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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  September 22, 2021 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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he said in 2019 concerns were shared about an investigation going back more than a decade into a trainer. >> that he had sexually abused multiple trainers. the university finding may have been thin, and the records not maintained. >> hopkins took his complaints to the ncaa and top administrators said he asked hip to explain the swim coach without clearly explaining why. >> that struck me as wrong. i had seen the extent of the evidence. i was aware that there was a title 9 investigation going on. >> so he took his concerns to legal counsel. a week later he was fired. >> i knew that i did the right
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thing. i knew there would be severe professional consequences for me, but i thought mostly about the student athletes and the efforts of the swim coaches calling them to light. >> 23 athletes were inappropriately touched by shaw. and blasted them for allowing him to continue working with athletes. he was accused for abuse as recently as february of 2020. >> it does make me grateful that i came forward. because if i hadn't, i wonder how much longer this would have fwon on. >> we reached out to san jose state who had a statement which reads in part -- the university has agreed to pay
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$1.6 million to the victims and overhaul its title 9. he and his attorneys are claiming wrongful termination. a california judge ruled today that scott peterson must be resent tensed for life in prison. the california court overturned it last year. he will be resentenced to life in prison without parole. tonight an officer was shot.
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the officer is expected to survive, but many wonder how much more the city and short police force can endure. >> this is a reminder how dangerous it is in the city of oakland. >> armstrong is grateful he did not lose one of his officers in this morning's chaotic standoff involving a 50-year-old gunman. it started in oakland's uptown neighborhood. someone said there was a man with a gun around telegraph avenue. they say when the officers showed up, someone shot and injured an officer. the other got away. >> i was told i couldn't leave the apartment.
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>> she lives in a building that houses veterans. >> i didn't know if he had a weapon. that was the biggest worry. >> by then the crisis intervention unit, negotiators and tactical unit arrived. they say he also had a knife to hurt himself. >> we began to negotiate with the suspect, created a rapport with the suspect and he surrendered. >> the officer is expected to make a full recovery. >> three shootings last night alone. the level of violence in this city continues to be intolerable. >> help is on its way. last night oakland voted to add a new police academy. >> we need more resources and need to be able to address all of these. last night was a start.
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an alarming haul of guns from a traffic stop? east bay. police tried to pull over a car. sped off. crashed into a tree. and guns were recovered, two were semi-automatic ar-15 rifles, one loaded with 100 rounds. holmes and her boyfriend, this provided a rare look into their relationship. here is one of the many text messages released today. these weren't the only text messages revealed. prosecution called in a big name witness, james mattis.
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scott was in san jose and joins us with the latest. >> as we were talking about, the prosecution was trying to convince the jury that elizabeth holmes knew about the problems even as she tried to round up investors. today they continued making their case using text messages and one time defense secretary. he was a four-star general, and at one point james mattis was a member of the board of directors complete with stock option and a $150,000 salary. today prosecutors hammered on a single point, that elizabeth holmes knew her medical technology did not work even as she sold it to the world.
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also on the dockets, dozens of text messages between holmes and her co-executive and former boyfriend. some sounded conspiratorial. >> they knew they were pulling off this great train robbery of blood technology. >> this one about lab problems and reporters hinting about the country's future downfall. >> these messages show intimacy and how the companies were operating and not operating. and they were text messages that showed their edison technology wasn't where it needed to be. >> but the texts came with a warning from legal experts. >> text messages are that they are abbreviated shortcuts that are up for a lot of interpretations if you are not the party directly involved. >> a final note about general
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mattis. he said he also invested $85,000 of his own money into the company which he said for a long time government employee, is a lot of money. >> scott is in the courtroom daily and tweeting updates. you can follow him at his site. if you go to a gym, bar or restaurant in contracosta county, you need to show your vaccination card. that starts today. >> a lot of people seen the writing on the wall. >> the huge 24 hour fitness in san ramon had to add a new step. the county issued its new order
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requiring patrons to show proof of vaccination or a negative covid test from three years old. this woman is vaccinated but she didn't have her card. >> i was pissed. >> what do you think about that? >> i think it's fine to have it, but i just didn't know. >> 24 hour fitness says hard facts like that made it easy to cooperate and made sure to give plenty of updates. >> our member base has been resilient, listening to the mandates, state or county, and abiding by them to allow us to stay open. >> this qr code was attached to
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health department records. she verified her vaccination and once 24 hour fitness has it on record, members don't have to show it every time they come in. most members hadn't heard of the qr code, but it will probably bail out a lot of people who hadn't gotten used to that vaccination code. >> up next, spanish heritage month continues. a woman using art to reflect her latina roots. it was nicer with the fog rolling in at the coastline, but everything warms back up tomorrow. we will also talk about northern california rain in about eight minutes. when we come on the air in the west, amid floods and fires,
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i sat down with the man who gave us the inconvenient truth about climate change, al gore. and also people hoarding products. on "nightly news." ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪
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we are celebrating hispanic heritage month here in the bay area. we honor americans who hail from
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spain, central america and mexico. >> this woman has art that reflects her roots. >> i was always gravitating to creating things with my hands. it was more like art found me. >> for some art is like a window. sometimes looking forward and sometimes looking back. its reflection shows a journey. >> my senses came of age in mexico. >> her journey began in a small mexican town where there are crocodiles in a lake. >> if you are chased by a crocodile, you have to run in a zigzag because they can't turn, their tail is so short. >> people make something out of nothing. >> she was 11 when her family moved to san diego, crossing a
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border that would occupy her mind with art. >> girls crossed border every single day to study and go to school. >> hernandez was awarded a scholarship to the san francisco art institute. that's where the window of possibility someone wide open. she used her art as a way to confront -- >> i looked and staged it. >> she and her husband gave blankets. >> we attempted to kiss each other with the space blankets on our head. you could only do it for a
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minute because it asphyxiated you. >> she painted a section of the border blue. she boutified trucks with cardboard. >> in a way, fernandez was tearing down the boarders of creativity, tapping into the spirit of her native land. >> i think growing up in tampico, it gave me the magic i carry with her. >> in her studio, it seems each brush stroke, conjures up a complicated thoughts of the place she was born and loved. >> that was my foundation. >> her creativity is so profound and remarkable.
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that was really impressive. >> jeff is back talking about this first night of fall. >> temperatures did go cooler, from 5 to 20 degrees cooler. if you were enjoying that today, we have more heat ramping up tomorrow with a short visit. this area of high pressure, will help to bring in hotter weather, hazy skies and fog. we will get you ready to go. isolated to the line. a little bit of cloud cover in san jose. in the afternoon we have sunshine returning. it will be a refreshing start, 58 on the south bay, peninsula. more of 50s in san francisco and east bay. highs in the afternoon will warm back up another 5 to 10 degrees.
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if you are able to deal with today, tomorrow might feel uncomfortable. the hottest weather is back to our inland valleys. and even over to east bay hill we are not getting too much of that cool ocean breeze. if you are heading to the beaches, not a bad day. san francisco a split picture. closer to the coast will be in the 60s. some of the hottest weather is hear hear. -- here. >> we have cooler weather coming in. 80s, and then by next week 70s. we will be pushing back from a
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storm system that could bring up a few spotty shower chances and rainfall off to the north. next tuesday watch this and you could see about a quarter to three-quarters of an inch for the fire zone. there will be a possibility of a little bit of drizzle. not a whole lot but at least we are getting the pattern to shift and get cooler weather. still looks like a nice weekend coming our way. it will be hot in the next couple days. >> you have a little bit of everything on there. 90s, 80s, 70s, like a lotto ticket. still to come, san francisco growing but not in a conventional way. more and more rvs and people
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demanding the city take action. what does the city say? next. working at recology is more than a job for jesus. it's a family tradition. jesus took over his dad's roue when he retired after 47 year. now he's showing a new generation what recology is all about. as an employee-owned company, recology provides good-paying local jobs for san franciscans. we're proud to have built the city's recycling system from the ground up, helping to make san francisco the greenest big city in america. let's keep making a differene together.
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neighbors say their streets have become a dumping ground for people living in cars and rvs. >> but there is a new program that may have more coming in. >> take a trip to the bay view district and you may see a stretch of cars and rvs, people who have no place to call home. but the rvs are causing concern to the neighbors. >> we have complained to the city about the additional trash on the streets to no avail. >> they said they have had to deal with everything from generators burning all night to dumping and human waste.
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and they are also concerned about a triage center at candlestick point. they say the neighborhood is not equipped to handle it. >> these brothers and sisters with problems. this is a san francisco problem, not a bay view problem. >> we are not going to be moving folks and sending them back to the street during the middle of a pandemic. but we are proposing a vehicle triage sight. >> this woman represents district 10 and she said we have to face the reality that many can't afford anything other than living in vehicles in the area. he said the new safe site could
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improve things. >> there would be restrooms and 24-hour janitorial services and wrap around services helping connect folks with housing and doing everything we can to get people back on track where they don't have to live in vehicles. >> this is an issue in a lot of parts of the bay area. we will be back in a moment.
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i am starting to laugh right
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now. a week from this saturday, who is hosting? >> owen wilson will host, casey musgrave. and following saturday, kim kaye. and young thug, hilarious and brandy carlisle round out the rest of the month. 28 schools in california received the national blue ribbon honor, schools who have done the most to achieve gaps. six of those are in the bay area -- congratulations to all of the schools. that's great work that they are
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doing, right? >> it sure is. tonight at 7:00, northern california versus southern california battle. but our drought, our water is on the line. who is dropping the ball when it comes to conserving water. we will give you the new numbers and specifically who is conserving and who is not. first, hoarding for the holidays on nightly news. small businesses are trying to stay ahead of shortages. big box stores battle to snap up inventory. lester holt joins us right now. breaking news tonight, the major announcement of covid booster shots as we come on the air. the fda green lighting boosters of pfizer's vaccine for millions of americans who will be first in line and what if you have got moderna or johnson & johnson
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it comes as new u.s. cases fall as the delta surge finally peaks. also confusion at the border after the biden administration warned haitian immigrants will be deported. we're learning thousands who had been huddling under a bridge have been released into the u.s and the images the governor of texas sending miles of vehicles to form a barricade at the border the deadly shooting at a school bus stop. the police searching for a suspect. the search intensifying for the fiance of gabby petito after her death was ruled a homicide divers entering a florida preserve and new clues about the couple's final days together. the unstoppable volcano eruption on a resort island forcing new evacuations. experts warn it's far from over. my exclusive conversation with al gore 15 years after "an inconvenient truth." what he talked about then that came true and his new warning for the planet. and holiday hoarding why your favorite stores


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