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tv   Sunday Today With Willie Geist  NBC  October 17, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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take the mystery out of your glucose levels, and lower your a1c. now you know. try it for free. visit all these goods won't move by themselves. >> this is another tool we have by covid-19. >> the cheap labor bubble has finally busted. what you're -- the most profound experience. >> good morning and welcome to "sunday today" on this october 17th. we're following a story out of haiti. 17 american missionaries including children have been
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kidnapped as they return home from building an orphanage. we'll have the latest. our sunday focus on the american worker with help wanted signs up all over the country, why are potential employees saying no thanks by the millions? we will dig into a moment of economic transformation. plus in our sunday spotlight, a look behind the wall in china. through the eyes of a woman who has become a social media star and an inspiration after she left behind the restraints of her traditional life and hit the road. and later, a sunday sit-down with julianne moore on a prolific career in movies. >> i mean, the minute i read that script, i was like this is amazing, it's genius. the reviews came out and the movie tanked. >> a sunday sit-down with
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julianne moore and a life well-lived later in the show. let's begin with the breaking news out of haiti where as many as 17 americans, missionaries and their families were kidnapped after leaving an orphanage. we have the detailed. >> reporter: good morning. u.s. officials are scrambling to find out what happened to the missionaries and where they are now. but that is not an easy task in one of the most chaotic and violent countries in the western hemisphere. this morning american missionaries in the hands of kidnappers somewhere in haiti. 17 people including children snatched by gangs on their way home from an orphanage yesterday. "the washington post" reported one of the kidnapped messaged for help in a whatsapp group. nbc news has not seen or verified the messages. the abduction happening here in
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port-au-prince, the capital of haiti. haiti has been plunging into deeper chaos. thousands fleeing their homes in recent months and seeking safety at the u.s. southern border. in july the country's president was assassinated in his home. two americans and 15 clom yans arrested as part of the murder plot. with the government divided and the economy cratering, much of port-au-prince has fallen to gangs. and amid the anarchy, kidnapping is a booming industry. men, women and children snatched at gunpoint for as little as $100. at least 328 people kidnapped in the first eight months of 2021. that's compared to 2034 for all of 2020 according to the u.n. most of the victims are haitians, but foreigners make attempting target for those hoping for greater ransoms. a race now to find these people
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of faith and bring them home safely. >> now, nbc news has reached out to the state department. we have not yet heard back. but in a statement to the washington post, the state department says we are aware of these reports, and have nothing additional to offer at this time. willie? >> americans trying to help in haiti. let's hope for their safe return. thank you very much. intense man hunt underway in texas for the man who ambushed three sheriff's deputies and killing one of them who just became a father. the other two remain in the hospital. sam brock has the latest on how they're doing and on the search for the shooter. sam, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the deputy who died was only 30 years old. he leaves behind a wife and six-month-old baby. these three men were responding to a robbery call at a bar they worked at after hours when police say they were ambushed, shot from behind with many lives
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up ended. in houston, there were hugs and tears. deputies trying to digest the unthinkable. >> 93, officers down at the location. two officers in the leg and one in the back. >> reporter: police say three deputies with harris county between the ages of 26 and 30 were trying to stop a robbery and arrest a suspect outside this north houston bar. when another man sprang up and shot them from behind with an ar-15 rifle. >> good always trumps evil, and what happened tonight was evil. and now the good is going to sweep in and i hope for swift justice. >> reporter: after taking one person into custody on scene, houston police soon realized the shooter was still at large. >> suspect in custody does not match the description. they're searching for one suspect. >> reporter: this latest violence tragically coming as hundreds of fallen officers were honored in d.c. now deputy kareem atkins will
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join the sobering ranks. he just returned from paternity leave. the other deputies, one fiance told us a bullet struck his spine. >> he's in critical condition. i'm just praying and asking god to watch over him, all of us. >> reporter: she says the couple just got engaged a week ago. now minds are racing as are investigators, trying to track down the shooter who dealt the houston area a devastating blow. >> how somebody can do something like this, just being at a club. how? how can you have so much hate in your heart? >> reporter: in the hospital this morning with garrett nicing a long road to recovery including a future kidney transplant. the houston police department continues to investigate this ongoing investigation. willie, back to you.
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>> sam brock on top of a terrible story for us this morning. sam, thank you. president biden honored the fallen officers in a ceremony on saturday. noting the tragedy in houston and the officers who fought at the united states capitol on january 6th. nbc's monica alba has more from the white house on this, and the latest on the endless infrastructure talks. monica, good morning. >> good morning. >> reporter: president biden paid tribute to officers who lost their lives in the line of duty at a memorial in d.c. on saturday. specifically acknowledging the pain the january 6th attack caused in the law enforcement community. >> there nine months ago. your brothers and sisters thwarted, an unconstitutional attack. because of you, democracy survived. >> reporter: the president also speaking on the need for police reform. the talks in congress fell apart
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earlier this summer. one of the many key peas of legislation the biden administration hoped to pass by now. the president is trying to push his build back better agenda, working the phones this weekend, calling senators joe manchin and kyrsten sinema who are still at odds with their party on the size and scope of the multitrillion dollar social spending and climate plan. the democratic discord captured in print after senator bernie sanders wrote an op ed in west virginia's largest newspaper, urging manchin to get on board. manchin shot back, this isn't the first time an out of stater has tried to tell west virginians what is best for them despite having no relationship to our state. continued democratic in-fighting as the white house gets impatient with the negotiations saying the time for tough choices has come. willie? >> yeah. that dissension spilling into the pages of a newspaper in west virginia. monica, thank you. chuck todd is the political director and moderator of "meet
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the press". chuck, good morning. it's good to see you. obviously president biden got through almost $2 trillion of covid relief. massive piece of legislation. since then, if you look at police reform and infrastructure legislation, not much movement. i think most americans watch this and say call me when it's over. i'm not interested in the back and forth between individual senators. when does this get done? what's the answer to that question? >> president biden has to get more involved. think about the examples you just said, willie, you brought up police reform, these two deals. the only one that made any progress is the bipartisan infrastructure deal. why? well, the white house ran the negotiations here. you know, earlier this week there was a news report that said the white house was getting frustrated with congress. i'm sitting there going well, you guys can do something about it. this is -- at the end of the day, the power of the presidency is your leader of the party and also convening entity.
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get manchin, sanders in a room. how is it that in this week, this last week, you know, i think the whole thing over the west virginia papers is absurd. it's free speech and all of that. why did it happen this week? this is the type of thing that the white house negotiating team, we should be much further past this. but instead, bernie sanders still seems to think he's fighting for this $3.5 trillion version of this plan which no one else thinks is possible. the fact that we're still in this place where we're having this public back and forth about something that's not reality, at the end of the day, i think the burden is on the white house. they've got to take control of this. they've got to sort of get reality. the political eyes got bigger than their stomach in congress. i think it's up to the white house to pull them back. they haven't. they've let congress work the will and right now the will is stalemate. >> and all we're seeing is
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internal fighting between high profile senators. chuck, thank you. we're going to look for more on "meet the press". they'll talk to pete buttigieg and the governor of arkansas. bill clinton is expected to be released from a hospital later today. he was admitted tuesday with a your logical infection that spread to his bloodstream. he has continued to make excellent progress and spent a fifth night in the hospital to receive another round of i've anti-biotics before his expected release today. good news about tv shows and movies. a last-minute deal to avoid a strike that could have shut down television and film production across the country. the union representing tv and movie crew members had threatened to walk out to protest working conditions ahead of a monday deadline, but now it appears a resolution. and college football officials are condemning an ugly
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scene in knoxville, tennessee in a game. already upset by a call earlier in the game, involves fans went wild ben a titan jacob warren was ruled just short of a first down on a pivotal 4th and 24 play in the fourth quarter. fans throwing bottles and even golf balls on to the field, forcing players, coaches and cheer leaders to flee. stopping the game for about 20 we're going to enjoy a cool sunday ahead. 55 degrees right now in san francisco, and we are monitoring the arrival of some rain chances into the evening hours. take a look at satellite radar. you can see the system to the north, and we have a cold system expected to sweep through. here's a closer look at your headlines for today. rain chances move in later tonight and there's a winter weather advisory for the sierra
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starting tonight with more rain chances into next week. straight ahead, the highs and lows of the week, including william shatner going boldly where no 90-year-old man has gone before, into space. we will go behind the scenes of admiral kirk's extraordinary real-life journey. the only people more stressed than the kicker as he lined up to upset the number one team in the country was his family. we'll hear from the viral stars after their big celebration. up next, our sunday focus on the american worker as help wanted ads go unanswered. employees go on strike, and millions leave their jobs. are we living through a permanent transformation at work in america? >> i think this last year and a half has challenged us to look differently at the people aspect of business, really place the value in them. value in them. >> metastatic breast cancer is relentless, value in them. >>
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the labor department reported this week a stunning number of meshes quit their jobs in the month of august. the same report showed nearly 10 1/2 million jobs remained open through that month. why are workers leaving their jobs in droves and not taking the millions of new ones available to them? economists point to a number of factors including a reassessment during the pandemic by americans who want more from their work. nbc's senior business correspondent stephanie ruhle has our sunday focus. >> reporter: this week 10,000 workers at deere and company made their voices heard. >> cheap labor bubble finally busted. >> reporter: john deere said they're committed to resolving the dispute with a favorable outcome for their employees.
6:19 am
it's the latest in a string of labor actions across the country. more than 24,000 employees said health care provider have voted to authorize a strike. a food giant recently agreed to terms with employees as more than 1,000 workers at kellogg began their own strike with more disputes looming across other industries, some are calling this month strike-tober. demands across the board are similar. better wages. better and safer working conditions. >> we're seeing employers break out the same play book where they're trying to offer bonuses or new perks to try to attract workers. >> reporter: workers are emboldened. they have more leverage as companied continue to struggle to hire enough employees. there are 50% more job openings today than prepandemic. and this intersects with the great resignation phenomenon. a record breaking 4.3 million americans quit their jobs in august alone. a 242,000 jump from july and a
6:20 am
1.3 million jump from a year ago. with extended covid unemployment benefits run out, workers are defying the experts who predicted a return to the work force. with many choosing to walk away, even without a safety net. >> normally we see quits rise when the labor market is hot. that's when workers are best able to find other opportunities or at least they feel confident in leaving their job currently because they know that another opportunity is just around the corner. >> reporter: low-wage industries, some of the hardest hit. >> i think this last year and a half has challenged us to look differently at the people aspect of business, really place the value in them. >> reporter: individual employees are motivated by many of the same things driving strikes, better child care, pay, and safer conditions and more flexibility. >> we're seeing more employees acquiesce to netherlands. it's hard to retain talent.
6:21 am
>> reporter: bottom line, employees want to be heard. more and more, they are. >> and stephanie joins me now live. steph, good morning. great to see you. the strikes and quits point to an employee market. so how much of this has to do with the pandemic and what's the working theory about why this is happening now? >> reporter: willie, this is all about the pandemic. and we shouldn't be surprised. historically speaking, traumatic events have caused major changes in the work force landscape. and you have to remember, this isn't just a labor shortage. it's a labor shift. some of the industries that are having the hardest time bringing employees back, leisure and hospitality, child care, small mom and pop retail businesses. think back a year and a half. those are the same businesses that layed off millions and millions of people. lots of those people aren't sitting at home. they shifted into other industries completely. think about walmart, target, amazon. those big box stores have hired
6:22 am
millions of people to their distribution centers, and they're looking to hire more. and those are jobs that offer less one on one contact which is a concern for people worried about covid. they often pay more, and they offer benefits. so when you couple those things together, there's been a big labor shift as well as people who are now working from home. there's more virtual jobs out there, and do not forget, covid is not behind us. people have child care issues and health concerns. >> another way the world has changed during the pandemic. interesting. steph, thank you very much. up next, a sunday sit-down with julianne moore on the teach who are inspired her to become an actor after she didn't make the drill team and reflections on the career that followed. and the ground breaking disney legend who worked on the first ever full-length animated film and just about everyone that followed for the next 40 years.
6:23 am
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i've pricked my finger 3,000 time i've pricked my finger and my a1c was still over 9. then i got the dexcom g6. i just glance at my ph there's my glucose number. ye i feel like i'm calling the there's myshots,se number. not my diabetes. ye good morning. it is 6:26 on this sunday. thanks for joining us. i am kira klapper. county leaders on the peninsula say the number of people fully vaccinated is lower than they have been reporting. san mateo county found a discrepancy in how the county and the state report vaccination numbers. so the number of vaccinated people in san mateo county is dropping by 36,000, and that's down from 90% that was reported earlier this week. our coverage continues online. get the latest updates on
6:27 am
vaccinations and mask mandates. go to now to evacuees from the estrada fire in watsonville. it ignited after a controlled burn set by firefighters grew out of control because of gusty winds. 40 acres is estimated to have been burned. up north, the prescribed burn schedule there over the next few days has been canceled. cal fire said too many resources were dedicated to the estrada fire to take on the prescribed burn. and let's get to vianey arana. >> the temperatures, and the chance of afternoon rain thanks to a system just to our north.
6:28 am
right now we are starting out in the 40s, 48 degrees in livermore. notice how we have seen a increase in cloud cover on yesterday. we had temperatures above the 80s. then we will jump up into a couple upper 60s, and low 70s. we have satellite radar. you can see the system just to our north, but it's also got a weak cold front attached to it and it's expected to move in later in the afternoon into the evening hours. not everybody will get a ton of rain, but we could see a couple 0.01 of an inch. also a winter weather advisory goes into effect starting tonight at 7:00 for the sierra, so if you have plans to check to lake tahoe, check the
6:29 am
conditions, limited visibility with gusting conditions. we will have a nice shift in our pattern when it comes to the weather, and we will see improving rain chances head into the middle of the upcoming week. >> that is definitely something to look forward to, vianey. thanks. coming up this morning on "today in the bay" -- >> first thing i thought was is the golden gate on fire. >> why this expedition left some neighbors confused and scared. right now back to "sunday today" with willie geist.
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i think we can all agree the emails sent by the head coach were deeply offensive, especially to me. i was referred to as the f-word, the p-word, the c-word, the r-word, the f 'ing r-word p-word, and once weirdly, i was called a dilf. that was kind of sweet. >> that is collin joes as the nfl commissioner on last night's new episode of "saturday night live". musical guest young thug was on.
6:31 am
speaking of oscar winners, julianne moore won her academy award for best actress in "still alice". she was nom nighted four times before that for performances in "boogie nights" and "far from heaven" and "the hours". the mother of two has starred in big box office numbers like most recently "dear evan hansen". we got together for a sunday sit-down to talk about her acclaimed career and working in her latest series with the king of horror. after a long oscar-winning career, julianne moore now finds herself somewhere new. >> was it real? or was it any imagination? >> reporter: inside the mind of
6:32 am
stephen king. moore stars in lislisey's story. moore plays a woman whose husband, a well-known writer like king has died, leaving lisey to sift through his mysterious past. >> you are not getting in there, and you are never going to see his papers. >> you were nothing but a restaurant hostess when you caught his eye. >> stephen king said it's his favorite book. he's onset with you. >> yeah. >> what's that like to have access to the source of the material? >> it's intimidating. you know? i remember there was one day i had something really emotion mall to do. i saw him catch my eye because he always wants to say something encouraging in fact i was still in the middle of this emotional thing. i wasn't ready. but he would text you if he saw dailies and loved them. >> that's how strong his
6:33 am
imagination is. >> lisey is one of the latest roles for someone who learned to adapt during a childhood spent moving around the world in a military family. >> you were sort of training yourself to be an actor. is it true you wanted to be a doctor? >> yeah. >> that was the plan? >> yeah. don't have the math skills, though. i realized i think i liked to pretend to be a doctor. >> at what point did that switch flip for you? >> my girlfriend, chris and i, used to try out for cheerleading and drill team. we were the only two girls who didn't take drill team. they took 60 girls. therm like you two, no. >> they couldn't take two more? >> i know. i was like well, i guess i'll try out for the play. we moved to germany. i had an english teacher who was the theater coach. i got a part, and she said to me, you know, i think you could do this for a living. i came home to my parents and
6:34 am
was like i'm going to acting school. it was like that. >> thank god for the drill team. >> i'd still be marching. >> walking in formation. >> doing a short right angle turn. >> and also you had a teacher who told you something you didn't know about yourself. >> it was amazing. she changed my life. >> after graduating from boston university school of performing arts in 1983, moore took her teacher's advice and moved to new york city to take a shot at acting. >> i told you to go away. >> after a year of off broadway roles and waiting tables, she got her break on the soap opera "as the world turns" earning an emmy for playing both franny hughes and her own half sister, sabrina. >> you have no reason to be frightened of me. >> moore soon made the successful leap to movies and saw her hollywood profile rise when steven spielberg cast her
6:35 am
in the block buster sequel "the last world jurassic park". >> oh, my god. >> that same year she played maternal porn star amber waves in "boog question nights". the performance earned her an academy award nomination. >> good night. glad you came by. >> it was really crazy, because my son was born december of 1997. so it was in the haze of having had a baby in early december and the nomination stuff came out. i was like what? i mean, i was just literally like i -- you know. >> fresh off of the buzz around "boogie nights" and with a new baby in the house moore stepped into a new unforgettable character in the classic ""the big lebowski"". >> all right. let's get down to cases.
6:36 am
as for this kidnapping -- >> huh? >> let me tell you something. the whole thing stinks to high heaven. >> did that feel special in the moment? you couldn't have imagined it was going to be this cult classic? >> the minute i read the script, i was like this is amazing. it's genius. and then the reviews came out and they killed it. it tanked. the movie tanked. >> and the reviews were bad? >> uh-huh. yeah. >> really? >> yeah. and then it was just one of those movies that then slowly over the years people were like lebowski. it just took off. >> even on a resume of more than 75 movies, moore's 2012 emmy and golden globe-winning portrayal of former vice presidential candidate sarah palin stands out. >> you can actually see russia from land here in alaska. >> i started listening to her voice and watching every recording i could and reading all the books. >> because you didn't want to be the cartoon version.
6:37 am
>> you don't. and also the minute you lose the audience's respect. if you show up and don't sound or look like this before, behave like them, they can't watch the story. >> in 2015, having long-since won the respect of audiences and fellow actors, moore earned the trophy to make it official. >> into a -- i -- >> for her performance as a college professor with alzheimer's disease in the film "still alice". >> and the oscar goes to julianne moore "still alice". >> was that gratifying for you because obviously that character was so complex? >> this is an award given to you by your peers. i think we all know we care about what our co-workers think. so yes, it's obviously really gratifying. >> you've done so much and you have such a breadth of different roles in your career. longevity like that doesn't happen to everybody. >> i really love what i do. and i didn't anticipate caring
6:38 am
about it so much, loving it so much and loving it for so long. >> on behalf of your fans, thank you for not joining the drill team. >> i think you're going to have to thank the girls that didn't vote me in. >> look at you now. it all works out. >> i can march in my backyard. >> there you go. "lisey's story" is streaming now on apple tv plus. don't forget to subscribe to the sunday sit-down podcast to hear the full length interview. you can find it on apple podcast or wherever you get yours. and next week a new sunday sit-down and a good time with andy cohen on his unlikely career path from television news producer to creator and king of are the real housewives universe. and his roles as successful late night h
6:39 am
we're starting out pretty nice. cool weather is on the way. we're also talking about the chance for evening rain. 55 degrees right now in san francisco. here's a closer look at what we're tracking right now. we have a system just to our north and as this continues to drop down later this afternoon, we will notice a drop in temperatures and increase in winds and also some rain pushing from north to south into this afternoon. here's a closer look at your headlines for today. we will see a winter weather advisory in effect for the sierra through tomorrow. ahead on sunday "today," our highs and lows of the week including the stow away who became a viral star after she sneaked in a traveler's suitcase for a weekend in vegas. up next, our sunday spotlight takes us to china to ride along on a road trip with a woman who has become a national celebrity there as she documents her liberating journey and inspires chinese women along the way. we're back in just 60 seconds.
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we're on it. we're on it. with jardiance. ask your doctor about jardiance. as the united states and the world focus increasingly on china, around questions of trade, human rights, climate change, the sovereignty of taiwan and the origins of covid-19, we begin a special nbc news series this week that takes a look behind the wall. the traditional role of women is being reevaluated in a modern china as highlighted by one woman who has become a national star after she left the restrictions of her life at home and hit the road documenting her journey on social media and inspiring women across the country. nbc's janice mackey frayer rides along in our sunday spotlight. >> reporter: there's a ritual to it now. the parking lots and camp sites, the roof tent and meals alone.
6:42 am
and she has never been happier. since setting out nearly a year ago on a solo road trip around china, an awakening, she calls it, having spent most of her life in one place, doing what was expected of her as a wife, mother and grandmother. >> translator: this time it's for me, she says. i came out to live for myself. she's traveled 25,000 miles so far from peaches to mountain tops, sort of like a chinese version of the movie "eat, pray, love". >> i want to go someplace where i can marvel at something. >> it was when sue who was 56 started posting videos of her road trip to chinese tiktok that her journey took a very big turn. because the videos went viral. not so much for the scenery and selfies, but the mat defails she reveal the about herself and her abuse of marriage, unhappiness
6:43 am
at middle age, the thrill of new-found freedom. she says the day she left her husband told her if you go, just have fun and don't come back. su is an internet sensation now. she has a million and a half followers on social media who tell her how painfully familiar her story feels to them. >> you want to be brave like me, you will be, she says. her popularity is a challenge to traditional gender roles here, especially among her generation. i hooked up with sumine in her crammed hatch back driving north into the mountains toward the tibeten plateau. she studied travel blogger videos to learn how to camp and save money. i asked her if she ever feels lonely on the road. the scenery is so good, she says. there's no time to be lonely. that's also because people often just show up to join her. they bring her food and visit.
6:44 am
inspired by this former factory worker turned accidental feminist icon. i'm just an ordinary chinese woman, she says. i really didn't expect that i could go this far. already su has starred in documentaries and fashion ads. she's even getting sponsorships. >> if it was the movie, what happens next? >> translator: after this, if i can go back to a happy home, that should be a perfect ending, she says. adding she doesn't want the stigma of a divorce. but that's all down the road. for now, su has a country to see and a life to discover. for "sunday today". >> janice, thank you very much. our nbc news series "behind the wall" with a look at life inside china continues all week. this week we highlight another life well-lived.
6:45 am
long before block busters like toy story, finding nemo and frozen made animated movies a multibillion dollar enterprise, walt disney created and released the first ever full-length animated feature, a 1930s film called "snow white " ♪ someday my dreams will come true ♪ . >> ruthy thompson was one of the young women who worked to bring that historic movie to life from inside disney's ink and paint department where she cleaned and dusted the sheets that came together to make an animated movie. over the course of her 40 years at disney, ruthy became a final checker of animation, a painter of scenes, and eventually, the lead scene planner. she worked on movies like
6:46 am
"pinocchio", "fantasia", "dumb bow", and just about every other animated movie through "the rescuers". she lived up the street from the studio where brothers roy and walt disney were creating their first animations. one day as she walked to school, the disneys invited her to see their work. she even appeared in some of their live action movies at a rate of $0.25 a film. the disney brothers later hired ruthy, beginning her long trail blazing career as one of the very few women in her field. in addition to those popular disney movies, ruthy worked during world war ii on military training films. and on the oscar winning short. in the 1960s she was among the first to use early computers for animation. helping to usher in a new age.
6:47 am
in the year 2000, disney made official the title everyone already had been using for ruthy for decades. naming her a disney legend. >> gosh, i don't know what to say. >> ruthy thompson, a pioneer who brought some of the world's favorite characters to life died last sunday in woodland hills, california. california. she was 111 years old. pumpkin lovers, there's a whole new spin on pumpkin to love at dunkin'. with our new pumpkin cream cold brew, topped with velvety pumpkin cream cold foam. or our pumpkin spice signature latte. that's how we pumpkin at dunkin'. america runs on dunkin'. [ crow squawks ] that's how we pumpkin at dunkin'. ♪ they're nice but irritating ♪ ♪ their excitement can get grating ♪ ♪ they're dressed for pastry baking ♪ ♪ the progressive family ♪ ♪ they're helpful but annoying ♪ ♪ they always leave us snoring ♪ ♪ accidents are boring with the progressive family ♪ so, when do you all go home?
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it is time for the highs and lows of the week in our first high to 90-year-old star trek icon william shatner who made history this week with a real-life trip to space that would have made captain kirk crowd. he blasted off from west texas aboard new shepard rocket. minutes later he became the oldest person ever to reach space. shatner and his fellow passengers spent three minutes in zero gravity where he was visibly and understandably overwhelmed by the view from 350,000 feet up.
6:51 am
>> no description can equal this. whoa. >> after the capsule parachuted safely back to earth after a ride of about 10 minutes, shatner was greeted by the ceo and amazon founder jeff bezos. >> what you have given me is the most profound experience i can imagine. i am so filled with emotion about what just happened. i hope i never recover from this. i hope that i can maintain what i feel now. i don't want to lose it. >> it's a beautiful moment, a salute to you admiral kirk. our first logos to a stow away brazenly trying to smuggle herself onto an airplane inside the luggage of a texas couple. jarod and christy owens were on their way from lubbock to las vegas when the agent at check-in told them their bag was five pounds over the weight limit.
6:52 am
well, when jarod and christy opened the bag to rearrange some things, there pet dog. it sneaked into the luggage while the couple was packing apparently with plans to join the owners on the trip to vegas. >> she's the borougher. that's what she does. she boroughs in clothes. she boroughs in obviously suitcases now. >> the friendly gate agent offered to watchicy for the weekend, but the couple had family nearby to pick up the dog. they continued on their journey without ichy. our next high goes to a hold your breath moment when texas a&m took down top ranked alabama on a last second field goal with 106,000 tense fans watching in college station, the senior kicker seth small stepped up and grilled the kick.
6:53 am
if the fans were nervous for that moment, you can't imagine how seth's family felt. his parents, his twin sisters, and his wife rachel became viral stars for this reaction to the game-winner. >> you got it. let's go 47. you got it, babe. you got it. [ cheers ] >> rachel hopping from the stands to join the celebration on the field with her husband, the hero. watching the video of his family as it became a sensation online, seth said it brought me to tears. and seth was not alone. our final low this week goes to us for ruining your appetite on a lovely fall sunday morning.
6:54 am
it's just that we wanted to warn you and your family about something called the candy c bratworst. the candy that somehow persists in our society despite the fact that no one likes it has been added to sausage thanks to the butcher's jennifer street market. they call it a spook toberfest brought. it's infused with beer and a lot of candy corn. >> i tried the beer first. it had a good carmel flavor. then it was like what could go well with this? for some reason candy corn jumped in my head. >> the market shared the monstrous mashup in his social media, calling the brats, quote, slightly sweet, and not square scary at all. i'm sure wisconsin is a great place for br i've lost count of how many asthma attacks i've had.
6:55 am
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we were happy to get more of your sunday today mug shots this week starting across the top. there is jack and his grandson rocco in new jersey. meghan and her dog luna in minneapolis. mike and cole aboard their lobster boat in maine. that's cool. helen celebrating her 100th birthday. she says the secret to longevity is good genes and a good attitude. ronnie and carissa in their boat. sara in mississippi, happy 106th birthday, sara. and art, marissa, julianne and
6:59 am
christine celebrating the wedding day. congrats and thanks for making us a part of it. send us a photo of you and your mug. youight see you mrs
7:00 am
good morning. it is sunday, october 17th, 7:00 on the dot as we take a live look outside. dramatic clouds over san josé. a little bit of cotton candy pink there. a nice way to start our sunday morning. thank you for joining us. i am kira klapper. meteorologist, vianey arana, joins us with your microclimate forecast. >> when you compare today's temperatures to yesterday's, you will see quite a significant drop. satellite radar shows us what is


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