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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 28, 2021 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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right now at 4:30, what started off as a fun night ended with one bay area sheriff deputy behind bars, the charges he's facing and the actions that led up to his arrest. and time is running out for the funding bill to avert a closure at the end of the week. confusion lingers on exactly who qualifies for a booster shot. this is "today in the bay." first, we begin with breaking news. a lockdown at a bay area
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university at this hour. students at san francisco state are being told to remain inside their dorms. this has delayed in-person classes and work until in the b johnson is headed that way and will join us with a live report ahead. it's a busy morning. i am laura garcia. >> i am marcus washington. time for kari hall to start things out for us this morning. >> we can see clouds stretching across the area as we start out on this tuesday, but no rain. our temperatures will be cooler again today reach into the upper 60s and low 70s for much of the inner bay. upper 70s for inland valleys,
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and we'll see the warm-up happening over the next several days. a lot of changes ahead and we'll talk more about that coming up in a few minutes. mike will take us to the santa cruz mountains. >> southbound side blocking one lane down towards the summit, so that could be a factor. i have seen that scattered around in that direction. no closure getting to or from the south county. a new crash reported around the dublin interchange. we'll track that as well. we know we have a couple lanes northbound just off the 680, and the commute direction westbound and also south across the bridge is moving smoothly. light traffic flow right now. back to you. >> thanks so much, mike. bay area health department giving out the first covid booster shots.
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>> health leaders say it's just part of the challenge with so many americans still unvaccinated. today in the bay's cheryl hurd. larry aims is over 65 and got his booster shot. >> i don't want the disease to continue and evolve. i want everybody to be protected. >> santa clara county health officials making it available to sign up and line up to get their covid shot. we know with some of the vaccines, immunity begins to wane over time. right now just the pfizer vaccine has been through the process and has approval for a
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booster. >> under cdc rules pfizer booster shots are available for those who are 65 years or older, who got their first round of shots at least six months ago. you can get a third shot if you are 18 or over and have underlying medical conditions and live or work in high-risk settings. >> right now the fda has not approved any mixing and matching of vaccines. >> right now, biden getting a booster eight months after his two first doses. >> that distinction is causing a lot of us a lot of damage for the rest of the country. >> doctors here in the bay area say people need to get vaccinated. >> by far more than 90% of the patients in the hospital are in the unvaccinated, there's still
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a lot of unvaccinated people that need to get shots. >> cheryl hurd, "today in the bay." i'm talking about the cdc's latest transmission map shows california alone in the yellow, this is moderate. connecticut in the orange, you see in the east, that's the only state in the substantial tier. all 48 other states are still in the high transmission category in the red. positivity rates right here now at 2.6%. this is down from 7% eight weeks ago. 85% of californians over the age of 12 have at least one shot with 70% fully vaccinated. some contra costa county are requiring masks.
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the county health director explained the reasoning. >> also getting into the fall and winter holiday season. we did see, you know, last fall the cases started going up after halloween, and then they really shot up after thanks giving and christmas, so we want to get our cases down. >> health leaders argue too many schoolchildren are still getting covid, and hospital beds are too full. the county may dial back the restrictions once more are vaccinated. and then 120,000 people jammed into nappy valley over the labor day weekend, and the low number of cases show the extra measures taken were successful. among them, masks and proof of vaccinations. organizers say 96% of the attendees showed proof of
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vaccinations. in the holmes trial, a key witness returned to the stand. theranos blood testing results were so inaccurate, he was told to use machines from other companies. this morning defense attorneys will get a chance to cross examine. taking a live look at the golden gate bridge as we get started with this tuesday morning. meteorologist, kari hall, has a look at the forecast. >> yeah, we are looking good. as we head out the door in the tri-valley with a look at 580, and a live look in dublin, a little cooler than the past couple of mornings, and clouds are moving by but it will clear out as temperatures warm up. we will see temperature in the upper 60s and low 70s. hayward, 71. 79 in antioch. we are starting out with clouds.
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once again it clears out, and we'll talk more about the temperatures warming up. that's coming up in the forecast in just a few minutes. >> looking forward to it, kari. are your netflix movies coming soon to a movie near you? well, the silicon giant may be ready to push further into hollywood's territory. we will talk about the new feature apple is set to roll out on its map app.
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good tuesday morning. it's 4:40. we are walking out the door with temperatures in the low 50s right now. it will take a while before it starts to warm up. i think by 9:00 we're starting to see the sunshine and our temperatures headed for the mid-60s by 11:00. we are still enjoying comfortable air. we'll talk more about that and what is ahead in our forecast, coming up. a live look on the peninsula. palo alto 101, light traffic and taillights heading up into san francisco. watch for a little little slowing. wall street is set to open lower as investors track a recent spike in yields.
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the treasury yield trading above 1.5% amid optimism in the reopening of the economy. the s&p 500 and nasdaq fell. in focus today, a look at consumer home prices. audiences may go out less when they can watch so much programming at home. you can now zoom your way across
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a 3d rendering of new york and los angeles. you'll see elevation details throughout each city along with new road labels and landmarks such as dodger stadium, the statue of liberty and royal albert hall. back to you. >> well, we can just get away from our home. >> take me there. >> yeah. >> thank you. >> that's a trip i can afford. coming up next, we are tracking your weather and traffic as you head out the door. how are we looking today, kari? >> air quality looking good today. it has been nice to have the fresher breezes picking up and that continues today. we'll talk more about warmer temperatures and what is ahead in the rest of the forecast, coming up. and then yes, there we go. clearing up our view of oakland, we're still wiping the sleep out
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of our eyes, and we'll get you a clearer 880 drive.
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very good tuesday morning to you. looks like folks are headed out and about early on this tuesday morning. overlooking walnut creek. 4:46 right now. >> i want it to be friday.
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>> i have not had enough coffee this morning. >> yeah, it's hot coffee weather this morning. cool for those heading out the door behind that front that moved through yesterday. now just clouds streaming in. our chances of getting anymore showers is winding down, and still may be drizzling near the coast. speaking of the coast if you are going to be heading to the beach, there will be a beach hazard statement in effect and that could mean rip currents and dangerous swells. watching out for that for all of the coastline today. never turn your back to a wave because it could be reaching up higher than the previous waves. now, reach into the mid-70s, san jose reaching 74 degrees. for the east bay, 79. still not bad at all. we can leave the
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air-conditioning off. 68 in the mission district. north bay highs reaching 74 in santa rosa and napa today. a nice breeze picking up. this, well, we're going to be heading back to summer, going from the mid-70s today to the mid-80s into the weekend and early next week. looking further down the line, looks like fall will return head into the middle of next week. we will have warmer air moving in for our inland areas going from the 70s today, and 90 on thursday. yeah, it's going to be a hot weekend. in the valleys, we're going to see low 90s, and san francisco going from the low 60s to mid-70s and a lot of sunshine this weekend. >> i am looking past the 90s to the 70s, kari. there's hope in the future.
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over here, watch the speed limit this morning. a lighter flow of traffic right now, but we are tracking the crash, northbound 680. here's 580. there's a little slowing out of the altamont pass. the headlines are moving at speed well spaced here. no delays for vasco here. antioch all the way to 242. back to you. >> thank you. imagine your dream wedding becoming a reality only to not have a single memory to look back on, and that's because of victims of a san francisco
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crime. >> i thought they were stunning. i was super excited. >> alexandria and tyler got married in alabama september 4th. they were thrilled with the sampling of wedding photos. >> the wedding photographer came here to san francisco for a job and her car was broken into here. >> we had hidden our stuff under blankets. we would have put it in the trunk but there was no room because we had our luggage. >> during a quick engagement shoot, thieves broke into our car. the alabama wedding pictures and all the backups, gone. >> i mean, i got special little moments like her grandmother giving her a penny to stick in her shoe, and there are so many
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special moments we could never re-create. >> she said the photos on a hard drive one like this one replaced. >> she called me crying, and it's just horrible. >> the newlyweds are crushed, pictures from older relatives that travelled from around the country are gone. >> the chances of us being together again just, you know, aren't possible. >> now living in texas, they are offering a $1,000 reward for the return of the pictures. >> it would mean the world to her. hopefully somebody out there has the heart to return it, and it would mean the world to our photographer as well if she could get those photos. >> i hope they really get them. >> it's 4:41 for you right now. san francisco leaders are picking up the tab on the recall
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of three board members. the supervisors will announce a ordinance to shuffle money around. that could happen as early as january. coming up next on "today in the bay," what may soon be the state's largest ban on tobacco products heating up today. the one group that will benefit the most and the response from tobacco companies. and then pushing for more outdoor dining. scott wiener among those participating in a virtual news conference this morning to discuss two recently passed bills awaiting the governor's signature. 4:52. we'll be right back.
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4:55. happening today, san jose leaders plan to ban flavored tobacco. the mayor and city council members rallied yesterday in front of city hall. they accused tobacco companies to attract children. tobacco companies, if the ordinance passes san jose will be the largest county in the state to ban flavored tobacco.
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the virtual public hearing was held yesterday on cameras but there was not a final decision. college students are on lockdown due to some sort of threat. also tracking your weather and forecast. kari? >> we're starting out with temperatures in the upper 50s in concord. it's going to be a cool start to the morning and a very comfortable day. we'll talk about all the changes in the forecast, coming up. and then i'll give you a better view. this is 101 in san jose, which is at speed right now.
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breaking right now at 5, students stay inside. why one local university is in lockdown at this hour. a live report in just moments. time running out to prevent a government shutdown. we're taking you to d.c. to show what you needs to be done to prevent a closure by the end of the week. and then one natural energy source could pave the way to zero emissions in california. this is "today in the bay." a very good tuesday to you. thank you so much for joining us. i am laura garcia. >> i am marcus washington.
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breaking news on the vaccine front, pfizer submitting data to the fda on the vaccine for ages 5 to 11. pfizer's vaccine is the only one minors can receive. it's been available for children over 12 since may. now to breaking news we are following in san francisco. >> we want to go to today in the bay's cierra johnson who is live with the news of a campus alert at san francisco state. what is going on there? >> right now the details are limited. we know students as well as nonemergency personnel are being told to stay off of campus until 10:00 this morning because of an anonymous nonspecific threat. this is information on your screen we received from san
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francisco state. students are being asked to stay in their dorms until 10:00 this morning. there will be an update at 8:00 this morning, but details are limited during the investigation. students are being asked to continue the remote instruction, and there's a anonymous nonspecific threat on campus. a lot of folks waking up and checking their e-mail. this is what we know and we will continue to relay any information to campus police as the information becomes available. >> cierra, thank you. a live look in washington, the clock is ticking to a possible government shutdown, and the governments blocked a bill to extend the debt


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