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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  September 17, 2021 1:37am-2:06am PDT

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mayor london breed reportedly spotted inside a san
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francisco club without a mask. her night out raising questions. >> at first my jaw dropped. >> she clearly thinks it is fine and safe and remove her mask. then let that be the rule for everybody. also, do you need one or not in a crucial meeting on booster shots is just hours away. what infectious disease experts think will happen. not your average neighborhood lot. one community is taking action. just in. trapped as the floodwaters rise. new video of the dangerous weather back east. good evening. a night on the town for mayor breed is raising questions about the mask mandates. pictures of the mayor celebrating without a mask inside the nightclub are angering a lot of people. specially business own here's are frustrated with the mayor's rules. did she break her own rules?
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sergio quintana joins with us the story. >> we've seen these controversies before. in this pandemic. speaker pelosi's hair appointment during the lockdown and of course, governor gavin newsom's dinner at the french laundry after ordered tough restrictions across the state. now mayor london breed is under the microscope. >> this photo taken down from the instagram page shows a smiling mayor london breed celebrating with friends wednesday night. the problem is she's clearly not wearing a mask as stated by the rules she put into place. there are a few drinks on the table but nobody appears to be actively drinking they will. the "san francisco chronicle" says she was dancing and singing along and posing for pictures maskless. >> she's been very clear that everybody needs to do their parts. we're not out of the rules. san francisco's rules have been very restrictive and i don't see
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her playing her part in the photo. >> reporter: we reached out to the mayor's press officer for comment. so far no response. she said she gets tested often and everyone had to show proof of vaccination to get in which made her feel safe. in august she emphasized the need for the city to bring back its indoor mask mandate. >> we don't want to shut down this city any longer than we have to. our economy and children going back to school and everything in between depends on it. >> reporter: the orders require all individuals, regardless of vaccination status, to wear face coverings when indoors in public settings with limited exceptions. among those are actively drinking or eating in a club or bar or restaurant. >> she clearly thinks it is fine and safe to remove masks so let that be the rule for anybody. you're not impervious to covid
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any more than i am. so let the rules be the same for you as it is for me. >> reporter: she said her biggest frustration is a lack of information about when the mandate will be lifted. specially since san francisco has a very high vaccination rate. sergio quintana. nbc bay area news. tomorrow, an fda advisory committee will review data and issue a recommendation for booster shots. but tonight there is a growing division over who needs one and if so, what is the process of getting one? nbc bay area's ian cull has the latest. >> reporter: tonight members of the fda are voicing support opposition before a vote on boosters, specifically a third dose of pfizer's vaccine. pfizer says there's data that shows booster shots are needed six months after the second dose. a new study in the new england journal of medicine found
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effectiveness of a booster dose but other writers say, current evidence does not therefore appear to show a ned for boosting in the general population. some doctors worry about the messages from the white house preempting regulators' guidance. >> get a booster shot. >> it has made people feel boosters aren't working when they are still working. >> the infectious disease specialist feels there will be a compromise. >> i think what will happen, they'll say let's give third shots for people over 60, people in long term care facilities, and maybe even health care workers. >> and the immuno compromised. she points to recent data as to why. >> countries that have low vaccine uptake, israel and the u.s. are those two countries, there is more circulating virus. we have more transmission going on. in that case, someone over 60, for example, is more susceptible to a breakthrough that could be
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more severe. >> for those younger than 60, the doctor doesn't think boosters are needed yet. >> i'm not worried we need three doses just because. i think we need them for some populations. >> reporter: if the fda does authorize use of a booster, the cdc would have to determine who qualifies for one. nbc bay area news. vax before you can go to class. two of the bay area's largest school districts are considering a student vaccine mandate. west contra costa unified says it is still examining the issue but has not yet set a date to vote on it. oakland unified says they could bring it up for a vote as soon as next week. >> we believe what will make stoogts safe seventh if all students 12 and up are vaccinated. >> reporter: so if passed, the district would require vaccines for any student 12 and older, staff and teachers would have to be fully vaccinated. the consequences for not getting vaccinated are still being
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discussed. city leaders on the peninsula have shot down a plan that would have required prof of vaccination to eat outdoors. the mandate proposed to the milbrae city council would require prefecture of vaccination -- prefecture of vaccination for indoors and outdoors restaurant. city council wanted to support businesses by not adding restrictions. others say they have concerns that it would have been unconstitutional. we're learning more about a freeway shooting that created a traffic nightmare in the east bay. our sky ranger was overhead. down below, that's highway 24 near caldecot tunnel. someone shot several times at a car. you can see the police down below. no injuries were reported. the gunman was not caught. here's a new one. a neighborhood watch for wild animals. it might sound crazy but it is
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happening in the bay area for the first time. coyotes sightings are on the rise. >> reporter: coyotes don't just come out at in it. there have been a number of sightings during the daylight hours here in the area. >> they just look at me, i look at them and they just pass by. and we each other. >> reporter: encounters with coyotes becoming all too common in parts of the east bay. from attacks on pets and even humans, the concern is growing and so is the frustration for some. that's why starting friday, the city of moraga is teaming up with the california department of fish and wildlife on the program called wildlife watch. >> neighborhood watch is to prevent crimes and other disturbances in neighborhoods. it is designed to build community awareness and prevent conflicts with coyotes is that other times of while life.
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>> starting in july 2020, one coyote bit five people in one area. two attacks bit toddlers, leaving the communities on edge. the search for the coyote turned up nothing for months. this program is designed to train people on how to prevent an attack and to safely co-exist with coyotes in the area. some of the rules people should follow include securing your outdoor trash and keeping pet food indoors. >> i hear the howling at night. unfortunately, a lot of the cats go up and play on the hillside. so the coyotes take on cats. >> if we can work would this program. not only with the department fish and wildlife volunteers but eventually, train volunteers here in moraga to get information out to people so we don't do things to encourage the wildlife to inact with us. >> reporter: the kickoff for the volunteer program is tomorrow at the mark the moraga.
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cheryl hurd, nbc bay area now's. after surviving the recall, governor newsom went back to work the new bold man. he is loosening zoning rules in an effort to deal with the state's housing crisis. today he signed a bill making duplexes legal on every lot in the state zoenld for one house. advocates have been pushing for the move to allow denser construction as a way to handle the housing shortage. it is part of california comeback plan which invests $22 billion in housing and homelessness. it includes 44,000 new homes to help people transitioning from life on the streets. a police officer has been cleared in a deadly police shooting. surveillance video shows 31-year-old demetrius stanley appearing to hold a gun after
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chasing away a man who turned out to be an undercover police officer. police were doing surveillance on stanley for his possible connection to an armed robbery. stanley then passes an suv where another plain clothes officer is sitting in an suv. stanley opens the suv door and points the gun at the officer. that's when the officer opens fire. the report says he had no other reasonable choice than to shoot stanley to save his own life. there's an elevated security concern in washington, d.c. fencing is once again surrounding the u.s. capitol building. it is in preparation for saturday's rally called justice for j-6. j-6 stands for january 6th. the rally organizers say they're going to protest the ongoing criminal cases of 600 people charged in the deadly attack on the capitol building. the capitol police have already asked to have the national guard on standby. the installation of the concrete
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fencing that you see here will be removed by next week. take a look. some dangerous conditions on the east coast. heavy rain and flash flooding shutting down this intersection in richmond, virginia. you can see someone who appears to be swimming this in the water. it is unclear if that person was swimming away from the car. it was so deep in some parts of richard mond, it even overrandal dams like this one. some of the biggest trees in california are now being threatened by a fast moving fire. the complex fire is closing in on the giant forest in sequoia national park. that forest southeast of fresno is home to more than 2,000 ancient sequoias. it is five of the largest trees in the world stand there, including the famed general sherman tree. crews are setting up around the forest and reportedly wrapping some of the trees in fire proof aluminum blankets. the fire sparked by lightning
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has burned roughly 9,000 acres and is caldor fire due to lake tahoe? evacuees slowly return to their homes. scientists want to know what the lasting effects. fire, the ash and the smoke will have on the famously clear lake. the mayor of south lake tahoe told us tonight, the lake isn't as clear as it was before the caldor fire. as i bring this jeff ran yeari, i see some green. >> for the fire near sequoia national forest, they're not expecting big totals but this system will bring rain to the fire zones in northern california. we'll talk more about those totals in the time line. i'll have it for you in about six minutes. a surprise concert. how about this? for $19. an epic night for some lucky very lucky metallica fans in san
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francisco. and it's gone viral and it's causing a lot of trouble. chall behind a do you recognize this truck or the driver? the man driving that black truck attacked a supporter of the recall effort against governor newsom. it happened sunday in the overcrossing above 101. they stay driver went to the overcrossing to cut down pro
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recall banners. the victim confront him and the two started arguing. the suspect then punched the victim and ran back into that black truck and drove off. how do you stopshows? san jose police trying something new. they're getting help from city hall. the city started a pilot program at six intersections. workers installed rubber curbs and other measures to deter the dangerous driving stunts. this one went up just last week. neighbors say there's already a difference. >> they took a lane away to put these blocks in to make it tighter so they can't do them. in the long run, it should work. >> if you're caught taking part, your vehicle can be impounded for a month. san jose is issuing stiff finds for spectators. schools across the bay area say tiktok is to blame for a rash of thefts and vandalism on
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campus. they said students were trying take part in the bathroom and devious tiktok challenge. it encourages peopleelves damag school property. san ramon officials say it is so bad, they'll have to close some of the bathrooms while they wait for supplies and make the needed repairs. >> it's wrong and it has to stop and that's what we're focussing on so all of our kids can be okay at school. >> tiktok says it is pulling down the challenge videos and redirected destructive challenge hashtags. san francisco's iconic cable cars are back in service this saturday. there was a power outage at the cable car barn shut down service for nine days. this might be the keeflt story of the night.
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they've been doing it for 40 years but it has been a long time since metallica played like this. how about 400 people who showed up for a surprise show? and get this. tickets $19.81. there's a reason form. here's nbc's jean elle. >> i feel as excited right now as i felt when i was standing in line to get into the venue the very first time i saw them in 1985. >> reporter: lifelong metallica fans are excited for this. a rare opportunity to see legendary rock stars live and up close. the independent in san francisco hosting 400 fans for a surprise show tonight. >> i haven't seen a live show in almost two years. >> like the wrist bands and t-shirts say, metallica hasn't made a live show in 738 days. the independent announced the show this afternoon on twitter.
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>> tickets to tonight's show were $19.81. a salute to the 40th anniversary of the band with a surcharge of 19 cents for a grand total of $20. fans had to race to the box office with proof of vaccination and cash to be lucky enough to see this show. it sold out in about 30 minutes. >> i can't believe it. >> reporter: first in line to get in, a rumor had him hanging out in the neighborhood. >> rumors of metallica. oh, yeah. no one really knew what it was. and it worked out. >> i was so excited to finally get a chance to see metallica again. >> reporter: she said her 73-year-old mother got in line for her. >> they're definitely known for pulling last-minute things like this and surprising their fans. and you have to be fast. >> reporter: she didn't get inside but had some fun trying. >> this is a metallica t-shirt. >> reporter: fans who did get in
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said they will never forget. jean elle. nbc bay area news. >> $19.81 for tickets. >> what a bargain. >> that is cool. a bay area band rocking it. 21 years ago they did a surprise concert like that in the parking lot of the raiders game at the coliseum. i was there. >> i was going to say, did you see it? you've seen them a few time, right? >> i have. >> i wish i was where jean was. the weather this weekend will be considered to be on the fun standard here, considering how dry it has been. the fact that we'll get some rainfall in parts of northern california. certainly some great news. there is that storm energy we're tracking. i want to it good ready for tomorrow morning. up with of those mornings where you'll head out without your jacket.
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you'll say wait a minute. let me head back inside. get that jacket because the bay area will be impacted by the chill. we have temperatures in the low to mid 50s from the tri-valley to the south bay. some fog near the bay. the thickest right there in san francisco. we'll start with 54. as we roll through the afternoon, the temperatures continue to look very comfortable. after the upper 90s earlier this week, we are back down to the 70s and the 80s for the east bay. 75 in martinez, 82 in livermore, same thing for santa rosa and napa. near the coastline of the bay and we'll have the 60s staying with us. we got temperatures on drop and here comes the rainfall chance. check back in the data last year. it took us until november, mid-november this weekend. so. much earlier than last year. here's the time line. 11:00 many other saturday, the storm system lines up with some
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rain in eureka. the bulk will be to the north. i think by saturday night, we could have some spotty showers over the north bay. the best bay area chance of showers is right there sunday morning. so firefighters off to the north. certainly going to get the biggest benefit from this. we have the river complex, the monument fire, the mccash fire, all burning in the zonal that will get a quarter to three quarters of an inch of rainfall. across the bay area, spotty drizzle. nothing big for us. sunday morning, it's our chance. wen then we have some 70s returning. right here for the bay area, no 100's. this weekend it will feel like fall outside. 70s on saturday and sunday. and then we have some 80s to also low 90s. you're celebrating metallica tonight. i am, too. that was really cool.
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up next, what's the game plan? the new host of jeopardy, at least for now. and we have jimmy. >> hey, everyone. amy adams is here tonight. plus, in studio, and broadway week wins the a performance from six. a great show tonight. happening now, a program that offers jobs to those who are homeless is expanding. the program is known as san jose bridge. it hires unhoused people to clean and beautify the city. the workers will make about $23 an hour as they clean up sites around san jose. the program will double in
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tonight we're getting a look at the world's first all civilian crew, what they're doing up in space. they took off last night but now we see what it is like. spacex posting this on twitter showing the view from the dragon capsule. behind it, you can see the earth's surface. there are four civilians on board. no trained astronauts. the capsule is orbiting 100 miles higher than the international space station. so what will jeopardy do for a host? how with two of them? today the show announced they will host the show. the show's former executive producer stepped down as host
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last month after offensive comments surfaced. bialik begins her duties on monday. and jennings, named the greatest of all time contestants will join in november. they will split the hosting duties until the end of the 84. coffee won't be getting cheaper any time soon. coffee producing countries are low on supplies. the cause? covid and bad weather. coffee shipments from vietnam are slow because of the covid outbreak. columbia is low on supplies because the new variant is causing a labor shortage. in brazil, unseasonable frost and drought are creating problems. up next, the man with the khaki pants, steve kornacki, our political guru at
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just about everyone is riveted over the giants race with the dodgers, even steve kornacki. >> things are getting very tight. the giants still with the lead. what does our computer model think about it? good news if you're a giants fan. >> it's awesome. watching him work the big board. the man with the khaki pants has spoken. coming into today's game, his big board showed the giants have a 76% chance of winning the division. it will be close. the giants lead the dodgers by one game with 15 remaining in the regular season. today in china basin, not so good. the giants wrapping tim
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four-game run. the padres run 7-4. so what happens tomorrow? the giants and the braves. this is a possible playoff match-up. you can watch the game right here on nbc bay area. our coverage begins at 6:30 in the evening. the a's are still trying to kick and claw their way into the playoffs this afternoon in kansas city. this is chad pinder with the two-run single. the a's beat the royals 7-2. 16 games remaining. we're back in a moment. clearing the shelters is our goal this week at nbc bay area and telemundo 48. we're teaming up with adoption
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centers. she helped two dogs. the one that was rescued and the one that took her place at the shelter. it turned out to be three. she documented a doing several years ago after suffering a serious concussion while competing in gymnastics. she was forced to stay in a dark room which sent her into a depression until parker came along. >> obviously, being isolated from society, sitting in the dark took a toll on my mental health. >> she credits parker with pulling her out of her depression. she shared their story to help nominate pets in need for a grant so other animals can find forever homes. the shelter was awarded 5,000. really special. this saturday is our big adoption event at berkeley humane. if you don't want to wait until then, go to to
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find shelters across the bay area. it is on the front page of our website. that will do it for now. for everyone here, have a great friday. tonight, the battle over boosters just hours before a critical fda advisory vote health experts fiercely divided over whether boosters are needed on the eve of that fda panel meeting to decide whether to recommend them will the fda meet president biden's timeline to roll out boosters just days from now and hospitals in crisis where they are now rationing care statewide. also tonight, tracking severe stormsning flash floods around d.c. some areas getting an inch of rain in just 20 minutes alex murdaugh surrendering to police, the south carolina attorney accused in a bizarre suicide-for-hire plot. what happened at his first court appearance
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late today new body cam of a 22-year-old woman and her fiance weeks before she disappeared on a cross-country trip what it shows. border showdown. the governor of texas demanding border crossings shut down as thousands of migrants wait under a bridge to be processed. and the heartbreaking image of baby and toddler found abandoned. the first all-civilian crew orbiting the earth inside spacex's historic mission the holiday shopping crunch arriving early and "rolling stone" updating its list of the 500 greatest songs of all time what do you think about the brand-new number one >> announcer: this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt >> good evening, everyone the debate over covid booster shots may be coming to a head an fda advisory panel set to meet tomorrow to examine key questions. whether a third dose of the pfizer vaccine is safe or even necessary for everyone they're critical


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