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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  October 7, 2021 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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breaking right now at as you mentioned next friday san
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francisco will be the first county to lift some of those mask restrictions. how exactly did we get here? going back the city of berkeley as well as every other bay county with the exception of solano agreed on some basic point. each jurisdiction has to reach and remain at the yellow tier at least three weeks and have covid hospitalizations low and stable based on the judgment of the health officer in addition to 80% of the population fully vaccinated or eight weeks since the covid vaccine was authorized for emergency use for children ages 5 to 11. we have received a press release where mayor breed calls the loosening of the restrictions next friday october 15th quote the direct result of the fact w vaccination rates in the country. our cases have fallen, residents have done their part to keep themselves and those around them
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safe. that notification continues by saying even as masking restrictions lift indoor masking will remain in effect, where required under state or federal rules. public trte, and schools. right now a big morning for a lot of bay area counties. the mask mandate lifting in some facilities in san francisco and the other counties laid out the benchmarks for when they would be able to lift those mandates once they hit those points. this is on our website nbc bay if you need a refresher. live in san francisco this morning. cierra johnson for nbc bay area news. >> thank you. now we know it can be tricky to keep up with all the changes so we made it easy for you and put together a list where you can find out where you need to wear the masks and where you can
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keep them off. go to nbc bay this is to find out what the rules are in your county. you can also search mask mandate in our mobile app. pfizer is requesting emergency use authorization for its covid vaccine for children ages 5 to 11. nbc bay area's bob redell joins us now with more on the possible timelineeporter: good morning. we're looking at possibly november probably closer to thanksgiving. what is going to happen is the fda is going to meet to consider this emergency authorization request. they'll meet october 26th. they'll issue a ruling sometime in the woeks that follow. the "new york times" reports that pfizer biontech proposed children 5 to 11 receive one-third the adult dosage. we spoke a few parents this morning. one mother told us she'll have to think it over when the vac is approved for her child.
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>> their bodies are still developing. i'd want to know more information before i would be okay with it or went ahead with it >> i don't think it would be out in the public if it wasn't safe. my daughter who is 12 is getting vaccinated today actually. so i'm all in. i just got my booster. >> we've been getting vaccinated for the longest time for tb and all that stuff so i don't see why it would be unsafe. i think it would be good to get our kids protected. >> reporter: you'll recall last month pfizer biontech submitted data to the fda from the vaccine trials of more than 2,000 children. children were given two smaller doses of the vaccine smaller than those given to 12 and older which according to the company are still producing antibody responses comparable to those in the study of people ages 16 to 25 who received the full dose. the vaccine also caused similar side effects to those which
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included arm soreness and fatigue. reporting live bob redell nbc bay area news. >> thank you. happening now, san mateo county giving out pfizer booster shots for those who are eligible. they will be giving those out at san mateo county event center. appointments are encouraged but not required. you are asked to bring your previous covid-19 vaccination information. just a reminder people eligible for pfizer's booster include those 65 and older. if you have underlying medical conditions. and those who are at higher risk of exposure of the virus because of their jobs. uni employees are faced with a looming deadline. get vaccinated or get fired. according to the san francisco examiner about 300 drivers still not fully vaccinated and they need to be by november first or they could be fired. there are concerns that if they don't get vaccinated there could be a service cut to many of the lines and many delays.
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time o look outside at the golden gate bridge looking nice and cool and smooth there on the roads. you know what? cooling down across the bay area. meteorologist kari hall is tracking the forecast as we inch toward the wpd. >> yes, we are. i love that view of the golden gate bridge. we get a live look outside. all those clouds rolling by. seeing it across the bay area as we get this cooldown. take a look at our current temperatures if you're heading out for lunch soon in the upper 50s in santa rosa. 64 concord. 61 dublin. you may still need a jacket comy at this time and the cooling trend continues with our temperatures in many spots only headed for the upper 60s. in santa rosa normally for early october about 80 degrees. you can see the much cooler air we're feeling now but we will
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have changes ahead in the weekend forecast. we'll talk about that in a few minutes. new at 11:00 a deadly shooting to tell you about overnight in the east bay in oakland right near a fire station. police say when they arrived there was evidence of a shooting. a local hospital says a teenage girl was brought there with gunshot wounds soon after. she later died. the shooter is still on the loose. as we have been reporting oakland is experiencing a reesen surge in violent crimes. the police chief is asking the public for help. this is now the 109th homicide in oakland this year. in washington, senators have reached a deal to save the united states from defaulting on its debt. it is a critical accomplishment though perhaps accomplishment is
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not necessarily the right word. >> experts warned the u.s. would spin into recession if there were no deal. accomplishment is probably not the right word in the sense that the u.s. senate really shouldn't get credit for simply paying the country's bills which is what raising the debt ceiling does. >> madame president, we have reached agreement to extend the debt ceiling through early december and it's our hope that we can get this done as soon as today. >> the deal which you heard schumer say only lasts until december came about after senate minority leader mitch mcconnell agreed to stop blocking votes in the senate to move the process along. we don't know why he changed his mind but we docrats were talking about abolishing the filibuster as one way of getting the vote through and that is something mcconnell would not like. raising the debt ceiling allows the u.s. to pay for things it already bought. money that republicans and democrats agreed to spend. it does not pay for future programs like biden's proposed
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infrastructure and build back better bills. other news, after an eight month long investigation the senate judiciary committee released a report on former president trump's attempts to subvert the 2020 election. the report reveals how close the country came to constitutional crisis and says trump tried to bully the doj into interfering with states' voting certifications. he was stopped only when a number of officials at justice including people trump himself appointed and several whoit house officials in the trump white house threatened to quit en masse if he tried. >> very interesting. thank you. well, new video giving us an up close look at the ruptured pipeline that spewed crude oil in waters all around southern california. the footage shows the damage to the pipelines and you can see if you look closely there, there is no more oil being released.
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the u.s. coast guard is looking into the cause and focusing on movements of multiple ships anchored or moving near the oil platforms and pipelines. the oil spill dumped at least 126,000 gallons of crude oil into the pacific ocean. it is considered to be one of the largest oil spills ever seen in that area. for an in depth look, head to nbc bay we posted a link to the details on the latest developments including the time line leading up to the spill. a warning if you live in the south bay state agricultural officials are ordering residents in parts of san jose not to move home grown fruits and vegetables out of the area. this comes after an invasive fruit fly was found and discovered near santa clara fairgrounds. this is the quarantine areaif y
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asked to throw away unused home grown fruits and vegetables in the garbage disposal or double bag them if you throw them out. a classroom fight turns to gun fire. a school in texas now recovering after a school shooting. next here on today in the bay the chilling video emerging on social media right after the student opened fire. plus the help one bay area port is lending after the massive shipping backlog in southern california and also a look at the impact this could be having on sales. ted lasso star and co-creator, brendon hunt dishes to kelly about the real life inspiration and the biggest cultural differences living in london and how he convinced his costar that soccer doesn't suck while living in amsterdam. catch the full interview on the kelly clarkson show here on nbc
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bay area at 3:00 this afternoon.
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four people were injured and an entire community on edge. an 18-year-old suspect is now in custody. outside heavily armed law enforcement blanketing timberview high school while inside students and staff on lockdown for hours following a school shooting. all enough to bring a flood of emotions from panicked parents and terrified teens. >> calling and calling my son. >> like he could come here and hurt us, too. that isn't fair.
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>> reporter: police have the 18 darryl in custody and say just after a fist fight he discharge his gun, injuring four people one critically. >> i need help! >> arlington pd confirms they're investigating this video showing one student picking up another and slamming him several times. they're not confirming the identity of anyone in the clip. nor are police discussing what appears to be six shots heard in this video. on the second floor just down the hallway from the shooting mimi a tenth grader hid behind a desk. >> i was shocked kind of numb. i con believe this was happening. >> reporter: 12 hours later her mother is still shaken. >> just kept testing her. just hold on. god is in control. just keep praying. just hide. >> reporter: mimi sent her mom this text which read in part i heard the gunshots because my classroom was near it. then a police officer was like put your hand up.
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her mom responds, we'll call your dad. are you okay? do you feel like you'll ever be able to see school through the same lens aga probably the rest of my life. >> reporter: later in the day s.w.a.t. cars surrounding the house of the alleged shooter. students stacked chairs and tables in front of the door as a barricade, explaining what students believe is the possible motive >> i heard my students talking among themselves and they said he had been bullied at school, apparently repeatedly and he wasn't going to take it anymore. >> so tragic there. sam brock reporting. well, covid summer surge seems to be over. cases nationwide are dropping. new infections are down nearly 50% since september 1st. experts say they are encouraged but also say the country is not out of the woods just yet.
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there have been more than 44 million covid cases since the start of the pandemic. here in california there have been more than 4 million total covid cases. los angeles city leaders have now approved strictest vaccine mandates in the nation. it requires proof of vaccination at indoor locations like bars, restaurant, malls, nail salons, and gyms. people with medical or religious exemptions must show a negative test within 72 hours. the plan will take effect in early november. just a reminder here in the bay area san francisco and berkeley also have similar proof mandates. if you've been driving less during the pandemic more money could be coming your way. three major insurance companies are in the hot water seat by the state for over charging customers for car insurance during covid. you might have already gotten a check or seen a reduction in your rates. the department of insurance says all state, mercury, and csaa insurance companies were
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charging people prepandemic rates even though most people sopd driving at the beginning of the lockdown. all insurers need to refund or lower auto premiums. all three companies combined provide auto insurance to about 20% of california drivers. the companies now have a month to explain why they didn't lower the rate and start cutting checks or face legal action. halloween is still weeks away but the real scare is what is happening behind the scenes. you probably noticed some empty store shelves, even delays in your online orders. it is likely because more than 70 big cargo ships are anchored off the ports of long beach and los angeles just waiting to unload. as the ceo of spirit halloween explains, there are 1400 pop up stores across the country still waiting for the remaining 20% of their merchandise. >> at this point historically we would have delivered probably
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90% plus of merchandise. today we are at 80% but will receive the additional 20% by the third week of october. >> the port of oakland has already cleared its line of ships waiting to dock. that is to more dockworkers and new giant cranes. the hope is to now clear some of that down in southern california but the delays are still expected because there is still a shortage of truck drivers as well. time for a look at the forecast today. hitting closer to the weekend meteorologist kari hall is here with a look at what we can expect. >> we've seen some beautiful skies across the bay area. these fair weather clouds are dotting the sky as we take a look at our live south bay camera over san jose. it's been nice and cool jacket weather. in fact, in concord maybe some light, long sleeves will keep you comfortable as we are going to see our temperatures here m the upper 60s throughout the rest of the afternoon. we are going to see the sun mixing with the clouds so we are
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also going to have another nice sunset once again. our temperatures today in east san jose headed toward 69 degrees. also 69 in morgan hill. remember earlier this week in the low 90s in the south county and as we take a look at the seven day forecast at the bottom of the screen no changes here. we're still in with the mild weather even into the weekend. so near the coast we're in the upper 50s today in half moon bay. redwood city reaching up to 67 degrees. san francisco will be in the lower 60s again today and the outer sunset reaching 58 degrees. our north bay highs up to 68 in napa and 70 today in clear lake. as we go through this forecast for brentwood, we are going to see our temperatures remaining cool for the next few days. it will warm up just a bit for the weekend but still i think we can leave the air conditioning off with our highs reaching up to about 80 degrees. we can still see our temperatures going up and down with some modest warming by the end of next week. so with it being thursday, you may be making plans for the
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weekend. p you're lucky enough to be able to watch the game at oracle park this weekend. for friday we're looking at temperatures about 60 degrees and it is going to be much cooler as the game goes along so make sure you're wearing something nice and warm. it still looks chilly on saturday as well. i don't think we'll see much in the way of fog. we're keeping our attention on san francisco because of everything going on there. looking at our inland forecast, upper 60s today and tomorrow. upper 70s for saturday and sunday. it still looks fall like going into next week with our temperatures in the mid sent. we have temperatures in the mid 70s. potential of mist and drizzle later tonight into early tomorrow, low 60s in the forecast, and some breezy winds picking up on monday. for a lot of people who already put out halloween decorations, we'll have to keep an eye on that because the gusty wind may blow those things around. now let's turn to our climate in crisis.
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>> we love a good party but it's a bummer that these balloons are more planet friendly. the environmental nature center says balloons put our wild life at risk. if they end up in the ocean fish and birds can mistake them for food and eat them. balloons can also cause power outages if they hit power lines. time for your climate hack. instead of using balloons or doing a balloon release at a party try making decorations out of recycled materials instead. things like pom poms and instead of a balloon release try blowing bubbles. you can also make beautiful cloth banners out of old clothes. latex balloons can take four years to break down and the shiny balloons don't break down at all. making just one of the swaps we talked about can help keep micro plastics out of the ocean and the food chain. >> thanks.
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my kids love bubbles. that is a good trade out. looking at some of our climate hacks check them out on nbc bay click on the climate in crisis tab. well, a rivalry as old as time, the dodgers coming to san francisco to face the giants next on nbc bay area news midday a look at what could be the most epic playoff series in giants history. first, happening now, a strong earthquake rocked tokyo, japan today. take a look at this. this is security camera video from inside nippon tv's newsroom when the quake struck. the 5.9 magnitude quake shook buildings and sent people running for safety. it was centered east of the city at the depth of 62 miles according to the u.s. geological survey. no major damage was reported and no tsunami warnings were issued.
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here's a recap of the breaking news. bay area health officials have laid out the criteria for lifting indoor mask mandates. it is based on the county sustaining the yellow tier. hospitalizations staying low and the vaccination rates as well. right now san francisco says it will loosen mask mandates on
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certain indoor spaces on october 15th. that is despite the county and none of the other counties reaching the benchmarks. we have complete coverage of the mask mandate on our website nbc bay we will be watching history tomorrow night. a live look at oracle park where our giants will be taking on the dodgers for the first time in the playoffs since the team moved to the west coast. this is all following the dramatic ending to last night's national league wild card game. take a look. >> fires, swing, drive. deep left field. welcome home! >> dodger stadium going wild. chris taylor hits a two-run walk-off home run in the bottom of the ninth. game one friday night at oracle park. game two saturday night at oracle park. games three and four monday and tuesday in l.a. game five if necessary will be thursday back in san francisco. kari? >> we have some nice weather for san francisco. very chilly.
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also cool inland. we'll warm up with some sunshine for the weekend. marcus? >> looks good. that does it for our midday newscast. next we're coming up at 5:00 and the latest always at nbc bay see you back here tomorrow morning starting at 4:30. >> i identify as colombian, cuban, and american. sometimes get comment like oh, you don't look american or you don't look latina. sometimes i feel like i'm not american enough or not latina enough. people behind me fought for their rights and i know it may not be perfect but we've come far. i think being different cultures brings diversity into the community.
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right now on "california live" we are setting up for sensory overload in downtown los angeles. i got a sneak peek at a high tech art theme. then we're going to show you an women of any size. sustainable plus size fashion. >> i think it is time to go shopping now. and stepping into another universe without leaving


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