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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 5, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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right now at 5:00, facebook fallout. hours after the company suffered a massive outage, all eyes will be on capitol hill as the whistle-blower is set to testify before congress today. how the negative publicity is hurting the silicon valley company's bottom line. breaking news on the fight against covid. overnight johnson & johnson seeks approval for a booster shot. when you may be able to sign up for your next vaccine. this is "today in the bay." good morning to you. as you are watching us this morning, you are likely watching us over your television screen right now, and we are streaming live for you on
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want to say good tuesday morning to you. i am marcus washington. >> i am laura garcia. before we get started, we want to congratulate one very lucky person this morning. the winning powerball ticket was finally sold -- finally after rolling over so many times. >> yeah, just one person. >> right here in california. >> right here in california, waking up a millionaire. not too far from us either. we'll have more on that ahead this morning. nobody here. we're all accounted for. >> well, we could come to say good-bye. but we're not. >> let's go to kari hall for the forecast. >> cooler air is arriving into the bay area. the first system arrives today. i am so excited. we will see better air quality. we are seeing it improving near the coastline and in parts of the bay.
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the green dots mean good air quality, but moderate for the south bay and tri-valley. look at the temperatures and where we are headed. antioch reaching into the low 80s. we'll talk about the cooling changes ahead in our forecast. that's coming up in a few minutes. >> sounds good. we'll check back with you. 5:02, on capitol hill, lawmakers will hear from the facebook whistle-blower, and she's accusing the company of putting profits over user safety. >> our scott mcgrew is look into the impact of facebook, but first chris pallone is live in washington with what we can expect from today's hearing. >> marcus and laura, good morning. a senate sub committee is set to put facebook's business practices under the microscope.
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this comes as facebook, the silicon valley website once again fully functional along with instagram and what'sup app that facebook owns. mark zuckerberg posted this on his page last night, sorry about the disruption, i know how much you rely on our services to stay connected with the people you care about. >> the time something remarkable. this is right as facebook is dealing with this really damning whistle-blower report. we have no reporting that indicates there's any connection whatsoever, but it is fire on your left and fire on your right, and that's a problem for both sides of facebook. >> the whistle-blower told "60 minutes" that she has dozens of
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documents showing the user safety. speaking exclusively with nbc news, facebook's head of global research denies it puts profits over safety. >> that's contrary to my experience, and contrary to the facts. since 2016 we spent $13 billion on security, and we have 40,000 people working on security. >> in her senate testimony, she's expected to push lawmakers to pass tougher regulations for the social media platforms, and as for that outage that happened yesterday, facebook is blaming that on a faulty configuration change, as they call it, and they said they do not believe that any user data was compromised. we go back to you, laura and marcus. >> do not believe, key words there.
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thank you, chris. let's bring in scott mcgrew. lawmakers were not impressed with the outage. >> mark zuckerberg himself lost around $6 billion yesterday. yesterday was a tough day for tech stocks, in general. >> what is facebook's biggest challenge moving ahead? is it the congressional hearing? >> no, they have been blasted in front of congress before, a lot of times. i think it's two things. number one, spotify, open table, all those places you use to log in might want to start rethinking that, and as the bad guy of the tech work, cambridge analytical scandal, russian information, and false
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information of the election in 2020. that's a lot. tech companies already fight for employees in this economic situation. f your company. facebook has those recruits they will be working for good at a time when you have a former employee telling "60 minutes" they're not. >> certainly one to watch. interesting to see how today progresses as well. >> we'll be watching. >> thank you. 5:06. breaking overnight, johnson & johnson asking for fda emergency approval for a booster shot. new data this morning supporting the idea, pfizer recipients most at risk should get that booster shot. the data shows the effectiveness drops off over time to 50% in six months. but pfizer's vaccine is still
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90% effective in keeping covid patients out of the hospital. experts say that's the most important thing. >> what we are focusing on is preventing hospitalizations, preventing and preserving our hospital settings, and that's important. >> and california is the state that could have benefited the most from the vaccines. vaccines shielded 22,000 state seniors from becoming infected. nationwide the study found a reduction of 265,000 covid infections. we are watching a criminal trial under way involving a former danville police officers.
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hall used force when he shot and killed a man. his attorney argued that hall made a split-second decision in second defense. >> we feel like the weight of the world is on his shoulders and he feels very bad about what happened. >> hall last march was involved in a second deadly shooting in danville. that shooting is not part of the trial and so far in that case he has not been charged. a follow-up on last week's water main break that flooded the streets in alamo. the pipe was connected to a transmission line. 6.5 million gallons of water spilled. nearly 200 homes were temporarily without water. happening today, state senator nancy skinner will lead a news conference outlining what advocates say as california's
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worsening air quality shows last year california had one of the worst wildfire seasons on record. right now let's look live outside. this is san francisco this morning where it's foggy out there. meteorologist, kari hall has been tracking those conditions. >> it's good we have this weather system coming in that will bring in cooling changes and will help to clean out some of the air and bring a westerly wind off the ocean. also giving us mist and drizzle as the air quality arrives. the rest of the week is going to feel very fall-like with showers to the north. taking a look at our temperatures, reaching up to 81 in concord. 78 degrees in napa. some of these were reaching in the 80s and 90s yesterday. we will continue to cool off. mike, you were saying we do have
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a truck fire. >> yeah, we need a drop in temperature. the garbage truck is past thornton. for a few minutes we saw a traffic break and then a lot of slowing and it started to clear up. traffic can get by in the four remaining lanes traveling north up towards the dumbarton bridge. so that will be there blocking the slow lane. traffic alert called because there were other folks calling from the other side of the wall where the homes are asking if they were safe, and we believe they are, and there's some sort of compressed gas on the truck but they are letting it burn out. back to you. >> thanks, mike. it's 5:10. tomorrow is the fourth annual california clean air day. coming up next on "today in the bay" in our climate in crisis series, a look at what you can
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do to help reduce air pollution. we have details on the events for fleet week that you don't want to miss. stay with us. you're watching "today in the bay."
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no. nope. no way. but then helen went from no to know with freestyle libre 14 day, now she knows what activity helps lower her glucose. and can see what works best for her. take the mystery out of your glucose levels, and lower your a1c. now you know. freestyle libre 14 day. now covered by medicare for those who qualify. good tuesday morning. it's 5:13. we are starting out with temperatures in the mid-50s in oakland. only 65 degrees as our temperatures warm up a lot more
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slowly today and cooler air moves in. we'll talk more about the cooldown in our forecast, coming up. overall a calm commute. looks good in fremont, but further north on the nimitz there's an alert, a fire and some folks are waking up to a smell of smoke, so we'll talk about what is going on in that portion of the east bay, coming up. happy tuesday to you. another airline told its employees it's time to get vaccinated or find another job. southwest airlines will require its workers to take the shot. american, alaska, jetblue told their employees the same a few days ago. united, hawaiin and frontier were the first. delta airlines is so far the only airline without a company wide mandate. delta does require new employees to be vaccinated and will only pay sick leave to those
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vaccinated and get sick anyway. and a contract worker at tesla said he faced abuse. tesla tens this but a federal court did not see tesla's side. a separate suit says racial issues are widespread in the company. again, tesla denies that. tech stocks sank agency investors moved their money out of tech and into government securities. behind the scenes workers on television shows have authorized their union to call a strike for better pay. the crews say they are not getting the same pay raises and benefits that writers, actors and producers are as streaming
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services demand more and more episodes. in 2007, you will recall, marcus and laura, writers went on strike, and then reality television was on the rise, so let's not go back there. >> and everybody wanted to be a star. >> yeah, let's not go there. overnight somebody south of the bay area is a whole lot richer. a ticket purchase at this grocery store in san luis obispo county, they hit the jackpot, more than $699 million, and the cash value is just under $500 million. the winning numbers, 12, 22, 54,
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66 and 69 with the powerball of 15. wish i bought a ticket. >> buy yourself a little fixer-upper. and could the gram be adding grams to your waistline. >> and a report shows sharing photos of food on instagram and other social media sites could cause you to take longer to feel full. i don't even remember what i was eating then. no, that was my birthday. that's cake. >> let them eat cake. and that's sweet potato pie -- >> yeah, now we are just getting hungry now. let's post something.
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>> i'm going to post about a garbage truck on fire. let's take you out to the maps. over here towards fremont, it sounds dramatic. a garbage truck on fire, and fire trucks are there. you notice very little slowing, just a tad bit. there are apartments on the other side of the barrier off the highway there. this is thornton, central avenue and getting off the newark as well, and folks called in to say, we smell smoke, are we safe? chp says yes, they believe the compressed gas is almost gone. mild slowing because we have four lanes of traffic, and as the volume builds, and if they don't clear that quickly it could be a problem, because they need the right sized tow truck.
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your longer drive coming out of antioch in through concord, that's fine for highway 4. highway 34, no slowing here. there's a crash but it's going away from the bay bridge. a clear view right now. kari, a clear drive but i see low clouds hovering around that spot and in the city. yeah, we are all clear inland. we have been dealing with the unhealthy air quality at times, especially inland. santa clara valley looking at moderate air quality, but these numbers with the pleasure of particulate matter, they are looking good. the 7-day forecast is coming up at the bottom of the screen. some spots are dropping about ten degrees compared to yesterday, reaching 79 in los gatos. for the east bay, up to 80 in walnut creek. 74 in hayward. 71 in san mateo.
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san francisco, reaching 71 downtown and santa rosa, up to 77 degrees. a nice cool breeze picking up and we will see more clouds arriving, and we could see the leading of the cold front. if you saw the rain delay yesterday during the football game, now that rain is clearing out. we are watching the system come in from the north, but it dries up before it gets here. we are not looking at any showers in the bay area, but maybe further to the north as the temperatures will feel fall-like. in san francisco we are going to see temperatures in the mid-60s today, but then lower 60s by the end of the week. air show on saturday, looking good with more sunshine and
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highs reach into the mid-60s. now let's turn to our climate in crisis. tomorrow is the fourth annual california clean day where you are encouraged to take action, big or small, to reduce air pollution. you could plant a tree, reduce vehicle use or spend on more earth friendly options, whatever you can do to clean the air, that's a good thing. there will be several transit agencies offering free rides, so check that out. looking at the commute, the average oakland resident commutes about 60 minutes a day round trip. if we had 200,000 people, and i know that's a tall order, but if we had 200,000 people across the bay area bike or catch a transit for one day, it's like taking the carbon dioxide out of the air equal to 7,000 trees. think about that. check out more stories on our climate in crisis by going to
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our website, 5:21. next here on "today in the bay," nbc bay area responds. >> rental protections are expiring. how do you respond if you receive an eviction notice? i am consumer investigator, chris chmura. we'll show you how, next. let me get this straight. you've got an a.i. strategy to deliver a better customer experience, that will help us retain our customers and even grow our business? how much is this going to cost? here's the figure. 59. 59 million? no, five9. as in five9 intelligent cloud contact center. they won't just power our transformation. they'll fund our transformation. yes, yes! exactly! what are you waiting for?
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now that california's eviction moratorium has expired families behind on their rent could receive an eviction notice or something similar. >> so how do you respond? our consumer reporter, chris chmura, has suggestions. >> if you missed your payments, your landlord could send you something, and don't panic or start packing. eviction is a court process that can take time, lots of time. still, you have work to do as soon as you get a notice like that. the california housing agency says you should immediately seek legal assistance. in many cases responding to eviction papers in five days could help delay or prevent your eviction. lawyers can be expensive but can you find free legal help at legal law schools, and some appoint tenants a free lawyer.
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>> there's a right to free representation by a attorney through the program. >> it's important you keep up with every piece of correspondence and respond asap. and then you might be able to reach an agreement with your landlord to keep you where you are. it's 5:26 right now. fleet week in san francisco, many ships docked and getting prepped for tours. ship week was virtual last year. more than 1 million people expected to attend the event for this week's 40th fleet week celebration. on our website, you can find an entire list of events taking place throughout the weekend, just go to the trending bar or
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search fleet week on our website, and it's also on the mobile app and on the web, all on another unbeaten team biting the dust in the nfl. >> in this case it's the las vegas raiders. the raiders had a miserable first half giving up 21 unanswered points in los angeles to the chargers. for a while they came back to make it a game in the second half. but the chargers scored a late touchdown to take this one, 28-14. the raiders fall. kari hall is tracking the coming fall temperatures. we're excited for them. >> reporter: we take a closer look at just how effective the indoor mask mandates were. you're watching "today in the bay."
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breaking right now at 5:30, johnson & johnson takes the next step in receiving authorization for covid vaccine booster shots. we'll give you the updated timeline. >> pleasing for help. the message oakland police chief wants you to hear after seeing the most violent year in years. and then a massive oil spill closes beaches in southern california.
5:31 am
5:30 right now. i am laura garcia. >> i am marcus washington. we want to get you started with a look outside in san jose, a beautiful start to the morning. meteorologist, kari hall, she's getting us through the morning. how sit looking out there, kari? >> much cooler. almost time to dig the sweaters out from the back of the closet. it's foggy and maybe even misting a little bit in san francisco as the cooler air moves in. also the air quality will be improving. the rest of the week will feel fall-like with showers staying to the north. good air quality, that means we can spend more time outside as temperatures cool off. we are headed for the low 80s in the tri-valley. 73 in san rafael. 64 in half moon bay. we will look at our microclimates and look ahead to what is ahead at the end of the week. that's coming up in a few
5:32 am
minutes. breaking overnight, johnson & johnson is asking for emergency use authorization for a booster shot. the drug company says that new data shows a booster shot can actually boost immune protection to 94%. according to the cdc, it could boost immunity. cierra johnson is looking at the county vaccination rates. >> reporter: yes, good morning. as the delta variant surged, many community leaders were taking a closer look at the data. do the mask indoor mandates work in conjunction with some of the
5:33 am
vaccination rates. let's take a look. there was a graph created that uses data from the state and county websites. what initially stands out is solano county was the only county did not have the mandates on the mask use, and per 100,000 cases, they were one of the highest in the bay area, and that category as well as the highest number of hospitalizations. we should note they also had the lowest vaccination rate in the bay area at just 56%. now compare that to marin or san mateo counties, both were at 90% or above the vaccination rates, and their hospitalization cases per 100,000 was also the lowest in the bay area. some counties right now exploring whether or not to even continue the indoor mask mandate. they are looking at that data in connection with the vaccination data. just last week we were
5:34 am
mentioning health leaders here in san francisco according to "the chronicle" are already discussing where they could use flexibility with the indoor mask mandate, but right now it's unclear when that may happen. it's definitely story we will continue to follow. we're live in san francisco, cierra johnson for "today in the bay." >> looking better. we'll put together a list of where you need to wear a mask and where you can keep it off. go to you can also search mask mandate in our mobile app. and then a testing site will be available from 8:00 noon. we have a live look at
5:35 am
capitol hill where facebook whistle-blower is set to testify. she's a former employee who accuses the company of putting profits over user safety. at the top of the hour we'll have team coverage, including a live report from washington. oakland's police chief is begging for your help to stop homicides in the city. today in the bay's bob riddell is live this morning. september is so far the deadliest month this year. >> reporter: 17 people murdered in oakland in september. sadly the violence is continuing in the month of october. just last night somebody was shot outside the whole foods market near lake merritt in oakland, and that person has nonlife-threatening injuries. this past friday night, a well known activist for education in oakland, he was shot and killed by an intruder in oakland.
5:36 am
oakland on pace for a record-breaking year for homicides. yesterday oakland police chief armstrong held a news conference to address the violence and called for a moment of silence for those murdered in oakland. he said police staffing is a problem. there are less than 700 officers on the streets. a mother whose son was killed seven years ago spoke. >> get your children. if you need help, if they are doing things and you need help, there are a lot of organizations out there that could provide mentoringship. >> we will have to bring out staff from inside the building and put them into field roles when we have openings. we will have to also leverage the use of overtime. >> that was chief armstrong
5:37 am
explaining how they will make up for the short fall of officers on the street. last month the city council voted to redirect money within the police budget to open up one more police academy because, again, the loss of officers. reporting live, bob riddell, "today in the bay." it's 5:37 right now. happening in san jose, testimony resuming in elizabeth holmes' criminal fraud trial. last week testimony was dominated by the whistle-blower that testified at length about the red flags he raised to company leaders. holmes' defense team tried to establish the fault was tied to the people, including the prosecution's witness, who is expected to return to the stand today. we are tracking the
5:38 am
environmental disaster playing out in southern california. this is where 126,000 gallons of oil spilled along the coast. >> beaches and harbors remain closed as cleanup efforts are under way. and nbc's miguel almaguer has the latest. >> the government declared a state of emergency here in southern california as an army of people along the shore try to capture the oil savings. aerial flights are also taking place above the southern california coastline as officials try to track what is becoming a moving disaster. here's how one person described it late yesterday. >> there are about 23 platforms off the coast, and most were built in the '60s, '70s and '80s. >> today first responders will be back in the air, also here on
5:39 am
the shore trying to capture and monitor this moving target, what officials say has become a slow-moving disaster. they have collected a handful of birds, and this could be something they are dealing with for the weeks and even the months ahead. i hope you can join us later this morning. back to you. >> most definitely. thank you, miguel. happening today pleasanton leaders are expected to declare a local drought emergency and a stage 2 water shortage. residents will be asked to reduce their water use by 15%. the ordinance will also authorize a drought call center to assist water customers. the declaration does not authorize higher water rates or excessive use penalties. right now i want to check in with kari right now. some of the water-year levels
5:40 am
compared to normal. you can see it in the numbers. >> yeah, this is a dire situation. when you look at what is normal for san francisco in the yellow, the 23.7, but last year we only had 9 inches of rain, and then compare that to years past where many of the years we were below normal. looking at san jose, we usually get 14.9 inches a year but only got about one-third of that just last year. you can see how dry it has been. at least we had that one year where we got the normal amount of rainfall. now as we enter into october, we need a lot of water to even get back to where we should be. it's nice to see the cold fronts moving in, but they are drying up before they get here. october is the transition month where we start to see some rain. santa rosa on average gets about two inches of rain in october and then we go into our wetter months in november, december,
5:41 am
january. we are continuing to monitor the rain chances. i will have more on that as well as our forecast, coming up in a few minutes. >> thanks, kari. well, we have 13 days to pay off our debt or america could plunge into recession. >> the stars are out in san francisco. we will show you the newest members of bay area's sports hall of fame. first, california schools received billions of dollars to ride out the pandemic, and our investigative unit dove into the funds and how they were used, and the odd part is how much money they are still sitting on. our producer also discussed the investigation. you can watch the full episode on our instagram page, and can you track how bay area schools
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spend the covid-19 funding on 5:41. we'll be right back. and there you have it- woah. wireless on the most reliable network nationwide. wow. -big deal! ...we get unlimited for just 30 bucks. sweet, i get that too and mine has 5g included. that's cool, but ours save us serious clam-aroonies. relax people, my wireless is crushing it. that's because you all have xfinity mobile with your internet. it's wireless so good, it keeps one upping itself.
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♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪ good tuesday morning. right now at 5:44, get ready for cooler temperatures. in walnut creek we are starting out with the typical start in the upper 50s, but a cold front moving in. we will slow down the warming of our temperatures with more clouds moving in. we will talk about these changes and what is ahead at the end of
5:45 am
the week, coming up. a garbage truck is still with the fire blocking a right lane here. their homes are safe, and we understand they are. that's heading up 880 on the dumbarton bridge. alarm bells ringing in washington with congress contemplating raising the debt limit. >> yeah, janet yellen says the u.s. will plunge into recession if we don't pay our debt. remember the debate over the debt ceiling is not an obscure washington issue, and it could affect the entire u.s. economy. here's the president. >> raising the debt limit comes down to paying what we already owe. what has already been acquired.
5:46 am
not anything new. it starts with a simple truth. the united states is a nation that pays its bills and always has. >> that bears repeating. >> we have never defaulted. >> i apologize for interrupting the president. it bears repeating whether or not you think the u.s. should spend more money than it has. there are plenty of people that say we shouldn't. the democrats and republicans agreed to money that was spent in part when trump was president. not lifting the debt ceiling is like not paying a credit card. you already spent the money and can't change it now. janet yellen estimates we have 13 days until disaster. congress has not, so far, agreed on raising it. more than $3 trillion bill is too big for some democrats and are telling the white house to lower that price. none of this counts in the debt
5:47 am
ceiling. anybody that tells you otherwise is not telling you the truth. the white house realizes this number needs to get smaller. >> in order to have a discussion, which includes the recognition that the package is going to be smaller than originally proposed, and what he wants to hear from them is what their priorities are, and what their bottom lines are so he can play a constructive role in moving things forward. >> in other news, a federal judge sentenced one of the capitol attackers. the three month home confinement prosecutors were looking for for the man in texas was too lenient. he posted evidence of his own crime to facebook. the social postings and youtube postings were provided to the court in an fbi affidavit. we are watching everything happening in washington,
5:48 am
particularly the debt ceiling. you can tweet me there. i'm @scottmcgrew. another batch of state stimulus checks going out today, so people that made up to $75,000 year will or have received a one-time $600 payment. to qualify you must have your 2020 taxes filed by october 15th of this year. dub nation giving its first taste of the real deal. they played their first pre-season game in portland, oregon. the warriors beat the blazers, if it matters, which it doesn't, because the regular season tips off in two weeks. but we will root them on. and then a night of celebration at oracle. >> for the first time in 52 years, the giants are world
5:49 am
champions. >> bruce bochy was among those. >> you look at the dodgers, and what they have done this year, and what they have done in the past, and, you know, their experience. you have to look at how well the cardinals play down the stretch. >> 12-time swimming olympic native, natalie coghlan. and then super bowl champ, brian young. america's cup and olympic sailor, san francisco native, paul kay kwraur. and oakland native and a's player, rickey henderson. and then according to the
5:50 am
"new york times," dolce & gabbana has sold nearly $1 million sold digital. they were one of the first fashion houses to feature a tease in its collection. >> what are you not wearing? >> exactly. >> probably shorts this morning, kari? >> yeah, i think it's time to break out the pants and the sweaters. it's going to be cooler across the bay area today. as you are heading out the door in fremont, we have temperatures starting out in the upper 50s. we'll see the clouds mixing in with the sun today, and we will have an interesting sky today so keep the camera ready. take a look at the temperatures for our highs today, reaching 79
5:51 am
in east san jose. yesterday morgan hill was up to 92. how about 80 today? contra costa valley to the tri-valley, and over towards oakland, a high of 71. san francisco reaching the upper 60s in the mission district and 80 in ukiah. sonoma today will reach 79 degrees. here's what is going on. we have a cold front coming in and a second push of cooler air behind that. we will get a couple waves of cooler air as a system comes in. you can see the rain, the green on there with this cold front. not a lot of it. it will continue to dry up as it moves closer to our area. maybe some showers up around redding and the north coast, but for us it's all dry. a lookre and how they coolay to the low 70s tomorrow. then by friday we may not make it out of the 60s. it does warm up for the weekend, but it looks like the fall-like
5:52 am
weather sticks around for quite a while, even into the end of next week. we are settling in with the cooler temperatures and we are still looking at dry weather but more clouds arriving, especially by tomorrow. in the upper 60s for the valleys on thursday and friday. the weekend looks so nice. upper 70s. san francisco will have more sunshine on friday and saturday, perfect for the air show. we are looking at highs in the low to mid-60s. mike, you still have the traffic alert for 880. >> yeah, we do. just south of that we are looking at taillights traveling north. there's an issue of an over crossing here where you see the central sign for the old dealership that used to be there as you are passing through this area, and the northbound 880 jamming up as it travels over
5:53 am
here, or 84 traveling toward the dumbarton bridge. the garbage truck has a fire in the rear of the truck, and we have a fire crew there and folks in the area are not at risk. we are look at northbound 101, and that's got some slowing into san jose. we will track this traveling north of 85. we're tracking that as well with nothing really nothing more unexpected. back to you. sorry to say, your holiday cooking could be in jeopardy. the supply chain issues we are hearing about are limiting the spice maker, mccormick, as a
5:54 am
demands surge, and getting the product from point a to point b is the biggest factor. they make seasoning, and french's mustard and hot sauce. the ceo says the company is looking at inflation, and we may have to see price increases. >> if you don't have the seasonings, just eat a salad. >> what? >> if you don't have seasoned food, no, no, no. then supporters of the tax on e-cigarettes, they say it makes it more expensive for teens. and people living near the
5:55 am
knp complex fire in southern california are facing a new danger. we'll talk about that. plus, coming up at 6:00, is pfizer's covid vaccine still mt. the key takeaway from new research. stay with us. you're watching "today in the bay."
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welcome back. "today in the bay."th lightning complex fire burning in the sequoia national forest. evacuation warnings have been issued at a remote area. containment is now just over 10%. and then good news where the caldor fire is approaching full containment. all evacuation orders for that fire have been lifted. developing this morning, border police on the canadian side of the ambassador bridge say possible explosives were discovered in a second area. the driver of the vehicle was detained and now is in custody. this morning we have some new video of a car driving into a 7-eleven in san leandro. we have to warn you this video is hard to watch, but the good
5:59 am
news is that everybody is recovering. take a look. i watch it over and over because it's so hard to believe that the driver of a gray sedan backing out of a parking space, hitting a white truck and hitting the gas and plowing through the front entrance. you saw so many people gathered inside that 7-eleven. it happened sunday afternoon along east 14th street. seven people were hurt. investigators say it's too soon to say if the driver will face charges. the driver was not impaired. the illegal and dangerous street stunts show they attract big crowds and big problems, and have fights and gunfire. now a judge has given san jose to go ahead and go after social media operators that promote the shows. yesterday police spoke to people about their new tactic.
6:00 am
>> there are countless websites that we get sent to us from the community, but the reality is it's changing every day, and we monitor them the best we can when we get the information usually from the community. >> police also warn of a spectator ordinance that allows officers to fine you if you are just watching. at 6:00, facebook fallout. u.s. lawmakers will get some answers with the whistle-blower set to testify before congress. we have live team coverage, including how all the negative publicity is hurting facebook's bottom line. johnson & johnson overnight requested fda emergency approval for a booster shot. we'll layout the timeline, next. this is "today in the bay." good morning to you. you are watching us on your television, and we are streaming live for you right now at want to say good morning to you. i am marcus washington. >> i am laura garcia. before we get


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