sure that somebody else gets a fair shake >> i'm thrilled, as i said >> that's terrific >> for an impressionable 22-year-old to have probably the most famous weatherman in the
3:50 am
country take an interest in me and my career was really mind-boggling. >> much better >> when i first heart that al says i'm an inspiration i thought he was nuts. ♪ everybody love my willie ♪ >> i really was very surprised, very honored, very flattered >> here he is, willard scott >> yes >> we had a relationship that was just made in heaven. absolutely from the first time we spoke or met. >> best advice almost anybody's ever given me was, you know, the two things he told me was -- >> never give up your day job. i said al, i don't care how many wonderful offers come your way don't give up the weather. everybody loves the weather person because they like somebody to beat up on >> and he said but more importantly always be yourself because they can do whatever they want to you but they can't take that away from you. >> time for the weather and that means from this day forward time for willard scott. ♪ i'll be seeing you ♪ >> his philosophy is you just keep moving. it's been a good life. it's a great life.
3:51 am
we get to do things and see places and meet people >> can you believe this? >> that a lot of folks only dream of i really did feel like we were kindred spirits. >> sing into my mike >> there was some connection there. >> our original weather stud >> i can honestly say i wouldn't be here doing the "today" show if it wasn't for willard >> all this time do you have any regrets, willard? >> no, i really don't. >> i had had a wonderful run i really love what i do. i never worried about the money. i just was very happy with what i had always and it was such a wonderful, wonderful career >> thanks to al for such a personal tribute and seeing -- we all talk about being our authentic self that's true 100%, authentic self there. >> as a kid just watching tv, kind northwest background every time he'd come on who was this guy? it was always fun. always left people smiling what a legacy, right janessa's up next here she'll have a look at the heat
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i thought i could change my name, start a new life but i could never escape his shadow >> marvel's "shang-chi and the legend of the ten rings" was in no other movie's shadow, raking in over $70 million in its opening weekend. only on the big screen "candyman" cam in a sweet second place followed by "free guy. and paw patrol's movie left a paw print in fourth place on the weekend. in today's top stories the navy has identified the five sailors who died in a helicopter crash off the coast of san diego
3:57 am
on tuesday they are lieutenant bradley foster, a 29-year-old pilot from california james buriac, a 31-year-old air crewman. and lieutenant paul fridley, a 28-year-old pilot. they're both from virginia and sarah burns, a 31-year-old from maryland, as well as bailey tucker, only 21 years old, from missouri the cause of the crash is still under investigation. the u.s. is sending at least two afghan evacuees to kosovo. this after they raised security concerns once they arrived in the u.s. the afghans will undergo additional review before they're allowed to enter of the more than 30,000 afghans who arrived in the country, 10,000 needed additional screening. the lgbtq plus community continues to fight for equal rights around the world. over the weekend tens of thousands of people in switzerland attended a pride parade in the city of zurich to support the legalization of same-sex marriage. the parade's slogan, "you can do it -- marriage for everyone now. the protest came ahead of a
3:58 am
national referendum on september 26th on that issue currently same-sex couples in switzerland can only get official approval for civil unions pete buttigieg and his husband are officially parents so cute, these babies. the transportation secretary shared on twitter with this black-and-white photo of the couple holding their twins buttigieg and his husband chasen have been married for just over three years. they said they are delighted to welcome their daughter penelope rose and son joseph august >> they are glowing. a stunt pilot made history in turkey with this death-defying record-breaking flight check it out the pilot's name, dario costa, is the first pilot to fly inside a road tunnel. and for good measure he flew through two of them during his attempt over the weekend i mean, we've all driven through tunnels pretty fast like that but not like that. he flew a specially modified aircraft he was just three feet above the ground he was going an average speed of 152 miles an hour. he narrowly avoided a crash but
3:59 am
he did put himself in the record books. >> wow looks like vr, actually, when you're in there. but for him that is a whole reality. >> anything could have gone wrong one way or another he pulled it off, though good for him thanks for kicking off your labor day with us here on "early today. i'm phillip mena
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it's labor day and one week ago hurricane ida began its five-day stretch destruction against the south and east coast. thousands remain without power as scorching temperatures bake the south. in ahanistan, brave women fighting back against the taliban crackdown. will they retain any of their human rights. our ron allen reports on children caught in the middle in our series kids under pressure. general motors plants go dark today as the computer chip shortage


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