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tv   Early Today  NBC  September 27, 2021 3:30am-4:00am PDT

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at least three are dead and many more injured from an amtrak train derailment this morning, officials are trying to determine what happened booster confusion. can people safely get that pfizer booster if they had the j&j or moderna shots to begin with an emotional day at the funeral for many, for gabby petito, who was murdered her father, doing the eulogy, and the search continues for her fiance the clock is ticking down to a massive government shutdown unless a deal can be made. we're live in washington
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a show-stopping moment at a wedding when another proposal drove everyone to tears of joy it is monday, "early today" starts right now >> good morning. i'm philip mena. >> glad you're with us i'm frances rivera breaking overnight, the manhunt continues for a suspect who shot and killed a florida sheriff's deputy he passed away at the hospital after being shot in the face and back on friday the nassaucounty sheriff's office asks the community to keep him and his family in their prayers. a go fund me has raised over $20,000 for his fiance the manhunt of patrick mcdowell is on its third day. police released images of his tattoos in an effort to identify him. they are offering a $50,000 reward for his arrest. investigators from the national transportation safety board are looking into the cause of the amtrak train derailment that killed three and left seven others hospitalized in montana
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according to an amtrak spokesman, the train was enroute in seattle to chicago carrying around 141 passengers and 16 crew members eight cars derailed. residents rushed to the scene to help passengers. the ntsb vice chairman will hold a briefing later this afternoon. over the weekend, dozens of people gathered in new york to mourn gabby petito funeral services were held in blue point, her hometown the search continues for fiance brian laundrie nbc's cathy park is following the story for us >> reporter: a powerful display of solidarity for gabby petito in long island her hometown grieving one of their own and remembered best by her family >> she was always a pretty happy girl people would gravitate towards her. her nature was always to smile and treat everybody kind >> gabby loved life and lived her life every single day.
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>> reporter: the 22-year-old went missing late august after a cross country trip with her fiance brian laundrie. weeks ago he returned to their home in florida, but without petito the case gained national attention, with updates, tips, and possible sightings shared widely on social media but last sunday, a tragic turn of events when authorities discovered her remains in wyoming. her death, ruled a homicide brought mourners together from new york to florida to utah. >> we all have children. whether you have daughters like i do or you have sons, everybody is just really upset >> reporter: the focus now shifting to bringing justice for gabby, as rewards totalling $30,000 are being offered to locate laundrie. police say he's a person of interest, but not a suspect in her death. the fbi issued a warrant for his arrest for unauthorized use of a debit card after her death laundrie's parents provided the fbi some of his belongings to
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help with dna matching for days, this 25,000 acre nature reserve has been the focus of the search, after family members say he was headed here and never returned. >> we're not wasting our time out here it's upon us to make sure we search as best we can, as massive as it is >> reporter: a family in mourning and community offering healing. >> no family should go through something like this. >> it's hard to have something happen to somebody do good >> our thanks for that report. this week could be make or break for joe biden's agenda the house is expected to vote on the infrastructure bill, as well as that ambitious $3.5 trillion budget bill to improve our social safety net. all is happening with the potential government shutdown looming overhead nbc's chris pallone joins us with the latest from capitol hill
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good morning so law mamake rs need to strike deal by thursday >> that's right. they have told agencies to prepare for a shutdown as republicans and democrats squabble over a bill that would fund the federal government until early december at issue, senate republicans don't want to vote for a funding bill which includes an extension of the debt ceiling. that allows the government to borrow money to pay bills. republicans want to make spending an issue next year, so they're trying to force democrats to extend the borrowing limit on their own but much of that debt was rung up in the trump administration democrats did help republicans extend the death s.e.ealing in 7 and 2019 >> they are in the midst of a damaging spending spree on a scale we have never seen, and they want us to come along and authorize the borrowing to help pay for it, when we are totally opposed to what they're doing.
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>> president trump ran up spending, $8 trillion worth of debt for people who voted for it, suddenly to say we are not going to raise the debt sealing to me, it's the kabuki theater that frustrates a lot of folks. >> reporter: it's a key week for joe biden's agenda nancy pelosi announced yesterday that the house will vote thursday, not today, on the bipartisan $1 trillion infrastructure plan. progressive democrats say they will scuttle that deal, if the president's $3.5 trillion build back better spending plan suspect voted on this week, as well senate republicans, of course, oppose that build back better bill that means that all senate democrats and independents would have to vote for it for it to pass >> very consequential week for all of us. chris, thank you so much
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new york is preparing for the national guard to step in and help the state's hospitals a vaccine mandate for hospital and nursing homeworkers goes into effect today. the governor says she is ready to declare a state of emergency if thousands of employees don't show up. a federal appeals court has delayed a similar mandate for teachers in new york city. the requirement will be reviewed by a panel of judges on wednesday. meanwhile, many americans have already started getting the third shot of the pfizer vaccine. here's nbc's lindsay riser >> reporter: the push for boosters is underway across the country, with people getting their pfizer booster shot. >> i'm 68 years old, and i've been hearing about the immunity from the earlier shot regime starting to wear out so i just want to be safe. >> reporter: but what about those who got moderna or johnson & johnson vaccines can they mix and match with a pfizer booster
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countries like germany are allowing, even sometimes recommending vaccine mixing and matching and have been for months but in the u.s., doctors are saying there's still not enough data yet >> why are they being so conservative at this point >> it does appear that while it may be safe, not clear that you get added benefit from mixing and matching the majority of us can benefit from waiting, because we are going to receive not just better information but better guidance. >> reporter: the surgeon general says the recommendations are moderna and johnson & johnson boosters will come soon. the fda is working with both to process and review data. >> this is a high, high priority >> reporter: for those who did originally get the two-dose pfizer regimen and qualify for the booster, the cdc director says now is the time >> there extraordinary data to demonstrate the safety of these vaccines >> the more people that can get
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the booster, the better. >> reporter: but not everyone is rushing out. >> if i die tomorrow, no, i'm not getting the shot if i keep on living, that's good >> reporter: a choice about protection in a pandemic that's still not letting up >> ourthanks for that report the packers and 49ers. aaron rodgers getting the party started. 10-0, green bay early. jimmy jimmy garoppolo finds his man. 37 seconds for aaron rodgers all thy needed was to get into field goal range, and it's good. the packers win it 30-28 on the road another good game in los angeles. matthew stafford and the rams, they speared the bucs with a deep ball.
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that was deshean jackson. tom brady had 400 yards himself. the rams beat the defending champs 34-24 an offensive explosion at arrowhead. ending with justin herbert finding mike williams for the go ahead score. the chiefs, you would think they would be able to come back they fought to last place in the afc west chargers win it 30-24. some incredible plays also marking the day on the gridiron. check this one out >> down and up agnew, brings it out of the end zone agnew, still running agnew. >> jamal agnew took a missed field goal to the house.
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109 yards in the longest score in nfl history it wasn't the jaguaring' day, though, as the cardinals won it 31-19. and in detroit, justin tucker made history his 66-yard field goal dinks of the crossbar and in. that gives the ravens the win over the lions 19-17 on the fantasy front, derek carr's 386 yard performance propelled the raiders to 3-0 and derek henry's 113 yards extended his league rushing lead >> that kick, though, was amazing. 66 yards we got record temperatures in some parts of the nation, while a category 4 hurricane is churning in the atlantic meteorologist janessa webb, hope you rested up this weekend sounds like a big week ahead for you. good morning >> yeah, good morning. definitely as that cat 4 continues to spin, the models
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are not in agreement, so we'll watch that closely you were showing those football scenes i was looking at the weather clear skies throughout the weekend, and high pressure is going to continue to dominate across the plains into the east coast. this is a wonderful week but if you need some more of that summer feel for the upper midwest to the plains for today, we are talking about temperatures, 92 degrees for kansas city. most othesf s definitely down for the northeast. daytime highs, philadelphia 80 new york 79. we'll talk about that cat 4 hurricane coming up. >> janessa, we'll check in with you in a bit there is an peed friendship going viral right
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currently out of service a jury could decide the fate of rnb singer art kelly today. deliberations will continue in his sex trafficking trial. the five-week trial is coming to an end after hearing testimony from his alleged accusers and former employees he has pleaded not guilty to all charges, but if he is found guilty, he faces life in prison. now to the latest on the disaster still unfolding on the island of la palma new video shows the moment lava causes a church to collapse. this is just one of hundreds of buildings destroyed or damaged molly, the eruptions became even more intense this weekend. >> reporter: hey, frances, good morning. that's right, they have become more intense a new vent opened up over the weekend. this has happened a couple of times since the volcano started erupting september 19. what we're hearing this morning is that officials have put some coastal areas, some coastal
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villages on the eastern part of the island under lockdown. as that lava moves towards those towns. and then the real fear is if the lava hits the ocean, there will be explosions and clouds of toxic gas. but because the eruption really stepped up over the weekend, so did the smoke. and there was a huge, thick, black cloud of smoke going straight up. it extends for 2 1/2 miles that made visibility tough so flights in and out stopped on saturday more evacuations more than 7,000 people have fled their homes and the numbers we're seeing this morning, 350 homes and buildings have been destroyed. >> wow what a force of nature molly, thank you still to come, it is anything but the same old song and dance. the tonys celebrates broadway's return a new look at the new season of "stranger things. it doesn't just eliminate odors... simply shake and spray to unlock the breakthrough power
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do you want me to clarify
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the clues we're supposed to be looking for here >> knobby any chance ever observed sherlock holmes. >> there is a haunting in hawkings that is the first look at season four of "stranger hings" which hits netflix next year the 74th tony awards happened on sunday to honor the 2019-2020 broadway season after a long pandemic hiatus ♪ ♪ >> molin rouj swept the board at the ceremony, picking up ten trophies "a soldier's play" won best
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revival of a play. >> andrew won the tony for his performance in "the inheritance" which was also awarded best play and actress lowis smith made history by winning her tony at age 90, making her the oldest tony winner of all-time. up next, we have the forecast for the week ahead. coming up, a groomhaes cng three lives with his surprise wedding announcement orking at it's best taking metamucil everyday can help. metamucil psyllium fiber, gels to trap and remove the waste that weighs you down. it also helps lower cholesterol and slows sugar absorption to promote healthy blood sugar levels. so you can feel lighter and more energetic metamucil. support your daily digestive health. and try metamucil fiber thins. a great tasting and easy way to start your day.
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welcome back a groom said "i do" to more than just his bride with a wedding surprise for the ages. kate snow has this story kate, good morning >> reporter: this is a great story about finding family and a wedding surprise that brought the bride and her two daughters to happy tears this was the wedding leila burton and dontez williams had always dreamed about their love celebrated in detroit last month but what the bride didn't know is that her groom had a surprise he had been planning for weeks
3:57 am
>> all that i am -- >> all that i am, i give to you. >> reporter: just before his vows, he had a heartfelt message for her two young daulgters. >> reporter: for seven years, they had been part of his life >> reporter: as the girls wiped away tears -- >> reporter: he asked them if he could formally become their father >> why did you choose that moment >> i felt like it would be the perfect time, because if i'm saying vows to my wife at that moment, i can also same it to my daughters. >> i can hear the emotion in your voice it means something to you. >> when i dropped down to my
3:58 am
knees -- >> reporter: and leila struck by the dedication >> to be bonded to me for a lifetime is one thing. but for you to say no matter what, i'm here for these girls, they're mine just as much as you, meant so much to me >> reporter: the wedding, making their family official. how has being a dad changed you? >> being patient, showing unconditional love >> reporter: for the girls, it's a future filled with more drives, family movie nights and swim lessons with the man they now call dad an understand expected gesture redefining what it feens to be family >> your bond and relationship can be even stronger >> it's love that makes a family >> truly >> reporter: and the family is working through the paperwork right now to make the adoptions official they also just now moved into a
3:59 am
new house. so a lot going on. >> skkate, thank you. i'm a newly official stepdad myself, so i understand how that feels to have this introduction of love into your
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. we kick off a new week with concerns over vaccine mandates new york's governor puts the national guard on ready as health care workers face a deadline get the jab or you are out of a job. investigators are descending in montana investigating a train derailing. a funeral is held for gabby petito and the search for her fianceon


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