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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 22, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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state department to do and what they promised to do is adding more reviewers. >> the u.s. citizenship and immigration services say its goal is to provide renewal requests within 120 days, but they admit there's a massive backlog. right now at 6:00, get vaccinated or get tested. the new mandate in one east bay county, and just ahead where everybody will have to show proof. growing anticipation ahead of the fda's decision on booster shot, as president biden faces worldwide criticism on the issue. >> i'm not going to get her back. >> what happened to gabby petito. the search for her fiancé intensifies as the autopsy reveals somebody killed her. this is "today in the bay."
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good wednesday morning. thank you so much for starting your morning with marcus washin. >> i am kris sanchez in for laura garcia today. a live look out there in san jose for you, on the first day of fall we could wake up to haze but air quality expected to get better today. we's bring in meteorologist, kari hall. >> we're starting out with moderate air quality. because of the haze they are going to have a beautiful sunrise. the air quality is going to improve. today the particulate matter is coming down to 50. for the most part it's going to be much better. as you are stepping out the door in santa rosa, 52 degrees right now. we will see the temperatures warming up, not as warm yesterday. some of the highs reaching into the mid-80s for warm spots in the valleys, and 60s and 70s
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near the coast. we will talk about all the changes in the forecast in terms of our air quality and the first day of fall in the forecast, that's coming up in just a few minutes. >> thank you, kari. starting today you will need proof of vaccination to enter many businesses in contra costa county. today in the bay's bob riddell is live in san ramon with which businesses will require you to show proof. >> reporter: starting today if you want to go to the gym like the one behind me here in san ramon, you will have to show proof of vaccination to get inside. it's a new rule implemented by the county starting today. it applies for indoor businesses like gyms, or dance studios, yoga places and those sorts of places, places where you will breathe more heavily during the exercise, and it includes places like restaurant, bars, and other entertainment venues. starting november 1st, workers
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in these businesses must show proof of vaccination or test negative each week for covid. the health department points out among the 35 people that died during the last week of august and first week of september, almost 96% of those people were unvaccinated. there are other cities in the bay area that have this proof of vaccination requirement. berkeley, you need to have a proof of vaxx for many indoor businesses, and workers must be vaxxed or tested weekly. san jose has a proof of vaxx for people in any city-owned business. we have more details for you. berkeley workers now know when they will have to receive covid
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vaccinations or pace potentially losing their job. the city enacted a november 15th deadline. workers can claim medical or religious exemptions and will have to report their vaccination status by october 15th. this week was supposed to be the first week for covid booster shots. instead, the fda has yet to authorize thoughts for any vaccine except for those whose immune systems are compromised. boosters will increase the antibodies. the cdc could add clarity this week on who would be able to get one. >> they add guidance to physicians and patients, and so for example, they might say -- they might enumerate the kinds of severe conditions that would qualify somebody for a booster. >> regardless of booster shots, health experts assure everybody
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vaccines still provide strong poe techtion. covid-19 is front and center for national and international leaders today. today in the bay's chris pallone is live. what is expected to happen today with the fda? >> reporter: marcus, the highly anticipated decision on booster shots whether to approve them or not for people over 65 is expected from the fda later on today. you might remember that panel meeting on friday where health leaders looked at the evidence, and the panel of outside experts did recommend boosters for americans 65 and older and those considered high risk, and pfizer did not provide information of the safety for a third vaccine for those 16 and older. meanwhile president biden is expected to host a virtual covid summit for u.n. leaders. his plan is to send more
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vaccines around the world. he is calling for cooperation to beat the virus. the president is calling for a goal to vaccinate 70% of the world's people by september, and there has been criticism in some circles of richer nations for somewhat hoarding vaccines. for example, here in the u.s. we have 55% of people vaccinated, and in places like haiti or tanzania, that number is less than 1%. back to you. >> thank you. president biden is facing trouble in iowa according to polling from the des moines register. one-third of iowans approve of president biden is doing. his handling of afghanistan received only 22% support.
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the vote now faces a battle in the senate. no republicans voted to support the bill funding for refugees, and a $28 billion disaster aid package that would help in part california wildfire victims. the fbi confirmed the remains found in wyoming were those of gabby petito. the search for her fiancé still ongoing in florida. >> reporter: the manner of death in this case provides new direction for investigators, the cause of death has not been yet released and it could be several days before we have a final autopsy report. in the meantime the search for brian laundrie is intensifying. the fbi is asking for the
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public's help now to help find him. investigators here on the ground in florida searched most of the day yesterday in the swampy terrain trying to look for any clues or evidence of brian laundrie. his parents said that's where he last said he was going on tuesday of last week and they have not seen him since. former fbi agents say this could be an attempt to throw them off. >> from day one brian laundrie has been doing nothing but cover his tracks and actions. >> when the autopsy confirmed petito's body yesterday, laundrie's parents put out a statement saying may gabby rest in peace. >> there will be more on the "today" show, and that's right
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after "today in the bay." a 5.9 quake in australia yesterday. so far there are no reports of injuries. firefighters are not saying whether they know what sparked the fire that sent hundreds of people from their homes in petaluma yesterday. the fire quickly spread to nearby terrain. one woman stood by and used her garden hose to try and slow the progress while firefighters arrived. she was eventually joined by firefighters from six different agencies. 900 homes nearby were evacuated and one woman was shaken bite aircraft dropping flame retardant. >> they kept flying back and forth and circling, and being that it's a hop, skip and jump
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from our house, it was scary. >> the fire did burn 15 acres and destroyed several out buildings but did not spread beyond that, fortunately. >> yeah, it seems like we are going to get a little relief today in the air quality. the bay bridge, it could be a sign of a cooler day today. meteorologist, kari hall, she has our forecast. >> let's go higher up. isn't it a nice view? we have seen this fill in here in the last couple of hours, and we are getting fog along the coast and it's freshening the air a little bit. we have green dots where it's good air quality, and we are going to see the air quality continue to improve but it will be hazy. an air quality advisory in effect with a touch cooler with the temperatures today. we'll talk about a slight
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warm-up coming up. building traffic is the issue right now. it's 6:10. if this is part of your commute, we are seeing traffic building in the east bay. this is the bay bridge, the metering lights definitely on. let's get to the drive times. the speed sensor map showing no major accidents, which is fantastic to see. grant line road, you're looking at 26 minutes. i'll send it back to you. >> thanks, vianey. now to a live look at sfo this morning. the faa increasing its ongoing crackdown on unruly passengers. this year alone we have seen nearly 4,400 reports of air rage, and both passengers and flight attendants have been assaulted. the worst offenders, a life-time
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ban from the airlines and a fine. expanding in the bay area, next on "today in the bay," the request amazon is making to build a new distribution center in one county. the all-new device amazon is working on for those still working from home. plus -- >> oh, yes, ready or not, here they come again. the fugees returning after two decades. we'll tell you when they are stopping in the bay area so you can get your hands on some tickets. kris, let's go now! >> yeah.
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working at recology is more than a job for jesus. it's a family tradition. jesus took over his dad's roue when he retired after 47 year. now he's showing a new generation what recology is all about. as an employee-owned company, recology provides good-paying local jobs for san franciscans. we're proud to have built the city's recycling system from the ground up, helping to make san francisco
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the greenest big city in america. let's keep making a differene together.
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good wednesday morning. it's 6:15. if you are about to head out the door in the east bay, let me show you how it will shape up for you this morning. walnut creek, 63 degrees. a cool start to the day. a slow warm-up, but we are still looking at temperatures heading towards the mid-80s. we are going to see improvements in our air quality. we'll talk more about that and what is ahead as we head into our first week of fall, coming up in a few minutes. we definitely have a lot of traffic on the bay bridge. we're looking at 13 minutes from 80 to bay bridge. san mateo bridge, 13 minutes. i'll look at your drive times coming up. and cnbc expect the stocks
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will try and shake the september slump. that is from cnbc. new this morning, amazon is eyeing a north bay site for the future. sonoma county is weighing an application to create a distribution warehouse. this is on the map. an amazon representative would not confirm the story. there's no word on how much it would cost to build that center. also new this morning, facebook reinforcing its focus on hardware, unveiling two new versions of its video calling device, the portal. the larger portal plus has a 15-inch screen. the release comes as more
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companies delay return to work plans. one incredibly lucky person waking up probably in new york, or near new york city. there's a single winner in last night's $430 million mega millions drawing. that winning ticket was sold in manhattan near rockefeller center. there's still a chance to win more money than you can possibly know what to do with. tonight's powerball pot near $490 million. trending this morning, legendary hip-hop trio reuniting. >> have to put my dancing shoes on. director, take us back to the mid-90s right now. ♪ ♪ killing me softly ♪♪
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>> i remember this, lauren hill and the fugees getting back together for a reunion tour, celebrating the 25th anniversary of the beautifully done album, "the score." yes, there's a bay area stop on that tour. the fugees will play at the oakland arena on november 7th. tickets for the general public go on sale this friday. if you have other things, they have tickets going on in four hours. >> that's early for us. nicole richie making headlines after this 40th birthday fire fiasco. she set herself on fire. >> hopefully they were extensions. >> stop, drop and roll, nicole. come on. you don't remember third grade?
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>> she must have been okay. nobody was hurt. so she has a fresh haircut this morning. >> i have done that. >> you have? >> yeah, not on a birthday candle, i just leaned over a candle and it got the right side of my hair. the smell of air -- but i recovered. >> your hair looks so nice and healthy now. >> it was a while ago, i had time to recover. >> it's a burn treatment. >> luckily we don't need to start a fire, light a flame? >> no, not as warm as yesterday but a little cooler. we have seen a lot of changes here. take a look at the sunrise that is starting to get under way. we're still about 35 minutes away from sunrise now and we are going to have very colorful start to our day, thanks to the haze and wildfire smoke we have seen coming in. air quality improving near the
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coast in parts of the peninsula and north bay. we will still see the hazy sky for the north and east bay. we do still have about six more hours left of summer and the earth's axis is tilted at an angle of 23.5 degrees. any other time of the year the sun is tilted away from or toward the sun. so with this being, of course, we already started to notice this, shorter days and longer nights, that's what we are transitioning to as we see the sun tilting away from us. as we go through the forecast today, low 80s in milpitas today. 90 degrees in morgan hill. for the east bay we are reaching in the upper 80s and low 90s. our temperatures coming down a
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few degrees thanks to the fog. 92 in ukiah today. going through the forecast, it's dry throughout the week. quiet conditions. as we head towards be the appro of a storm system, and although it doesn't look like we will get a lot of rain here we are still watching it and hopefully will bring spotty showers to the north. we are warm the next few days. upper 80s, low 90s, and a nice weekend ahead with mid-80s for saturday and sunday. vianey, you are watching the roads. any issues? >> building traffic, but we have had a couple fender benders, and we cleared out the earlier incident along story road, no longer an issue. south bay drive times slowing down. let's take it over to a live cam in san jose. notice we are seeing traffic starting to build. this is pretty normal, right
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around 621. in addition to the traffic building, i have seen stop and go traffic from the 80 heading to the bay bridge. you want to keep that cup of coffee to go this morning if the bridge is part of your commute. we have breaking news to tell you about. it's out of louisville, kentucky. three kids have been shot in a neighborhood. this is while they were shot for a school bus. you can see the crew interviewing probably one of the students nearby at the time. this all happened within the last few minutes, and police say one of those kids, sadly, has died. a vehicle drove by that vehicle where the kids were standing, firing weapons before speeding away from the scene. no word on the condition of the other students. of course you can imagine that neighborhood shaken up. i can imagine that young boy
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they are interviewing just feeling that dramatic situation. our thoughts with them this morning. next here on "today in the bay," could making it in the bay be getting easier? welcomed news from home buyers and renters. first, nbc bay area responds. >> you probably have seen the car insurance ads for accident forgiveness, where they don't raise your rates even if you are fault of the crash. but that's against the law in california. curious what is in your car insurance policy? ask your agent. that's why you pay them a commission. you can go to
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this guy here is busy working on our state's recovery. you see he lives in california and by vacationing in california
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he's supporting our businesses and communities. which means every fruity skewer is like another sweet nail in the rebuilding of our economy. hammer away craftsman. calling all californians. keep your vacation here and help our state get back to work. and please travel responsibly.
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thanks for sticking around. 6:26 this morning. a new report reveals making it in the bay may become easier with the housing market starting to stabilize, and even with the evictions coming to an end. appreciation will remain higher over the next five years with rent prices expected to stay about the same. federal and state eviction moratoriums are expected to expire at the end of the month. happening today, the
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nation's oldest park ranger is turning 101, and she's getting a school named after her, and her name is betty reid soskin. we have talked with her before and we know her 100th birthday celebration is today, and the school name will officially change to betty reid soskin. we look at where things stand in the push for covid booster shots. >> reporter: three district here in the bay area are expected to make the vaccine mandatory in some districts. i'll break down what students and parents need to know. a bay area crossing guard was hit and killed on the job. why he will forever be
6:28 am
remembered as a hero. we'll be right back.
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while vaccinations are one of the strongest tools out there to prevent infection. >> right now at 6:30, a controversial idea starting to spread. bay area school districts are talking about a vaccine mandate for all eligible students. a live report on where it may happen first and how soon. eviction fears. a deadline looming.
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eviction moratoriums are about to come to an end. "today in th" good wednesday morning to you. i am kris sanchez. i am here for laura garcia. >> i am marcus washington. we are going to talk about air quality that is expected to improve today after smoke from the south made it up here to the bay area. take a look at this picture on your screen here. it's looking absolutely gorgeous in san francisco this morning. let's bring in meteorologist, kari hall. how are conditioned looking? >> you can see the difference there. yesterday at this time there was no fog whatsoever. we will be slightly cooler today and less smoke. still unhealthy if you are sensitive to it, we still have a air quality watch. a little less and our temperatures headed towards the upper 70s for hayward. upper 80s for concord.
6:32 am
86 today in santa rosa. we will talk more about the brief cooldown and what is ahead in our forecast go into the first week of fall. that's coming up in a few minutes. >> thanks, kari. a new vaccination requirement may move forward for three east bay school districts. >> cierra johnson is live looking into today's scheduled vote and what it would mean for bay area families. >> reporter: good board members in three bay area districts have big decisions to make as they are set to make that vote on whether or not to make the covid vaccine mandatory for some of the older students. we have a breakdown of the districts and where things stand right now with that mandate. so those three districts, berkeley unified, piedmont as well as oakland unified school districts have votes taking place today and if passed that mandate would apply to students 12 and older. so far berkeley has a tentative
6:33 am
date of january 3rd 2022 for students to complete the investigations, and that mandate does allow for medical and religious exemptions, and piedmont has not set a date of when vaccinations must be completed if that measure is alive -- approved, excuse me. not all the families are in favor of getting their child a covid shot, but one family member we spoke with said this is the only way to beat the virus. >> it spares the risks and it's the best over all option where it's a win-win. >> reporter: so far contra costa district has not set a date when they would vote on the measure.
6:34 am
on september 9th, that's when l.a. unified approved vaccines mandatory for students 12 and older. right now there are no exemptions, and they are the largest district in the country to approve such a measure. >> thank you. happening today, the fda expected to make its highly anticipated decision on pfizer booster shots and even when the decision comes down those that received the moderna or johnson & johnson will still have to wait. >> so it has been kind of quiet at vaccination centers like this in new york city and others around the country, and foot traffic trailed off in the resent months but that could
6:35 am
change with the two key points in the pfizer booster vaccine, and the question about boosters for the pfizer vaccine. cdc panel is meeting this morning and soon afterwards the fda could make its decision. what we have been hearing is some people are going out anyway before it's authorize eyesed to get the booster. >> this is not the situation where we want to be where people are eligible or not eligible based on which vaccine they got. this is the problem the fda is trying to manage. it would be helpful for the fda and cdc to come out with broader guidance across a range of vaccines and not limit themselves to pfizer alone. >> it's important to know that regardless of what the fda advised on the pfizer booster, it's just for the pfizer booster, and those that got johnson & johnson or moderna, they will have to wait. back to you. >> thank you.
6:36 am
a possible hit for east bay renters trying to make it in the bay. contra costa county will not extend the eviction moratorium for tenants that have fallen behind on their rent because of covid. bob redell is live. how long do they have to pay the back rent before they could face evictions. >> reporter: the state's moratorium on evictions ends a week from tomorrow and in theory they could be evicted anytime after that. and the board of supervisors have voted 3-2 against the extension. one supervisor that voted for the extension argued the pandemic is disproportionately hurting the minorities and the
6:37 am
poor. another member said the economy has not fully recovered and those businesses she have spoke with they are trying to find people to hire and people need to get back to work. tenants struggling to pay rent in san francisco, they will lose their protection next week as well in spite of what the sfo board of supervisors tried to do, to extend the moratorium to the end of the year, but only if the state extends their moratorium, and that's unlikely to happen, and the paper reports that the supervisor behind the moratorium could not find a, quote, legally viable path around the state. landlords have opposed an
6:38 am
extension of the moratorium because of the financial strain it puts on them. >> tough on both ends of that. thank you so much, bob. happening today, scott peterson will appear remotely for a hearing tied to the bid for a new trial. today the judge may set a date for a evidentiary hearing. allegations have surfaced surrounding one juror misleading attorneys about domestic violence in her own background. she says it did not influence her in the trial. and then elizabeth holmes' trial to continue today. yesterday the first patient took the stand, a woman and her nurse practitioner said a theranos
6:39 am
test inaccurately showed she miscarried when she was still pregnant. the nurse recommend she take a different test that confirmed the pregnancy. under cross-examination, the nurse said other practitioners did continue theranos for lab work. we will walk you through every step of the way with the coverage and analysis on air and online at police are investigating the discovery of a body inside a home that went up in flames. that fire happened last night on shear brook way near mt. pleasant high school. it's not clear how that fire started or when the victim died. happening tonight a memorial service for the crossing guard that died heroically saving a young student. you will remember this story. 45-year-old ashley diaz was
6:40 am
killed september 8th when a suv stuck him in lafayette. witnesses say he pushed another child from the direct path of the vehicle just before impact. people are asked to wear ashley's favorite teams, the niners and warrior's gear. now there's a collection of century-old cabins in the path of the fire in the knp complex. firefighters are wrapping the cabins in foil and creating a defensive space to try and save them. the fire has burned more than 26,000 acres and not contained on any part of its parameter. california residents not coming close to hitting drought-related state conservation targets. governor newsom asked everybody to cut water use by 15%, but
6:41 am
july numbers are nowhere near that. the numbers by region, the bay area water usage dropped more than 8%, but in l.a., orange and san diego counties, it was a combined .1%. let's take a look at the forecast for you today. >> that's nice. >> yes, look at this on hump day, the sun is rising and we'll move you forward with the forecast today. meteorologist, kari hall, has a look at the forecast for us. >> as we take a look at our real time air quality sensors, we see green and that's good air quality, and it looks good in oakland, but then inland slightly moderate to unhealthy air quality for certificate groups. heads up about that.
6:42 am
a jacket needed for the start of the day, upper 50s. as we go into the rest of the day, air-conditioner on and we will see temperatures in the low 80s. we're heading towards the upper 80s, so not as hot as it was yesterday. a brief break before the temperatures go right back up tomorrow. we'll have more on that in a few minutes. vianey, how is it looking now for the morning commute? >> looking busy but no major accidents or sig-alerts to remember. one of the busiest spots being the bay bridge toll plaza. in dublin, we are seeing a building commute there as well, so typical heavy morning traffic at 6:42, which is typical for this area. i did see something pop up in hayward, but looks like it's just on the off-ramp. santa cruz, we are seeing fog so don't turn on your high beams,
6:43 am
keep a safe distance. new this morning, san francisco leaders are moving forward with plans to restore transit service scaled back during the pandemic. they approved a plan to replace half of the 26,000 parking meters. that plan calls for adding 30 more trains to light-rail service. the mta says the meters are outdated and must be upgraded. 6:43. taking all new action. next on "today in the bay," the key steps oakland leaders are taking as crime across the city surges. and then along the border, we'll talk about the unprecedented steps they are taking. and then the intense effort by one grounds crew member to track something down.
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we'll talk about that more right here on "today in the bay." every single day, we're all getting a little bit better. we're better cooks... better neighbors... hi. i've got this until you get back. better parents... and better friends. no! no! that's why comcast works around the clock constantly improving america's largest gig-speed broadband network. and just doubled the capacity here. how do things look on your end? -perfect! because we're building a better network every single day.
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good wednesday morning. it's 6:46. if you are about to head out the door in oakland, it's cooler. we have clouds but it will quickly clear out. we are going from the 50s to the 70s. nice start on the first day of fall. we'll talk more about what is in the forecast coming up in a few minutes. a quick check of the east
6:47 am
bay drive times, highway 4 to the bay bridge, looking at 22 minutes. the metering lights are on. we will look at how the rest of the bay area is doing in a few minutes. >> thanks, kari and vianey. happening today, gun violence expected to be front and center in san jose. a council member plans to outline a proposal to reduce gun violence with a focus on mental health and clinical health aimed at reducing suicide and domestic violence. new details, oakland looking to hire more police officers after it cut millions of dollars from its budget. last night council members voted to add an additional academy. in june the city voted to direct $18 million over the next few years. oakland recorded its 100th
6:48 am
homicide of the year. and then the governor of texas ordered a long line of public safety and national guard vehicles to seal off the border. that's where thousands of haitian immigrants have amassed seeking asylum in the u.s. the governor says the strategy is working. some of the migrants are moving to other areas along the border to find places to cross. "sex and the city" fans are remembering the life and legacy of one actor, willie garson. >> the actor's son confirming his father's death on instagram, writing, i love you so much, papa. rest in peace. he was also known for his roles on "white collar" and "hawaii
6:49 am
5-0." upon news of his death, numerous tributes are posted online including from his co star, cynthia nixon. last night in san diego the padres tried it up at five, and in the ninth brandon belt slid home and knocked the ball loose from the catcher's mitt, and then the padres hit into a double play started by belt. game over. the giants still have a one-game lead over the dodgers. niners fans, don't forget sunday night football where they host the green bay packers in their home opener. kickoff is at 5:20, and pregame coverage starts at 3:00 and will include postgame coverage afterwards live from levi
6:50 am
stadium. and one player will have his good luck charm. >> running back, aaron jones, lost a necklace containing some of the ashes of his late father, and after an extensive search the head athletic trainer found the necklace at lambeau field in the end zone at 2:00 yesterday morning. >> that calls for celebration. he definitely needs an end zone dance for that one. >> glad he's got it back. kari, how is the weather for the weekend? >> much nicer. this is part of the reason why. we are going to cool off today. take a look at this view. isn't it gorgeous? you can see the shallow layer of fog rolling over san francisco. yes, this was gone and it was clear. it's helping to clear the air as
6:51 am
we get a little more westerly wind, the ocean breeze picking up today and it will help push some of the smoke off to the east but still hazy today. our air quality going from unhealthy to moderate, especially for lot of the inland valleys. tomorrow, more of the same on the first day of fall. we have about 5 1/2 hours left of summer, and we're looking at the earth's axis tilted at an angle of 23.5 degrees, and we call it equinox. it happens twice a year. any other time of the year the earth is tilted toward away from the sun. we are going to have shorter days from here on out. we have already been seeing that. we are going to have much warmer weather going into the next few days, looking at the highs in the low to mid-80s today. 91 in antioch this afternoon, and then we're looking at
6:52 am
mid-60s as the fog returns in san francisco. low 70s downtown. it was in the 80s yesterday, so it's warm. we have upper 80s in sonoma. our weather stays dry over the next few days, but we are watching next week. there will be a chance further to the north there could be spotty showers moving in. a lot of it weakens before it gets here, but we are hoping we can get spotty sprinkles to the north. vianey, what are you watching for the commute? >> i am watching traffic get busier and busier. last 20 minutes, over the san mateo bridge, plenty of taillights there. all the bridges busy but, hey, no accidents to report still. we have a couple fender-benders that cleared out in the south bay. let's look at areas where things could slow down. highway 17, seeing fog so expect to see slowing through that area. back to you. >> thanks. happening now the search continues for a missing swimmer
6:53 am
north of santa cruz. the 17-year-old was last seen on monday body surfing at the time. he's a senior and so school leaders have counsellors for those that need assistance. get vaccinated or get tested. a live report on the new mandate starting today in one east bay county. also, where you will need to show proof. we're back in just two minutes. you're watching "today in the bay." wall of smiles? when i first started using genesys technology i was kind of embarrased at all the love and attention i got from my customers. people are so moved by how much i understand about them. they start including me in their lives. that's helen and her friends. i arranged a wellness retreat for them. look at those ladies. such wisdom. mmm. but it's really genesys that helps me understand people and what they truly need. i'm just glad i can help.
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welcome back. we are moving you forward with a look at the top stories on "today in the bay." starting with where you will need to show proof of vaccination incontra costa county. >> today in the bay's bob redell live with more on this. >> reporter: this new proof of vaccination requirement applies for many businesses here starting today in contra costa county, like gyms like this one behind me, and in san ramon, yoga or dance studios, anywhere you are exercising heavily therefore breathing a lot. indoor place like restaurants and bars and entertainment venues. starting november 1st, workers must show vaccination in these venues, or test weekly for
6:57 am
covid. almost 96 of those that died from covid from august to september were unvaccinated. a few other cities in the bay area are requiring the same. berkeley now requires proof of vaccination for many indoor businesses. workers who are starting october 15th in that city workers must be vaxxed or tested weekly. san francisco has proof of vaccination for indoor venues. a negative covid test is not an option in those situations in san jose. reporting live in san ramon, bob redell for "today in the bay." and then today in the bay's cierra johnson is live looking into today's scheduled vote and
6:58 am
what it could mean for families. >> reporter: good morning. three school districts have a very important vote to make later today. the three school districts, berkeley unified, piedmont unified and oakland unified school districts. they have a vote in place for mandates for vaccinations for students 12 and older. if the pleasure is approved, it would allow for medical and religious exemptions. so far a date has not yet been set for vaccination if that measure is approved. in l.a., that school district, the biggest in the country to approve the covid mandate vaccines. they do not have a medical or religious exemption in that district. live in the district, cierra
6:59 am
johnson for "today in the bay." contra costa county will not extend the eviction moratorium for those behind on rent because of covid. struggling tenants in san francisco will also lose their protection next week because of the extension there can only happen if the state does the same thing first which is not likely to happen. take a look at this picture of the clouds above the golden gate bridge. we have just a few hours left in summer and this is the perfect picture for it, because that's what san francisco looks like in the summer, kari. we're expecting a cooldown. >> good to see the fog rolling in. we will still have upper 80s and summer-like weather by the end of the week. cooler in time for the weekend. vianey? we are seeing traffic building, of course, on the bay bridge. the metering lights have been on for over half an hour now, but aside from that, a quick look at
7:00 am
your drive times, westbound 80 to the bay bridge, 17 minutes. we'll be back with you in 25 minutes with local news. make it a great wednesday. we will see you back here with much more news at 11:00. the "today" show is next. test. good morning. take three? a major decision from the fda on whether to roll out pfizer's booster shots expected as early as today with approval for a vaccine for kids possibly weeks away. what it could mean for the fight against covid with the dangerous winter season looming. everything you need to know, just ahead. united we stand, president biden uses his debut speech at the u.n. to urge all nations to join forces against the threats
7:01 am
of covid, future pandemics and


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