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tv   NBC Bay Area News  NBC  September 9, 2021 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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hug dak. his performance, clearly you appreciated that >> amazing that is what sports are all about. man, they push us. they push us to understand who we are and what our character is out there. he had a long rehab. he missed a lot of the preseason and came out to play a hell of a game we have a good defense they have a lot of good skill players. they played really well and we obviously have a lot of things to clean up. >> michele: i knew you would say that >> it is football, never perfect. we got the win you know, we have a lot of work to do. >> michele: congratulations. >> i want to say hi to my parents, wife, kids home sleeping daddy loves you. i will see you in the morning. >> michele: thanks tom >> al: peacock has three new competition shows for the whole family frogger, "american ninja warrior" jr. and top chef family style. pro football talk streams tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m and on sunday catch the debut of "sunday night football" final
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live right after the game only on peacock we will be back with a preview of the bears and the rams right after this
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>> al: that is where we are headed we will be there in 72 hours, sofi stadium in inglewood, california where the rams will take on the chicago bears. interesting game i mean the rams are kind of a, i don't know if i want to say they are the favorites but a lot of people think they can go to the super bowl people forget the chicago bears went to the playoffs last year
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>> cris: 2 out of 3 years. >> al: exactly >> cris: give them a little bit of credit here too we are go to see defense, i think, but in this game you never know guys like khalil mack, aaron donald and jalen ramsey. some of the best defensive players in the game will be in this one >> al: we touched on it earlier with matt stafford a long time in detroit and now a great cast of characters they moved on from jared goff. traded a lot of capital to get him when they did. goes to detroit. mcvay is down in mexico. runs into him, affect the game and thrilled with his quarterback. >> cris: i know you never gamble but it is pushing the chips to the middle of the table. >> al: that is where we will be as we start our 16th season of sunday night football from los angeles on sunday night. there is the final score, tampa bay 31, dallas 29.
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except on the west coast, local news next followed by the all new tonight show with jimmy fal l lon. al michaels, cris collinsworth, michele tafoya, making it all happen see you sunday night from l.a. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> nbc sports, home of super bowl lvi, thanks you for watching this presentation of the national football league this couple is working hard on our state's recovery. you see, they live in california and keeping their vacation in california supports our small businesses and communities.
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which means that beautiful baby gherkin atop this charcuterie masterpiece is like another brick in the rebuilding of our economy. job well done friends. calling all californians. keep your vacation here and help our state get back to work. and please travel responsibly.
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the kyle shanahan system. when you think of jimmy another quarterback. he will be the starter in week one when they go to detroit and face the lions. what does this mean? he made all the right moves. he's done all the right things. a team he helped. >> he's been a great teammate. not only to trey lance but the team . he said it's all about winning. if trey lance can help he is all for it. jimmy knows he won't be with the 49ers that much longer. it will probably be his final year. how we performed off the field with an attitude and on with the play it will set him up for a starting job next year. he has a lot riding on the
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season. when you think of jimmy garoppolo. as a player when you have a dual quarterback situation is it difficult? >> i don't think it's difficult. they have a close knit locker room they have professionals and veterans. the big thing for garoppolo . that's what the feet warmer, trey lance is for garoppolo. >> you're not using a feet warmer in the bay area pick >> you've got to pick >> we could do a show on the bay area micro climate. we want a flash to last season. what will we get a closer look at? you might want to cover your eyes. we couldn't put them on a screen if we wanted. some of the biggest names.
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key players that missed a ton of games last season. these guys are healthy. this is a team with potential. when you think of the names you saw on the screen. a guy returning from injury you are most excited that could have a big season? >> the biggest has to be next. coming off that acl injury. match ups where you have to rush the tackle and build muscle injury in the knee and leg. be competent. you had an off-season to rehab. is forager injured 40 nine or, 49er. >> it's built on defense on the running game.
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mike mcglynn she condo better run blocking then those. you also add trey lance . it will open up so many holes. if he gets an opening he's off. we saw when he was healthy. only two games. a 76 yard touchdown week one. a touchdown the following week. were talking 1200. one thing that's interesting. you skip over alex mack. the veteran center. he brings experience and knowledge. what the kyle shanahan call him? >> awkwardly intelligent. >> that is smart. when you're awkwardly intelligent you are a bright
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guy. what is it like to have a center like alec mack? >> to have a guy and come in and solidify. he will have everyone on the same page. it will be loud in the stadium. to have a guy you can trust and play every snap. >> the offense of line will give you strength. every position will be better than a year ago. mcglynn she will be better. the center position. they will all be better. it will pay dividends. all of you are excited about the 49ers week one matchup. we have you covered starting at nine. we will join. the studio will give you analysis and get you
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as we look ahead to the nfc west in 2021 we have to look back at how it shaped up in 2020. the seahawks finishing at the top, followed by the rams, cardinals, the san francisco 49ers. the season was derailed. when you look at the nfc west. the whole has continuity deciding on who will win until you get to the west. a tough division.
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the teams will beat up on each other. who do you think is going to come out on top in the nfc west? is this the toughest? >> from top to bottom it's the best division. if you look at the seattle seahawks, arizona cardinals, los angeles rams. these are some of the best teams. they have the best players, coaches. i'm looking at seattle seahawks's. wilson one of the best. that guy metcalf running for the olympic trials trying to get on the team. a guy like that who has speed. 10 touchdowns last year. coupled with adams. a threat for the 49ers. >> afc north. you'd have to be one of those.
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no. the nfc west is the best division. the 49ers competition will come from all teams. i think the rams are in a position to do what mcveigh wants. they moved to matthew stafford. shanahan said that. when he learned they acquired stafford. they said we have to face him twice a year. the fact of the matter mcveigh wanted stafford. he is the guy. he will put the rams in a position where they can content and make a run in the playoffs. we mention seahawks, la rams. what about the cardinals? they added this season.
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at teambuilding. they have a big opportunity. >> when you think of the team 8- 8. they are young. murray he can make plays. a dual threat. he will get better. i agree. don't sleep on the cardinals. >> you have jones, simmons. oh my. they will run tables and give teams trouble. quarterbacks. mary, russell wilson, stafford, garoppolo, trey lance. it is pretty stock. nobody asked us to do math. we will step aside for a break. how will the 49ers bear? we will get season
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predictions. good evening from the bay area newsroom. rain coming in right now. lightning could be on the way. we have an up dated timeline and what it means for fire danger. if you're going back to the office. president biden has guidelines for the return to work policy. boost and cricket charge you more for unlimited 5g. metro doesn't. introducing the big 5g upgrade. just twenty-five bucks a month gets you
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as we look ahead to the 49ers 2021 season. it is right that we get a peek at the schedule. when you look at the schedule how you envision the san francisco 49ers faring? >> 13-4. you are looking at everything. texans got bangles, the jaguars. 13-4. i only worry about the
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first four. you have to worry about the first before the rest. the first should be easy wins. the third one on nbc sunday night for all. you have to deal with the seahawks week 4. >> packers, seahawk's, cardinals. difficult games. you have to take care of business in weeks 1, 2. against the worst teams. detroit lions, philadelphia eagles. on the road sure. i think the 49ers might go 3-3 in the division but they will clean up outside. 12-5 and winning. week 1 is the detroit lions. you will be traveling. a lot talk about the fact that
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you can look it over. play down competition. you envision that? are they ready for week one? >> the fans that tunes in just got done watching the tampa bay buccaneers and cowboys. you have to play the game. you can look at the statistics, chart. you have to go inside the lines. two of the worst teams. 2015, sure, chip kelly. they were horrible. they won the first game of the season against better teams. my point. the lions with the new coaching staff at home. they will come ready to play. the 49ers will have to bring their a game but a pretty good. at the beginning of the show he was amped and ready. >> shoulder pads, cleats. this is fun. the game between the tampa bay buccaneers and cowboys. that's the way to get the
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weather alert. we're seeing rain and under a red flag warning. we need the rain but it comes with concern. that concern is lightning. this is video from last year. that sparked some major wildfires. jeff, what are we seeing right now? >> it's active on the radar. we're seeing this moving closer. that's why things have started to ramp up over the past two to three hours. this is helping to pull in ton stable air from the south. most of the lightning strikes have been over the central and southern sierra. 25 of them so far. closer to the bay area, we've
9:30 pm
seen two over the past half hour. you can see the activity moving from the south right off to the north. for the most part, it has been beneficial. we've seen some showers, trace amounts, to about 0.200 inches so far. this could spark more wild fires. there's some over the central valley. also, right back towards the sierra. and a little activity towards the north bay. we get you to a closer view, we'll track this, off to the north. and we'll see the rain pick up just after 10:00 p.m. and some rain over santa rosa, moving to the north and the east. that's keeping rain in the forecast for you in calistoga, through 9:53. another batch of wet weather on the way to petaluma through the early part of 10:00. we'll have more details on this red flag fire warning. back to that in about ten minutes. >> we'll see you shortly. thank you, jeff. the best way to keep on top of everything is to download our nbc bay area app.
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you can get weather updates to your phone and tailor the forecast for your area. punch in your zip code and you're all set. our other big story tonight, the sweeping, new plan to get covid under control. >> late today, president biden unveiling his six-point strategy. a big part of it, requiring more people to get vaccinated. that's part one. here's the rest. further protecting those that are vaccinated. keeping schools open, increasing tests and requiring masks, protecting our economic recovery and making sure those who do get covid have the medical care they need. >> we've been patient. but our patience is growing thin. do the right thing. just don't take it from me. listen to the voices of unvaccinated americans, who are lying in hospital beds, taking their final breath, saying, if only i had gotten vaccinated. if only.
9:32 pm
it's a tragedy. >> also, the other part of the plan, requiring companies with 100 or more people to either require their employees to get a vaccine or undergo weekly testing. a lot of new rules, mandates and guidelines. >> our business and tech reporter, scott budman, is in the newsroom, with a closer look at what the mandate means for us and companies in the bay area. >> reporter: the president showing frustration, as he spoke today. america averages 150,000 covid cases a day, patience is wearing thin. now, he is looking to businesses to help get all americans vaccinated. even though the bay area hovers near the top when it comes to vaccination rates, local businesses say there's more work to be done. >> we would like to see everybody get vaccinated. >> we're in a tough stretch. it could last for a while. >> reporter: and president biden made it clear, for american business, and our economy to truly bounce back, america's
9:33 pm
workplaces need to be covid-free. the president says, all businesses with 100 or more employees must require their workers to vaccinate or test weekly. >> this is not about freedom or personal choice. it's about protecting yourself and the people around you. the people you work with. the people you care about. the people you love. >> lives are at stake. in order to get past this so the economy can reopen and people can have their lives back again, we need to take steps. >> all employees should be vaccinated. >> reporter: do not is onboard. the san francisco-based company helps people handle legal issues. ceo joshua broader says whether it's software or fast food, customers want to know the people they deal with are not a threat. >> and if you're buying a burger from mcdonald's, you deserve to know the person giving you the
9:34 pm
burger does not have covid. i think every business should require employees to be vaccinated. >> reporter: some labor experts say this is what big businesses were waiting for, a national mandate that takes the decision out of their hands. at the same time, some local executives say they're not entirely happy with the president's plan, especially because it doesn't include postal workers. that's about 640,000 federal employees who are exempt. jessica? >> thank you very much, scott. as you were mentioning, not just private companies but federal workers, too. the president did announce today, that all federal workers must get vaccinated with no option to opt out. and if they don't get their shot, they may face disciplinary action. president biden also had a warning for unruly passengers on planes. the tsa is doubling its fines for travelers who refuse to wear a mask. and those new fines will be between 500 and $1,000 for your first offense. between $1,000 and $3,000 for your second offense.
9:35 pm
finally, the president calling on states to act. he wants governors to require vaccines for all schoolteachers and staff. you mentioned schools. that might be the biggest issue for parents. who is vaccinated on campus? the biggest school district in california isn't wasting any time. l.a. unified adopted an aggressive vaccination policy for its students. the district will require all kids 12 and up, attending in-person classes, to be vaccinated. the plan says they must have their second dose by the end of october. the district already requires weekly testing for students and employees regardless of vaccination status. >> now, with schools reopening, we've had a lot of outbreaks, a lot of exposures. but the more kids we have vaccinated, the safer our schools will be. >> this is not a position for the school board to be taking on the vaccine. it should be left up to the parents to make this decision. >> you can hear, there's a lot
9:36 pm
of pushback across the state. more than 5,000 students in l.a. county have tested positive for covid since the start of the school year. covid impacting the trial of elizabeth holmes, too. a juror revealed he may have been exposed to the virus. the juror says the potential exposure happened over the holiday weekend with someone who did test positive. the juror is vaccinated and not showing symptoms. test results are pending. so, the judge decided to cancel tomorrow's session, which would have been the second day of witness testimony to err on the side of caution. testimony will resume tuesday. yesterday was vice president harris. on monday, president biden will be here in california, to campaign for governor newsom, right before tuesday's recall election. the president will tour the burn area of the caldor fire near south lake tahoe. he will fly to long beach for a campaign event with the governor. today, governor newsom said they
9:37 pm
have the power to choose what they want for california. >> you're sending a powerful message, to reject that citizen, to reject that division, to reject this kind of politics. >> the governorgovernor's close challenger is larry elder. after talking water allowances with fresno farmers, he traveled to bakersfield to meet with police officers. >> officers are retiring early because of bad morale. and young people don't want to join a department that is perceived to be systemically racist. >> elder is campaigning east of l.a. in a church east of downey. this saturday will mark 20 years since the september 11th terror attacks. while firefighters and police officers that died that day were hailed as heroes, so are the pilots and the flight attendants on the doomed flights. among them, betty ang. she was on flight 111.
9:38 pm
it was betty that alerted authorities that the plane had been hijacked. tonight, we're hearing from betty's brother, harry, who reflects on that terrifying day, his sister's bravery, and the legacy of his family's loss. >> memories for 9/11 for a lot of people, are getting fainter and fainter. >> reporter: nearly 20 years have gone by. and while the memories might gradually fade, harry ang's heart will never forget. >> we're on the 20th anniversary. we don't think of it as an anniversary. >> reporter: this was him ten years ago, talking to jessica aguirre, about his little sister, betty, an american airlines stewardess, who was on the first plane to crash in the world trade center. >> i think we're getting hijacked. >> reporter: her spirit goes through the betty ong recreation
9:39 pm
center, where he used to play. the center was renamed in her honor in 2012. >> it's a joy for us to have betty remembered. and hopefully by the kids who attend here. >> reporter: in a year that's been rocked by hate crimes against asian-americans, ong remembers the day when his little sister was working in the family's market and was held at gun point. >> they took out a gun and pointed at her. she says no. and drew the frustration, the perpetrators left. >> reporter: ong believes his sister would be horrified on the cases of unruly passengers taking their anger out on flight crews. >> they're not there to serve pretzels and beverages. they're the eyes in the sky outside of the cockpit. >> reporter: almost 20 years have passed since that fateful day. and you might ask yourself, where are we now? this is harry ong's answer. >> i hope that we can somehow
9:40 pm
have some resemblance of 9/11 days of love for each other, hugging and being patriotic, which is not happening today. amidst all of the divisiveness. >> i remember traveling with harry and the rest of his family to 9/11 for the tenth anniversary. ten years ago now. and walking that with them, the palpable pain they felt a decade ago. and i just talked to him the other day. still resonates with them now, the sacrifice his sister made was so huge. and it's so important to them that we all recognize the sacrifices that people made that day. >> it's important. >> and the loss that we felt as a country. >> it's important to this community. i think the next few days will be powerful as we look back to 20 years. >> one of the most meaningful days was going to 9/11 with them, going to the memorial. >> it will be a special few days here, as we recount a lot of the memories. when we come back, many
9:41 pm
cruises were canceled during the pandemic. but not everyone got their money back. we're going to lay out a proposal for new refund rules for you and how you can sound off about them before they hit the books. i'm tracking the rain and even lightning over the past 45 minutes. we've had four lightning strikes near santa rosa. i'm back with a look at the forecast in seven minutes.
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9:43 pm
covid sank a lot of vacation plans for a lot of us. and to make matters worse, some cruise lines told people they weren't getting their money back. >> now, the feds are stepping in, as well. let's bring in chris. >> reporter: why? because cruises are not cheap. look at the recent cases where we have intervened. nat in danville, $1,600. stephen, $6,300.
9:44 pm
bonnie in palo alto, $10,000. visit multiple cities and only unpack once. >> cruising is a great way to travel. >> reporter: that's why bonnie street in palo alto enjoys cruises. >> for us, the cruise is convenient. >> reporter: last year, she and her husband were set to sail and paid 10 grand to book. then, covid-19 hit. next, the cruise line, viking, offered a partial refund. >> i was not happy with that. >> reporter: during the pandemic, cruise line refund policies have been all over the map. some lines, no money back. others, credit for future trips and full refunds if you made waves. hundreds of passengers that expected full refunds have complained to our teams around the country. their refunds, like cruise ships, have been tied up. >> we felt like we were being held hostage there. >> no one is prepared for it. nobody knew what to do when they were cancelling cruise lines.
9:45 pm
>> reporter: colleen mcdaniel is editor in chief at the website where people have posted reviews for 25 years. >> 25 years. >> reporter: congratulations. have you seen anything like the past year? >> there's been nothing like this. >> reporter: as soon as covid-19 hit, cruise credit readers flooded the sites. >> the first few months, that's when we heard the most dissatisfaction. >> it was difficult for us to figure out. >> reporter: luis sits on the federal maritime commission. it spent the past year looking into cruise companies' refund rules. >> different lines were owned by the same group, they would have completely different refund policies within that group. >> reporter: now, the commission is proposing new cruise refund rules. modeled after federal airline rules. specifically, uniform procedures for how and when passengers may make claims for refunds. here's part of the proposal. when a cruise line cancels or
9:46 pm
delays a cruise by a day or more, passengers would get full refunds within 60 days. if there's a government order to stop sailing, like during covid-19, the cruise line gets 180 days to return passengers' money. >> if you're in one cruise line or another cruise line, it doesn't matter. we put the standards in place. >> reporter: he asked the cruise line international for its take. it will be providing comment to the fmc docket. the commission is expected to vote later this year. bonnie hopes the refund rules pass. >> i think there needs to be a great transparency about how this is all going to be dealt with. >> reporter: what happened to her 10 grand? after she contacted us last year, we contacted viking. it told us, thank you for bringing this to our attention. and at the time, explained that due to covid-19, there were some inconsistencies in the customer service experience. ultimately, bonnie got every penny back. >> thank you for coming -- as i said, viking came through with flying colors.
9:47 pm
i was excited and happy. >> reporter: the proposed cruise refund rules are not set in stone. before it votes, the federal maritime commission is collecting comments from people like you. you can add your voice until october 25th. e-mail this address. make sure you're write in the subject line, docket 20-15 and sound off. remember, the deadline is october 25th. >> thank you, chris. thanks for all that info. do you remember this? it was a year ago when it felt like we all of a sudden were on mars. it was september 9th, 2020, the day the bay area skies turned that creepy martian orange color. it was creepy. the orange skies stuck around for days. and the air quality was superbad for weeks. remember, it was so weird. we woke up and it felt like it was the end of the earth. the end of the world was coming. >> seems like we've lived five years in one year. so many ups and downs. jeff, how are we doing?
9:48 pm
>> more news that's probably putting you on-edge this evening, as we are in the drought. things are so dry. and, yes, we are getting some rainfall here. showers moving across the bay area. trace amounts. but with that, we have lightning that could spark more wildfires tonight. we have a red flag fire warning in effect until 11:00 a.m. tomorrow. the system is starting to move closer. that's bringing up this instability from the south. i just did another look at the lightning strikes. it's really starting to become more active over the past 15 minutes. we've seen 68 lightning strikes here. in total, over the past hour. things ramping up here. and you'll see the activity moving from the south to the north. some of the lightning right there. and we'll get to the closer look, and see four lightning strikes here, around santa rosa, and petaluma. that is moving off to the north
9:49 pm
and the east. and you could be seeing some lightning eventually here over the next 30 minutes into st. helena, as that goes your way. here, more rainfall headed towards haystack and burdell. and then, we'll bring you to the south. following this lightning strike around mt. hamilton. looking at the rainfall and the lightning picking up. with the lightning chance in place, we see the red flag fire warning through tomorrow. i want to show you the future cast. we'll see the activity bubbing up over the north bay. more for the east bay, into tomorrow morning. albeit the most active region looks to be to the north and east of us and over the central valley. we keep our eyes to the sky. see anything continue to develop. fires that develop, we'll be here to cover that for you. as we head through tomorrow
9:50 pm
morning, we start off with temperatures in the 50s and 60s. a little of a chill in the air. made it feel strange. some of the humidity, as well. overall, once we hit about 10:00 tomorrow morning, right through the afternoon, we'll be in the clear from thunderstorm activity. that will set us up with a decent afternoon. no more 100s. we have lots of upper 80s for the inland valleys. to santa rosa, 83. san francisco, on the coast. 60s and 70s near the bay. on the seven-day forecast, we hold on to the 60s through the next seven days. for the inland valleys, no rain. pretty good, upper 80s. the next 12 hours, we're keeping a close eye for more of the lightning strikes. >> let's just get to friday. thanks. a new skyscraper planned for san francisco. we'll show you what it will look like and where it is supposed to go.
9:51 pm
my new, better-than-ever cluck sandwich with a bigger, crispier, juicier fillet, bigger pickles, more mystery sauce, and an extremely serious crunch. i'm kind of a big fan.
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try my bigger, crispier, new cluck sandwich combo for $6.99. download the jack app today. the san francisco skyline is about to change in a big way.
9:53 pm
the architects behind the salesforce tower are planning a new skyscraper. it's a 61-story tower on howard street. office space, condos and a rosewood hotel. construction will take 2 1/2 years. and the construction of the hotel will start in 2026. a house in san francisco just sold for $2.1 million over asking price. it's nicknamed the tree house? the sky. 1970s-era home went on the market for the first time ever last month. here's the view from google maps. most of the home is hidden behind trees and ivy. it was listed for $3 million. >> that's incredible. back in a moment. we'll check in with the 49ers after what we just saw with the buccaneers and cowboys tonight and with the a's. stay with us.
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boost and cricket charge you more for unlimited 5g. metro doesn't. introducing the big 5g upgrade. just twenty-five bucks a month gets you unlimited 5g and a free 5g smartphone. that's half the price... ...for one line of unlimited 5g smartphone data a free samsung galaxy 5g when you switch and trade-in. all with the power of the t-mobile 5g network. rule your day with 5g. only at metro by t-mobile. okay. you saw it right here on nbc bay area, opening night of the nfl season.
9:56 pm
and, yes, tom brady, leading to victory. >> we watched it in the newsroom. >> i know. we were all watching. >> the bucs beat the cowboys in the final seconds. as for the 49ers, clear out your sunday morning. they open in detroit. what should we expect? >> reporter: the intensity soaring to a new level at 49ers practice this week. and the players clearly have a spring in their step. >> it's week one. first game of the regular season. got to go out and put on a show. >> reporter: after injuries derailed last season, many football experts are predicting the 49ers will bounce back this year. >> you prepare the best you can. everyone can't wait for kickoff. you want to shut off that mind and go. that's easy when you feel prepared. >> reporter: jimmy garoppolo will line up under center. but expect to see trey lance mixed into the game plan, if his femur injury doesn't keep him on the sideline. as long as the niners believe he gives the team the best chance
9:57 pm
to win, jimmy g. will keep his starting job. >> focus on getting this team better and wuting us in the right position. >> reporter: the offense has received hosted attention in the off-season. a big key could be the health of the two stas on the other side of the ball. most missed most of last season with injuries. >> i love how they looked in training camp. hopefully they will continue. good game on sunday. >> reporter: the detroit lions present more unknowns than the usual week one opponents. they have a new head coach and coordinators a enseveral new players, including marin county native, jared goff, who was traded to the niners in the off-season. >> he has a chip on his shoulder. he's in a new spot. he wants to prove himself. >> reporter: the 49ers want to prove they are more like the team that was seven minutes away from lifting the lombardi trophy two years ago and not like the
9:58 pm
squad that finished 6-10 last season. >> there's only one goal. we want to get back to the super bowl. >> reporter: the 49ers kick off the season sunday in detroit. >> we'll be watching. baseball today, at the coliseum. the a's trying to stay alive in the playoff race. sean manaea dealing today. seven strong innings with nine strikeouts. the sox couldn't touch him. a's win it 3-1. they are two games out of the final wild card spot. the giants have the day off. they are at wrigley field tomorrow. that's going to do it for us, for this special edition of nbc bay area news. "dateline" is next. we expect to see you back here at 11:00. and there you have it— -woah. wireless on the most reliable network nationwide. wow! -big deal! ...we get unlimited for just $30 bucks. sweet, but mine has 5g included. relax people, my wireless is crushing it. that's because you all have xfinity mobile with your internet.
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i didn't wanna believe it. my sister's dead and i just -- sorry. i just kind of fell apart. >> inside a silent home, an eerie scene. water pouring through the rooms. >> reporter: you heard the water running? >> yes it was just, like, gushing i saw her in the bathtub >> reporter: face down >> right >> reporter: drowned >> no. >> reporter: she was badly beaten >> uh-huh. >> lots of bruising. >> but clues would be hard to come by. >> detective sanchez claims that by leaving her in the water, that washed away any dna >> i thought it was over


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