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tv   Today  NBC  September 10, 2021 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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>> haven't said that in a while. that's what's happening "today in the bay." we'll be back at 7:25 with live local news. join us for the bay area news at 11:00. we take a picture of san jose. a beautiful morning. seize the day. good morning. fed up. president biden using the full weight of the federal government to break the back of the pandemic. an unprecedented push to require shots for tens of millions of unvaccinated americans. >> we've been patient. but our patience is wearing thin and the refusal has cost all of us. >> the aggressive mandates that will impact workers, businesses and schools from coast to coast. the reactions, swift, critics calling the sweeping plan unconstitutional and un-american with legal battles expected in dozens of states. we'll have everything you need
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to know straight ahead. america remembers, the nation prepares to mark tomorrow's 20th anniversary of the terror attacks on 9/11. this morning, an inside look at the emotional tributes being planned to honor the fallen. >> if we don't find life out of a tragedy, no matter what that tragedy is, it's just a tragedy. >> as survivors look back on the day that changed everything. safe and sound, new images of the first flight carrying americans out of afghanistan since the u.s. withdrawal arriving in the middle east. dozens more still looking to flee the chaos. those stories, plus the art de triomphe. one of the most recognizable landmarks in the world being transformed into something brand new. we're live in paris with an exclusive look behind the scenes. and what a start, the nfl season kicks off with 44-year-old tom brady picking up right where he left off. >> brady looking that way and fires that way and it's going to be caught. it's godwin! >> leading the super bowl
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champion buccaneers to a chilling last-second victory over the dallas cowboys. >> got it. >> the fantastic finish that has fans even more ready for some football and even more this friday, september 10th, 2021. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. and good morning, everybody. welcome to "today." it is a friday morning. we're glad to have you with us. >> oh, my god. people are bleary eyed because it was a great night last night. nfl, tom brady, another nail-biter, he carried the buccaneers over the cowboys in the final moments. hope you stayed up for the whole thing because the last bit was worth it. >> it was what you want in a season-opener, a thrilling game. i hope you were watching the u.s. open. two teenagers heading to the women's final now.
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18-year-old emma raducanu of britain 19-year-old leyla hernandez from canada. we're going to be live with both of those stories coming up. >> final saturday for the women. also this morning, we're going to focus on the milestone that will be honored tomorrow, 20 years since 9/11. a series of memorials being held in new york. and washington and shanksville, pennsylvania. craig is there for us. tom llamas, he's at the world trade center. we're going to get reports from both of them in just a moment. but let's get started with president biden's new measures to increase vaccinations nationwide, including new requirements that will impact tens of millions of workers in both the public and the private sectors. and it comes as one of the nation's largest school districts is making vaccines required for all who are eligible. miguel almaguer has the latest. miguel, good morning.
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>> reporter: good morning. the president unveiled several new mandates aimed at upping vaccinations. here in l.a., the school district decided to ask all students 12 and older to be vaccinated before the end of the year. across the country, many believe those changes could help. with the delta variant fueling more than 100,000 daily covid cases and some hospitals running out of icu beds, this morning, president biden is putting pressure on the unvaccinated. >> we've been patient, but our patience is wearing thin, and your refusal has cost all of us. >> reporter: the president's new sweeping mandates requiring all federal workers and contractors be vaccinated. his plan calls on osha to issue an emergency rule that any company with 100 or more employees vaccinate its
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workforce or require testing once a week. the white house says it will affect 100 million workers in the public and private sectors. >> we're going to reduce the spread of covid-19 by increasing the share of the workforce that is vaccinated in businesses all across america. >> reporter: the plan sparking conservative backlash. >> joe, you canceled all medical freedom today. >> reporter: some pointing to this answer in 2020 on whether the covid vaccine be mandatory. >> no, i don't think it should be mandatory. >> reporter: now the republican national committee and several gop governors are threatening legal action. >> we will defend and protect our people from this unlawful mandate. >> reporter: as the biden administration calls on governors to mandate teachers be vaccinated, the nation's second largest school system in los angeles is going a step further. the l.a. school board requiring vaccines for all students 12 and over. >> so important as we try to
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build herd immunity and so forth to be vaccinated. >> reporter: some parents opposed to the move. >> it should be left up to the parents to make this decision. >> reporer: after los angeles unified school district, it's possible they will face legal action in the days to come. >> thank you. doctor, good morning. >> good morning, savannah. thanks for having me back. >> the big ticket item is this requirement that private sector businesses with more than 100 employees have to mandate that the employees have the vaccine. how big an impact could this make? >> i think it can make a really big impact. the virus is not going away. so this is not what they need to do over the next few weeks. it's how do we get our society back, how do we get workers back and how do we do it safely? and i personally can't think of how you bring people back into indoor offices safely unless you
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you are doing regular testing. from a pure worker safety aspect, it makes a lot of sense. >> either you have to be vaccinated or face weekly testing. that is for the private sector. just a larger picture question here, those who are vaccine hesitant on political grounds are unlikely to be persuaded by this. was this the right move for the biden administration to give up on persuasion and go to mandates? >> that's a good question. it's obviously the persuasion has been difficult because there's so much misinformation about these vaccines. the experience of mandates so far is that people get vaccinated. that's what we're seeing in hospitals, that's what we're seeing at the university where i work. 98%, 99% of people have gotten vaccinated. so i know that there is a lot of resistance, but my sense is that -- not sense, but the data so far suggests when you put the mandate in, people go get the shot. >> the flip side of this is
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there are critics of the biden administration who say what took you so long? you should have done this months ago. was there premature celebration last spring, hey, the mask can come off, if you're vaccinated, you can go have a party? >> two things. first of all, i applaud the administration for trying that first, persuasion. and i think if they had gone to mandatory requirements in may, that could have caused more backlash. in terms of celebrating too early, the delta variant wasn't with us. the delta variant has been a game changer. i don't think any of us saw it coming to the end and none of us saw that it would be quite as bad as it is. i think that is really it. >> let's talk about schools for a moment. there's a new rule now that schools have to have their educators vaccinated. the big question here is kids under 12. they don't have the option to be vaccinated. where do you see that going? how quickly might we see approval from the fda? at least on an emergency basis. >> i think what we know is that kids under 12 largely get infected from the adults around
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them. if you want to protect kids under 12, you should be getting vaccinated. if we have highly vaccinated communities, kids under 12 will be okay. but they do need to get the vaccine, and i expect probably in about a month, maybe sooner for the companies to share data with the fda, and my guess is sometime in late october, maybe early november, we're going to start getting shots in the arms of kids under 12 >> thank you very much >> thank you also this morning, the nation is preparing to mark a day that changed the world the terror attacks of 9/11 20 years later. tomorrow will be a day of remembrance and reflection from coast to coast led by tributes and ceremonies at all three memorial sites in a moment, craig will join us from shanksville, pennsylvania but we start at the site of the world trade center here in new york nbc senior national correspondent tom llamas good morning >> reporter: hoda, good morning to you we were walking up to this site and it happens every single time i come here, you just feel
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something. you hear the waterfalls, you see the footprint of the south tower, and as you get closer, you start to see the names, randall drake, and then you look up and you think about that day and all the lives lost and you remember how everything changed forever. nearly 20 years later, the image, the moment, the terror are still hard to believe. >> two airplanes have crashed into the world trade center. >> reporter: that attack would include two more hijacked planes, one crashing into the pentagon, the other in shanksville, pennsylvania. nearly 3,000 people would die. on saturday, president biden will visit memorials at all three crash sites. >> sadie ette. >> reporter: at the 9/11 memorial in new york city, family members will continuepeng
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their tradition reading aloud the names of those killed. memorials planned at the pentagon to honor the 184 killed and in shanksville, to honor the passengers and crews who perished how often do you think about 9/11 >> every day when i wake up, being able to breathe and to walk. >> reporter: retired port officer william hemeno rushed to the world trade center as both buildings were burning >> we have been crushed. i just wanted to die >> reporter: 30 minutes later, the north tower came down. >> i held on for dear life and it sounded like 12 million freight trains coming down on us when it stopped, everything went silent and dark. >> reporter: for 13 hours, william stayed buried along with his sergeant, john mclaughlin. a team of marines heard their cries for help, rescuing them. they were among the last people pulled out of the rubble alive >> if we don't find life out of a tragedy, no matter what that
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tragedy is, it's just a tragedy. >> reporter: for nypd officer erin kauflin, that light is remembering her father pep ran in to rescue others and never came out when she puts on the uniform, she's also wearing his police shield i don't know if you pray or not, but if you do, have you ever tried to talk to him and tell him i'm proud of you, you know, i know what you did? >> i stop and it's like, see there. i just think, dad, are you there? you know, stick with us. >> reporter: and as we look up nearly 20 years later, we hope all of those victims from 9/11 are looking right back down on us officer kauflin wants everyone to know there is a new generation of police officers, firefighters, first responders and if asked would do the exact same thing the heros of 9/11 did. savannah, hoda
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>> thank you so much, tom. craig joins us now from the heroes of united flight 93 from shanksville, pennsylvania craig, good morning to you >> reporter: hey, savannah, hoda, good morning to both of you, as well preparations here to honor the 40 lives that were lost on that flight that tragically crashed here on september 11th the memorial ceremony will be attended by former president george w. bush, who is expected to speak and pay his respects, alongside first lady laura bush, as well. they will do that among a small crowd of family members and invited guests president biden and first lady jill biden expected to be here, as well. at 10:03 a.m. precisely, the time of the crash, that annual tradition will continue. the names of the victims will be read and bells of remembrance will be rung in their memory a major theme throughout this
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ceremony will be the remarkable bravery shown by those on the flight in confronting the hijackers and in doing so sacrificed their own livings the plane was originally aimed for the capitol in washington, d.c., but because of the heroism of those passengers, thousands of lives were likely saved and who can forget those words from todd beamer, the account manager for oracle, who was headed out to california on a one-day business trip. he said just before they tried wrestling control of the plane from the hijackers, "let's roll." and, guys, over my shoulder here at the memorial, you can see the wall of names commemorating those heros who fought back that day. tonight, lanterns will be lit and placed, 40 of them, alongside that wall. right here where i'm standing, this is where the families of those on board first gathered 20 years ago to remember their loved ones with flowers and
7:15 am
flags and candles. in fact, this is a picture from that early makeshift memorial. memorial that encapsulated what this memorial means to so many "a common field one day, a field of honor forever." savannah, hoda, back to you. >> thank you and you will hear more from family members of flight 93's passengers and crew tonight on "dateline" anchored by lester tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern and nbc will bring you complete coverage of the ceremonies tomorrow in the meantime, a charter flight carrying u.s. citizens landed safely in qatar yesterday after leaving afghanistan with the taliban's cooperation. on board the flight, 113 people including canadian, ukrainian, german and british citizens. the state department says they invited more than 30 american citizens and permanent
7:16 am
residents, but not everybody took the offer the white house's national security council says there will be more flights to come. 15 minutes after the hour. let's get our first check of the weather. al >> good morning, guys. unfortunately, it has been a hot summer and it continues such and, in fact, you take a look, this is 2021, the hottest summer on record tied with the historic dust bowl summer of 1936 and, in fact, out west, it has been very difficult. five states with their number one hottest summer ever from oregon, idaho, down to california, nevada, and utah all western states had record warm summer nights and that means usually warmer days, as well and that causes big problems and highs near 100 degrees today. salt lake city, 95 degrees 13 degrees above average flagstaff. denver, near 100 20 degrees above average sioux falls, 88. tomorrow warm temperatures move to the northeast oklahoma city near 100 degrees st. louis, 11 degrees warmer
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than usual at 93 as we move into next week, temperatures fairly moderate, but still above average from raleigh, charleston, new york city, on into louisville we're going to get 20 your local forecast coming in the next 30 seconds. huh. that is a low price. what's a low price? that's a low price. i'm going to get it. ahh, that's a low price. can you let me shop? hmm, that's a low price. i'm gonna get it . at amazon, anytime is a good time to save. >> good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. taking a look at storm ranger. we're still watching some spotty showers moving through the east bay. if you're about to step out around danville, san ramon and walnut creek, some showers will be coming down on 680.
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other than that we are looking at some quieter weather conditions after a busy morning and the rest of the forecast is looking pretty good with our inland areas reaching into the upper 80s and san francisco will see highs in the mid 60s. and that is your latest weather. savannah coming up, a vaccine battle playing out on the radio with a war of words with howard stern and misinformation about the shots. and then live to paris for the exclusive behind the scenes the exclusive behind the scenes acset to the arc de triot mp can you see my wall of smiles?
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people today... they could spend half their lives over 50. i could get used to this. so that's good. make sure your happiness lives as long as you do. that's why the younger you are, the more you need aarp. join today. 7:26. on your friday morning. i'm scott mcgrew. a microclimate weather alert this morning as lightning and a little bit of rain roll through the bay area. "today in the bay's" cierra johnson got some of this video for us. look at those strikes. it is amazing. it has gotten so much better. let's bring in kari hall and a look at your forecast ahead. >> yeah. now scott, as we're heading out the door, we are starting to see a lot more of that rain moving out, so it's still raining in some parts of the bay area as we head toward the east bay and we've seen a couple isolated showers moving through that may make the roads wet and slick but this one moved past san ramon
7:27 am
over closer toward mt. diablo. spotty rain, but looking back at the radar over the past couple hours we haven't seen any lightning strikes. a lot of lightning was very early this morning and late yesterday evening, so as we continue through the rest of today we see the rain and the chance of lightning going down. good news as our temperatures for the inland areas head toward the upper 80s and throughout the weekend it will be slightly warmer between sunday and monday reaching into the low 90s and then for our coastal areas, 60s and 70s here, san francisco reaching into the mid 60s after the chance of that early morning rain. once again, weather conditions improving but the national weather service estimating that we had over 1100 lightning strikes across the bay area and we'll see if that sparked any new fires. scott? >> let's hope not. more local news in a half hour. we'll see you then.
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they've almost come up with two different defenses. >> success in this drive and that pass is caught by godwin for the touchdown. >> we are back with the first touchdown of the nfl season, thrown by, well, who else? tom brady. if you didn't catch the finish of that battle between the bucs and the cowboys, well, let's just say tom terrific did his thing in final seconds. we'll show you more in the next half hour. >> i know you were watching the game, but also, a little something new, your buddy, your friend, drew brees trying out a new career. let's look. >> okay. >> drew brees, welcome to tv. >> welcome. >> i'm not going to lie. i see the guys behind me.
7:31 am
i feel like i should be out there getting warmed up. >> how comfortable, how casual, how sparkly. >> he fits right in. day one out of the gate. >> hoda is totally objective about drew brees, just like me and roger federer. e will the's get to your headlines at 7:30. the department of justice suing the state of texas over a new law that bans most abortions. merrick garland said the law is unconstitutional under long-standing supreme court precedents. the texas law prohibits abortions once they can detect cardiac activity, usually around six weeks of pregnancy. stephen breyer says the court's recent ruling upholding the texas abortion law was, quote, very, very, very wrong. he wrote the dissent. china's president and the u.s. president spoke for the first time in seven months. the two leaders discussed the
7:32 am
responsibility of both nations to ensure competition does not veer into conflict. the world's two largest economies have been sharply at odds over several issues, including cybersecurity, human rights, and trade. senior officials say neither side made any new commitments during the phone call. california is selling off the vintage machines as they prepare to close its doors for good. the auction starts today. it been online and in person. the collection could be worth as much as $7 million. let's turn now to the growing war of words over the covid vaccine. talk radio has some of the industry's biggest names firing shots at each other in front of audiences of millions. >> stephanie gosk is here. she's following it. good morning. >> good morning. howard stern inserted himself in
7:33 am
the fray, railing against everyone including some of his peers who have expressed skepticism about vaccines. the king of all media making his position loud and clear. >> when are we going to stop putting up with the idiots in this country? >> reporter: stern fed up with the nearly 25% of american adults who are still not vaccinated. >> [ bleep ] their freedom. i want my freedom to live. i want to get out of the house already. >> reporter: podcaster joe rogan has been one of the loudest covid vaccine skeptics. >> if you're a healthy person and you're exercising all the time and you're young and you're eating well, like, i don't think you need to worry about this. >> reporter: rogan has never said if he has the vaccine, but he tested positive last week. >> we immediately threw the kitchen sink at it. monoclonal antibodies, ivermectin. >> ivermectin is used to treat or prevent parasites in animals, and in specific instances to treat people with parasitic worms.
7:34 am
but the fda has not thoushzed or approved its use against covid. >> i got it from a doctor. >> reporter: the latest nbc poll showing just 55% of republicans say they've been vaccinated compared to 88% of democrats. in some cases, that skepticism has had tragic consequences with a few influential voices dieing after contracting covid. mark bernier dubbed himself mr. anti-vax. telling his listeners he would not take the shot. >> i'm not taking it. >> come on. >> are you kidding me? mr. anti-vaccine. >> ever? not taking it? >> no. >> bernier's station announced the 65-year-old's death. radio host phil valentine told his listeners he wouldn't get the vaccine, either, believing his risk of dieing was low. but he had a change of heart once he was hospitalized from the virus. before he died, he asked his brother, mark, to share one last message with anyone who would
7:35 am
listen. >> the message is go get the dad gum vaccination. >> reporter: those radio hosts who have died not being spared howard stern's withering attacks. >> the radio guys are the best. they were on fire. day after day, they were all dieing and then their dieing words are i wish i had been more into the vaccine. i wish i had taken it. >> reporter:: so cumulus nashville, the company that owns the station where phil valentine worked is also asking people to honor phil's memory by getting vaccinated. >> wow. that's just kind of astonishing to see that war of words, stephanie. thank you. >> you're welcome. coming up next, what happens when you take an historic landmark and turn it into a modern work of art? it's happening right now in paris at the famed arc de triomphe.
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7:40 am
good morning, hoda and savannah. we're right at the foot of the arc. you can't get much closer than this this entire space has been turned into a construction zone. when you look up, the arc is being transformed. the inside is being covered in that beautiful silvery fabric and there's more to come in the next 48 hours or so. we got an exclusive behind the scenes look at what it takes to turn this into super sized art this morning, the arc de triomphe is getting a makeover like never before, wrapped from top to bottom in fabric. transformed into a modern work of art >> these are the ballast weights. each one of these weighs 1.2 tons >> reporter: the famous landmark's reinvention first imagined in 1921 by kristo and jean claude. now nbc news getting an exclusive behind the scenes look
7:41 am
at their posthumous work carried about by their nephew, vladimir vichev >> where the robes go, the dimension, color of the fabric, everything was as christo wanted it >> including this frame to protect the building using steel carefully raised into place over the delicate artwork the carved statues encased in cages. specially trained rock climbers rappel down the sides. covering it all, recyclable poly propylene cloth sprayed with aluminum dust, custom made in germany and manually stitched together, all 270,000 square feet of it the panels folded and draped around the arc each people stapled on to the frame by hand. enveloping this iconic monument that has been standing proud at the heart of paris for more than
7:42 am
200 years. i'm standing at the very start of the arc de triomphe the whole city spreads out in front of you up here and it's from here where that silvery blue fabric will be draped over the edge for everyone to see. christo and jean-claude shared a vision, creating the gates in new york city's central park, the giant orange curtain in the colorado mountains and even wrapped germany's parliament after jean-claude died in 2009, christo carried on, leaving a framework for his nephew before his death last year. >> the most difficult thing for me is christo is not here. we all miss him terribly >> he should have been here to see this >> how excited he will be especially when coming alive >> reporter: and take a look at
7:43 am
that edge of the arc on sunday, a hundred specially trained rock climbers will be rapelling down unfurling the last 18 panels this is the fabric it's actually pretty heavy christo and jean-claude wanted people to touch it they wanted people to experience it here on the arc and the installation will be sending people home with a piece of this fabric if they visit but, guys, you have to be quick because all of this comes back down again on october 3rd. >> kelly, do the parisians dig it do they like that? >> reporter: they're liking it here the arc de triomphe is kind of having its fashion moment. >> kelly, thank you. >> you're going to get to see it >> yeah. i'm visiting next week i didn't even know this was happening so that is great >> and i remember the central park gate. >> oh, my gosh >> get your piece of fabric. >> i will. that's right
7:44 am
that and some croissants, some macaroons. it will be fantastic >> take it all for today, we are looking unfortunately at a real situation here where dry lightning is going to cause mostly problems with wildfires out west thunderstorms will ignite new wildfires. there's not a lot of moisture with this system so here is what's going to happen we're going to be looking at strong winds coming up the gusty winds will accompany these storms and then what you're going to see, wind gusts up to 60 miles per hour or more. that's going to set off lightning. you add the lightning, the strong winds, very dry vegetation and that means a fire risk for parts of eastern california all the way on into montana and down into colorado and so we do have a risk right now. 8 million people, red-flag warnings, high fire danger, wind gusts up to 45 miles per hour and very low humidity all
7:45 am
weekend long so it's going to be >> that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> i'm meteorologist kari hall. our chance of seeing any lightning has diminished but we're tracking a few spotty light showers through parts of the bay area. the rest of the day we'll continue to see our skies clearing out. our inland temperatures headed toward the upper 80s and we'll see more sunshine throughout the weekend and warm temperatures, but near the coast it's going to stay nice and cool. patchy fog returning. and our temperatures reaching into the mid 60s and we'll see 60s for san francisco, at least through the middle of next week. t weather. guys coming up, last night's kickoff of the nfl season lived up to the hype the dramatic finish as tom brady worked his magic once again, right after this >> boom. with that “maya markdo”" on my insurance. here's the deal maya,
7:46 am
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7:49 am
we're welcoming in carson. >> the nfl could not have scripted a better game tom brady, super bowl champion tampa bay buccaneers against the dallas cowboys in a game that literally went down to the wire. sam brock joins us that was some ending >> when the game comes down to the final two seconds, guys, you know it's good there are so many reasons to tune into the nfl today. part of it, the wave of young quarterbacks that are going to be playing stadiums are full again. as usual, the conversation is commanded by number 12 on the bucs, tom brady, who just started his 300th game that is a record please let me know if you think there are signs that he's slowing down >> brady looking that way and fires that way >> reporter: in a blockbuster shoot-out between the boys and the bucs, tom brady did what he always seems to do, come in with the clutch driving his team down the field
7:50 am
with just 0 seconds to go, setting up the game-winning field goal for a victory in the nfl's opening game the oldest player in the nfl, tom brady, he took just over half a quarter to throw the season's first touchdown to chris godwin as he proclaimed on twitter before the game, year 22, let's go one quarter later, he found his favorite giant target, gronk, in the end zone >> caught. rob gronkowski >> two long time teammates proving father time wrong. >> you know, nothing has dropped off. his ball is still a bullet i will just say he's a smarter player, just being around the game for so long >> reporter: and much to the delight of fans who cheered from a packed raymond james stadium, the cowboys were not backing down >> a touchdown, cd lamb prescott >> prescott throwing strike after strike as the teams
7:51 am
combined for 37 points at halftime -- a lot of fireworks what does it do to energize the start of the season? >> i think this is fantastic for nfl football >> a welcome reprieve for a sport playing through a pandemic this year with no limits on attendance >> yeah. we need to get back to life as normal and go out and support our teams. >> reporter: even with all the irregularities of last year, brady acknowledging he contracted covid after the super bowl parade. one thing remains constant number 12 wins >> never perfect, but sometimes you just have to get the win >> 15 years ago, my team played against him. africa achk -- afc championship game i've been chilling on tv for 15 years now. he's been out there getting better it defies logic. it's unbelievable. >> reporter: let's try to give you one more way to understand this anthony schwartz is a wide receiver for the browns.
7:52 am
he cotweeted brady and said i just turned 21 a few days ago, meaning he was born after tom brady was already in the nfl, which really only proves one thing, guys. >> what? >> tom brady is the benjamin button of the nfl. he is ageing in reverse. >> a perfect way to describe it. >> well done thank you. >> unbelievable. >> you watch it? that sabalenka/fernandez tennis match was riveting. i was going back and forth between the two. all the action, the football game at the end, anyway. >> we know what the big competition is we have the winner of our tailgate food bracket. i'm slightly disappointed. also everything talking about that "matrix" new trailer. it is incredible rinvoq helps tame pain, stiffness, swelling. and for some rinvoq can even significantly reduce ra fatigue. that's rinvoq relief. with ra, your overactive immune system attacks your joints.
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7:56 am
protection so good it's scary. "the addams family 2" playing october 1st. good morning. 7:56. i'm scott mcgrew. here is what's happening now. >> i'm bob redell here proof of vaccination to enter certain businesses, businesses like this gym behind me. yoga and dance studios, other fitness facilities, also restaurants, bars, clubs, and other entertainment venues. those restaurant and entertainment venues will start requiring proof of vaccination from employees beginning october 15th. let's check in with kari. >> we started out with lightning storm this morning, but now things are starting to quiet down as we get a look at storm ranger. still some lingering light showers moving through parts of
7:57 am
contra costa county, but overall, we are looking at some clear conditions for much of the bay area for today. so as we go through the forecast, expect the weekend to look pretty nice. highs in the upper 80s and mostly sunny skies. we are going to have the warmer temperatures with us throughout the next several days for the inland areas, but san francisco, will be in the mid 60s as we go into the next several days. scott? >> that looks pretty good, kari. all right. well we'll have another local news update in a half hour and always check and get access to kari's weather data right on our app. you can find that at any app store for free.
7:58 am
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8:00 am
>> this is not about freedom or personal choice. it's about protecting yourself and those around you. >> and the nation's second largest school district now requiring vaccines for students 12 and up. we're live with the latest. and then, following in their foot steps, our conversation with three remarkable first responders honoring their heroic fathers who died on 9/11. >> this is what i was supposed to do. it's been an unbelievable gift that he's been able to give me
8:01 am
in his passing. >> how they are keeping their legacy alive. plus, give them a break. we'll take a closer look at the importance of recess for kids of all ages. >> the social play environment really teaches them a great deal about how to work with other people. how do you compromise. >> why experts say it's time to get out and play. and the teen titans of tennis. we'll introduce you to the two young women facing off in the u.s. open final. how the match is already one for the record books friday, september 10th, 2021. >> shout out to royal international and an experience of a lifetime! >> today is my 21st birthday. >> from second grade to the "today" show, celebrating 53 years of friendship and 60 years of life from mt. pleasant, michigan.
8:02 am
>> we traveled from honolulu, hawaii, to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary. >> we're from san antonio, texas. >> today, i am celebrating my 71st birthday! >> happy birthday! >> that is the spirit, right? good morning, everybody. it's friday. good to have you with us. don't you want some of when she's having? >> i want to be invited to that party. we have a reminder for you guys about a special event coming up on monday. "coronavirus and the classroom," it's a town hall. it will be live on our plaza. we will have the cdc director dr. rochelle walensky and dr. miguel cardona, secretary of education. they will be here along with parents and teachers and students. we'll discuss so many issues surrounding the new school year, it's going to be very informative. we hope you join us on monday morning. >> let's get your news now at 8:00 on a friday morning.
8:03 am
the president taking a tougher tone and he's taking the fight to where they work. nbc national correspondent miguel almaguer joins us with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: savannah, good morning. the president unveiled several new mandates aimed at upping the vaccination rates. across the country, 130,000 people are diagnosed with the virus every single day. hospitals are still feeling the impact from the delta variant. the president is now saying all federal workers and contractors must be vaccinated and he's being for big businesses, those with 100 or more employees, to also mandate vaccines or at least install weekly testing to catch the virus. the nation's second largest school district, los angeles unified is requiring all students 12 and older to get vaccinated before the end of the year. that could face legal challenges but it's a major step in the fight against covid, officials say. back to you. >> miguel almaguer, thank you very much.
8:04 am
president biden plans to commemorate tomorrow's 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks at all three sites where the hijack planes crashed. he will travel to lower manhattan, the pentagon, and to that grassy field in shanksville, pennsylvania, and that is where craig melvin is. hey, craig. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. in fact, preparations are well under way behind me as we speak here at the flight 93 national memorial in shanksville to honor the 40 lives lost on that flight that tragically crashed back on september 11th, 2001. heroism is going to be a focal point of the ceremony here. the memorial ceremony will be e attended by former president george w. bush he is expected to speak and pay his respects alongside first lady laura bush, as well they'll do that in front of a small crowd of family members and invited guests, president biden and first lady dr. jill biden expected to be here, as well they are going to lay a wreath
8:05 am
to honor the 40 heros whose final resting place is in the field behind me. the president is going to be starting his day at ground zero, though, where moments of silence will be held commemorating the moments the planes struck the towers and then fell president and mrs. obama also expected to mark the day at ground zero, as well, where that solemn 20-year tradition will continue reading all of the names of those who died on that fateful day. commemorations taking place at the pentagon, as well, where 184 people were killed and there's a phrase etched on a pane of glass here at the memorial that encapsulates this place. and it says "a common field one day, a field of honor forever. and that is truly what it has become hoda, back to you. >> beautiful words there craig, thank you so much a time more to get to this morning, including what could be a changing of the guard in women's tennis
8:06 am
after an epic night of play at the u.s. open last night, the stage is set for a final that features two teenagers emma raducanu of great britain and leylah fernandez of canada never heard of them? you're not alone kristen dahlgren joins us. >> i have their names written down because i haven't heard of them before this week, either. emma raducanu had her ticket home booked for after the qualifying rounds. she didn't even think she would make the main draw, let alone the finals now she and leylah fernandez are about to take center court >> reporter: the u.s. open isn't done yet, but it's one for the record books two teen tennis sensations will face off in the finals for over the first time in 20 years leylah fernandez captivating crowds with a storybook run. unknown and unseeded before theo
8:07 am
nigh major tournament, fernandez, who came in ranked 73rd, last inight etched her wins. >> i just wanted to be in the finals i really wanted it and i fought for every point. >> her stunning run including a victory against naomi osaka who struggled as her lead slipped away last week fernandez winning over the open's notoriously boisterous crowd, too >> they never gave up for me they fought for me >> reporter: she'll go head to head with another teenager, 18-year-old emma raducanu of great britain, ranked 150th in the world, had to play three matches in the qualifying tournament just to get into the main draw, becoming the first qualifier to reach the final of a tennis major whichever unlikely star wins, the final tomorrow will make tennis history even magic johnson was tweeting about this so a lot of eyes on them nobody is going home empty handed
8:08 am
of course, they've changed their lives, but the runner-up gets more than $1 million, the winner, $ 2.5 million. not a bad summer job for these two teens. >> well said >> it's so exciting. i don't know who to root for >> and i love that she booked her ticket home already. >> i know. >> that will be a great match saturday night thank you. let's get a morning boost. >> we just had it. we're all done here we go a school custodian chris jackson is the go-to guy when anything needs to be done at unity grove elementary school in georgia he fell on some hard times and needed a car to get to work. the teachers did something, they pulled together, got some money and gave him a nice surprise >> we love you we love you, chris >> we do we love you. >> oh, my god. it is a car. oh, my god thank you. >> beautiful
8:09 am
chris often walked an hour to work because the bus took twice that long. but he says the best part about having a ride of his own is that he can drive to visit his mom. so beautiful, beautiful gesture. coming up next, their fathers were first responders would gave their lives on 9/11 now 20 years later, these men are carrying on that family legacy with reverence and hearts full of hope and faith our moving conversation with them, right after this them, right after this and made them run on the same thing that turns the lights on. we took the original 0 - 60 head turner... and gave it zero vehicle emissions. we took the familiar... and made it revolutionary. i took my favorite cereal and made it waaay better, tony. shaq you're using my crunchy,
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just ask overly confident diy rashida rashida: wait, was this the right wall? or last minute gift shopping rashida rashida: i'm putting a bow on it! wow. even sneaking away for a vacay rashida. rashida: shhh! i've earned this? from home improvement, drugstores, select travel and more earn 5% cash back that automatically adjusts to your top eligible spend category, up to $500 spent each billing cycle. america remembers, marking the terror attacks of 9/11 20 years later, the scars do remain, especially for those impacted like the children whose parents never came home. >> i recently met three men whoe chose to follow in their fathers' footsteps and become first responders themselves. >> we have a breaking news story to tell you about.
8:13 am
a plane has just crashed into the world trade center ♪ ♪ >> what is it like to be here in the 9/11 museum carrying this memory forward, 20 year anniversary? >> this year it's a little bit more you can just feel it a little bit more it's on every channel you watch. we're constantly reminded every day of our loss, but this time of year seems to be a little more visceral, a little more mag magnified, a little more painful.
8:14 am
>> chris, rob and james all had dads in the fdny who answered not just a call but a calling. >> 20 years oan eye >> rob's dad, ray, was on light duty that day because of an injury but when word came, he sprang into action anyway, hitching a ride downtown with a news truck. and when that hit traffic, he switched to an ambulance and kept going >> he wasn't going to miss it. he was going to get there and help out that was just his nature >> ray was last seen running into the north tower it was the day after rob's 11th birthday james' father, kevin, was part of rescue 4 in queens. no one in his company survived it was james' first day of senior year. is there some comfort in knowing that people are remembering and they're forced to remember >> yes everyone says never forget
8:15 am
and when people remember, that does mean something because at the end of the day, all we have are the legacies of our fathers. >> chris, your father was chief of department, one of the supervisors that day what do you remember >> as far as my father went, i was, you know, naive, i guess, in the sense that the chief of the department, he's the number one guy, right so he would be removed from the situation. but thinking about it now and really digging into the type of person my father was, pete was not the type of guy to lead from behind and if he was going to put somebody in harm's way, he was going to be right next to them on that day, he was no different. >> a father of three, chief ganty used to say he had 10,000 kids, all the men and women under his command. he was the highest ranking firefighter to die that day. >> you can come into this sacrifice of jimmy and rob,
8:16 am
beautiful place and think about how many lives were touched by the sacrifice of jimmy and rob, my dad and the countless other first responders who never made it home that day >> the guys grew up idolizing their dads their little footsteps often found in the firehouse soaking up the magic and the camaraderie. after 9/11, they followed their fathers' footsteps into the fdny rob an emt, chris a battalion chief, his father's brass forever pinned on his collar and james, a firefighter in the very engine house where his father once worked it's a way to hold hands with your fathers, to carry on their work that they gave so much for. >> my father died for this uniform. so to put it on is a huge honor. his death is something to be proud of this is what i was supposed to do it's been an unbelievable gift that he's been able to give me in his passing >> but chris, you were on a totally different track.
8:17 am
>> totally different my father would be saying why did i spend $200,000 on an ivy league school when i could have bought a boat? i had to make a tough decision and i got a piece of him >> their father's memories and spirits are never far from mind. rob, at a probationary ceremony, visiting the numerical pausing where his father's name is inscribed. >> we were standing up there getting ready to lay the wreath. we were talking about my dad right at the corner of where my dad's name was out of the corner of my eye, i saw something fall and i was just going to brush it off my shoulder >> it was a butterfly that had come to rest >> it was a very special moment because it stayed there for about 15 minutes it really helped me out that day because it wasn't very easy to come down here definitely brought some comfort, yeah >> yeah. maybe a little, a little piece of his spirit flying by. >> for sure. >> finally, rob, this is the moment where the world is focused again on that terrible day. what would you want them to remember >> my dad, chris' father, you know, james' father, they're not
8:18 am
just, you know, pictures they were people with families that loved them. their stories are just three stories of many from that day, but us talking about them is important to keep their memory and their legacy alive >> more than pictures. you know, they all were so positive about the way their lives changed that day you know, like so many people who lived through 9/11, there's before and there's after and, of course, there's so much grief and after 20 years, they also talked about how their fathers loss propelled them to in this mission and calling that they otherwise wouldn't have. they lost their fathers, but they found brothers, that closeness. chris told me, he said in another life i wrote a children's book about 9/11 it's called "chief." and he read it at school and met his wife that way. so they really feel their fathers' memories and their spirits and their impacts. >> you felt the comfort that
8:19 am
they got from their fathers. that was so beautiful. >> that butterfly story -- >> that's crazy. >> and that's just three stories. >> also rob's dad, his dad had light duty that day and he took planes, trains and automobiles just to get there. that really defines the heroism of the first responders that day, that he would be -- and everybody is going the other way. >> here is the thing his name was raymond york. he was doing fire education at 30 rock. hearse fireman ray for the little kids because he had injured himself. but when he heard it, he got on a news truck coming from here, they stopped him the news truck couldn't go farther. he got out and got in an ambulance. >> that's the story right there. >> yeah. >> we want to thank the 9/11 museum and nonprofit answer the call for these first responders. they touched my heart. >> that was beautifully shot, too. >> beautifully done. it is now 19 minutes after the hour hey, mr. roker let's take a look at what's
8:20 am
going on for today storms down in florida, mindy is out of here, no problems plenty of sunshine, great lakes, mid-atlantic. gorgeous day here in the northeast. morning showers moving out of new england. record warmth around the rockies. fire risk in the western plains. some wet weather in the pacific northwest. but also looking at dry-based lightning thunderstorms and they may cause a few more fires good morning. i am meteorologist kari hall. we're taking a look at storm ranger looping the past six hours and it was very busy during the early morning hours with a lot of lightning strikes and a little bit of rain. things have quieted down and we're seeing rain tracking out of the bay area. we're going to continue to watch out for the possibility there could be new fires start, especially in the north bay hills. the rest of the forecast is looking good. temperatures in the upper 80s and inland temperatures will stay warm into next week.
8:21 am
that's your latest weather best time of the day, not only popstart but magically sh im honored to be sitting next to you, carson. >> it's a pleasure the pleasure is all mine let's get into popstart. we're going to start with that "matrix" resurrection. the first trailer is out for the highly anticipated fourth installment of the series. i can't believe al didn't know about it or see it yet tom anderson, neo, apparently has no memory of the past. he's faced with that question, blue pill or red pill. >> you seem particularly triggered right now. can you tell me what happened? >> i've had dreams that weren't just dreams. am i crazy >> we don't use that word in here >> time flies.
8:22 am
>> good new faces there, too that trailer has already been viewed over 15 million times on youtube. the matrix resurrection is set to hit theaters and hbo max on rob lowe sharing throwbacks from his early career. we think this latest one will have you reaching for your leg warmers. that is a baby faced tom cruise on the far left. sandwiched between him are michelle meyrink and melissa gilbert, captioning the photo, "double date 1980s style." >> wow >> and check out that white suit with the white tie combo when is that going to come back in style >> not soon enough next up, kelly clarkson, it's been a long summer, but the "kelly clarkson show" is back. that's next week season three features her children being serenaded by
8:23 am
coldplay front man chris martin. take a look at where toddlers don't always make the best audience ♪ and it was all yellow ♪ ♪ so then i took my time ♪ >> i need to go to the bathroom. >> there you go. >> awesome >> they say kids and animals, al season three of "the kelly clarkson show" kicks off this monday, september 13th next up on popstart, steve martin and martin short, the comedy icons sit down with our buddy willie geist and in their conversation, the two open up on their decades of friendship and even how it all started. >> was it instant for you two guys >> we got along instantly. >> instantly, all three of us did. >> the three amigos! >> and the legend has it your first conversation or maybe one of the first when you came to the house to get the script was a dig at steve >> yes
8:24 am
i went to steve's and i looked around and there was a picasso and a hopper and i said how did you get this rich? because i've seen your work. >> "only murders in the building" is streaming now on hulu check in on "sunday today. finally, our tailgating food bracket after a week of intense campaigning for and against certain game day classics, it came down to loaded nachos versus cheeseburgers thousands voted. the winner is, loaded nachos, crushed the all-american classic cheeseburger 67% voted nachos guys, nachos, by the way, now are the first two-time "today" show bracket champions you may recall they won our super bowl snack it bracket cementing nachos as your ultimate game day dish
8:25 am
>> do you put jalapenos? >> of course >> i can go simple, i can go loaded >> i vote for simple jalapenos. >> queso in there. >> layer, layer. layer it >> it's not even 9:00 a.m. and i am hungry. >> i would say don't do beans. is that controversy? >> do what >> like the black beans. >> oh, those are fighting words. and later in the half hour, i have something for you outside >> i'm just saying >> all of those iterations nachos win at all costs. and later in the half hour, i have something for you outside just ahead, a story your kids will love all about the importance of recess why experts say now more important than ever to get outside and play we'll have that, coming up we'll have that, coming up but first, your local news but first, your local news
8:26 am
good morning. it is 8:26. i am kris sanchez. we are in a micro climate weather alert because of lightning. it rolled through the area just this morning, a little rain, too. some causing damage like you see on the screen. lightning sent part of a tree crashing through the top of a car. this strike happened around 8:00 last night. the homeowner said it sounded like a bomb went off. they cut power in the area to remove debris safely and make sure the lines are safe. let's talk to meteorologist kari hall who is at it, looking
8:27 am
at this since 2:30 this morning, kari. >> yes. so the national weather service estimates that we had over 1100 lightning strikes across the bay area since yesterday evening. look at all of the activity on storm ranger. every time you get cloud to ground lightning it puts that icon on the map. things are quieting down. looks like that's the trend through today. we'll see if we get new fire starts. sometimes it takes awhile to get going in remote areas. we'll watch for that as it dries out and temperatures head to the upper 80s inland. >> thank you. more local news in just a half hour. find anything you need anytime at
8:28 am
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morning. it's the 10th of september, 2021 it's a beautiful one we're so happy to be out here on this plaza we have a great crowd this morning. >> queens right here, we're going to find out more about that super happy to be out with y'all. coming up, we are going to inspire your family to get some fresh air. vicky nguyen explores the importance of recess and outdoor play and then football's return means today food loves football is back in swing side note, i'm on a personal mission to go savannah here to understand why wings are
8:31 am
wonderful. >> is this the intervention? >> it is going to be an intervention we're going to feast on an amazing spread of nachos, a little west coast twist on the nachos in honor of the rams game sunday night >> something for everyone. >> it's all there. and later on the third hour, we've got actor clive owen joining us live in studio 1a we're going to talk with him about what it was like taking on the role of president clinton in the new series >> he's almost unrecognizable. >> we have a great story for you next week. jacob will take us to l.a. where an unusual football team is taking the community by storm, pairing kids with the lapd and now even the l.a. rams are involved we have a lot in store for these young deserving athletes but right now, al, let's get a check of the weather >> let's show you what we've got going on for your weekend ahead. blue skies in the northeast. mid-atlantic states looking pretty good. record heat on saturday in the
8:32 am
central plains sunshine out west. sunday, sunday, that warmth moves into the east. gulf coast storms from texas into louisiana a sizzling start to september as we make our way through the pacific northwest -- i should say southwest. pacific northwest looking gorgeous, sunny and nice and temperate. that's what's going on around good friday morning. i am meteorologist kari hall. we look at temperatures today. it will be a little cooler. chances of rain clearing out. the rest of the day is looking nice with highs in the north bay reaching into the low 80s. upper 80s for antioch, livermore, reaching 85 and 87 in morgan hills. going into the weekend, it looks quiet as well as good air quality for today. we'll see more smoke coming in by the end of the weekend and temperatures in the low 90s early next week. and that's you weather. get ready, you hear the music, you love it, you can't live
8:33 am
without it it's sunday night, football night in america that's right the bears taking on the rams inglewood, california. sunny, breezy, it's perfect for nachos and wings it's sunday night football night in america, bears versus rams. be there nbc, peacock, you can't go wrong. savannah >> i want to get all these cuties in here all right. guys, coming up, we're going to have the many benefits of the great outdoors >> and vicky is going to show us why recess is so important for our kids and how getting outside can make them better students in the classroom. but first, this is "today" on nbc. i may not be as pretty.
8:34 am
i'm not a cable tv personality or an entertainer like larry. i'm the businessman, the only cpa running for gov ernor. california is a mismanaged mess. taxes, cost of living, water, wildfires, homelessness. these aren't political issues; they're readily fixable management issues. career politicians? celebrities? i've solved problems all my life. let's fix this great state!
8:35 am
we are back with our ongoing series, "coronavirus in the classroom. this morning, we're talking about recess
8:36 am
>> after a year of virtual learning, there are health worried that worry that lost play time could deprive our kids of life skills >> vicky nguyen is here with a look at how schools are doing recess >> even though recess is not graded, it is a vital part to the school day it gives kids a chance to develop their social skills and take a break from academics. it is not the recess you and i grew up with this morning, a look at the recess renaissance and how kids are taking what they learn on the blacktop back out into the real world for many kids, cooped up inside for months of virtual learning, it's time to get outside and revved up at recess. so tell me about this. what do you like about recess? >> i like how you can play different kinds of games >> and what happens if you don't have recess? >> you'll probably have a lot of energy in class and you will probably not be able to focus as good >> experts reiterating the value
8:37 am
of recess after some schools started moving away from play time in favor of class time. in the mid 2000s after the start of the no child left behind policy, up to 40% of school districts across the nation cut or reduced recess. >> the social play environment teaches them a great deal about how to work with other people. how do you compromise? >> the american academy of pediatrics says recess is a necessary break, helping children get daily exercise, increased focus in productivity in class, and build lifelong social skills. >> this type of quality play is invaluable >> school counselor shawn fin says recess has come a long way from aimless wandering or one kid hogging the tether ball. how is it different from recess when you and i were growing up where everybody did what they wanted, some kids didn't do anything at all? >> i think it's always up to that individual student. we're not going to force a student to play a game they don't want to play but the difference is the inclusivity instead of the
8:38 am
exclusivity. that dog eat dog kick ball dodge ball contact heavy seems to be kind of the way of the past. >> so we went to ron hertz elementary in philadelphia to see how they're reinventing recess >> stop. go >> they partnered with playworks, a national nonprofit organization that's in 850 schools nationwide they offer programs to help schools make the most of their recess time with student-led games. >> if you hear my voice, clap once >> no playground, no problem they transform their black topples. kids choosing which games to play each day. >> okay. the name of the game is up, down, stop, go >> this fifth-grader's favorite recess games are tag and switch, which he taught me to play >> switch. switch >> why is it so important to move your body >> so then after lunch you can get all your energy out and then
8:39 am
in class you can focus more. >> leadership, team work, problem solving, conflict resolution just some of the skills students pick up during recess. sebet's mom says she sees a change have you noticed a difference in your sons since they started participating in this kind of recess >> i noticed a more positive behavior there's more thank yous and please and it's my turn or it's your turn. >> oh, you got me. and counselor fin says they're seeing a change at school, too after two years with playworks, attendance is up, bullying is down >> so much happened at recess and lunch where it was a misunderstanding, idle hands, students just making up their own where disagreements are bound to happen. now those skill sets and those tools are in their belt to work through those issues >> gotcha. you're awesome >> and an important distinction here, the key is free play this is not p.e. because physical education follows curriculum and structure
8:40 am
it's about giving kids choices at recess. and experts say you should allow them to have free play, creativity that's what helps them develop socially as they play together >> is there anything parents can do if, for example, recess is cut at their child's school? >> yes this is happening across the country. if your school has cut or thinking about cutting reces so the most important thing to do is on to speak up, whether you're talking to the pda, the school principal or the school board. also check your local and state laws at least nine states require recess and many more are trying to make it mandatory and you can use evidence for your argument by citing the cdc or the american academy of pediatrics that we just showed you that shows the benefits of recess >> and cite you, vicky on the "today" show >> our kids, they do better sometimes if you let them blow off some steam and we'll have much more on the new school year and the issues facing teachers, parents and kids during our live town hall monday here on "today."
8:41 am
coming up next, something we miss as much as the game football food. can i get an amen? >> hallelujah. >> a creative twist on nachos and burgers. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:42 am
8:43 am
football is back with our special series, today, all season long we're going to bring you reszpies on nbc. this week, chi j.j., bear with me before we get to the recipes, let's wrap up our tailgating bracket. nachos won the title, took down cheeseburgers and crushed wings in the semifinals. that was welcome news to savannah guthrie who saw her dreaded "bones with sauce" as she refers to wings go down. but i have been on a mission, a mission to convince savannah that wings are actually wonderful. we have a plate of wings for
8:44 am
you. you obviously have had bad wings in your life there's buffalo sauce. there's the cheese so, please, smell them, take them all in, savannah. and a quick history lesson, wings were born in 1964 by the co-owner of the anchor bar in buffalo, new york. she accidently ordered chicken wings instead of chicken necks needed to find a way to use them the creation was put on the menu, became a hit, and the rest is history according to the american chicken council, we eat 1.3 billion wings leading up to and during the super bowl alone. savannah, here are five reasons why wings are wonderful. to start, they're the perfect group food you can get a big plate of wings and share it easily. number two, wings have a higher skin to meat percentage than any other part of the chicken. three, wings are mechanically appealing to human beings because of the bone in the side. you can eat a lot of wings without any hassle to get to the
8:45 am
good stuff like crab legs or fish number four, who else has wings? angels number five, wings are american with humble roots. they need to be shared and they come with the promise of spending quality time with people your friends, your team, most importantly, your kids savannah guthrie, wings are indeed wonderful >> carson daly, a round of applause >> i love wings. everybody should have wings. you should have super bowl wings, wings with family i didn't make wings because your wings look delicious i'm doing some nachos. >> did you eat your wing yet, savannah >> i did and i have to say, when i did get chicken, it was good but i got a lot of bone. i'm sorry. bones with sauce >> al, show her how to -- it's like corn on the cob you have to turn it a little bit. >> you have to open it >> and also, angels with wings is really amazing. >> the wing is the bone. >> the nacho, cheeseburgers. let's talk about football on
8:46 am
sunday, j.j. we have the rams out in l.a. you're going to do - >> i'm doing a little bit of pork butt. we're going to braise it in beer because it's football season so i got some pork butt here >> why pork butt >> it's fatty, it's delicious. it takes in all the flavor that you want and, you know, we're going to use a little bit of celery, carrots, chili i'm a spicy guy. throw this all in the pot. >> and you can do this all earlier, right prep it before >> if you have kids, you can let this rock. if you forget about it, it's going to be okay we're going to add in the beer here >> a darker beer does it matter >> i think whatever beer you like we have some island ipa, right cheers >> cheers. >> you should cook with what you drink. chicken stock. we'll bring that up to a simmer.
8:47 am
a little tomato paste. and then we'll throw the fork right in and top it off. but let's get into the flavor. so it's really good. >> we have some avocado here, some yogurt, a little bit of garlic, ske, how do you cut the avocado like this i don't want anybody holding the avocado in the air any more. right here on the cutting board, roll it around really nice >> clear the digits. >> boom. >> good tip there. >> mix this around now, this isn't your average nachos we're taking plantain chips. >> this is genius. >> look at this here look at the fork, everybody. it's delicious >> really. >> spread this all around. come on. >> is that beer, james >> cooked in beer. but if you're a vegetarian, you don't need the pork. add your black beans
8:48 am
>> you're using plantain chips as your chips. >> you could put the black beans. avocado creme. >> it's really good. >> cheese. i hear it's really good over there. >> magnificent >> look at this. >> plantain chips are genius >> cheddar, manhattan ray jack >> it makes it a little different. >> if you like spice, pickled jalapenos, throw them on top >> jj, that is awesome another level. >> these should be in the competition. >> nacho average nachos. >> nacho average nachos. oh, my beer. how do you do your burgers >> i just throw them on the grill, like an 80/20 mix okay 80/20 mix is what it's about i want everybody to start going to your butcher shop, get chuck, short ribs, have them add in a little bit more fat. but the most important part is
8:49 am
making sure it is even you want it to cook evenly get that ice cream scoop, scoop it out use some ring molds. >> if you don't have a ball, make it flat >> no, right here. get the ice cream scoop. put it in. pack it in like this >> i need to get those rings >> what is in here ground chuck >> this is 80/20, your favorite. >> people put short rib. >> do a little brisket >> you can take the pork you braised with the nachos and throw it in here i am a cast iron guy, though >> yeah, i like cast iron. use it on the barbecue, also >> i like to put it right on the grill. al knows, right? >> yep >> and then you get that going as you're melting your cheese, turn the heat up and bring the top to get that cheese to melt that's a really important part >> how are we going to elevate this cheeseburger?
8:50 am
>> so my kids like to put french fries on their burgers i like to put hot cheetos. hot cheetos on the burger. come on. >> come on >> that is fantastic >> caramelized unions. >> the burger itself is good too. >> hot cheetos on the burger >> winning combination if you don't like hot cheetos, you can use gumbo spice. >> doritos >> yeah. you can do doritos look at this >> the onions are fantastic. >> so creative >> so good i have to cheer you for this one. >> oh, my gosh >> jj, you have crushed it we'll be thinking about is "sunday night football" game, bears out in los angeles loaded nachos elevated with the beef, the pork >> and the plantain chips. >> come downstairs, field trip at 30 crock. come to the concourse. we old love to have you. >> if you want these recipes, and why wouldn't you, also, the whole history of the
8:51 am
chicken wing is there, too >> you know what you know what else has wings >> what? >> bats. and nobody likes bats. just saying. you said angels. i just wanted to respond >> is the glass half empty >> who hurt you when you were younger? >> catch the bears and the rams sunday night, 7:00 p.m. eastern. we are back in a moment. >> thank god foreldman taking ca fre ♪♪ come on, get your motor running ♪♪ you just head out on the highway ♪♪ looking for some tchotchkes ♪♪ and whatever comes our way ♪♪ yeah darlin, go make it happen mí amor, take the world in a love embrace ride all of your love at once and explode into space... ♪ born to be wild ♪ start your california road trip and when it comes to flooring, i'm hard to please. so, i go to floor & decor where they don't just know
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8:54 am
smucker's jars dip wings into smucker's jelly first up, happy 100th birthday to thelma schmidt from cheney, kansas, known for her pickles at the county fair and united methodist church next up, mary lee johnson from tulare, california her secret to longevity, good sense of humor and a grateful heart. morton katz of longmeadow, massachusetts, 101 years old this world war ii veteran loves face timing with his grand and great grandchildren. maybe you can show my wife you to how to facetime happy 101st birthday to major gordon of lima, ohio turn up the music because singing is one of his favorite pastimes happy 100th birthday to helen smith of freeburg, illinois. baseball season, her favorite time of year loves to cheer on her cardinals with her family and friends. and happy 100th birthday to ralph porter of orlando, florida. this is a special one.
8:55 am
mr. porter, retired from the mta knew and worked with my dad, al roker sr so a very, very happy birthday >> how cool. >> yes >> happy birthday. wow. we are back with our third and fourth hours of "today," including steve kornacki breaking down the nfl season and some healthier alternatives, if you choose >> wings without the sauce >> just have the bones they're delicious. >> guys, have a wonderful friday great weekend. we'll be with you tomorrow morning on "today. morning on "today.
8:56 am
good morning. we are in a micro climate weather alert because of lightning and a little rain that rolled through the bay area overnight. meteorologist kari hall tells us more than 100 lightning strikes were recorded in the bay area, and some of those cases caused
8:57 am
damage. here's what happened, lightning splintered a tree, part of it went through the top of the car. the homeowner said it sounded like a bomb went off. pg&e cut power until they remove debris and make sure lines are safe to reenergize. there are reports of small fires elsewhere. we'll have a live report at 11:00 midday and we will have nice weather for the weekend. every single day, we're all getting a little bit better. we're better cooks... better neighbors... hi. i've got this until you get back. better parents... and better friends. no! no! that's why comcast works around the clock constantly improving america's largest
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9:00 am
live from studio 1a. this is the third hour of "today." >> good morning. we made it to friday welcome to third hour of the day. >> what did we practice? >> fri-yay >> september 10th. we are going to check in with craig in just a moment we also have a huge show lined up for you today i had the chance to go on the job with a vet who takes a totally different approach to healing. we're thinking natural remedies,


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