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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 6, 2021 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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78 we spend more time on their platforms, they make more money. bombshell allegations. facebook in the hot seat after the whistle-blower tells congress the social network is accountable to no one. and then the impact of the oil spill will be felt for months to come. this is "today in the bay." very good wednesday morning. thanks for spend garcia.
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>> i am marcus washington. we will look at the forecast in just a moment but first let's start with mike with breaking news this morning. this is on highway 17, mike? >> yes, marcus. you mentioned the leak down in the l.a. area, and we have this, also some sort of spill as a result of the crash, oil and maybe something else, and folks who are local to the area take this drive know if you are blocked at redwood estates, for example, you have to go back to old summit road. it's only about 15 minutes if you know the roadway well, 15 to 20 minutes, but you have to loop back around from where the original signs will be seen. northbound still blocked and take that alternate right now. we were told it will
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be reopening. everything north of los gatos is moving smoothly, though. back to you, kari. >> good morning. we are starting out with cooler temperatures. we will see more clouds today as our second wave of cool air arrives for the bay area. as we go into tomorrow, we are going to continue to see the cooling happen and for the weekend our temperatures come up a few degrees as the sunshine returns. not a lot of rain with this as we have seen this system dry up before it gets here, but as we take a look at our temperatures for today headed towards the middle of the afternoon, most of us in the 60s and low 70s, so a significant cooldown and a nice little taste of fall. we'll talk about what is ahead in the forecast coming up. laura? >> thanks, kari. this is theatest in the string of violence that engulfed
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the city, and new video shows officers shutting down a few streets, and the shooting comes as oakland's chief of police asks the public to help stop the violence. this morning mark zuckerberg is on the ae fence following testimony against the most profitable social media network. >> zuckerberg wrote a memos to employees in the company he started. >> facebook ceo, mark zuckerberg, in a memo he started out by saying at the heart of these accusations is the idea that we prioritize profit over
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safety and well-being. that's just not true. on capitol hill a former facebook employee turned whistle-blower describing to a senate committee how dangerous she believes the social media has become. >> the company's leadership knows how to make a facebook and instagram saver, but won't make the changes because they have put their profits before people. >> zuckerberg says it's very important to me that everything we build is safe and good for kids. she left facebook in may armed with tens of thousands of internet documents, including some, she says, showing the company knows its instagram app can lead to eating his orders in teen girls, something facebook
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denies. one expert said zuckerberg's statement is well written, but -- >> zuckerberg is being naive is not disingenuous. 4:35. now to a follow-up. today a judge is expected to set a resentencing date for scott peterson. his death sentence was overturned last year, and a judge ordered him to receive life in prison without the possibility of parole. likely a sentencing day will be scheduled for next month. the credibility of the prosecution's key witnesses is at the center of the testimony of the elizabeth holmes' trial.
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her attorney tried to punch holes in the accuracy, questioning the accuracy of e-mails. the trial resumes later this morning. as that trial unfolds, we are following each twist and turn. can you find a full debrief of who is on the stand every day and what was said by heading to it's at the top of our home page. now revealing concerning new information about the 144 gallon oil spill off the coast of southern california. the coast guard announced a split in the pipe is a source of the spill. here's the details on the timeline of what happened on saturday. preliminary findings shower kurz in the beta offshore control
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room received a pressure alarm at 2:30 saturday morning, and then they waited three hours to shutdown the pipeline, and then waited three more hours to contact the emergency line. pleasanton and livermore both get their water from the same agency. last week livermore mandated 15% cuts. as for now no special drought rates or penalties for excessive use of water. we will have a look at your weather and traffic in two minutes. >> and the way google is helping others reduce their carbon footprint.
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stay with us. you're watching "today in the bay."
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good wednesday morning. right now at 4:40, in walnut creek as you are heading out the door it's 60 degrees and you may even be comfortable wearing light long sleeves throughout the day. it's going to be cooler as our temperatures hold steady, and we will see a mostly cloudy day as our temperatures stay down. more on this and continued cooling in our forecast coming
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up in a few minutes. in the last few minutes, chp let us know they are running a traffic break to clear the crew from the overturned big rig. things have been righted, but they still have to be cleared from the roadway. stick around for silvanna's report. we'll get you on the other side. >> thank you, mike. wall street is set to open lower this morning as rising bond yields and inflation fears put pressure on stocks yet again. mega caps tech stocks recovering from monday's losses. in focus today a. report on hiring in the private sector. google is updating maps and other products to help consumers
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save energy and reduce their carbon footprint. the app calculates fuel usage based on the incline of the road and traffic congestion, and google is display emissions associated with the flight and search results. amazon is reportedly working on a smart refrigerator. business insiders say the fridge is designed to track inventory and your buying habits, and predict what you may want and have it delivered. it can suggest recipes based on what you have in the fridge, and offer an easy way to order more food from amazon fresh or whole foods store. back to you. >> wow. i don't know if i want anybody to see inside my fridge. >> mine would be empty. >> pickles. >> same. >> thanks.
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kari hall has a look at forecast. >> temperatures right now in the mid to upper 50s. san jose at 58 degrees. 52 right now in santa rosa. after this cool start we keep those cool temperatures today. we'll talk more about that in the forecast, coming up. >> i'm still trying to see if chp has that open. so far no reopening for i-17. make sure you get that coffee and come back and check with us on the other side of the commercial break. lake tahoe facing an uncertain future after the wildfire swept through the area. we will talk about the concerns of the pristine, blue water. we'll be right back.
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what a wonderful wednesday. let's start the morning off by taking a live look out at san francisco. we can see the fog is lingering around, but still a beautiful shot. meteorologist, kari hall is tracking what we can see weather-wise out there. we see the fog so we know it's cooler in san francisco. how is it shaping up in other parts of the bay? >> we are going to see clouds all across the bay area. it's going to be hard to get rid of the clouds. maybe even just a peek of sunshine here and there, something we are not used to. we are also, i guess unfortunately, not used to seeing a lot of green dots here. we will have better air quality today as we see the system
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sweeping through. it's bringing in fresher air quality conditions for the bay area. as you are stepping out in concord, it's 61 degrees. we are still going to be at 61 degrees through about 9:00 and then seeing our temperatures slowly warming up from there with a mix of sun and clouds. as we head to the south bay, look at the highs for this afternoon. very nice. even a little cooler than normal, reaching up to about 74 degrees in morgan hill and los gatos, and the east bay seeing temperatures in the mid-70s. oakland reaching 68 degrees. you can see that 7-day forecast at the bottom of the screen, showing we will be warming up gradually, but still nice and cool today with upper 60s in san mateo and redwood city. 64 in the mission district. north bay highs reach in the mid-70s for the most part. up to 75 today in clearlake. as we go through the forecast, we see the clouds streaming through today and tomorrow, but
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it does look like we get clearing for friday into the weekend, which will be perfect because we want a clear sky for the air show this weekend. looking at the smoke forecast, it shows that the smoke is moving away from us, and still the kmp fire burning over the sequoia national park. a lot of that smoke going up toward nevada and montana as well, so it's moving away from us and across other states. looking at the 10-day forecast, nice and fall-like for at least the next week. even into next weekend we are looking at the potential for the cool air staying with us. we get a slight boost in temperatures for inland areas, reach into the upper 70s as we get clearer skies and a slight cooldown for the start of next week. mike, you are tracking breaking news through santa cruz. is that still going on? >> yeah, the sensors just lit up
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in the last few seconds, but chp did not confirm there's a full clearing. i don't have the update -- oh, okay, there we go. breaking news. northbound 17 from santa cruz all open. now other than that things should quickly recover. the overturned rig has been cleared from north 17. we had another crash on 580, and getting out of tracy and off the 205, a smooth flow of traffic there. we did have slowing for about ten minutes, westbound 580, and that's the bridge itself, and these are typical changes that happen in the overnight maintenance. everything is moving smoothly now on that bridge, and at the bay bridge light traffic across the span. low clouds here but it does not impede our view of the city.
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that's nice. >> thank you, mike. the fire nearly out near lake tahoe, but researchers are concerned about the future of keeping the lake blue. >> tahoe is a really special lake. people know tahoe for the beautiful lake and that color. >> a spiritual place for generations. >> there's more of an emotional value. >> that's why emotions were high as the recent caldor and dixie fires filled the basin with smoke, and the crystal clearwater -- >> wildfires are affecting the clarity of tahoe. >> if anybody has a grasp on how the fires impacted the body of water, it's this man, a research with the environmental center.
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he studied lake tahoe for years. he and fellow researcher, katie simms, ramped up gauging. the bucket mounted on top of a buoy gathered ash particles on the water. >> you could see particles and ash in the bucket. we use this to measure the water clarity in lake tahoe. >> what you might call the smoking gun of measuring water clarity is this white disk. >> we lower it down into the lake until it disappears and then we raise it back up until it reappears. it tells us how the clarity in the lake is changing over time. >> during the fires and even now impacts from the smoke is dramatic. >> we are seeing the 15-foot
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loss in clarity. >> the researchers use a second bucket to capture nutrients from the falling ash. >> we take this back to the lab and analyze the water that is in there. >> the laser in that machine counts and measures all the particles. it gives us an idea of how many particles are falling on to the lake and what the sizes are. hopefully over time we will see those particles decrease. >> but there's a bigger concern ahead. the caldor fires scorched hillside on the south side of the lake, it was two watershed areas. >> the rainfall could wash that material downstream into the lake. >> as far as long term affects, we do know climate change and forest services over the last
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years have set us up for a hard time with wildfires. >> new measures aimed at protecting the water began to pay off. now it's a battle against nature's wrath that will decide the fate of one of its greatest gifts. >> only time will tell. >> certainly love that lake. 4:53. in the hot seat once again, coming up next on "today in the bay," what evander kane is facing this morning. the covid-19 home test is made by a san diego-based company, acon laboratories. the test will be sold in retail stores. that move will soon double the
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nation's limited supply of nonprescription tests. we'll be right back.
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4:56 right now. the sharks nor evander kane is making any comments that evander kane could have used a fake vaccine passport. this morning there are new questions about the seismic safety of san francisco's sinking and tilting millennium tower. the engineer hired to stop the sinking concedes his plan to install a test pile at one corner of the down tpoupb foundation. the tower is leaning roughly 22 inches towards fremont street, and the engineer says there's still an ample safety margin, and other investigators say if there's one more inch of a tilt, the tilt could undermine and threaten the safety of the structure during an earthquake. >> why not take a pause, go back and figure this thing out? >> as for now, the plan calls for an engineer to have the authority to stop work if
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platform, and they make more money. >> facebook in the hot seat after a whistle-blower tells congress the social network is accountable to no one. also, mask or no mask? the possible changes some bay area counties are gearing up to address this week. it's going to be a beautiful wednesday. cooler temperatures will continue to move in. perfect for commute for california's clean air day. this is "today in the bay."


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