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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 1, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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water gush into the streets. this is after a water main break. we have been at the scene all morning, and we have an update on the situation, plus -- >> it's not about order for me. like i said, when i started off, it's about safety of the students and staff. >> no vaccine, no school in person. a mandate for the vaccine for yet another bay area district. shutdown averted. congress agrees to fund the government, but will democrats be able to advance president biden's agenda? the third hour of "today in the bay" continues right now. good morning on this friday. thanks so much for making us part of your morning. i am marcus washington. >> i am kris sanchez. laura garcia is off this morning. kari is not off, and she's watching the forecast because we are itching for the weekend. >> yes, we are. i think for some people you may
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have to limit your time quality. moderate air quality across the , and some of the air quality iss be . in the try valleys, we're going to the mid-50s to 80s by the afternoon. 89 degrees in napa. 87 in palo alto. san francisco will reach in the upper 70s with the fog quickly clearing out. we will get a look at some of our weekend events as well as all of the wildfires that have progressively gotten worse, and that's coming up in a few minutes. we want to get you to the breaking news where tens of thousands of gallons of water is rush into the streets in one contra costa county neighborhood. >> bob, any chance that is
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getting better? >> reporter: no, it's still gushing. it has been gushing for a good -- i'd say about 5 1/2 hours now. you are looking at hemme avenue and danville boulevard in alamo where an old pipe bursts. as can you see -- i hope you can see this, the water is gushing out and tearing up the road. right now east bay mud that operates the water out here, and they have workers out here trying to turn it off. the issue is the handle valve they would use to shut off this line is underwater itself, and it's along the road somewhere and they are trying to figure it out. there's 182 customers without power. there's a creative learning center right here. i can't tell if that property is flooded or if vegetation kept the water from going in there. there's a house across the street, and i spoke to the woman
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off camera earlier that lives there, and she had mud on her and did not look happy, and she said her garage was flooded and she has been able to keep the water and mud from going into her home. so that was positive. one issue on hemme avenue, it appears this is the only road in and out of the neighborhood behind us. there are many homes behind there. we believe the people can get out on foot, but as far as getting out with their car, that will be an issue until the water is turned off and this road is repaired, and that could be several hours. this pipe was eight-inch and made of concrete and asbestos. it's 70 years old. there was another break yesterday, and workers are still trying to repair that pipe. they have the water off but they
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are still trying to repair that. this is video from last friday, at the valley oaks drive and stone valley road. again, east bay mud not sure what caused these pipes to break. it's something they are looking into. they acknowledge their system is old, a lot of pipes are 70 years old and they do need to be replaced. the main issue is this water pipe being turned off, and right now the valve to turn it off is now under water. bob redell for today in the bay. >> what a mess. thank you, bob. supreme court justice brett kavanaugh has tested positive for covid. he has been fully vaccinated since january. all justices were tested ahead
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of returning to court, and all were negative except for cavanaugh. his wife and children have been fully vaccinated and tested negative. and then the deadline the parents are now faced with with the vaccine mandates. >> reporter: as you can imagine, parents and students having a lot to say about the district considering a mandatory vaccine, but in the end the school board members decided in favor of having a mandatory covid vaccine. it means students 12 years and older will be required to be fully vaccinated against covid-19. those eligible students must show proof of first shot by november 15th and proof of the second shot by december 15th. students younger than 12 years old, they must receive their
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first shot no later than 30 calendar days after their 12th birthday, and get that second covid shot 60 days after their 12th birthday. and it's not just the students required to receive vaccinations, staff members and volunteers in the contra costa school district must show their vaccination status, either vaccination vaccination, or receiving their first shot by october 15th and second shot by november 15th. and out of the 26,000 students in that district, close to half of them will be affected by the vaccine mandate. as you can imagine, parents had a lot to say about the subject before the board members took the vote. take a listen to how parents say the mandate would impact their children. >> the risks to our children is greater from the vaccine than it
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is from the actual virus. >> i think you guys need to back off and let us make the decision on whether we want to vaccinate our children or not. >> reporter: the topic of mandating a vaccine seems to be getting popular because there are other districts in the bay area mandating the vaccines. oakland, piedmont, they have passed a vaccine mandate. we will keep you updated as to which districts will continue to go that direction as time continues. >> topics that a lot of parents are talking about. thank you. we want to take you to capitol hill now for a live look. the lights are still on and the federal workers will go to work today. president biden signed the bill to keep the federal government funded hours before the shutdown
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deadline. lawmakers went home for the night without voting for a key part of the president's agenda. you see, chris pallone, he's on your screen and he will talk about that. >> kris, good morning. house speaker nancy pelosi left the capitol complex a little after midnight this morning, and the democrats missed the deadline to pass the infrastructure bill, and she says a vote is still imminent. prominent democrats in the house are refusing to vote for the infrastructure bill until democrats in the senate reach an agreement to the bigger spending bill. house minority leader, kevin mccarthy, critical. >> what they want to do is restructure and transform america.
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>> moderate democrats, kyrsten sinema and joe manchin object to the price tag. manchin is proposing a bill $2 trillion smaller. both chambers agree to keep the federal government open until december 3rd in an earlier vote. that bill included for disaster relief for several states and helping to resettle afghans that are arriving in the u.s. lawmakers now have until october 18th to increase the debt limit or extend it, extend the deadline. the treasury secretary said if congress did not do that it would be catastrophic and she thinks congress should get rid of the debt limit altogether. >> president biden has reacted to the lack of vote on the infrastructure, or no? >> yeah, there was a statement issued late last night out of the press office that
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essentially had president biden thanking everybody for working hard on getting both the infrastructure bill and the build back better bill to a point where they could pass. he said there's a lot of work yet to be done today but he said the sides are close. >> we'll keep a close eye on that. thank you, chris. 6:10 this morning. california's eviction moratorium expired overnight. you can still apply for rent relief today and going forward, however you are not guaranteed state protection against eviction. our consumer team has made a step by step video to walk you through the process of applying for relief. it's on the website right now and on our youtube page. just look for the "how to" play list. and then firefighters are making progress in the fawn fire in shasta county.
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it burned more than 8,500 acres. it has destroyed more than 185 structures. three people were injured in that fire. a palo alto woman was arrested in connection to starting that fire. let's turn to kari hall, because she has been looking at how much has been destroyed in the california wildfires this year. >> it's alarming to see some of the statistics. now today, october 1st, when we are normally entering into the worst of our wildfire season. out of all the acres burned across california, 1 out of every 8 acres has burned in the last ten years. you take a look at some of the largest fires and a lot of them have happened since 2017. the past two years with the exceptional drought going on making it worse because we are now experiencing some of the driest weather we have had since 1977. once again, october is the worst of when we see the peak of our
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wildfire season. take a look at this map. we know the august complex fires was the largest one, and then you take a look at how that map shows the comparison of the dixie fire, that's the second largest across california. once again, some of the fires just getting larger and larger with climate change. once again, here's a look at the map where we are seeing where all of the large fires occurred, a lot of them right here in northern california. this is something we are watching and even going into the weekend with the temperatures heating up. i will have a look at the forecast coming up in a few minutes. mike, how is it looking on the roads this morning? >> overall speaking, things looking calm. kari, just like you said, there was a little fog for a short amount of time, but now it's cleared. an easy flow of traffic across the bay bridge. there you go, great for hopefully folks visiting town.
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you can't always see the bridge. gradual slowing, and it's holding from pittsburg into can -- concord. back over to you. >> thanks, mike. coming up next here on "today in the bay," this morning something new to consider before booking your next getaway. a new study reveals the most popular destinations for people unvaccinated. we will talk about the hot spots in just a head. and then a tv show that helped netflix hit a record. you're watching "today in the bay."
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good friday morning. it may be about that time to pick out clothes for the kids to school, and light jacket weather needed as we will see the low temperatures in the 50s. but pickup time, short sleeves and shorts, 83 degrees in santa clara. over here, very little wait at the toll plaza, none, i guess you would say. we will show you how the lighter friday is shaping up in some slower spots. happy october to you. blue origin, the rocket company funded by jeff bezos is in all
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kinds of controversies this morning. some employees are alleging blue origin is a hostile workplace. the fda is looking into those allegations. blue origin also repeatedly has gone to court to try and wrestle away some of the government nasa contracts. it has gone to court so many times instead of competing for the contract, nasa even appears to be mad about it. blue origins seek to prioritize its own fortunes over that of nasa, the united states and every person alive today who dreams to see humans exploring worlds beyond our own. blue origins could slow or stop america's efforts to return to the moon. and one firm known as price waterhouse says tens of thousands of its employees will be able to work from forever in
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perpetuity, home, hawaii, wherever. a lot of companies are changing what we think of the office. and then a bay area company will make its stock market debut today. the ceo makes his first major sit-down interview with me to talk about quantum computing in the future. peter chatman will join me sunday morning at 9:00 a.m., following "meet the press." and then on netflix, "the squid game," and it's so popular it helped to push netflix stocks to new records. you see it there. investors very bullish on "squid" and netflix. i don't know if you have seen it. >> it's on my list. >> if you have not seentv, it's.
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vaccinated americans are not the only ones being out and about, a survey tracked the most popular destinations for unvaccinated families. many say they are going to theme parks like disneyland and universal studios hollywood, and also among their choices are the same as vaccinated people, visiting friends and family and going to the beach and those theme parks. and then tony gosselin is known as the catman. >> yeah, they play the meowing affects when he strikes batters out. but he took the mound with a cat -- well, you can see it there, a cat on his cleats. those are custom kicks.
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you know, he's all about the shag, and those colors were designed to represent his two cats. >> yeah, marcus, you would have had those little -- what do you call them, the jiblets in your crosswalks. >> my flag goes down when you say my crocks. >> he will have to ditch the socks with the crocks. it's going to be warm. >> yeah, you can't run with those. you have to put on real shoes. we will start out with temperatures in the 40s, and if you like the cool weather you got it. as we go through today it will heat up quickly. take a look at the trend going from the upper 40s to low 80s by
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1:00 this afternoon. we see how fast the temperatures are heading up into the 80s. the 7-day forecast is already up at the bottom of the screen, and as we move to the east bay we are reaching 92 in antioch, and low 80s in oakland today. we will see mid-70s in half moon bay. palo alto heading up to 82 degrees. san francisco, low 80s downtown. north bay highs reach into the low 90s for sonoma, novato as well as ukiah. hot temperatures will continue throughout the weekend. it has been extremely dry. in fact, across california we are looking at some of the driest conditions right here in the bay area, exceptional drought is continuing in about half of the state. now that we are in october you may wonder how much rain do we normally get this month?
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usually throughout the month of october we get an inch or less in san francisco and on southward. and so a hot weekend once again, dry, and then next week we see a cold front moving in and we could see some rain, a slight chance of showers in the bay area by next thursday. we will get a significant cooldown. brentwood going to the 90s this weekend to highs in the low 70s next week, so we can turn the air-conditioning off. and then highway 37 and highway 4 slowing. danville boulevard still has slowing as you pass by hemme avenue, and that's where the water main is, the buckling roadway. bob redell still covering that,
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and danville has slowing right now. back to you. thanks, mike. next on "today in the bay," nbc bay area responds. >> we respond, but sometimes so do you. i am consumer investigator, chris chmura, and we will show you how our viewers are sounding off to uncle sam. and we are celebrating heritage month, and here are my little ones. it's part of a two-way bilingual program, and this is a picture of these two when they were itty bitty. you are watching "today in the bay."
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good morning. yeah, we do enjoy scoring refunds and keeping track of every penny, we are up to 5.7 million bucks. sometimes, for example, we just ran a story about how many cruise ships are stuck at the docks because of covid-19 and yet many passengers have not been able to get a refund for the exertions they paid for in advance. we talked about a new federal proposal to require they give refunds. here's the call to action. we explained how your voice matters and you can voice your opinions. viewers responded since our
6:27 am
story and dozens of comments have flooded the federal maritime commission, including one from joseph in gilroy. he saw our story and then told the commission how his money is stuck between the cruise lines and the third party event planner. that's good input. by the way, our team took joseph's case and we will try and get him his money back. if you think somebody is trailing off with your money, perhaps we could help you. have a great weekend. >> you, too, chris. we are following several breaking news stories for you on this friday morning, including a possible new treatment for covid patients that could drastically lower death rates. we'll show you what has to happen before it rolls out. plus -- >> good morning, i am bob redell in the east bay where you can see the water line broke behind
6:28 am
me and is gushing water. the reason it's taking so long for east bay mud to get this thing shut off. you are watching "today in the bay."
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breaking right now at 6:30, water gushing right into the streets in the east bay because of an overnight water main break. the roadways are closed, a neighborhood partially flooded. we're live at the scene with the latest developments and when it could go back to normal.
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plus -- >> it has been quite a lot to deal with, with them being open. >> shutdown. one south bay trouble spot neighbors call a nuisance, now facing a final countdown. this is "today in the bay" as we continue. it's good to have you with us on this friday morning. i am kris sanchez in for laura garcia. >> i am marcus washington. it's time to get a look at the forecast for you. it's friday, the friday forecast is always a good one. it's close to the weekend, kari. >> yes, we are. we are about 30 minutes away from seeing the sun coming over the hills. it's going to be a beautiful sunrise. all clear as we get a look at the south bay. then as we check out our air quality, there will be smoke and adding in ozone, and the east bay will have the worst of the air quality this afternoon, so if you are sensitive to that you may want to limit your time outside. in the east bay, we will start
6:32 am
out cool in pleasant hill heading to work, and then quickly heating up by 1:00, in the 80s. i will take a look at our microclimates in a few minutes. >> thank you, kari. thousands of gallons of water flooding one contra costa neighborhood, and bob redell is at the scene in alamo. is that water shut off yet? >> reporter: no, the east bay mud workers have been out here a couple hours, and the problem is -- you can see the water gushing behind me, and the problem is the valve is underwater because of the water main break, and this is danville boulevard and hemme avenue. you can see the water tearing up the concrete. this is the third broken line in
6:33 am
the last week. you can see the pipe broke around 12:30 this morning, and east bay mud trying to turn it off. there are 182 customers without water, and it could be several hours before it's restored because they have to get the water turned off and fix the road. it's hard to tell if there's any properties flooded. there's a creative learning center here, and i can't tell if the water has gotten in there or if it's draining out. a woman across the street, she told me off camera that her garage is flooded, and she has been shoveling mud to keep the water from going into her house, so far so good in that respect. >> the cause of the break is not known. the main is an eight-inch
6:34 am
asbestos cement pipe installed in the '50s, and it's 70 years old and much of the system is quite old and in need of repair and replacement. >> reporter: there was a break last friday. this broke about a mile away at the intersection of stone valley road and valley oaks drive. you can see that in the video, it caused the road to cave in. yesterday, there was a water main break, and there are still a few customers without power -- i'm trying to listen to the spokesperson that has an update. katherine, do you have an update? i'm on live now. waiting for a crew to come out -- one more valve to shutoff, and as you can see
6:35 am
behind me, we have water gusting on hemme avenue. right now, they are trying to get the water shut off. this is the only road into the homes in that neighborhood behind me, but somebody pointed out to me, and there's iron horse trail, so people that live there, even though they don't have water service they can get out with their cars by diverting to the trail. >> thanks for getting that last-minute information, waiting for one crew to shut off one more valve, and hopefully it will get better. now a possible new treatment for covid that will reduce the chances of death. merck is applying for emergency use. the drug is called phaupb apeer aveer. it cut the risk of hospitalizations and death among
6:36 am
800 unvaccinated patients in the trial. if that drug does win fda authorization, emergency use authorization, it would be the first antiviral oral medication for covid. america passes another pandemic milestone. more than 700,000 people have died of the virus. nearly 1 in 10 or 68,000 were here in california. a year ago, it was much different, the u.s. had just passed 100,000 deaths. if you are a city worker here, you must have already started the vaccination process, and that includes police and fire. the latest number shows 92% are vaccinated, but 8% are not. what happens to the 585 unvaccinated workers today? >> they will be given a final
6:37 am
opportunity, at least a week to comply with the policy prior to final notice of discipline being served to them. >> we just learned the police officers' union reached a deal with the city, unvaccinated officers and dispatchers need to test twice a week starting today. those without exemptions will be forced to serve a 40-hour unpaid suspension. for sfpd, that deadline is october 13th. a san jose bar is being forced to close. some say it was a deny of prostitution and there was a woman killed in a crash. the result is an agreement to shutdown the business and pay $15,000 in fines and surrender their liquor license.
6:38 am
neighbors say they can't wait. >> we find condoms in the street. we find beer bottles in our yard. people urinate in our yard. there's garbage, and there are people doing burnouts. >> the agauff yea owners racked up a lot of fines because the bar kept operating during the shutdown as an elicit underground bar. look at san jose. you have oakland and walnut creek. good morning, everyone. we are just under half an hour away from the sunrise. kari hall getting us up-to-date on what we can expect on the weekend forecast. it's something a lot of us love to talk about. >> yeah, let's get out the door
6:39 am
this morning, enjoy the day and then after work maybe head to south 1st street in san jose to check out the artwork and live music and things going on there. it will be in the 80s at the start but then will cool off and be very comfortable. in san francisco, the game will be in the mid-60s at first pitch, and it's always chilly there at oracle park. and then if you want to head out to the pumpkin patch, dress the kids warm. temperatures reaching up to about 70 degrees, and that's really nice especially if the kids want to wear their costumes out there and take the cute pictures. if you want to head to the beach this weekend, it will be popular because the valleys will be heating up. coastal temperatures in the 60s to 70s. santa cruz the warmest with
6:40 am
upper 70s. if you want to see fall colors, you have to take a drive and go to the lake. beautiful fall color here. you do have to go up to about 9,000 feet before you see the colors, and you can wrap up the weekend with the 49ers game on sunday. kickoff will be in the mid-80s. it will be a warm one, so wear a hat and mike always recommends to wear that crimson and gold hat. >> yeah, hopefully the seahawks will my great away from here for the winter. it took a while here for the volume to build at the bay bridge toll plaza. now we are exactly half an hour out of pittsburg. the build will continue and we will follow the water main break in alamo on hemme and danville boulevard. south bay and east bay light,
6:41 am
but with the typical slow spots. back to you. >> thanks, mike. a return after nearly a century in the making. we will hear about the beachfront property taken from one family's ancestors years ago. the federal government has been able to do one thing, keep itself open. can it anything else? we'll take a look. here's a look at the big board. you're watching "today in the bay."
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happy friday. it's 6:43. as you are getting the kids dressed for school this morning in the south bay, we're checking out santa clara. drop-off time, a chilly 53 degrees but at pickup time, it's 83. we'll look at the microclimates coming up. and here at the richmond bridge, more traffic here than the bay bridge toll plaza. more on that coming up. another bay area school district giving the green light to mandatory covid vaccinations,
6:45 am
and that was among the very first to consider that move. cierra johnson is live. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, kris. as you can imagine, those parents had a lot to say. a lot of opinions were voiced last night during the school board meter and ultimately the school board members of the contra costa school district voted in favor of having the mandatory vaccine for students in the district. what does that mean? first off, it means every student 12 years and older will be required to be fully vaccinated against covid-19. those eligible students must show the proof of at least their first shot by november 15th, and the second shot by december 15th. it's not just students now required to receive vaccinations there in west contra costa,
6:46 am
because staff members as well as volunteers must show proof of vaccination status, complete vaccination or show they received the first shot by october 15th and receive the later shot no later than november 15th. the final complete vaccination status will be due on december 27th. i would imagine, i have done a story like this once a week for the last couple of weeks, other districts exploring the options, and the next couple of weeks we will be hearing of other districts hopping on the bandwagon mandating the vaccinations. scott mcgrew, president biden's plan to build back
6:47 am
better -- >> yeah, you will remember two bills. the first is the $1 trillion infrastructure bill, and then you have the build back better bill, biden calls it. we thought there would be a house vote on this one yesterday but there was not. our reporters caught speaker nancy pelosi in the hall, and she's hard to hear because of the mask but said there will be a vote today. >> how disappointed that there was no vote, speaker pelosi? >> there will be a vote today. there will be a vote today. >> reporter: there will be a vote today? >> yeah. >> there will be a vote today. pelosi does not need any republicans to support the bill in the house, but she needs left wing democrats and she doesn't have their support even though they don't like the bill. they want to see a solution on this bill before they will vote for this one. and then there was a resolution
6:48 am
to fund the government until december, and this is the participation trophy for the senate. it does nothing except for move the problem down a couple months. and then democrats want to write abortion into law instead of just depending on the '73 roe v. wade decision. pro rights advocates are pushing. >> choosing to have an abortion was the hardest decision i ever made. at 18 years old i knew it was the right decision for me, and it was freeing knowing i had options, even though it took long to feel like me again until recently. to all the black women and girls who have had abortions and will have abortions, we have nothing
6:49 am
to be ashamed of. we deserve better. we demand better. we are worthy of better. that's why i am here to tell my story. today i sit before you as that nurse, as that pastor, as that pastor, as that activist, that survivor, that single mom, that congress to testify that in the summer of 1994 i was raped and i became pregnant and i chose to have an abortion. i yield. >> we'll be watching everything that is happening or frankly not happening in congress very carefully, tweeting about it. you can find me on twitter. i am @scottmcgrew. >> powerful testimony. thank you, scott. history being made in southern california. governor newsom has signed a piece of legislation for families driven out by the ku klux klan. they built a lodge and cafe and
6:50 am
dance hall, and for years they were targeted by the kkk. the state eventually seized that land citing eminent domain and it's now in the process being returned to the bruce family. >> somebody is trying to do the right thing, finally. finally. >> you don't see imminent domain in malibu. we will meet the family that received that returned land on the "today" show. at long last, "saturday night live" returns tomorrow for its 47th season. it was the number one entertainment program last season, winning eight emmy awards. i spoke with two of the veteran cast members about how they are really try to go bring that entertainment during the pandemic. >> we take a lot of pride in being able to bring joy to people, certainly during uncertain times, when things are
6:51 am
good and otherwise. i think that is nice to remind everybody, we are trying our best. take it easy on us. >> you can watch the new season tomorrow at 8:30 p.m. right here on nbc bay area. the host is owen wilson, and the music guest is kasey musgraves. >> that's a good one. let's get to kari hall what a has the weekend forecast. >> yeah, we can see the live view in san francisco with a mainly clear start, and as we head to the south bay, very much a warm day like it was yesterday, reaching into the upper 80s and low 90s. up to 90 today in morgan hill, and 88 in east san jose. for the east bay we will see a couple low 90s here. yes, a little more of blast of summer reaching 92 in antioch, and 90 in livermore. hayward reaching 86 degrees.
6:52 am
mid-80s for redwood city. in san francisco we're headed for the upper 70s in the mission district. 81 downtown. for the north bay we will see temperatures reaching up to 92 in novato, 93 in ukiah, and napa today 89 degrees. it's going to be hot today and throughout the weekend. october 1st is an important day because we are now starting our new water year and it's starting out extremely dry. some of the highest levels of drought here in the bay area, the exceptional drought, and you have reminders in your water bill that you need to conserve water because we are dealing with the extremely dry drought, and some of the worst conditions we have seen since the 1970s. for the month of october, we normally see about two inches of rain in santa rosa, but about an inch or less elsewhere across the bay area. as we look at the forecast, it does show that we have a slight chance of rain further down the
6:53 am
line but we do have to make it through the hot and dry weekend. by next week we will see the cold front moving in. a lot of the rain just breaking apart before it gets here. it still does show the slight chance on thursday so we'll be watching that. a significant cooldown coming our way. morgan hill in the mid-90s through the weekend, and then a blast of fall next week and then we will see highs here in the mid to upper 70s. mike, how is it looking for the morning commute now? >> looking like we can give you a little advantage, take the outside lanes because you have to wait in the middle, but it's your choice. highway 4 with a build. no major slowing in the area until vasco. back to you. happening today, big news for families with high school age students. all 23 cal state universities
6:54 am
will start to accept early applications for next fall starting today. sat scores will not determine eligibility. 1 in 20 americans with a degree went to csu schools. good morning. i am bob redell again with developing news here in the east bay. a water line break, water still gushing for several hours now on to the streets of alamo. we do have an update from east bay mud and what they are trying to do to get it turned off. that's coming up. you're watching "today in the bay."
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people today... they could spend half their lives over 50. i could get used to this. so that's good. make sure your happiness lives as long as you do. that's why the younger you are, the more you need aarp. join today. welcome back. we are moving you forward with a look at the top stories here on "today in the bay." first, breaking news in the east bay. water continues to gush from a water main break flooding the neighborhood in contra costa county. >> today in the bay's bob redell has been there all morning long. bob, a little less soggy now. >> reporter: yeah, good morning to you. the big issue for east bay mud is getting the water line turned
6:58 am
off. we're here and you are looking down hemme boulevard if you look to the right, there's a preschool and we spoke to the principal, and the water is not flooding the school. and there's a woman that ordered sandbags and got them from the local hardware store, her home is not flooded but the garage is. the pipe that bursts is old. i'm watching out for cars here. they were installed in the 1950s. a lot of the pipes are old, and they are in the 70-year range. this is the third water main break in the past week. there was one yesterday about a half mile from here, and one last week about a mile from here. the handle valve is underwater
6:59 am
and they are trying to get to the valve, and they have somebody coming with a pump to get the water pumped out of here. the iron horse trail runs purposen ducka lure from our vantage point, and they are using that to get people in and out of the neighborhood, and so they are going to see if they can get the kids using that. breaking this morning, there could be a new treatment for people with covid that could reduce the chances of death and hospitalizations. the drugmaker, merck, seeking emergency use authorization for a new medication that is in phase 3 trials. it cut the risks of hospitalizations and deaths in
7:00 am
half. 800 patients that took part in the trial all were unvaccinated and at greater risk of serious symptoms. if that drug earns fda emergency use authorization, it would be the first antiviral drug. we'll see you back here at 7:25. the "today" show is next. democrats fail to come together breaking news. civil war. democrats fail to come together on a deal for that massive trillion dollar infrastructure package. president biden's agenda hanging in the balance as the infighting within his own party leads to chaos on capitol hill. speaker of the house nancy pelosi vowing they will vote on it today so what does it all mean for you? we're live in washington for the latest cry for help, a shocking turn over the vaccine mandates in schools school boards across the country
7:01 am
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