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tv   Early Today  NBC  September 29, 2021 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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. a washington showdown that's moving ever closer to a major economic crisis. president biden cancelled a trip to dig in on multiple deals that could define his presidency. >> the president's to him military brass facing a second-day grilling over the pullout, contradicting their boss and who shared what with book authors. >> we may be one day closer to vaccines with children ages 5 to 11 plus nba superstar lebron james.
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anyone that heats their home with natural gas get ready to pay more, a lot more an ammunition shortage and more than concerned. it's wednesday, september 29th "early today" starts right now. >> good morning, i'm frances rivera. >> i'm philip mena president biden is staying put in washington, d.c. canceling his planned trip to chicago, where he was planning to speak about the importance of vaccinations instead, he will be continuing his talks with lawmakers and fighting to keep his legislative agenda alive chris pollone joins us from capitol hill chris, good morning. congress still has a long to do list and they are short on time. >> good morning to you senate democrats and democrats all across capitol hill here in washington are trying to pass an infrastructure bill. they're trying to pass a much
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bigger spending package, all while trying to fund the government and extend the debt limit. lawmakers here have a deadline of midnight tomorrow to avoid a shutdown on friday the senate is expected to vote soon on a funding bill without a debt limit included. the treasury secretary warns that might be a big mistake if the government will run out of money to pay its bills in just a few weeks. >> it is imperative congress address the debt limit if not, our current estimate is the treasury will likely exhaust its extraordinary measures by october 18th america would default for the first time in history. the full faith and credit of the united states would be impaired and our country would likely face a financial crisis and economic recession as a result >> with the house scheduled to
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vote on the infrastructure bill tomorrow, they are in intense negotiations over the larger spending bill trying to get moderates like west virginia's joe manchin and arizona's kyrsten sinema on board with that plan to keep aggressives from abandoning the infrastructure bill. progressive democrats have said they will not support the infrastructure plan that was agreed on a bipartisan basis if they don't get their priorities in that much larger bill that's called the build back better bill by the biden administration >> so much at stake this week. chris, thank you america's top brass back in the hot seat to answer for the chaotic and deadly exit from combrafg a house committee is set to grill military leaders this morning after yesterday's heated showdown in the senate where the generals admitted to a strategic failure. nbc news' courtney has the story. >> reporter: the top military adviser. >> strategically, the war is lost, the enemy is in kabul.
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>> reporter: chief general mark milley, menl mackenzie and general austin were grilled over the afghanistan withdraw >> nobody has resigned >> general i think you should resign, secretary austin, i think you should resign. >> reporter: they were pressed about president biden's military leaders advised him to keep 2500 troops in afghanistan to avoid a takeover. >> no, no one said that to me that i can recall. >> reporter: they overly contradicting the commandner chief. >> i recommend we remain 25 troops in afghanistan. >> reporter: testifying the president did hear their advice. >> this officer and general miller's recommendations get to the president personally if. >> their input was received by the president. >> reporter: the white house responding >> there were recommendations made by a range of his advisers, something he welcomed. >> reporter: meanwhile, milley went further, also contradicting president biden's assertion the
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afghanistan withdraw was a quote extraordinary success. >> would you use the term extraordinary success for what took place in august in afghanistan? >> it was a logistical success but a strategic failure. >> reporter: he was asked if the rushed exit that left americans and afghans behind damaged credibility? >> i think the word damage is one word that can be used, yes. >> reporter: later milley was pressed whether he considered resigning? >> why haven't you resigned? >> the president doesn't have to agree with is that advice. >> reporter: he spoke about the outgoing days of the trump administration, when he reportedly told a chinese general, if we're going to attack, i'm going to call you ahead of time. >> i am certain that president trump did not intend to attack the chinese. my task at that time was to deescalate. >> reporter: one other surprising admission from general mark milley chairman of the joint chiefs, al qaeda or
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isis could rebuild in afghanistan in as little as 12 months, frances. >> courtney, thank you the debt ceiling battle if d.c. and the growing inflation concerns are weighing on wall street tech took the biggest hit yesterday, dragging down the s&p and nasdaq by more than 2% the dow tumbled nearly 570 points futures are pointing to a slight bounceback at the open the gap in racial disparities in vaccinations may be closing they found 73% of u.s. hispanic adults, 71% of whites and 70% of black adults received at least one dose the fba's effort got a massive jolt it came from none other than nba superstar lebron james who revealed his vaccination status. >> after doing my research and things of that nature, i felt it
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was best suited not only for me but my family and my friends that's why i decided to do it. >> his comments come as the nba announced more than 90% of the leak has reportedly gotten a shot the rollout has begun for older and vulnerable americans nbc news' gabe gutierrez has more. >> reporter: frances, good morning. the white house says more than 400,000 americans have gotten their covid booster shots since friday at pharmacies and more than a million have scheduled appointments over the coming weeks. but now there is news that should grab the attention of many parents across the country. with millions of children now back in classrooms, pfizer submitted phase 3 data to the fda for 5 to 11-year-olds, a crucial step for emergency use authorization. >> it's another barrier of protection for the little ones. >> reporter: pfizer's ceo with nbc's craig melvin who asked him about younger children under the age of 5
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>> i think in a couple months, we should be in a position to have the date. before the end of the year. >> reporter: the 5 to 11-year-old children in pfizer's trial were given two smaller doses than those given to those 12 and older they say they produced antibody responses that were comparable to those seen in older people. the vaccine also caused similar side effects to those seen in adults including arm soreness and fatigue. >> younger children areless ap to be infected but we all know that there are children who become seriously ill. >> reporter: perhaps nowhere has debate over the future of the pandemic been so heated as in schools where parents and administrators have clashed over mask mandates, bus driver shortages and vaccine requirements new york city announced that teacher and staff would have to the end of the week to get vaccinated of a federal appeals court green lighted the mandate. >> i think they should get vaccinated our kids are in there.
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they have been to held accountable. >> less than a quarter of americans haven't gotten a first shot confusion is mounting over who should get a third the fda authorized the pfizer booster for certain americans. in charleston, west virginia, kitty frazer got her booster not pfizer, but moderna. which the fda has said can be offered to the immunocompromised. do you think this whole rollout of the boosters has been a little confuseing? >> extremely confusing in fact, when we came in this morning and they said you can't have the moderna because it's not yet been approved as has the pfizer, are we got a little bit invest vexed and thought we wasted a trip down here then when we said we were immunocompromised, they said, we could have the shot. >> reporter: of course, there have been many questions of mixing and matching vaccines,
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for example, getting two doses of the pfizer vaccine and programs getting a booster from moderna. we are now learning that data from a mix-and-match trial has been submitted to the fda but has not yet been publicly available. no time line for that yet. frances. >> a lot of people are waiting for that information gabe, thank you. britney spears' conservatorship hearing is set for this afternoon in los angeles. at the top of the docket, the removal of her father as conservator of her estate him he wants a public accountant to take over a. judge will decide whether it will be dissolved all together, if not, who will manage the pop star's life let's turn to your wednesday weather with janessa webb. how's the weather this morning >> hey, guys good morning you know i perk up when i see snow on the radar. that's what we are currently seeing right now, a few flakes falling for salt lake city into the wyoming area this is little to no
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accumulation it's going to be predominantly rain we are watching this is a slow-moving cold front. it will cause a weak moisture in this area. we are talking accumulation to . then the front will set into the southern plains as we go into your thursday. so some more soggy conditions through the rest of the week then they hat cooler air make its ways in overnight lows, talking the upper 40s. things are starting to change. another front makes its way into the west as we go into tomorrow. that nice crisp air, we're talking up you are 40s in some spots, feeling like fall. >> we haven't heard those in quite a while. october is right around the corner, the good folks at the
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candy store have stored up the list of america's favorite candy. let's sink our teeth into the map. star bursts in texas, michigan, idaho south dakota and alabama reese's cups dominated, california, wyoming, kentucky, north carolina and florida and sour patch kid were the top choice in illinois, maine, massachusetts, nebraska and new york >> you get households with kids, they'll say all of the above "early today" is back with a major transformation for greyhound. while there is a shortage of ammo plagueing stores this season >> itching. the pain. with tremfya®, adults with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis... ...can uncover clearer skin and improve symptoms at 16 weeks. serious allergic reactions may occur.
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tremfya® may increase your risk of infections and lower your ability to fight them. tell your doctor if you have an infection or symptoms or if you had a vaccine or plan to. tremfya®. emerge tremfyant™. janssen can help you explore cost support options. so you went to mickie d's and didn't even... man that's wrong. wha... shhhh, you're all right. ahhhh. get two of your favs for just six bucks. like two quarter pounders. only at mcdonald's. . a man is suing idaho springs after police arrested him tore no not complying it turns out he couldn't understand them. he was pulled over for running a stop sign. he alleges officers threw him to the ground, stunned him with
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tasers he said he tried to communicate. he was charged with resisting arrest and jailed for four months the idaho prescription police department said said the officers found their actions were deemed appropriate. the nation's largest inner city bus company is settling a lawsuit with washington state. greyhound will no longer allow warrantless immigration sweeps on its buses and will pay 2.2 in restitution to passengers who were detained. the company had already announced it would stop the sweeps nationwide in february of 2020 after facing pressure but the new settlement requires them to display the policy in washington state. hunting season is just around the corner. but a nationwide ammo shortage is jamming up supplies michelle white of affiliate kwwl has the latest. >> reporter: it's a nationwide problem. local gun dealers and law enforcement agencies say it began last march with the
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pandemic that spoorkd a shortage of labor and goods, which has driven up costs when demand is at an all-time high. >> this ammo on my shelf the distributor sent me last week was ordered by that distributor probably a year or 16 months ago. any industry does that. >> reporter: local gun dealers are rationing their own stock advising customers to shop around and trying to help them prepare for hunting season >> but you have a 'lot of people that need a box here and a box there. so you basically have people enjoy hunting. >> reporter: the police says they are seeing a shortage they budget for next fiscal year a 35% increase in the price the department pays for ammunition and has had to wait months for it to come in. >> it's a balancing act between the amount of training that we do and the availability of rounds, but we're adapting to
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it it's certainly proficiency with a handgun or a firearm is something that you can't really cut back on. so we're getting the training in we need to get we're just being smarter about it. >> reporter: sometimes that means buying ammunition from local dealers, too >> our thanks to michelle white for that report. still to come, get ready to lose yourself in the menu at eminem's new restaurant. higher heating bills, get ready, why prices may surge this winter winter >> yeah, tell me about it. ooh, feel that chill? i don't feel anything. uhh, this can't be good.
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sandwich. >> we have good news and not so good news to share with you this morning. c nbc's jeff cutmore is here good morning >> yeah, a very good morning to you. you know, the same challenge we've had with other industries this happened. we have natural gas now. supply has just not kept up with demand analysts are warning of a sticker shock for commerce as we've seen prices up 180% in the wholesale market over the last 12 months. well, that's going to be painful for the half of american households who heat their homes with natural gas so we'll be all hoping i think for a mild winter through this season it is just worth pointing out, one positive the analysts say they think now that prices may have peaked. so we will hope for that to happen lowes is offering a 10% discount
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to first responders. they say it's a way of giving back to those who have given their own fine service now this will run for three days from october the 22nd to the 24th you can get those discounts in store and on lowe' of course, it comes ahead of national first responder's day on october the 28th. back to you. >> it's great. hopefully, they can get the supplies they need and there is no back order or shortage. thank you. janessa is back with a heat wave how you can score dinner with the cowboy's legend emmet smith. and for those really messy jobs in hard to reach places, try disposable, thin sheets.
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after abruptly ending in 2010, the original "law and order" series is set to air on nbc. executive producer dick wolf is calling it his dream come true they are hoping to bring back
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beloved characters it is a champ nobody would pass up. you have dinner with emmit smith. the hall of fame said if buyer will also score dinner with him. he has lived in the home since 1995, which fans know it's the last season the cowboys won a super bowl maybe that will be you know lucky charm. >> it's been a while players, they need to be 19-years-old to enter the draft. the nba draft. some teenage prodigies are getting a head start plenty prospects are playing in leagues outside of college basketball as they train for the forecast, they're making serious money, too players who sign with the elite league make $100,000 a year. they train in state of the art
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facilities, it's many avenues that allow prospects to forego college and earn money before their name gets called in the draft. in today's ground breakers a nine-person group full circle everest expedition sails i aims to be the all american team to climb to the top of mount everest. in a point for greater recognition, they plan to make their way to the top next year by sponsors and go fund me they hope they will encourage people of color to dream big and also get outside a new book relives an unusual memory from the trump white house. ♪ the pipes to pacify even a
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president. white house staff who allegedly played that song with cats and other show tunes to calm down former president trump when he was on the brink of rage, according to a new book from former press secretary stephanie grisham. i did not see that
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right now at 4:30, reaching new heights in response to the pandemic. the expensive solution some are finding in the bay area to ensure treatment they can't find where they live. and what the defense is doing to knock down potentially crushing testimony in the holmes case. thank you so much for starting your day with us. i am laura garcia. >> i am marcus washington.


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