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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 8, 2021 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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right now at 4:30 a. busy weekend ahead in san francisco. big crowds the city is getting ready to welcome back. lifting your mask will depend on where you live. let's take a live look outside. kari hall tracking that forecast and everything you need to know before you head out that door. sit tight, this is just the start, on "today in the bay."
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who is happy it's friday morning? >> that's right. thank you for joining us. i am laura garcia. >> and i am marcus washington.a going on in some parts of the bay area this morning. seeing overnight drizzle is some spots. >> yeah, we are ready for ladle wet weather moving in. it's nice to see that happening, in south san jose, moving over to parts of the bay, and we have seen light showers passing by. this is all part of the cold front bringing us cooler temperatures and we're getting one last round of moisture moving through, and this will clearly move out today. take a look at the rain and snow happening over the sierra. that has been great to see that happening as well. if you are stepping out-the-door in brentwood, it's going to be a cool day but we will get much
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more sunshine going into this afternoon. so we're going to talk more about what is ahead with all of the changes coming our way for the weekend. that's coming up in the forecast. right now the bay bridge toll plaza is light, and folks will be coming in for fleet week and the giants game. we'll talk about both of those coming up. and we will get a few more details from chp, we saw a blip or two on 37, but no major problems. the green sensors along the parameter of the bay, and no big deal out of the altamont, and there was patchy fog here and there, but we don't see a problem. back to you. thank you. police are not getting very many specifics after what was a chaotic night in the area around
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paypal park in san jose. the vibe outside the stadium, anything but friendly. it's not clear how many people were arrested. don't throw away the face coverings just yet. >> yeah, health officials are watching transmission rates, hospitalizations and vaccination rates. the magic number is 80%. we explain why taking off your mask will depend on where you live. >> masking up in the bay area has become the norm. >> i would rather have them off, but if it's for safety and everybody wants that, i am okay with that as well. >> the possibility of taking them off is getting a lukewarm reception here --
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>> people coming in and been accepting and understanding, and i am sure that will be a relief when we can take them off. >> health officers for bay area counties except solano are looking at the conditions. right now most counties are in the orange tier except for napa, it's in the red. hospitalization rates must be stable and have 80% of the area's population fully vaccinated. that includes kids. if a county is not 80%, health officers say that will drop the mask rules as long as the other requirements are met. these guidelines make sense. >> we have a combination of natural and vaccine immunity, and that will keep our force
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field high, and i think we're in the right direction and will not be turning back. >> every county will be different when it comes to lifting the mask mandate. >> the county is close, but not there yet. >> their hospitalizations have been stable now for weeks, and we have 11 people in the hospital for marin. >> we will probably get there sooner in some of the other down tase like marin -- >> health officials are warning residents it might be a while before we meet the requirements.
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i will show you why. our first requirement, covid case counts. health officials say the counties must be in the cdc's moderate transmission tier, but 7 of the 9 counties are in the orange, while napa is the only in the high-transmission tier. and the county must stay in the yellow tier for three weeks. health officials say the hospitalizations must stay low and stable. it will be up to the health officers to decide what that means. we do know that hospitalizations are dropping across the bay area, and this chart is showing in santa clara county, which has been dropping steadily for the past few weeks. the final requirement, vaccines. 80% of the county must be vaccinated. none of our counties are there just yet, but marin county is
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the closest with 70%. there's going to be the division series for the giants and dodgers. the warriors are also playing their first pre-season game. if you have been in the city you no doubt already heard the scream of f-18 engines overhead. the blue angels are practicing their formation. they are just one attraction in what promises to be a busy weekend. >> i don't care, i don't need a seat, standing room only seats. >> the first pitch is just after 6:00 p.m. at momo's across the
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street. >> we have all hands onboard. >> they will be busy all day until midnight. the warriors will take on the other -- >> we were open without the warriors and it was kind of sad. >> now they are back. >> the crush of a weekend crowd will come with some challenges. san francisco muni will add service to some lines. expect plenty of delays. san francisco is seeing a drop in covid-19 infections, and high vaccination rates, something residents are definitely thinking about. >> whether it's the warriors or
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giants, they are being smart about it, doing vaccine checks and making sure everybody is vaccinated. you can go and enjoy the game and do it with a little lower risks and less concern. all right. so we are watching the weather for everything going on around the bay area, we know it's going to be so busy and out there at the game tonight. we had nice but cool temperatures in the upper 60s. tomorrow night our high temperatures today only reaching 63 degrees. we'll see mid-60s for inland areas after starting out with early morning spotty showers. that does clear out, so we'll talk more about this and the forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> sounds good. thanks, kari. packing up and heading to the lone star state. everything you need to know
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about tesla's big move, and elon musk's preliminary timeline.
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we're looking at the richmond side of the san rafael bridge. it's actually pretty busy for that portion of the bay. let's see how things are on the business front. let's check in with christina. >> good morning.
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wall street is set to look at hiring that picked up last month. the labor market is still feeling the affects of a shortage of workers and supply. a positive report could keep the federal reserve on track to start reducing the stimulus put in place during the pandemic. stocks that rallied yesterday, the third straight positive session. tesla, let's switch gears now, isn't building a factory in austin, texas. the ceo, elon musk, announced tesla still intends to expand production to the plant in
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fremont. texas has no personal income tax and offered company's tax breaks to build facilities there. and last but not least, tinder is allowing to get the time, location and value of the credit, and the recipient will get a e-mail or text, and the sender can use a one way or round trip ride, and will get a refund if it's not used. >> wishful thinking on the one way trip? >> so much to think about. i'll let you guys know.
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>> that was the best answer i have received all morning. >> we investigate. thanks so much. coming up next on "today in the bay," we are tracking your weekend weather. kari has got the details for us. yeah, parts of the south county waking up to spotty light showers. we have storm ranger on it. with light rain moving through, looks like it clears out quickly and the rest of the weekend will be nice. we'll talk about it coming up. and the oakland and nimitz will be nice. plus, new body camera video showing moments leading up to a deadly police shooting in the south bay. we will tell you what police are now saying about the suspect.
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4:48. here we go. good morning, san francisco. big times happening tonight in san francisco. >> oh, so many things. >> you can't just name one there are so many. we will talk about them all here on "today in the bay." we will start out with the forecast, so a lot of people are going to san francisco, kari, to check out all the events. how is the weather playing out for us today? >> it will be nice but cool. anywhere across the bay area as you are heading out, especially this evening, make sure you have a jacket. some folks this morning need an
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umbrella. we are looking at storm ranger where we see light showers passing by. for the most part, most of us are not seeing rain. for those of us that do see the rain, it's enough to make the car extra dirty so you do have to head through the car wash. we will see some of the showers passing by with much more of the active weather heading over to the sierra. as we wake up and head out the door in walnut creek, right now our temperatures are in the mid-50s. we are seeing a mostly cloudy sky. we will see peeks of sunshine as we go through the rest of today, but overall it's looking nice and cool. the chances of rain moving out of here over the next few hours, and the rest of the day is all clear. we will see our temperatures once again remaining in the 60s for today, only reaching 66 degrees in downtown san jose. 68 degrees in gilroy. we will see some upper 50s, low 60s near the coastline and in san francisco today, and look at
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the marine, it will reach 56 degrees with the gusty winds, it will feel cooler. looking ahead, go into next week after a nice, warm weekend, we will start to see the winds picking up by monday. this is when we will have a high fire danger. for all of the areas shaded in the yellow color, that's where we will have a fire weather watch issued on monday. that's what we are looking to next week for the potential of a high fire danger. of course we're just trying to enjoy the weekend so it's still nice and cool. our inland temperatures in the upper 60s, upper 70s for much of the rest of the weekend with all clear skies, and we are going to see some of the mild weather sticking with us, but the gusty winds picking up on monday into tuesday, and san francisco we will see temperatures in the low 60s starting out this morning with drizzle, and there could be drizzle at times, but it does look all clear. we don't have much to worry
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about in terms of a lot of fog for the air show for the weekend. mike, how is it looking for the commute? >> sounds like every 101 on the marine county side. again, a incident reported up on the marin county side. east bay 80, right around ashby avenue, around the zoo exit there are reports of an animal -- not a zoo animal, presumably, but we will check that. very light traffic flow, and no delays for vasco coming down 580. police have released new edited body cam video of the
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deadly shooting last month. it happened outside the gilroy post office. police say they got a call from a man who said he was under the influence. when the first officer arrived police say the man fired a gun and missed. they then pulled out a second gun and fired again and that's when the officer fired back. the suspect died at the hospital. police say he was wanted for attempted murder in connection with a shooting in august. no officers were injured. an oakland this morning grieving the death of a road rage shooting. >> police say the 15-year-old was in the car with her uncle when a gunman in another car open fire. the police shared video of her mother making a plea to find the shooter. >> this is senseless, and we need to get together and find out who did this. it's not called snitching, it's called protecting your city.
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if they kill a 15-year-old, they will do it to anybody. >> her mother said she loved her family and was protective of her younger brothers. and then a genetic mutation that can increase your chance by 15%. a new water rate hike. the average family in dublin and ramon and pleasanton will pay an average of $3.40 per month extra. the district hopes the extra charge will encourage people to conserve. much more ahead for you this morning. we'll be right back.
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a live look at sfo where airlines are betting on an increase in holiday travel. if you are still looking to book a cheap flight yourself, experts say you may want to act now because the travel deals may not last much longer. and then the jean is so rare that women screened before 2014 may not have been tested for it. it's called the third breast with an sir gene. the mutation can be devastating. a journalist learned she and two of of her three daughters have
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the gene. >> here you are, you have done all your homework and research, but even you didn't know about this? >> yes, and to me it was outrageous. nobody said after 2014, there's a gene out there you should be tested for. to me that was a huge medical failure. >> the seem gene can increase risk of ovarian and pancreatic cancers. 4:57. coming up next on "today in the bay," new guidance. clearing up some of the mask confusion. find out how close your county is to dropping the mask mandate. we're starting out with chilly temperatures in the north bay. right now, santa rosa 43 degrees. it will be a cool day starting out with clouds and then clearing out. we will get a look at our microclimates and where we have the rain, coming up. palo alto, headlights
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traveling north toward an earlier crash around the peninsula. no major injuries. we'll check all your freeways coming up. firefighters injured fighting one of the state's biggest wildfires, and updates this morning on how they are doing.
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right now at 5:00, a soccer game brawl. what started off as a friendly
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game turned ugly. even the players on what was a chaotic and violent night. ditching your mask may depend on where you live. what has to happen in your county before those masks can come off. what you need to know about tesla's move. that breakdown ahead. good friday morning to you. thanks for joining us. i am laura garcia. >> i am marcus washington. first, we want to take a live look outside for you this morning in san francisco, because the bay area, we are starting to see drizzle at this hour. meteorologist, kari hall, of course, tracking it all for us this morning. kari? it's always a welcome sight when we see some moisture move into the bay area, even though it's not adding up to much. at least we are having to get in higher humidity here before


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