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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 23, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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diminishing the value of performance based ev incentives. it's now asking an appeals court to move quickly to raise civil penalties which other automakers say will cost them $1 billion every year. the powerball jackpot has grown to 523 million. next drawing is on saturday. coming up next, making it mandatory for students. >> we have an opportunity to prevent and to stop further spread of this disease and we have to give our students that opportunity. >> a live report on the school that just voted to require vaccines and the plans moving forward. plus, the investigation into gabby petito's death intensifies, but where is the prime person of interest?
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where investigators are searching for her fiance and the brewing battle between the two families. first, a live look outside for you at san francisco as we see the bay bridge there as we get started with the day. meteorologist kari hall is tracking our forecast as we head towards the weekend. how is it looking? >> it looks great. i wanted to show you another view of san francisco. this one shows the follow that's rolling over the city. the follow often pulls in some of that cooler air and also some of the ocean breeze that helps freshen the air just a little bit. but it's still going to look hazy for the inland areas today. we're looking at more smoke and ozone as temperatures crank up. the light blue shading shows hazy skies, moderate air quality.
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people sensitive to it may need to spent a little bit more time inside especially today and tomorrow. we'll probably be doing that anyway because it's going to be hot. one bay area school district will now make it mandatory for its older students to receive the covid vaccine. the decision followed a school board meeting that stretched late into the night. >> good morning. those school board members from the oakland unified school district meeting went until about 1:00 in the morning. the parents and the students didn't waste any timesharing their thoughts on the issue of making the covid vaccine mandatory for students. that ultimately did pass. what do parents and students need to know about this new resolution? it requires all students 12 and older to be fully vaccinated. there will be exemptions with a
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doctor's note. when the vaccine will be required has not yet been set. you can imagine there was a wide range of opinions. take a listen to just a few. >> particularly considering that parents and guardians have the decision making power to decide whether or not to receive the vaccine. this leaves students at an uncomfortable intersection if they want the vaccine but cannot receive it because of their guardians decision. >> we have an opportunity to prevent further spread of this disease and we have to give our students that opportunity. >> only of the other bay area districts also considering a vaccine mandate, berkeley unified district and piedmont district have both discussed that mandate. berkeley has not yet made anything official. piedmont has decided to move forward with the mandate for
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students 12 and older. students will have until november 17th to receive their shots. in terms of enforcing that mandate there in oakland, the school board members meet next month to discuss how they will enforce it. oakland joins l.a. unified school district, one of the larger districts in the state. they have approved the mandate back on september 9th. students there have until january to get fully vaccinated. more details now west contra costa schoolteachers filed a complaint with cal osha accusing the district of not following covid related protocols. the complaint was filed three weeks ago, details now coming to light. the concerns center around quarantining, cleaning and informational issues. district leaders would not
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comment but say efforts are being made to resolve the complaint. a break today in the elizabeth holmes criminal fraud tile. jurors may need one after seeing thousands of texts sent between the former they are nose ceo and her one-time boyfriend. she expressed her love for the former executive, about 12,000 texts in all. experts say they reveal a lot. >> these messages show intimacy. they show a knowledge of how the company was operating and not operating. yeah, there are text messages that show they knew that edison technology, their famous they are nose black box wasn't where it needed to be. >> others argue there's too much ambiguity in many of those texts. one time board member james mattis took the stand and
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testified that holmes was clearly in charge of the doomed company. he left the board when president trump nominated him for defense secretary. we will walk you through the trial with team coverage and analysis both on air and online, developing right now, questions continuing to swirl around the death of gabby petito. authorities are still on a manhunt for her fiance background. >> nbc's katie beck has the latest in florida. >> reporter: investigators have been searching the reserve behind me for days and have so far turned up no new leads about the whereabouts of brian laundrie. the search for answers continues. investigators say they're going to be back out here at the swamp today searching this vast area for any evidence they can, perhaps using dive teams again.
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meantime, laundrie's neighbors are speaking out, saying they have concerned about why laundrie's parents didn't contact law enforcement sooner. >> are you surprised they didn't contact authorities sooner about brian being missing? >> i can't imagine my kid saying that i'm going for a hike and then two days later he's still not home. to me, i would have been on the phone within hours after him not coming home. >> reporter: investigators say about 75% of the area they are searching is actually underwater. so using boats and dive teams may be their best way to find evidence beneath the surface. more details now, the massive amount of media coverage dedicated to the gabby petito case is sparking multiple conversations across the nation about how much air time is given to missing white women compared to cases involving people of color. between 2011 and 2020 at least
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710 indigenous people were reported missing in wyoming, the same state where petito was found. according to the fbi's list of active missing persons, over 28,000 are black, more than 48,000 are white and hispanic. people of asian background make up over 2,000 and nearly 1500 are native american. the "today" show will have much more on this media debate and the intense search for brian laundrie. live coverage starts at 7:00 a.m. right after today in the bay. a call for change to demand action on california's current climate crisis. lawmakers believe it will help phase out fossil fuel and accelerate a clean energy economy. ahead of that meeting governor newsom is expected to sign a $15 billion climate package to help combat the state's climate crisis, tacking wildfires and
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addressing the drought. currently much of california is in extreme drought category. right now the fawn fire in shasta lake is burning in an area where there are no homes. at least 50 acres have burned. today governor newsom will be visiting the knt fire site. the fire is threatening more of the park's giant sequoias, burning more than 28,000 acres so far. full containment expected by the middle of next month. let's take a live look outside as we look at san jose as we get started with the day. of course kari hall keeping track of the entire bay area. how is it shaping up for us? >> so nice to see blue skies
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yesterday. we had better air quality, but today we are going to see the skies turning a bit more hazy as we get drifts of smoke coming back as well as higher ozone. right now a lot of our current air quality sensors show green, which is good. we start out with good air quality, but then start to see a hazy sky as temperatures crank up. the inland east bay going from the upper 60s to low 70s to the mid 90s by the afternoon. once again, it's going to be hazy as temperatures heat up. we'll talk more about a weekend cool down coming up in a few minutes. concerned about an early backup, but we're back to your typical pattern. the bay bridge toll plaza filling in. we see that volume build. no problems for the maze or the east shore freeway, highway 37 and highway 4. 242 cleared up on the southbound
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side. a smooth drive through the trivalley. the slowdown that we saw on here was a little more significant. we're back in the green zone from 880, 238 down toward the barton bridge. new this morning, one pandemic related san francisco street closure appears to be inching toward a permanent thing. city leaders are weighing forever closing the bottom half of john f. kennedy drive to traffic in golden gate park. since april of 2020 it's been pedestrian and bicycle only below 8th avenue. one of three options will be finalized. one option may be to revert back to weekend onlycoming up next, action the white house is set to
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take on the global ship shortage. and a new alcohol shortage. and a fragile golden state. while one player's decision not to get vaccinated may end up costing the warriors.
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in cupertino we'll see a few clouds here and there, temperatures in the upper 50s. it's going to heat up today. we're going from 57 to 83 degrees at 1:00. you're going to feel that warmth today. the forecast is coming up in a few minutes. the golden gate bridge with trafficking that may be slowing. we'll double check coming up. . we'll double check back with you in a bit. 6:15 right now. a look at futures this morning as the market is set to open in about 15 minutes. wall street set to open higher this morning, extending yesterday's gains, the dow rising about 340 points, snapping a four-day losing streak as did the s&p 500. both indices posting their best day in three months. california taking a stand to help warehouse workers from mega
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retailers like amazon. governor gavin newsom signed legislation yesterday that sets quota limits for retailers. it stops retailers from firing workers for missing quotas that interfere with bathroom and rest breaks. it also prohibits disciplining workers for following safety laws and allows employees to sue the company to suspend unsafe quotas. it applies to all warehouse distribution centers. amazon has yet to comment. happening today, the white house set to hold a virtual summit on the ongoing global ship shortage. according to reuters, intel, microsoft, samsung, gm and ford will attend focusing on topics including how to better coordinate between chip producers and consumers. there's an alcohol shortage a lot of states are facing. >> pennsylvania limiting two
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bottles of select alcohol brands a day per customer. virginia customers are only allowed to purchase one bottle of select liquors per day. dozens of states are experiencing booze shortages because of skyrocketing demand for alcohol. many states say restaurants and bars are dealing with a lack of truck drivers to deliver that alcohol. also, the top five coffee cities in the u.s., these cities offer more than just your average cup of joe. taking the number one spot, portland, followed by our own san francisco. >> not surprising. >> seattle number three, orlando fourth. finally pittsburgh is coming in at number five. another california city making that list at number nine. >> cheers to your morning coffee.
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it's one of my favorite parts of the day. >> the best part of waking up is your coffee in your cup. >> is "today in the bay." >> this is true. >> the build is right on schedule here filling in all the lanes right on schedule. it's 6:18 now. we see the backup on the 880 over crossing. that's the biggest change. highway 37 there was an issue. looked like a disabled vehicle causing additional slowing. east bay 87 slowing as well. typical slow stretch from
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pittsburg. brentwood just a little slow at the county line. the altamont pass as well. take a look at the fog rolling across the bay over san francisco. it's going to heat up for the inland areas. we're going to see our air quality turning moderate as we go into today. that means a little bit more of the smoke and the haze and also for people who are sensitive to the smoke, you need to limit your time outside. the light blue on the forecast shows that we are going to see the hazy skies, especially for the inland east bay and santa clara valley. more of the same tomorrow. we may also see the smoke moving toward napa from that fire that broke out toward shellville.
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we're going to see smokey conditions and warmer temperatures and add some ozone to the mix as well for parts of the south bay and east bay. 98 in antioch today. we'll see temperatures in the low 70s near the coast, san francisco mid 70s and north bay highs reaching into the upper 90s in ukiah today. looking farther down the line, there will be some cooling coming our way all thanks to a cold front moving into the pacific northwest. it looks like it brings rain very close, but it dries up before it gets here, but at least we will cool down. i'm showing you the ten-day forecast for livermore. still hot the next few days, but we see some mid 70s in the forecast for next week. fairly nice this weekend. it looks much more comfortable with temperatures in san francisco coming back to the upper 60s. now we turn to our climate in
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crisis. >> i'm sure you tell your kids to turn out the lights when they leave the room to save energy. here's why. a national energy report says the average american household uses just under 880 kilowatt hours of energy a month. that's equal to leaving a 100 watt light bulb on for a year straight. the energy used to power those lights puts more than 800 pounds of co2 into our atmosphere. it's not just lights sucking up all the energy. it's things plugged in 24/7, lamps and our phone chargers. if you can, unplug them when they're not being used. what's the payoff? consuming less power can have a big impact on the environment. if the average household cut power use by a quarter, we'd be
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able to prevent 200 pounds of greenhouse gas emissions from going into the atmosphere. >> for my kids it's the tv, the lights, everything that they leave on. check it out at in crisis. are you hesitant to spend the holidays with your unvaccinated family members? coming up next, the growing number of very wary americans. plus, not backing down. the all-new developments in the britney spears conservatorship legal saga. but first -- ♪♪ >> yep, you can always find our team on social media. we were back at it again. the latest tiktok dance trend. we posted that video on instagram as well as facebook. if you want to do it yourself, look at the video over and over
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again and then do it. laura, we're going to have to get you in the next one. >> i'm ready.
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a new harris poll finds that half of vaccinated americans may think twice before spending the holidays with family and friends who still have not gotten their
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shots. 50% of people surveyed say they're either extremely or considerably hesitant about doing so. they would go as far as uninviting those who refuse to take health precautions. 42% say they have cancelled at least one event or existing travel plans because someone was not vaccinated. new developments in britney spears' legal saga . it appears the pop star and her father jamie agree on at least one thing. the singer revealed in court documents that she fully consents to ending her father's conservatorship. her lawyers are petitioning suspending him as conservator by next wednesday. the warriors may end up caught in the middle of a tug f
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war. andrew wiggins is refusing to get a covid vaccination. san francisco's vaccination mandate is another story. if he holds his ground, he may not be able to play in warriors home games. the city's department of public health is holding off on commenting until after the league grants that exemption. coming up next, the top stories we're following including a brewing battle over past due rent payments as small businesses struggle to make it in the bay. 100 people have now been murder within the city of oakland this year alone. the public health emergency just declared by the city council. >> plus, under fire, the all new allegations keeping shark's star evander kane from the team as they return to the ice. we'll talk about it when we return.
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helping to make san francisco the greenest big city in america. let's keep making a differene together. violence emergency. oakland leaders with a new declaration after the city's 100th homicide this year. how the shooting of a police officer is adding new urgency. depending on how they define, that we could be talking about a broad swath of the country getting access to boosters. >> covid booster shots expected to be approved for millions of americans, but not everyone. we break down who's getting the
6:31 am
shot and the debate setting the ground rules. this is "today in the bay." thursday morning, 6:30. thank you so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. we want to begin with a look across the bay area as parts of the bay area could see some haze with others waking up to fog this morning. we're also in for some heat today. >> let's bring in meteorologist kari hall with a look at conditions this morning. >> we have some cool views around the bay area as the sun rises this morning, we're also going to start to see more smoke and haze. expect a colorful sunrise for the inland areas. moderate air quality expected today, especially this afternoon once we get more smoke and ozone. our temperatures are going to be heating up today. it's going to be hotter than yesterday. as you head out the door in the east bay and concord, we start out with our typical morning in
6:32 am
the mid to upper 50s. a few clouds in the mix and we'll see temperatures making it into the upper 80s already by 1:00 as we head toward the 90s this afternoon. we'll talk about the warmup and our weekend forecast coming up. the city of oakland declaring an emergency due to the increase of crime and murders. yesterday an oakland police officer was shot in the line of duty. bob, we have seen this in many cities before. oakland, do they have a solution to this? >> they think they do, at least a partial solution. on monday the city of oakland unfortunately recorded its 100th homicide for this year alone. yesterday the city council declared gun violence to be a public health emergency in that city. as far as the solution, the county is now asking -- the city is now asking the county of alameda to allocate money from the covid stimulus package to
6:33 am
the city of oakland's department of violence prevention. a new police academy will put officers on the street. with this money from the relief fund, the city would be able medical clinics, housing support and help small minority owned businesses. >> we talk about gun violence in oakland, the majority of those dying and losing their lives are black men and brown men. so this resolution is to uplift the severity of the crisis that we are in with 100 lives lost and the majority of those black and brown men and women dying on our streets. >> an oakland police officer is recovering after being shot while responding early yesterday morning to a report of a man with a gun on the 2100 block of telegraph avenue. the suspect fired at officers as
6:34 am
they arrived, hitting one. both officers fired back. man, barricaded himself in the lobby of a nearby apartment building. the crisis intervention team and the mental health unit managed to talk the man into giving himself up. the officer was taken to the hospital last reported in stable condition, expected to survive. it is 6: 34 in san francisco businesses big and small feeling the impact from break ins and theft, boosting the retail theft unit and hiring more retired officers to walk the streets. the owners of hot cookie on polk street are hoping to help stop the costly cycle of break-ins targeting small businesses. >> with i openear. in that time we've had five
6:35 am
break-ins and attempts break-ins. >> business owners say the break-ins are financially and emotionally draining. the latest white house estimates put the number of unvaccinated eligible americans at 71 million. california has distributed some 49 million vaccination shots with nearly 78% now fully vaccinated. happening today, a cdc committee will consider how to roll out the pfizer covid booster shot which the fda just approved. >> chris sanchez joins us with how soon some people may be rolling up their sleeves. >> we won't be rolling up our sleeves any time soon because this is not for everybody. boosters could begin in days for people over the age of 65, adults at high risk of severe covid outcomes, teachers and
6:36 am
health care workers, grocery store employees and anyone who works or lives in a homeless shelter or prison. today it's up to the cdc to decide how to make it happen. cdc director dr. rachelle walensky said she's ready to make the shots available as early as the end of this week. the biden administration announced it is donaing half a billion pfizer vaccines to low income countries. >> to beat the pandemic here, we need to beat it everywhere. >> unless the rest of the world is vaccinated, it really doesn't matter how much we over vaccinate our population. covid exploited fractures and people who are not vaccinated. >> all of this booster talk relates only to the pfizer vaccine. neither the moderna or johnson & johnson boosters have gotten the
6:37 am
green light at this point. >> was there any talk about the vaccine for children over 5? >> that talk's been ongoing. the fda is still deciding that matter, whether or not to make those vaccines available to children 5 and up. we understand that approve could come by the end of october. the san jose sharks missing one of their key players. training camp gets underway october 12th. evander kane will not be there. he's facing new allegations of sexual and physical assault made by his estranged wife as allegations as part of a restraining order tied to their divorce proceedings in santa clara county. an effort to help small business owners make it in the bay now reportedly under legal fire. the chronicle reports that san francisco landlords are suing over a back rent dispute following a recently approved ordinance allowing businesses
6:38 am
shut down during the pandemic to avoid paying back rent. it's based on a state law agreeing the agreement to be voided when conditions make it impossible to meet. two property owner groups claim small businesses in san francisco are not what the law was intended for and that property owners are being made to suffer. the city attorney's office has not yet issued a response. new developments in response to the deadly southern california dive boat fire two years ago. federal lawmakers have introduced legislation to change maritime liability laws. the new bill would update laws dating back 160 years limiting liability to the value of the remains. if this becomes law, legislatio to the families of the southern california dive boat victims. firefighters still at the scene of a brush fire in sonoma
6:39 am
county that started yesterday in shellville. teams are still there putting out hot spots and trying to keep the flames from spreading. a new fund is helping south lake tahoe food and beverage workers get back on their feet. >> the wildfire still burning in some spots and the economic impact has been huge following months of pandemic related shutdowns with businesses in south lake tahoe slow to nonexistent. leaders say many living paycheck to paycheck really need help. >> it's got to be tough to live in the mountain towns. everyone has each other's backs. help is still needed. anything helps, honestly. >> money for the new tahoe together fire relief fund is coming from different sources, including donations, proceeds from a new beer and a concert event, one of which takes place tomorrow. >> which will be nice for folks to get away once again.
6:40 am
here in the bay area look at this sunrise. quite extraordinary, but a lot of it due to the smoke coming into the area. a live look over oakland this morning. kari has a look at the forecast for today. >> yeah. it's thursday. we're starting to make plans for the weekend. let's talk about some things that will be going on. check out the red gate music festival happening at san gregorio mountain. temperatures in the 60s there and mostly sunny skies. if you hit the road and tahoe i be beautiful there this weekend with highs in the mid 70s with a lot of sunshine as well. if the coast is in your weekend plans, maybe santa cruz, we'll start out with early clouds and fog, temperatures reaching 72 tomorrow. then around 70 degrees for a high for the rest of the weekend. we'll also see some comfortable weather if you're planning to head to the north bay and going
6:41 am
to stay in sonoma valley. we are going to be warm tomorrow, but the rest of the weekend will be cooler with highs in the low 80s by saturday. you can see the cooling that will continue on sunday, 76 for a high. we'll talk more about our heat that's going to linger for another day or two. mike, how is it looking? >> breaking news for transit riders, bart in particular. we have a full closure for the end of the line here at the richmond station. keep that in mind that is closed. you'll have to head south to the station that is open. there's bus bridge between those two stations, that line is 72m. keep that in mind. all we know is there's a major medical emergency at that richmond station. that's the reason for the closure. the roadways are getting a little more crowded, leaving richmond westbound across the
6:42 am
richmond bridge. the bay bridge, the backup continues to fill in more densely. the bay bridge toll plaza. no major problems for the trivalley or the south bay. the peninsula is clear. the giants on the road right now, but boy did it work out for us. now just one win away from 100 for the season. they can earn it today against the padres. last night the giants scoring early often. a double started things off. the giants won 8-6. get ready for sunday night football. 49ers and packers at levi stadium this weekend. you can watch right here, kickoff is at 5:20. we have a special pregame newscast at 3:30. with many haitian migrants already being allowed into the u.s., breaking news this morning. next, the new statement a
6:43 am
haitian leader is making in response to the chaos and confusion at the border. >> reporter: the oakland unified school district is the latest to approve a vaccine mandate. what parents and students need to know. plus, a rather personal foul. the colors bart used for its trains that has some niners fans seeing scarlet red.
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good thursday morning. right now almost time to get the kids up and ready for school this morning. in morgan hill it's going to be cloudy, temperatures in the mid 50s. it warms up quickly to 86 degrees at pickup time. we'll also have a hazy sky with more smoke coming in. we'll talk about what's ahead with the cooler weekend forecast coming up. a beautiful sunrise over the hills there, but there is some slowing around there. we also have a closure for a bart station and delays for that line. we'll talk about what's the problem for richmond coming up. a world health organization leader is revealing that the delta variant is the world's most dominant covid variant. the organization's technical lead on covid-19 said out of the four variants of concern, delta
6:47 am
is by far the most transmissible. in los angeles county hospitalizations have fallen below 1,000 for the first time since july. however, the number ofhere on t. one bay area school district will now make it mandatory for its older students to receive the covid vaccine. >> the decision followed a school board meeting that stretched late into the night. >> reporter: good morning. that district is the oakland unified school district. that meeting went until about 1:00 a.m. students and parents were really polarized on the issue, but ultimately that school board did decide to pass that resolution. the passage means that all students 12 years and older will
6:48 am
be required to be fully vaccinated against covid-19. there will be exemptions with a doctor's note. when that vaccine will be required has not yet been set. some other bay area districts are also discussing a vaccine mandate. both the berkeley school district and the piedmont have discussed the mandate. berkeley has not made anything official. piedmont has decided to move forward with a mandate for students 12 and older. those students have until november 17th to receive their shots. the school board members will meet again next month to decide how they will enforce the mandate in oakland. in l.a. unified they have until january for their students 12 and older to be vaccinated. breaking news in the crisis at the southern border.
6:49 am
chris pollone is live on capitol hill this morning. i understand there's now a new resignation to talk about. >> reporter: that's right. in the last hour president biden's envoy to haiti has submitted his resignation, citing what he calls the inhumane treatment and deportation of haitians at the southern border. daniel foot was appointed to the job just back in july following the assassination of haiti's president. even before the crisis at the southern border, the career diplomat was known to be deeply frustrated with what he considered a lack of urgency in washington and a glacial pace on efforts to improve conditions in haiti. u.s. officials say thousands of
6:50 am
those migrants in del rio, texas, are being released into the united states. they've been camping out in that border town for weeks. many now have 60 days to appear at an immigration office. this outcome requires less processing time for border patrol agents compared to ordering an appearance in immigration court. this is happening despite public statements from the biden administration saying migrants would face immediate expulsion to haiti. nbc news has been given rare access to that camp under the bridge in del rio where more than 5,000 migrants still call home. the texas department of public safety tells us up to 600 haitian migrants are making their way towards del rio but it's other areas that have them worried. >> we still have gaps along the border. we have individuals that we don't know who they are or where they're coming from crossing into our country.
6:51 am
>> reporter: the department of homeland security says about 1400 migrants have been returned to haiti so far. since sunday, 12 flights have taken off to achieve that effort. an estimated 3200 have been moved away from camps into custody. it's not clear how it's being decided who gets released into the united states and who gets deported. >> thank you very much, chris. there are about four months until the winter olympics begin in beijing. they're going to air right here on nbc bay area. all u.s. athletes will have to be fully vaccinated for covid. during the summer games vaccinations were encouraged but not required. bart setting the record straight over its seat. >> many football fans have wondered whether the newer trains were made for seattle seahawks fans.
6:52 am
the seats are blue and green. bart tweeted a graphic to explain saying that while the seats look similar to the seahawks there are some key differences. the blue and green colors for the team much darker. bart says they get this question every few months especially around football season. there you have it. >> our director ken is a seahawks fan. >> we should make the seahawks change their colors because of bart. >> that's how it works. let's get a look at that forecast with kari. >> we're going to start out with some hazy skies across the bay area. as we go into today air quality turns moderate. that means that people who are sensitive to the smoke should limit time outside. we're going to see some of the worst air quality in east bay and santa clara valley. our temperatures will be warming up and we're also going to add some ozone to our pollution out there today.
6:53 am
temperatures reaching 98 in antioch, low 90s in the north bay, san francisco headed toward the mid 70s, palo alto today looking at a high of 86 degrees. warmer this afternoon, but as we go into next week we are going to see some cooling headed our way. there will be a cold front moving into the pacific northwest that's going to increase our rain chances farther to the north. i don't think we're going to see much of that in the bay area. it will be nice to get some cooling here. as we take a look at our seven-day forecast, we're in the upper 90s. still very summer like. the weekend is looking nicer. next week 70s for highs. looking forward to that. i have bad news we're tracking for the bart riders. that richmond station continues to be closed because of a major medical emergency. we don't have a lot of detail on that, but once the detail comes in it's rarely anything pleasant. we're looking toward that closure and the bridge between
6:54 am
the richmond administration and the norte station. that's at the end of the line, so it shouldn't affect much more than send a few more folks to the roadway. the bay bridge and the drive from vallejo are starting to build as well as highway 4. look at this, a lot of slowing coming down at the county line. this crash is now in the center divide, west 580 a distraction. we're starting up at capital expressway for 101 and the build starting for 87 as well. happening now the white house taking new steps to reduce climate pollution. the epa ordering a sharp cut back in the use and production of hydrofluorocarbons known as hfcs, climate warming chemicals
6:55 am
widely used in air-conditioning and refrigeration. the steps oakland leaders are now taking amid an alarming increase this crime. plus, will it be a game changer in the covid fight? everything you need to know about the fda's decision to authorize pfizer booster shots for millions of americans.
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welcome back. we're moving you forward with a look at our top stories. live look in oakland where leaders are declaring an emergency due to the surge in crime. this week the city marked its 100th homicide of the year. yesterday a police officer was shot in the line of duty. he is expected to recover. leaders are asking the county to allocate federal stimulus money for violence prevention. today the cdc is figuring out how to roll out the pfizer booster shot. the fda gave the green light for boosters to anyone over the age of 65, high risk adults, teacher rs and health care workers, among others. those boosters will only be available to people who received their second dose six months ago. today governor newsom will visit the knt fire site in sequoia national park as we take a live look outside this morning, taking a
6:59 am
look in san jose, where you can see that haze there. still a concern as we taught air quality. kari hall has a look at what we can expect from the forecast today. >> we are going to have moderate air quality and add in some ozone as temperatures heat up to the upper 90s for the inland areas. some low 90s tomorrow, but it will cool off as we go into the weekend and early next week. of course this first full day of fall we are feeling the summer temperatures hanging on. mike, you have breaking news. >> bart riders cannot get into the richmond station. it's closed. in addition to that, a 20 minute delay for trains originating out of richmond. we're looking at a major medical emergency at that station. the bay bridge toll plaza showing an backup, but that's start. that richmond station for bart is closed. stay with nbc bay area because we're back with local news updates every half hour.
7:00 am
we'll keep you updated on the commute and whatever else you need to know. let's look live at san francisco as we get started with this thursday. the "today" show is next. ♪♪ ♪ good morning giving a boost. the fda approves an extra dose of the pfizer vaccine for tens of millions, including older americans and others at high risk how soon will we see those shots in arms? what about the millions who have received other vacnes? we'll have the latest. border crisis. the biden administration reveals thousands of migrants at that bridge camp near texas have actually been allowed to enter the u.s. despite the warning just


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