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tv   NBC Bay Area News Tonight  NBC  September 16, 2021 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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i'm raj mathai. next on "nbc bay area news" tonight, the rules are changing. kids 12 and over might have to be vaccinated to go on to campus. two of the bay areas biggest districts are considering this new covid mandate. we're going to break down the rules and the pushback. also, will lake tahoe ever really be the same? water clarity, tourism and housing, the mayor of south lake tahoe is with us tonight. we will explain why a viral tiktok challenge is leading to vandalism at local schools. plus, a surprise concert in san francisco tonight by a legendary bay area band. just $20, but you have to be vaccinated.
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we will take you there. ♪ ♪ good evening. this is "nbc bay area news" tonight. i'm raj mathai. steve kornacki in his khaki pants along with the mayor of south lake tahoe is going to join us in a few minutes, but we start with the hot debate in the east bay. should middle and high school students be required to get a covid vaccine in order to go on campus? the oakland school district could bring this up for a vote as soon as next week. the west contra costa unified school district says it is also considering this mandate but has not yet set a date to vote, when to vote on it. combined these two districts serve more than 78,000 students. now, if passed the districts would require vaccines for any student 12 or older. staff and teachers will also have to be fully vaccinated. the consequences for not getting vaccinated are still being discussed. we know this, this will be a vocal and perhaps bitter debate.
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many parents and students already pushing back. so what are the chances this gets passed? joining us tonight, nbc's ginger conejero saab who spent the day in the east bay talking with school leaders and parents and one of our covid experts, dr. monica gandhi. good evening to both of you. let's start with you, ginger. what's the reaction on the floor there, what's the reaction in the community? >> reporter: you know, raj, we spoke to several students and sam davis, who is at the forefront of pushing this proposal. they say that they actually get some pretty positive, you know, feedback, positive reactions around the possibility of this, but they all acknowledge there's still a lot of work to be done to really dictate how and what this is going to look like. some of the big questions that are still surrounding this is what is the rollout, how will it be implemented, what's the timeline, and what are the consequences for students who don't comply with the mandate like this. >> yeah. these are huge questions and
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huge hurdles to overcome here. dr. monica gandhi of spring u.n., you have been a big supporter of kids getting back on campus. is this a good idea in west contra costa county and oakland as well, or is it too heavy handed? >> i actually think it is a good idea, and the reason is because at this point with the delta variant rising and now coming down, but it absolutely came and hit the united states, we really need children to stay in school. and that's the philosophy from last year. we should have had children in school, we didn't, and now we need to put it all together and have children in school. what helps them stay in school? staying away from covid, and essentially vaccine mandates, which are happening for teachers and staff anyway all around the country, will help children be able to stay in school, which is one of the most important things we can do. also, this is a more transmissible variant, so they're putting other people more at risk when they go home from school in multi-generational households. we have mandated vaccines for
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less than this in schools and covid now is really showing itself, that it needs to end. we need these vaccine mandates. >> doctor, here is the million dollar question. what do you say to parents hesitant to get their kids vaccinated right now? >> i would say that i totally understand because it seems like it is a new vaccine. it actually has had a lot of experience with it at this point because, remember, the trial started last july for adults. the children trials, the 12 to 15 year olds, they are not approving this vaccine until they have a full six months of data. it is what is under eua right now. august 23rd when they approve the pfizer vaccine for adults, they still kept it under what is called emergency use authorization for 12 to 15 years olds to follow out the participants in the 12 to 15-year-old trial and make sure safety is intact. so they likely will approve it probably in november, and that's when vaccine mandates would come, but the reason they're doing it is, again, they are
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following children out for safety. the myocarditis issue is being fold. they're looking at the safety a lot between 12 and 15 now. >> let's look at how many covid cases reported in our school. since the beginning of this school year oakland has had 306 students test positive for covid and they've put 19 classes in temporary quarantine. west contra costa school district reported 166 student cases and 19 classrooms had to be temporarily closed. dr. gandhi, let's put this in perspective. is this a lot of cases or is it par for the course here based on the numbers? >> these are more cases than we've seen in school in l.a. we had zero in the first three weeks of opening, but we don't know if the cases are in-school transition. it is likely not because schools are quite safe with mitigation
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procedures and this is not that high. but what you just showed me to me means this is not normal. we have quarantines. people are out of school. even masking, distancing, ventilation, all of this is going on in school. this is not the way we want normal school. we want to go back to normal. how do we go back to normal? is higher and higher rates of vaccination. so the promise that what vaccines do, and we have to really stress this as public health messengers, is it should get us back to normal so we're not closing schools, we're not quarantining, we are keeping kids in school. that's the reason to get vaccinated. >> ginger, let's bring you back in here. you are talking to parents and school add main straighters, what's the process and the protocol? if i'm a parent and i don't want it to happen or i do want it to happen, how do i let my opinion be heard? are there school meetings next week in contra costa county and in the oakland school district? >> reporter: so far as oakland is concerned there is a school board meeting slated for next
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wednesday, september 22nd. when we spoke to sam davis said he is already expecting there to be a very colorful debate about this because, again, so many things still need to be answered. that's pretty much the only thing we know right now as far as the timeline is concerned, is that the ongoing discussions will continue and as well as the superintendent has been asked in the original resolution that was proposed on september 8th, the superintendent has been asked to come back to the board with a plan to implement that vaccine mandate by october. >> okay. a lot of people will be weighing in. one final question to you, doctor. do you expect other school districts, not just these two, other ones in the bay area to get on board with this or at least try to do this? >> i do think they will. i think l.a. started this. actually culver county started this and then l.a. county unified school district, and it is -- once you start it these things do tend to blossom. so i do think other counties are going to consider it. >> dr. monica gaund aye, ginger
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conejero saab, thank you for your insight tonight. you can look up the covid cases in any bay area school district. head to really good data here. click on tap on the covid-19 dashboards there on the front page. it will take you right to the list you want to see the data for your specific school district. now, we did talk about l.a., another district in california has this plan already in place. l.a. county, school leaders approved it last week. here is how it works. perhaps this is going to be a template for the bay area. the first deadline is october 31st, halloween. that's for all kids 12 and old are involved in extracurricular activities, they have to be fully vaccinated. the next deadline, december 19th, that's with all students 12 and older must be fully vaccinated. if you're not fully vaccinated by that point you won't be allowed on to campus. this is l.a. county school district. the day the rules passed last week parents had plenty to say. >> i think lausd has been really
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proactive. they've done a great job trying to keep our kids educated and reopening schools in a safe way. >> it should be left up to the parents to make this decision. >> well, parents can request a vaccine exemption, but only for medical reasons. religious or personal reasons will not be approved. our question of the day, should students be required to be vaccinated? why or why not? as you can imagine, we are seeing a lot of we'll say passionate responses. richie tweets, aren't students already required to have polio, dtap, mmr, hep b, chicken pox, et cetera? what is one more? many say this. this vaccine is too new. do it all says, how can anyone support a mandate for something we have no long-term studies on? this is madness. now, to be fair here, the mayo clinic says while covid warranted an emergency response, safety protocols and adequate testing did take place. according to mayo clinic. yes, it was done with less data
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than normally required, but the data showed and continues to show that vaccines are safe and effective. again, oakland school district, district, this issue is on the table in the next couple of weeks. let's move on. what's happening in lake tahoe now? this is a view from the south shore today, and, yes, people are starting to come home. it looks much better than it did just a couple of weeks ago. our same camera a few weeks ago, the same shot when the fire forced everyone in the south lake tahoe basin to evacuate. now, south lake tahoe is trying to get back to normal after the caldor fire. evacuations are lifted and tourists are starting to come back, but will this region ever be the same? housing, tourism and water clarity of the lake itself. let's bring in tamara wallace, the mayor of south lake tahoe who has been with us a few times now in the last few weeks. mayor wallace, good to have you back on the program. can i ask with you, are you back home with your husband and kids
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and are your neighbors back home? >> we are back home. most of my neighbors are back home. everybody started school today. i have two kids who are teacher started his first day of high school today. so everybody's getting back to normal. >> okay. now, i can see a small smile on your face which is good news. as you know, president biden was in your area touring the burn zone just a few days ago. is there any tangible help that you are getting, your region is getting from the federal level? >> so far we've received some local assistance, fema funds which will help us with infrastructure. we -- when the caldor fire came through, they -- they did a bunch of bulldozer lines, and we, of course, have issues with when the snow comes and run-off will go into the lake. so we need to make sure that that doesn't happen. and on the west slope of el dorado county there will be issues with replacing water
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lines in grizzly flats. so there's some real significant infrastructure issues. we're still waiting on help on the individual level from fema. >> mayor wallace, what about the clarity of lake tahoe? it is world famous that you can see so many feet when you are in the water or near the water. is this going to be impacted, the smoke and ash moving forward? >> how can it not be? we are famed for our dish that goes down, it is a white plate, they send it down and they lift it back up. usually it is between 50 and 70 feet that you can see down, and with as much ash that was falling in the lake tahoe basin it will absolutely affect our clarity. how much we won't know. we'll wait and see, and they will -- there's many scientific minds that will be looking at that. >> that is part of our sad reality to hear all of that. what about tourism? how long is it going to take to bounce back?
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is this a month-lock recovery or maybe years long? >> so we have some university of nevada-reno people looking econ south shore, and initial estimates are $100 million economic loss. so i can't imagine we will be making that up any time soon. but the good news is that south lake tahoe is open. we are encouraging tourists to come back. highway 88 opened through jackson area today so you can get back to the lake. we have our fingers crossed that highway 50 is going to open tomorrow, and so there will be a more direct route to south shore. i am -- you know, you saw for yourself that we have our blue skies back and things are brightening up for us. >> we're glad to hear that and we're glad to hear you are back home with the family and kids.
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mayor tamara wallace from south lake tahoe. appreciate your time once again here on nbc. >> thank you. ♪ ♪ well, firefighters are finding a around the basecamps there, so welcome distraction from what is happening on the front lines. our digital team put together a story all about it. find it on our website, click on "therapy dogs helping firefighters." it can help you as well. it is right there on the front page at up next, the viral tiktok challenge being blamed for vandalism at some bay area schools. this is disheartening. what is going on here? we have the explanation and what tiktok is now doing in response. and a secret show in san francisco. metallica playing in front of a crowd for the first time in two years. this is a live look at the line, the people waiting to get inside. we are going to tell you just the details of this surprise concert. stay with us.
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welcome back to "nbc bay area news" tonight. some of the other stories we are watching at this hour, we continue to follow our breaking news we started following during our 5:00 p.m. newscast, the possible freeway shooting that led to a major backup in the east bay. let's take a look. our sky ranger was overhead. that is a major traffic jam. this is near highway 24 -- excuse me, this is highway 24 near the caldecott tunnel. the eastbound lanes backed up
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for miles at one point and have been since shortly after 4:00 p.m. we are hearing at least one person is hurt. again, eastbound 24 amoving the caldecott tunnel, major delays. you see the police activity below. another story we are keeping our eye on, schools across the bay area and the united states are saying a tiktok challenge is to blame for a rash of thefts and vandalism on campus. san ramon valley unified says four of its schools were vandalized by students trying to take part in the so-called bathroom and devious licks tiktok challenges. the challenges encourage people to post videos of themselves stealing things and damaging school property. come on. san ramon officials say the damage is so bad they will have to close some bathrooms while they wait for supplies and to make the needed repairs. >> it is wrong and it has to stop and that's what we're focusing on to ensure we help our kids make better choices so all of our kids can be okay at school. >> tiktok says it is pulling down those challenge videos and
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redirected the destructive challenge hashtags. new challenge videos though have already started going up, but san ramon valley unified says it has identified some of the students involved in the challenge videos and they will be disciplined. all right. here is some interesting news. we have a secret concert tonight. actually, it is not so secret anymore. only 500 people allowed inside. tickets only $20, but you have to be vaccinated. guess who is playing in their hometown? metallica breaking its two-year hiatus from live performances for a concert right now in san francisco. one of our photographers was there when tickets went on sale. this was at the independent. this is a small venue in san francisco near alamo square. it didn't take long for the 500 tickets to sell out. nbc bay area's jean elle is there at the independent right now. jean, i see the fans lined up behind you. when does it start and how does everyone get to know about this? >> reporter: the doors opened at
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7:30 here at the independent, raj, and the show is expected to start at 8:30. let me tell you, i'm told that metallica wanted to put so much inside here at the independent, speakers and equipment, they want it to be a wild, rocking show. they're only allowing 400 people inside so it gets even more exclusive. most fans say they've only seen metallica at a huge venue. tonight they get to see them up close and in person with 400 of their closest metallica friends. this really does feel like a metallica fan club reunion. you really have to be a big fan to have found out about this show in time. they announced it on twitter around 3:00, and the independent tells me tickets were sold out in about half an hour. as you mentioned, they were $20. well, they were $19.81. this is a 40-year anniversary show. you get it? 1981. with a 19 cent surcharge to make
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it $20, $20 to see metallica. it is unheard of. let me get out of the way, can you look at the line. everybody has their mask on. i did mention everybody has to be vaccinated. the guy in the front, mr. wills, said he heard a rumor yesterday that this might be happening so he made sure he was down here today. he saw the announcement. you had to get here in person to get your wristband, and on those wristbands and on the tee shirts it says "738 days." that's because it has been 738 days since metallica played a live concert. they're excited, fans are excited. the show starts at 8:30 and, yes, it is sold out. >> and you got the assignment of the night. i went to the metallica concert i think 738 days ago, whenever it was, at chase center in san francisco but that was with, what, 20,000 people. now 400 to 500 people there, that's a great story. thank you, jean. reporting live from the independent right near alamo square in san francisco. we're back in a moment. let's take you outside now. our live cam at sfo. jeff ranieri is going to join us
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next. we also will check in with the khaki pants of steve kornacki. his prediction about the giants' playoff scenarios. we're back in a moment. (music) ♪ i think to myself ♪ ♪ what a wonderful world ♪ (music)
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♪ i think to myself ♪ ♪ what a wonderful world ♪
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♪♪ come on, get your motor running ♪♪ you just head out on the highway ♪♪ looking for some tchotchkes ♪♪ and whatever comes our way ♪♪ yeah darlin, go make it happen in a love embrace ride all of your love at once and
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explode into space... ♪ born to be wild ♪ start your california road trip and things are getting very tight there in the nl west. the giants still with the lead. what does our computer model think of their chances of hanging on to that lead for the rest of the season? well, good news if you are a giants' fan. >> yes, the man with the khaki pants has spoken. steve kornacki breaking down the giants' playoff scene air ye today. coming into the big game, the big board shows the giants have a 76% chance of winning the division.
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the giants lead the dodgers by one game with 15 games remaining in the regular season. jeff ranieri is here. >> we were in tokyo together. it is lester holt, mike tirico, savannah guthrie, i was there, and steve kornacki. get who everyone wanted to talk to? >> steve kornacki. >> okay. all right. i wasn't sure. he is a rock star. >> that's awesome. how are we looking this week end. >> we have a storm system and eventually this will bring us rainfall. getting into tomorrow morning, we will start off with temperatures in the 50s with fog near the coast and also the bay, but by tomorrow afternoon that sunshine returns and some very comfortable temperatures. 72 in santa rose a. 80, concord. 75 in san jose and 80 at the coast. weekend chances with us for rain. best chance of bay area rain right there on sunday morning with a few spotty showers.
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highest rainfall totals to the north there, impacting the fire zones, a quarter to three-quarters of an inch of rain. on my seven-day forecast, 70s next tuesday and wednesday and across the inland valleys looking good this weekend. >> looks great. thank you, jeff. up next, our next installment of our race in america series.
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