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tv   NBC Bay Area News  NBC  October 10, 2021 8:50pm-10:00pm PDT

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when we get to the ends of this football game season, we are looking back on this night and we are going to say this is the night a lot of things changed in the afc. >> al: mahomes threw six interceptions this season. he threw six all of last year and five the year before. to the outside. moss. taken down to the line of scrimmage. mathieu makes the stop. haven't called his name tonight. >> cris: everybody in buffalo just jumped through a table on that play. look at that. i'm telling you, he is so impressive. i have never seen a human being, a former wide receiver ever line up at nose tackle. he was so unorthodoxed and so long in there that centers were going berserk trying to figure
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out how to tackle him and how to block that guy. that was some amazing play. >> al: here goes allen. >> cris: now you don't want josh allen running. >> al: not at all. rouge rousseau in high school. >> cris: once a receiver, you're already predetermined you're a tough guy. we know that. sometimes you go up over the top. catching the football and then unorthodoxed manner. what do you think they did when you got a 6'6" guy in high school? chuck it up there and let's go! tonight, shoot. that is easy! probably mad he didn't score. >> al: top draft pick of the bills last year. they wanted to rebuild that defensive front and, boy, they have. third down and ten. deep down the field. traffic and incomplete.
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diggs is looking for a flag on fenton. there is none. fourth down. >> cris: pretty well done. a nice night tonight for rashad fenton going up against diggs. they try to go that late stop route on the boundary. just couldn't quite get there. good coverage by fenton. they need to get that ball right back. >> al: haack with a short kick. goes out of bounds near midfield, just barely into kc territory. next sunday night, dk metcalf and the seahawks going into pittsburgh facing t.j. watt and the steelers. coverage starts at 7:00 eastern on nbc. be sure to make your sunday
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night picks on the predictor app. pittsburgh knocked off denver today at home 27-19. roethlisberger 253 and two touchdowns. >> cris: russell wilson, get well son. one of our favorites. >> al: pass is caught by williams. second down and five. >> cris: a week ago, they had everything going. they had the running game going and rpo game going but none of it tonight. >> al: that was against philadelphia. here is williams again. he is their primary ball carrier with edwards-helaire in the x-ray room. >> cris: leslie frazier, i admire the guy.
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i don't know if he has ever raised his voice. he has a plan and has stuck to it. >> al: hardman is hit from behind coming at the very end was justin zimmer. second down. crowd responding to zimmer coming in at the end and one of the buffalo players is down. that is levi wallace who gets the attention. >> cris: levi wallace is sort of that other guy on this defense. tre'davious white is the great all pro on the other side. so levi wallace always gets a lot of action. but i think those guys are proven better than maybe what was anticipated. jordan poyer and micah hyde, the two safeties i think are tremendous and micah hyde with an amazing jeer.
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year. how did taron johnson? and levi wallace is maybe better than anticipated. taron johnson, number 24, he does everything on this defense. he is a blitzer. he is a hard hitter. there is a lot of unsung guys that never get a whole lot of attention here. jerry hughes, you know, just year after year getting pressure off the edge. >> al: good players and a lot of depth. >> cris: a good way of putting it. really is. >> al: dane jackson comes in to replace wallace for the moment. second down and four. mahomes. a lot of action going on down there. white is saying, no way, man! he and kelce get tangled up. >> cris: i thought that was obvious. he basically pushed him down,
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didn't he? >> referee: pass interference number 27 defense. automatic first down. >> cris: al, doesn't it feel like they just came in with a plan that they were beat up these guys and they were going to pull a little new england on them? >> al: mcdermott is saying that was not even catchable. >> cris: it wasn't, as soon as he pushed him to the ground. >> al: right. kind of took him out of the play. >> cris: i tell you, the chiefs, you never feel comfortable. they put up a touchdown you never feel comfortable with this team. >> al: they have been here before. 18-yard penalty. this will be the final play of the quarter. toss here. goes to tyreek hill. out of bounds at about the 10. that will take us to the fourth quarter. 31-13 buffalo. "sunday night football" resumes right after these messages. .
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>> al: 3-1 buffalo coming in. patriots win today. miami and jets each lose. in the west chargers win. crazy one against cleveland. denver and vegas both lose. chiefs are 2-2 at the moment. >> cris: chargers keep winning all of those games they usually lose, right? >> al: 1,000 percent. they completely flipped the script. al michaels and cris collinsworth and michele tafoya. second and five. mahomes throws and caught by williams. fighting close to the first down. if he has it, it will be first down and goal. 18-point game. they are going to spot the ball
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just shy of the line to gain. >> cris: eric bieniemy who is the tremendous offensive coordinator for the chiefs kept telling patrick, you don't have to be the hometown hero every single week. it's okay every once in a while to let somebody else be the hero and he is showing that kind of patience right now. >> al: hill was the running back. instead to the fullback who is williams in this case. williams was the primary running back. put him in the fullback position and hill back there. first and goal. >> cris: why do they do this? everybody knows you're going to number 10. no. here comes the fullback. so many times really kelce and hill are used as a distraction and nothing else. >> al: hill comes out. it winds up in the hands of
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kelce for the touchdown. quick snap. different formation they have used at any point tonight. the rain begins to come down again but the chiefs are back in the game. >> cris: they snap out of the huddle and get to the line of scrimmage as fast as they can. there is the diamond formation with four of them. they only have two guys out there. this one even i could have gotten this one in, i think. it's all coming down to the execution of the play, though. was that a little shovel pass out there? was he doing a two-handed basketball pass throwing that out there. >> al: he has done that before. second touchdown pass of the night and thrown at least three every game this season coming in to tonight. kick is good. a little push pass. in for the touchdown. 31-20. .
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>> al: he is back.
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a classic coming of rage story. don't miss "chucky." premiering this tuesday at 10:00 on usa and sci-fi. >> cris: which is scarey? chucky or being a cameraman tonight or a fan? >> al: either. both! it's raining. we don't see any lightning on the radar. looks like we are going to be in for a pretty good soaking here. stay dry for about 45 minutes. steady rain right now. buffalo is going to get the ball. mckenzie drops it and banged at the 15 yard line. >> cris: one of the unsung heroes of the evening. tight end dawson knox with a big one tonight.
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this big play started early. then surprised everybody with a little catch-up over the top. rashod fenton. sorensen the victim on that one one. having a tight end along with all of these wide receivers, a lot. right now, this crowd is going to be a lot too. >> al: kansas city won 69 plays and buffalo has run 34. this is number 35. singletary picks up a couple of. second down. >> cris: i know steve spagnuolo too as well. eventually, he is going to fire some shots here. i'm not sure when it is. usually, he likes to save it for the third down and seven plus if he could ever get one of those. the defense needs to make one of the plays along the same lines that micah hyde made for the buffalo bills. >> al: total yards are about even.
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second down and seven. >> cris: here they come. >> al: a lob pass. caught by singletary. this rain, i mean, every pass is fraught with some danger. >> cris: you're seeing it. the rain helps you be a little bit more aggressive. double blitz coming that way. a good call that time by josh allen but floated a little too much. here we go. now we are at arrowhead! >> al: third and nine. >> cris: i'll be stunned and i expect a blitz off the slot here. here it comes. there he is. >> al: from the corners. here goes allen. can he spring free? he gets the first down but there is a flag. a flag back at the 14 yard line. spot from about which he took off.
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runs right into the chiefs bench. >> referee: holding, number 60 offense. ten-yard penalty. third down. >> al: the center and ex-chief morse. >> cris: penalty is a big thing. josh allen slid all the way into some of this stuff on the bench. >> al: here is the penalty. >> cris: the former chief, mitch morse inside. wow. >> al: really? >> cris: grabbed the jersey. those are the easy ones. that one is a stunner for me again. >> al: this crew is calling everything tonight. third and 17. allen gets out of the end zone. deep down field. and it's going to be picked off at the 41 yard line! fenton.
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a flag is down. was there roughing the passer at the end of the play? is the question. the chiefs are celebrating. >> referee: personal foul, roughing the passer, number 55 defense. 15-yard penalty. automatic first down. >> al: frank clark. >> cris: let's take a look. i think they are going to get him for driving him into the ground? the hit was not late. i don't think. i mean, that can't be late. so did he drive him into the ground? >> al: really? >> cris: i think that is what they are going to call. i don't know what else it could be. >> al: like i said, they are calling everything tonight. >> cris: you get a quarterback in that position, you should just hold him in your arms and take him back to the huddle. >> al: you can see terry mcaulay is even shaking his head.
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those are the accepted penalties of the night. gone by the board. >> cris: wow. >> al: from the 23. that is going to be a first down. catch made by emmanuel sanders. crowd is still booing. who could blame them? >> cris: i tell you, they got a little lucky. they brought pressure off the edge. was that tyrap mathieu? the chiefs are coming do you. you can see the complete different in the mindset and the rain is actually helping kansas city get more aggressive here. >> al: two-yard gain fear for zack moss.
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>> cris: they just brought in deandre baker on the edge to play corner. he is coming out of the game now. mike hughes is back in. they brought him in for one play and blitzed him. so many times, the kansas city chiefs, when they need a play, they love blitzing either one of the slots and they like to blitz them inside, so not around the edge. they will have the edge go occupy wide and then loop them inside with their speed. doesn't look like here though. >> al: allen sends three receivers off to the right. >> cris: i take that back. >> al: a little sidearm shot here. cole beasley who has been silent tonight, up to the 41 yard line. anthony hitchens makes the tackle. >> cris: there it was inside the tight end. i think tyrann mathieu is mad he didn't come up with a greg rousseau play here.
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he weaves inside the tight end. almost. we saw the honey badger have some night in baltimore. pick six. >> al: two picks off the covid list that week. third and four. that was beasley's first catch of the night. time-out is taken by the buffalo bills. >> cris: how about the story that emmanuel sanders told about cole beasley. 5'7". both went to smu together. he could do windmill dunks, cole beasley. >> al: do we have any video of that? >> cris: i would like to see it too. here they are. >> al: we have video of everything else. here they were. '08 through '11. >> cris: they were the first one to win a bowl game for smu since they got the death penalty.
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>> al: they did back in the day. >> cris: sounds little harsh. >> al: it was in college football. >> cris: steve, what you got going here? josh allen, if they bring something crazy, always an option to run. he is so much the short yardage weapon for this team. >> al: he has proven that tonight. on multiple occasions. now they come. here goes allen. he is take off and he hurdles and picks up the first down! whoa! over the l'jarius sneed he goes. what a play. >> cris: 237 pounds like a fullback. you better him him low. sometimes just those plays that make that season ending highlight reel and that is going to be one of them. you want to talk about having your teammates fall in love with a quarterback? you have somebody who, first, can do that. second, is willing to do that!
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that is awesome. >> al: send that man to the paris olympics. edwin moses would love that play! allen throws. incomplete. intended for sanders. second and ten with 8:46 left in the fourth. >> cris: i like that nick bolton but i think i like josh allen better. how would you describe josh allen? >> al: i would describe him as a guy whose graph has gone straight up in the four leagues he has been in the league. >> cris: no question! it's unbelievable the difference in everything. the first two years, very mediocre. very mediocre. last year, phenomenal. it looks like he is picking up now where he was a year ago. >> al: d-1 option from high school. soft pass is caught by moss. he takes it to the 40.
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allen came out of a fireball in california a little town in the central valley. he went to junior college and then went to wyoming. that was the only place that really offered him any kind of a scholarship. fire ball known for the cantaloupe roundup. they were cantaloupe farmers. you knew that, right? >> cris: sounds like cattle. you had to round cantaloupe up? they are not going anywhere. >> al: you never lassoed a cantaloupe? from the 40 yard line. 8:00 to go. allen a couple of pump fakes. it's caught 15-yard gain. gabriel davis. kind of the forgotten man. last year caught their first touchdown of the pass against pittsburgh on opening day but hasn't played much since. >> al: jerry reed has a song
9:15 pm
when you're hot, you're hot. that went off niang and right to gabriel davis. >> al: 307 yards for allen tonight on only 14 completions. allen again! tons of room. he slides to a stop. put it down around the 11 where he started that slide. it won't be first and goal. >> cris: when that quarterback takes off, there is no secondary support. so they are just flying around trying to make a play. when you have a quarterback that can move like that and he is some runner. he is do it smartly out here tonight. he is not taking the hits. he is hurting.
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>> al: from the 12. moss. cris, remember last year? allen was second in the mvp voting. rodgers had a fantastic year. aaron won it. mahomes was third. right now, it's week five but you can start to talk about who would be the leader for the mvp. he's in the conversation. >> cris: yeah, yeah, i think he has been pretty good. he's had two games back-to-back in the rain. this is definitely probably his best. so far this year. but he has so many tools and i think that you're right. he is going to be there at the end of of the season without question. >> al: second down and six. off the fake. throws. touchdown! >> cris: okay. he is the mvp. >> al: yeah. right now. emmanuel sanders with his second touchdown of the game. eight yards. allen has thrown for 315 now.
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buffalo is almost put it out of >> cris: you end up with all of the read option stuff. he had an option out in the flat. tyrann mathieu is saying what am i going to get? he was looking hard to the flat out there to mckenzie, i think it was. then just went back the other way like he was patrick mahomes. what a performance. >> al: tyler bass for the point after. under 6:00 to play in the fourth and the bills are on top. .
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>> al: we sent our plane up on friday to get some visuals coming in for a landing at the airport just outside of downtown kansas city. had to ground that plane tonight
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with the weather. >> cris: a fun place. got that little barbecue. >> al: of course. >> cris: a whole bunch of steak and too much ice cream i had. >> al: absolutely. kansas city, here we come. here go the buffalo bills with a big lead. kansas city has byron pringle to run it back to the 25. take a look what is upcoming for these teams. you got the bills going to tennessee on monday night game. then a bye. then miami at home, at jacksonville, and at the jets. meanwhile, for the chiefs, they are at washington and therapy at tennessee. then they start a streak of 5 out of 6 with the giants and green bay and the vegas game is a sunday night game out there. 5 out of 6 will be at home. they dug a hole for themselves. >> cris: that looks doable for the bills after at tennessee. >> al: uh-huh.
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mahomes from the 23. boy, i'm telling you. he has been off target a lot tonight. i'm not making excuses for him. talking about rain and who knows what is happening. here is second and ten. he hasn't had too many nights like this one. >> cris: i tell you one of the topics of conversation tomorrow is some of the penalties early in that drive when the bills were backed up over there. i'm not saying they were wrong. it's not for me to say. because i'm not that kind of guy. but i'm just going to say these are really close. >> al: a lot of them tonight. second and ten. caught at the 25. hill. out of bounds. here comes another flag.
9:22 pm
so carl cheffers, his crew assessing some more damage to somebody. after these words from your local station. >> referee: there is no foul for illegal block -- >> al: all right. there we go. >> referee: third down. >> al: i like that call. >> cris: well, how about we look at this again! you know, this is really, i think, one of the keys to this team. they now legitimately have good players that go -- count that up. nine? >> al: yep. >> cris: nine guys down the list there that all can play and rotate in and they are pressure and are making plays at the end of the game. >> al: as far as i can count. yep. that is a first down.
9:23 pm
hardman made the catch. ticking down to 5:00. pass here. johnson makes the tackle on hardman. >> cris: al, they could have done that all night long if they wanted to. those plays have been there all night long. they could have dinked them all the way down. but it's hard to do. it's hard to stay that disciplined and not have a holding call or something. >> al: mahomes runs out of bounds. it's a first down. >> cris: tyreek hill ran into the two deep safeties all night long. when you're that fast and you can't find anybody to race, that is frustrating. all he wanted to do was get in a race with somebody and there were just always 25, 30 yards down the field and they sort of
9:24 pm
had people all around them. he will see it again. >> al: mahomes throwing. ron rivera, i wonder a what his group is thinking. they know what is going on. they get them next week. they get them in d.c. very interesting. >> cris: rivera's group is built for that because of their four-man pass rush, all of those number one picks up front. so, yeah. i don't think there is any question they are going to see it again. they will see it until they can beat it. >> al: what does andy and eric bieniemy do knowing it's going to happen? >> cris: not that many teams that can match points for them. not like they are shutout. >> al: catch made by mckinnon. >> cris: look at the coverage of
9:25 pm
toy reek heel. cover two. two deep safeties. a corner waiting there. a double move. no problem. micah hyde gobbles it up. there is nowhere to go. there are plenty of holes in it. it's not like you can't -- the one area they did not attack tonight is right in the middle of the field. they should have had more action in the middle of the field. >> al: look out! a flag is thrown. second one comes in. pretty obvious right there. >> cris: i could see that one coming when the ball was coming down. >> al: it's poyer and neal. both coming in at the same time. >> cris: he definitely tried to pull out of that hit or at least not go helmet-to-helmet. you're going to see poyer come in. watch. he'll turn his head away. catch him with a shoulder. he caught him with a shoulder in the head. >> referee: unnecessary
9:26 pm
roughness number 21 defense. is a yard penalty. automatic first down. >> cris: guys do not want to do that. especially at that safety position. oh, boy! >> cris: >> al: they already lost edwards-helaire and kelce has come out. >> cris: time to fight another day i think at this point. >> al: they whistle it dead. hughes across the long and almost unabated. >> cris: what they are telling guys now. if you jump, don't stop. you jump, you go get the quarterback and make them blow that whistle. otherwise, it's a free play. >> referee: five-yard penalty. remains first down. >> cris: you don't want that aaron rodgers, patrick morms free play down the field. you jump offsides, keep on going, do not stop.
9:27 pm
make them blow that whistle. >> al: better to cost your team five yards than 55. first and five. catch is made. 15 yard line. hill loses his helmet and picks up the first down. that is micah hyde who had a pick six earlier. making the stop. 4:00 remaining. >> cris: micah hyde top graded safety in the nfl and adding to it tonight. >> al: mahomes gets taken down from behind. hughes is right there. boogie basham. second down. >> cris: you could take a field goal and make it 15, right? >> al: you could. first things first! outside the 30 yard line.
9:28 pm
white comes up with it. the ball squirts away. kansas city can't recover. white winds up with another takeaway. >> cris: we talked a little bit about creed humphrey' those snaps. this was on the money. i don't think patrick would say anything about this one. took his eyes off to see what the coverage was doing. this ball is under the category if you ever had one of those nights. >> al: they haven't had too many the past few years. but they are on the cusp of going to 2-3. >> cris: you wonder, did that super bowl take a little steam out of these guys? they were so invincible for so long. >> al: on opening day they were trailing much of the game and came from behind and beat cleveland. we were there week two.
9:29 pm
had the game probably won if edwards-helaire doesn't fumble. give the game away -- in a matter of speaking -- the chargers even though both teams tried to give it away at the end. had the win against philadelphia. points allowed this season, those are ugly figures. >> cris: well, let's start again with chris young did not play. i think he'll be fine. he has a bad wrist. area their starting cornerback did not play. is that all of what happened here tonight? no. certainly not! i am not putting that on what happened here tonight. buffalo bills just flat out beat them. >> al: they lost milano. everybody plays minus somebody. >> cris: correct. >> al: the bills will have a four-game winning streak. you look at that schedule. next one next week at tennessee.
9:30 pm
after that, pretty favorable. >> cris: micah hyde, what a night. he was telling us about his fancy rain gloves. this team, they are mudders. two games in a row, they have come up huge. >> al: they know how to play in all kinds of weather. >> cris: they do. that, they do. >> al: they will see it before the end of the season. kansas city took its second time-out. trying to hang on by a thread. most of the crowd has gone to the parking lot. >> cris: commentary down there. >> al: allen calling the play. on the ground, zack moss. >> cris: the bills fourth straight game with 45 points. that is the difference in this team and other competitors. this is a team that can match
9:31 pm
points with kansas city and the upgrade on the defense, while kansas city is struggling a bit on defense, i think we just had a little power shift. >> al: for the moment, certainly, no question about that. final time-out taken by kansas city. the buffalo stars we align a few of those guys. allen three touchdown passes and eight rushes. great runs. sanders, two touchdowns. and dawson knox, 117 yards, the tight end. a t.d. >> cris: i tell you another group in one second. that we haven't talked about. >> al: i thought we talked about everything tonight! we had a four-hour telecast! >> cris: not this offensive line. i think they are growing into they pout after he had a few
9:32 pm
little knee aches and pains, number 79 at right tackle. daryl williams was the right tackle and moved to guard. mitch morse good looking senior. back from concussion is jon feliciano. they may have finally found that offensive line combination that is target to make sense to them. >> al: kudos to brandon beane, the grandma. done a masterful job with the draft and all the rest. they can run the clock out. buffalo bills will have a fine ride home into the night and into the wee hours of the morning. they take a four game winning streak and lead the division by two games. >> cris: i tell you, i think you're right about brandon beane too. that was a gutsy move to go get
9:33 pm
josh allen. there were a lot of people -- he didn't have a lot of history thrown to football. you know? he came from a school that was, for the most part, a running school. he came out of a very small high school group that you talked about. now these guys, they are starting to believe. josh allen now is starting to understand his role with this football team. he said he had a really honest conversation with sean mcdermott after one game. i think he threw three interceptions against new england. he sat him down and said, look. playing quarterback in this league is a lot more than big plays. it's controlling the ball. don't give it away. and he said, that really helped with that seven months of just pure training that he did and sort of changing that throwing motion of his. he is pretty good right now. >> al: talk about the depth on this team. you saw a shot of mitchell trubisky. the former bears quarterback who
9:34 pm
was the number two overall pick in 2017. didn't work out in chicago. you need depth at all positions. if it came to the point where you needed a backup quarterback, he's a pretty good one. >> cris: trubisky is the same style, right? you could see trubisky doing the hurdle run tonight that we saw out of josh allen. so they have got very similar styles at the quarterback position. having said all that, a lot of people in buffalo hoping that he never plays a down and that josh allen just rolls to that mvp year you were talking about. >> al: garbage time meaning they won the game and put him in now but why do it? a couple of kneel-downs will do it. andy reid will get his troops back on the practice field this week to figure things out. michele with the stars of the game. she will talk to josh. look ahead to next sunday's game in pittsburgh between the
9:35 pm
seahawks and the steelers. the buffalo bills, everybody is talking about a statement game, whatever. you make a statement one week and then the next week, you look terrible. but for what it's worth, pretty impressive tonight on every level. >> cris: these guys or the chargers, who do you like? too hot quarterbacks, aren't they? >> al: unreal. i know. meanwhile, the chargers with four wins. kansas city with two. chargers have the tie break already. buffalo now would have, in effect, three-game lead over kansas city if they wind up going to the playoffs in the conference. a long way down the line, of course. just talking about -- you got two guys there spagnuolo and mcdermott who were on the same staff with andy reid back in the early 2000s in philadelphia.
9:36 pm
so 38-20 is our final. "sunday night football" postgame show after these messages from your local nbc station. .
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welcome to the sunday night football postgame show. here now, al michaels. >> who would have figured buffalo comes in here, and routes kansas city. 38-20. players of the game. pretty easy to figure out. josh allen, big night. four total touchdowns. dawson knocks, the tight end. three catches and a td. five tackles, a sack, interception. throw emmanuel sanders into that if you want. big night for the bills. meanwhile, to the field we go
9:39 pm
with michelle and josh allen. tackles, a sack, interception. throw emmanuel sanders into that if you want. big night for the bills. meanwhile, to the field we go with michele and josh allen. >> michele: people talked leading into this game a rematch of that afc chap game. up guys downplayed it. now you've come out of it the way you have, what does this win mean? >> i'm proud of my team for coming out here in a toss still environment and to win the way we did. we played good complimentary football today and we have things to clean up and figure that out tomorrow and on the to next one. >> michele: you ran a lot in this game. one run in particular caught all of our attention on third and four, you ran and hurdled. it looked like this game did matter to you. what were you thinking on that? >> every game matters. every time we are playing i want to do everything a chance to my team to win the game. whatever i'm called upon to. i saw an opportunity and took it
9:40 pm
and glad it worked. out i'm so proud of our team and resilient we were and had the thunderstorm and making us wait in the locker room for damn near an hour. our guys came out and they were ready to go. >> michele: one of the outstanding parts of your team's play was the defense. i'm just wondering how you see it as you are on the sideline watching them slow down a very potent kansas city offense. >> it's super impression and they have been doing it week in and week out. i'm glad we were execute on some plays and put some points on the board. but we got things to clean up. we have a good team next week on monday night and where our attention will be focused on. >> michele: josh, congratulations. >> thank you, michele. i appreciate it. >> al: don't miss peacock's new originally show streaming now. for more nfl coverage catch "pro football talk" at 7:00 a.m. "sunday night football" final continues now.
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streaming only on peacock. for those of you staying with us, look ahead to next week's seahawks and steelers matchup right after this. .
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>> al: i'm off next week. mike will keep an eye on you. it's pittsburgh at home. a big win for them against denver. against seattle. now this means geno smith is at quarterback. looked pretty good when he came in the other night. >> cris: they looked phenomenal. backed like the game was over
9:44 pm
and on his own 3 yard line. my gosh. russell wilson is out of the game. he goes 93 yards down the field. i was happy for benefit -- ben roethlisberger. he got it figured out. they looked more like the pittsburgh steelers today. >> al: we want to thank our gang up here. thanks to automatic of our crew. buffalo wins 38-20. al michaels and cris collinsworth and michele tafoya saying good night from kansas city, missouri. .
9:45 pm
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♪♪ hi, everybody. thanks for staying up late. xfinity sports. dave feldman, the man with the great physique, still, is the ko spikes. the 49ers have now lost three straight. today, they lost to the only undefeated team in the nfl. the arizona cardinals who happen to reside in their very same division. and it was a big day. it was opening day for the number three overall pick trey lance 'cause he was getting his first start in the nfl. first snap of the game.
9:48 pm
i think trey lance has this thing figured out. that's a pretty nice 14-yard scamper to the right. give you some options if jimmy g doesn't. next play. 16 yards. kyle juszczyk. juice. another first down. okay. but two plays later, step up in the pocket. that's the good. here's the bad. overthrows the receiver. he's picked off. what happened? >> the ball sailed a little high. and therefore, it turned into an interception. he knew that he addressed it after the game. >> ensuing drive. little toss out to ron delmore. and he turns it into much more. steps out of bounds at the one. next play, john connor puts it in. 7-nothing cardinals. this looked easy. >> yeah, and it was easy. this was the first drive of the game. you saw a lot of miscommunication or the lack of communication. that's the reason why they got into the end zone. >> second quarter. 49ers at the goal line.
9:49 pm
they were a perfect 9-9 in the red zone this season, until this. not only didn't trey get in, he got his bell rung. >> this is the play of the game. i felt like if they would have scored on this drive, the game would have been totally different. but thank god, trey lance didn't get hurt from that play. >> cardinals would get a field goal on the ensuing drive. third quarter. 9ers trying to get on the board. lance finds brandon aiyuk who when this is all said and done has a 26-yard game. two plays later. elijah mitchell get the 49 rts back in the red zone. and two plays after that, lance to deebo samuel and he runs it for the touchdown. his fourth of the season. deebo samuel is having a pro bowl year, so far. >> whenever you need a big play from the 49ers, get your ball to the stars. deebo samuel. he's electric and he makes things happen. >> fourth quarter, fourth and one.
9:50 pm
juszczyk under center takes it but is stopped short. no first down after the mark. a buck 30 later, another fourth down conversion attempt for the 9ers. lance's pass tipped. 49ers, only one for five on fourth down attempts in this game. >> yeah. that was bad. i did not have a problem with going for it. i felt like the defense was playing great football. but when you don't convert, it's going to be highlighted. >> kyler murray converts. quiet in this game but picked up ten yards here on the run, and then two plays later. deandre hopkins. get between the two defenders. i'll find you. murray does. a 30-yard gain. next play, murray. hopkins, again, that was a beautiful pass that could have been thrown in about a 2-inch window and he found it. it's enough to win the game. cardinals are winners. 17-10, to remain undefeated which takes us to our special
9:51 pm
delivery. it's presented by amici ace pizzeria. trey lance, 15 of 29. zero touchdowns. one interception. he was sacked twice for six yards. there was some good. there was some bad. and after the game, there was some self-evaluation. >> defense kept us in it for sure. i mean, the offense is very explosive. um, make a lot of big plays and our defense definitely gave us a shot. so got to capitalize, i got to do better. make more plays. obviously, disappointed. want -- really, really wanted to win that game. but keep our heads up, learn from it. learn as much as i can, get as better -- as better as i can from it. and excited for -- for next week. felt really confident. same thing, you know, i said earlier in the week. i felt really confident with the game plan. felt really confident, you know, going into this opportunity. and yeah, obviously, like i said, just disappointed. really would like to get the win but we'll be better for it. >> i like this kid.
9:52 pm
i like his confidence, and i like his poise. how would you first nfl start? >> i would give him a -- a solid b. with this first nfl start. i felt like he made a lot of the right plays. the game plan was simplified down to where he felt actually comfortable with it. he said it several times. and i loved his ability to be able to get outside of the pocket as we're watching here. and make something out of nothing. there's something that we did not see when jimmy g was the starting quarterback. so, moving forward, i look forward to seeing, one, whether or not if he is going to play. two, how many big plays he is going to bring about when it is time for him to go out there and make them? >> you say moving forward. next week, the 49ers have a -- week after that, back on sunday night football at home at levi's against the colts. so you have some time. coach shanahan said as of right now, okay, jimmy g is still my starter but you got -- you got two weeks now. would you change starters? did he show you enough to become
9:53 pm
the starting quarterback. >> >> absolutely, he showed enough. the thing that i really loved about trey lance is he continued to get better and better as the game went along. and understand -- let me remind you, he only had one week of preparation. true preparation as he entered this game. when you look two weeks from now, he will get the bi-week work and then the week of the game plan sunday night football. this will be a great opportunity. i think trey lance should continue being their starter just because they play so well today as a team, even though they lost. >> let's go to the right connection. the right connection is sponsored by t-mobile. with deandre hopkins. this was just a great play by the quarterback. >> i'm not blaming that on him but it goes to show you the precision when you talk about deandre hopkins. because this guy can catch anything, anywhere in the radius
9:54 pm
of wherever he's at. and that's why kyler murray knows it. if he knows he's up under duress, i am going to throw that ball one-on-one coverage to deandre hopkins. >> his second season, he comes in and he just adjusts immediately with this new team and with murray. and one of the main reasons this team is the only undefeated team in the nfl. >> yeah, man, and they got a lot of firepower. when you still look at the nfc west, i still think top to bottom, it's one of the best divisions that we see. i'm not so much concerned about arizona and the other teams. i still do believe the 49ers have a great opportunity, not necessarily to win the division, but to have an opportunity if they continue to play better and better, get wins, they will have an opportunity to be a playoff team. >> one team that played good enough to be a playoff team at least one side of the ball, the defense. we come back, we will take a look at how that defense played very well, in fact, the arizona cardinals came in the highest scoring offense in the nfl today. they managed only 17 points.
9:55 pm
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9:57 pm
35 points a game today. the arizona cardinals the highest-scoring team in the nfl only managed 17. total yards. almost 140 less than they normally get. passing yards, down. rushing yards, way down. the defense had them in this game, takeo spikes. the entire game. the defense played well enough to win. >> they did. and i think you can really look at this big picture from the time of possession. arizona came into this game killing most teams at le time of possession. the defense played very well today. they got great pressure.
9:58 pm
they didn't allow kyler murray to get outside of the pocket to hurt him with his leg. and they made the plays that they were supposed to make. this play right here. this strip fumble. we were calling for turnovers to happen, and they finally got one at a crucial time in the game. and usually, when you get one turnover, that's when the rest start to come. >> is there a frustration and you know this from playing defense, is there a frustration sometimes when the defense plays that well and the offense is not playing a well as the defense? sometimes, on derch sides of the ball, is there a frustration between the two sides? >> if it goes on long enough but i want to be clear, this is not the case when you look at this 49ers' football team. they understand, they need each other and they are really still in the infantry stages of the trey-lance show. and if he continues to play, and continues to get better and better, they'll take some of these opportunities that they missed out on on the offensive side, and convert those into points, touchdowns, field goals.
9:59 pm
>> time for a closer look. a closer look is brought to you by zenni, the official eyewear of the san francisco 49ers. and if you take a closer look at the 49ers third and fourth down efficiency, you will discover it was not very efficient. third down, three for 11. fourth down, one for five. now, obviously, you want to do better. and by the way, on the play where kyle juszczyk went under center, coach kyle shanahan said that wasn't the way we wanted to run the play. something didn't go right. he wouldn't elaborate so that wasn't perfect. >> the reason why, because when you look at the defense, they were in tune. you called out the stats earlier of how they held down the arizona cardinals. the thing that i did have a problem with was the play call. and in particular, the one where juice came back under center. immediately, when he went into motion, you saw the safeties come inside of the box. they stacked it because they saw the play from two weeks ago.
10:00 pm
and when you have things like that tendencies, that's when you have to break those in order to create new opportunity for your players. >> there were times, and there were people on that broadcast and other people on social media, whatever, and anyone can be the second guesser saying, hey, coach, take the three points. we haven't been doing well on third and fourth down. kick the field goal. get the three points. >> well, you still have to make the three points. and that's one thing that i think people have to understand. at that, mark, i want to say it would have been like a 40-plus-yard field goal. but look, i don't have a problem with the call. kyle has done a great job not only calling the plays but putting guys into position to be able to make even more plays. i want to see what's going to happen next when you look at this quarterback position. who's gonna be the starter? you know, what players are expecting inside of the locker room that i can tell just listening to the postgame press conferences, a lot of guys, they were surprised and happy about the performance of trey lance.


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