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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  October 14, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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>> reporter: standing between them and the championship series, their archrival, the dodgers. >> we're here, they're going the win. >> go, giants. >> reporter: some fans coming in to buy up orange and black gear for their family and clearly feeling generous. >> when it comes to the giants, yes. >> reporter: sam picked up hats and jerseys. >> especially today. it's like a do or die game. we win, we continue. >> i'm calling it the final countdown. and it's a big crowd coming by. >> reporter: they're ready at local tap, bar, and grill. there are tvs inside and people can watch from outside, too. a teach herb added during the pandemic. the giants are good for the bottom line. >> it's been pretty amazing. even when the giants were away in l.a. we were so busy. it's been great for business and great for the neighborhood.
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>> reporter: san francisco police have additional officers around oracle park, and in the park, crowds getting bigger and bigger. fans have been lined up outside for a while now, finally getting in to see the showdown. just a couple minutes ago, we heard the chant that is so familiar here, "beat l.a." again, a lot of excitement out here. that's the latest here, reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> beat l.a., we've been hearing that all night long. anthony is live on the field. and someone is going to be popping a lot of champagne tonight. hopefully it is the giants. >> reporter: yes, ladies. hello, there is lot of nervous energy inside the ballpark. this is going to be an epic chapter in the history of one of baseball's greatest rivalries. the giants and donnellers meeting in a winner take all game five for a chance to move on. the series is tied at two games
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apiece, after the dodgers bounced back to win game four in los angeles. the team that scored first has won every game so far in this series. the giants took the west division and earned the homefield advantage by holding off the dodgers on the final day of the regular season. so it seems only fitting that the season for both teams is coming down to the last game of the series. >> i think our players understand the magnitude of the game five at home against the dodgers. >> we knew it was going to come down to game five. no matter how each team played each game, we just knew it was going to happen. we're excited for the opportunity, especially to be at home to play in front of my family. >> reporter: now, the dodgers made an interesting pitching change, replacing one pitcher. he had lost his three previous starts against logan webb.
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reaction to the move coming up on the news at 5:30. anthony flores, nbc bay area news. >> thanks, anthony. staying in the loop with all the giants' news, go to and click on giants/dodgers playoff series on our trending bar. developing right now, the mother accused of holding drunken sex parties for teenagers is expected to be back in santa clara county by the end of next week. we've been following this story from the beginning. shannon o'connor has agreed to be extradited back to the south bay. she's facing 19 criminal counts, 12 are felonies. when she's back in the south bay, she will face a judge for arraignment. contra costa county joining san francisco and marin by lifting mask requirements. november 1st is the target date for that in some indoor settings. those are controlled spaces where every
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general public. they include offices, gyms, indoor college classes, religious gatherings and more. but there isn't be more than 100 people inside. the county is making that move as covid cases continue to decline since reaching a summer high in august. one step closer to another covid booster shot. an advisory panel recommended moderna for certain vulnerable groups, including people 65 and older, people at high risk for disease and those who work in places with increased risk of exposur a decision could come within days. >> more on that coming up at 5:30. the biggest transit system in the bay area will require workers to either get vaccinated or get another job. the board of directors voted 8-1 to require more than 4,000 employees and contract workers be vaccinated by december 13th.
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the lone opposing vote said employees should make the decision for themselves and be given a testing option as an alternative. >> an employer should not be imposing the vaccine on people with a threat of losing their jobs. >> we really want to see as many people get vaccinated as possible and keep you all as part of our family. >> the general manager will begin talks and negotiations with the union starting next week. the president of the transit union, which represents train operators, says he supports vaccinations but wants a testing option for people who don't want to comply. there are over 800 b.a.r.t. employs currently listed as unvaccinated. it can be hard to keep up with all the mandates and changing guidelines, so we made it easy. go to we're tracking all the changing requirements for both vaccinations and masks. police are warning everyone
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in hayward to watch out for a deadly drug disguised as bubble gum, of all things. earlier today, police announced on facebook they found fentanyl, which is a synthetic opioid, made to look like bubble gum. kit be easily disguised and comes in other forms such as pills, powder or candy. this gum is divided into a color coded system with each color representing the strength of the drug. fentanyl can be up to 50 times more toxic than heroin. more text messages and testimony today about the theranos blood testing machines. the jury heard from another walgreen's exective today. he said the pharmacy chain was optimistic about a deal with theranos and invested tens of millions into the startup. he used terms like magical and intriguing to describe theranos technology. but the technology returned inaccurate test results in the end.
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along with that testimony today, prosecutors continued to read text messages between elizabeth holmes and her former boyfriend, theranos' president. >> this is a jury that has regular people as jurors. regular people can relate to text messages. maybe better than the super elite can relate to text messages. >> also on the stand was the former theranos lab director. he testified he had been sonny's dermatologist for years. he admitted he worked no more than ten hours in total during the seven months he was employed at theranos. the high cost of living hitting one of the bay area's highest rated school systems hard. for decades, families have moved into cupertino to kids can go to schools there. but that trend has reversed and enrollment is dropping. the school system needs to close two schools and a lot of parents
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are outraged. so much so that some board members are being harassed. nbc bay area's robert handa joins us from cupertino. and the school board is going to take up that topic tonight, robert. >> reporter: that's right. they are going to take it up soon and even before many of the parents here will be able to address the school board in person tonight. they have staged a protest here outside collins elementary where the meeting is being held inside, because they say they know this could be their last chance to save their schools. this could be the last year for several schools in the cupertino union school district, after months of evaluation, the school board last month recommended closing two schools and consolidating muir elementary. tonight, the decision could be finalized and parents are fighting the decision amidst a flood of emotions. >> it really tears the community apart. you can't put a number value on this community that's been built and that is here.
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and so we just feel so devastated. >> actually, i already send my son to a private school. but my son was crying, he was there for a week and said i just don't want to be there. i want to go back. >> reporter: the district points out it's lost 5,000 students since 2015 and expect to see it drop another 4,000 students over the next eight years. officials understand why people are surprised, since cupertino was long known as a district people moved to get into. the schools are still great, but the cost to live here is not. >> we're seeing it across the bay area. the price of homes, you know, empty nestors staying in their homes for longer. lack of affordable housing. >> reporter: but parents say the midst of the pandemic is not the time to decide. many families switched to private schools due to the pandemic, but will return. >> so for future financial stability, yes, we understand that it would make sense to
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close schools, but there is no pressing current need. and so we would hope that in this year we can stabilize numbers. we can wait till we're no longer in a pandemic. >> no school closures! >> reporter: as you can hear, the protest is only picking up strength and people are still arriving, so the school board members can expect an emotional reception when they begin the public hearing, which will start in about an hour. live in cupertino, robert handa, nbc bay area news. >> thank you so much, robert. it's not just cupertino that is struggling to keep schools open. yesterday, we told you about the hayward school district that's taking enrollment hits. it's looking to close at least ten schools as more families move out of the city. next week, they will hear feedback from parts and teachers. teachers are ready to leave their classrooms. what pleasanton teachers are demanding from the district, that's next. >> i'm good at this. i'm good at getting money for
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just causes and i need to do this again. >> he's playing to his strengths. the retiree who is raising thousands of dollars for bay area causes. what he says is his inspiration. right now, sunny skies. san francisco, 64 degrees. we'll see upper 70s around downtown san francisco. the latest on that warmup and weekend. showers in the forecast when we come right back.
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activists are suing a bay area sheriff for illegally sharing data on millions of drivers. for years, marin county sheriff robert doyle has been criticized for sharing information with i.c.e., border patrol and hundreds of federal agent sis. the information collected from the extend of cameras and
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license plate readers, which can track where a driver is and when. activists say much of that surveillance violates state law, and has alarming implications for immigrants and people of color. pleasanton teachers are poised to go on strike, if necessary. nearly 99% of educators voted to authorize the strike. they've been negotiating with the school district for two years now. the teachers union is asking for a raise, smaller class sizes and more help for special education students. they claim the distribute is only offering a 2% cost of living increase. the district has a meeting scheduled in two weeks where they hope to reach an agreement. microsoft is shutting down linked in, in china. the company says having to comply with the chinese strait restrictions has become increasingly challenging. instead, microsoft will launch a job search site in china. linked in was the last major u.s. social network still operating in china.
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after just 32 years of a teaching career, an oakland educator is not done yet. >> retirement has not slowed him down. garvin thomas joins us to show us the high school tradition he's hoping to bring to one oakland high school. >> that's right. jack nelson went to high school in oakland, so did his father and grandfather. but there was something his schools never had, something he wants to bring that would be a source of pride for all to hear and see. jack nelson doesn't run quite as fast as he did in his younger days. in fact, when he could finish off a mile in just about seven minutes. still, for a 66-year-old, jack can still put one foot in front of the other, pretty darn fast. >> i'm cruising 11:30 miler, but i can do a 9:40 mile. i ran it this summer. not bad for an old guy.
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>> reporter: it's not just his running that stood the test of time but what he's been able to do with it. raise money. a lot of it. >> there's 125. >> reporter: jack's been doing one sort of athletic fund raiser or another for more than 30 years, since his first year as a teacher. >> i was an elementary p.e. teacher, and there was no money for equipment. >> reporter: that year, jack raised over $2,000. over all the years and all the events, including a 100 plus mile run shortly after 9/11, jack has raised more than $300,000. most of it going to various scholarships, activities and sports programs at oakland and san leandro high school. he's thought about stopping more than a few times. but then always thinks better of it. >> i'm good at this. i'm good at getting money for just causes, and i need to do this again. >> reporter: which brings us to
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this year's fund-raising run, and one special goal, for a place very special to jack. >> i love jack. >> reporter: the assistant principal here at fremont high school where jack's father and grandfather to school. fremont recently underwent a $130 million renovation, including its first-ever regulation size football field. what jack wants now, though, is for a marching band to take that field. a rare thing for an oakland unified high school. >> i guarantee you, there has not been one for the last -- go back to my early childhood, 55 years. >> i think it's about being bold in east oakland. i think we could do that. a lot of students want that. >> reporter: jack believes he's already a third of the way to raising enough money for the band, and of course, knowing him, he's not stopping any time soon.
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this last fund-raiser, jack raised $17,000. $10,000 of which is going to go to that marching band fund. for so many of us, marching bands are such an integral part of the high school exexperience. >> and a staple of the football games. >> exactly. the energy, home coming, everything. >> the rallies. i can't imagine no marching band. thanks so much, garvin. let's get a check of the forecast. it was so cold yesterday. and today, the warmth of the sun felt so good, rob. >> it's interesting. this is the time of the year where we see a 40 degree swing in the temperatures. low 40s tomorrow, ending the day in the mid 80s. gorgeous view of the golden gate bridge. northwest wind at 18 miles per
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hour. wind speeds with this north wind event, 16% humidity, but the wind speeds not as gusty as before. the reason why we don't have any red flag warnings. the only warnings we are seeing is out towards solano county. san jose, 75 degrees, with a northwest wind at 9. notice blue skies outside. this time tomorrow, though, may begin to see some changes. we're looking at air quality back into the moderate range for the east and south bay, due to particulate matter pollution from wildfires. so if you're wonder bring is the smoke coming from out of the south during the day tomorrow, this is wildfire smoke. a change in the wind also bring smoke up the coast. so in will give us hazy skies on friday. so another chilly start, you'll want a thick coat, not a light
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jacket for the morning. numbers in the 40s for most of the bay area. the temperatures tomorrow, 83 in san jose. east san jose at 87 degrees. temperatures, mid 80s tomorrow. oakland, 80 degrees tomorrow. peninsula temperatures in the low 80s from san mateo down to palo alto. downtown san francisco, in the 70s tomorrow. you see the north bay, numbers in the mid 80s. expecting similar conditions on saturday. now, if you have to take your pick of outdoor plans this weekend, saturday is going to be your day. temperature wise, sunday things start to cool off. and there's reasoning behind that. it will be the increase in clouds and even a chance of seeing a few scattered showers by sunday evening, especially around the north bay. so notice the time stamp up there on the top. north bay locations, peninsula, locally inland. may see a few sprinkles heading into sunday night. that's the first of three rain
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chances next week. after that, we have tuesday and wednesday, once again aiming in. could pack the biggest punch. and starting to see this play out in the extended forecast. look at the rainfall totals. we could see it another week. that could shut down fire season for parts of the north coast. if we managed three to four inches of rain there, that could have a big impact on fire season. and that's the good news. not much good news in the weather. next week looks better. san francisco temperatures, warm start. we might see a few sunday evening showers. so next few days, the warmest of the next seven. a few showers sunday, next chance coming up wednesday. this time next week, given the rain chances going up in northern california and closer to the bay area. back to you. >> shutting down fire season, that sounds nice. thanks, rob. >> >> coming up, a new way to assess wildfire damage. how some college students and professors are looking artificial intelligence to get the job done more quickly.
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a live look at san francisco international, which today pledged to phase out fossil fuels. joining dozens of aviation companies worldwide in supporting a plan to move the entire industry to net zero emissions by the year 2050. by that date, climate activists say fossil jet fuel could be replaced by sustainable aviation fuels and aircraft propelled by hydrogen or electric batteries. nancy pelosi was back in san francisco trying to rally support for joe biden's build back better act. she was joined by senator alex padilla and others at the california academy of sciences.
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they focused on the ways they believe joe biden's bill will help address a number of issues. most notably, climate change. democrats remain split on the spending package, but senator padilla had a strong message how it should move forward. >> climate cannot be on the chopping block in this or any budget. we cannot afford to leave these problems to be dealt with another day. we need to act boldly and tackle this crisis head on. >> she wants the president's package to be passed by the end of this month. a team of creative california professors and students overhauling the way wildfire damaged is assessed. the 2018 campfire bumped thousands of homes. assessing the damage was done manually, in person. and that took weeks, months to complete. now, there's the damage map, created by two professors and
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their students. it uses artificial intelligence and aerial photos to do the job. red buildings are damaged. green buildings, safe. early data could get fire victims their insurance payouts as a result much faster so that people don't have to live waiting in their cars or hotels or just be so displaced. check, please. the week-long dining extravaganza in san francisco. that's next.
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it's restaurant week in san francisco again. >> yum. it's the second restaurant week this year. there were two events last year to help typing spots make it through the pandemic. so the home page lists 160 participating restaurants along with their fixed price menus and whether they serve lunch or dinner. check it out for restaurants in your neighborhood. there are options for indoor and outdoor dining, takeout and delivery which now makes me hungry. >> raj mathai joins us with what is coming up at 5:30. >> a second vaccine gets the green light for a booster shot. what this new endorsement means for you. and it comes as joe biden gives a status report of sorts on the coronavirus.
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thanks for joining us. >> pfizer has been approved. next up is moderna. moderna's booster shots are a step closer after an fda advisory panel recommended emergency authorization late today for certain v


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