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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 530  NBC  September 30, 2021 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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a potential crisis is just around corner. >> i sit before you as that pastor, that single mom, that congresswoman the powerful testimony is access to abortion remains under threat in several states. plus -- >> they asked a lot of questions, especially the 7-year-old, mom, are we going to have to sleep in the car? >> a mother on the edge of becoming homeless. the eviction moratorium ends today, so the desperate plea she's making to state lawmakers. the news at 5:30 starts right now. thanks for joining us.
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>> the federal government did not shut down tonight after the house and senate approved a deal to extend government funding through december 3rd. >> it's a defining moment for joe biden, who, in hopes of saving his legislative priorities, is working to broker a deal between moderates and progressives in his own party. nbc's alice barr has the latest from washington. >> on this vote, the yays are 252, the nays are 175. roich government shutdown averted, with just hours to go. both the house and senate approving a deal to fund the government through early december. >> that will eliminate the possibility of a government shutdown tonight. >> reporter: but it does not stave off another looming crisis, a default on the nation's death. >> it would be catastrophic for the economy. >> reporter: if congress doesn't raise the country's borrowing limit by october 18th. house democrats already approved a measure to do that. >> the bill is passed.
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>> reporter: it's unclear if the senate will do the same. republicans are trying to force democrats to increase the debt limit alone, in protest of their multitrillion dollar spending plans. >> what they want to do is restructure and transform america. >> reporter: the democrat's agenda, now in real jeopardy. >> we are proceeding in a very positive way. >> reporter: nancy pelosi still planning to hold a vote today on the $1 trillion infrastructure bill that passed the senate with bipartisan support. but opposition from progressive democrats is mounting, as a deal remains elusive on a larger package, funneling up to $3.5 trillion into health care, education, and climate programs. >> look, we are in the same place we've always been. we put out an offer for $3.5 trillion. >> reporter: key moderate senator joe manchin revealing today that his top line number is a much lower $1.5 trillion. >> i think there's many ways to get to where they want to, just not everything at one time.
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>> reporter: a high stakes standoff within the democratic party, with joe biden's top legislative priorities hanging in the balance. looking ahead to the debt ceiling fight, janet yellen said today going into default would mean interruptions in social security payments and paychecks for soldiers. as well as the likely spike in interest rates. if congress does act in time, she has confidence the economy will keep improving and return to full employment next year. in washington, alice barr, nbc news. on capitol hill, lawmakers gave emotional testimony on a hear protecting a woman's right to abortion. you may recall texas established a new law banning abortions six weeks into pregnancy. today, lawmakers shared their personal stories during a house hearing. >> as a pastor, as that activist, that survivor, that single mom that congresswoman to testify that in the summer of 1994, i was raped, i became
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pregnant, and i chose to have an abortion. i yield. >> during the hearing, republicans supported the law. a big market selloff today, sending wall street heading for its worst month of the year. the dow lost 546 points. the s&p off by 51, and the has -- nasdaq down by 63. the dollar hit a one-year high amid growing speculation the federal reserve will taper its stimulus as inflation remains high. the clock is running out for thousands trying to make it in the bay, as the state's eviction moratorium expires tonight. housing situations everywhere are on the line, and contra costa county temporarily banned most evictions to keep people
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housed during the pandemic. but some say their new landlord has been trying to kick them out since may, even though they've been paying rent. >> i'm originally from algeria. i'm the mother of two young girls and a single mom. >> reporter: she gave up her job as a preschoolteacher when covid hit. she has no one to watch her kids. >> i ended up doing door dash and uber. i don't want to face anything like an eviction, being on the streets or in the car. >> reporter: she has to bring the kids with her on the ride. >> i pray on the way, i say please take us to the places that are safe. >> reporter: she's lived in the same apartment for more than a decade. a bargain by bay area standards. >> for the last few years, we were paying $1,000 a month. >> reporter: despite the eviction moratorium, she has been paying, every month she says. >> i pay the rent first and then look for the other fwils.
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so we were really tight. >> reporter: in may, a new owner bought the building. >> the new owner, mr. steven pinza. >> reporter: he runs the pinza group and owns more than 150 units across the bay area. according to property radar. that same month, she got this 60-day eviction notice, saying her new land lord needed to make major repairs. >> there were 15 people here, 11 were asked to leave. only a few are left right now. i think three or four. >> reporter: two other tenants showed a similar eviction notice. >> basically what he wants to do gentrify the area, and get other people to move in and pay higher rent. >> reporter: in july, she made an offer, move out at their expense and come back later with ad 600 rent hike. other tenants say they got
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similar offers. >> can you afford to pay that? >> i can't. >> reporter: unless the landlord is taking the property off the market or moving in themselves, the county's moatorium states they can only evict tenants for immediate health or safety issues. >> i don't see any health or safety issues. i the kids ask a lot of questions. >> reporter: lea simon is the statewide legal director at the alliance of californians for community development. >> 11 families were served eviction notices. these are families paying the rent despite the economic crisis, created by the covid pandemic. >> reporter: records show pinza's company has pulled permits to upgrade kitchens and bathrooms, but we don't know how
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serious those renovations are. >> the landlord is alleging that he has to do substantial rehabilitation. this basis for eviction is intended for situations where the roof fell in. like just extreme conditions that are unsafe for the tenant. >> reporter: pinza made headlines in 2016, when tenants in concord protested large rent increases at buildings he managed. betty was one of those tenants. >> we all got a $400 rent increase. when i came home and i saw the notice on my door, i was like, oh, my god, that's a lot of freaking money. what is do we want? >> stop the evictions. >> reporter: now the tenants and allies are taking their protests to pinza's front door. we called and emailed the pinza group several times and never heard back. >> we've been trying to reach steven pinza for a couple weeks now. here we are at his office in
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walnut creek. >> reporter: we tried visiting in person, but nobody answered with. the eviction moratorium ending tomorrow, she worries about the future. fighting her landlord has already taken a heavy toll. she was planning to visit her father over the summer, but she canceled. staying home to fight the eviction instead. >> july 31st, he passed away. he was fighting for three solid weeks with the new variant of covid. he was 68. i couldn't make it. >> just a few days ago, she says she got a new 60-day eviction notice from her land lord and says she's out of options. >> i heard her say 11 tenants got notices, not just her. what are the others doingsome >> most of them did get eviction notices and most have moved out. but a few stayed to fight. if they don't clear out in two months, the landlord could put it through the court system to
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get them evicted. but it will be up to the judge to decide if they stay or go. a lot of apartment complexes are facing the same. we have more on help that is out there. you might be able to get a hand paying your rent for the next year and a half. i'm chris kamora. blue origin founder jeff bezos accused of creating a toxing work environment. 21 current and former employees share their stories. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. what a day outside. we'll talk about what's ahead for your friday forecast and i'll take a look out at the next ten days and a big drop in temperatures. that's coming up.
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every single day, we're all getting a little bit better. we're better cooks... better neighbors... hi. i've got this until you get back. better parents... and better friends. no! no! that's why comcast works around the clock constantly improving america's largest gig-speed broadband network. and just doubled the capacity here. how do things look on your end? -perfect! because we're building a better network every single day. as we were just telling you in our last story, if you are
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facing eviction, you might be able to get help paying your rent around avoid eviction. >> chris shows us who is eligible and how to apply and when. >> if you have a covid hardship, you might find help paying rent from the state of california, or a local government agency. you might be able to dip into a pot of $5.2 billion that can cover up to 100% of your relate and utilities. you can get help for up to 18 months of upcoming rent or back rent as far back as april of this year. eviction experts say you should apply asap because the money won't last forever. here's another reason to apply early. if you apply before you get an eviction notice or within the first 15 days after you receive one, that application can because your eviction. >> the fact that you have applied will protect you and you need to let your land lord know that you have applied. >> reporter: we'll walk through
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the application process in just a second. let's look at who qualifies. you have to live in california, your income must be less than 80% of your county's median income. in santa clara county, for a family of four, that's $117,750 per year or less. and hear's the last requirement. someone in your household must have had a financial hardship due to covid-19. >> the tenant might be experiencing lower wages or higher expenses because of covid, and it's a very broad definition. >> reporter: the easiest place to apply is the website. quick on apply and plug in your address and it will show you the program. next take a quiz, using all the things we just talked about. create an account, thensubmit. it helps to have pay stubs and tax returns when applies. >> don't worry, oh, i don't have all the proof. get all the proof that you can,
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and there are many things that you can attest to. >> reporter: it takes most people about 30 minutes to complete the application, so block some time. then let your land lord know that you have applied and do that in writing so there's a written record. if you don't want to apply online, call the state. the number is 833-430-2122. again, block some time. when we called midday, midweek, the hold time was longer than 30 minutes. >> you can watch every episode of chris' how-to series on demand and trust me, it's worth your time. step by step help for everything from taxes to travel and lots of topics in between. you can binge watch right now on our website, our streaming channel and our youtube page. just look for the how-to play list. >> let's get a check of the forecast with jeff ranieri. wow, it is warming up, jeff, outside. >> at least we're avoiding a
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heat wave. i don't have any 100s in the forecast, but yes, we are definitely heating up. lots of low 90s across the inland valleys today. so that's why i wanted to start off with something different tonight and take a look at a ten-day forecast to start, so then you can see where we're going to be going. and i'm looking here at livermore over the next ten days. we all know that can be one of the hottest. and we popped up into the 90s today. low 90s tomorrow through the weekend, even into next monday. and then check it out, things begin to change next week, down to the 70s here, especially low 70s by next thursday, friday, and saturday. with that cooler weather, i know you're cheering for it back at home, everybody is ready for some fall weather. i'll talk more about the rain chances here coming up. but let's get you set up for that friday morning forecast. tgif almost, right? south bay, 56 here, calling it a good morning. great start for the peninsula.
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and for the tri valley 57. we have lots of 50s to start in san francisco. so matter where you are in the bay area, it will feel similar here with cloud cover moving on through. daytime highs don't adjust much. i'm not seeing big changes in the atmosphere tomorrow. so that will leave us with 89 in gilroy, up to san jose, 88. and don't want to forget you there in cupertino, 87 degrees. through the peninsula and the east bay, lots of 80s right near the water. 80 in oakland. 87 in fremont. over the east bay hills, 92 in antioch. 90 in livermore. over to the peninsula, and the sweep spot with that weather tomorrow is right here, from san mateo to redwood city. if you live there, you're lucky, you got some of the best weather. off to san francisco, we have some 70s in downtown, also through the mission and right at the marina, we're at 67. and maybe, just maybe you got a three-day weekend coming your
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way. sonoma and napa, upper 80s to 90. so a forecast similar to this to next monday. after that, we have the larger changes i've been talking about. so we are seeing a few forecast issues with this. we're going to get a storm system hitting the west coast next week. but the forecast models are flip-flopping on this right now on the exact placement of the storm center, the area of low pressure. times we're seeing it to the north and other times to the south. so we're going to get colder air from this. rain chances looks like we're going to see the best widespread rain to the north of us over the fire zones and we aer in for a few shower chances. but this could be changing for us. we need to see more consistency in this before we start nailing down rainfall totals throughout the west. but you can count on me. i'll have the updates. temperatures drop next week. down to 62 by next thursday. and inland valleys, from the
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ninths to 75. weekend is almost here. you guys got big plans for the weekend? >> i haven't thought that far ahead. >> i'm going to be lazy. how is that? >> that sounds perfect. i like that. >> i think there's youth soccer in my weekend plans. >> good weather for that. up next, new developments months after a woman was killed at a san jose sports bar. the action police are taking against the bar and what they say led them to this point. it's a family tradition. jesus took over his dad's roue when he retired after 47 year. now he's showing a new generation what recology is all about. as an employee-owned company, recology provides good-paying local jobs for san franciscans. we're proud to have built the city's recycling system from the ground up, helping to make san francisco the greenest big city in america. let's keep making a differene together.
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a san jose sports bar considered a nuisance by police and the city is shutting down in a couple of weeks. this is the agape sports bar on west alma avenue. it will close october 17. police say they've been monitoring the bar since last december after neighbors reported illicit activities were going on there. officers say they responded to bar fights, narcotics violation and incidents involving weapons, all since the start of this year. two women were shot there and three others arrested for sex
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work. and in june, a suspected drunk driver plowed into the bar, killing one woman and seriously injuring two others. new updates in the gabby petito case. agents visited the home of her fiance, brian laundrie again. he's a person of interest in her death. he disappeared from the family's home two weeks ago just before the body was found in wyoming. the family says the fbi was there to collect some of laundrie's belongings to help in the canine search for him. the case may have helped investigators find a missing father. on tuesday, police found robert lowery, a 46-year-old texas man, dead in a wyoming national forest. last month, his family reported him missing. investigators say lowery was visiting the teton national forest. police found gabby petito's remains in that same area. coverage of petito's case prompted a search for lowery in the same forest. police found him, but the cause of death is still under
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investigation. gymnasts who survived sex abuse at the hands of their doctor showed up at the state capitol today. survivors went before the oversight committee to advocate for legislation empowering victims. under the new measure, victims would get additional time to bring lawsuits. >> survivor suffer willing be life long, be these bills will be at least a glimmer of hope to thousands. >> reporter: larry nassar was convicted of abusing hundreds of gymnasts while he was the gymnastics team doctor for 20 years. jeff bezos's space company blue origin is facing harsh allegations tonight. 21 current and former workers claim the workplace is toxic. among their complaints, pressure to sign nondisclosure agreements, internal feedback is
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stifled, safety concerns disregarded and women face sexism. and executive today pledged to investigate. after winning six super bowls, the patriots are leaving for new england. a preview of the game, next.
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my name is on the front. but... i am more proud of the back. siggis: 40% less sugar,
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and more protein than the leading greek yogurt. a special homecoming is set for "sunday night football" on nbc bay area. tom brady returns to the place where he became a football star.
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>> you know i'm from new england. >> are you a patriots fan sh >> i am. i root for both now. >> who are you rooting for sunday? >> i think the patriots. brady heads to massachusetts to play his old team, the patriots, for the first time since leaving last year. here's a preview for the football in america night team. >> i don't know if you know tom brady played in new england, and his new team is going to new england this sunday night. the return of brady with the bucs, you've been through the emotions of the games like this. what was it like for you? says went back to tampa after six years and getting fired. i spent the whole week telling everybody it was just another game. it was not. i had to do everything i could not to cry on the sideline before the game started. it's going to be emotional for tom. >> i always found myself literally taking monday, tuesday, and wednesday of that week to emotionally get through it. i would shed tears monday, tuesday, wednesday so that by the time i got to sunday i was -- it was all gone and i
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could just go play football and focus on the game. but it's very difficult. >> see you on football night in america, live from foxboro. >> and now we'll talk about the super bowl. super bowl 56 is in l.a. the halftime show will be a star studded event fit for hollywood. it was just named today that dr. dra, snoop dogg, eminem, mary j. blige and kendrick lemar will perform together. you can watch super bowl lvi right here on nbc bay area on february 13th. and the olympics in beijing will be happening at the same time, also on nbc. so all the sports you want to know about on nbc in february. >> right now at 6:00, is it time to lose the masks? san francisco is considering it. while santa cruz county is going
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full steam ahead on lifting the mask mandate. tonight, health leaders are weighing in. plus, it's like a scene right out of a movie. a highly sophisticated, illegal marijuana grow operation busted in the east bay. $10 million in cash confiscated. how deputies were able to take it down. and -- >> when we travel to san francisco, we always do this. >> they are an iconic part of san francisco. many can't imagine the city without them, talking about the cable cars. but now transit leaders say they may not what it takes to keep them running. the news at 6:00 starts right now. california is taking a step backwards. >> monday, we showed you this map, the cdc rate of community transmission. california was the only state in the moderate. well, tonight it's a different
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story. we're back in the orange tier, which means a substantial rate of spread. the only other state that's orange is connecticut. >> this comes as the country reaches another milestone in the pandemic. more than 700,000 americans have lost their lives to covid. nearly 68,000 more, more than 68,000 of them right here in california. >> the bay area, though, is the exception. we still appear to be moving forward. case rates dropping, and now some counties thinking about lifting their indoor mask mandate. >> santa cruz county told residents they could take off masks yesterday. >> reporter: well, here in santa clara county, the cdc standards and the vaccination rates are generally pretty similar to santa cruz county. but there are key differences. and those differences are enough to keep masks on inside. many people


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