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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 22, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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right now at 5:00, get vaccinated or get tested. a new vaccine mandate for one east bay county where you will need to show proof starting today. a major meeting could get many americans booster shots. why president biden is facing wordwide criticism, though. plus -- >> i'm not going to get her back. >> what happened to gabby petito? officials now say she was killed. we're in florida with the intensified investigation. this is "today in the bay." it's wednesday morning.
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good morning to you. i am marcus washington. >> i am kris sanchez in for laura garcia. let's start with a live look for you outside this morning in san jose. still dark and early for you on the first day of fall. could be waking up to haze again, but air quality expected to be better today. we turn to meteorologist, kari hall, right now. how are things starting off for us? >> we have fog near the coast and we're getting moderate air quality for inland areas where we can see orange dots that indicate unhealthy air quality for those sensitive to the smoke. but you can see the fog rolling across the golden gate bridge this morning, and the fog is shallow, only two to 300 feet above the surface. that will enhance the cooling we will see today, and it will bring the temperatures down a few degrees compared to yesterday. we have the air quality advisory, and we'll talk more about the source of the smoke coming in and what is ahead in
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the forecast, coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you, kari. starting today you will need prove of vaccination to be entering any businesses in contra costa county. bob redell is live. >> reporter: this new rule applies to some indoor businesses, and i can say many businesses, look at your tv screen. if you want to go into places like restaurant, bars, other entertainment venues you will need proof of vaccination, and this includes gyms and other indoor facilities where people are exercising and breathing more heavily. starting september 1st, workers must show proof of vaccination or test negative.
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and the those that died of covid the beginning of september were unvaccinated. workers in berkeley must be vaccinations. this is in any city-owned venue, and a negative covid test not an option in those situations. >> thank you. berkeley workers know when they will have to receive covid vaccinations or lose their jobs. workers can claim medical or religious exemptions and have to
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report their vaccination status by october 15th. pfizer, moderna and johnson & johnson have said their boosters will increase antibodies, especially for those 65 and older. the cdc could add clarity this week on who will be able to get one. >> they provide guidance to patients and so for example, they might say -- they might enumerate the kinds of severe conditions that would qualify somebody for a booster. >> health experts are sure the booster provides strong protection. covid-19 is front and center on international and national leaders today. >> yeah, and chris pallone has
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more. >> good morning. we're expecting a highly anticipated fda decision on booster shots later on today. you might remember that there was an advisory panel meeting on friday where health leaders looked at the evidence. they did recommend boosters for those 65 and older but pfizer did not provide information about the safety of a third dose of the vaccine for those 16 and older. that lies in the hands of the full fda. meanwhile, biden expected to host a summit for u.n. leaders, and today's meeting comes following his remarks in front of the u.n. general assembly yesterday calling for cooperation to beat the virus. the president is calling for a goal to vaccinate 70% of the
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world's people by september, and this comes amidst criticism of the wealthier nations around the world. in some countries like haiti or tanzania, the vaccination rates is near 1%. now an uphill battle in the senate. lawmakers are trying to avoid a government shutdown by the end of the month and no republicans voted to support it. the fbi now confirmed that the remains found this weekend in wyoming are those of young gabby petito that disappeared on the cross-country road trip with her fiancé.
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meanwhile the search for him is still under way in florida. nbc news' catie beck has the latest. >> reporter: providing new direction for the investigators, the cause of death has not been released and it will be several days before we have a final autopsy report. the fbi is asking for the public to help to try and find him. his parents say that's where he last told them he was going on tuesday of last week. they have not seen him since. former fbi agents say this could be an attempt to throw them off. >> from minute one, brian laundrie has done nothing to help. >> when the autopsy confirmed
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petito's body yesterday, his parents put out a statement through their attorney saying may gabby rest in peace. new video this morning shows the damage left behind by an earthquake near melbourne, australia. in some cases, it sent rubble to the streets down below. one of many small aftershocks were felt throughout the region. so far no reports of injuries. firefighters are not saying if they know what sparked the fire that sent hundreds of people from their home in petaluma. one woman used her garden hose to try and slow it down. she was eventually joined by firefighters from six fire
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agencies. 900 nearby homes were evacuated. one woman was shaken by the aircraft dropping flame retardant. >> they kept flying back and forth and circling, and being it's just a hop, skip and jump from the fire near our house, it was scary. >> authorities later allowed people to return to their homes, and the fire destroyed several other buildings. we know that fires like that and the wildfires definitely contribute to our air quality, but we may get a break today, kari. >> yeah, we are going to get a break today and even if it's just for a little while, it's nice to spend more time outside. oakland, seeing temperatures going from the upper 50s to the low 70s. not as warm as yesterday, heading towards 76 degrees, but we will still have the air quality advisory in effect with drifts of smoke. a touch cooler for many of the
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microclimates. a brief break before the temperatures crank back up tomorrow. we'll talk more about that in a few minutes. vianey has a look at our commute. >> managing to still stay quiet on the roads, and i noticed this pop up on the 280, and we will check that out. aside from that, clear through the south bay and interior valleys. this is typical around this time, we will start to see the delays early on because of the building commute. grand line road to 680, 23 minutes. and then 580 to vargas road, ten minutes. this is also another spot that sees traffic building around this hour, but so far so good, 15 minutes. san francisco leaders are moving forward with plans to restore transit service scaled back during the pandemic.
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"the chronicle" reports there was a plan to replace half of the city's 26,000 parking meters. it calls for adding more trains to the light-rail service. the meters are outdated and they say they must be upgraded. may still be september, but holiday shopping may be tricky this year. we will show how the disruption in the supply chain could impact retailers and your wallet. ready or not, here they come. the fujis returning. >> let's go find them!
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i don't know which is better, the spice or the price. try my new spicy tiny tacos starting at $3.50. only at jack in the box. good wednesday morning. it's 5:14. let's get you out the door in the east bay. in walnut creek, it's 62 degrees and a nice start to our day. we will see a lot of sunshine go into the afternoon. temperatures warm up, just not as warm as yesterday. we'll talk about this as well as warmer temperatures in our forecast coming up in a few minutes. let's check in on the east bay commute. north bay 880 from marina to
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broadway, ten minutes. no delays to report. bridges moving along but we are seeing a building commute so you want to head out now. we want to take a look at the futures this morning. they are all in the green to start. looks like it will start that way, anyway. we have a bay area company ringing the opening bell. fresh mart of san mateo, so we're watching for that as well. >> yeah. backups at the ports up and down the coast, containerships by the dozens are waiting to be offloaded at ports, including the port of long beach. it's disrupting the supply chain. >> we're in a position where we are stuck and we have to go with whatever we can grab. everything is cominging in very, very slowly.
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>> it's not just the backups, either. in some cases costs to ship from china are ten times higher than they were just a year and a half ago. new this morning, amazon eyeing a north bay site for the distribution center. they are weighing an application to create a distribution warehouse near the airport. a representative would not confirm the company applied to the county to build that center and no word on how much it would cost to build it. mcdonald's revamping their happy meal toys, switching from plastics to plant based packaging.
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>> oh, my babies are beyond the happy meal days. kind of sad. a mother is going viral after training for a marathon and posting online. she has thousands of followers cheering her along the way to the fitness goals, and she tells us on the "today" show how she built her audiences. >> good morning, here's another video of a overweight woman -- >> she gets you in the mood for running. you can do it, because the weather will be better. also trending, a legendary hip-hop group reuniting. >> take me back to the '90s,
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director, please. ♪ ♪ >> when you hear that song, you have to way at least, right? lauren hill and the fugees getting back together. this is after 25 years. >> i can't believe. >> yeah, this included that huge hit "killing me softly." yes, the fugees will play at oakland arena on november 7th. tickets for the general public go on sale this friday. >> yeah, you were thinking back, and i was having flash backs. >> that album, a classic. >> yeah, lots of good memories. kari, we saw that woman training for the marathon. >> yeah, get a jump on it because that's before temperatures heat up and before
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we have to deal with a lot of the smoke. let's get a look at our air quality out look. we are going to still have the air quality advisory for today and it's improving for the north bay and south bay. we're seeing some clearing as we get a little bit more of an ocean breeze, the fog rolling back in where we see the lighter shades of blue and that indicates a hazy sky. as we go into tomorrow, more of the same, but, yes, today, the calendar says the first day of fall. i guess we still have a few more hours of summer left. the earth's axis is tilted, and twice a day we have an equinox. we know our days are going to get shorter, so we have this -- of course, we have been seeing
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the days getting shorter recently with the sun setting shortly after 7:00. we are going to see our temperatures coming down a few degrees in the low to mid-80s. we did that hit the upper 90s yesterday. danville headed towards 88 degrees. san francisco getting the fog back in low 70s downtown. sonoma today reaching 78 degrees. a couple spotty showers across southern california, and then look at the system that will be coming in early next week. our highs going from the upper 80s today inland to the low and mid-90s by the end of the week. this weekend is looking nice. make plans to get outside, mid-80s for highs. san francisco mostly in the low 70s staying comfortable through the 7-day forecast.
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vianey has a look at the roads. >> we are seeing the traffic build but no accidents. the san mateo bridge, a little stop and go. time to head out now as you take the bridge as part of your commute. traffic sensors looking good. a little slowing along 280. let's get a look at the drive times. north bay 101, 19 minutes here. seven minutes to the bay bridge. that's it for me. i'll send it back to you. >> thank you, vianey. could making it in the bay get easier? we'll tell you about the
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welcomed news for home buyers and renters. accident forgiveness, and here's the thing, accident forgiveness is illegal in california. a 1988 law for bids it because people with accident forgiveness pay higher rates than those that don't have it, so they said no.
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a new report reveals making it in the bay could become easier with the housing market starting to stabilize and even with the evictions coming to an end, foreclosures will add to the market and rent prices expected to stay the same. federal state and eviction moratoriums are expected to expire at the end of the month. and the nation's eldest park ranger is turning 101 years old. she's getting a school named after her. betty reid sauce kin.
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her 100th birthday celebration continues. >> i interviewed her once. beautiful person. a beautiful spirit. also in for you this morning, expanding the golden gate ferry adding trips from lake spur to san francisco. the lakes spur terminal will leave at 8:50. and next top stories include californians failing to conserve water. we will show you where the bay area stands as the drought worsens. plus -- >> reporter: three school districts are set to vote on making the vaccine mandatory. remembering an east bay crossing guard killed on the
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job. how a community will honor his life today.
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while vaccinations are one of the strongest tools out there to prevent infection. >> right now at 5:30, a controversial idea starting to spread. bay area school districts are talking about a vaccine mandate for all eligible students. when and where it may happen. >> plus, why some cities are not
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extending eviction moratoriums. this is "today in the bay." thanks for joining us on this wednesday morning. i am kris sanchez here for laura. >> i am marcus washington. today is the first day of fall, and meteorologist, kari hall, she's tracking september heat. how are things looking, kari? >> looking better today in terms of temperatures, and also air quality. we see some green dots indicating good air quality in parts of the north bay, and san francisco heading over towards oakland and down the peninsula, but where we see the yellow dots like spots like the east and hayward and san jose, we have moderate air quality but it will improve. as we are looking at the forecast in fremont, heading out the door, low 60s to start. once again, the temperatures won't be as hot as yesterday. we're talking about a high of 79 in hayward, and 76 in oakland, and concord reaching 89 degrees.
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this little cooldown doesn't last that long. we will see a boost in the temperatures starting tomorrow. i will look at that as well as our air quality in the forecast coming up in a few minutes. covid vaccination requirements may be moving forward for some school districts. >> cierra johnson is live looking into today's scheduled vote and what it could mean for families. >> reporter: yes, good morning, marcus and kris. today is a big day. three districts here in the bay area are set to vote on measure that could make vaccinations a requirement for some of the older students. take a look at your screen. we have a breakdown of what those districts are. the three districts, berkeley unified school district, piedmont and oakland unified wo
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children 12 and older. there's an application date of january 3rd, 2022, is the date they have to have the vaccinations completed if approved. piedmont allows for medical exemptions and weekly testing and they have not set a date for a date of completion if approved. one family we spoke with says this is the only way to fight that deadly virus. >> it spares kids' risks and their parents and grandparents' risks, and it's a win-win. >> a date for the vote in contra costa has not yet been set.
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on september 9th, i stood in the same spot that l.a. unified approved that vaccine mandate and set a date of january of 2022, and they are the largest district in the country to approve such a mandate. we're live in san francisco, cierra johnson for "today in the bay." the fda expected to make the highly-anticipated decision on pfizer booster shots, and when the decision comes down those that received the moderna or johnson & johnson vaccines will still have to wait. nbc news' stephanie gosk explains why. >> it has been kind of quiet at vaccination centers like this in new york city, and traffic trailed off in months but that could change with the fda's decision on two key points with the pfizer vaccine, whether kids ages 5 to 11 are authorized to
5:34 am
receive that vaccination, and then boosters for the pfizer vaccine, the cdc panel will meet this morning and soon afterwards the fda will make its decision. what we have been hearing is some people are going out anyway before its authorized to get the booster. this is what the doctor had to say to me about that. >> this is not the situation where we want to be in, people are eligible or not eligible depending on the vaccine they got. this is why i think it would be helpful for the fda and cdc to come out with broader guidance with a range of vaccines and not limit themselves to pfizer alone. >> regardless of what the fda decides on the pfizer booster, it's just for the pfizer booster and those that got moderna and johnson & johnson are just going to have to wait. kris and marcus, back to you guys. >> thank you, stephanie. a possible hit for east bay rend renters trying to make it
5:35 am
in the bay. contra costa county will not extend the eviction moratorium. bob redell is live. how long do renters have if they are behind before they get that ae vehicletion notice? >> good morning to you. kris, if landlords are doing evictions, they could start a week after tomorrow, so in theory, again, anytime after september 30th. the board of supervisors in a 3-2 vote yesterday they decided against the extension. one member that voted for the extension said the pandemic is still hurting families, and another board member said she's
5:36 am
sympathetic but says we need to move on. she said they need to get people back to work. the county did enter into an agreement to help disperse $70 million in aid for those behind in rent and utilities. the sf board of supervisors voted to extend the moratorium to the end of the year, but only if the state extended theirs, which is unlikely to happen. this is according to the "san francisco chronicle." preston told "the chronicle" the state government is preventing us from mass evictions, and landlords are opposed to the moratorium because it puts a financial strain on them.
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>> we know there are so many folks figuring out what they are going to do next. thanks, bob. happening today, scott peterson will appear remotely for a preliminary hearing tied to the bid for a new trial. today's hearing surrounds the claims of juror misconduct in peterson's 18 year ago trial. since then, allegations have surfaced surrounding one of the jurors being evasive about domestic violence in her own background. she denied it influenced her in the trial and the hearing may happen early next year. testimony in the elizabeth holmes criminal fraud trial is expected to resume later today focusing on text messages holmes sent to the former coo of theranos and her one-time romantic partner. yesterday the first patient took the stand. it was a woman and her nurse
5:38 am
practitioner that testified a test inaccurately showed she miscarried her baby when she was still, in fact, pregnant, and the nurse had her take a diagnosics test. the nurse said other practitioners at the workplace continued to use theranos for lab work. we will walk you through every step of the way of the holmes trial. developing this morning in san jose, police are now investigating the discovery of a body inside of a home that went up in flames. that fire happened last night on shear brook way. this is near mt. pleasant high school. it's not clear how the fire started or when the victim died. oakland now looking to hire more police officers after it cut millions of dollars from its budget. oakland city council voted last
5:39 am
night to add an additional police academy. back in june it voted to redirect around $18 million in police spending over the next two years. the police chief says this is the smallest the department has been in ten years and oakland already recorded its 100th homicide of the year. the council wants the department to focus on recruiting cadets from diverse backgrounds. and then a 45-year-old crossing card was killed september 8th when an suv struck him near a school in lafayette. he pushed a child from the direct path of the suv before direct impact. tonight a memorial will happen at the middle school field, and people are asked to wear niners and warrior's gear, because those were his favorite teams. and then governor gavin
5:40 am
newsom calling for everybody to cut water use, but statewide the number of regions tell a different story. bay area water usage dropped more than 8%, but in l.a., orange and san diego counties only dropped .1%. the cabins in the line of fire from the edge of the knp fire. the fire now has burned more than 26,000 acres. it's 0% contained. we want to take you outside so we can look at our air quality right now, and we expect
5:41 am
it will improve today after smoke from the south made it up here to the bay area. however, the east bay and the south bay could see haze this morning. meteorologist, kari hall, is tracking the conditions. good morning, kari. >> i hope they get more containment on the kmp fire, and i have not seen the sequoias yet. our air quality advisory continues. this is a step down from the spare the air alert. we are going to see moderate air quality today along the coast and the bay, and the east bay as well as santa clara valley, but we are improving in parts of the north bay and south bay. some of the temperatures were hitting mid to upper 90s, and you know who you are and felt it yesterday. we'll talk about that more in a
5:42 am
couple minutes. a couple spots, let's get to it. in the south bay we're seeing fire department activity around southbound 101 near story road. looks like it could be a small brushfire near the highway. it is causing a little slowing near the area. that's part of your morning commute. now you know the reason why we are seeing stop and go. also, i'm showing fog activity as well on my speed sensors map. highway 17 is going to be your commute this morning. please be careful. i am starting to notice, that's the yellow by the way. bridge dive times looking good. no metering lights on at the bay bridge toll plaza. back to you. >> thanks, vianey. this is a live look out over san francisco, if you are heading over to the east bay you may be forced to adjust your
5:43 am
routes. the ramp along with the 7th street onramp will be closed all the way from the split. shutdown starts at 10:00 on friday night, and it will last through early monday morning. this is so that there can be repair from a truck crash that happened one year ago. 5:43 this morning. coming up, a surge of migrants. migrants at the texas border. we will show you the unprecedented action taken to stop the crossings. the dramatic finish that came down right down to the final pitch.
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wednesday morning, you can make plans to get outside today, there will be a bit less smoke but if you are sensitive to it limit your time in the east bay and santa clara valley. we'll talk about changes in the forecast. that's coming up. the metering lights are on at the bay bridge toll plaza. we are seeing slowing westbound on the westbound 880 bridge. if you have to take any of the bridges, you may want to head out now. a full traffic report in a few minutes. prosecutors cleared three
5:47 am
richmond police officers in the 2019 deadly shooting. according to east bay times, they say that deadly force was necessary after luke seal broke into his estranged wife's home. he was pronounced dead at the scene. happening today a topic of gun violence expected to be front and center in san jose. the council member plans to outline a proposal at city council. he says the plan aims to reduce gun violence with a focus on mental health aimed at reducing substance abuse, suicide and partner violence. that will come at 12:30 this afternoon. texas is taking an unprecedented step to prevent migrant crossings there. thousands of haitian immigrants
5:48 am
have amassed, many seeking asylum in the u.s. the migrants are moving to other places along the border to find places to cross. and then "sex in the city" actor recently filmed for the "sex in the city" reboot coming this year has died. he was also known for his roles on "white collar" and "hawaii 5-0." numerous tributes were posted online, including from his former co-stars. the giants aren't just
5:49 am
making a run for the world series. for years their park has changed everything from stadium toilets to field irrigation to cut down on water. the stadium has won the mlb's green glove award for ten years. wow, ten times awarded for their efforts. >> we totally understand at the ballpark what we are doing and the local even environment and ecosystem, so we go out of our way to conserve, reduce -- >> you can stream this anytime on or watch lx over the air on channel 11. one thing nobody can deny when it comes to the giants
5:50 am
these days, they like to make things interesting and keep you up late at night. last night the padres tied it at five after the giants came back from a deficit to take the lead. in the ninth, brandon belt slid home to make it 6-5, knocking the ball loose from the catcher's mitt. and then in the ninth, the padres hit into a double play started by belt. game over. giants have a one-game lead over the dodgers. the niner fans, they shoot for 3-0 on sunday night football and host the green bay packers for their home opener. we will pregame starting at 3:00, and then we will have the complete postgame coverage live from levi stadium after that. trending this morning a bay area power couple tied the knot even tighter. >> the photos on the instagram
5:51 am
account shows her and her husband renewing their vows in their backyard on their tenth anniversary. their oldest child officiated while the two other children accompanied her down the aisle. beautiful family there. >> i love it when they incorporate the kids, too. >> looks like they had nice weather, too. >> yeah, glad they shared that. as we talk about what is cool here, this live view of san francisco. i can just look at this all day, because it's so nice to see the fog back. yesterday it was missing in action, and today we know it's going to help cool us off a few more degrees. also help improve our air quality which has a more westerly wind. the light blue indicates the hazy sky. we are not going to see much of that going into later today for
5:52 am
the coast and parts of the peninsula. our inland areas are still going to have some smoke and then going into the day tomorrow more of the same. you probably already no this, it's the first day of fall. we have a few more hours left of summer, so i'm trying to bring it in with yellow and everything. the earth's axis will be tilted. the earth is tilted away or towards the sun, and then we know the days are shorter with the length of the daylight. we are heading towards some of the earth's light tilting away from us. as we go into the forecast, still pretty warm. first day of fall doesn't mean it will be much cooler. 90 degrees still today in morgan hill. we do catch a bit of a break from the upper 90s. it does stay foggy, and mid to upper 60s in daly city.
5:53 am
san francisco, low 70s downtown. for the north bay reaching 92 in ukiah. we are looking at a quiet weather pattern here, but as we open up the picture, take a look ahead. there will be an approaching storm system. it looks like the rain just falls apart before it gets here, but it will provide cooling and maybe help us feel more like fall here as we go into next week. we are going to see temperatures in the upper 80s and low to mid-90s through the end of the week. this weekend looking nice. you can make plans to get outside, mid-80s in the forecast, and low 80s early next week, and for san francisco mostly near 70 degrees. vianey, you are watching the south bay. has the fire issue cleared up. >> still a little slowing, but they are on scene. one thing i noticed that has not cleared up is the bay bridge toll plaza. the metering lights obviously on, so if this is part of your morning commute you want to
5:54 am
definitely head out now. over the bay area, slowing on the southbound 101 because of the earlier update on your traffic during the next hour. back to you. >> thanks so much, vianey. happening now the search continues for a missing swimmer north of santa cruz. there are going to be counsellors for staff and students needing assistance. winning big, where the newest millionaire is located. they may not know it yet. and then as we continue to celebrate hispanic heritage
5:55 am
month, highlighting one guy that invented and pattoned the first color tv here in the united states and in mexico. you're watching "today in the bay."
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welcome back. it's 5:57. you are watching "today in the bay." the former president trump filing a lawsuit against his niece, mary, as well as three "new york times" reporters. the paper's winning article. in a statement "the new york times" says, quote, the lawsuit is an attempt to silence independent news organizations and we plan to vigorously defend it. this morning the texas abortion ban is getting more push back, this time from some brands like lyft, yelp, standing
5:59 am
up for rights. according to the institute for women's policy research, the economic losses from current abortion restrictions already costs the state of texas $14.5 billion in just one year. nationally the restrictions costs states' economies $105 billion, and that could go on every year. and sworn to protect sunnyvale has to pause. >> he's a dreamer. he moved to san jose when he was young following the death of his father. he has applied and reapplied for his daca renewal since early march but never received a confirmation. now he has been out of work for three months after he lost his visa and then his job back on july 1st. more than 53,000 other recipients are waiting on their requests to go through. >> what i am trying to get the
6:00 am
state department to do and what they promised to do is adding more reviewers. >> the u.s. citizenship and immigration services say its goal is to provide renewal requests within 120 days, but they admit there's a massive backlog. right now at 6:00, get vaccinated or get tested. the new mandate in one east bay county, and just ahead where everybody will have to show proof. growing anticipation ahead of the fda's decision on booster shot, as president biden faces worldwide criticism on the issue. >> i'm not going to get her back. >> what happened to gabby petito. the search for her fiancé intensifies as the autopsy reveals somebody killed her. this is


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