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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 27, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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with friends or family about what they want. those are signs to just hang up the phone. breaking news at 6:00, live pictures, flames, smokes sending fire crews into action in the south bay. one person reported killed until this house fire in cupertino. we're live on the scene talking to investigators as the story unfolds. returning to normal. the largest in-person conference to kick off the bay area since the start of the pandemic, and the steps being taken to make sure it stays covid free. >> plus -- >> crosby to try and win it. and the kick is good. >> what a game. did you catch that last night here on nbc bay area? sunday night football, and highlights and player reaction straight ahead as the third hour of "today in the bay" continues right now.
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what a game. >> oh, what a finish. >> and what a monday morning for you. we want to say good morning, and thank you for starting your morning with us. >> we start with good news, because we are hearing you could see rain today in parts of the bay area. let's check in with meteorologist, kari hall. when and where? >> yes, it's mainly going to be further to the north. we are seeing that right now as a cold front approaches into far northern california, and we are already seeing mist and drizzle in san francisco near the coast that will continue today. then as far as more measurable rain coming in later this afternoon for the north bay. for the rest of the bay area, we will see if it can hold together and bring us a chance of showers and it's hit or miss and not all of the bay area will see it. we are looking at green here on the models and that showers. temperatures headed towards the 60s and 70s. a nice taste of fall for us, as
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we have a cool start to the week, and it will be heating up. i'll talk more about that coming up. the latest update is that we have that the slowing now really starting to build up eastbound. two lanes are blocked eastbound on elpoor tell drive. we don't know if it was attributed to anything other than the fact that some vehicles had a collision, and maybe there are injuries in the area, and that not a contributing factor. you just saw the sensors go from yellow to green and it has been fluctuating just below the speed limit. the impact that is bigger seems to be westbound. the buildup happens at the toll plaza with the metering lights on. we'll show you the rest of highway 7 commute coming up. we continue to follow the breaking news out of the south bay this morning.
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we learned just within the last 15 minutes this house fire in cupertino took a life. one person reportedly killed. we have seen firefighters out there really trying to tackle the fire all morning long. the crews on the scene told us there were two other people inside the house when that fire started. they were rescued. this all happened in the 1,000 block of tuscany place. the cruise first arrived and the fire was extreme. this is off highway 85. this video is from about an hour ago when our crews first arrived and you can see the flames leaping out of the roof. the victim that did not make it out was found, sadly, in the hallway of the downstairs. we'll bring you updates continuous throughout the morning. they don't know how the fire started. happening right now, and new this morning on the peninsula authorities need your help in locating a missing boy. i want you to take a look at
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your screen. this is a picture of him. this is 10-year-old jose. he was last seen on thursday afternoon in san mateo. police are asking if you see him or know anything of his whereabouts, you are and then booster shots are rolling out. >> we have live team coverage on the vaccination progress. chris pallone is live in washington. >> president biden plans to get his covid-19 pfizer booster shot, this as the battle over mandatory vaccination orders in work places heads to the courts. now over the weekend people newly eligible lined up to get a
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third shot of the covid-19 vaccine from pfizer, and federal officials are walking a tightrope encouraging those already vaccinated to get a booster and at the same time encouraging those who have not gotten their vaccinations to roll up their sleeves. >> with the goal of making booster recommendations from moderna and j&j recipients in the coming weeks, this is a high, high priority. >> meanwhile battles over vaccine mandates are brewing in the courts in the nation's largest school district, which is new york city. a judge put on hold an order that would force 150,000 employees to have their first shot by today. at the white house yesterday coming back from camp david, the president said he definitely will get a booster shot. he got his second dose of the pfizer vaccine in early january. live in washington, i'm chris
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pallone. back to you. >> a lot of people saying they want to get the shot, especially if it's available. chris, there's good news on the covid front? >> there is. there's some evidence that we might be starting to come out of this latest delta wave over the past two weeks, both the number of new cases registered in the u.s. and also the number of hospitalizations has dropped by double digits. unfortunately the bad news is the number of deaths has increased by double digits. that's the lagging indicator that trails by a few weeks, so hopefully deaths will be coming down as well. >> one could only hope. thank you. and then we have details for vaccines for children 5 to 11 getting closer. pfizer recently released data showing the vaccine is safe and effective in children but it has not been peer reviewed.
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the dose given to children would be one-third of the adult dosage. new hope for the bay area this morning when it comes to the return of the convention crowd. the largest bay area news conference yet begins on the peninsula. today in the bay's cierra johnson is live this morning at the event center. this is a software conference with specific safety rules in mind. >> reporter: yeah, it's taking place today and runs until wednesday. you can see behind me the blue light is the glow from the registration desk. you are gathering 5,000 here, and a lot of these events will be outside. if you are coming to the event, this is what you need to know, if you know anything coming to the event this is what they need to keep in mind as they attend the event, you need to have the proof of covid vaccination, and
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have proof of a negative covid rapid test within 72 hours of the conference, or submit to a rapid test here in the parking lot at the convention center before you are granted admission. masks will be required to be worn in the indoor areas of the event center. once these attendees show that proof of vaccination, the sessions will take place outdoors and will offer an extra level of protection. as -- if can you recall last week there was the gathering by salesforce, they blocked the streets and they had a festival-style model. as the visitors make their way here to the event center, they will walk through the gates with proof of vaccination and testing, and it will be an
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exciting time. this is one of the biggest gatherings for a conference since the beginning the pandemic. i have been at the convention center for the drive-through testing, and then the testing and vaccinations, and so this center can definitely handle crowds. they will do similar things with the testing as folks come through here for this event. a little return to normal with the conference kicking off today. we're live in san mateo county, cierra johnson for "today in the bay." >> good to see us getting back to that normal with baby steps. thank you. 6:09 right now. a live look in washington where it's shaping up to be a big week for lawmakers working to pass president biden's trillion-intpau -- infrastructure bill. a vote was originally set for today, but that's being held up for debate. house speaker nancy pelosi is
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working to build a consensus on biden's 3.5 trillion appropriations bill. the government shutdown could kick in on thursday. for niners fans this morning, there's plenty to talk about. this is after last night's exciting home opener on levi. >> yeah, some could be saying, woulda, coulda, shoulda. there was a niners touchdown with less than a minute left that gave the niners their first lead after being down as much as 17 points, but there was too much time on the clock. aaron rodgers, just too much time for him. >> i don't have any worries when our defense is out on the field, but it's aaron rodgers and
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devonte out there on the field. >> the place was packed. so much red out there. a lot of excitement as well, not to mention a lot of tailgating before the kickoff as well. be sure and watch the "today" show coverage this morning all morning from levi stadium. their new series "once in a lifetime" focuses on the impact the niners are having on our community, and we will show you the impact the initiative is having in a few minutes, and then watch the full report coming up at 7:00 a.m. on "today." the golden state warriors have a big week on tap starting with today's media day, but it's likely one topic that will be front and center, namely andrew wiggins. will he agree to receive the covid vaccine. is that the question. on friday the league denied his religious exemption request. if he refuses he may not be able to play home games because of
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the state's mandate. happening now at 6:11, firefighters making progress to the knp complex. last week the fire reached the most famous grove of trees. we have seen some of the smoke filter into the bay area. the smoke from the wildfires finally set to move out this week with cooler conditions moving in. maybe clearing some things up. we'll talk rain as well. not a huge downpour? >> probably not. we started out this morning with a mist and drizzle at the golden gate bridge. as far as the air quality, yes, it's looking better for today. the forecast shows that for the coast and the bay it will be
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moderate as we get into the moderate range, that means people who are sensitive to the smoke might want to limit time outside but elsewhere it's looking good. we will also get breezy winds and spotty showers for the north bay as our temperatures reach into the 60s and 70s. more on this coming up in a few minutes. mike is still tracking the breaking news with the deadly crash. >> yeah, a deadly crash, and no update from chp in about half an hour. this is causing, of course, slowing in the vehicletion east bay, and westbound we are seeing a steady slow of traffic coming off the carquinez bridge, and there's more buildup before the richmond parkway is where the slowing starts. the result of the bay bridge toll plaza, all lanes building there. tracking a new trash at vargas, and we'll let you know about that coming up.
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back to you. >> thank you. 6:13. coming up on "today in the bay," facebook with a new response to claims instagram is toxic for teens. why the tech giant claims resent findings by the media were not fair. and we are back with the niners impact on the community. we'll be right back.
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good monday morning.
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it's 6:16. we have lot of changes in our weather, starting with the cold front and the chance of showers moving in later today. after this moves out we heat up. we'll talk more about all of that coming up in a few minutes. the breaking news continues for folks in richmond, san pablo. westbound starting to see the backup forming. i am just seeing the volume start to increase and we will track that alert coming up. 6:17. markets set to open at 6:30 our time this morning, but s&p 500 down. the dow inching up a little bit. wall street set to open higher. new for you this morning,
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facebook responding to reports claiming that instagram is harmful to teens, especially girls. in a post on facebook the head of research says "the journal" represented the data by highlighting one negative finding about body image and highlighting negative topics. the head of instagram responds to the reports on "today." >> we are working on the idea of instagram kids, and a version of instagram is designed for tweens and has gotten a lot of attention. today we want to talk about how we are going to put the work on pause. i firmly believe it's a good thing to build a version of instagram designed to be safe for tweens, and we want to take time to talk to safety experts and get a consensus of how to move forward. >> that's at 7:00 right after "today in the bay."
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a growing crisis at major shipping ports. shipping delays are running rampant for businesses large and small. >> it's creating a logjam preventing products from getting to you. >> marcus and laura, good morning to you. we are seeing this on main street on the east coast, and chance is you are seeing it on the west coast as well. the problem is we have too many ships sitting out at sea. look at the west coast of los angeles, 60 ships waiting to get in. same thing on the east coast go into new york city. the supply chain stretched dramatically. warehouses and trucks as well as the ports themselves completely stretched and the supply chain is stretched. >> last year we ran through a lot of the inventory in the economy. it becomes a really big issue
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when you have products coming up for the holiday season. >> what does this mean for you? costco is already talking about limiting certain items, including toilet paper and cleaner, for example, and bottles water. it may mean go into the christmas holidays where you may have a hard time finding certain items, and prices are up 20 to 25% in some cases. artificial christmas trees are already hard to find. and tvs, for example, video games, they may be hard to come by. we will go in depth on this coming up on "today." back to you in the bay area. >> tom, thank you. despite a tough game for the niners and their fans, off the field it's another story. how about a once in a lifetime opportunity for young niner fans. >> yeah, the team is giving back. erin is live at levi.
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how are the players making an impact in our community? >> reporter: good morning, marcus and laura. partnering with the nfl, the "today" continues their once in a lifetime series on how the san francisco 49ers got involved with a group becoming mentors to some young people. they say they are learning just as much from the kids. >> i learned a ton just from talking with these kids. i mean, i was thinking back at how well spoken these kids were, and how they made the decision to join 100 black men and be part of this group. i am, like, wow, i mean, that took me back because at that age, i'm like, i couldn't imagine myself doing that. it inspires me to want to do better.
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>> tune in to "today" this morning to see what events inspire the 49ers to partner up with the local non-profit, and look at the moment the players got to meet the kids they had been talking to for so long. guys, it was so inspiring. back to you. >> how could it not be? tell us how the program works. how are kids able to participate in it? >> reporter: you know, it's interesting because they have an actual draft for these kids. they are especially chosen based on their leadership skills. they started the program right at the beginning of the pandemic, so many of the mentoring sessions first began on zoom and then moved to them in-person, and they were there for the first in-person meeting, and this connection between the team and other sports teams and others are reaching out to see
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how they could form similar partnerships. >> great thing to see. the fact these kids can see something, and they can achieve it. looking forward to the full story. >> thank you so much. got her niner red on, too. thank you, erin. maybe she gets to make her way up to san francisco later today. >> if she does, she will run into foggy conditions there this morning. kari, you were talking about some rain. >> yeah, that's typical this time of year. we are starting out with the mist and drizzle and even having to turn on the windshield wipers there. the low clouds rolling over the san jose area. we are starting out at about 60 degrees and a slow warm-up actually being a little cooler today compared to the weather we have seen recently. as the 7-day forecast coming up at the bottom of the screen, check it out, we will heat up
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after a few showers pass us by. we will see off and on spotty showers for parts of the north bay, but it will be misting and drizzling throughout the day in san francisco and throughout the coast. we are looking at more measurable rain in the north bay. there may even be a slight chance of south bay rain later tonight. our temperatures are headed towards the mid-70s today for the inland areas. upper 60s for napa, and 72 in san jose. for san francisco, expect a high of about 66 degrees. it has been so nice to see the cooldown in the forecast, but take a look at how it's going to warm up in one of our typical warm spots like ukiah reach into the mid-90s by friday and into the weekend. even though it feels like fall today, we are headed back to summer by the weekend. a look at the 7-day forecast, we'll reach into the low 70s today and tomorrow. still nice on wednesday. the warming trend gets under way
6:25 am
on thursday into friday, and then a clear and sunny but warm weekend ahead. mike, you are still tracking the traffic alert. >> contra costa county, the areas of richmond and san pablo affected here for the upper east shore freeway. and the backup at the toll plaza took a while to form because some folks were held up here on westbound 880. still two lanes blocked, and we will have more after this break.
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welcome back. 6:27. starting thursday the cal state system is requiring all students, faculty and staff to be vaccinated for in-person learning and that policy follows similar ones across the country. we're following a deadly house fire in the south bay. what firefighters are saying about the fate of the three people inside that house when the fire started. every day in business brings something new. so get the flexibility of the new mobile service designed for your small business. introducing comcast business mobile. you get the most reliable network with nationwide 5g included. and you can get unlimited data for just $30 per line per month
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firefighters still trying to contain a house fire that left one person dead this morning in cupertino. what we are finding out about the others also inside. time is running out for californians behind on their rent. the moves some are making to help out. exempted from the vaccine. why some san francisco workers are not getting their shots as the deadline nears to be fully vaccinated. "today in the bay" continues right now. a very good monday morning to you. thank you so much for joining us. i am laura garcia. >> i am marcus washington. let's get a look at the forecast for you with meteorologist, kari hall. >> we are going to see changes not only today but the next few days. i am watching rain move in
6:32 am
around eureka. this is ahead of a cold front that could bring in spotty rain especially for the north bay. we are seeing mist and drizzle throughout the coast, especially in san francisco. in the evening it shows we could see rain along the peninsula and a slight chance for some of us at least getting sprinkles into tonight. i'll be watching that. we will talk about the cooling trend as well in our forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> thanks, kari. breaking news out of the south bay as you can see here, firefighters at the scene of a house fire that left one person dead in cupertino. these are live pictures from the scene, as you can see the smoke still billowing from the home. firefighters still, of course, at the scene trying to put the fire out. we are told at least two other people were able to get out of that home. this is happening in the 1000 block of tuscany place.
6:33 am
this is a neighborhood near highway 85. firefighters telling us the victim that did not make was found on the first floor hallway floor. the state's eviction moratorium expires on thursday. bob redell joins us this morning. landlords and tenants can still apply for financial help? >> correct, even after the eviction moratorium that ends on thursday being the state has billions of dollars in rental relief, not only for tenants behind on rent but for landlords not paid during the pandemic. there will be a news conference by the state secretary of business, consumer services and housing agency to explain how people can apply for the rent relief. 92,000 californians could receive eviction notices after
6:34 am
the moratorium expires on thursday. raul peralez says that city already handed out rental assistance to several thousand tenants and he knows more can be looking for help, and tomorrow he will propose a measure to help tenants navigate a possible eviction. >> a lot of the individuals that are low income don't have the resources to get legal support or help them through an eviction. >> reporter: the federal government has given the state 5.5 billion for rent relief so far, and just over $1 billion of that has been dispersed. again, this is not just for tenants behind on rent but for landlords that have not been paid. you can apply online by searching for california covid-19 rent relief.
6:35 am
reporting live in san ramon for "today in the bay." >> we have the latest online if you need help with rent relief. visit us as and then 9 out of 10 san francisco workers already vaccinated ahead of the deadline to be vaccinated for the city workers in san francisco. >> yeah, the department of human resources tells "the chronicle" 90% vaccinated as of last week. 150 workers have been tentatively approved for religious exemptions. the number of sfpd workers asking for exemption is about 200, and that's the most of any department. and then many fire and police agencies have had
6:36 am
outbreaks that led to more than 2,500 covid cases, and more than half of the outbreaks have been from fire or police personnel. and then the so-called tras trip system literally cuts power automatically when sensors detect a breached power line in remote areas. "the chronicle" reports it's leading to a wave of outages in some areas, not to mention spoiled food and loss of cell phone services. improvements are still being made to the system. near shasta lake, the fire is moving away from populated communities burning towards the lake. thousands, however, are displaced. at least 40 homes and businesses destroyed. the fire is now 45% contained.
6:37 am
the scientist from palo alto has pleaded not guilty to starting the fire. >> laura was just saying better weather conditions out there for us. kari hall has been monitoring that, and this is good for the firefight. >> yeah, we have higher humidity and some spots getting rain, so that's good for them. we have seen a fresher breeze so the air quality will be improving today. we will see moderate air quality for the coast and the bay, and looking good elsewhere. we are still under the air quality advisory but it's mostly for the coastal areas. we are reaching the 70s and 60s, but it will heat up again. mike, you are tracking the breaking news. >> we have not had an update in chp in the last 45 minutes as far as the lane situation. still two lanes blocked east bay, but we have much more backup for the commuters,
6:38 am
approaching two lanes that are closed and then westbound we are seeing more of a build in the last 5 to 7 minutes as we are coming down off the carquinez bridge. that's the bulk of our commute. we are seeing folks get over towards the richmond bridge and that's causing slowing, and the backup at the bay bridge toll plaza. the crash in fremont has cleared, and all this traffic is starting to move better from sunol into milpitas. back to you. >> thanks, mike. coming up, a hopeful sign things are slowly moving towards normal. the largest in-person conference in the bay area since the start of the pandemic kicking off today. what is being done to keep thousands of visitors safe. celebrating a life cut short. mourners saying a final farewell to gabby petito, while the mystery of sir missing fiancé continues.
6:39 am
the new approach investigators are taking to try and track him down.
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taste of fall for the bay area. for today more clouds and a few spots of getting spotty showers. right now 60 degrees with some peeks of sunshine as our cool start turns into a chance of showers. we'll talk more about that coming up in a few minutes. the breaking news out of richmond, sadly somebody died as a result of a crash here. eastbound 80 at el portal drive.
6:42 am
i am seeing signs that could mean relief, and we'll sort it out as best as we can, coming up. an investigation under way in montana after a deadly train derailment. >> three people killed, and dozens injured. >> reporter: marcus and laura, good morning. as you can see behind me, the ntsb is here investigating, and three people killed, five in the hospital and the train was headed from chicago to the pacific northwest when it derailed for unknown reasons. >> even though i'm not doing great, there are people doing a lot worse than i am, so that's where the focus should be at this time. >> what could be a critical piece of evidence, the train's event recorder is being looked
6:43 am
at, and it will tell them how fast the train is going and if the brakes were applied before, during or after the derailment. more coming up on the "today" show, and now back to you. >> thank you. investigators in florida are searching for the fiancé of gabby petito. her father telling mourners not to be sad. >> gabby is the most amazing person i ever met. so if you are going to leave here today, i'm asking that you guys be inspired by the way she treated people. >> investigators say gabby died on a road trip with her fiancé, brian laundrie, who has not been seen for more than a week. authorities are searching at a county reserve for him in sarah
6:44 am
tota. according to the family attorney, agents took personal items that belongs to brian laundrie. he's not currently being blamed as a suspect in the killing of gabby petito. after gabby went missing, he refused to speak to police. and then grand princess is setting to sail again. over the weekend the ship set sail from the port of l.a. on a five-day cruise to mexico. all passengers had to show proof of vaccination and a negative covid test. the ship is only at 75% capacity. and princess says the cabins have new filtering technology.
6:45 am
and then today in the bay's cierra johnson live at the county event. this is a software conference with specific safety rules, i understand? >> reporter: good morning. yes, it's a software conference and there will be venture capitalists speakers, and it's kicking off at the san mateo county event center. you can see the blue light. that's where the registration table is, and before you can get to the table there are a series you need to take all, of course, in the name of safety because we are in the midst of a global pandemic. they need to first submit proof of covid vaccination, and then submit a negative test of a rapid test within 72 hours, or they can take a rapid test in the parking lot, and mask will
6:46 am
be required to be worn at any of the indoor areas. once you are able to get through the gates, this event will look different than it has in some of the previous years because a lot of the events are taking place outdoors. the event organizers are describing this like a festival style, and it's going to add an extra level of precaution. you may recall as you mentioned, dreamforce, they had their event last week, and it had a similar festival outdoor model feel. as the visitors continue to make their way in, a series of steps being taken to make sure everybody is vaccinated and covid negative. we have been to the event center several times, and one was a drive-through vaccination site, and way before that was the drive-through and walk-thru testing facility. one of the requirements to enter
6:47 am
this event, vaccination. 5,000 people will attending. we're live in san mateo county, cierra johnson for "today in the bay." >> thanks so much, cierra. moulin rouge swept the tony's, including the big one, best musical. >> and the tony award goes to moulin rouge. >> the play's director honored breonna taylor and george floyd during his acceptance speech. nice that broadway is back. >> moulin rouge. >> yeah, let's can, can, can over to the forecast today. >> it's been nice to get cooler temperatures, and also the kids
6:48 am
can play outside today. we're going to have better air quality and a drop off time in fremont, about 60 degrees and still in the 60s at pickup time. very slow to warm up. here's why. we had mist and drizzle happening at the coast continuing today, and then the rain looks to fall apart as it moves in but there's still a chance that at least parts of the coastline and peninsula and maybe even the north bay into the east bay could see spotty rain, especially this afternoon and into the evening. for the most part we are looking at cooler air as well as better air quality. temperatures towards los gatos approaching 70 degrees. danville reaching 75 degrees. fremont reaching 68 and 67 in oakland. low 60s for daly city and half moon bay. san mateo, 67. downtown reaching 65 degrees in san francisco. 70 in mill valley.
6:49 am
also in clearlake and sonoma today in the upper 60s. it's been so nice to see the cooldown, but here's what is ahead for one of our warmer spots like brentwood. from the 70s today to the 80s by midweek, and then the mid-90s for the weekend. we're going to go back to summer. while we see the 90s there, most of our inland spots will be in the 80s for the weekend. after this cool start with a chance of showers, breezy winds and also cleaner air, we're going to see a lot of changes going through the week, and then for san francisco, we're going to continue to see that mist and drizzle throughout the day, and once that clears out, temperatures on the warming trend throughout the end of the week. still tracking a crash for the east bay, mike? >> yeah, the slowdown started to build and then i saw speeds starting to improve a tad bit. also one chp crews are cleared from the incident, and that's
6:50 am
the only evidence i have of any activity going on with east bay 80. perhaps down to two lanes. sadly somebody died as a result of the crash that happened in the berkeley san pablo area there, the border there, and we have seen the build on the richmond bridge, and the bay bridge metering lights, and that buildup heading out of pittsburg. no problems, no major problems reported. an earlier crash cleared at vargas, and that is sticking around for a while. look at this, coming up into sunniville, also getting slow. we'll track that and i'll let you know if anything is happening. 101 looks fine, but a little
6:51 am
mist and haze in the spots kari talked about. >> thank you, mike. happening right now, at least one person dead after a strong earthquake strikes greece damaging buildings. the 6.0 hit the country's largest island about five years ago. the shaking caused a church dome to collapse and that's where somebody sadly died. schoolchildren were rushed out from their classrooms as they waited for the quake to end. the eviction moratorium ending thursday of this week, and the relief thousands could apply for. and then a deadly house fire in the south bay, and we are live at the scene speaking to investigators as this story unfolds. we're back in just two minutes.
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every single day, we're all getting a little bit better. we're better cooks... better neighbors...
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hi. i've got this until you get back. better parents... and better friends. no! no! that's why comcast works around the clock constantly improving america's largest gig-speed broadband network. and just doubled the capacity here. how do things look on your end? -perfect! because we're building a better network every single day. welcome back. 6:54. we're moving you forward with a look at today's top stories. >> first, one person is dead after a house fire in cupertino. we have live pictures from the scene where firefighters have been out there all morning. we have video from when our crew first arrived at the 1000 block of tuscany place near highway 85. the person that died was found on the first floor. firefighters say there were two others in the house that were rescued. tenants who are behind on
6:55 am
their rent due to covid will soon lose protection against evictions when the eviction moratorium expires on thursday. >> in a few hours from now the state of california will hold a news conference in contra costa county to remind people that live in the state that the rent relief is available and will be available after the eviction moratorium expires this thursday. now this rent relief is available for tenants who have not been able to make their rent payments during the pandemic and also for landlords who have not been paid because of the pandemic. as many as 92,000 californians could receive eviction notices after this moratorium expires. in the south bay, city council member raul peralez said several thousand tenants tapped into that city's rental assistance
6:56 am
program and he knows many could soon be looking for help and tomorrow he will propose a measure to guarantee a tenant's right to legal assistance to help navigate possible eviction. >> a lot of these individuals are low-income and don't have the resources to get legal support to help them through an eviction. >> the federal government has given the state $5.2 billion for rent relief and so far only 1.2 billion has been dispersed. you can apply online by searching for california rent relief. >> thank you. a live look for you in washington. this is where it's shaping up to be a big week for lawmakers working to pass president biden's trillion-dollar infrastructure bill. this is a look at some of the critical dates. this week, the senate already passed the measure.
6:57 am
house speaker, nancy pelosi, expect a vote on thursday. she's still building consensus on the appropriations bill. and then a vaccine for children 5 to 11 is closure. pfizer released data showing the vaccine is safe and effective in children but has not been peer reviewed. the dose given to children would be about one-third of the adult dosage. for niners fans this morning, there's one thing missing following last night's exciting home opener at levi. the "w." >> and the kick is good. >> doesn't that still hurt? the packers won the game on the last play after green bay had a last-minute storing drive after what lots of fans thought was
6:58 am
the niners scoring the winning touchdown. the niners suffered their first loss of the season. make sure you watch the "today" show coverage this morning all morning from levi stadium. there's a new series called "once in a lifetime" that focuses on the impact the niners are having on the community. >> what will a heartbreaking of the game, though. it was fun to watch. >> i didn't see it, but i heard it and i could tell what the answer was. >> we were so close there at the end. i made a mistake as a new bride saying, oh, look, there's jimmy -- >> postgame discussion. >> let's move on to weather. >> it's looking pretty good for us today as our temperatures come down. we're watching for a chance of spotty rain, and only some of us will get that. you can get the nbc bay area app and you can get alerts if rain is approaching your location, so that's useful. the rest of the week is warming up and drying out by the
6:59 am
weekend, and we will see valley temperatures reaching into the mid-80s. for san francisco, cloudy skies and our temperatures in the mid-60s. take a look at the rest of the week. we see more sunshine heading towards thursday and friday and into the weekend. air quality is improving. mike, what is the update on the breaking news. >> we do not have lanes cleared yet, and one lane is open as you head toward el portal. a deadly crash happened there. and 880 towards the coliseum, there was an issue, the traffic is slowing there and the mist may mean slicker roadways in the bay. we will be back at 7:25 with
7:00 am
a update for you. >> don't forget, the "today" show at levi stadium here in the bay area this morning. we will keep the coverage going from the bay area all morning for you. the "today" show is next. good morning. rocky rollout. the first wave of covid booster shots over the weekend marked by long lines. >> we didn't expect the response that we're seeing today. >> and marred by confusion from state to state over who is eligible. and in new york, a major mandate taking effect today that could put health care woers refusing vaccination out of a job. we'll have the latest. derailment mystery, federal investigators trying to figure out what caused a crowded amtrak train to crash in montana, killing three people and injuring dozens more.


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