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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  September 28, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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>> the exact, specific, scientific nature of those conversations between the lab director and holmes are going to be critically important for the defense. >> reporter: so far under cross examination, the defense did get doctor rosendorff to admit that he was responsible for what went on in the lab and holmes never told him to report an inaccurate result. >> you can follow scott budman on twitter @scottbudman. a threat put san francisco state on lockdown for most of the day. around 4:00 a.m. they became aware of a non-specific threat of armed violence posted on social media. that threat was quickly deleted
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but viewed and shared among students and staff. the university canceled in-person learning and went remote for the day out of abundance of caution. all facilities were closed for the day and will reopen tomorrow. students are allowed to leave their apartments and walk around. >> they know how to move our operations remotely without too much disruption. so, it was a bumpy start to the day, but i'm very grateful. >> police say there is no ongoing threat to the campus, but there will be an increase in public safety staff on campus as a precaution. the person they detained is not affiliated with the university. crimes of hate, that's what san francisco d.a.'s office is calling a string of attacks on asian women. the da's office says a man named
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o'sean garcia attacked several women. race was clearly a factor. so it is charging garcia with hate crimes. one step closer. it's expected to take a few weeks for the fda to review pfizer's data, after that, they will seek authorization for the 5-11 age group. the younger age group will get one third of the dose that people 12 and up currently get. this afternoon i spoke with nbc news medical contributor, dr. gupta about what's next. >> this trial involved around 2,000 kids. are you comfortable with that number? is that big enough of a pool to test this new vaccine among these younger children? >> you know, it's certainly smaller than what we saw for the adults, and yet, what we know is
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from prior vaccine trials for kids for different vaccines that that's still a pretty reasonable number. i'm comfortable, because what we've seen with the adolescents. kids 12 and up. is it consistent with those 18 and older. it doesn't tend to differ too much between kids and adults. >> my child is 5. so if this vaccine is approved for younger children, she would be like in the youngest age group. what reassurance can you give parents of younger children about having their kids get this vaccine? >> i'm a father to a 4 year old that this mitigates against the uncertainty that coronavirus poses to young kids. number two, kids can transmit the virus to adults, especially older individuals. those living in multi-generational households should get it for their health
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and those around them. first it was oakland and then piedmont. they are mandating that kids get the vaccine if they want to come to class for in-person learning. but the governor's office is in discussion with school districts across california, but no decision yet. all this comes as the state's positivity rate continues to go down. last month, 4.4%. now it's 2.5%. apparently, many workers are not, or not many workers are walking off the job to avoid getting the covid vaccine. several survey found that half of employees said they would quit, but when researchers followed up, the percentage of workers who actually quit was very low, less than 5%. at the same time, 63% of workers surveyed said that a vaccine
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mandate would make them feel safer at work. in a nutshell, mandates are unlikely to lead to walkoffs. click on booster shot eligibility on the trending bar. we'll break down who's able to get the third dose, and when moderna and johnson & johnson begin sending out their own booster shots. governor newsom in the east bay to sign a stack of bills. california is spending an unprecedented $22 billion to build tens of thousands of new housing units. it comes as the state's eviction moratorium ends this week. melissa colorado takes a closer look at this new legislation. >> reporter: this is coliseum
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connections in east oakland. half of it is market housing, half of it is affordable housing. it took several years and $10 million in state funding to get this built. today the governor signed a number of bills with the goal of building affordable housing projects just like this and building them faster. >> this ain't a bad legislative year in the state of california. >> reporter: as the state makes progress on the covid-19 pandemic, governor gavin newsom switching gears to tackle the state's other crisis, our affordable housing shortage. >> the unprecedented investment that we're making into affordability, $22 billion plus. >> reporter: surrounding him, some of the authors of the bills. he says california is cutting red tape. they will give grants to low to
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moderate income homeowners who want to build accessory dwelling units on their land >> housing is not just a bricks and mortar issue. housing is about dignity. it's about jobs. >> this project is unique. >> reporter: michael johnson is with a company that builds mixed housing. he says legislation signed today will help of with these projects. >> we're on the verge of a process that will move projects along faster than we have in the past. you've probably experienced it first hand. the pandemic really reconfigured outdoor dining. sidewalks, streets converted into temporary dining spaces. but now scott wiener is leading the effort to expand outdoor
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dining and lend relief to p restaurants and bars still struggling. >> we have more activity happening in parklets, in parking spots and sidewalks and just a constant activity and benefits it brings to communities. i know in my community, people who may have been a little bit skeptical before the pandemic about giving away a bunch of parking lots to restaurants and bars are now really happy that it's here, and they want it to be permanent. >> wiener's bill would allow for a one-year grace period. and businesses would be allowed to serve alcohol outside. a surprise in daley city. a mountain lion spotted on someone's back yard patio. fish and game are on the lookout for that big cat.
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we are joined live from daley city where officers shut down streets searching for the mountain lion who apparently likes to lounge around and soak in the sun. >> reporter: they didn't find it even though they did do an extensive search. there is a lot of cover, a lot of trees and bushes, and that does worry people. it could still be in the area. especially worries the man who lives right next door. daley city police posted this picture after the male mountain lion was found on a back yard patio. >> the mountain lion was sitting there. >> reporter: the cat took off before biologists arrived. >> they can hang out in a big
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tree, and they can jump on you. i'm too scared to go in the back yard right now. >> reporter: there have been a number of mountain lion sightings this year, but fish and wildlife say it's nothing unusual. >> the volume is about the same. >> reporter: even though ken pag leo says the severe drought conditions could increase the number of encounters between cats and communities. >> because it is drying up because of drought or wildfire, they would expand this range. >> reporter: they have an open channel with daley city police, and if a mountain lion shows up again they're ready to capture and relocate it. this man says he'll feel more comfortable spending evenings in the back yard once he knows where the big cat is. >> it's a big cat. i'm not going to take chances.
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>> reporter: if you do come into contact with a mountain lion, make sure you call the local, nearest law enforcement agency as soon as possible so they can help locate that cat. if you come into close contact with one, they say do not run. make sure that you keep eye contact and back away slowly. and if you have small children or pets, make sure you keep them inside until that cat moves out of the area or is captured. thom jensen, nbc bay area news. still to come, east bay water customers could pay up if they don't conserve. we're following a vote that could boost your bill. and a grandmother abandoned by her family in san francisco. a police station that adopted her and just made hear next birthday so special. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. a beautiful day outside. look at these temperatures, lots of 70s inland. we'll talk about the heat coming our way in about eight minutes.
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working at recology is more than a job for jesus. it's a family tradition. jesus took over his dad's roue when he retired after 47 year. now he's showing a new generation what recology is all about. as an employee-owned company, recology provides good-paying local jobs for san franciscans.
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we're proud to have built the city's recycling system from the ground up, helping to make san francisco the greenest big city in america. let's keep making a differene together. senator dianne feinstein is returning to washington tonight. however, questions arose last week when she missed several votes in the senate. there was speculation she might be having health problems, tonight we're learning that her husband was hospitalized for several days. he's recovering at the couple's home. if the drought worsens and you use too much water it could cost you more. board members for east bay mud voted today. >> director patterson? >> yes. >> director young?
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>> yes. go president? >> yes. unanimously. >> penalties will only be applied if the drought worsens. a first violation results in a warning, a second violation is $2 per ccf, equivalent to 748 gallons. there are exceptions, if a ratepayer has a water leak, meter error or medical problem. now our bay area series is about highlighting good things. >> sometimes you want to cry. more often than not, people keep doing the wonderful things they do long after we share their stories. >> jessica, janelle, it's not just that good people keep doing good things. if there's ever a story about something people say they're going to do, i'd love to let you know when they follow through, just like in our first update. back in 2017, i shared the story
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of esther lucas, the sunnyvale girl scout wanted to do something to help children living with disabilities in her community. so she went to a city council meeting and during the public comment period she used her two minutes to make a pitch to bring magical bridge, an all-abilities playground to her city. the city council members said they'd get back to her. >> thank you very much. >> while they eventually did with a promise of almost $2 million to get the project started, and get started think have. we just got this individual grow magical bridge. the playground is under construction, opening date, spring of next year. >> we're a nominee. >> just this past august we shared the story of emerson morley. she produced and starred in a
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short film based on her struggles with anxiety. it is so well received she is on preproduction on a feature-length version. now a story that got a lot of attention in july, about a grandmother abandoned on the streets in chinatown and the police officers from sfpd who more or less adopted her. just a couple weeks ago, the officers and housing advocates found the woman permanent housing in chinatown. ♪ happy birthday to you ♪ >> and this past weekend, it was her 63rd birthday. and like any good family, they celebrated. they took her out to dinner at the capital restaurant, and even better, she got her very own motorcycle parade, right down the heart of chinatown. now obviously, that story got so much attention because it had such an awful beginning of the
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woman abandoned on the streets of chinatown. just imagine from that story, to having your own motorcycle parade on your birthday. what a 180-degree change for that lady. >> san francisco has adopted her. she has a bigger family now for sure. thanks for the updates, we love them. >> that's a beautiful turn of events. thank you, garvin. if you have a story to share, head over to bay area proud at let's get a check of the forecast for this tuesday. it seems like the fog cleared out in a lot of places and a bit of a warmup again. >> we'll see temperatures starting to climb, but what a day outside after a little bit of shower activity yesterday. no matter what you had going on, you had to run a few errands. the air put a kick in your step.
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64 going to chillier 50s by 8:00 p.m. san jose, more blue sky through the south bay and temperatures at 76. a little bit of a breeze here, but we're going to drop off fast. by 7:00 and 8:00, we're already into the 60s. if you have any errands to run, got to go to the grocery store, wear your jacket. for many of our inland valleys, as we head into 10:00 and 11:00, we're going to be down in the 50s, and that's going to set us up with an even colder morning tomorrow. make sure to have the jacket out and ready to go for yourself and the kids. down to 49 in the south bay. that is chilly for you for this time of the year in the south bay. peninsula at 51 and tri valley at 48. let's take a look across the east bay. san francisco, 52 and the north bay down to 48. we start on the chilly side, but with the area of high pressure building in, afternoon temperatures definitely going to
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catapult up. it's this area of high pressure. i think it's going to hang out not only tomorrow but preelly but really through parts of the weekend. i see numbers warming up by three to six degrees. in the south bay, 78 in san jose, 80 in morgan hill, right through the east bay, i think we can manage with this. 85 in antioch, 82 in livermore. 73 in oakland. let's move it to the peninsula. 73 in san mateo, down to palo alto. alto, 77. up towards napa, santa rosa, not too many change. warmer weather tomorrow, and as we head through the next few days, i want to show you how the trend will play out for us. once we hit sunday's forecast, i think that's going to be the peak of the heat here.
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90s returning by thursday right through sunday. we'll start to see a drop monday, as we roll into next week, lots of 70s eventually coming on in. we've got heat, but it's not going to last for an extended period of time. in san francisco, 70s once we hit sunday. those 90s i talked about, 94 on saturday, 92 on sunday. this looks like the last blast of summer heat still increasing confidence that october will bring us cooler temperatures. we're dealing with firestorms, hurricanes, but our kids may be in for worse trouble. climate change, when we come up.
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sunnyvale police are asking people to come forward if they have anything to report about a doctor who's been charged with sexual battery. this is the doctor, todd yao. he was convirktsed in early july, but another victim came forward saying she was afraid. it's possible he has more victim and they're asking people to give them a call. our children face a dark future of climate disasters. global warming will impact the lives of young people and children more. particularly when it comes to extreme events. the study showed that a child born in 2021 will live on average through seven times as many heat waves, twice as many wildfires and nearly three times as many droughts and floods as their grandparents.
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experts say the problem will only get worse if climate change continues unchecked. the california resources agency has a new website to raise awareness about rising sea levels. it's called the ocean is moving in. can you see sea creatures moving into people's homes. the agency warns 60% of california beaches are highly vulnerable to sea level rise. $150 billion in property is threatened by flooding, and saltwater to contaminate drinking water if action isn't taken soon. now we have more stories on the impact of climate change in our community. just go to our wib site, climate in crisis. it's on okay. we are coming right back with the newest project of a talented south bay teenager.
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okay, a few months ago, we introduced you to tyler gordon, a 15-year-old art prodigy runner-up for the kid of the year award. >> now he can add a new title to his resume, author. gordon's first book came out today.
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>> my new book is out right now, today. go so cool. >> so cool. gordon wrote and illustrated the book himself, called "we can", it highlights people like president obama, janet jackson. gordon, who is partially deaf made waves last year when his portrait of vice president kamala harris went viral. it earned him a thank you call from the vp himself and he took a painting only three years ago. >> don't forget about me when you're big time. >> is he supposed to paint you? >> he's totally forgotten about me. >> he's big time. >> what's coming up at 5:30? what went wrong in afghanistan. top military leaders were grilled on capitol hill. where they candidly admitted to failures. >> it is obvious, the war in afghanistan did not end on the terms we wanted with the taliban
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now in power. >> what their original plans were and how president biden went against some of their guidance. are we getting closer, another step for pfizer and its vaccine when it comes to kids 5-11. >> i've been in contact with my daughter's doctors and our doctors, chatting the ground breaking of the library for former president obama. the news at 5:30 starts right now. thanks for joining us. >> there are a lot of revelations today about the chaotic and deadly exit from afghanistan. top u.s. military leaders in the hotseat testifying before a senate committee. >> in candid


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