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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  September 13, 2021 11:00pm-11:34pm PDT

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eilish. keep gavin as governor. >> we have 24 more hours to vote no on this republican recall. >> governor newsom and his top republican challenger larry elder on the campaign trail late tonight. >> i've been asked all day, will you accept -- i think you're answering the wrong question. i say will gavin newsom accept the results? what's being done to make sure your ballot is safe and secure. >> and a close call on the peninsula. take a look. the pilot who had a very lucky day. and the emergency update apple wants to you download asap. good evening. we're not used to elections in september but it's happening tomorrow. and tonight, a fiery night of campaigning. the nation's top democrats are
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here in california helping governor newsom fight to keep his job. his challengers are making a case for change. not just trying get the governor out of office but many republicans are also focused on the validity of the election. larry elder saying he's prepared to immediately challenge the outcome with his team of lawyers. is there any indication of widespread voter fraud? here's nbc bay area cheryl hurd. >> reporter: on the website, the head headline is voter fraud. larry elder has been focused on it for weeks. >> no matter what the results, are i'll work to make sure the results are valley and i had legitimate and everybody who voted should have voted. let's all do that together. >> reporter: working together is what governor newsom says he want, too.
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he's fighting using former president trump as his weapon. >> you saw what happened on election night. the big lie. we may have defeated donald trump but we have not defeated trumpism. trumpism is still on the ballot in california. >> reporter: cal state east bay political science professor dr. andy lee is analyzing it this way. >> republicans are the minority in california. what it says to me, that they are claiming voter fraud at this stage is that they are worried that. that their base is immobilized. >> mobilized or not, those making sure your ballots are safe have been working for weeks to make sure there are no irregularities. the registrar of voter offices around the state have similar regulations in place around the state to make sure ballots are secure. >> all of our staff, our permanent staff, have all passed
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groum checks before they are allowed to handle the ballots and we keep two people with the ballots at all times. >> reporter: in contra costa county, names and signatures are cross checked with signatures on file. the computers used are secured and not connected to the internet to prevent hacking. >> it is challenging. but we're part of democracy. >> reporter: nbc bay area news. another republican candidate has a very different answer about election security. a politico reporter posed that question to faulconer says he will certainly semithe recall results. the republican john cox was campaigning in the bay area. today he was at the famed and pricey french laundry restaurant in yountville. he wanted to remind voters that governor newsom went to that dinner part at the french laundry last year during the pandemic while most people and
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businesses were on lockdown. that became a flash point and jump started the recall effort. >> we have to make sure that california exists, not just for the rich and collected like gavin newsom but for the everyday working californians just trying to make it in the state. >> john cox prides himself being a businessman and not a politician. emcalifornia needs new management. some of the other big names are taken to social media tonight. kevin kiley from rockland tweeting this message saying whatever happens tomorrow, we're just getting started. kaitlyn jenner encouraging people to voteful she said she'll be casting her ballot tomorrow at beverly hills city hall. if you're looking at where to drop off your ballot, we can help you. head to click on the newsom recall right there at the top of the front page. it will take you to all the reporting which includes our
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voting q & a. president biden started his california visit in sacramento with focus on fire danger and climate change. the president and governor went up in marine one and toured the damage from the air of the caldor fire. they also visited the command center, the california office of emergency services. the president shaking hands with first responders. you can see him there. that's when the president talked about the fire damage he saw. he said his $3.5 trillion infrastructure plan can help. >> and we're working closely with governor newsom to make sure california has every resource. every resource available to keep families safe. the governor led the state with poise and strong leadership. he's been an innovator for long term solutions and he and i are both optimistic. >> tomorrow marks one month since the caldor fire started
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and eventually spread into the south lake tahoe area. i has destroyed more than 1,000 structures and charred more than 219,000 acres across three counties. about 10,000 people are still not able to return home. the caldor fire is 67% contained at this hour. another fire started last night in mendocino county. the hopkins fire is relatively small. it burned fast. it is not clear how many homes have been destroyed. it is about 30% contained. there is still a risk it could jump control lines because of wind and dry conditions. and the massive dixie fire still burning northeast of chico. this is closing in on 1 million acres. it is large enough to span five counties around the lake. weekend rains knocked down the fire's intensity. it is now 75% contained. here's the plan.
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covid booster shots will soon be available but two fda regulators argues the average person doesn't need the booster. it comes as the fda is deciding whether or not to approve the shots. the biden administration wants the shots available next monday. >> reporter: the biden administration wants to roll out covid-19 booster shots to the general population september 20th. but the fda and the cdc have to approve it first. an advisory group meets friday to discuss it. today the outgoing director and the deputy published an opinion piece in the medical pure review journal the lancet saying there isn't enough evidence regular people need boosters yet. we asked the infectious disease specialist to weigh in. >> this is the first time the biden administration has a little bit of a discord between politics and science. it's not a terrible discord. i think everyone is looking at
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the same destination. i think it is in how fast you do this. >> the two fda regulators joining other international scientists writing in part, even if boosting were eventually shown to decrease the medium term risk of serious disease, current vaccine supplies could save more lives if used in previously unvaccinated plopgss than if used as boosters in vaccinated populations. the w.h.o. has also suggested the doses be given to countries with lower levels of supplies. >> one could do other strategies, sharing the recipes, sending the know-how to the vaccines. >> reporter: the white house suggests getting one eight months after your second dose. the doctor suggests only some populations should get them now. >> in the older population, and immune compromised. there's a lot of rationale for wanting to keep that population safe. what i do know is that it is not
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an emergency to run out and get a booster. >> reporter: the county health department said the agency is gearing up for boosters but points out september 20th might be unrealistic since the cdc approval meeting is not scheduled in million the end of the month. what about kids under 12? that's a big question for parents. the fda is saying it will speed up its review, maybe in a number of weeks instead of months. dr. fauci fauci is saying pfizer approval may be the end of next month with moderna soon after that. the fda is reminding parent saying younger kids may need different doses. a big debate on the peninsula. the palo alto city councilmembers are in debate late tonight about whether to open two of the most popular streets. for the last two hours members have been discussing whether to
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let cars back on to university avenue. during the pandemic, the streets have been closed to cars so restaurants could offer more outdoor dining. it has been very popular. the restaurant and diners want to make the street closures permanent. other business owners say it is hurting them because parking is hard to find. once the vote happens, we'll let you know. an investigation is ongoing this evening into a deadly shooting in oakland involving a federal agent. authorities say an fbi agent shot and killed someone while serving an arrest warrant. it happened around 3:30 this afternoon on fruit veil avenue. the fbi san francisco office says that office was part of a u.s. marshal task force working in the neighborhood when it happened. the person died at the hospital. the fbi agent was not hurt. the shooting was one of several shootings in oakland just today. they are investigating a double homicide that happened minutes
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earlier. hours later, four more people were shot in two separate incidents. those four victims are being treated at local hospitals. a pilot on the peninsula is counting his lucky stars after surviving a crash landing. our sky ranger was overhead. the faa said this twin engine crashed after striking power lines northeast of palo alto airport. this happened around 2:00 this afternoon. the pilot was the only one on board. palo alto firefighters say he walked out on his own and he was taken to aer in by hospital as a precaution. we talked with the pilot who frequently flies his single engine plane. he said given the tough landing, he believes the pilot was experienced. >> i've heard of incidents around this area that didn't turn out for everybody involved. i think it is very lucky that he made it. >> the hazmat crew was called out because some crew was
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leaking out into the marsh lands there. now the environmental company are working to come up with a man to safely remove it. well, take a look at that. hurricane nicholas is now a category 1 hurricane. people along the gulf coast are preparing loading up on the sand bags and groceries. flooding is one of the major concerns for texas, louisiana and mississippi. texas could see up to eight to 12 inches of rain with wind gusts up to 80 miles an hour. we are back in 60 seconds. have you done it? the security update apple wants to you down load tonight after a security flaw was discovered. and meet the man who sent elon musk a tweet and got a reply. he is now going into space because of it. i'm jeff randalieri.
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look at this. even some rain for northern california. i'll take welcome at the time line in about six minutes.
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. a 20-year-old oakland man is being called a hero after chasing a suspected drunk driver who had just slammed boo a van full of children. it was all caught on tape. we want to warn you, the video we're about to show you is graphic. it happened last thursday night at international avenue and 38th in east oakland. you can see a mini van heading toward the camera. that's when a red car slams right into it. the impact is so great, so severe, two children were thrown from that van. farms rushed them to the hospital where they were being treated for severe head trauma. the suspected drunk driver is in police custody thanks to 20-year-old jefferson mejiha and others as he tried to stop that
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driver. >> he tried to run away. people stopped by and pulled him down. that's why he wasn't able to get away. >> the suspect faces charges of driving under the influence and hit and run. >> apple is pushing an urgent software update after it was revealed an israeli cyber surveillance company secretly broke into an iphone. this all comes after the internet security watch dog group called citizen lab announce that had it discovered an israeli firm used a never before seen technique to break into a saudi activist iphone back in february. the israeli spy ware uses a system that can infect your iphone without a person clicking on a link or downloading anything. apple is urging all users to update. a launch that will take the
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first ever all civilian crew into space. four people are set to launch into the history books this wednesday aboard the spaix crew dragon capsule. the three-day mission is being called inoperation is four. the four crew mates led by the 38-year-old tech mogul paid an unspecified amount of money to elon musk to make the flight. they spent the past five months undergoing rigorous physical preparation. once in orbit, the crew will perform medical experiments. there is a five-hour launch window beginning wednesday at 8:00 a.m. eastern. one man watching that launch in person was in the bay area today. he's already swum the english channel. he's now about to start training for his flight into space. we should probably mention this man has no arms or legs. it may change your idea of what the word impossible means.
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>> reporter: the 53-year-old shared his amazing life story with several hundred french students in san francisco today. a story about to really take off. tonight he's on his way to cape canaveral, florida, to watch the liftoff of the spacex dragon capsule with elon musk and began his preparation for his own mission in the capsule. through an interpreter, he says for ten years i was handicapped and i could not accomplish things. now i think because of my hand cap, i can. >> in 1994 he lost his arms and legs in an electrical accident. this was just the beginning of his story. in 2010, wearing special flippers, he swam the english channel. he's also completed the grueling dakar rally in a especially designed buggy. last year he set his sights even higher tweeting elon musk, i am a famous french adventurer without arms or legs.
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send me into space to show that anything is possible. elon musk responded. one day we will. >> reporter: his training for the mission begins soon. and by the way, rather than call him disabled, he would prefer you call them first otherwise capable personal in space. >> my hanicap bothered me but otherwise i am extremely lucky. have you voted yet? the polls open in less than eight hours. more than 8 million ballots have already been returned. larry elder is working late into the evening. and newsom is working late as well. >> vote no on this republican
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recall. govern newsom campaigning against the recall. biden to keep his job and getting some high profile help from president biden. >> since 2019, gavin newsom has had the courage to lead, to stand up for science. he's been one. leading governors in the nation protecting people and vaccinating his state. nancy pelosi and london breed thanking phone bank volunteers for getting out the vote. after leading california through a pandemic and now an economic recovery, the governor deserves widespread support. >> by defeating this unreasonable, ridiculous recall that is on the ballot, to give gavin newsom the vote of assurance. >> as top democrats work to keep newsom in office the night before election day, republicans who support the recall say they
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see opportunity. >> that tells you that they're scared. they see this is not a strong candidate. they need to have reinforcements. >> larry elder in costa mesa tonight said he is ready to lead california in a different direction. >> if you can tell me where this man has made life in california better in the last two years, i would love to hear it. >> his case during the final push, tomorrow is the last day to vote for or against the recall. okay. tomorrow is the big day. our weather should be cooperating for most everyone around the state. >> it looks like the weather will really help you get going. tomorrow you have to drop off that ballot. you can see, mostly sunny skies to start and we're looking at some chilly 50s here.
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nothing we can't handle. the south bay at 54. we'll continue with those 50s over the east bay, san francisco in the north bay and we'll see a little bit of patchy fog. daytime highs tomorrow, i don't see any big changes. we'll have some isolated heat inland. the water. will be morgan hill at 90. right near the bay, a warm day at 83. head to the east bay hills. we have more mid 90s over concord, antioch and livermore. san mateo, 78. san francisco, a few 70s, and right through the mission, and at the marina, a cool 63. 92 here in sonoma. if you want to get rid of these 90s, you have to wait a couple more days. by thursday, i'm seeing some changes that will allow cooler air to get closer. at this point a ten-degree drop in temperatures. and then the fog returning at
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the coastline. beyond this, some even bigger changes in the forecast. once we hit saturday and sunday, this system starts to move down. it does look like it will break up before it gets to the bay area. still great news for firefighters off to the north. you can see through the northern mountains, for the sierra, a tenth to a half inch. for us, we're just looking at some spotty drizzle. 60s the rest of the week. for the inland valleys, a noticeable difference. once we get to thursday, 83 degrees. and we're watching that system to the north by saturday and sunday. it's just so nice even if the bay area won't get heavy rainfall to see it to the north. >> it sure is. thank you. happening now, apple's big reveal is tomorrow. apple expected to announce new i-phones with upgraded batteries
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no more squaw valley. today a name change. the new name? there it is. pallisades tahoe. the first of the resort's new signs going up today. the owners agreed to drop the old name last year acknowledging the word "squaw" is offensive to women. okay. up next, champagne celebration for the giants. yep, it's playoff time and a shocking ending for the raiders. we'll show it to you next. every single day, we're all getting a little bit better. we're better cooks... better neighbors... hi. i've got this until you get back. better parents...
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okay. did you watch that game tonight? i'm be sure the sting will ever go away of the raiders leaving the bay area. but raider nation enjoying this night. two words. wow and amazing. that might have been three words. monday night football in las vegas. there's the strip across interstate 15, the new dome stadium. fans inside for the first time. what a game this was. derek carr to darren waller. that tied the game at 24-24. it goes into overtime. the ravens about to win it in o.t. but they didn't.
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the ravens picked it up right through the hands of the receiver. baltimore gets it. the little girl was bummed out. in overtime, the raiders got the ball back and then the game winning touchdown, carr to a i had woo open jones. and there's the celebration. they got it. they finally win the game and the raiders are 1-0. we haven't said that in a while. they win in overtime. giants and padres about, 20,000 fans. brandon belt with the home run. get this. the giants clinch the playoff spot. september 13th. this is the earliest they've ever clinched a playoff spot in franchise history. how excited are they? break out the champagne. the giants beat the padres 9-1. they're still fighting off the dodgers to win the national league west. back in a moment.
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it's a special event for us here at nbc bay area. we are helping to cheer the shelters, helping animals find their forever homes. for karen michaels, her story is
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pandemic related. she was not looking for a dog when she volunteered at san francisco's shelter. she fostered a dog but there was no way the dog was ever going back. they are now family. this saturday is our big event. you don't to have wait for that. to find another participating shelter, go to and click on clear the shelters on the trending bar at the top of the page. that will do it for now. as a reminder, go out and vote tomorrow. the polls open at 7:00 sxam they stay open in the 8:00 p.m. have a good night. [ cheers and applause ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring


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