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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  October 4, 2021 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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right now at 11:00, facebook users suddenly with their hands tied. the social network is down, and the outage hitting facebook apps across the board. the question is, is this a cyberattack? good monday morning and thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. a tough morning for facebook. not only are they deal with that outage but really taking hold over the last two hours, a former employee making a serious accusation on television. >> scott mcgrew following all the developments. what can you tell us about the facebook outage itself?
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>> very little. we know facebook went down. so did instagram and whatsapp. we don't know why. we understand facebook's own internal systems are affected, work tools, which sounds more suspicious it could be an outside force but we don't know. users reported not being able to log on. this affected anything whether you use a facebook log in, spotify and open table. facebook is well aware of the problem. they are working on it. a facebook whistleblower revealed herself on "60 minutes" last night. immediately the people running a senate subcommittee looking into facebook said they want to talk to her. she is used to work at facebook and provided "the wall street journal" and the securities and exchange commission with tens of thousands of internal facebook memos and slides showing employees were worried about the effect their facebook and instagram services have on teenagers and mental health. take a look. we showed you one of the slides
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last week. this one's headline, instagram makes body image issues worse for 1 in 3 girls. facebook provided these slides to the senate subcommittee but says employees who wrote them were overstating the problem. the whistleblower told "60 minutes" facebook's algorithms promote divisive content because that's what drives traffic. here's she is speaking to cbs' scott pelley. >> facebook essentially amplifies the worst of human nature. >> it's one of the unfortunate consequences. no one at facebook is malevolent, but the incentives are misaligned. facebook makes more money when you consume more content. people enjoy engaging with things that elicit emotional reaction. and the more anger they get exposed to, the more they interact p. she'll testify before the senate subcommittee on consumer protection tomorrow. a facebook executive did testify last week before that same
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subcommittee defending facebook saying those graphs and charts you saw intended for internal use exaggerated the issues and were not scientific studies. >> very interesting. one to follow. thank you, scott. shall we take a live look outside. san francisco's skyline following a pretty hot weekend. we may have some more heat in store for today. >> want to bring in meteorologist kari hall. she's tracking those temperatures for us. how are things looking for us? >> looking hazy out there. in that shot. by tomorrow the cooling begins and we're also going to see changes in our air quality as well. the rest of the week will feel like fall with some showers nearby, but we're watching the smoke continuing to drift in as we look at our air quality forecast for today. does show for the east bay it's going to be the worst of it when we look at the numbers and measure of particulate matter. 70s for many inland spots.
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you have something to do outside, it is starting to warm up as we head toward 86 degrees in san jose. up to 92 in livermore, as well as 92 in concord. and 85 today in napa. so a summer-like feel today with that air quality advisory continuing. but tomorrow, we are going to see a big change as the cold front moves in. i'm tracking that. we'll talk more about temperatures and what's ahead for the rest of the week coming up. >> thanks, kari. developing now in southern california, crews are racing to contain that oil spill on the waters off the coast of orange county. about 125,000 gallons of crude has spilled from a broken pipeline creating a potential environmental disaster that's already threatening wildlife and wetlands. nbc's ted chen has more. familiar. >> reporter: kevin is a huntington beach resident on his run this morning who feels our
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need for oil keeps coming back to haunt us. >> i haven't driven since '86 because, you know, for clean air and clean water and everything. so i am especially pissed because it's not my fault. >> reporter: the fault or cause of the spill has not been determined but workers will be back in the water and on the beaches trying to clean it up and prevent it from spilling further. covers six nautical miles. joyce hampton got a view from the pier. >> just brown, oily. it's pretty sad. a lot of people like to come out here, enjoy the beach. enjoy surfing. we won't be able to do that for a while. >> reporter: an estimated 126,000 gallons of oil leaked into the water from a pipeline connected to an oil pipeline that runs to long beach. it's owned by amplify energy based in houston. >> our employees live and work in these communities. we'll do everything in our power to ensure that this is recovered as quickly as possible. >> reporter: investors have been urged not to go into the water to protect their health.
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>> do you go in the water? >> i do go out in the water. >> will you now? nongets right now. >> i swim. i'm not going to go out there now. if. >> ted chen reporting there. meantime, much closer to us in the bay area, a surfer recovering after being bitten by a shark yesterday near bodega bay. another surfer was in the water and saw the moment the shark bit his friend. they began yelling for help, immediately paddled to shore. that's when several others quickly came to his aid, tying a tourniquet around his wounded leg. >> we did that with two separate. tied them as tight as we could. then got him on to a long board. surfers and surfers were coming in to help, pouring in. >> good friends there. the surfer was airlifted to a hospital. he is expected to survive. this is the second serious shark attack since last summer. experts say shark bites are rare and they commonly mistake humans
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for food. a gathering in downtown oakland this morning in response to a recent deadly shooting involving an fbi agent. friends and family are demanding answers after the death last month of jonathan cortez. >> we want justice for my nephew, and we want answers. we want that footage to be released. >> that shooting happened september 13th in oakland's fruitville district. the agent was part of the u.s. marshal task force serving a search warrant. the fbi has said that cortez was armed, but as family members were saying this morning, no video has been released. oakland leaders are also asking for more answers. and happening now -- opening statements are just getting under way for a danville police officer accused of killing an unarmed man in 2018. andrew hall is facing manslaughter charges in the death of avoleda. he was shot and killed after danville police attempted to
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stop his car. dash cam video shows the officer, officer hall, firing nine times into the car as arvaleda drove by a road block. hall is also being investigated for a deadly shooting of a homeless man. enough is enough. that's what hundreds of employees in antioch are saying this morning. right now they're on strike and claiming unfair labor practices and understaffing. sharon is live in antioch where health care workers walked off the job this morning. they were vocal. >> reporter: that's right, laura. they walked off the job about 5:00 this morning. they're still here at the corner of the main entrance playing loud music now. a very festive environment. more than 300 employees will be on strike this week. first and foremost they say they
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want more staffing. employees say they are worried for patient and staff safety and that conditions are dire in the facility as management ignored their concerns. a variety of jobs including emergency room technicians, respiratory therapists, transport and licensed vocational nurses. >> we're working on a floor with 24 patients. we can only do so much. we're going through burnout. >> we'll need seven therapists sometimes. seven to eight therapists. sometimes we have three or four when we're calling for eight. and it just seems like there's no -- there's no relief. if. >> reporter: in a statement, sutter health officials said in part they were, quote, disappointed union leaders have chosen to distract from patient care by taking this action. especially at a time when we should be focusing our attention on caring for our community. and back here live, we're hearing that sutter health has
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brought in some outside help. health care workers from outside the area to help care for the patients. just a few minutes ago, they were giving us big thumbs down, the employees out here to one of the buses supposedly taking in some of that outside help. i'm sharon katsuda, nbc bay area news. >> thanks, sharon, for the latest. new this morning, ucsf has a new nobel prize winner. he's a biochemist and microbiologist david julius. he won this year's nobel prize in physiology or medicine for work in how the body and brain sense temperature, touch. he's been at the school for more than 30 years. >> congratulations to him. the blue angels arriving at oakland airport today at noon ahead of this week's fleet week festivities. this year san francisco celebrating fleet week's 40th anniversary. it officially starts on wednesday and runs through next
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sunday. blue angels' first practice session happens thursday. we can listen for that. johnson & johnson is taking another step towards fda approval of its covid booster shot. next on nbc bay area news at midday, the developments this morning indicating a possible timeline now in the works. >> and the cdc out with new guidelines ahead of the holidays. it may be time to rethink the plans for a large holiday gathering. new advice on that and holiday travel just ahead.
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there you have the opening bell at the new york stock exchange where the dow sheds 350 points as investors ditch technology stocks. nasdaq also dropping 2% out there. johnson & johnson this week will reportedly ask the fda to
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approve a covid booster shot. sources tell "the new york times" the agency will meet october 15th. this is one day after the meeting to weigh a possible moderna booster shot. johnson & johnson last month announced the second dose eight weeks after the initial dose provides 100% protection against severe illness. j&j not commenting on the times' report. as we approach thanksgiving, the cdc is advising americans to not celebrate the holidays with large in-person gatherings. >> nbc bay area's bob redell reporting that even as covid-19 cases are dropping, this is being the advice given. >> reporter: even though covid case rates are down more than 20% nationwide, apparently the cdc does not feel confident about the next few months. that's why the cdc is advising americans to celebrate the upcoming holidays virtually, do meal drop-offs, drop through neighborhoods to say hi or if you're going to get together, celebrate outdoors. also the cdc recommending those
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who are unvaccinated do not travel during the holiday season. the country's chief medical adviser to the president, dr. anthony fauci, acknowledges we are turning the corner on infections but has this to say about in-person holiday gatherings. >> it's just too soon to tell. we just have to concentrate continuing to get those numbers down and not try to jump ahead by weeks or months. >> you'll recall last week san jose's mayor gave city workers an extra week to comply with the vaccination mandate. city employees now have until this thursday to get their first jab. otherwise face a one-week unpaid suspension. most city of san jose workers have already complied. 92% of the roughly 7,000 workers are now vaccinated. you'll also recall last week governor gavin newsom announced this country's first vaccine mandate for students. the goal is to have all california's 7th through 12th grate grade students vaxed by
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next fall once the fda gives final approval for shots for everyone 12 and older. right now some of those are just emergency use authorizations. the governor ril require the same for students k through 6 once vaccines are approved for students ages 5 through 11. bob redell, nbc bay area news. the u.s. supreme court has started a new term. they're hearing their first in-person oral argument since the pandemic forced proceedings to go virtual. this will likely be a closely watched agenda. items include pivotal cases on religion, guns and abortion. adding to the tension, justice brett kavanaugh tested positive last week for covid. he's participating remotely from his home. new this morning, leaders looking to reform how the town mayor gets appointed. right now it's a district-based voting system adopted in 2018 as a way to encourage more candidates. the press democrat reports the council will consider going back to council seats chosen by the
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electorate and one of them appointed by the council to serve as mayor. the wyndsor mayor seat has been in upheaval ever since several woman accused the former mayor of sexual assault earlier this year. happening today, south bay leaders are pushing to make sure that homeless families have housing. santa clara county supervisors, leaders and advocacy groups are announcing a new campaign called "heading home." the goal is to house all homeless families and pregnant women countywide. that plan is to house 1200 families over the next year and 600 families annually going forward. that event happened this morning at 10:30 at the county government building. we may learn more today about the status of 49ers starting quarterback jimney garofalo.
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rookie trey lance went the rest of the way, but the niners still lost the game. andrew wiggins has received the covid vaccine mean talked about standing his ground and not receiving the shots even at the risk of not being able to play in warriors home games. the nba denied his religious exemption request. the warriors coach steve kerr announced wiggins is now vaccinated providing no further comment. now to california's worsening drought. happening tomorrow, as bay area drought conditions worsen, pleasanton leaders are likely to declare a local drought emergency. counsel members are expected to require water customers to reduce their water use by 15%. right now excessive use penalties will not be part of that mandate. time to get a look at the forecast for us. the doubt conditions are something we all are getting used to in the bay area. something we don't want to. any rain in sight? >> there will be rain nearby but not here in the bay area. but here is one way we are getting some moisture.
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this fog rolling across the golden gate bridge and the bay right now. beautiful shot. but it's all clear outside of this area where we're seeing that fog rolling by. it coastline. also providing good air qua for san francisco. even heading towards oakland as smoke is settling in and we've seen unhealthy air quality where we're seeing the orange dots for san jose as well as around the hayward area. if you're sensitive to the smoke, you need to limit your time outside. kids and elderly should not be spending long periods of time outside. and then as we look at our live view in san jose, at least now we can see the hills in the distance, even though it's been hazy for at least the first few hours of the morning. and then going into the afternoon, we're looking at temperatures quickly warming up, going from the upper 70s to the upper 80s during the middle of the day. we'll see those temperatures staying warm into the afternoon. headed toward 86 degrees in downtown san jose.
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91 in gilroy and milpitas reaching into the mid-80s. in pleasanton, a high of 90, 84 in fremont and 78 in oakland. 79 in san mateo. in san francisco, outer sunset area, 63 with that fog nearby. but you head over to the mission district. mid-70s today and mid-80s for napa reaching 91 for ukiah. here's what's going on. we've been watching what's going on in southern california and that oil spill near huntington beach. and it looks like there could be some rain possibly some thunderstorms in that area later on tonight into early tomorrow morning. that may make it a little more messy to clean up. and that's something we'll be watching for southern california. farther to the north some rain moving in. but that rain doesn't make it to the bay area. at least we will get the cooler temperatures and more clouds. and let me show you how these temperatures change. for napa, going in the upper 80s, low 90s today to upper 70s
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tomorrow. and then that cooling trend continues through the end of the week. by thursday and friday, we're only seeing highs in the upper 60s. and it does get a little bit warmer for the weekend but not by much. and it looks like at least for a while this fall-like weather sticks around. taking a look at our temperatures with those 90s today. some of our warmest spots in the valleys may only reach the low 80s tomorrow. we can leave the air conditioning off the rest of the week with highs reaching into the mid-70s. and for saturday, it does look to clear up a little bit more. we're still keeping the cooler temperatures. for san francisco, watching all of these temperatures drop, especially for fleet week festivities going on. friday, clearing out a little bit. saturday, there also looks to be more sunshine but if you'll be out there during the middle of the day it's only going to be about 60 degrees. cool and breezy, but i do think we'll get those clear skies which is key for the air show.
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laura, marcus? >> very much so. we want to see it. >> and wear fall sweaters maybe. all right. much more ahead for you this midday. the giants' division-clinching win has everyone celebrating. that includes one fan who has been around nearly as long as the world series itself. we're going to tell you why this win for her added some meaning this morning. and happening now -- trustees have voted to reinstate contra costa community college chancellor brian reese. an investigation is under way surrounding an undisclosed personnel matter. they were placed on paid administrative leave last month. trustees are not saying if the suspensions are related.
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well, welcome back. don't forget the team always on social media. janelle wang sharing this photo. she and her daughter went to a pumpkin patch in half moon bay. just adorable. she is so cute. >> love her. >> be sure to follow us on instagram. the whole team is there. instagram, facebook and twitter. >> so cute. trending for you. this isn't a trick but maybe a treat. grammy award winner billy eilish. >> eilish will be playing sally. she'll perform sally's song in the show accompanied by a full
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orchestra. danny elfman is reprising his role as jack skellington. the show will run for two nights in l.a. at the end of the month. if you are feeling lucky, tonight is the night. one of the biggest lottery jackpots is up for grabs. powerball's grand prize is expected to reach $670 million. that's among the top ten ever. ever since powerball launched the three drawings a week that has been growing. >> we're all winners here. >> especially our giants. get ready to pick it up a notch here. the postseason gets going this week with the giants taking the national league's top seed. >> they finally clinched the division in the final game of the season yesterday. buster posey busted it open in the third inning with a bases loaded single. this one was never in doubt. the giants won their franchise record 107th game. now they'll host the dodgers or
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st. louis cardinals in game one of the divisional series on friday. and call this a birthday wish come true for one of the biggest giants fans, most dedicated fans. >> pauline angelman turns 113 years old today. we believe she is the oldest giants fan alive. she moves here in the bay area in 1958. the same year the giants moved here. now she lives in corta madera and her family and friends gathered for the giants watch party over the weekend. local first responders even stopped by to wish her a happy birthday. >> she looks amazing. >> for 113, amazing! >> i want to know her secret. >> probably a glass of wine. >> maybe it's the bay area fog that moves into the area. >> that definitely keeps the skin moisturized. we're going to see those temperatures heating up to the low 90s. much cooler temperatures coming in by the end of the week. i think we'll see more clouds and also much cooler temperatures in san francisco going from the mid-70s to the
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low 60s by understand of the week into the weekend. >> fall is here. >> all right. thanks for watching. our next newscast is at 5:00. get the latest information any time at see you back here tomorrow morning at 4:30. hi, i'm steve and i live in austin, texas. i work as a personal assistant to the owner of a large manufacturing firm. i've got anywhere from 10 to 50 projects going at any given time. i absolutely have to be sharp. let me tell ya, i was struggling with my memory.
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it was going downhill. my friend recommended that i try prevagen and over time, it made a very significant difference in my memory and in my cognitive ability. i started to feel a much better sense of well-being. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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right now on "california live," we've hit the jack-o-pot of pumpkin patches. >> then, losing your hair? we've got a doctor with tips to help. >> plus, get ready to trick the kids with healthy treats. >> we're all about how to amp up those nutrients, especially this time of year. >> and a place that kicks off the week with a tiki treat. >> we're celebrating mai tai mondays with the ukulele queen. >> i'll take two please. that's all happening now on


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