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tv   Today  NBC  September 17, 2021 7:00am-8:59am PDT

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what's happening "today in the bay." don't forget the giants start that fun weekend series with atlanta in oracle and watch tonight's game only on nbc bay area. coverage starts at 6:30. >> be right there. let's go, giants. the "today" show is next. good morning decision day, the fierce debate over booster vaccines taking center stage at the fda today. a crucial hearing and vote planned on whether a third dose is needed. with top experts divide, we're liveith the very latest as tens of millions from coast to coast wait for word. on edge, security being tightened across washington, d.c., ahead of a weekend rally in party of the january 6th rioters. a fence now surrounding the capitol.
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just ahead, what the man who organized the event is saying about his plans. emotional plea, the father of a young woman who vanished on a cross-country road trip begging for help to find his daughter >> this girl right here, this is what matters that is it >> this morning, his message to her fiance, now considered a person of interest in the case, as new video reveals the couple's confrontation just days before her mysterious disappearance. up close and personal, the increase in shark sightings all along the east coast leading to a booming business >> hard to imagine just how big they are until you see them in person >> our firsthand look at the recent rise of shark tourism all that, plus this is "jeopardy!"? inside the quiz show's new plans to fill the role of the lake alex trebek. and nailed it. >> kick is good. >> washington pulls out a dramatic win over neme
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the thrilling finish to kick off a big weekend of nfl games today, fri 2021 >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza >> hi, everybody good morning welcome to "today. nice to have you with us on a friday morning we have craig here, hoda taking a little bit of an early weekend. it's going to be a busy weekend. tomorrow, that all-civilian "inspiration4" crew is set to splash down in a water landing ending that historic three-day mission. we're live at cape canaveral with the latest on their journey. meantime, in washington, d.c., they're bracing for justice for j6 rally it's led by a group of people in support of the people who were arrested on the january 6th insurrection at the capitol. police already installing this seven-foot fence
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we're going to take a live to ta advisory panel set to discuss the conflicting information about covid booster shots. we'll talk to the former acting director of the cdc in a moment. but first, nbc's gabe gutierrez is here at pfizer headquarters here in new york >> reporter: good morning. in some ways, it's a race against time last month, president biden announced the booster rollout would begin on september 20th. that's monday. as of now, there is no consensus about what to do next. this morning, with americans seeking clarity on covid boosters, a crucial meeting for an fda advisory panel, weighing in on whether a third pfizer shot is necessary. >> the third shot has to come around again, i will be more than willing to take it. >> reporter: pfizer citing research from data from isreal since their data shows boosters are needed six months after the doze as virus protection begins to wane. >> it's much more of a gray area for young people, particularly
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those under 50 that's what the debate is going to center around >> reporter: last month, the white house pushed a third shot. >> eight months after your second shot, get the booster shot >> reporter: on monday, two fda scientists who now announced they're leaving the agency wrote in "the lancet" that current evidence does not appear to show a need for boosting in the general population on wednesday, a study in "the new england journal of medicine" touted the effectiveness of a booster dose fda has not taken a position and published materials cautioning a skepticism about the booster data >> pretty much everything we know about those three doses is coming either out of israel or the united kingdom we've not seen data come out of the united states. >> reporter: it all comes as one of the least vaccinated states, idaho, is expanding health care rationing amid an unprecedented surge of covid hospitalizations. >> we are being absolutely crushed by covid
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>> reporter: some hospitals in neighboring washington state are having to turn down patient transfer requests because they're running out of beds. >> it's never happened to this volume and intensity that we are experiencing now and it is really, really serious >> reporter: as for the booster shots, the fda typically adopts whatever its advisory committee recommends, but it doesn't have to that's why today's meeting is so important. separately, cdc advisers are set to meet next week to discuss the issue. savannah >> gabe, thank you joining us now, dr. richard besser, cdc former acting director, now serves as president of the robert wood foundation good morning >> good morning. good to be here. >> this is one of those rare occasions in washington where there's genuine suspense about the outcome of a hearing how do you see this playing out with the fda panel this morning? >> first, i think it's important to get people's expectations in line they're only talking about one of the three vaccines used in the united states, the pfizer vaccine. when i look at the data they're considering, i think this could
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go either way. the final question the committee is going to be asked is, is the vaccine safe as a booster and is it effective, does it increase the amount of protective factors that you have they're going to dive into that, though and i think whether we talk about, well, is it safe and effective for what age groups? the discussion when they review the different presentations, they'll hear presentations from the company, they'll hear presentations from cdc, from israeli scientists they're going to want to dive in and say is there good evidence that over time these vaccines fade in their production from the most severe things, from hospitalization and death. there will be discussion as to whether they fade in terms of the ability to protect any infection. but i think this committee hearing could go either way, given how much of a -- how many differences you're hearing
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coming out of fda itself nih on one hand saying publicly >> you have dr. fauci and the nih on one hand saying publicly we think you should go ahead and get that third booster because immunity does wane so let's get ahead of it then you have some scientists from the fda, who are, by the way, depart noug, saying it's really not necessary, especially when you're talking about so much of the world that's unvaccinated but that's more of almost a political and moral discussion what does the data actually show you look at israel, which apparently is ahead of the u.s. in terms of when it vaccinated, so they're kind of a preview of coming attractions potentially what does the data actually show does this booster help or not? >> yeah. i mean, when i look at the israeli data, there are two sources. there's a published paper in the "new england journal" and then there's additional data submitted to the fda that they will be hearing about today. the published data do show that booster shots increase levels of protection 12 days out after getting that dose.
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there is not a follow-up much longer than that i think that's one of the things that's going to be discussed there also isn't longer safety data if you were to see a problem, would you see a problem much later than that? those are some of the questions they're going to be talking about. but i think it's clear from the israeli data, and that's a country that was using almost exclusively the pfizer vaccine, that there was benefit to giving a booster shot around 6 to 8 months after the first one >> and i think you raised the question there, but one way to look at it is is there any harm in getting a third booster shot? >> i think that question then ties into the question of how do you control this pandemic most effectively? critically, the most important thing we can do as a nation is encourage the people who haven't been vaccinated at all to get vaccinated that's going to help everyone the most second to that is that of the global need. the delta variant did not arise here in the united states.
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it arose in another country. and if we truly want to get this pandemic under control, we have to do so much more than we're currently doing to help vaccinate the world's population and nations moving forward with a third dose before so many countries have even had a first dose will put that in jeopardy whether you want to come at it from an ethical standpoint or a global standpoint, you could come down at the same position of saying we really want to vaccinate the world before we're doing boosters. >> the administration claims it can do both at the same time we'll hope to get some clarity today, dr. besser. thank you for your time. appreciate it. >> my pleasure meantime, security in washington, d.c. is being beefed up ahead of a weekend rally in support of the more than 600 people in connection with the january 6th insurrection law enforcement saying after what happened that day at the capitol, they are not taking any chances this time around garrett haake is at the capitol where a newly reinstalled security fence is in place
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garrett, good morning. >> reporter: hey, craig, good morning. capitol police just finished reinstalling this fence overnight. this weekend, lawmakers won't be here the capitol is expected to be all but deserted, but capitol police are leaving nothing to chance this is what an abundance of caution looks like capitol police once again ringing the building with a seven-foot-tall steel fence, a barrier first deployed in the aftermath of january 6th, officials committed to preventing anything like that day from happening again here. >> they're going to come saturday again they have their plans to come. everybody will be ready, more ready for them >> reporter: that plan hatched by former campaign aide matt brainerd, saying he's expecting about 700 attendees in the event. no current elected officials are expected to speak. he claims that justice for j6 rally aims so show support for hundreds arrested for storming
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the capitol who he claims were not violent, along with ashley babbitt, the rioter shot dead. >> our people understand the stakes they know the eyes of the world are on them, and we are prepared to have a peaceful exercise of our first amendment rights >> reporter: law enforcement officials aren't taking his word for it every capitol police and d.c. police officer will be on duty every saturday with the national guard asked to stand by. newly placed security cameras dot the property the capitol police chief briefing congressional leaders on intelligence about the rally on monday. >> they're handling this in a very professional, thorough way, and i think they're much better prepared than they were before january 6th. >> all the extremist forums that cheered on the january 6th capitol attacks seem to believe that this event is like a false flag or a honey pot, basically a setup by the feds to incite people or bait them into criminal activity.
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>> reporter: the capitol remains incredibly divisive. some people like how it keeps the building and people inside it safe but hate how they cut it off from the rest of the community here the goal here is rally with that massive law enforcement presence it is the expected outcome and the capitol police chief says he hopes to have this fencing back down by early next week >> garrett haake, thank you. tom llamas joins us now with more on the historic all civilian space crew somewhere up there. >> somewhere up there. it's been so cool to watch we've been watching this so closely. four americans orr bitting the earth carrying out missions and beaming back some stunning images kerry sanders is at cape canaveral for us kerry, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, tom it's day two for the inspiration team it's all smiles at one point they're looking back at earth through what we might call the
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capsule's sun roof they also made a very long distance phone call to some children who are cancer patients at st. jude. this morning, the first all-civilian space crew is now more than halfway through their three-day mission. every 24 hours, they circle the earth 15 times, 15 sunrises, 15 sunsets, experienced in weightlessness the "inspiration4" crew members each chose four mission pillars, leadership, generosity, prosperity, hope hayley, who survived cancer at 10, found her message of hope making a special connection on liftoff with 8-year-old slater he watched her leave the pull of earth's gravity from his home in florida. >> how do you feel now >> i feel better >> reporter: like hayley, st. jude also treated him for cancer
7:14 am
hayley now a symbol for so many. >> to see a child, a cancer patient go through that battle stars, it's -- there really aren't words that describe how amazing that can make you feel >> reporter: as they inspire others on earth, the crew is scheduled to reenter the atmosphere saturday. the target's splashdown is off florida in the atlantic ocean. if the seas are rough, they can make an adjustment and land in the gulf of mexico there may be a commercial space race with richard branson and jeff bezos who both recently went suborbital, but this all-civilian astronaut mission an achievement celebrated by all. spacex's founder elon musk tweeting "just spoke with inspiration4 crew. all is well. >> kerry, already this trip made history. but they're still trying to break some records up there.
7:15 am
>> reporter: yeah. savannah, aside from being the farthest from earth than almost any astronaut since the last mission to the moon in 1972, commander jared isaacman decided he would place a bet from space in las vegas he won that bet on last night's nfl game and 357 miles from earth, he bet the eagles would win the super bowl and i don't think -- and i know you'll like this -- i don't think anybody at such a distance can say it better, fly eagles, fly. >> fly eagles, fly that's right wow, kerry, he seems to have done pretty well maybe he knows something we don't. >> thank you >> he won his bet last night and that was a thriller. >> a lot of gambling up in that capsule. >> you would think they had other things to do >> they have a craps table in the third hour, two nasa astronauts are going to join us live from the international
7:16 am
space station. we'll get them to weigh in before sunday's big games, as well let's get a check of the weather. you do look forward. you're a brilliant forecaster. >> thank you i don't place bets on my forecast >> so are the eagles going to the super bowl >> let's not get into that but we have some significant flooding to talk about from yesterday in the richmond, virginia, area about 1 to 3 inches of rain fell in the general area. we saw flooded out roads, dams going over, rivers over the banks, saw some water rescues, as well, as stranded cars were stuck in the flooding. this is part of that little disturbance sitting off the coast of the carolinas here. you can see some of the moisture being wrapped around because it's tropical in nature, you get those heavier downpours which leads to some of the flooding there is a chance, a 70% chance that this could develop into a tropical depression in the next two days the good news is the steering currents will push it out to sea. however, we are looking for beautiful weather up and down
7:17 am
the east coast as we go from saturday and sunday. keep in mind rip currents and rough surf will be an issue along the mid-atlantic coastline wellve andrts of new england, as we have four storms we're still keeping an eye on. nicholas still continuing to bring flooding rain throughout parts of the gulf coast. we'll see what will happen with those other two storms but, again, closer to home, it will be more or less rip currents that we need to keep an eye on this weekend. that's a look at the weather across the country we'll get to your local forecast in 30 seconds. in 30 seconds. doesn't mean you eat off the floor, or yell at the vacuum, or need flea medication. oh, yeah. that's the spot. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪
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good friday morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we take a look at the storm system approaching from the pacific northwest. this will bring in some spotty light showers to the bay area going into the weekend. our temperatures continue to cool off so for the inland areas we have low 80s today and then upper 70 throughout the weekend. there may be some measurable rain from santa rosa on northward and the rest of the bay area staying mainly dry and then we heat up again early next week as we welcome in the first day of fall. >> and that's your latest forecast coming up, the nationwide search intensifies for the young woman who vanished on a cross-country road trip with her fiance, who is now a person of interest in that case. this morning, her father's emotional plea to his family and the police video adding more mystery to the investigation also ahead, we're going to go to cape cod for an inside look at the booming business ofs
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the new industries fueled by the increase in sightings that is helping the economy in some
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good morning. i'm marcus washington. here's today's top stories including answering the critical question of covid vaccine booster shots. >> i'm kris sanchez monitoring the covid booster shot discussion an fda panel is holding considering whether a third shot would be safe and necessary to keep people protected from covid-19. at this point pfizer says a booster is necessary six months after the second shot as protection begins to wane, however at least one other study to be discussed shows a booster shot is not necessary for the
7:27 am
general public. >> i'm bob redell. contra costa county could become the first county in the bay area to implement a vaccine mandate for students. a county supervisor tells "the east bay times" the county health department is going to make this recommendation for all students 12 and up to be fully vaccinated and up to the local school boards to adopt and implement recommendation. >> time to get a look at the forecast for you on this friday. meteorologist kari hall standing by. >> we're going to see our temperatures continue to cool off. highs in our warmest spots in the inland areas low 80s. lot of sunshine and looking good today. we'll start to see clouds increasing as rain moves in from the north and may affect the north bay on sunday, some spotty sprinkles early but look at how these temperatures spike early next week. for the first day of fall our inland valleys up to 90 degrees and mainly mid 60s in san francisco near the coast, expect drizzle all throughout the
7:28 am
weekend. marcus. >> thanks, kari. going to have another local news update in 30 minutes. i'll see you back here then.
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(music) ken jennings, you are the champion >> congratulations >> nice job. >> the greatest -- >> is that for me? >> -- of all time. >> wow >> oh, what a moment that was his crowning moment on "jeopardy! ken jennings and we'll be seeing more of ken jennings on "jeopardy! >> yeah, we will the next time you see him on the quiz show, ken will be hosting we'll have more on the new plan
7:31 am
to move forward after the drama that surrounded the search for alex trebek's replacement. >> seems like everyone has an opinion. >> "jeopardy!" viewers are passionate we begin with the growing crisis in texas. thousands of migrants, mostly from haiti, are gathered under a bridge in del rio seeking refuge here in the u.s. the u.s. border patrol says more than 9,000 migrants are in the staging area agents work to process them. they expect more to arrive in the coming days. texas governor greg abbott criticized the biden administration yesterday for reversing the decision to close ports of entry check this out this looks like a clip from a james bond movie, but it's not north korea saying for the first time it has successfully launched ballistic missiles from a train. the pyongyang news agency says it was a test of the north's railway-born missile regiment. they say the weapons were fired from the country's mountainous
7:32 am
region and accurately struck a sea target 500 miles away. that launch coming after growing tensions between north and south korea. we're going to turn to football week two of the nfl, the new york giants and the washington football team in a back and forth battle that ended just like this. >> kick is good. >> washington wins it! >> dustin hopkins hits the game-winning 43-yard field goal. washington improves to 1-1 on the season the giants fall to 0-2 i was reading this story earlier and i'm going, how did this show make it into the "today" show. who likes washington >> it was a heck of a game there were three or four lead changes in the last five minutes and that field goal that you just saw, that was his second attempt. first one, it was a penalty. >> somebody stayed up late
7:33 am
watching the game last night a little extra espresso in your cup this morning this morning, we're following the new developments in the growth search for a 22-year-old named gabby petito she vanished during a road trip with her fiance. >> authorities in utah are releasing new body cam footage showing an incident between the couple just weeks before she disappeared. erin mclaughlin has the latest this morning good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, guys. police say they're using every forensic tool possible to try to find gabby, a search that spans multiple states. still, there are more questions than answers, and the man who authorities say could help is staying quiet. >> this girl right here. this is what matters that is it anything else, it comes second to this. >> reporter: this morning, the desperate father of gabby petito appealing to the country for help as authorities struggle to find her the 22-year-old's cell phone
7:34 am
could be a key source of information. >> why is it so difficult to find her, especially when she had a cell phone >> how long did she have the cell phone when did she have it all of those things needs to be solidified >> have you found her cell phone? >> we have not >> gabby's mom says she last spoke to her daughter in late august when gabby was in wyoming's grand tetons park. although the police say the potential search area stretches all the way to florida, where her fiance returned home without gabby. >> part of our investigation is that something criminal did happen >> gabby and brian chronicled their adventure on social media. seemingly a happy couple new police body cam footage paints a very different picture. >> i'm call all the time and he really stresses me out >> reporter: gabby visibly upset and stopped by officers in utah after they were called to a
7:35 am
report of domestic violence and eventually identified brian as a victim >> you wanna tell me about those scratches on your face >> she had a cell phone in her hand >> after brian asked police not to press charges, they let the two go with the condition that the couple spend the night apart. police say they're in the early stages of the investigation and they're not ruling out a possible link between gabby's head and a potential double homicide the bodies of a newlywed couple found in utah not far from where their dispute took place according to authorities, there is no definitive link at this time brian is now considered a person of interest in gabby's disappearance. his sister telling abc news, his sister telling abc news, >> obviously, me and my family want gabby to be found safe she's like a sister and my children love her and all i want is for her to come home safe and sound and this to be just a big misunderstanding >> reporter: brian is refusing to talk to authorities on the
7:36 am
advice of his lawyer, who says intimate partners are often the first person law enforcement focuses their attention on in cases like this. on thursday, gabby's family appealing to brian's parents for help, saying to them, as a parent, how could you let us go through this pain and not help us all we want is gabby to come home >> erin, with so many different states at play in this case, give us a sense of the scale of the search effort that's under way. >> reporter: craig, this is a massive search on thursday, fbi denver tweeted it's now involved in the investigation, saying gabby and brian were visiting national parks in colorado, utah and wyoming, which is why authorities say it's so important that brian help. craig. >> i certainly hope that he will at some point soon erin, thank you. coming up this morning, they shut down bely helping the beach economy. >> yeah. inside the rise of sight-seeing
7:37 am
adventures that have people flocking to cape cod serious bite for local business owners owners streaming that period drama dan... dan: you just made me miss her best line, dan: so now i'm going to have to start it again. even insisted he didn't need directions dan. dan: okay, i'm not lost. i'm exploring. dan: that said, do you know where i am? from select gas, streaming, travel and more earn 5% cash back that automatically adjusts to your top eligible spend category, up to $500 spent each billing cycle. look at these mighty quaker oats. small in size, epic in taste. heart-healthy a good source of fiber. and provides lasting energy. there's no denying delicious quaker oats are the grain of all time. quaker oats. a super-trusted superfood. of all the serums out there quaker oats. this is the #1 in the world revitalift hyaluronic acid serum from l'oreal it seriously hydrates to visibly replump skin and reduces wrinkles effective for all skin tones
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♪ regina approaches the all-electric cadillac lyriq. it's a sunny day. nah, a stormy day. ♪ we see a close up of the grille overhead shot. ♪ she drives hands free...along the coast. make it palm springs. ♪ cadillac is going electric. if you want to be bold, you have to go offscript. reserve your lyriq september 18th. we are back. 7:40 on this friday morning with in depth today this morning, a shark surprise, actually >> yeah. it may be mid-september, but here in the northeast, shark season is going strong always great to hear when you're going to the beach their activity is boosting a different kind of tourism. >> anne thompson joins us with the details on this. hi, anne, good morning >> reporter: good morning,
7:41 am
everybody. shark season lasts all the way through october. that is extending the tourist season for one iconic destination as it uses the ocean's top predators as bait to lure adventurous tourists. shark sightings typically get people out of the water. this morning on cape cod, it's a way to get people on the water >> there he is >> reporter: the atlantic white shark conservancy, just one of a growing number of shark tours cruising the waters from chatham to province town giving thrill seekers like cousins kristen and rebecca the close-up they want in as little as 10 feet of water. >> it's exhilarating, i think. >> it's a little hard to imagine just how big they are until you see them in person >> they were here before we were, so i feel like it's our job to figure out what they're
7:42 am
doing and figure out how to live with them. so, yeah, i find it extremely fascinating. and that is just amazing >> reporter: guided by a spotter in the sky, josh higgins is on his fifth season piloting tours. >> we go out and we would have one or two boats concentrated in an area, we might have a boat or two come by and say hello to us. now we call it getting mugged. we end up with a lot of boats coming over and checking us out. >> oh, my god. hello. >> best day ever >> reporter: all the activity on the water is spurring business on land. >> the presence of the great white sharks has become part of the culture of cape cod. the national and international curiosity about it brings more people to the cape >> josh, how many times a week do you hear we're going to need a bigger boat? >> definitely a couple times a week that's a popular one >> reporter: four decades later,
7:43 am
the movie "jaws" still looms large in imagination >> we all think back to "jaws" when they were these crazy, man eating machines which really, they are not >> reporter: the tours aim to replace fear for facts >> we are not on the menu for sharks at all, and that's any species of sharks. >> reporter: this area off chatham is called shark alley. and behind me, you can see why because this is a shark's buffet, seals. >> that is one of their favorite meals, the heavy blubber that the animals have, that gives them nutrition and energy they need >> reporter: decades of protection for sharks restore the populations here, but no one is quite sure how many lurk beneath the service. 250 sharks have been tagged, 500 identified one of the mysteries of the deep that keep luring us offshore >> and kibblehouse points out that just because 500 sharks have been identified in cape waters, that doesn't mean they stay there
7:44 am
sharks are big travelers they go as far north as canada and all the way down to florida. savannah, craig, and tom >> thank you, anne appreciate it. >> just 500. >> good for business >> yeah. >> i feel like sharks have gotten a bad rep for a long time and now there's this movement afoot to portray sharks in some sort of positive light >> yeah. >> not with dylan, though. she says they're still dangerous. >> they are. >> any beach-like weather in the forecast >> for the beaches, cape cod gulf coast, not so much. that's why we're going to see some lingering showers we just can't shake nicholas the remnants lingering the storm itself is drifting to the north and west so we still have new orleans, mobile, alabama, under flash flood watches. when you get some of these heavier downpours, they have the potential to produce 2 to 3 inches of rain per hour. that's why there's a widespread swath down south that could end up with 2 to 3 to 4 inches of
7:45 am
rain that's because of the remnants of nicholas. elsewhere across the country, we have the opposite effect in the pacific northwest where red flags warnings in effect because of the dry conditions. strong, gusty winds that are going to shift direction so it is going to be bad news for firefighters today, although we have some rain coming i good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we take a look at our air quality today we're starting out with good air quality now but may get drifts of smoke and moderate air quality for our microclimates for later this afternoon. temperatures are going to feel nice and comfortable. highs in the low 80s and continues to cool off as the rain approaches from the north and we could see spotty showers in the north bay. late tomorrow afternoon, early sunday morning. and then it warms up again for the first day of fall next week. coming up next, another hosting shake-up at "jeopardy! the new plan to bring back a very familiar face to fans of
7:46 am
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7:49 am
welcome back the lovely carson is here as we turn to the "jeopardy!" saga >> almost a year after his death, the show is trying to fill the shoes of alex trebek. now producers have announced their newest plan. >> joe fryer joins us to explain what exactly is going on >> we already knew this, mayim bialik is taking on some of the hosting duties now we know for the rest of 2021, if you don't see her, you will see another familiar face, ken jennings winning "jeopardy!'s" greatest of all time tournament where he'll add guest co-host to his resume >> that's it >> reporter: ken jennings, a fan-favorite contestant on america's favorite quiz show is set to step behind the lectern again. >> contestants, here is your
7:50 am
final clue >> reporter: "jeopardy!" has announced jennings will be the next host. the move comes after weeks of uncertainty. >> here is the host of jeopardy, mike richards. >> reporter: capped off by this week's episodes which feature now former host mike richards. after filming five episodes last month, richards stepped down last month and was later removed as the show's executive producer after commence he made in 2014 came to light. he apologized but the drama left "jeopardy!" searching for a new host yet again overnight, fan favorite levar burton spoke out saying he's now happy without the job. >> i wanted the job, right but then when i didn't get it, it was like, okay, what is next? >> who is bessey coleman >> sony pictures television says actress mayim bialik will be hosting through november and will split hosting duties with jennings through the end of the
7:51 am
will split hoefing duties with jennings through the enof the year. jennings is, of course, a familiar face to year jennings is, of course, a familiar face to "jeopardy!" fans his 74-game winning streak between 2004 and 2055 which earned him more than $2.5 million is still unmatched it led to a bond with alex trebek, who spoke to the films behind the documentary "game changers." >> we had developed a rapport and a friendship, and it was tough when i had to say good-bye to ken jennings. >> i want to wish you good luck. >> sony confirms "jeopardy!" producers arranged for a phone call between trebek and jennings two days before trebek died of pancreatic cancer. and on jenning's first day of hosting, he was gifted a pair of trebek's cufflinks along with a handwritten note from alex's wifeike all "jeopardy!" fans, i miss alex very much.
7:52 am
and i thank him for everything he did for all of us >> we've been told mayim bialik and ken jennings will host roughly the same number of weeks in november and december that is about 20 shows each. that buys them some time while they continue to search for the permanent host >> wow just make it stop. >> i know. >> i didn't realize they were still looking for somebody permanent. coming up, news on what 44-year-old tom brady is telling us about some comments he made about his future in the nfl. that's on popstart but first, a quick check off your local news and weather. your local news and weather.
7:53 am
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7:56 am
like a good neighbor. state farm is there. . good morning. it's 7:56. i'm marcus washington. here's what's happening now. >> i'm kris sanchez with the criticism of san francisco mayor london breed seen in this photo maskless in a san francisco night club with friends on wednesday. it is a situation that some business owners say looks like a double standard. the city's indoor mask mandate does allow for people to remove their masks while eating or drinking and there are drinks on the table. we've asked the mayor for comment. we just haven't gotten one yet. now time to get a look at that microclimate forecast for you. meteorologist kari hall standing by. >> yeah. we're waking up to low clouds, temperatures will be cooler and as we go into the rest of today really nice. san jose headed toward the
7:57 am
mid-70s but all week about a chance of showers in our weekend forecast and starts to move in by tomorrow afternoon into the late evening and moving through by sunday morning before we wake up. we're going to see the rain clearing out. some areas to the north up to a tenth of an inch of rain while the rest of the bay area gets spotty sprinkles. outdoor plans on saturday afternoon or sunday it does look pretty good. the rain chances are pretty late between saturday night and sunday morning and then after that, we're going to heat back up again by the middle of next week, we're seeing temperatures inland back in the low 90s. marcus. >> all right. thanks, kari. >> another local news update in 30 minutes. i'll meet you back here then.
7:58 am
(music) ♪ i think to myself ♪ ♪ what a wonderful world ♪
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ i think to myself ♪ ♪ what a wonderful world ♪ it's 8:00 on "today. coming up, booster battle. the ongoing debate over that third shot in the arm. who needs it and when? the fda meeting today to discuss details with president biden's rollout just around the corner we'll have everything you need to know. plus, surrendering -- alex murdaugh turns himself into authorities on charges connected to his staged suicide attempt. >> the only violence he's ever been involved in is this, which was having himself executed. >> where does the case go from here we've live with the latest
8:01 am
and then, hoard for the holidays from turkeys to toys, why experts say you should start your shopping now. >> we'll see more shortages than we've seen in years. and par for the racecourse harry smith heads to the links for a game of speed golf where you can play 18 holes in less than an hour >> are you ever out of breath? >> the break is getting the club out of the bag you get the club out of the bag, take one deep breath, line it up and swing away >> so buckle up for a quick drive today, friday, september 17th, 2021 good morning to my beautiful mom. >> love you, gram. >> hello, seattle. >> hi. we're the smith family from fairport, new york, and today is our 11-year wedding anniversary. from ft. worth, texas, to "today." >> hello to our friends in dewitt, michigan >> celebrating our retirement. >> today is always a big day in
8:02 am
our family i'm mike from austin with my son, aaron -- >> and zach. >> and we're all celebrating our 9/17 birthdays on the "today" show >> good morning, everybody welcome back to "today." so nice to have you with us. itriday. hoda is getting a jump on her weekend. fri-yay. >> yes, you do early and often. love it. let's get to your news at 8:00 the next step in president biden's covid strategy is on the line as an fda advisory panel meets to vote on vaccine booster shots. today's focus is on the pfizer vaccine. the company says trial data shows virus protection weakens six months after the second dose but some health experts disagree, including two of the fda's own top scientists who just announced they're leaving the agency the president had hoped to start the booster rollout next week. to south carolina where prominent attorney alex murdaugh
8:03 am
surrendered in court on charges tied to a failed suicide plot. his wife and one of his sons were victims of an unsolved murder back in june. catie beck joins us from south carolina good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, craig. state investigators say they charges are just a first step against alex murdaugh as they pursue more and more investigations tied to the family name. this morning, our first glimpse of alec murdaugh in a hampton county courtroom the once prominent attorney emerging in a beige jumpsuit his wrists and ankles shackled the 53-year-old charged with insurance fraud, conspiracy to commit insurance fraud, and filing a false police report >> the only violence he's ever been involved in is this, which was to have himself executed >> law enforcement says murdaugh enlisted a former client, curtis edward smith, to shoot and kill him so murdaugh's son could collect payment on a $10 million
8:04 am
life insurance policy. >> total bond, $55,000 >> reporter: 61-year-old smith appearing at his own bond hearing thursday, charged with several counts including assisting a person with committing suicide and insurance misrepresentation. the failed suicide for hire plot left murdaugh temporarily hospitalized with what law enforcement describes as a super ficial gunshot wound to the head murdaugh's attorneys say his client believed the only answer was his death. at points, he was visibly shaken and appeared to cry at the mention of his wife and son's murders. murdaugh is back in a drug rehab facility out on $25,000 bond >> he's not a danger to the community. the only person he's a danger to is himself
8:05 am
>> reporter: that family founded law firm where murdaugh recently resign from, they said murdaugh is no longer tied to the firm in any manner and anyone with questions should refer to law enforcement. >> catie, thank you. one month after the fall of kabul, some brave afghan citizens are still defying the taliban with personal displays of resistance. one of the most courageous is a young morning tv host. richard engle has her story. good morning >> reporter: good morning. imagine for a second a dystopian reality. imagine that the taliban have taken over the united states and you, you there in studio at the "today" show, are still trying to do your program but you don't know now what you can say or what lines you can cross and if you cross those lines, there are serious consequences well, that's the situation here in afghanistan right now
8:06 am
the taliban say that there is a free press, but people don't know, journalists don't know how far they can push it and if they push it too far, they think they could die. yalda ali is afghanistan's favorite television host, anchor of "good morning" from 7:00 to 9:00 each day, afghanistan starts its day with her. but now, yalda, 25 years old, has to strike what may be an impossible balance, presenting the news honestly without provoking the wrath of the taliban. >> are you free to say what you want or do you think twice before everything you say, thinking how is the taliban going to react to this >> translator: i have to be very careful about every single word and also about the makeup i wear, how i dress and how i behave around men. we don't know if we have freedom
8:07 am
of speech. so we have to be careful so the taliban don't get crazy and we get harmed >> reporter: the taliban, who used to stone women to death and ban them from going to school, promise they have now changed. but when women protested earlier this month for equal rights, the taliban crushed them several male journalists covering the protests were savagely beaten. and this is what the taliban like to see on tv. state-run broadcasts show nonstop displays of taliban power. but not total tv its reporters were still out gathering when kabul fell one of their female reporters was quick to interview the taliban on air. that's guts. yalda is pushing the limits in her way, too she still wears makeup, less than before. she dresses more conservatively, too.
8:08 am
and unlike the grim-faced taliban, she smiles. >> translator: i come in front of the camera with all of this fear in my heart, but i smile. >> reporter: so your smile is a little rebellious. >> translator: we are very careful in chatting and smiling or laughing. the taliban say women should cover from head to foot, but that's not my personality. i am very cheerful with everyone >> reporter: for now, the taliban are allowing tolo tv to operate, leaving it perched on the slippery slope of self-censorship. and tolo has a history with the taliban. the group has attacked the station twice killing eight of its staff. >> we have a show in the united states similar to this one do you have a message for our anchors in studio? >> translator: journalists can give people hope people start their day with us if the regime changes and people don't see their anchor, their
8:09 am
hearts are broken. they wonder, what happened to her? in these conditions, i would like to tell them to always smile because one smile can lift a nation >> reporter: and yalda has only been in the anchor chair at that job for two weeks. her predecessor left this country when so many people left this country and yalda is handling it with incredible bravery, poise, and grace. >> a lot of guts there, as well. be sure to check out richard's show "on assignment" at 10:00 eastern on nbc, msnbc. we talk so much about our industry it's that right there. imagine doing live shots with the taliban right on your shoulder >> the stakes incredibly high. let's get to your friday morning boost. i get to do the honors this morning. a couple in australia wanted to make a romantic video of themselves strolling on the beach at sunset. so they set up their camera.
8:10 am
and then this happened >> it's a beautiful love song, don't you think? they kind of got photo bombed by that noisy sea gull. then another gull joins in, completely blocking the picture. well, they wanted a memorable video. they got one >> those are your people >> they got the best instagram video. they were so happy and then, birds. when we come back, have you thought about your thanksgiving turkey how about stocking stuffers? stef ruhle is here and insists that we need to start thinking about it right now holiday season shopping. she will explain why but first, these messages. but first, these messages. or an ordinary drive made extraordinary? let's change what innovation looks like.
8:11 am
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people with moderate to severe psoriasis, or psoriatic arthritis, are rethinking the choices they make like the splash they create the way they exaggerate the surprises they initiate. otezla. it's a choice you can make. otezla is not an injection or a cream it's a pill that treats differently. for psoriasis, 75% clearer skin is achievable, with reduced redness, thickness, and scaliness of plaques. for psoriatic arthritis, otezla is proven to reduce joint swelling, tenderness, and pain. and the otezla prescribing information has no requirement for routine lab monitoring. don't use if you're allergic to otezla. it may cause severe diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting. otezla is associated with an increased risk of depression. tell your doctor if you have a history of depression or suicidal thoughts or if these feelings develop. some people taking otezla reported weight loss.
8:14 am
your doctor should monitor your weight and may stop treatment. upper respiratory tract infection and headache may occur. tell your doctor about your medicines and if you're pregnant or planning to be. otezla. show more of you. we're back at 8:14 summer isn't officially over just yet, but worries over shortages and higher prices have shoppers being urged to start their holiday shopping early >> and the person searching is this gal right here. stephanie ruhle has everything we need to know. you're here to help us >> hard to believe, christmas is less than 100 days away. thanksgiving is going to be here a lot sooner than you think. experts are predicting this year holiday shopping is going to be huge, but with the production and the shipping challenges, we keep hearing about, bottom line you need to know, do not wait. start shopping >> it might only be september, but for many, the holidays are already here and experts are urging americans
8:15 am
to plan ahead. >> we're going to see more shortages than we've seen in years. that's going to be everything from power towels to turkeys hands on a bird and all the trimmings, expect to pay a whole lot more groceries are up 3% compared to a year ago and turkeys, more than 6%. and if you think ordering your turkeys and cranberrys today are ahead of schedule, get ready >> we started holiday shopping in probably july >> 13% of holiday shoppers say they've already started or plan to start buying gifts last month. 27% are planning looking to do so this mop. >> this year, i'm not procrastinating. >> jamie stevens is checking her list twice >> this year i'm worried about supply chain issues and the availability of product. >> and the experts we spoke with say she's right. >> are there any typical holiday
8:16 am
gifts that you really think are going to be out of stock soon and we should buy now? >> all those hot holiday toy items, anything that has been really popular throughout this past year, that's going to sell out the quickest so it's things like barbie's dream house, your lol surprise dolls, any lego items, the video gaming consoles that are popular. like the nintendo switch >> according to toy insider, prices will be up 10% on average and toy makers are sounding the alarm warning about shortages and bottle necks of your favorite toys. >> all of the big brands we know, they've been able to get stuff into the country the question is how long is it going to last once it gets on the shelf? again, if you see it, buy it >> game consoles are expected to be in high demand but in low supply but the most important thing to keep in mind this holiday
8:17 am
season -- >> make it about your family event, make it about things that are celebratory. the toys are great we always say try to avoid present overload but keep it simple and try to enjoy yourself >> this could work in your favor. honey, i was going to get you a car, but there's a shortage. so sorry what should they know? >> i'm going to say it one more time every year we say shop early this year, it is for real and get shopping if you are out in the store, don't be afraid to ask the store manager when they get their shipments, what day of the week. especially if you are tracking a hot item if you are looking for something specific, don't try to wait for sales, game the system if it's in stock, buy it get it while you can but try to encourage your kids this year. be a little more flexible with their wish list. these delays, santa has some real hurdles >> what is more concerning, a shortage of the products or shipping woes? >> both. you have both issues
8:18 am
the longer you wait, remember, the postal service has an extra surcharge for shipping as we get closer to the holidays with prices being up, 10% up for toys, you have to budget for that try to order it now so you're not stuck with shipping costs. >> i keep threatening my kids with coal and switches in their stockings. this year they may actually get it let's get a check off your weather. >> pretty nice weather heading into the weekend for now we have this cold front bringing heavier downpours, just moved through minneapolis, st. paul, ohm ma will be next. the gulf coast has flooding rain temperaturewise, looks nice and comfortable in the northeast and the 70s. heating back up through the great lakes and the midwest with the 80s and 90s showing up in the forecast still pretty warm in the southwest, too, above 100 degrees for a lot of areas in the desert southwest still dry, too, so we have that fire risk with the gusty winds, as well.
8:19 am
but other than that, we are looking for a lot of sunshine in the northeast. temperatures, again, nice and comfortable. good morning. i am meteorologist kari hall. taking a look at the foggy start that we have in san francisco and i do think low clouds will linger through much of the weekend. we are in the low 80s for some of the warmest spots. going into the weekend, more clouds, a chance at spotty showers by tomorrow afternoon. in the north bay. and sprinkles on sunday. it will be nice for the weekend and cool, but we heat up again for inland areas, back in the 90s next week. and that's your latest forecast it is our favorite time of the morning. popstart >> i'm not sure i'm convinced that's the truth, but i appreciate it. here we go regardless. first up, orlando bloom sailed the seven seas in "pirates of the caribbean. but recently, he came
8:20 am
face-to-face with a real life ocean predator check this out the video shows him paddling in the water with a shark about the same size of his paddleboard he appeared to keep his cool throughout the minute-long clip. the shocking moment was captured by photographer carlos g he writes having legolis himself nearby, that's pretty cool the rail stars of the shark. as we heard earlier in the show, shark season rolls on through october. >> i wonder if he saw it like did he know i was there >> no idea >> maybe he was a tourist looking for the shark. >> maybe >> we're here. next up, tom brady, football season is officially back and so is the buccaneers' web series "tommy and gronky. they kickback poolside and answer some of the internet's most searched questions. no surprise, fans are dieing to know how many more seasons are they going to be able to cheer on their beloved touchdown
8:21 am
tommy. here's what this had to say. >> look at those sunglasses. >> can tom brady play until 50 years old? >> wow seems to be a hot question lately >> you're 44's six more years. >> i think -- i don't find it so difficult. plus, in florida, it's kind of a retiree state. so i feel like i can play and glide into retirement. i think i can. i think that's a yes >> it's official brady thinks he can play until he's 50 now. >> when you have the line that he has, he probably could. >> he looks like he's having a lot of fun in tampa bay. >> gronk had a great follow-up which is what does gisele think about him playing until he was 50 i don't know what the answer was. next up, the latest edition of guinness's record breaking book hit shelves yesterday inside, our very own al roker is there for smashing the record
8:22 am
for most people in an online sandwich breaking relay. the great sandwich relay was part of last year's roker-thon it brought together 69 chefs to assemble sandwiches. for five hours my wife was part of that hoda has made a record for her most vow renewals online the number 0 v to beat 53. that's how many couples joined in february to reaffirm their love right here on "today. so big congrats to al and hoda >> they were so excited, they just took the day off. they're like, we're out. >> they're going to break that record for days off pretty soon. >> al roker has at least a half dozen world records. today, cynthia evio releases "chapter one verse one." willie geist sat down with her like working on this big project. so when you sit down with a blank page and say, this is me
8:23 am
there is my introduction to the world as a solo artist, what did you want to say? >> i wanted to say that i have loved, that i've been hurt, that i want to be in a world that is open to everyone, that i see people, the people that i come across, the people that i love, the people that have hurt me but i forgive. >> there you go, guys, cynthia is also gearing up to release her first children's book. a story of a parent's love that will hit shelves on september 28th catch the great conversation willie had with her on "sunday today" this weekend. >> we took a vote while you were doing popstart it is our favorite time of the day. we could do a bracket of segments and popstart would all the be there steals and deals head to head with pop start >> i don't know, hoda's booze will be hard news at 8:00, tough to beat. >> shark stories
8:24 am
>> i think we should do it >> how about the smucker's especially the 1-year-olds >> oh, weather don't forget weather >> harry smith's segments. >> terrible bad news delivered with a smile >> north korean missile launches >> maybe that wasn't such a great idea harry smith taking a swing at a new kind of golf, speed golf see if you can keep up
8:25 am
8:26 am
good morning. it is 8:26. i am marcus washington. happening tomorrow, full light rail service will be up and running again. this is four months after the mass shooting at the rail yard. trips start at 5:30 a.m. free light rail continues through end of the month. tomorrow, san francisco's cable cars on track again. all three lines up and down.
8:27 am
good news. a good look at the forecast today. kari hall has the numbers. >> yes. happy friday. we are going to see temperatures in the i spots like concord and morgan hill reaching into the upper 70s and low 80s today. really nice and comfortable. we're seeing improving air quality and going into the weekend, we see a weak storm system coming in, just falling apart as it moves into the bay area. we are looking at a chance of north bay showers and heating up next week as we welcome in fall. >> thanks, kari. going to have another local update in 30 minutes. see you back here then.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
we are back. it is 8:30 on this friday morning. the weekend, almost here actually, the weekend is here. friday counts. and we're really glad these folks decided to get a jump start on the weekend by joining us here on the plaza this is a fun crowd. a lot of energy. >> a friday crowd. >> they said it's been raining a little they're still hanging out here >> stuck it out, thank you coming up, harry smith where is harry he's here somewhere. he will introduce us to golf with a unique twist that dramatically speeds up the game.
8:31 am
we're talking about 18 holes of golf in less than an hour. this is my wife's dream. and he got a lesson from one of the world's very best players. >> more time for the bar >> and to grill that, we're in the house for today's food loves football getting us ready for sunday night's big game between the ravens and chiefs. tasty treats in honor of the big matchup. >> by the way, al has a ticket to that game for a great story he's going to bring it to us monday morning he will be there along with dozens of kids and their beloved principal. maryland's principal of the year plus a ravens star and the team's cheerleaders are going to stop by. you don't want to miss it. once in a lifetime and while we're talking about football, give a big shout out to the indianapolis colts. they've announced they're dedicating this sunday's game to mental health awareness as part of their kicking the stigma
8:32 am
campaign here's what some players had to say about this important cause >> i think it's important to use my platform to really demonstrate that people care about one another. sometimes you just have to ask somebody, are you okay or how are things going you would be surprised how important that question is, you know, how are you doing today? >> it's great work there learn more about it on and coming up in the third hour, we are going live to outer space. we are going to talk with astronauts on board the international space station. before we do that, how about one last check of the weather. >> it could sprinkle we've got that disturbance spinning off the coast tomorrow, mostly across northern new england is where we'll see those clouds we have that flood risk down along the gulf coast we will slowly spread to the north. we have much needed rain in the pacific northwest.
8:33 am
heavy rain arrives on saturday, sticks around through sunday you go inland and we have that fire danger where the rain doesn't quite reach. lots of sunshine in the great lakes and the northeast. temperatures in the 70s and 80s and more storms down south that's a l good morning. i am meteorologist kari hall. as we take a look at temperatures today, headed for the low 80s in inland spots in parts of the north bay where we'll see spotty showers for the weekend. we'll be watching out for that as rain approaches from the north. looks like rain chances are late saturday night into sunday. it shouldn't effect your weekend, outdoor plans. next week, we'll see temperatures heating up, first day of fall. looking at valley temperatures in the low 90s while san francisco sees highs this weekend in the mid-60s. and i know al is not here, but i have to do it. it's sunday night, football night in a
8:34 am
lamar jackson has never won against patrick mahomes. so it will be interesting to see. >> if roker were here, you would -- you know what he would do come on. d, be a seagull. >> could be a seagull. >> by the way, nfl is not the only sport to watch on sunday. we have the premier lacrosse league championship pitting the whip snakes against chaos. ahead of that, we are joined by one of the greatest who ever played a game, paul rabel. he is also the co-founder of the premier lacrosse league. good to see you in person. >> thanks for having me. i appreciate it. >> before we get to any of it, you just announced your retirement >> i did >> after 14 seasons, you decide to hang it up. why did you decide now is the time >> well, it was a difficult decision, i think for any athlete, unless you'
8:35 am
fortunate to have co-founded the league i have my next chapter but i think in all decisions in life we have to weigh them and make that difficult choice and move on. and that was it for me >> now you're spreading the word to the next generation you started when you were 12 years old. what are you hoping people are taking away now that they're watching lacrosse and getting into it? >> yeah. participation growth is up the international olympic committee gave full membership to lacrosse on the path for the olympics in 2028 a big initiative for me is one called goals for greatness so i struggled getting access to goals on field i had lacrosse stick and ball, but you couldn't complete the experience so my commitment as part of on field in all 50 states and next year and then internationally in 2023. >> whipsnakes or chaos >> technically as a co-founder, i can't tell you that. but the whips have won the last two years and chaos lost last
8:36 am
year to them in the final. >> gad name. thank you. >> again, you can catch the excitement of the premier lacrosse league championship this sunday, noon eastern only on nbc >> how do the whipsnakes ever lose with a name like that coming up, harry smith is here to introduce us to another fast-paced game. golf played in less than an hour we're going to see how harry did and how the world record holder did. all that and more, coming up this is today
8:37 am
8:38 am
we're back with mr. smith goes to -- where today >> taking town popstart in the bracket. mr. smith goes to -- boom! we all know a lot of us love to play golf. you're going to introduce us to an interesting take on the sport. >> one of the things that happened during the pandemic,
8:39 am
golf courses were crowded and a lot of younger people started to play they said we'll walk, not the carts because we want to get some exercise. this past summer i read an article about speed golf and i said we have got to see this >> reporter: a late summer's morning, the rome, new york, country club the course beckons a single player to the first tee. >> now on the tee, the world record holder in speed golf, lauren cup speed golf, it takes the 15th century game and turns it into a 21st century sport >> how long when you're speed golfing does it take you to play 18 holes >> 52 to 53 minutes. >> reporter: golf, a good walk spoils at this age, well, no more are you warmed up? >> no, i'm not warmed up they wouldn't give me a brisk ball
8:40 am
they couldn't give me one shot on the range >> that's -- this is serious golf terminology here. we wanted a demonstration and soon found ourselves left behind speed golf waits for no one. after a few holes, we finally caught up. >> are you ever out of breath? >> the break is getting the club out of the bag get the club out of bag, take one deep breath, line it up and swing away >> cup, a former economics student, says the discipline of a cost/benefit analysis really does apply to golf, starting with the number of clubs >> and i just keep five or six clubs in it. when i putt, i wrap it around like a backpack. >> do you see people who are out here today, you look at the golf bag. it's packed. >> absolutely not necessary. that's another great thing about speed golf, you learn to hit a lot of different shots with the same clubs >> too many clubs, she says, slow you down. and she says they muddle the mission at hand. >> i would almost argue in maybe it hurts you in that there's too
8:41 am
many decision making >> cup was a stellar three-sport athlete at hamilton college in upstate new york where she is now the head women's and men's golf coach did we mention she's married and has three little kids? >> that's why i need speed golf because i have a great job and three young kids i just found that those five-hour rounds that i used to play, i just don't have time for anymore. but i can find time to play speed golf i can play nine holes in 20 minutes, get my workout in, my golf in, and be home for dinner. >> as we contemplated giving speed golf a try, a few more tips what's your thought about what you want to do with the ball >> you really want to keep it in front of you by that, i mean you want to hit it straight. you don't need to hit it as far as you can that's not necessary in fact, in speed golf, it makes you run farther. >> and -- >> it doesn't always have to be perfect. in slow golf, you want to hit the perfect shot every time.
8:42 am
whereas in speed golf, you're trying to hit it straight, move on, make a par, get to the next hole >> i think that takes the pressure off >> yes, it does. >> so with a substantial head start, off we went it's not pretty, we know but enough to give us a glimpse for sure and because i was too out of breath to think about the 18 foot putt, i channeled my new teachings from the guru. >> recommend it to anybody who plays golf try a few times playing it quickly and you learn a lot about the thought process there is in golf and that overthinking in those preshot routines aren't necessarily helpful. >> just hit the ball >> just hit the ball and go. >> and you know what it worked. that's how it's done >> awesome >> how many takes for that >> i have a question about this. when you're running around from
8:43 am
shot to shot so fast and then the beer cart girl shows up, how does that work how do you keep score? >> when she set the world record this summer, she was 1 under par, a 72, and her time on the course, 50 minutes and change. >> that's amazing. >> so are they looking at both -- >> you add the two together and that's how you do it >> was it fun? >> let's roll the shot again let's lose the banner. there you go and so do you find not over reading it helps >> if you're thinking, you're stinking keep going straight, it works. >> you golf a lot more than i do and i know you golf occasionally part of it is going out and tossing a few back and enjoying the time -- >> this isn't that >> craig, that is for men. women, we do have to get back home >> so here is the thing.
8:44 am
they actually live on this little golf course on rome, new york and she said her kids like to go out and play in the creek with the frogs in the evening so she says we go down to the creek. i play nine and come back in 20 minutes. my husband plays nine in 20 minutes. we throw the kids in the tub and go to bed. >> think of how many more majors tiger would have won if he played speed golf. >> nicklaus wouldn't have that record up next, the grill dads join us with a game day menu perfect for sunday night's big clash but first, this is "today" on nbc. nbc. every single day, we're all getting a little bit better. we're better cooks... better neighbors... hi. i've got this until you get back. better parents... and better friends. no! no! that's why comcast works around the clock constantly improving america's largest gig-speed broadband network.
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and slowing disability progression in rms and ppms. don't take ocrevus if you've had a life-threatening allergic reaction to it, or have hepatitis b. tell your doctor about vaccinations or if you've had hep b, as it could come back. a common side effect of ocrevus is infusion reactions, and some may require hospitalization. it can increase your risk of infections, which can be serious, and may decrease certain types of immunoglobulins. while pml was not reported in clinical trials, it could happen. an increased risk of cancer, including breast cancer, may exist. sorry, ms. you don't get to control every part of me ms can't own us. ask your doctor about two-times-a-year ocrevus. we are back with we are back with "today food." sunday night's big game, the chiefs taking on the ravens. a matchup between two of the biggest quarterbacks in the game
8:47 am
patrick mahomes and lamar jackson. >> what should you serve mark anderson and ryan say, the grill dads are here. >> hey, good morning hi, guys >> good morning. >> for me, football is about the food >> oh, yeah. >> 100%, that's it what are you guys making today >> i'm going the make crab cake to celebrate the ultimate winners of this game which would be the ravens. j.k. dobbins, he is here don't you love him so this crab cake, we turn it into a blt because any excuse to put bacon on a sandwich we think is a good thing to do. let's make our crab cake we have crab meat that we've shredded up. we've got bread crumbs we do a little bit more bread crumb than normal when we're going to grill it. it works as a binder and helps keep it together on the grill. >> do you guys use -- >> parsley >> wait, what -- >> oh, real parsley? >> yes
8:48 am
>> i feel like that's -- >> so we have old bay mayo >> old bay mayo. >> got some eggs in here >> got to bind it. >> once you mix that around, it looks like this. so when you form your patties here, which bigger is always better, you want to put them back in the fridge for a couple hours and that's going to help them stay together on the grill. and we've got some over here that are grilling away >> good job, mark. that's great >> i know. >> do they shrink up like a burger does or maintain their size >> they stay about the same size because it's usually when fat renders out that things shrink the crab meat doesn't have a ton of fat in them we'll show you how we build this all right. so we've got a toasted bun
8:49 am
this is a potato bun we do lettuce on the bottom of the bun first because we don't want to get a soggy bun. protects the structural integrity of our b lt. so first down with that. crab cake down and then we do tomato now, everybody's favorite part. we do some bacon >> oh, bacon >> now we're going to do -- so this old bay mayo is mayo, old bay and some lemon juice we're going to spread some of that on the top. >> delicious >> special sauce >> that looks amazing. >> we have to make sure we leave equal time for kansas city >> thanks very much, mark, for playing. looks like second place to me. we're going to do a kansas city strip today, brew shetd ta we're upgrading the bruschetta game people that might be in for that team might join kc >> not going to happen >> this is a strip steak
8:50 am
take kosher salt what's great about this, this is like a two-inch cut of stake you can salt pretty liberally. >> is that a new york strim or a kansas city strip? >> sure is, buddy. actually, it's both of those things we're going to take this and throw this on our charcoal grill. put this on an indirect side sit up the grill for two-zone cooking. we want this side for searing and this side for indirect, all right? so then what you're going to get, the magic of tv, you get this beautiful steak that appears. so we're going to take this off at about 132 degrees or so and then we're going to sear it. so it gets this beautiful color, this beautiful char. and then we're going to cut this up i'll show you that in a sec. make bruschetta. roman tomatoes, love them. i'm from ohio originally if there's a tomato aisle, it's full of romas. a lit. basil. fancy way of cutting it.
8:51 am
>> someone else does that part >> i know. chilies we have here, as well and we have some champagne vinegar. we have a little salt and pepper i love that. and that makes our bruschetta. very simple dish to make, but super fun. and it, again, looks like this give this a stir really fun stuff so i'm going to show you how, really quickly -- yeah, the steak comes in quickly this is what you get we've got the magic of hollywood again. so we toast the baguette with a little olive oil and we like to smash the garlic then what you do is you rub it right when the bread comes off the grill with the garlic. you're getting this beautiful raw flavor, as well. no, mark, not yet. then we're going the take our bruschetta, put it right on here and some beautiful pieces. guys, guys, guys medium rare.
8:52 am
about 135 degrees or so. we'll layer this steak beautifully on here. and what i like to do, too, is take a little bit of parmesan reggiano cheese. vegetable peeler, cut it right on top >> is it an open faced sandwich? looks like it there. >> this is what you get, guys. >> gorgeous. >> open. >> i'm going with the steak. >> if you're tailgating. >> it's a portable steak sandwich >> it's a portable steak sandwich >> they both look great, guys. >> grill dads, we need to do this in person next time so we can eat that >> you need a real bite of this. >> feed you guys on the plaza. >> thanks, guys. >> they both look great. >> thank you so much if you want those full recipes, go to be sure to watch the chiefs and the ravens sunday night, 7:00 eastern. >> go chiefs >> whoa, look at you >> al is not here. >> i'm getting seagull vibes >> you got a better raven?
8:53 am
>> i'll do -- we are back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc this is "today" on nbc
8:54 am
8:55 am
coming up on hoda and jenna, the brouhaha when they show us how to elevate our morning coffee first, we're going to get you ready for the emmy awards this weekend >> that's this weekend >> that's exactly what i said. >> steve kornacki is going to fire up the big board to tell you who is going to win. >> remember to check out our podcast. download "today" at apple or spotify. subscribe and listen wherever you get your podcasts. we're back after your local news are we going to do the bracket, carson are you working on it? >> after your local news >> after your local news
8:56 am
good morning. it is 8:56. i am marcus washington. people at menlo park are waking up to shattered car windows after vandals target at least a dozen vehicles. police say it started at 8:00 last night on o'keefe street.
8:57 am
more damaged vehicles were later found in a second location near willow road and gilbert street. that's also where police made two arrests, two men facing felony charges, vandalism charges. officers found bebeguns in their waist bands. happening now, bob redell is speaking with police officers and has latest. and a critical question hanging in the balance. will covid booster shots be necessary for everyone? we monitor the fda meeting happening now. check our twitter feed for updates.
8:58 am
planning on going to an indoor concert, better get vaccinated. we will breakdown the latest state mandate. and we look at the economic power of the latino and latina
8:59 am
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live from studio 1a. this is the third hour of "today." good morning welcome to third hour of "today" on this fri-yay. >> it's like the house of mini patterns today >> duo have a lot. >> don't adjust your television. >> all four of us are here >> al is off continuing to enjoy some time off. he'll be back on monday. we have great show to close out the week, includin


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