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tv   NBC Bay Area News  NBC  September 19, 2021 8:50pm-10:00pm PDT

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coming up in just minutes, a major change in the forecast. this morning, it was rain. tonight, it's fire danger. we are following it all and a major decision involving immigration. what's next for the biden administration? coming up on nbc bay area news.
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back to football in a minute. but the a's looking to sweep the angels in anaheim. bottom 9, a's up 2. jose rojas, singles to left. seth brown air mails the throw home another run scores and we're tied. top ten now. same score. jed laurie hit the sack fly and that would be the game winner. they are two games back for the final wildcard spot. former-giant adam duval with a two-run blast. that's his 36th. 2-nothing. very next batter.
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eddy rosario. good-bye. solo shot. rosario would hit for the cycle. first time that's been done by a giant at oracle park since 2003. giants lose, 3-nothing. dodgers beat the reds in cincinnati so the giants' division lead is one with 12 games left for both teams. san francisco returns to action tuesday at san diego. catch all the action on nbc sports bay area at 6:30. all right. the green bay packers lost by 35 points to the saints in the opener. aaron rodgers, the reigning mvp, threw no touchdowns, yanked with 11 minutes left. the game was out of whack. shocked? was this just a bad game one performance? are the packers no good? and what is your take on what will happen a week from tonight when the packers come to levi? >> hey, guys, you got to relax. okay? that's what aaron rodgers is saying right now. bottom line is i think this was a one-game performance. it was bad.
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that's the reason why he got yanked. and i expect for him to come back on monday night, and light up the fantasy board when it comes to fantasy for the fantasy owners who have him on their team. now, when they get ready to come back a week from tomorrow, to levi's stadium, i think they are going to be in trouble. you -- they are going to come off a short week. you stated that, already. number two, i think the 49ers are finally hitting their stride. and they are going to be excited to be at home. >> nbc sports bay area's got you covered all-week long with everything. it leads up to 49ers' pregame live. that's sunday at 4:00 p.m. so you have one place to watch. and a reminder that it's offseason for the traps. you see, takeo? don't look for these things. they only come out of hibernation in the, what? >> spring, 2022. so you can look good, too. >> see ya next sunday.
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[music] 'my own garden is my own garden,' said the giant, so he built a high wall all around it.
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then one morning the giant heard some lovely music. through a little hole in the wall, the children had crept in. and the giant's heart melted... and they found the giant...all covered with blossoms. right now on nbc bay area. gusty winds and looming power shutoffs, which bay-area neighborhoods will be impacted? tragic update from the fbi. the body believed to be that of 22-year-old gabby petito found
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in the national forest in wyoming. plus, proof of vaccination will soon be required. we are going to break down the changes taking effect in parts of the bay area and across the state. and businesses are hoping it will bring them the boost they'll need. san francisco getting ready to welcome back a major convention. thanks for joining us on this special edition of nbc bay area. i'm terry mcsweeney. this morning, it was raining in parts of the bay area. tonight, we are looking at fire danger. a live look outside in walnut creek and dublin. the diablo range falls under the zone. it is going to be under a red-flag warning, come 11:00. fire danger forced pg&e to issue a psps. this is when utility cuts power to prevent the possibility of lines sparking a wildfire. shutoffs will start at 5:00 a.m., and are set to impact parts of napa and solano counties. k you can see on the map. a lot to get to. let's check in with
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meteorologist rob mayeda. >> rob. >> the timing of this starting at 11:00 tonight. it does impact the hills of the north bay and most the interior east bay, including the tri-valley. highest gusts likely to be napa county, lake county, and near mt. diabolo as we head toward tomorrow morning. notice, the areas in red and purple. most of it into the hilltops here of napa county over into parts of solano county and atop mt. diabolo peaking just before sunrise tomorrow. but notice, most of this will be in the northeast areas up towards napa county and the northern half of the sack ra mean toe valley look at those numbers at 8:00 a.m. and then, by the afternoon, we could see single-digit humidity for some inland east bay valleys. the red flag warning starts at 11:00 tonight. then, after that big heat makes a comeback. mid-to upper 90s could be in the forecast this week. we will have a closer look at
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that and any air quality impacts from ongoing wild fires coming up in about ten minutes. little rain we saw overnight actually had a big impact on people in the east bay. thousands of pg&e customers ended up in the dark and the reason why might surprise you. here is nbc bay area's christy smith. >> reporter: during the outage, some blocks were out. and across the street, the power was on. and there were scenes like this of crews out and about working to help get the power restored. >> every day, we are open 7:00 early morning. >> reporter: today, it was quiet and dark at this san pablo laundromat. >> all the customers no open. no power, no open. >> reporter: sunday is usually a popular day for people to come in and clean their clothes for the week. she is one of thousands of pg&e customers who lost power in the bay area. the majority were in the east bay and believe it or not, our lack of rain played a part. >> after a long time without rain, dust, dirt, salt other
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substances accumulate on the power lines and when this mist and light rain arrives after a long dry spell, it turns the mixture into mud which conducts electricity. and it causes electrical damage and an outage. >> reporter: equipment like poles were affected by what they call electrical flash-overs. today, crews fanned out making repairs and restoring power. the utility says they have a line-washing program that they are working on expanding. >> did wash the lines in several east-bay areas. um, but apparently, it's just been such a long time without rain and we have been in this extreme drought. conditions have been so dry that this first rain just did cause multiple outages. >> reporter: in richmond, at this gas station, the market was dark and customers weren't able to get gas. >> it's been out -- i don't know. it happened in the middle of the night sometime. >> reporter: dawn lives nearby and is trying to make the best of it. >> we are going out for a little boat ride on the bay. get out of the house.
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since we don't have any power. >> reporter: christy smith, nbc bay area news. in livermore, this morning, firefighters say it appears a blown pg&e transformer sparked a brush fire. you see that burned pole. burned about two acres and no one hurt. as the wind picks up, our nbc bay area app is a great resource, we have been sending out updates obt the psps and red-flag warning and that app is free to download. we are following a developing story out of wyoming. a very sad update on the case attracting international attention. the fbi believes they have found the body of missing gabby petito. agents announcing this afternoon, that remains found at a campground in bridger teton national forest are believed to be hers. the 22-year-old disappeared in august in the middle of a cross-country trip. petito and her fiance, brian laundrie, were documenting their journey on youtube and instagram. well, now, laundrie is missing after refusing to talk to police. the search for him continues at a wildlife preserve in florida.
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>> as every parent can imagine, this is an incredibly difficult time for the family and friends. our thoughts and prayers are with them. we ask that you all respect the privacy as they mourn the loss of their daughter. >> law enforcement still considering laundrie a person of interest in the case. and a touching tribute on social media. shortly after the fbi's announcement, gabby's father, joe, tweeted this photo of his daughter along with the words, she touched the world. and tonight, a memorial is growing in florida where gabby lived. people in north port are lighting candles outside of city hall in her honor. our affiliate there spoke with a woman who said she worked at a local grocery store with gabby. remembering her as a very happy person. >> she was always happy, always happy. always, always forthcoming, always talking to everybody. she was a great girl. she was so amazing. so amazing. she loved to talk to people. loved to talk to people.
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>> well tonight, the laundrie family released a statement calling gabby's death, quote, heartbreaking. it goes on to say, family is praying for gabby and her family. we are continuing to monitor this tragic story. head to our website, nbc bay area for the latest updates on the investigation. the security breach the sjc. police arrested a man this morning who drove a car onto the south side of san jose international airport. this is video of the airport. police say an airport worker reported a driver followed him under security around 7:30 this morning. the 22-year-old man barricaded himself inside his car and was eventually arrested. he appeared to be having a mental health crisis. we are following developing news out of texas where a massive and swift operation is underway to return migrants to their home country. united states started flying hundreds of migrants back to haiti today from a texas border town that is just flat-out overwhelmed with asylum seekers. you see it here. in del rio, texas, has grown to
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an estimated 15,000 migrants. majority of them from haiti. now, these asylum seekers left haiti for south america years ago after the devastating 2010 earthquake. they no longer qualify for refugee status. local activists say there is nothing for them to return to. >> you have been gone for five years, you got a family there that's sleeping outside. and there is a covid problem. would you want to go back? >> haiti action committee based in oakland argues the migrants should be awarded temporary protected status in the u.s. so far, that's not an option the biden administration is considering. well, that biden administration had hoped to roll out booster shots to all americans tomorrow. that is not going to happen after an fda panel of outside experts voted against recommending a third dose for everyone. however, they did vote to recommend third doses for those 65 years of age and older, those with underlying conditions, and people working jobs with high
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exposure to covid-19. dr. anthony fauci, the white house chief medical adviser, defended the panel's decision this morning on "meet the press." >> a very competent group of people who advise the fda deliberated and came to the conclusion that, rather than have essentially everyone who's been boosted -- everyone who's gotten the regular immunization of two shots should be able to get boosted. they made it on the restrictions that you said. so, we look at it as one phase of the rollout. >> the full fda will consider the recommendations in the coming days. the agency typically follows the advice of its panels. take a look right now where the country stands in terms of vaccinations. tonight, 74% of americans 12 and older have gotten at least one dose. 63%, fully vaccinated. here, in california, we are doing much better than that. 82% of californians 12 and older have received at least one shot. 67% are fully vaccinated.
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take a live look at downtown san jose right now. we are starting tomorrow, we will have to show proof of having a covid vaccination to get into large events at city-owned buildings. requirements for any city owned facility that hosts an event with more than 50 guests, all guests 12 and older must be vaccinated as well as all staff members. now, some of the places in san jose that's going to be affected by this. city hall. libraries. community centers. sap center. the convention center. the tech museum and the children's discovery museum. it's not just san jose. tomorrow, new rules are going into effect statewide, as well. anyone attending an indoor event with 1,000 or more people, going to have to show proof of vaccination. other option, a negative covid test taken within 72 hours of the event. until now, proof of vaccination or a negative test was only required for events with 5,000 or more people. take a live look at san francisco. popular convention that welcomes people from all over the world is set to come back to the city.
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dream force convention is back in san francisco this week after taking a break last year because of the pandemic, of course. there are a few changes, this time around, because of recent concerns over the delta variant. the first obvious change is how scaled down this whole event's going to be. in 2019, the year before the pandemic, more than 170,000 people attended over the days-long event. this time around, hundreds will attend the invitation-only, in-person convention. most of the event's going to be outside. attendees will have to show proof of vaccination and get tested each day they are there. nearby businesses, return of the dreamforce convention is very welcome. >> really happy to see the convention's come back because that is really the heart of our business because of our location so we are really excited to have them back no matter what size it is. you know? hundred something thousand people in 2019 and a thousand people this year, we will take what we we can get. >> return of any conventions in san francisco has been slow because of continued pandemic concerns. businesses in the south of market area have been hit real
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hard by lockdowns and a lack of tourist traffic. those that have survived say, they are hoping the return of dreamforce will signal the return to some degree of normalcy. the dreamforce convention begins on tuesday. two of the bay area's largest school districts are considering a vaccine mandate. it would require students over the age of 12 to be vaccinated against covid. the oakland school district says the school board could bring it up for a vote as soon as this week. west contra costa unified considering a similar mandate but has not set a date to vote on it. you can get a digital record of your vaccine card and consumer investigator, chris chmura, put together a video to show you how. step by step, what to do if you are having trouble getting yours, head to and then click on the responds tab. coming up. some are calling it a game-changer for housing in california. we speak with one of the state senators that helped make the idea a reality. and we're watching for fire danger tonight as this red flag warning gets underway at is
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11:00. fire danger to start the week, and possibly showers in that seven-day forecast as we head towards the first weekend of fall next weekend. a closer look when we come right back.
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that's a good taco. dude. it's a sandwich.
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[beep beep] it's a sandwich! it's a taco! ugh, not another taco guy. the new crispy chicken sandwich taco from taco bell. [bong!] you have probably heard the term single-family zoning quite a bit over the past few days and that is because the state just made a monumental change to housing rules. historically, only single family homes could be built on most residential land in california. now, one of the driving forces behind this housing reform is state senator scott wiener from san francisco. i talked to him earlier today. senator, thanks very much for being here. let's talk about those housing bills. resigned into law by the governor be last week. what is the headline of those three bills? would it be that a single-family unit can now be divided into four? >> well, um -- excuse me -- um,
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so the -- these bills, in combination, while they don't solve the housing crisis. it's going to take much more time. in combination, they -- they're a really solid step forward in creating more tools so that we can build more housing. we're short millions of homes. we need to make it easier to build housing. we need to zone for more housing. so these bills -- one of them allows you to build a duplex -- um -- and the lot if it is a big enough. the other one makes it easier for cities to zone for buildings up to ten units, without having to go through years and years of environmental review. and so, in combination, it does make it easier to build these small, multiunit buildings. >> there are some who say that this is going to interfere with their property values. and it certainly makes sense. in a single, you know --
9:13 pm
single-family dwelling neighborhood, property values tend to be higher. you start putting in fourplexes, et cetera, and things change. >> i don't agree with that. there is such massive demand for single-family homes. particularly, in certain communities. and that's not going to change. whatsoever. i think it is a lot of hyperbole and a lot of melodrama around this. single-family homes are unbelievably expensive now and they are going to continue to be unbelievably expensive. and right now, if you can't afford one of those superexpensive single-family homes which in some communities in the bay area may -- may be, on average, $1.5 million, $2 million. if you can't afford that, then you can't live in that community and that's more and more the bay area. so this is about inclusivity. it's about saying if you want to have a single-family home,
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great. it's still going to be a great investment. it's still going to be worth a lot and -- and you're not going to lose money at all. you are going to make money. um, but we want to allow other kinds of housing, too, so that we don't continue to perpetuate segregation where we have communities that are wealthier, white communities. and no one else is allowed to live there. >> 250 cities have signed on to a statement that what this does is takes away local control over their communities. takes away the local voices of the people who live in those communities. those are cities -- talking 250 of them -- what do you say? >> well, that kind of thinking that local control is the only thing that matters for housing. that's -- that's what's driven this car into the ditch. that's why housing costs so much. that's why so many people are being priced out. or people are being forced to leave the region or the state, entirely. or people, when they get evicted, can't hope to find
9:15 pm
another home that they can afford. why young people don't see a future for them and for their family in this region. because we have said that local control matters so much. >> all right. senator wiener, thanks for taking the time today. >> thank you so much. well, leaders in one peninsula city are moving forward with a plan that would make a downtown street closure permanent. san mateo announced after hearing lots of community support, part of b street is going to stay closed to vehicle traffic. the areas between 1st and 3rd avenues downtown. people have a hans to weigh in, again, tomorrow night. public hearing at 7:00 p.m. tens of thousands of runners finally got a chance to run the san francisco marathon today. last year's marathon cancelled, and you probably know why. the pandemic. this year's was pushed back to today from its normal date in july. so at 5:30 this morning, runners from all over the world started at embarcadero at mission where they ran to the finish line at embarcadero at fulsome. >> tons of people everywhere. so good to see like so many people show up for this.
9:16 pm
this has to be one of the most beautiful races in the world just running along the embarcadero here. you go out, see the bridge, turn around, you do it all over again. yeah, fantastic views. >> we spent one year home. it's very nice to be with people running, free, outside. >> welcome to the bay area, federico. greg billington from san francisco won in the men's division. local guy wins. while the top-finishing female was from spain. that's judith. well, thousands ran in the san francisco marathon. others enjoyed approximate part of the day at san jose's viva calle. it allows people to bike, walk, skate, play in downtown san jose near the mexican heritage plaza and city hall. city closes off six miles worth of streets to cars for the day. look at all those bikes. the event includes a 5k run and a fundraiser bike ride. >> but to be able to do it in the day and not have to worry
9:17 pm
about cars and interacting with car traffic, and just being free. it's really amazing. it's such a treat. we are so blessed to have this opportunity to be out here today. >> it is awesome. actually, lot of times on the weekends, we go to luna mexican over on the alameda. and today, it was kind of like this whole race was around letting us do that in a really free way. um, and it was -- it's fantastic. >> sounds good. food, live music, and more. also, part of this event. can't help but notice how sunny it was in san jose for that event. rob mayeda. >> great weather all around the bay area today after the low clouds left. and it was the final weekend of summer. fall officially arrives wednesday of this week. right now, still clear skies. one of the things an off-shore breeze can do is bring the clearing and gorgeous conditions along the golden gate bridge right now. just changed. 59 degrees. it's been in the 60s. wind still coming in off the bay
9:18 pm
over the ocean. northwest at 16. so fire danger when you saw the micro climate weather alert, it really doesn't apply to the inner bay or san francisco or san jose where we still have wind coming off the bay out of the northwest. 64 degrees. it's inland areas out toward the tri-valley. dublin, 63. will see a little more of the north breeze pick up around sunrise tomorrow morning. walnut creek, currently 68 degrees. mt. diabolo, that will be a spot we will see those peak gusts picking up a after midnight tonight. so inland areas in the 60s. antioch and concord. 50s elsewhere. highs tomorrow will be trending warmer so again most of the bay area not going to be dealing with gusty winds. you are going to notice temperatures climbing up. mid-80s, san jose. upper 80s south of downtown san jose. warmest temperatures tomorrow will be tri-valley up to concord and antioch. back in the 90s, again. bayside, upper 70s. 80 and hayward and for the peninsula. mid-80s. look at downtown san francisco
9:19 pm
now. still got a sea breeze but probably still reach the 70s around 1:00 in the afternoon. things start to cool down again. and for the north-bay numbers, in the upper 80s to low 90s. and tuesday, by the way, is trending even hotter. so the latest on the red-flag warning. inland areas of the east bay, and the higher peaks of the north bay mountains and the timing on the peak wind gusts should be after midnight tonight, especially around the higher hills of napa county over towards lake county and eventually down the diablo range once we pass 8:00 in the morning. but notice, bayside, not a lot of wind at all. yes, we have red flag warnings but in terms of wind, technically, it's still a little bit of a marine push or sea breeze right here along the immediate coast. again, the gusty conditions stay mostly inland and then by the afternoon, we begin to lose those offshore winds and that red-flag warning will likely expire as we head toward the evening hours. so very dry conditions as you can see there. temperatures by tuesday, jump into the mid-90s inland.
9:20 pm
cooling by wednesday and i did want to show you this, too. that rain made an impact on the northwest california fires. look how the smoke is really gone away from that. not coming down to the bay area. the southern sierra, though, could begin to push a little bit more smoke our way. we will have to watch that as the weather pattern shifts around wednesday and thursday. and stay tuned, first weekend of fall, next weekend, may try to bring some showers up out of the south. we are watching that closely next saturday and sunday. next couple of day, summer sticking around. look at those san francisco temperatures. mid-to upper 70s and valley staying pretty hot as the breeze backs off. tuesday, clearly the hottest day of the week. and then, cooling changes, maybe a chance of showers next weekend. we will have to stay tuned on that. terry, back to you. >> that is one varied forecast, rob. thanks very much. one in three americans have been impacted by a weather disaster that scientists say was fueled by our changing climate. join nbc all this week for a special series "the climate challenge the extremes." we are going to examine the
9:21 pm
human toll of our changing climate from our physical health and access to fresh water to the survival of the food chain. that's all this week on the "today" show and nightly news with lester holt. still ahead on this special edition of nbc bay area news. the pandemic shutdown has lucca libre wrestling school. just kept getting back up off the mat. introduce you to the san jose man who pivoted to save his business.
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the sooner you sign up we're better cooks... better neighbors... hi. i've got this until you get back. better parents... and better friends. no! no! that's why comcast works around the clock constantly improving america's largest gig-speed broadband network. and just doubled the capacity here. how do things look on your end? -perfect! because we're building a better network every single day. some new video tonight. a volcano erupting on the spanish canary island of la palma today. plumes of smoke filling the air. there are no reports of anyone getting hurt. there have been more than 20,000 tremors this week in a chain of volcanos in that area. the government started evacuating people before that eruption despite the recent activity, this is the volcano's
9:24 pm
first major eruption in 50 years. well tomorrow, a big night here on nbc. we are kicking off the fall tv season with a new season of "the voice." ariana grande is joining the coaching lineup. and after ordinary joe premieres, the show explores how choices made at a pivotal moment in a person's life can lead to very different results. mark barger has a preview. so i have got three clear paths. >> and each one takes joe kimbro down a very different road in the new drama "ordinary joe." >> you ever get that feeling that one choice could change your whole life? i think we all play with that idea at some point in our lives of how a choice greatly affected the road we took. >> reporter: james woke plays all three variations of joe. one chooses passion and becomes a rock star. another, driven by love, follows medicine. while a third, fueled by family, wears a badge. >> hey, any change to your going to the reunion tonight?
9:25 pm
>> what i think people will be able to relate to is the kind of vast difference between these characters. and the idea that had i made that choice differently when i was younger, i would have a totally different life. >> reporter: but it's not only joe's work that's different. >> divorce papers? >> reporter: ripples are created in his personal life. impacting the people closest to him. >> the same person who i could be married to in one story is just a friend or married to a friend of mine in another story. >> reporter: that means everyone's playing three variations of the same person. >> joe. >> so even though we're essentially the same, it's -- it's -- tsa it's like a subtle -- it's very subtle but specific. >> i think it's an actor's dream to be able to have so many different characters kind of embodied into one. >> reporter: the roads not taken are taken in the series. and wolk expects that will get viewers talking. >> this will be like an interesting conversation starter in homes. you know? i think people just relate to
9:26 pm
that idea. >> reporter: and he hopes they also relate to "ordinary joe." mark barger, nbc news. catch the season premiere of the voice tomorrow at 8:00. then, stick around for the series premiere of ordinary joe at 10:00. and then, at 11:00, of course stay with us for the latest had local headlines on nbc bay area news. up next in the special edition of nbc bay area. a big change in the weather. we are checking out gusty winds and a bay-area fire crews on edge. plus, it is a massive blow for congressional democrats and their plan to provide a pathway to citizenship for thousands. our political analyst joins us to weigh in.
9:27 pm
9:28 pm
right now on nbc bay area, bracing for the worst, hoping for the best. a live look at the east bay where firefighters are gearing up as gusty conditions move in. thanking for joining us on this special edition of nbc bay
9:29 pm
area. i'm terry mcsweeney from the east bay to the north bay an unsettling night ahead as dangerous weather conditions move in. for some in dublin, they are preparing for anything after a fire two years ago burned dangerously close to their homes. here is nbc bay area's marianne favro. >> reporter: they remember when the hart fire burned 240 acres and came dangerously close to their dublin townhome in august, 2019. >> we live on the -- um -- back side of these homes. and my son who is here, actually, he is -- and then, my wife actually tried to react and call 9-1-1. >> reporter: with a red-flag warning set to begin at 11:00 tonight in the north and east bay hills, naveen is reminded of the poe ten shl dangers and while the winds are not strong now, he knows that can quickly change. >> keep our eye on how the weather tracks tonight. and if needed, i guess we have
9:30 pm
to be -- um -- we have to be ready with our essentials. >>. >> reporter: cal fire is also preparing in case high winds and dry fuels lead to fire. >> we have done some additional staffing at the region level. we have our aircraft that are available for early up. so basically, that means should an incident occur overnight, we're able to get our aircraft up a few hours earlier than they normally would be available. >> reporter: cal fire spokesman, robert foxworthy says the public should also prepare. >> if you are operating out in the wildlands, make sure you are doing it safely. if you are pulling a trailer, make sure your trailer's in good condition. you are not dragging a chain. now is not the time to go out and do any residential burning. >> reporter: he also says, historically, most large destructive fires occur during red-flag conditions. in dublin, marianne favro, nbc bay area news.
9:31 pm
some people in the bay area kind of sleeping with one eye open tonight. let's check in with rob mayeda right now and talk about those winds, rob. >> yeah. we are really targeting here what will be the higher elevations of the north bay. and you will see greater aerial coverage for the inland east bay which does include the tri-valley. 11:00 tonight through 8:00 tomorrow evening. i wouldn't be surprised maybe this red-flag warning might expire a little bit earlier than that. but let's show you the winds that we will see. i would say, about 80% of the bay area tomorrow morning you my not even notice the wind. it is really bottled up here into the hill tops of the north bay where you will see the areas in red and purple right over the hill tops in napa county, eastern sonoma county into sew la know county. should be the time of strongest winds, especially in the north bay peaking around mid morning. and eventually, those wind speeds do come down so as the red flag warning subsides, mid-to upper 90s in the forecast for the valleys on tuesday.
9:32 pm
we are watching that closely. and the air quality impact. the recent rain had a big impact on some northwest california fires. we will have a look at that. and possibly, shower chances trying to come back in your seven-day forecast. got a lot going on. closer look coming up in about ten minutes. >> rob, thank you. and rob's always tweeting updates about the heat, fire danger even when we are not on the air and he always makes it visually interesting. his twitter page, a great resource for you. make sure you follow him. his handle is at rob mayeda. >> live look at capitol right now. the biden administration dealt a setback in its plan to provide pathway to citizenship for millions of undocumented imgrajts. the senate parliamentarian ruled against it in the $3.5 trillion infrastructure bill. senator alex padilla released a statement with senator dick durban that reads in part, the fight for immigration reform will continue. senate democrats have prepared alternative proposals for the parliamentarian's consideration in the coming days.
9:33 pm
for what's next for the biden administration and that massive budget package, i spoke with our political analyst larry earlier tonight. >> larry, thanks very much for joining us. this decision. it's going to have to be a -- seen a as big blow to the biden administration. what led up to this? >> when the senate wants to pass a bill and if they want to get around that filibuster problem which is 60 votes to -- to pass a bill, they use something called reconciliation. reconciliation is a process where the senate asks the -- the parliamentarian, can we go ahead and pass this bill with 50 votes, plus one, um -- because we think it's important. now, the problem is the bill has to be budget related. it has to be. its items have to be budget related. in the case of immigration reform, the senate parliamentarian said that portion, immigration reform, is not reconcilable. therefore, you have to exclude
9:34 pm
it from that big $3.5 trillion bill you want to pass. >> okay. so reconciliation is still in play. immigration is out. what is in this bill? >> all kinds of stuff. i mean, it's probably the most comprehensive social bill, social infrastructure bill, i -- i have seen in memory. climate change. um, competitiveness with -- with foreign countries. medicare expansion. education. free community college education. the list goes on and on. and by the way, it's tax reform. increasing the tax burden for americans making $400,000 or more. and also, raising corporate taxes and cutting up some loopholes. the idea is you can't spend this money if you don't have the money that you need to spend. so, it's a massive bill. the parliamentarian has said you're not going to be able to include immigration reform in it. there may be other things the
9:35 pm
parliamentarian excludes. it'll depend on what kind of challenges emerge from the other side. >> well, let's just take a look at -- at -- at the bill right now. $3.5 trillion. do the democrats have the votes right now to pass it even in reconciliation? >> they don't have the votes within their own party. senator joe manchin, kyrsten sinema from arizona. both of them expressed concern. all you need is one. all you need is one person to be dissatisfied and the whole thing can fall apart. look for the bill to be cut down. maybe, in the range of about 1.5 to 2 trillion. somewhere in that range and which is going to be considerable. it is going to leave the progressives very unhappy. but of course, what the biden administration has to say to used the old phrase, better a half loaf than none and we will see where it goes from there. >> okay. so, immigration is out. where does immigration go from here? it is not going to be in the
9:36 pm
reconciliation bill. what happens now do you think? >> that's the big question because congress knows it has to act on this. that's because the supreme court has given hints that it's not going to sit around forever leaving this dangling in the air. it's been put together by a presidential executive order. it's on weak ground, so to speak. and what the supreme court wants is for congress to legislate one way or the other. and so far, congress has not been able to put together a bill where a majority can agree. and of course, meanwhile, you ever have got 700,000 people waiting to see what happens because until something is firm, their lives are in jeopardy. >> all right. larry gerston, thanks very much for joining us again. at least two people are injured after a military plane crashed in the backyard of a home near ft. worth, texas. the plane damaged at least six homes. the two men aboard ejected. one of the service members in critical condition. witnesses say one pilot got tangled in power lines. the other landed in a tree. the plane crashed about a mile
9:37 pm
from naval air station joint reserve base ft. worth. in afghanistan, women, once again, taking to the streets to demand rights from the taliban. a group of just more than a dozen women held up signs, marched in front of the former ministry. they want women to be allowed to participate in public life, and girls to be allowed an equal education. similar protests have ended in the taliban pointing weapons at those women demonstrators. the latest restrictions include female employees in the kabul city government ordered to stay home. female students in middle and high school have been told to stay home, as well. women college students being allowed to continue studies in a gender-segregated setting if they adhere to strict islamic dress code. well, it is hispanic heritage month. an annual celebration to honor the contribution of americans whose ancestors hailed from spain, central and south america, the caribbean, and mexico. well, as we celebrate those contributions tonight, nbc bay area's joe rosato jr. shines a spotlight on a san jose man, who
9:38 pm
is not only survived some hard knocks, he sometimes delivers them. >> i have always been a fan of lucha libre and pro wrestling throughout my life. my father used to take me to the events. >> reporter: you might not think of pro wrestling as a cultural treasure. >> we have to believe in it. >> reporter: but to gabriel ramirez, the tradition of lucha libre, or freestyle wrestling is practically religion. >> in mexico, next to soccer, it's the number one thing. >> reporter: ramirez's parents brought a love of pro wrestling from their native mexico to the bay area. ramirez is passing the baton to new generations through his san jose school, pro wrestling revolution academy. >> here, you can learn anything from a -- to a back breaker. >> reporter: it's a school where you learn to roll with the punches. >> watch your feet. >> reporter: and falling down on the job is expected.
9:39 pm
>> theatrics. it's capes. it's masks. it's the art. it's the music. comic book heroes come to life. >> reporter: ramirez has run the school for 15 years while staging exhibitions around the bay area. the lucha libre mask, a link to mexico. >> it's something that is a huge part of our culture, how we follow sports, how we express yelling for the good guy, yelling for the bad guy. boo. >> reporter: it's full contact, closed ring, action playing out in a ring. in other words, all the wrong ingredients for a pandemic. >> it was impossible. >> reporter: the pandemic closed ramirez's business for what felt like ages. his dreams and finances fading with each passing month. >> it put my company in a position where if i wasn't creative, we wouldn't be sitting here today. >> reporter: that creativity, after years preserving the
9:40 pm
culture of lucha libre, it was lucha libre that became his savior. using his mask-maker in mexico, ramirez began designing and selling lucha libre masks, ppe style, on his site the business took off like a body slam. >> if it wasn't for lucha libre, i wouldn't have the opportunity to keep our doors open. oh, yeah. >> reporter: with his school now re-opened, ramirez is back behind the teacher's desk. >> so we are here now. it gives me great pride to be latino. to my parents being from mexico. he's been doing this since before i was born. i can only wish to have the passion he has for this. >> reporter: somewhere behind the lucha libre masks came a life lesson. when you get knocked down, you pop back up. because people and shows must go on. joe rosato jr., nbc bay area news.
9:41 pm
talk about a different kind of mask. the kind we are all wearing, these days. turns out, masks could also be doing damage to our teeth. we'll explain what mask mouth is and how to get rid of it, next. ♪♪
9:42 pm
♪♪ today i'm reviewing "donuts." let's get into it. [coughing] guys, that is some good stuff right there. it's like donuts and cereal. no burn or anything. this is so good. a lot of nicotine in here.
9:43 pm
comedian and actor chris rock is battling a breakthrough case of covid. he tweeted out today, hey, guys, i just found out i have covid. trust me, you don't want this. get vaccinated. during an appearance on jimmy fallon's show back in may, rock said he got the single-dose johnson & johnson vaccine. the 56-year-old also joked, he wanted the vaccine so bad, he used his celebrity to cut to the front of the line, and pushed himself right past betty white. well, doctors say masks are important to protect us from covid. dentists say be careful because they could damage teeth. the reason is what they are calling mask mouth. dentists say germs inside our mouths cannot get out when wearing a mask, so our mouths are acting like ovens.
9:44 pm
housing germs throughout the day. there are four simple things you can do to prevent mask mouth, especially for children. brush your teeth at least twice a day. drink a lot of water. and pack an apple in your child's lunch lunch. an apple acts as nature's toothbrush. and don't skip routine cleanings with your dentist. >> we need to refresh the mouth during the day. what a better way to put a snack in the lunchbox? and they can have that during the day to continue to cleanse their mouth when they can't get in there and brush. >> it's also important to use disposable masks only a couple of times and clean your reusable ones, often. dry mask mouth can also cause bad breath and gum disease which can be serious if it's not treated. boxing star manny pacquiao plans on running for president of the philippines next year, claiming the country's government is corrupt. he accepted the nomination of his political ally saying he is a fighter inside and outside the
9:45 pm
ring. despite his popularity, pacquiao trails the front-runners in polls that have been topped consistently by the daughter of current-philippine president, rodrigo duterte. the 42-year-old is currently a senator in his home country. all right. let's check in with rob mayeda and we had rain, seems just like last night and now we are heading into fire danger, rob. >> yeah. but at least getting some of the benefits of the rain. see the rain estimates from the last 24 hours. it did have a big impact on the fires in northwestern california as you can see here. fire activity really has come down across northern california. but now, there is a new source of smoke that could be headed our way this week. a closer look at that, the fire danger, and showers in the seven-day forecast when we come right back.
9:46 pm
9:47 pm
let us take you to a place you've been craving. where the aroma of authenticity turns into the scent of home. and the warmth of friends and family is in every bite. here, there's a story behind every meal. with cacique, you'll be inspired to add your own flair. so you can tell a story of your own. cacique.your auténtico awaits. let's take a look at the golden gate bridge and they got lighting down and they got the golden lights. they got the cars coming across it. it never, ever disappoints. i come across that bridge, i don't know how many times a
9:48 pm
week, and it never disappoints. day, night, morning, fog, sunshine, and it's looking beautiful. tonight. rob mayeda, we got some clear weather at the moment, anyway, right there. >> yeah, looks pretty nice. you know, you just can't stop but take a photo or video even if you have gone across it a hundred times. >> yep. i do. that's right. >> right now, we are seeing clear skies in san jose. 64 degrees. northwest wind at 9 miles per hour and for now, not a lot of wind in dublin. humidity looking pretty good at 78%. but tri-valley inland east bay under that red-flag warning starting at 11:00 tonight. and walnut creek, still pretty mild. 68 degrees no wind now. atop mt. diablo, though, by the morning, that is where you will likely see gusts above 40 miles per hour. 50s and 60s to start the day. bayside, you are not going to notice a lot of wind. most of the wind will be in the higher hills here, north bay and inland east bay. highs tomorrow trending a little bit warmer. 85 in san jose. low 90s inland. 75, san francisco. 78 in oakland and in the north
9:49 pm
bay, we will see highs in the upper 80s to low 90s. hill tops, inland east bay as we watch closely the peak wind gusts which are going to increase after midnight tonight. areas here in red and purple around the north bay and areas, these are where some of the power safety shutoffs are occurring in some of these isolated communities where the peak wind gusts are expected to be. notice also some stronger winds down near the deyab i can't be low range, too. >> notice now with the talk of this red will have flag warning, if you are are bay side, there could still be some patchy low clouds in the morning. and then, wind speeds do come down and fire danger should come down, too. what's not going down will be the temperatures on tuesday. mid-to upper 90s will be possible. the last-full day of summer going out with a bang in terms of those temperatures. 87 in san jose. pretty close to 80 degrees for
9:50 pm
tuesday. mid-80s in oakland. and then wednesday, temperatures do start to come down as the sea breeze picks up once again. we talked about this a couple minutes ago. you can see all the rain we had in northwestern california. that is a big -- brought down the fire danger across northwestern california and the dixie fire. not a lot of smoke being generated there but the southern sierra fires. some of that smoke may come up to the northwest and near the bay area late tuesday, into wednesday. and another thing we'll have to watch, in addition to the wind-pattern change for the middle part of the week, is this area of low pressure. watch this. dropping down off the coast of california as we get into friday and saturday. so as we head into the first weekend of fall, there could be chance next saturday we may see some showers trying to come up from the south. so, not a boring seven-day forecast. you got a lot going on here. we have got fire danger for the hills which will subside during the day tomorrow. look at san francisco. last day of summer could be close to 80 degrees on tuesday. and yes, first day of fall is
9:51 pm
wednesday. temperatures falling down middle part of the week. then, once we get past this problem for the north and east bay hills, then we have to see what next weekend brings. first weekend of fall could bring a chance for some scattered showers. at least fire danger can find mostly through midday tomorrow. terry, back to you. >> you are really earning your paycheck, these days, rob. thanks a lot. let's check with anthony flores right now. speaking of earning their paycheck, jimmy garoppolo earning his today. >> yeah. blow-outs look cool but games like this, yeah, lets you know you have a good team. jimmy g called it a battle but the 49ers' quarterback said the team did to be at their best on the road today in philadelphia. stick around. sports is next. planning on going to an indoor concert? you better get vaccinated. we will break down the latest state mandate starting monday. >> as we continue hispanic
9:52 pm
heritage month, we look at the economic power of our latino and latina community. turn your old clothes into fashion to die for. and a secret spot up in the bay where you can find your favorite superhero. that's monday morning at 11:30 on california live. g of $3 billion is available to help more people pay for health insurance — no matter what your income. how much is yours? julie and bob are paying $700 less, every month. dee got comprehensive coverage for only $1 a month. and the navarros are paying less than $100 a month. check to see your new, lower price. the sooner you sign up the more you save. only at covered california. this way to health insurance. when it comes to flooring, i'm hard to please. so, i go to floor & decor where they don't just know the difference between products, they live for it. from american hardwood to spanish porcelain to italian marble, i'm looking for inspiration from every part of the world.
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so, when it comes to discovering every imaginable tile, wood, laminate or stone without compromising my design, one aisle doesn't cut it. i need an entire store. now, i've got one. explore floor & decor in person or online at welcome back. i'm anthony flores. hey. the 49ers are coming home with a perfect 2-0 record after a gutsy win against the philadelphia
9:54 pm
eagles. jimmy g going the distance this morning. well, he and the offense struggled early. the momentum and the game changed on this play in the second. on 4th and goal inside the three, the eagles run the philly special. yeah, it doesn't work. the 9ers respond with a 97-yard drive. garoppolo hits jennings for the 11-yard touchdown. his first nfl catch, it's a good one. 9ers led 7-3 at halftime. the 9ers wear them down in the second. check out george kittle. who wants a pancake? that's what that block is called, terry. fourth quarter, garoppolo. now, the eagles would score late in the fourth but the 9ers were able to run out the clock. yeah, wasn't pretty but the 9ers improve to 2-0. they beat the eagles, 17-11. >> i was so proud of the guys on that win. that was a grimy game. i thought it was a really,
9:55 pm
really good team victory. >> i think that is when our team as a whole plays our best. when we can complement each other, offense steps up. when we are rolling like that, we get in our rhythm. that is what he we are playing our best. >> overall, it was a battle out there. >> up next, home opener in prime time. that's right. the 49ers take on the green bay packers next sunday night on sunday night football right here on nbc bay area. the raiders on the road in pittsburgh to take on the steelers. fourth quarter, big ben hit the pride of the east bay. harris. check this out. 25 yards for the score. his first career touchdown in the nfl. that made it a two-point game but the raiders have an answer. derek carr, bombs away. it's a 61-yard score to henry ruggs, iii. the raiders beet the steelers, 26-17. the final two weeks of the regular season are going to be nail-biting time for terry and
9:56 pm
the giants. the orange and black. wrapping up their three-game series with the braves. now, it was a pitchers duel until the top of the seventh. adam duval deep to center. that is a two-run shot. now, same inning, new pitcher. eddie rosario sends one in the cove. he hits for the cycle. the braves blank the giants, 3-nothing. san francisco's lead in the west down to just one game over the dodgers with a dozen remaining in the regular season. >> you don't often see us get shut down the way we got shut down today. but we have -- it has happened. we have continually demonstrated that that's not going -- it's not going to stay that way for long and -- and i would -- i would -- i would push a lot of chips in that -- that our offense is going to be just fine. >> all right. the a's down in socal taking on ohtani. and the angels up 2-nothing with the bases loaded in the 8th. ohtani gets matt chapman swinging for his tenth strike out of the game. what this guy is doing is just simply impressive.
9:57 pm
the angels send the game into extra innings, tied at 2 with runners on the corner. matt olson, tag you're it. he scores. a's win it 3-2 in ten innings. they are two games out of that final wild card spot in the american league. to the links, in the final round of the fortinet championship in napa. playing cache up on the back nine. second on the par for 12th onto the green. and it rolls in for an eagle! he shoots a final round 65. wins the tournament by one shot at 19 under par. it's his third pga tour victory. the former -- former-stanford cardinal maverick mcneely finishes second. that is a look at sports. you know, terry, i played tight end in high school and i couldn't block. if i would have been able to see video of george kittle doing that, i might have had a chance. >> it might have changed your life. >> might have. >> anthony, thanks a lot. .
9:58 pm
check this out. an out of this world selfie, and i mean literally out of this world. "inspiration4" crew splashed down last night. but tonight, we are getting a look at one of the selfies they took while on that three-day orbit in space. you know, they did a lot of work up there. i think they had a lot of fun up there. "inspiration4" crew is going to sit down with lester holt for their first interview since the historic mission and you can watch that exclusive interview tomorrow morning on the "today" show right here on nbc bay area. and i am going to think they got more selfies than just that one and more stories, too. thanks for joining. we will be back in one hour at 11:00. hope to see you then.
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i refuse to live with that level of fear. i had to do it you're dead. >> ever since i heard it, it's been replaying in my head over and over >> it was all very unbelievable. >> it happened on thanksgiving two teenagers missing. >> i just buried my head into my hands and i started to cry >> where they were and what they did would launch a terrifying case >> why did this have to happen here >> with a deadly end


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