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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  September 28, 2021 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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. san francisco state on lockdown. police are confirming about their decision telling people to stay home. >> thanks for joining us. i'm marcus washington. >> i'm laura garcia. all in-person classes are scheduled at san francisco state and all facilities remain closed facilitying
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we are learning new information. we heard from them that they were notified of a nonspecific threat of armed violence tafr was this is sky ranger. campus virtually empty. the threat deleted but shared among students and staff and the decision to implement remote learning was made out of an abundance of caution. so we first learned about this threat around 4:00 this morning. it was at that time university students who live on campus were urged to stay in their dorms or campus housing until 10:00 this morning. so following an update around 8:00 this morning, campus facilities were closed for the remainder of the day and as it stands now, students are being asked to continue remote instruction. campus police tell us there will be an increase of public safety officers and folks patrolling the area out of an abundance of caution.
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the threat was later deleted but folks have already shared it and the campus just wanting to be safe. shutting down the campus and investigating that situation. of course, we'll continue to bring you information as details become available. cierra johnson for nbc bay area news. we sent out a breaking news alert. if you haven't already you can download our nbc bay area app. get news alerts sent straight to you. >> daly city police sending out a warning after a mountain lion spotting early this morning near warwick street. the department of fish and games searched the area. the lion managed to slip away telling residents in the area to be careful. recently wildlife experts told nbc bay area mountain lion sightings may be on the rise but it may have to do with more people using cameras.
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he caused terror three years ago at a maryland office and will go to prison for the rest of his life. jerod ramos was sentenced to five consecutive life sentences without the ponlpossibility of parole. he pleaded guilty to all 23 counts against him in 2019 using maryland's version of an instanity defense. before announing his sentence, the judge showed ramos showed no remorse for the crimes and even told a state psychiatrist that he'd kill more if he were released. turning to the pandemic. a big development while you were sleeping. pfizer taking the next step to roll out covid vaccines for younger children. >> reporter: this morning pfizer announced it submitted data to clear the use of its vaccine
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among children aged 5 to 11. this data was collected in a test trial involving more than 2,000 children. they expect to take several weeks to analyze that data and in this release, pfizer biontech wrote in the coming weeks it expects to request emergency use authorization. now in that trial, pfizer biontech gave children two smaller doses of the vaccine. that dose listen to those 12 and older which, according to the company still produced antibody responses that were comparable to those seen in a study of people ages 16 to 25 who received the full doses. the vaccine also caused similar side effects to those seen in adults which have included arm soreness and fatigue. children face a much lower risk of severe covid but it's important they get vaxed as schools continue in-person classes. according to the american academy of pediatrics, more than a quarter of the reported weekly cases in the united states are in children under the age of 18.
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bob redell, nbc bay area news. a live look at san francisco. it is clear out there. >> so nice. >> we should take the show on the road. the wildfires are moving out out of the bay area. >> kari hall, i think that's an invitation? >> we're going to do that at 11:05, right? yeah, it's nice to see the blue skies across the bay area and wake up -- we woke up to a beautiful sunrise but now all of those clouds have cleared out and we do have some good air quality. take a look at all of these green dots here as we are getting these realtime air quality sensors showing that it's okay to take a deep breath out there after that system that moved through yesterday. it pushed some clouds across parts of the bay area. now that's moving out and also brought about a tenth of an inch
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of rain to the coastline. right now 67 degrees. these temperatures are perfect. and we're headed for the low to mid-70s for the south bay today. winds picking up. we have a northwesterly wind at about 15 miles per hour. so it will be breezy out there as our temperatures continue to reach into the upper 60s for oakland. we're headed up to 76 in livermore and napa today reaching 74 degrees. we'll see 74 also in santa rosa. but this little break from the warm temperatures and the air quality will be short lived. we're headed back to summer. and that could mean the return of smoke as well. we're going to talk more about this as well as what's ahead leading into the weekend. that's coming up in just a few minutes. >> we'll check back with you. testimony is picking up in the trial for disgraced theranos founder elizabeth holmes. this is holmes walking into the courtroom. a key witness is returning to the stand who answered questions from prosecutors last week.
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the company's former lab director said theranos' blood testing results are so inaccurate, he was told to use machines from other companies. defense attorneys are now getting a chance to cross-examine her. remember to stay with nbc bay area. we have continuing coverage of the trial. we've been walking you through it every step of the way with the very latest on air and online at happening today -- san jose leaders plan to ban flavored tobacco. the mayor and city council members rallied yesterday in front of city hall. they accuse tobacco companies of targeting children with flavored names after sweets and say more children are vaping to cope with stress during the pandemic. tobacco companies argue prohibitions do not work. if the ordinance passes, san jose will be the largest in the state to ban tobacco products. city leaders plan to apologize for the historical wrongs against the chinese
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community. tomorrow a formal ceremony recogniing the resolution takes place at the circle of palms plaza. this acknowledges the events of may 4th, 1887. that's when san jose's chinatown went up in flames destroying homes, businesses and displacing thousands. the fire happened two months after the city council called chinatown a public nuisance. san francisco leaders are looking into picking up the tab on the upcoming recall election involving three school board members. the tab will be expensive. city schools are already facing a budget shortfall of more than $100 million. the chronicle reports the recall election will involve another $8 million hit. supervisors today plan to announce an ordinance to shuffle money around to cover the costs provided the recent submitted petition qualifies for a vote. that could happen as early as january. a live look in oakland right now. that's where governor newsom is announcing new relief for those trying to make it in the bay. the governor is visiting an affordable housing development.
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it is signing new legislation aimed at expanding and streamlining affordable housing production. it's part of the governor's plan to help the state's ongoing housing crisis. and new housing project may soon help those trying to make it in the south bay. an apartment building with affordable units is moving forward. a few blocks from the new downtown west transit village near deardon station. it will be six stories high with 130 units, half of which will be low-income for those renters and the other half will be for previously homeless. several steps still have to happen. it starts today when santa clara county is expected to buy the land. democrats and republicans are locked in a standoff. this is with the deadline to avoid a government shutdown it hill. the latest on the potential quirement in san jose. what fans need to know ahead of
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tonight's first preseason matchup. and hello, gorgeous. you, too, laura. actress melissa mccarthy is taking a break from stardom to sit down with kelly clarkson. you may not know this, but she actually was featured as part of an album with one -- the one and only barbra streisand. did you know that? find out more about what she's got going on in her life. find it on the kelly clarkson show coming up this afternoon at 3:00.
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it is a critical week on capitol hill for president biden and his economic agenda. congress is not only facing several major legislative hurdles, but it's also barreling towards a potential government shutdown. this friday. nbc news' chief white house correspondent peter alexander has the latest. >> reporter: overnight a
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showdown in washington moving the country closer to economic crisis. to sell the measures that will define his presidency. now the most serious challenge senate republicans blocking a bill needed to fund the government ahead of a possible shutdown friday. that could affect everything from social security to air travel. and lead to hundreds of thousands of furloughed workers. the vote also triggering an even more serious ticking clock. democrats scrambling to avoid the country defaulting on its debt next month. if the u.s. did default for the first time in history, exists have warned the results could be catastrophic. republicans are trying to force democrats to vote alone to pay for spending both parties approved. >> they do control the house. they do control the senate and the presidency. they can do this. easily. on their own. >> reporter: democrats are furious. >> it's one of the most reckless, one of the most irresponsible votes i have seen taking place in the senate. >> reporter: the president's
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biggest challenge may be his own party with democrats still sharply divided over his signature priorities. including a trillion-dollar bipartisan infrastructure bill. and what, for now, is a $3.5 trillion plan to strengthen climate programs that will reshape the social safety net from health care to education. the consequences of those bills not passing? it could cost democrats control of congress in next year's midterms. >> peter alexander reporting. a live look at sfo and the cdc is raising its travel advisories for hong kong and singapore. singapore is now at the level 3 advisory. this is due to a high level of covid. only the fully vaccinated are advised to visit. hong kong now at a level two indicating moderate covid levels. unvaccinated travelers with increased risk of severe illness should avoid nonessential travel there. sharks fans can't wait for tonight. this will be the first preseason game at the shark tank.
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fans last saw pro hockey in person there about six months ago. one big difference now, san jose's new vaccine mandate. nbc bay area's kris sanchez breaking down what fans can expect before the team drops the puck. >> the shark tank is a city-owned venue. that means city rules apply. so if you want to get into the sap center to see the sharks you'll have to provide proof of vaccination. that can be your cdc vaccination card, a digital record with a qr code, documentation from a doctor or health care provider, but negative covid tests will only be accepted from people with documented medical or religious exemptions and that test has to be within 72 hours. all of, they plies to fans 12 and older. this is the notice the sap center is sending to fans to make sure they're not caught off guard at a sharks game or other event at the venue. fans on ticketmaster got the same notice to be ready to show proof of vaccination. this is the first game here on your screen that fans got to
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attend back in april when the county still had capacity limits, but before the city's ordinance requiring proof went into effect. there were about 500 fans in attendance at that venue that maxes out at 17,000 fans. tonight is a preseason game against the l.a. kings. we'll have to wait and see whether fans show up. this proof of vaccination requirement applies to any venue owned by the city with 50 or more people in attendance. kris sanchez, nbc bay area news. developing now, firefighters tackling what is left of the caldor fire. they are preparing for possible flare ups with a new red flag warning in effect. the fire still less than 80% contained after starting last month and burning toward south lake tahoe. 221,000 acres burned. nearly 800 homes were destroyed. hard to see all that destruction there. finally seeing some clearing here in the bay area. >> looks like we'll have a nice weather day today, kari.
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how is it shaping up? >> nice and breezy. temperatures are cooling down and we have good air quality outside. nice to see the blue skies that we've seen even looking at the tri-valley. as we've seen, a lot of that smoke settling in. here's a look at the red flag warning you were talking about. this really covers much of the central valley as well as solano county. this will be in effect until 8:00 today. we're still looking at some gusty winds. now that the system has passed by and a northerly wind, look at the wind speed forecast. it's going to be gusting at about 25, 30 miles per hour. san francisco's going to be very windy today. and here we are right at the evening commute. and we're seeing those wind gusts picking up to about 35 miles per hour. near the coast and coming through parts of the delta. so we're watching out for that delta breeze. and then near the coast we'll have our temperatures in the mid-60s for the peninsula. and it's going to be nice and comfortable there. we know that the skies have cleared out. but there's also a beach hazard
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statement in effect. because of that system that passed by, it's kicking up some big swells and we can also have some rip currents and some dangerous waves there today. so never turn your back to the water. be very careful out there, especially this afternoon. this continues until 11:00 tonight. looking at our temperatures, we're headed for the mid-70s. now this is a nice little break but then as you take a look at the seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen, you'll see in some of our micro climates, it's going to be heating up. especially for the east bay. after reaching 79 today in concord, 76 in walnut creek. 71 in hayward and looking at low 60s for daly city, half moon bay. and san francisco reaching up to 67 downtown. our north bay highs reaching 74 in santa rosa. clearlake up to a comfortably warm 75 degrees. going through the next few days, it does look like the smoke stays off to the east of us.
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and we're still seeing that smoke coming in from the caldor fire, the dixie fire as well as some of the fires burning to the north and also the knp fire. all of that smoke, at least for the near term, will stay away from us. but the sky may start to look a little bit more hazy as those temperatures heat up and high pressure moves in. take a look at our 10-day forecast for livermore. we're in the 70s today. low 80s. still nice tomorrow. the warm-up happens going into the weekend. that's when the sky will start to look hazy as we go back to summertime. and that high pressure kind of pushing that smoke back down. so our temperatures in the low to mid-90s but beyond this we'll have a big cooldown by the middle of next week. san francisco into the mid-60s today. not changing too much the rest of the week. and the weekend is looking nice and sunny with highs in the low 70s. now let's turn to our climate in crisis.
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we've been looking at how wind energy is powering the way toward zero emission electricity for california. and on friday, there were 23 new 500-foot high wind turbines that were put online just east of livermore. i was there at the scott haggerty wind energy center as this will help east bay community energy reach toward their goal of generating 100% clean energy by 2030. >> this is our first operational local renewable energy resource. we hope it will be the first of many. alameda county and san joaquin county projects we'll execute. it's bringing renewable energy to our customers. this facility, which is about 55 megawatts of generating capacity can power about 40,000 homes. >> really amazing to see them in person. you can find out more on the new wind turbines and how to get cleaner energy by going to our climate in crisis page on
11:21 am marcus and laura? >> speaking of climate change, a study shedding light on the long-term effects of climate change. that study published in the journal "science" finds the average 6-year-old will live through three times as many climate disasters as someone born in 1960. that includes twice as many wildfires over three times more climate-related floods and 2 1/2 times as many crop failures. that study also finds the average child will encounter seven timss as many heat waves as their grandparents. coming up -- what were you doing at the ripe old age of 15? one very talented south bay artist now has his first book out. the important message behind his new release. but first, happening now. law enforcement in florida are scaling back their search for brian raundry. the fbi now in charge of those efforts stretching into its second week. the family has denied speculations and rumors they helped him escape.
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the search for gabby petito's fiance intensified last week following his disappearance. and after the fbi named him as a person of interest in the wake of her death. more for you right after the break.
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okay. have you checked your bank account and said, oh, i need some money? >> to be a millionaire. >> you have a chance to be a millionaire. millions of times over. this is after no winning ticket
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was sold for yesterday's $545 million powerball drawing. so the next one takes place tomorrow with an estimated $570 million. >> goodness gracious. new britney spears documentary debuts today on netflix covering her conservatorship. it's called "britney versus spears." it comes out one day ahead of her next hearing. earlier this month her father filed a petition to end her conservatorship. her personal life has been controlled at least in part for the last 13 years. and trending this morning, an unexpected visitor at the media day event for the brooklyn nets. >> david letterman who took the role of an nba reporter throwing out curveballs to star kevin durant. listen to what he said to the former warrior. >> why do people call you k.d.? can i call you k.d.? >> yeah. >> my favorite name is kevin, k, and my last name is -- my last
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name is durant with a d. >> there you have k.d. no word why letterman was even there or if durant was in on that joke but it certainly was funny. >> i think they were all giving letterman a hard time saying last question. that's it. >> one talented south bay artist is releasing his first book. >> tyler gordon took the world by storm last year when his portrait of kamala harris went viral. he also painted the cover for "time" magazine's athlete of the year issue. his first ever picture book is coming out today called "we can -- portraits of power." includes portraits of many figures who have made a mark on history. >> i'll see him at an event on saturday. can't wait. look at this guy. 10 years old today. this is kj. this is kari's son celebrating his 10th birthday today. kari, do you remember ten years ago? >> my goodness.
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seems like yesterday, though. that's crazy. >> look at him. and you said he's almost as tall -- not taller than you. >> he's not taller than me but he may be as tall as laura. >> i'm 5'3 1/2". >> 5-foot even. >> you know, we're going to have so much fun today. and the weather is so nice. take a look at these temperatures. we're going to spend a lot of time outside. upper 70s. good air quality, and it will heat up the next few days. >> sounds like a great day ahead in your household. >> happy birthday. >> we hope it's a great afternoon for you as well. thanks for joining us for our midday news cast. our next newscast is at 5:00 tonight. >> we'll be back right here dark and early tomorrow morning starting at 4:30 with "today in the bay." can't wait to see you back here then. we take a live look out at beautiful san francisco. get out and enjoy the day if you can. we'll be back here tomorrow.
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