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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  September 24, 2021 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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heading out for your booster shot. landlords could start forcing out ten innocents who over them months of overdue rent by next friday. the state has tried to distribute millions of rent relief help but can they do it before eviction notices start going up. >> was she warned about the inaccuracy of the theranos devices? the key testimony in the elizabeth holmes trial. the news at 6:00 starts now. thanks for being with us. between the president, the fda, cdc and state health department, there's been a lot of mixed messages about who can get a third shot and when they can start lining up.
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>>. >> reporter: pfizer booster shots are officially approved but only for specific groups. we turned to an expert to try to sort it out. >> one thing is those at risk for severe breakthroughs between 70 to 87% of them were people over 65. i think that's the definitive group. >> reporter: you qualify if you're 65 or older or if you're 18 and older with a significant underlying health condition or if you have a job that puts you at heightened risk like doctors, nurses and first responders. there's one more critical catch. you can only get a booster if you initially got the pfizer vaccine. people vaccinated with moderna or j and j will have to wait a little longer.
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it's going to look a little different. this time you'll have more than 100 locations to choose from including doctors and pharmacy. >> this time around we're focusing on improving access so most people in the city live within walking distance 10 to 15 minutes to a vaccination site. the vast majority are within an easy commute. >> reporter: there's still confusion locally. some counties have started offering boosters but others including san francisco say they are waiting for one more green light from the state health department. if you're still not clear on whether you qualify, call your doctor. >> each out to speak with your health care home and see if there is manager that, one you qualify for and two if it's something how to prioritize that within all of your health care needs. >> reporter: cvs said boosters are available600
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stores. >> santa clara county began giving people covid booster shots today. it got under way as hundreds of protesters staged rally at san jose city hall. many of them said they are not anti-vaccine but they want people to be allowed to make their own choice. >> i'm 100% sure these shots do not prevent transmission. >> what about public health officials that say they help? >> they are wrong. they need to read the science. >> today the county public health department opened up two clinics to offer booster shots. the shots are available to people 65 years old and older and those with qualifying underlying health conditions. it's by appointment only so far. san mateo county is
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preparing to host the largest in-person conference since the pandemic began. the event will take place from september 27th at the san mateo event center. our coronavirus coverage continuesposting updates 24/7. pg&e facing criminal charges for sparking a deadly wildfire. one of the charges, manslaughter. this one of handful that investigators believe fell on the a pg&e power line and started ta fire.
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four are for involuntary manslaughter. pg&e is criminally negligent because it failed to remove the tree even though it had been marked for removal much earlier. >> those that lost loved ones need justice. they need those held criminally responsible. >> pg&e ceo said in statement that her heart aches for victims of fire. she says pg&e spends billions of dollars clearing trees and limbs from power lines tlouts northern california. topping off a week dedicated to taking action against climate change. today is officially climate action day in san jose.
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the mayor and other leaders today did their part and cleared away brush. >> that is why we are here today. this is the whole point of what we're doing. why we all come together from these different organizations. we are now power less in fight against climate change. >> every one must help. he says it affects the most vulnerable. in less than a week, california moratorium will end. it's a race against time for tens of thousands hurt. the state says it has more than a billion dollars to help out to distribute. one tenant group says the state is not cutting those checks fast
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enough. it's hit hard by the pandemic and unable to pay months of over due rent right before senator holmes by flexion friday. >> the need is overwhelming. i can't even describe it. >> reporter: the wave of evictions is coming and she's a life guard trying to rescue tenants from drowning in homelessness. she runs the eviction defense center in oakland. >> it's until september 30th. we're answering calls and trying to help people get in the system. >> reporter: the system she's referring to is california's rent relief program. $5.2 million that are supposed to help struggling families bounce back from the pandemic by
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paying their back rent and overdue utility bills even though thousands of bay area landlords and tenants have applied, receiving the help has been a waiting game. >> the infrastructure really wasn't there to pipeline the money into the community. it's there now. i feel like the money is starting to flow but it's definitely frustrating. there's a huge backlog. >> reporter: the relief program does not end on the 30th which means you can still receive rent help after the moratorium is lifted. the state has $1.4 billion left to hand out. >> we serve richmond and other parts of contra costa and the need for services there has been so great and we're hearing a lot of like threat of evictions starting october 1st. >> funding is there.
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they should apply. don't be unhoused because you didn't apply. testimony could be key because it could be thrown out. >> this testimony could prove crucial to her. >> it was all the prosecution questioning former theranos lab director so far. the prosecution is trying to prove she knew the company's machines didn't work while she continued to raise hundreds of millions of dollars from investors on the stand. he said when he joined the company, he believed the start-up would be next apple but said it wasn't long before alarm
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bells started to go off. he testified the same blood sample tested on multiple machines came back with different results. he says as the deadline to release the company's machines commercially drew near, he spoke to holmes directly about his concerns. >> the machine was reliable. it was failing quality control standards and he was very concerned about ruling this out to the public. >> bad news for elizabeth holmes? >> it's not great for the defense. >> scott, did he say how long after he told her that he stay with the company and what exactly motivated him? >> he didn't stay long after that. he left towards the end of 2014 which if you think about it was even before the articles started to come out about problems
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inside theranos. he said he told management, including elizabeth holmes that things were bad. he said he wasn'ted listened to and that's when he left. up next, major change coming to the commute in the south bay. what you need know about the big project involving vta and highway 101. : hitting streets to save the planet. the worldwide protest that had kids shouting from san francisco to uganda. cooler weather on the way and eventually more of those rain chances. we'll have an updated look at this and those temperatures. see you back here in about eight minutes. who is eligible for those pfizer booster shots? wheal look at why the cdc's position is so unusual. also it was an iconic photo from the afghan air lift.
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police investigaing a deadly shooting that happened a little before 11:00 last night near center quest park. police only describe the victim as a 33-year-old man from
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vallejo. this is the city's 13th homicide of the year. the city had 29 last year. one of the most notoriously congested intersections in silicon valley is about to get a rebuild. it's a bit of a mess. the project will reconstruct the intersection and widen the road. the goal is to get every one where they want to go, faster and with more options. >> reconstructing the overcrossing of this interchange provide additional lanes. these improvements will support north to south commuter headed to work. >> the project was funded by the 2016 measure b sales tax. the issue of climate change rang out in streets around the world today. it was part of a global day of
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action by young people. nbc bay area was in san francisco where the local message was loud and clear. >> reporter: at market street, the voices of young people rang out. several hundred young people took up signs and took to the streets to draw attention to the pressing issue of climate change. >> the message here is we're going the fight for our future and we're not just going to sit down and wait for our planet to die. >> reporter: the group accuse world leaders of failing to take action ta kicking the disaster down the road. >> they don't know what to do. they are constantly messing up and we have to figure out what to do to fix their problem. >> reporter: they marched down market street to the federal building where they staged a die in. >> every time a politician follows the money instead of the people, they sign our death
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sentences. >> reporter: with devastating wildfire, rising sea levels and warming temperature, the young people say there's urgency in their message that the global crisis is becoming theirs to bear. >> we're not going to be able the die of old age at this point. at this point we're going to die of climate change. last couple of days we have been dealing with pretty hot weather in every part of the bay contrary. jeff joins us with good news. >> y'all ready for that in. >> we are. >> me too. i know these 90s to 100s have been kind of hard to deal with this week. you want some of that cool fall weather to arrive. we only had a little bit of that over the past seven days but there's more cooling on the way and it will be a lot more consistent. we have this cooler air beginning to drop down tomorrow and at the same time the fog right there at the coastline and that's really going to set us up
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good. as we start off for tomorrow morning, you can see fog right here at the coastline and even some spotty drizzle. the cloud cover going over towards oakland and berkeley. some low clouds over the knot bay. most of us getting sunshine. you can see it over the east bay. we are going to begin on the chilly side. we have the 50s over the south bay. i have your down here to a 56 in east bay. north bay my coldest temperatures at 51. instead of mid and upper 90s, look at the results. see, i knew you would be happier with this.
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87 in concord. san jose, 80. right up to napa also 80. go near the bay or the coast and we'll have the 60s from oakland, san francisco right into half-moon bay. numbers begin to drop tomorrow. what about sunday? we have been talking about the 49ers out at levi stadium for the home opener. this is really going to be excellent. pre-game,76. if you don't have tickets, don't worry. we have pre and post game coverage and the game right here on nbc bay contrary. he's move into next week. once we hit tuesday in northern california. for us, the chances of any showers are pretty minimal at this point but up until the fire zones we are still good for rainfall. totals are down a little bit on this but a tenth to half inch here for the fires that are still burning. that includes the dixie, river
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and the mccash fire. as we get you into that seven-day forecast, you can see in san francisco we're holding strong. through inland valley, not only 80s this weekend but once we hit monday, tuesday and wednesday, we have those 70s back in the mix. that will be really nice. jessica, i have one question for you. >> i'm ready. >> with the game coming our way, are you going to be on the field with jimmy g? >> i drew the short end of the straw. i'll be here. >> maybe he can make a pre-studio appearance with you. >> maybe. up next, the giants are the best team in baseball and they're having fun in the process. we'll tell you the story behind this picture. machine
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. we'll tell you the best seat for the packers game. your couch. you can watch the game right here on nbc pay area. kickoff at 5:20. we'll have a special pre-game newscast. you'll have a bit of time to get the snacks in order to sit doup on the sofa. >> big weekend for football. big weekend for golf. taking part in the ryder cup
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this weekend in wisconsin. >> you can consider the event a splash already. the splash brother, one of them, is behind the microphone. >> i love golf. i've been in big stages before. it's nothing like this. it's my first time out here. >> he's broadcasting. he's going to provide the behind the ropes perspective. the ryder cup airs tomorrow. the coverage starts at 6:00 in the morning. reporting for duty. captain belt. kevin gozman tweeted this picture as the team headed for denver. this all started earlier this month. even though it looked kind of silly and he dubbed himself team captain. the title stuck and the team is
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clearly leaning in. have a little fun when you're holding on the the best record in all of baseball. up next, an east bay fight to save trees. big dollar decision that could term how many trees will be coming down. machine working at recology is more than a job for jesus.
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. a big decision is coming nup a year's long battle over tree. sdplp they will decide whether to spend $50,000 to hire experts to figure out how many trees
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pg&e needs to cut down. the utility says it needs to cut the trees so it can access exposd pipeline. the city says it doesn't follow a previous agreement. the lawsuit put the project on hold for years. the cdc director overrules her own panel. we clear up the confusion whoefr will be able to get a covid booster shot. that's tonight at 7:00. nightly news with loster -- lester holt. what you need to know about the booster shot and who is eligible. nightly news begins right now. tonight, the fight against covid entering a new phase as the booster shot roll-out gets underway boosters of pfizer's vaccine available now nationwide after a rare move by the cdc director,
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overruling advisers to expand access to millions more americans. so who is now eligible we're sorting through the confusion. also tonight, inside the rampage. the gunman in a deadly super market shooting in tennessee identified his connection to the store. hurricane sam strengthening, expected to become a major category four. and now a new system, teresa, the 19th named storm of the season. the urgent man hunt for gabby petito's fiance. after a federal arrest warrant was issued new clues from a debt card he used. on the border, the haitian migrant camp that once held nearly 15,000 now cleared out. president biden, his first public comment on those images of border agents on horse back chasing migrants what he has now vowed. the surprise on live tv moments before vice president kamala harris was said to appear on "the view." two cohosts removed after testing positive for covid. what happened next


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