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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 13, 2021 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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i'm laura garcia. >> i'm kris sanchez. i'm in for marcus washington. you look a little different today. >> get married. >> i did. i got married. >> that's why laura was off for the last week. >> yeah. >> hopefully we'll get more details through the morning. >> maybe a little bit. >> we want to take a live look over our windows about the bay area and we know that some of the smoke is going to be drifting into our area because of the wildfire. kari is tracking that for us. >> new fires burning farther to the north of the bay area and so that's producing some smoke. that will affect parts of the north bay. we're waking up heading out the door to good to moderate air quality right now. we are seeing a little bit of that moving into parts of the east bay and we expect drifts of smoke here and there. looking pretty good for the south bay. santa clara county is where some of the smoke will be settling in and the north bay. the bay and coast as well as the east bay. take a look at these temperatures still going to be heating up today and looking a little bit hazy especially with some of our east bay temperatures headed back to the
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mid 90s. we do have some mild weather near the coast. we're going to be tracking that smoke as well as the air quality and an update in the forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> we'll check back. thank you. the final push in the recall election is on. governor newsom and candidates who want his seat are out on the campaign trail trying to win over those undecided voters. a live look at air force one as well where president biden is gearing up to come to california to support newsom in that campaign. "today in the bay's" bob redell joins us live in the east bay this morning. bob, talk a little bit about the most recent polls out there. what do they show? >> good morning to you, laura. you will recall at the beginning of the election cycle governor newsom did have weak support according to the polling, but recent polling shows that he should survive this effort to remove him. take a look at your tv screen tracking from uc berkeley that shows 60% of people surveyed say he should stay in office. that means they would be voting
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no on the recall. 38% want him removed. that would be a yes vote. the rest 1% undecided. also should be noted democrats outnumber republicans two to one in the state of california, which is seen as giving newsom the upper hand. now the governor's final pushing push campaigning today will include a campaign swing by president joe biden who will fly to long beach, california, to rally with newsom tonight. voters who choose to recall newsom must choose among the list of 46 replacements. the man leading the list is larry elder, a conservative broadcaster from southern california, he will campaign throughout the day around that part of the state. yesterday he outlined the reasons why voters should vote to recall governor newsom. >> crime is up. homelessness is up. the average price of a home in california just hit $800,000. that's 150% above the national average. he shut down the state while having his own kids enjoy in-person private education. >> doesn't believe in minimum
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wage at all or doesn't believe there should be any corporate tax, doesn't believe in an assault weapons ban, doesn't believe that tobacco should be regulated, doesn't believe a woman has the right to choose. >> reporter: republican leaders are confident that the recall will go their way, but if newsom holds on to his seat, they do worry about the power he could use after election day. the election day is tomorrow so vote at your local poll or between now and then drop off your ballot at your local ballot drop-off box. >> bob, you and i and kris have all been here on "today in the bay" for some time, but talk a little bit about how unusual this is for a governor to be recalled. i say that because we've covered this before. >> correct. highly unusual. the first one we weren't around for back in 1921. there's only been two times, the one in '21, governor lynn frazier of north dakota, the second time in this country was
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back in 2003 and we all remember that one, that was california governor gray davis. >> that's right. we'll continue our coverage online as well. thanks so much, bob. we've got an entire page that's dedicated to the recall election on our website. head to click on newsom recall. it's up in the trending bar. new this morning, north korea claims it successfully tested a new long-range cruise missile. the country's state-run media says it flew more than 900 miles before hitting its target. it was the country's first test since march. analysts say it was the first such weapon with a nuclear capability. south korea has not yet disclosed if it detected the latest test but it confirmed it is conducting a detailed analysis with help from the united states. secretary of state antony blinken is due to appear before congress today to answer quest in the afghanistan withdrawal. the house foreign affairs
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committee is likely to be the most aggressive questioning of blinken's career. republicans see it as their first chance to confront a biden administration official about the chaotic withdrawal. experts believe republicans will press him on what's happening to help u.s. allies left behind. the u.s. moving past 41 million confirmed covid cases with 1 million more cases reported last week. the number of deaths is now at 663,000. in california, more than 4 million covid cases since the start of the pandemic has led to nearly 67,000 deaths. new information this morning about a vaccine rollout for children under 12. the fda is promising to speed up its review, reaching a decision in a matter of weeks instead of months. in the past dr. anthony fauci has suggested pfizer approval may happen at the end of september with moderna soon after that. the fda is also remind parents not to vaccinate their children if they're not eligible younger kids may need different doses and experts are working that part out. >> developing right now, more
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than a dozen wildfires are keeping cal fire crews busy across the state this morning. firefighters have slowed progress from the latest threat which was a fire that started in mendocino county, the hopkins fire, burning north of ukiah. some good news, though, all evacuation orders issued yesterday were already reduced to evacuation warnings and the fire is about 10% contained. it's burned about 300 acres. >> happening now, south texas coastline under a storm surge watch. tropical storm nicolas set to make landfall tonight. people in galveston spent the weekend putting sandbags and barricades up in place where heavy flooding is expected. the storm is expected to bring up to 10 inches of rain to parts of the coastal texas. we don't need that much water headed our way, but it would be nice to get a little bit of precipitation. none in the works? >> we see a little bit farther down the line heading into the weekend, so we'll be watching that. yeah, take a look at tropical
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storm nicolas and it's possible this could continue to intensify as it moves closer but they're getting some of the outer rain bands. they're definitely rushing to completion any of though plans for that system. here at home we're dealing with all of the smoke and fires and it's starting out a little bit hazy this morning. fog near the coast bringing in the smoke. we'll start out the day with good to moderate air quality and see the moderate air quality continue especially for the north bay. santa clara valley seeing a hazy sky, but not too bad out there as we watch some of the fires burn to the north of us. mike, you're saying there's folks working a little late in the east bay. >> i don't know if they get paid overtime but working overtime here because this crew doing some grinding and paving work, may be the paving and the curing that is the issue. i don't know. all i know is there's slowing through the zone and they said they're not picked up yet. that will delay you coming off the richmond bridge heading down toward berkeley through el cerrito and richmond it's a
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drive, it's a smooth drive there, 80 going westbound if you don't takes the 580 extension there. slowing at the bay bridge and the cline. over there 37, highway 4 also slowing. there may be a crash in just before you get to the backup. i'll check on that through pittsburgh. no disturbance as far as that back. the rest of the bay shows a standard build. slowing through the eastbound. more through fremont. we'll check on the south bay as well. the gas leak just off of highway 101. back to you. >> thank you, mike. chp is still not identifying the two drivers struck and killed during an argument outside their cars in the middle of interstate 80. this happened with early morning crash starting things yesterday west of university avenue. investigators say the two men were arguing on the freeway about who was responsible for that crash and then another car struck them in the middle of lanes. that driver did stay at the scene and is cooperating with officers. happening now crews are getting started on a major face lift for highway 17. it includes a repaving project
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and installing ramp improvements from 280 to the summit. the tradeoff will be months of late night slowdowns in santa clara county. most work will be happening overnight between 8:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. on weekdays. the project supposed to wrap up in 2023. coming up next on "today in the bay," dealing with a worker shortage. the coffee chain forced to close one of its locations due to the growing issue. >> a silicon valley ceo offers to move his workers out of texas. out to the futures this morning. we've seen a five-day losing streak but that looks pretty good. plus -- ♪♪ >> britney spears making a big revelation over the weekend and our own laura garcia back from vacation with a big announcement of her own. we'll just say both have a nice ring to it. on the other side of the aisle. you're watching "today in the bay."
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steady for the last ten minutes. there's movement. there's space in here. we'll talk about the south bay where you might not expect this issue going on off highway 101. >> good morning. very happy monday to you as well. all eyes on inflation again this week as we get the latest numbers showing what american consumers, you and i, are paying in the stores. friday we got numbers showing prices factories are dealing with. inflation continues to be a worry even as economists assure us it is temporary. facebook announced it would buy up the unpaid invoices held by small businesses run by women and minorities, in other words if a small company is owed money from its customer or client and it's waiting on the payment, facebook will pay that company now, the customer owes the money to facebook. small businesses sometimes have trouble staying afloat week to week, but they're waiting on payments that come month to month or even quarter to quarter. the ceo of salesforce will
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help employees move out of texas if that's what they want. this as texas begins to enforce stricter laws on abortion rights and voting. it can has been undergoing political change turning more blue and people in tech are moving to texas was a big part of that. wall street has gotten hammered lately, much concern about inflation that we were talking about early. at the start of september i did mention september's often the toughest month on stocks. things look better this morning after a five-day losing streak on the s&p 500. remember, the stock market is up big, some people think way too high. kris and laura, take a look in an article called wall street fails a bestlizer, andy kessler points out the overall value of beyond meat which uses peas to make fake meat is worth more than the entire pea industry, all the peas in the world. airbnb worth more than hilton and marriott combined. and carvana sells cars like
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honda and ford are worth more than honda and ford the company that makes the cars. so, yeah, maybe there's a little bit of a bubble there, a little bit of extra money circulating around the stock market. all the peas. >> all the peas in the world. interesting. >> thanks. >> thanks. it's a quarter after 6:00. the ongoing worker shortage taking a toll on restaurants. now even coffee chains. a lack of staff forced dunkin' doughnuts in colorado to shut down after 55 years. the store is temporarily closed because it was left with only three employees. down from 15. the owner says they just can't get people to work. trending this morning, the queen of pop britney spears is getting married again. >> you like it? >> yes. >> all right. britney spears and her boyfriend sam asghari announced their engagement on instagram sunday posting a series of pictures and videos of brittney flashing her
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four carat diamond ring that has the word lionest engraved on it. they met five years ago on the set of her slumber party video and hanging out ever since. here on "today in the bay," laura garcia celebrating something very special which is why you were off last week. >> that's right. >> not vacation. >> well it was a vacation too. yeah. >> a life journey. >> i got married! >> yeah. >> there's my groom. he is just wonderful. yeah. i tied the knot and with all of our children around, because of covid, obviously we had to put it off so it was important for us to keep our family safe, my in-laws, new in-laws and, of course, my dad. look at that. beautiful children. he has three beautiful daughters that are mine and you know the triplets and that was our wedding party. it's really important because our family means so much to us. >> jack walked you down the aisle. >> as well as a little bit of a surprise and who else walked me
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down the aisle. i put that on my facebook page. >> teaser. >> yeah. but it was a really glorious day and i'm so lucky to know a love like this. >> that is super special. a lot of people got married during covid and didn't have the wedding they wanted but this was so it mate and special. >> surrounded by family at our home and it was really, really -- >> congratulations. >> thank you. thank you for filling in for me. >> of course. i was like i don't know why. >> i kept it mum. i did tell chris before i left. >> i can keep a secret. >> yeah. >> you can. >> and the weather cooperated too. >> the dress was everything. >> yeah, it was beautiful. >> thank you. >> you looked beautiful. congratulations. >> thank you. >> let's talk about what's going on this morning as we're celebrating and waking up to a little bit of smoke and haze. our sunrise is going to be beautiful, but, of course, that sometimes means that's because the smoke is giving us a lot
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more color to the sky, so our air quality is going to be moderate today for the north bay as well as the bay and coast. the east bay only spot it could be fairly good is the south bay and then settles into santa clara valley with more of the smoke today. heading out the door in oakland right now we have mid 50s and then it's going to quickly warm up and be another warm day with a mostly sunny sky. the seven-day forecast is up at the bottom of the screen as we zoom in to the south bay and get a look at temperatures heading up to 90 in a east san jose, milpitas will be a high of about 84 degrees there. 94 in concord while hayward will reach into the upper 70s. san mateo county reaching 75 today and san francisco and the low 70s downtown and in the mission district our north bay temperatures reach 85 in mill valley and 95 in clearlake today. we are going to see some changes. let's get a look at a dry week ahead but then there will be a slight chance that we could see some showers. it moves into very far northern
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california as it moves closers to the bay area. unfortunately, it looks like the showers, line of showers, kind of falls apart. it wouldn't be all that unheard of to get rain this time of year because this is when we start to come out of the very dry months into some of those rain chances. we're going to be watching that. at least we will have cooler temperatures. we'll go from the low to mid 90s to the upper 70s for saturday and sunday. so big cool down. hopefully that spot that was really starting to back up is also cooling down, mike. >> yeah. we're seeing different spots now. one i have to call out is in the south bay. it's not the freeways. green. this is a little bit light for 6:19. we'll see this start to build up for 101 past mckee. it's just off the freeway. mckee and julien blend together right at wooster and wooster has got that gas leak. we've been tracking in san jose. i'm told san jose pd are knocking on doors individually.
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if you have to be evacuated you will be notified. standby there. everyone on julien looks like they're all right. same for 101 as far as the traffic flow goes. 680 southbound fine. 880 towards auto mall may be blocked. the volume starting to build out of hayward. no big surprises. that's traditional. actually not so bad right now. bay bridge does have the backup. i believe they have picked up the last of those crews heading down the east shore freeway. we'll double check coming up. >> sounds good. check back with you. coming up next on "today in the bay," nbc bay area responds. >> after he buys a gift card most of his balance disappears. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura. nbc bay area responds. next. .
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welcome back. 6:23 right now. you're looking at marine one as the president prepares to make his way from wilmington, delaware, to utah and california. we're expecting the president to come and back governor gavin newsom as he nights recall election tomorrow. but president biden will also be heading up north to see the progress on the wildfire fight. we will keep track of the president as he travels through the day and bring you the latest details. >> end of the road may be coming for extended al fresco dining in downtown palo alto. happening today council members will decide when to reopen california street and university avenue to traffic starting september 30th. the street closure was first
6:24 am
implemented during the pandemic and now with the dlnts delta variant some business owners are keen to keep the streets closed. >> especially now with unfortunately the delta variant or the mu variant, so another fear about sitting indoor. i would say 90% of my customers are willing to sit outdoors. it's much more appealing outdoor sitting. >> nicer experience i think. >> other business owners don't share the same sentiment saying the street closure is eating up parking and keeping customers away. nbc bay area responds to a south bay man whose gift card was empty even though he just put a couple hundred bucks on it. >> that's a lot of money. >> consumer investigator consumer investigator chris chmura is here with help for him and us so we can avoid the same pitfall. >> good morning. arthur in san jose bought a $300 gift card at a grocery store. remember that number, $300. four days later he tried to use it for the first time. the balance on his $300 card, 59 cents. arthur called the company,
6:25 am
blackhawk network, and filed a claim. a month later nothing. so he called us. our team reached out. blackhawk told us disputes can take up to 90 days to resolve, but within 24 hours arthur says blackhawk agreed to a replacement gift card of $299. blackhawk said thanks to nbc news, quick action in bringing this to our attention. it's things like this that help us maintain security measures and take great care in helping to protect customers. blackhawk said someone else registered the card and made two online purchases somehow. the thief got the card details somehow. if you haven't been able to cash in on something you paid for let us know about it. go to click the responds option from the main menu or call us, 888-996-tips. we are getting ready for one of our favorite events all year long, nbc bay area and telemundo 48 teaming up to clear the shelter helping pets find their
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forever homes. nearly 50 local shelters are participating. find one near you just by heading to look for clear the shelters tab at the top. so much fun. last year 1800 pets in the bay area found new forever homes during our month long campaign. marcus and i love to head out there every year and you know why we would love for you to join us as well. all week long great profiles on local shelters and great adoption stories including a cat that was found perch up high on a freeway sign near sfo. shelter workers took quick action rescuing it and then, of course, helped find her forever home. we're going to catch up with the cat's new owner during our coverage this week. of course, it all leads up to saturday's big event. marcus and i will be out at the bark and meow around the block adoption event over at berkeley humane on saturday morning. it's always so much fun. dozens of dogs, cats, kittens up
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for adoption. if you're not ready to adopt that's okay. you can donate. we'll have coverage on air online all day. we'll do facebook lives out there as well. it's a fun event, but it's hard not to come home with a new little pet. >> i'm always surprised that you don't adopt another one. >> coming up next, top stories we're following today. dramatic rescue near half moon bay. why crews sprang into action and the help that allowed them to finally locate that victim. good morning. dr. anthony fauci says he now supports vaccine mandates tore air travel and schools and coming up in a live report, why the u.s. surgeon general says it's as american as president washington's battle plans at valley forge. you're watching "today in the bay."
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right now at 6:30, coming down to the wire. on the eve of the recall election, candidates pulling out the stops including the president himself coming to california. it's going to be an eventful day on the campaign trail. we're breaking down where the race stands. >> mandating vaccines, places where the nation's top doctor expects vaccination requirements will happen next. >> a wildfire adding more to california's smoky skies. how it will impact your air quality as we move you forward this monday morning. this is "today in the bay."
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>> and a very good morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm kris sanchez. i'm in for marcus this morning. we want to get right to meteorologist kari hall who is tracking our forecast and those possible smoky skies. >> yeah. we've seen a couple new fires burning farther to the north of us and so that's going to head more smoke to the atmosphere especially as you take a look at our current air quality around ukiah. a lot of smoke moving towards the sacramento valley. most of the dots here are green, which indicates good air quality as we wake up and head out this morning. we are going to see some drifts of smoke a little bit of that smoke moving up aloft, moderate air quality for today, and not so bad for the south bay. we're going to see some changes ahead as we see our temperatures still coming down after some really big heat for the inland areas. we'll have more on that in the forecast coming up in a few minutes. laura. >> thanks so much. 6:31 right now. the recall push about to reach its dramatic conclusion as the hours are ticking down to tomorrow's election today. now if this recent poll from uc
6:32 am
berkeley is any indication, governor newsom is really enjoying some of his widest support that you see here since the recall election was first called. the spread of no to yes voters here 20 percentage points with six in ten likely saying no to the recall. and we know that president is actually leaving right now. he is actually headed to california later this afternoon. he's going to campaign for governor newsom in long beach. then head to northern california to see the effects of all the wildfires we've had in our area and following him in the live pictures this morning. we've got an entire page dedicated to the recall election. it's on our website. head to click on newsom recall up there in the trending bar. so the nation's top dr. anthony fauci says if you want to get on an airplane or you want to go it school in person or your children, you should be fully vaccinated. dr. anthony fauci throwing his support behind mandates in air
6:33 am
travel and education as the delta variant continues to spread. thom jensen is live this morning, one is similar with a mandate in place, we get a preview of what this could look like, thom. >> good morning. yes, they've been in place here for three weeks in san francisco. dr. fauci made the comments on the podcast skim. this comes just days after president biden made the national address where he talked about his own vaccine mandates affecting 100 million workers. those mandates that went into place here in late august three weeks ago, include every place where masks are likely going to come off, in gyms, restaurants, bars, think those types of places. you will have to show proof of vaccine or a negative covid test within 72 hours. the surgeon general sounding off on this issue saying this is rich in american tradition. in fact, going back to 1775, part of president washington's battle plan when he enacted a
6:34 am
smallpox inoculation for all u.s. troops trying to stave off a major outbreak in the troops when those smallpox had infected 130,000 people in north america. >> the requirements for vaccination are part of a long tradition that we have in this country of taking steps as a collective to keep people safe. >> reporter: enacted rules similar to ones in san francisco those went into place on friday. i did talk to one business owner there who told me, if these mandates are expanded to him he will refuse to ask customers to see proof of vaccine or proof of testing. however, other businesses say they're on board and the way to stave off this delta variant from spreading throughout communities. here in san francisco, i can tell you from personal experience, i've already been asked to see my vaccination card twice and expect to later on today when i attend an event here in the city. we're live in san francisco,
6:35 am
thom jensen, "today in the bay." thank you very much. three states are leading the country when commits to vaccination rates. can you guess which they are? here on your screen, massachusetts, vermont and connecticut according to the cdc more than two-thirds of their populations have been vaccinated. california reporting more than 47 million vaccinations. most of those being two shot pfizer and moderna vaccines. the daily average is more than 70,000 shots. >> happening tomorrow in san jose, testimony resumes in the elizabeth holmes criminal fraud trial. the trial was brought to a halt last week shortly after opening statements. that's when a juror revealed he may have been exposed to covid. we don't know yet know the test results. the theranos founder and former ceo is accused of defrauding investors and patients if convicted she could face 20 years in prison. >> stay with nbc bay area for continuing coverage of the elizabeth holmes trial. we'll walk you through it every step of the way with team
6:36 am
coverage and analysis. we're following the latest both on air and online at new this morning, video of a hiker rescued on a peninsula. the chp posted it saying the hiker suffered an undisclosed medical condition east of half moon bay. they located the hiker and then hoisted that hiker to safety. we don't know the condition at this point but they made it out safely. >> developing right now, more evacuees allowed to return to their homes in the burn area of the caldor fire. in many cases these people are returning to a little more than ashes and rubble in the area around grizzly flat. yesterday authorities reopened more evacuated and shut down areas including a major stretch of highway 50. the fire is now 65% contained. now containment in the dixie fire now at 65%, though firefighters are concerned about conditions taking a step backwards this week. over the weekend crews made headway on the frontlines. the fire is
6:37 am
1 million acres burned, by far california's worst wildfire this season. states's second most destructive ever. >> people want know if the wildfire smoke will start creeping back into the bay this week. this is what it looks like right now. meteorologist kari hall is tracking the -- where the clouds and smoke are going. >> we're going to see the smoke coming in because we have so many fires burning. some of them just to the north of ukiah. we're going to see the north bay really with the hazy sky as we go into this morning starting out hazy but it looks like it does clear out for much of the bay area. for today before the north bay you're still going to see hazy conditions and at times unhealthy air quality as the smoke moves over clearlake, northern napa county and then over towards solano county. into the rest of the week we are going to see improvements but hopefully we also see improvements in the containment of the fires. waking up to a beautiful sky this morning over san jose.
6:38 am
low 60s. we'll head toward the upper 70s by early in the afternoon. mike, you're seeing a backup through richmond. >> i thought the crews had all cleared but no, we still have a couple crews. buchanan and central doing that paving work we talked about from overnight. that's slow coming off the richmond bridge. more slowing because of a build in traffic coming through the upper part of richmond so combined either direction heading down to berkeley is holding up a little traffic flow but no problems. no additional build for the bay bridge toll plaza. highway 37, highway 4 holding steady, highway 4 building a bit more through pittsburgh and more traffic coming out of antioch. here's 680 through palestine, 880 through san leandro. a crash clearing i believe all lanes on to the shoulder over at auto mall parkway. the gas leak we talked about on wooster does leave julien closed at the block between the 26th and 28th street. no evacuations we heard no evacuations. there is a shelter in place for locals. they'll know about it. >> 6:38. good news this morning for south
6:39 am
bay commuters. expanded vta light rail service is available. the blue line joining the orange line with full service. the green line still in partial use but it should be back to fully operational in the coming weeks. all vta light rail service was shut down for months following the rail yard mass shooting in late may. righting wrongs the justice system. a new program in the bay area. next we'll show you how prosecutors are helping reduce sentences considered once unjust. >> the fbi declassifies an all new document from the 9/11 investigation. what it reveals about saudi arabia's alleged ties to the attacks. >> a u.s. president not biden makes a startling comparison. we'll show it to you. to the big board as well after five start losing days, we're seeing up arrows. >> history stopped right on the edge. so much on the line for one famous tennis player at the u.s. open. the new champion who stopped him
6:40 am
and the buzz surrounding an overnight tennis star. plus -- ♪♪ >> we'll take a look at highlights and moments everyone is talking about this morning from last night's vmas. stay with us. you're watching "today in the bay."
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good monday morning.
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6:42. we're looking at a nice start to our morning, but it's still going to be hot this afternoon. air conditioning cranking up in concord as we reach 94 degrees. we're going to talk about all of the changes ahead in our forecast including air quality. that's coming up in a few minutes. >> hazy on the peninsula. 101 moves smoothly. many of us are hazy on a monday morning. stick with us for a few minutes and we'll wake you up and how the commute is and what's in store for you. the city of san leandro is swearing in a new police chief. abdul pridgen. before that he worked for 25 years in the fort worth texas police department. today swearing in at 6:30. three bay area counties staying part in a program designed to fix unjust prison sentences. san francisco, contra costa and santa clara countys have agrade to be a part of the program.
6:44 am
it builds on the law allowing prosecutors to recommend reviews of old cases. here's a woman behind it, former prosecutor hillary blout. >> the california resentencing program will invest $8 million across nine counties in california to support the work of identifying people who are in our prison who are basically no longer need to be there. >> since the new resentencing law started in 2019, about 75 inmates have been granted an early release. the fbi released a newly declassified document surrounding the 9/11 attacks. the release coincided, of course, with the 20 year e commemoration. it includes a report from 2016 which provides details of the fbi's work to investigate the role of the saudi arabian government. the report did not find any evidence that saudi leaders were involved but saudi nationals played a pivotal role in funding
6:45 am
al qaeda. this is the first of many documents expected to be released in the coming months. democrats are trying to get their own side to agree on a budget bill that they say will help millions of americans. >> scott mcgrew, you say there's something for everybody to dislike. >> people like west virginia's joe manchin thinks it spends too much. manchin made the show circuit yesterday where several hosts pointed out the bill is designed to pay for itself mostly, anyway. manchin countered it was moving too quickly. joe manchin doesn't like it and that matters because the democrats need every democratic senator on board to pass it. democrats are willing to reduce the proposed new tax on corporations to 25.6%. they had a higher proposal. right now 21%. the other subject on the sunday shows definitely the president's order that most businesses
6:46 am
mandate vaccinations for their employees. here's arkansas' governor arguing that's the new reason people don't want to get vaccinated because it is a mandate. >> the president's actions in a mandate hardens the resistance. we talked about the fact that we've historically had vaccination requirements in schools, but those have always come at the state level, never at the national level. this is an unprecedented assumption of federal mandate authority that disrupts and divides the country. >> the other thing we saw over the weekend was the 9/11 observances. a lot of speeches. one you might have missed that was note worthy was with the former president george w. bush, president at the time, who equated, not compared, equated the mooern fanatics that attacked the towers with the american fanatics that attacked
6:47 am
the capitol. >> little cultural overlap between violent extremists abroad and at home. then there's disdain for their disregard for human life. their determination to defile national symbols. they are children of the same foul spirit. it is our continuing duty to confront them. >> children of the same foul spirit. we'll post that to twitter. president biden coming to california today. i'm on twitter @scottmcgrew. >> 49ers are off to a flying start after a big win in detroit to kick off the season. decide it? jimmy g. may have opened the game behind center but top pick trey lance got in there early completing his first nfl pass for a touchdown. backup running back elijah mitchell had a breakout game including a 38-yard touchdown and the niners led by one point. detroit did battle back to make it close but close doesn't
6:48 am
matter when you win. the niners won 49-33. next sunday they head to philly. >> we can say that because we're niners fans. history was made at the u.s. open tennis championship. on the men's side novak djokovic came to winning the first men's grand slam since 1969. he still got farther than any other man losing in the open era losing to daniil medvedev. on the women's side, tennis new it girl, emma raducanu became the first ever qualifier to win a grand slam tournament. men or women. oh, yeah. she was excited. on saturday the 18-year-old beat 19-year-old canadian leylah fernandez becoming the first british woman to win a major since 1977. both champions will appear on the "today" show later this morning and we're guessing savannah is going to tell us how she sat next to two bradleys, pitt and cooper, for yesterday's
6:49 am
final. i would be too nervous to eat my popcorn. >> a lot of selfies. >> coming up after "today in the bay." one last time ellen degeneres coming back for the final season of her hit talk show this afternoon. >> she recently sat down with california live's amber fister and says the experience definitely left its mark. >> i think all of us, you know, on the show have changed. i mean that's -- we've been, you know, talking about this, you know, we've been back a couple days even though this is the first show we're shooting and everybody is saying that, you know, our lives have changed. all of our lives have changed. >> yeah. >> you can watch ellen's season premier here on nbc bay area at 4:00 and stick around for nbc bay area news at 5:00. also trending a star studded night at the mtv video music awards which last night celebrated the 40th anniversary. >> big win for lil nas x for his song montero. >> let's go.
6:50 am
wow. >> he said other stuff too. more included justin bieber who took home a vma for artist of the year and first time nominee olivia rodrigo took home three including song of the year, push performance of the year, and best new artist. >> kari, let's go! >> did he say anything else? >> all right. that was enough. let's talk about our air quality. i love the shot over san francisco. looking beautiful to start out our monday morning. what could happen today with some of the smoke moving in, as we check out the noish, the bay and the coast as well as the east bay, we are going to see moderate air quality there. good air quality in santa clara
6:51 am
valley. south bay, take a look at high temperatures today. los gatos reaching 89 and 92 in morgan hill. seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen. it's going to be hot today. we will come down as the week goes along vallejo 93, hayward 78. take a look at half moon bay, 65 and 83 in palo alto. san francisco headed to 71 in the mission district and 88 in novato. 94 in ukiah. we're watching ukiah because it's going to be hot and there's a fire burning just to the north of there. we are looking at relief as the week goes along. dry monday through friday, but then saturday into sunday, we'll be watching some showers approach from the north and that's going to help cool us off as well. going into the weekend, rain gets very close but looks like it does fall apart as it moves in. now, it would be nice to get some rain because this is where we start to head out of those
6:52 am
extremely dry months into at least a little bit of something. as we go into the next seven days, we'll be watching that one cold front that could bring in some showers nearby. but at least our temperatures will be coming down. we're going from the low 90s to the upper 70s by the end of the week. that's going to be cooling relief while san francisco gets more clouds and mist and drizzle and a cool down there as well. mike, you're looking at the backup at the bay bridge. >> this started early about 5:40 let's say this morning. backup held about this level for the last half hour. that's not bad. a lot of folks held up back here down the east shore freeway. through richmond the westbound 80 stretch through richmond is slow toward that crew. crews at buchanan and central doing paving work. not as much traffic down the east shore freeway. backup at the bay bridge 37 and highway 4 moving down 242 and into walnut creek.
6:53 am
that's the contra costa county commute there. over here slow -- smooth slowing through 68 and 880, no major issues into the south bay. back to you. >> all right. thank you. >> 6:52. happening now work begins after a water main break caused extensive damage to san francisco's stern grove. a broken valve sent 700,000 gallons of water gushing last month. crews will start haul out mud and topple trees from stern grove park. the damage forced organizers to cancel the last free concert there. the repair expected to cost $4 million. and next a quick look at our top stories including the eve of a historic recall election in california. what that means for the day today. we have a live report on the final push for governor newsom and leading replacement candidates today. plus, vaccines for kids, the possible new timeline of how soon approval could come for children under 12. and updated guidelines for
6:54 am
parents of those children and what you need to know. we're back in just two minutes. every single day, we're all getting a little bit better. we're better cooks...
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welcome back. before you head out the door to start your morning we are moving you forward with a look at the top stories on "today in the bay." >> the final push in the recall election, governor newsom and the candidates who want his seat are out on the campaign trail
6:57 am
trying to woo undecided voters. >> what does the most recent polling show? >> good morning to you, kris, and laura. the recent polling is very positive for governor newsom. you'll recall at the beginning of the cycle it wasn't good for him. now it's suggested he might survive the effort to be removed from off. take a look at your screen tracking from uc berkeley shows 60%% says he should stay in office. 38% want him removed. that would be a yes. the 1% are undecided. new video into the newsroom, president joe biden taking off on air force one from andrews air force base outside of washington, d.c., where he will travel to boise, idaho for a stop to survey fire damage and then to california to survey the fire damage over lake tahoe and tonight headed to long beach where he will campaign with
6:58 am
governor newsom to fight against this recall. if the people were to choose to recall newsom then they must choose among a list of 46 replacements. the man leading that list is larry elder. he's a conservative broadcaster from southern california. he will campaign throughout the day around that part of the state as well. he did yesterday. as the governor did as well. you still have time to vote. you can vote tomorrow at your local polling place or drop off your ballot at your local ballot drop-off box. reporting live here in livermore, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thank you, bob. the u.s. now moving past 41 million confirmed covid cases with 1 million more cases reported last week. the number of deaths is now 663,000. in california more than 4 million covid cases since the start of the pandemic has led to nearly 67,000 deaths. new information this morning about a vaccine rollout for children under 12. the fda is now promising to speed up its review maybe
6:59 am
reaching a decision in a matter of weeks instead of months. the fda is also reminding parents not to vaccinate their children if they're not eligible saying younger kids may need different doses and experts are still working that part out. firefighters already slowed progress from the latest wildfire threat. this one in mendocino county. the hopkins fire burning north of ukiah was burning over the weekend but evacuation orders were reduced to warnings so that's the good news. the 300 acre fire is now 10% contained. let's take a live look outside because we know that smoke could affect our air quality here. kari? >> we have about 9 fires burning across northern california so we're going to be watching some of that smoke coming in hot temperatures today and tomorrow and cooler by the end of the week. mike? >> biggest delay in richmond, still eastbound 580. paving work leftover from overnight. that's starting to show some
7:00 am
backup through richmond as well. that's the worst of it right now for the east bay. >> thank you very much. thank you for joining us as well. we're going to be back at 7:25 with a live local news update for you. and we're leaving you live with a look at the beautiful sunrise over the bay area. we'll see you soon. good morning. ba good morning back to school opening day for the nation's largest school district. good morning back to school opening day for the nation's largest school district. kids in new york city heading back to class. the school year now officially in session coast to coast with covid raging just ahead, the rising case load for children, the fierceebate over masks and when will the vaccine be available for kids under 12 we'll ask the director of the cdc and the secretary of education when they join us exclusively for a special town hall event live on our plaza taking aim, another tropical storm targeting the gulf coast including parts of the south


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