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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  October 16, 2021 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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so pleased to have rain in the forecast. bringing her back for an encore. >> i really am. such a nice change. 76 degrees in san francisco, but tomorrow daytime highs only in the 60s, terry. evening rain on the way. see you tonight. . tonight, the police standoff in chicago. the city hitting a deadline for all officers to disclose their vaccine status the union leader calling for the police to refuse those orders, sparking concerns of major shortages on the force. what a judge has now ruled. booster confusion. an fda panel approves booster shots for the j&j vaccines, but not mixing and matching. we'll guide you through the new patch work of rules. >> i'm a scientist and i'm confused. >> an all-out man hunt in texas >> what happened tonight was evil.
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the moving tribute to thele new details of the killing of a british member of parliament authorities call the murder terror related. critics attack transportation secretary pete buttigieg for taking paternity leave to be with his newborns. he's firing back. >> retail madness. the huge challenge stores face in getting staffed up for the holidays how it will affect your shopping. hollywood's cliff hanger preventing a la boar strike that could shut down your favorite tv show. >> plus, the man who has become famous for dancing alone now inspiring new. we have breaking news on both sides of the vaccine debate tonight. for those who don't want the vaccine, the first major showdown with severe consequences in chicago, a deadline for all police officers to report their vaccine status passed just hours ago.
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the police union leader is calling for them to ignore the order. and he's warning that up to half of the force could stay home. on the other side of the debate, for those who want the vaccine, more confusion today over booster shots with those who got the supposedly one shot j&j vaccine wondering what they should do next >> i expect the police officers to honor their oath, not tarnish their badge, and to follow lawful orders and directives. >> they can take us to court all they want. >> they cannic take us t court. >> all 13,000 chicago police officers were required to report their vaccine status by friday. those that didn't meet the deadline could be put on unpaid leave.e departme
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saturday morning. >> reporter: on friday, mayor lori lightfoot filed a complaint >> reporter: on friday, mayor lori lightfoot filed a complaint against the police union for engaging in, supporting, and encouraging a work stoppage or strike and overnight, a cook county judge slapped a temporary restraining order against the union president to stop making public comments encouraging members to defy the city policy. just today he shared this message on facebook. >> to the great officers, detectives, and everybody else that is literally bombarding me with information, thank you. hold the line, keep fighting >> reporter: the police union also filed its own counter suit the battle over vaccine mandates is playing out across the country. in leesburg, virginia, some officers say they may quit if the vaccine mandate moves forward. >> this decision has the potential to decimate lpd. >> reporter: in seattle, a similar fallout ahead of monday's deadline. >> any loss of an now would bet detrimental to our city's current public safety crisis. >> reporter: the nationwide
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standoff over vaccines intensifying with both sides holding the line >> kathy, will vaccine mandates be expanded to police in new york city? >> reporter: jose, mayor bill de blasio says he is weighing all options at this point. currently nypd officers have to be vaccinated or provide a negative covid test each week. jose >> kathy park in new york city, thank you. there's new vaccine booster confusion tonight for the millions who got the single-dose j&j shot, and now don't know if they should follow guidelines and get a booster, or mix and match with different brands here's sam brock >> reporter: after an fda panel just backed a covid vaccine with booster shot for all adults with a johnson & johnson vaccine, those trying to get back to a post-covid world are having a hard time following all the new bounces and guidelines >> i got the vaccine as soon as i could, and i just took the first available appointment i had, and that's what they had. >> reporter: chris hopkins from the bay area is one of 15
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million americans who received the one-shot j&j and hasn't decided if he'll supplement it with a second dose or go with the pfizer or moderna booster. do you find yourself confused about what to do next? >> oh my gosh. i'm a scientist, and i'm s confused, and i'm pouring through data every day. and it's coming at us increase in antibodies with firehose. >> reporter: a recent study found a small pool of j&j recipients saw a 76-fold increase in antibodies with moderna, 35-fold increase with pfizer, 4-fold increase with j&j. though the recommended moderna dosage was cut in half the numbers sparking conversations of mixing and matching vaccines. >> in general, we believe higher antibody is better that said, we don't know the exact correlative protection we don't know the magic number of antibody that means you won't get a coronavirus infection. >> reporter: dr. ofer levy sits on the panel that just recommended the j&j booster shot for all adults 18 and older two to six months after their initial dose
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>> currently there is no official way to get a mix and match short of misrepresenting to the health care provider what vaccine you got. >> reporter: the federal guidance currently says to stick with your original vaccine, even as some express skepticism about rolling up their sleeve in general. >> the point of the vaccination is to minimize your ability to contract the virus but then you're saying i take the vaccine, but i can still get the virus, so what's the real difference >> the main goal of these vaccines was to keep people out of the hospital and keep them alive. and these vaccines have done that very, very well >> when can we expect the fda to weigh in on mixing and matching vaccines >> reporter: jose, as many americans want to know what does the agency have to say about this, a top fda official says they might consider endorsing a mix and match, but there is nothing on the schedule and no timetable at this point. jose >> sam brock in miami, thank you. there is a massive manhunt under way right now in houston,
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texas, for a gunman who opened fire on three texas deputies, killing one who had just become a new dad. police are calling it an ambush. raf sanchez reports. >> reporter: tonight, a manhunt sweeping across houston. the target, an unknown gunman said to have ambushed police, killing one deputy, wounding two others >> we've got two officers on the line, one shot in the back - >> reporter: the shooting happening here, a north houston sports bar, around 2:15 the deputies, constables from harris county, were working a security shift they were called to a disturbance when they were attacked. >> we believe they were ambushed, shot from behind a suspect with a rifle. >> reporter: the slain deputy, 30-year-old kareem atkins, father of a newborn baby his comrades lining the streets to say good-bye. and determined to catch his killer. >> what happened tonight was evil and now the good is going to
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sweep in, and i hope for swift justice. >> reporter: the shooter, still at large, said to be a hispanic male in his early 20s. >> your loss is also america's loss america's loss and your pain is america's pain >> reporter: by grim coincidence, president biden speaking today at the capitol in honor of fallen police >> in houston, the deputy killed, one deputy killed and two wounded. >> reporter: still in the hospital, deputies durell garrett and jaquain barson a city praying for their recovery and a killer still on the loose. raf sanchez, nbc news. overseas to great britain where a brutal attack on a lawmaker is now being called an act of terror. the member of parliament was fatally stabbed at a church friday during a community meeting. today prime minister boris johnson and other leaders paid their respects to the fallen official police have arrested a man for the crime that they say has potential ties to
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islamic extremism. we have new information about former president bill clinton's condition as he remains in a southern california hospital for an infection. monica alba joins us from the white house. monica, what are doctors saying about how he's doing >> reporter: former president clinton will stay in the hospital for a fifth night but is expected to be released tomorrow the 75-year-old with a history of heart problems has been at uc irvine medical center since tuesday evening for a urinary tract infection which spread to his bloodstream, requiring iv antibiotics. a clinton spokesman today says he's made excellent progress in the last 24 hours and is in great spirits. former secretary of state hillary clinton and daughter chelsea spent much of the day at the hospital where aides say mr. clinton is up and joking, watching college football, eager to head home. jose >> monica alba at the white house, thank you coming up, the hollywood cliffhanger and the countdown to
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stake. >> reporter: tonight the countdown is on with thousands of behind-the-scenes film and television workers on the brink of an unprecedented strike preparations already under way. the union at odds with producers over demands for more reasonable hours, meal and rest breaks, along with better benefits and wages. if a deal is not struck by late sunday night - >> it would shut down production throughout the united states. >> that's a big deal. >> agreed. >> wakanda forever >> reporter: the film "black panther 2" and tv shows like "jimmy kimmel live" and "la brea" among the many productions that could come to a grinding halt which may mean delays or reruns. that's because union members range from camera operators to set designers and hair/makeup artists. 60,000 workers that could serve a second blow to an industry already hit hard during the pandemic >> tens of hundreds of millions
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of dollars of business on the line so, i mean, it's a quite high-stakes thing. >> reporter: still, the potential strike met by resounding support >> i'm not nervous about the strike, i'm excited. >> they're frequently on call insane hours of the night and all throughout the weekend. >> reporter: the line of producers, which includes part of our parent company, nbc universal, says it deeply values the crew members and is committed to reaching a deal a deal that could carry ripple effects well beyond hollywood as a wave of labor workers nationwide demand change in what's now being called striketober. >> they're saying to producers, the streamers, the networks, you're making a lot of money, why aren't we seeing much of it >> emily in los angeles, where do negotiations stand right now? >> reporter: jose, negotiations could go on for hours and late into the night but we are hearing that some progress has been made and a deal may be in sight sources telling us both sides understand the immensity of what's at stake. jose
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>> emily ikeda in los angeles, thank you. we've been telling you about shortages of products getting to store shelves. as we enter the holiday shopping season, there's still a shortage of workers on top of that, retailers are trying to hire additional staff to get them through the season what does it mean for your shopping experience when they just can't hire enough here's senior business correspondent stephanie ruhle. >> reporter: it's a sign of the times. here at new jersey's freehold raceway mall, a problem being felt nationwide. small stores struggling to hire workers ahead of the holidays. >> the applicant pool isn't as deep as it could be. >> it's been very challenging. >> it's hard to compete with some of the bigger companies. >> reporter: as big box stores like walmart, target, best buy offer signing bonuses, even cold, hard cash, to hire hundreds of thousands of
5:46 pm
seasonal workers, smaller stores are forced to think outside the box. like showcase, which sells this year's hottest items seen on tiktok. >> we can't offer as many hours or the perks so we have to kind of create our own idea of, like, we have a fun environment. >> reporter: a recent government report finds there are over 1.3 million retail job openings, and stores like giorgio's fine jewelry are feeling the crunch if you can't get more employees, what are you going to do >> there's not much i can do except work harder, you know but at this point, not much anybody can do >> reporter: they face an uphill battle getting enough employees, even as consumer demand remains strong. >> they expect their businesses to be growing, yet they're running into a historic labor shortage right now >> reporter: adding to an already chaotic holiday season plagued by supply chain issues and backups at the nation's ports. >> i think you're going to see less items on the shelves this holiday season i think people that are smart are going to start their holiday shopping as early as possible
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>> i said, santa needs the list early. my daughter said, it's only october. i said, santa needs it early this year. >> earlier the better, they say the supplies are going to be going down. >> reporter: experts say 'tis the season to score big. >> the holiday season has really already started. you can find deals pretty much on anything you're shopping for >> reporter: they also say, shop early and be flexible. adding, you might not get everything on your list this year stephanie ruhle, nbc news, new jersey when we return, pete buttigieg firing back at conservatives who criticized him for taking paternity leave for his newborns. his newborns plus the race to escape a shocking lava tsunami. unami. a lot of people think dealing with copd is a walk in the park. if i have something to help me breathe better, everything will be fun and nice. but i still have bad days... flare-ups, (cough cough) which can permanently damage my lungs. my lungs need protection against flare-ups.
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we're back with outrage in puerto rico. thousands of protesters marched through san juan yesterday over ongoing power outages. it got worse when a private company took over the damaged grid system in june. residents want them out and say they're sick and tired of high costs, unreliable electricity, and frequent blackouts. we have astonishing new video of a volcano eruption to show you scientists are calling this a lava tsunami, and it's forcing hundreds more to evacuate their homes on the island of la palma in the canary islands. the volcano's been active for weeks. thousands already evacuated, but now it's an even bigger threat. back here in the u.s., shocking video shows a train
5:51 pm
smashing into a semi truck, and it's hard to believe it, but everyone survived. look at that it happened yesterday in oklahoma a truck hauling vehicles got stuck on the tracks when the amtrak train sliced through it you can see an suv flying off the rig. five train passengers had minor injuries the truck driver was shaken up but alive. now to a topic impacting all families the issue of time off after a baby is born transportation secretary pete buttigieg was mocked this week for his decision to take leave following the birth of his twins. it comes as more men wrestle with the idea and the public perception of paternity leave. kendis gibson reports. >> reporter: the country's highest-ranking gay official, transportation secretary pete buttigieg, in the midst of an ugly back-and-forth with tucker carlson. the fox news host taking a shot at new dad buttigieg over his paternity leave. >> pete buttigieg has been on leave from his job since august after adopting a child,
5:52 pm
paternity leave, they call it, trying to figure out how to breast feed, no word on how that went >> reporter: buttigieg who welcomed twins with his husband in august quickly fired back on msnbc. >> in his case, i guess he doesn't understand the concept of bottle feeding, let alone the concept of paternity leave. >> reporter: the cabinet secretary took four weeks of paid leave just as the shipping and supply chain crisis hit a peak the biden administration defending him. white house press secretary jen psaki tweeting, buttigieg is among role models on the importance of paid leave for new parents. >> it's hard to imagine having that kind of paid paternity leave. >> reporter: it's a model adam wishes he could follow his wife victoria gave birth to florence 6 weeks ago while she's been on leave, bonding with florence, he hasn't had the luxury >> kind of feel jealous, absolutely, yeah i mean, i know it's a lot of work it's literally a full-time, two-person job. >> reporter: as a freelance worker, his job affords no paid
5:53 pm
paternity leave and he feels he's missing out. >> it's the tiny nuances. the change in her cry that i'm picking up that you see, you learn from that. >> right now in the united states, there is no access to -- there's no guaranteed access to paid paternity leave. >> reporter: in the united states, 13% of employees are in workplaces that offer paid paternity leave to all new dads that compares to 19% of employees at places that offer paid maternity leave to new moms how important would you say it is for a dad to get paid paternity leave? >> for a family welcoming a new child, dads having access to paid paternity leave, absolutely critical they can bond with their child, they can support their partner, they can contribute to the well-being of their family. >> reporter: something secretary buttigieg was able to relish as a new parent. >> it changes everything you see the entire world in a new way. it's a beautiful thing. >> reporter: other fathers hoping for that special time as well kendis gibson, nbc news, new york.
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or have multiple endocrine neoplasia syndrome type 2. stop trulicity and call your doctor right away if you have an allergic reaction, a lump or swelling in your neck, severe stomach pain, changes in vision, or diabetic retinopathy. serious side effects may include pancreatitis. taking trulicity with sulfonylurea or insulin raises low blood sugar risk. side effects include nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea, which can lead to dehydration and may worsen kidney problems. ask your doctor about once-weekly trulicity. there's good news tonight about spreading joy during the most trying times and the dancing man inspiring millions >> i'm sending joy, hope, and positivity >> reporter: you may
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not know his name, but chances are you've seen him on social media. his videos now viewed more than 75 million times gurdeep pandher is giving the world a new outlook on life, a lift at a time when so many need it most. tell me how you got this idea to spread that joy through your dance. >> about five years ago, my videos started to go viral. and that inspired me to make more videos to spread joy, hope, and positivity. >> reporter: when the pandemic hit, his clips gave new meaning to the saying "dance like nobody's watching. pandher connecting with viewers across the globe from his home in the yukon in canada's far northwest corner >> there was so much social isolation. through the power of this dance, i can bring joy to people, i can feed those moments of
5:58 pm
positivity >> reporter: originally from a small village in india, the author, teacher, and dancer always knew nature, music, and movement could inspire. each day posting a dance in the sun or snow, from cities and small towns. ♪ alone and with others. and now giving back to causes close to his heart >> so i've been raising money for causes related to the pandemic i like to donate to a local hospital foundation here in the yukon where i live i also donated to care canada and they also take care of patients who are suffering from covid. >> reporter: his posts delighting viewers who wrote, i'm grateful for your wonderful spirit and beautiful dancing. and, you truly show how one person can make a big positive difference notes of encouragement during a time when the world could use more happiness >> right now, if you start focusing on positivity, you can
5:59 pm
bring a smile on your face >> and today is gurdeep pandher's birthday, so we are wishing him as much joy as he's given us that's nbc "nightly news" for this saturday. i'm jose diaz-balart thank you for the privilege of your time and good night. right now at 6:00, data discrepancy. what one bay area county is saying about vaccination rates and why the numbers are suddenly worse. gaining ground, making
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progress in flames of prescribed burn gone wrong. where things stand now. gorgeous weather across the bay area. look at that. tracking much-needed rain coming our way. when you can see it. news at 6:00 starts right now. i'm terry mcsweeney. gorgeous weather, enjoy it while you can. step outside and look around. things you will be missing in matter of a few days, tracking much-needed wet weather coming, we really do need it. meteorologist vianey arana. >> i enjoy the rain being cozy at home but got to go to work, another thing. beautiful, sunny skies. warm, 78, topped out in upper 80s and still on the map this afte


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