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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  October 14, 2021 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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and in my cognitive ability. i started to feel a much better sense of well-being. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. good morning. thanks for joining us for our midday newscast. we'll get to the story in a minute but i want to start with meteorologist kari hall. after a brief cooldown parts of the bay area could be in for dangerous conditions. >> yeah. another red flag warning already started. now as we head through the midday we have a red flag
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warning for a localized area. solano county as well as much of the sacramento valley. this is not the widespread event we had to start the week but still the winds picking up in high fire danger causing a lot of concerns. this as the winds are coming in from the north through the central valley, funnel through the delta, and our hour by hour wind speed forecast shows the winds could get pretty strong even in some of our north bay hills. with very low humidity and high winds, any fires that get started especially in the extremely dry vegetation could spread very rapidly. as we go into this evening the winds will start to calm down. a lot of us in the valleys will not feel those high winds but this is definitely a localized event that will cause some high concerns. i'm keeping a close eye on fairfield and some of the sensors there right now. winds in about 15 miles per hour and today temperatures will be slightly warmer heading up close to 80 degrees. we'll talk about more warming in our forecast and also more changes ahead coming up in a few minutes. >> thanks, kari.
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some of those conditions kari was talking about causing people in the north bay to wake up this morning without power. as a result of pg&e's latest power shut-offs. the utility yesterday scaled back the size of the shutdown. this map showing you some of the affected areas. it now includes about 5,000 customers in napa, sonoma, and solano counties. the shut-offs were set to take effect sometime early this morning. turning to the pandemic and the top story, san francisco has about 130 fewer police officers and firefighters ready for duty now that the vaccine mandate is in full effect. nbc bay area's kris sanchez joining us live from san francisco with the impact on public safety. kris? >> hi there, marcus. the unions say holding police and fire to the city's employee vaccine mandate is pulling them off the streets and that is going to impact response times and then in some cases folks who are calling for help may not get it at all. let's take a look at the big
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picture in terms of the employee vaccination rate. 95% of san francisco's 35,000 employees already got their shots. that leaves about 1,750 workers who are not vaccinated. among them the 120 police officers and seven firefighters. the city human resource department received about 800 requests for religious or medical exemptions but has not approved any so far. for now those officers and other employees who work in high risk settings face termination unless their waivers come through and they are re-assigned. the fire and police unions say this is going to impact response time as calls are prioritized to accommodate lower staffing. however, mayor london breed's office said the department is ready to move officers around in the event of a staffing shortage. san francisco as you might know was the first big city to enact an all employee vaccine mandate in the country. in san francisco, kris sanchez, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, kris. now san jose is disciplining
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police officers who refuse to twice a week and at some point by the end of this monthu. when they come back from the suspension unvaccinated officers will still have to test twice a week and anyone unvaccinated by the end of the year may be fired. the fda may be poised to clear the way for moderna and johnson & johnson booster shots. many experts believe third doses will be green lighted for at least some people as they were for pfizer. but there are some questions about the evidence johnson & johnson provided in its application. while the fda scientists say there may be a benefit from the second j&j dose, two months after the initial dose, the agency noted that the data is limited and needs more review. the head coach of one of the bay area's top high school
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football teams tests positive for covid along with at least one of those players. nbc bay area's bob redell joining us live from outside the high school. i know the coach and the player at least the players are things? >> reporter: the game will go on tomorrow night. they'll play california friday night football here in concord. marcus, good morning to you. a number of players will miss the game because they are in quarantine. earlier this week the head coach who is fully vaccinated, did test positive for covid-19. this is after possible exposure to one of his players who also tested positive. by phone last night coach told us that in his words he is, quote, really bummed and sad about catching this. he says he has done everything right. he wears the mask. he is a full believer in science, fully vaccinated as i mentioned, and was supposed to get the booster shot later this week. as we know breakthrough cases
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are possible. coach is grateful his wife and kids have tested negative. he says he, himself, not showing any symptoms. the same with his players. this is file video of the de la salle football team. wean one player tested positive. not clear how many others were positive or just exposed but a number will miss tomorrow night's game to comply with the covid protocol. coach says the county is conducting contact tracing and the school wrote they are following state and county guidelines. even though the coach won't be on the sidelines himself tomorrow night he will be watching a live feed with a headset so he can communicate in real time with his assistant coaches and expects to be back in person by the middle or end of next week. reporting live in concord, bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> all right. thank you. developing this morning the city of richmond responding to word that the chief of police is on leave this morning. in a statement the city manager telling us it is, quote, due to
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an unfolding family situation. the chief became the first woman and first woman of color to head the department last year. in a statement the city says in part, quote, out of respect for chief french and her family and a desire to protect their privacy, we will not be making any additional comment until all investigations are concluded. the elizabeth holmes criminal fraud trial is back in session today which is now focused on a big money deal involving theranos. yesterday walgreens former chief financial officer testified. he said holmes and other theranos leaders convinced walgreens to invest $40 million into the blood testing start up and placed its blood testing machines in stores. about 40 devices were eventually operational before the deal started falling apart. nbc bay area's scott budman has been covering this case from the very start. be sure to follow him on twitter. there you'll be able to get the updates from inside the courtroom. his twitter handle
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is @scottbudman. with the pandemic and when it hit, online shopping and u.s. increased just as manufacturing overseas slowed down. those goods are arriving at the nation's ports. workers are struggling to get them unloaded and sent across the country. now the white house is taking steps to ease the log jam. nbc's chris pollone is live in washington with the details. >> reporter: shoppers frustrated by empty store shelves and rising prices might soon see some relief as the nation's biggest ports and retailers kick into high gear. >> today's announcement has the potential to be a game changer. i say potential because all of these goods won't move by themselves. >> reporter: president biden announcing ports of long beach and los angeles which handle 40% of the nation's overseas cargo will now operate around the clock seven days a week. >> it is just not that same smooth operating machine it once was. >> reporter: not only are some things harder to find, prices
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are up more than 5% over last year with dozens of cargo ships off the coast of california waiting to be unloaded. warehouses in the region, packed full with not enough truck drivers available to move goods across the country. >> 50% of all truckers licensed to do business at the ports no longer come here. they've gone to other industries and other segments. we need more drivers. >> reporter: the ports along with some of the nation's biggest shippers and retailers are committing to work overtime to ease the covid induced supply chain backlog. >> everything we're seeing today was induced by the pandemic. >> reporter: today new promises of relief. best buy ceo says major retailers have been preparing for this for months and will fight for every customer this holiday season. >> we're going to continue to be priced incredibly competitively. we don't see prices going up marketly from here. if anything there will be great deals. >> reporter: which anxious holiday shoppers hope the supply chain can deliver. because of the rising prices social security recipients will see their checks go up nearly
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6%. the largest cost of living increase in 40 years. in washington, chris pollone, nbc news. it all comes down to this. a winner take all game five between the giants and dodgers taking place tonight at oracle park. so the winner heads to the league championship series and the giants are putting their trust in 24-year-old pitcher logan webb from rockland. he shut down the dodgers in game one. first pitch is 6:07 tonight. as we like to say, go giants. the tsa has hit a staggering new record this year. the year isn't even over. coming up for the alarming items they've confiscated from passengers. plus a massive strike taking place against john deere, next. how other companies may be facing a similar fate. and larry david likes to keep actor j.b. all to himself.
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he is telling kelly why his castmate calls larry david the hog. the reason actors don't like watching themselves on the screen. should be a really funny screen. you can watch the kelly clarkson interview at 3:00 right here on nbc bay area.
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♪ thanks for sticking around. new details this morning on a south bay mother accused of illegal acts tied to alcohol parties involving minors. authorities say she is facing similar allegations in idaho where she now lives and was recently arrested. shannon o'connor is awaiting extradition to los gatos where she is facing dozens of criminal charges. the principal of a los gatos high school now speaking out. in a letter sent to parents last night he says in part, quote, we are currently having students who are still being impacted by this horrible situation. we are reaching out to them to ensure that they are receiving continued support and comfort.
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our counsellors are being proactive and making sure that these young people are mentally healthy and getting the services they need. new at 11:00 a new record has been set at nation's airports. for the number of firearms seized by tsa. nearly 4500 passengers carrying firearms have been stopped by tsa officers. it surpasses previous records set in 2019. penalties for trying to bring the firearms in a carry arm bag varied from state to state. firearms can be packed into checked baggage when the weapon is unloaded and locked in a hard sided case. we turn now to a massive strike taking place this morning against one of the nation's largest corporations john deere. overnight the company failed to make a deal with its employees. morgan chesky has more. >> reporter: from the heartland to hollywood tens of thousands of workers threatening to disrupt major american industries amid a nationwide
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worker shortage. workers preparing to draw the picket line over better wages and conditions. overnight the country's largest public sector strike in two years. at agricultural manufacturer john deere. more than 10,000 workers of the united auto workers union rejecting a previous deal that included 5% wage hikes for some workers and 6% for others along with longer term raises. the manufacturer has done well during the pandemic and union members want more. the vice president writing in part our members at john deere strike for the ability to earn a decent living, retire with dignity, and establish fair work rules. the strike set to take place during a harvesting season when many farmers need parts for their equipment. and a very different industry, hollywood, the urgent call for improved labor conditions striking a chord across the country as the economy struggles amid a nationwide worker shortage. earlier this week 60,000 behind the scenes workers in television and film threatened to strike as soon as next monday.
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as crew members called for higher pay, better benefits, and meal breaks. the union releasing a statement saying it will continue bargaining with producers but the pace is not reflecting their urgency, the news capturing the attention of numerous hollywood stars. celebrities from jane fonda to carrie washington expressing support on twitter. it comes as a strike at kellogg's enters a second week with protesters at the cereal manufacturing plant in nebraska. it is all a possible sign that workers have a new upper hand. during a massive labor shortage as the country emerges from the pandemic a record number of workers have quit their jobs. 4.3 million in august alone leaving many businesses struggling and offering higher wages and more perks. now the series of strikes guaranteed to affect an economy already striving to recover from the effects of the pandemic. >> morgan chesky reporting there. happening today affordable housing takes center stage in oakland. u.s. housing and urban development secretary marsha l.
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fudge will join east bay congresswoman barbara lee and mayor libby schaaf to attend three events promoting the build back better white house campaign which is facing an uncertain future in congress. the agenda is part of president biden's economic plan and includes investments in affordable housing and economic development. we are making sure that we are moving our community forward. as we emerge from the pandemic. as part of that effort our parent company comcast has started the oakland rise grant program. the program will award $10,000 to, in grant money, to 100 qualifying minority owned business owners in oakland. today is the last day to apply. i'm told it takes less than 15 minutes to do so. if you'd like to be part of this and get some of the grant money you can learn more about the grants and who qualifies. just visit the site on your screen, comcast you have until 8:59 to apply tonight. i've also posted it on my
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facebook page, marcus washington nbc bay area. now to a followup. a popular north bay beach spot has a new owner. the question is who? according to the press democrat johnson's beach has purchased -- was purchased by an unidentified bidder. the beach sits on ten acres of land along the russian river. the current owner rejected sonoma county's offer to take over the property. no word on sale price but they were asking for about $4 million. the new owner can still grant the county an easement allowing it to operate the beach, parking lot, and concessions. anyone heading to a beach today, it may not be the best day to do that. meteorologist kari hall has a look at the forecast. it is definitely cooler out there, kari. >> yes, it feels cooler for some spots but we are going to be warming up as we go into the rest of today. and that is going to be the trend over the next couple of days but also the gusty winds
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coming through the delta from the central valley and that is increasing our fire danger, the red flag warning now in effect, and then going into tomorrow and the start of the weekend it is going to be warmer. so saturday is going to feel like summer. and then on sunday, it is going to feel more like fall. so we do see a lot of changes as the seven day forecast comes up in the bottom of the screen. check it out. we're talking about the red flag warning right now for solano now notice that we don't have as much of the bay area included in this fire danger that we did earlier in the week. that is because for a lot of our valleys we're not going to have the winds coming all the way down into the valleys. it is kind of going through parts of the central valley and then funneling through the delta. we are going to see also in these areas some much lower relative humidity compared to what we had earlier in the week. when the humidity is low, a small spark in the already dry vegetation can cause those fires to move very quickly so we do have to be very careful here. looking at relative humidity
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during the middle of the day in the teens and then even as we go into tonight into early tomorrow, it is looking very dry here. our temperatures are warming up. as we go down to the south bay. and in morgan hill we're looking at a high of 77. the past few days we've been in the 60s so now upper 70s and even a few low 80s. we'll be up to 80 today in antioch and fremont reaching 72 degrees. also in san mateo 72 for a high temperature today and still cool and breezy in san francisco. we're looking at a high of 67 in the mission district and north bay temperatures up to 79 in sonoma and 75 in napa. after this, our winds calm down and high pressure builds so that is going to keep away any rain chances. by next week we do see changes with the potential of rain moving very close by. it doesn't look like we'll get in on any wet weather here in the bay area. it may be further to the north and possibly over the sierra. our temperatures cool off. check out santa rosa. it is going to be a warm weekend
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reaching into the low to mid 80s here. on friday and saturday. but then dropping off on sunday and, yes. that is a significant drop going from 85 on saturday to 64 on sunday. and still pretty coolhrout much of the rest of next week. so we're seeing this across the board for our inland valleys reaching into the 70s today. 80s tomorrow. and on saturday and then next week we're coming back to the 60s. san francisco also will see a brief spike in temperatures into the mid 70s for friday and saturday. and next week we're back in the 60s. cooler weather there. now for our climate in crisis we have one of our climate hacks. >> hey, kari. i'm sure most of us have had to deal with dead batteries. i counted ten things in my apartment that need batteries and they can't be good for the planet. they're not. a study by the state of california estimates americans throw away 4 billion batteries each year.
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when not disposed of properly batteries contribute to water and air pollution because they are made of heavy metals and chemicals. when batteries corrode in land fills the chemicals soak into the soil and can contaminate the ground water. if they catch fire it releases toxic chemicals into the air which can impact our breathing and contribute to global warming. it's time for your climate hack. let's switch out the single use batteries for rechargeable ones instead? in most cases rechargeable triple or double-a batteries work just as well as disposable ones. most rechargeable batteries last up to four years. the average household burns through about 47 batteries a year but if each family bought just 12 rechargeable batteries it would save 188 batteries in four years per family. >> great tips. now you can check out this story on nbc bay click on climate in crisis and find the climate hacks as well
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as on her social media platform. coming up for you the playoff series for the ages. giants taking on the dodgers for game five. we are just hours away from the first pitch. if you are looking to snag a ticket, they'll tell you how much you have to shell out to attend this iconic game. first, happening now, president biden is planning his trip to europe and we are learning that it includes an audience with pope francis of rome. mr. biden is a life long, devout catholic. and the meeting comes during the debate whether the u.s. catholic church over granting communion to u.s. politicians supporting abortion rights. the president was denied the sacrament once in 2019. president biden has said he is personally opposed to abortion but does not believe he should impose his views on the rest of society. we'll be right back.
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thanks for sticking around. the giants will take on the dodgers again tonight for game five. the first pitch is at 6:07. you know what? showing off orange pride here on nbc bay area. so these are pictures of viewers with the giants. we love to see the little ones like that showing their love for the giants and you can show your pictures as well. so make sure you post them on facebook, instagram, and twitter. tag us nbc bay area or me,
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laura, whomever. and then we will share them during our morning show as well as midday newscast all week long. we want to show our pride for the giants. they've done so great this season. also, look. we found these. tickets on resale sites like stubhub and seat geek up to $150. if you're looking for the vip experience, a lot of you like that, in the dugout club that will cost you five grand. a reminder for you a lot is at stake for us. nbc bay area with tonight's game five because we actually made a little bet with our sister station in l.a. if the giants win, their morning team will have to wear orange tomorrow and chant let's go giants. if the giants lose we may have to wear some blue and, you know, say go dodgers. yeah. but anyway. make sure you tune in tomorrow to see what we will be wearing. hopefully more of this orange, kari. >> absolutely. it's going to be a great evening. weather looks nice. not as windy. our temperatures in the inland areas are going to be slightly
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warmer today and the warming trend continues into the start of the weekend, marcus. >> take a jacket tonight if you go to the game. as we love to say let's go giants. thanks for sticking around for this midday newscast. see you back here tomorrow morning.
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right now on "california live" we're making tracks to travel town. >> then laila uncovering the secret stories behind l.a.'s great wall. >> giving you an up close look at one of the longest murals in the world right here in los angeles and the mastermind behind the mural. >> malou is in full bloom up in the bay. do you know what the official flower is of san francisco? i'm surrounded by them. take a look. >> plus we'll get you ready for the big games this weekend with fancy tailgate tips. >> all happening right now on "california live."


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