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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 4, 2021 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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right now at 4:30, a rare attack off our coast. also the surfer's condition this morning. along the southern california coast, a massive oil spill. the race to control the damage. cracking down on side shows. the new ordinance one bay city will enforce this week to stop
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reckless driving. thank you for joining us. i am laura garcia. >> i am marcus washington. so much to get to this morning, but first the celebration continues after the huge day at oracle park. >> the giants winning nl west since 2012, and of course they waited until the final game of the season to do it, and what a day, what a moment after up and down moments in the season for the team, and we'll have more on that later. first, let's get a check of the forecast as we start the week. >> yeah, an air quality advisory in effect so it will be smoky and warm. the cooling does begin tomorrow.
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if you are sensitive to the smoke or have breathing problems, today is another day to limit time outside. we'll talk about what is coming just ahead. we have green sensors across the bay from the emeriville camera, and near that camera, though we did not see any problems we do have a crash registered on chp, westbound 80 around gilman, and that will be a factor was head towards berkeley. it sounds like no problem for those lanes. everything should be off to the shoulder. a smooth drive to the south bay and pennsylvania. back to you. ucsf has a new nobel prize winner, david julius.
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for work in how the body and brain sense temperature and touch. he has been at the school for more than 30 years. fellow surfers say they rushed in to help a surfer with a shark bite. >> the teeth marks left on the board of a lucky man, and he saw the moment the shark bit his friend. >> it was not a quick attack, like, just, nice and slow. >> he paddled to shore and that's when others ran to aid. >> we tied the tourniquets as
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tight as we could. >> paramedics with the bodega base fire protection helped, and he's expected to survive. >> how often does this happen there? >> very, very frequently. these sharks are not trying to eat people but just trying to find food. >> this is the second serious shark bite this summer. dead birds and fish are washing up after the pipeline breach near newport beach.
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globs of oil are washing ashore. scientists say more than 80 species of birds live in the wetlands. >> birds are covered in oil and they can't fly or clean themselves or regulate their temperature which can lead to hypothermia and death. >> the uc davis school veterinarian is leading the recovery. now to a follow-up from a deadly shooting in the east bay. tributes continue to pour in for an education activist after he was killed in his home around 11:30 friday night. he has not been identified by police but close friends identify him as dirk tillinson.
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he co founded great school choices. this is a non-profit based in oakland and new york. his family and friends are just stunned. >> when the time is right. right now it's time for grieving and to remember dirk, and the next step would be to continue his legacy. >> paul lay, who you saw there, manages the non-profit. you don't have to be behind the wheel to be in trouble. hundreds of people blocking the street in the middle of the night has become a problem in the city, like so many others in the bay area. in response the city council approved an ordinance, and spectators at side shows can face misdemeanor charges. if found guilty could get six months in jail or a thousand
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dollar fine. traffic steams to be steady this morning. let's get a look at meteorologist, kari hall. >> yes, here's a look outside in oakland. clear temperatures in the low 60s. we're going to dip briefly appeared sunrise to about 58 degrees, and then a slow warm up today. oakland today reaching 78 degrees. 80 in hayward and 92 in livermore. san francisco reaching 75. 84 today in palo alto. warm temperatures today, but big changes in the forecast tomorrow. we'll have more on that in the forecast in a few minutes.
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amazon rolling out a new shopping feature. coming up next on "today in the bay," how it will make sending gifts easier, however it won't be available to everyone. a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. much more ahead for you this morning right here on "today in the bay."
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good monday morning. right now it's 4:40, and we're
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starting out in the low 60s right now in the south bay. we will get a lot of sunshine, although it will be a hazy quickly, heading to the upper 70s by 11:00. we're looking at highs in the mid-80s. we'll look at that and a look at our air quality, coming up. no problem here. we will check in with some other spots around the bay, but first let's check in with bertha. >> hey, mike, thanks very much. we have got wall street set to open lower this morning. stocks and bitcoin both trading lower, coming off a positive session on friday. meantime the dow rising nearly 500 points. its best day since june.
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the losses coming amid continuing worries over inflation and rising interest rates. in terms of economic data today, we will be focused on a report on factory orders. meantime, it's the first monday in october, but amazon is introducing a new feature today allowing prime members to send gifts using only an e-mail address or phone number. it's like venmoing a gift to a friend, you don't need an address. it can only be used on mobile devices for now. the recipient will get a notice that a package is waiting for them. you can click to see what the gift is and then click to accept or deny the gift or get the
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money on a an amazon card. and according to com score, the best opening in 18 months. not everything is bouncing back as quickly. sales at art house theaters are sluggish. older audiences and families with unvaccinated kids have been more cautious. i already joined the streaming bandwagon before the pandemic. i don't think i'm going back. >> it is comfy to be at home. >> really? i missed it. >> really? >> yeah. >> a little rose', your pajamas.
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>> thanks, bertha. much more ahead for you this morning on "today in the bay." meteorologist, kari hall keepin coming in. it's due to the knp fire. we'll talk more about that and the hot weather coming up. over here, no concern for the dublin drive, but we have a lot of cars. i will show you what is going on in that area. plus -- >> we are celebrating hispanic heritage month with music and movement dating back to the aztec empire. we'll show you one group keeping that tradition alive.
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look at this live look outside. this is our sutro cam this morning. nice illuminated lights before the sun's arrival. it's early, 4:47, but we are hoping for a nice workweek. i spent the weekend on the coast and it was pleasant, and then when i came back closer inland in san jose, it was hot. is that going to continue? >> yeah, and we're going to have all kinds of weather. we have had a lot of changes
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here. look at our air quality, we're already starting with a lot of people up and about, and you will see some of the conditions continue to look hazy out there. the sky will have a milky white look to it. in the east bay, we're going to see some of the worst air quality for much of the bay area, so limit your time outside as the smoke comes in. we will see temperatures in concord reaching into the low 90s today. san mateo in the mid-70s. santa rosa will see mid-80s. tonight we come back down to our usual temperatures, but look at what happens tomorrow. it doesn't get nearly as warm. many of us will be in the 60s and 70s. you can see the changes at the bottom of the screen with the 7-day forecast. we will see a cold front quickly moving in. very hit or miss light showers further to the north of us. more clouds moving in.
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it stays cool throughout much of the week, and let's check out concord and the changes we will see this week. air-conditioning today, 94 there. look how cool it will be towards the end of the week, by friday, we may not break 70 degrees. for the weekend it will be slightly warmer. overall we are looking at a big drop in temperatures, going from the 90s to 80s tomorrow. in san francisco we're going from the mid-70s today to the low 60s for much of the rest of the week. mike, heading out the door, how is it looking for the commute. >> we're looking at mostly the speed limit where we have the green around the bay, and a tad bit of slowing here. up here, this red section that signify the closure, that went
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on all weekend. there may be crews in the area, but no problem. this morning this should be all clear by the time we hit the 5:00 hour. a smooth drive for highway 4 off the antioch bridge. back to you. >> thank you. in celebrating hispanic heritage month, we must celebrate the role of music and dance. >> today in the bay's kris sanchez joining us now with the story of aztec dance. >> the aztecs ruled central mexico for centuries until they were overthrown in the 1500s.
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there are ancient sounds and dancers looking to stay connected with the ancient culture. the aztec dancers of this group use movement to connect to the traditions of their ancestors and mother earth and their creator. >> this is our body language. when we look up and down, every step we take as a meaning. >> aztec culture was outlawed, and then the people were able to keep it alive generation after generation with art and spirituality. >> for me personally it has been a spiritual journey to be able to harmonize and be in contact, learning to respect and have more compassion and value for our mother earth, appreciation,
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you know, for the elements. the wind that we breathe, the fire, the center of our universe, the water that we drink, that makes up a majority of our body. >> among the dancers, parents and grandparents and children, and granted children. >> years ago they tried to take away our culture from us, but we still have our roots and they are very strong. >> this group does presentations at schools and festivals and often perform at weddings and funerals invited by people looking to keep their roots. we have so much for you on art, culture and history online, just go to ahead on "today in the bay," when some college students
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expect the state stimulus to hit their bank account. and the chancellor of contra costa community college is allowed to come back to work. right now the investigation is under way look into his undisclosed personal matter. he and two top administrators were placed on paid administrative leave for unnamed reasons. we'll be right back.
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4:55. happening tomorrow, make sure you check your bank account because additional relief is on its way for californians. the third batch of stimulus checks will go out and continue every two to three weeks. people could receive a one-time $600 payment. the post season gets going this week with the giants taking the national league's top seed. >> they finally clinched the division beating the padres 11-4. this one was never in doubt as the giants won their franchise record 107th game. now they will play the dodgers or cardinals in game one in the divisional series, and they will get that going on friday. a disastrous oil spill in southern california.
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where cleanup efforts begin this morning. you're watching "today in the bay."
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♪hefty, hefty, hefty!♪ whoa... [john cena sniffs] how do they get these things to smell so good? ♪hefty, hefty...♪ ♪hefty, hefty, hefty!♪ must be magic. hefty® ultra strong™ with fabuloso® scent. attack off our coast. hear from a witness that watched his friend come face-to-face with a shark. also the surfer's condition this morning. along the southern california coast, a massive oil spill. the race to contain damage to
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what is already being called an environmental catastrophe. what city leaders there are demanding from president biden. a live report from washington on the controversial cases the justices will over see as their new term begins, and why one justice won't be present. this is "today in the bay." it's monday morning. hope you had a great weekend. thank you for starting your day with us. i am laura garcia. >> let's get you the forecast this morning. >> we have a lot going on the next few days. we are starting out with unhealthy air quality in spots, and tomorrow the cooling begins and we will see a front coming in and it will feel fall-like the rest of the week. as you step out dots that inclu some unhealthy air quality for sensitive groups. if you are sensitive to the
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smoke and you have breathing problems, children and the elderly should not be spending a long time outside. we are advised to stay indoors with more air-conditioning running or if you are in your car turn it on the recirculate so you do not bring in the unhealthy air quality to your vehicle. more on that coming up. thank you. breaking news, johnson & johnson this week will reportedly ask the fda to approve a booster shot. they will meet on the 15th, one day after discussing the moderna booster shot. it will provide 100% protection against severe illness. johnson & johnson not commenting on "the times" report.


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