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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 18, 2021 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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right now at 4:30, finally some rain. as quickly as it came, it left of the bay area. there's likely more in store this week. just ahead, the timeline in your microclimate forecast. lots of unanswered questions after firefighters end up causing exactly what they hoped to prevent. what cal fire did when they went
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forward with the controlled burn. thank you for joining us. i am laura garcia. >> i am marcus washington. it's time to get things started for you. we have a live look on air as well as online at nbc bay area. let's go to kari hall right now. waking up and getting on the roads, it was such a joy to see wet roads. >> yeah, it was. that's all we are going to be talking about this week, the rain. we will continue to watch that as we go through the forecast, and then see some of the showers moving by. now it's going to be much cooler. take a look at where we are headed today for our high
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temperatures, only in the 60s and normal is the upper 70s. we will owe talk more about that coming up in a few minutes. there's wet roadways and wet lenses like at the san mateo bridge. i postponed a dog walk last night because it was sprinkling. and over here on the drive, it's sprinkling enough to raise the grease and oil up off the roadway, and it will be a slippery situation as folks get used to the wet commute. freeways are moving at speed. be careful. watch the transition ramps. back to you. >> thanks, mike. at long last, desperately needed rain. in this severe drought, anything helps, right? we take a closer look at what
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needs to happen to bring water levels back to normal. >> it rained in marin county for about three hours. >> some woman just walked into the bathroom there with bright eyes going, i'm so being cited, it's raining. >> in marin county, the water district imposed water conservation limits since may, but at the watershed where most of the drinking water comes from as motivated most residents to be better with their water use. >> worried at all? >> a little. but we are capturing rain water to do our irrigation. >> every little bit will help, but california and the bay area will have to have a lot more for several years. >> if we had that for five or six years in a row we would be fine. >> the high tkraulg expert
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said -- >> in order to keep up our needs of the agriculture, and in terms of the urban environment and suburbs environment, we will need to capture half of the rain water and let only half spill into the ocean. >> it's nice to see. starting today students at the al phaupbt cases will be tested for covid. parents must opt in for the child to be tested. our kris sanchez is look into how they paved the way for that
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testing. happening tomorrow the los gatos mother accused of hosting alcohol-fueled parties for minors is expected to be executed back to the bay area. she faces dozens of criminal charges here in the bay area. police say she held parties for her teenage friends. the trial for elizabeth holmes resumes tomorrow. last week -- cal fire will conduct an internal review with the
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controlled fire that got out of control. >> things got tense outside of watsonville morphing into the estrada fire. it ended up burning nearly 150 acres. before the rain c cal fire's chief says conditions are always closely monitored before a prescribed burn. >> as long as they stay within the prescription requirement we will move forward with that given burn. >> the plan called for removing dry brush, and an assessment was done ahead of time but the santa clara supervisors also want to see that report from cal fire. kari hall is tracking the rain. when can we see more of the rain, kari? >> we're looking forward to it, it's like, rain, rain, rain,
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rain, rain, yes, it's all we are going to talk about, okay? we have seen this moving through and got a taste of it and there's more in the forecast. that's the good news. now we are drying out behind the cold front. we are now in the low 60s. we will see it hold steady today so make sure you are prepared for a day that will be much cooler than what you had recently. and then heading back into the low 40s and 50s tonight, and then another system comes in and we'll talk about that. we will talk about how much rain we might see and also snow in the sierra. we'll talk the i-80, and over the bay bridge it's just fine. the benicia bridge there, and
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impasse is where we see the highlighted green. keep that in mind. the roadways will likely be slick as well. no major issues. but the dumbarton bridge is also getting a call out for wind. back to you. >> thanks. one of the nation's largest retailers is already announcing holiday deals. and then teasing customers on new product upgrades that may actually be music to your ears. a live look outside. the bay bridge toll plaza, and mike has all the news on your roadways. it's 4:38. you're watching "today in the bay."
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happy monday. it's 4:41 right now. some of the highest rainfall totals i could find was 0.2 of a rain in ukiah, and 0.1 or less around much of the bay area, and not much but a start. we'll talk about how much rain is coming our way coming up next. if it's measurable, we'll take it. we can measure the traffic as well, and it's nothing unusual. off the 880, the dumbarton bridge gets a note for the wind.
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let's check in with bertha. >> good morning, mike. good morning to you. i am bertha coombs from cnbc. markets are coming off one of the best weeks in months on the back of strong earnings from the the dow posting its best week since june for the s&p 500, and it was the best since july in nasdaq. in focus this week, we will get reports on manufacturing, housing on the economic front. in earnings, we will get more than 70 companies reporting from the s&p. we will hear from verizon, tesla, ibm and more. walmart is spreading out black friday deals and it's bringing back deals for days in november with three different events online and in stores just like
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they did last year. the first sale starts online november 3rd at 7:00 p.m. eastern, and then at stores at 5:00 p.m. local time a. couple days later on november 5th. and then the date of the third sale has not been announced yet. walmart is giving its walmart plus customers the chance to shop four hours ahead of the scheduled sale. and apple will show off the new mac mini, and they are expected to come with faster apple chips opposed to intel. and there should be improved sound quality with the apple
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pods. back over to you. >> the noise canceling is really important to me. >> is it? >> i love it. >> i like to hear what is going on in the background. >> i'm solo. coming up, meteorologist, kari hall, is here with the details. >> we have chilly temperatures settling in now that the rain is gone. slow warm-up today. we will only reach into the low 60s. we'll talk more about that and snow in the sierra. we'll take a look at that coming up next. the golden gate bridge is clear in general, and we're talking about the affect of the rain on the roadways, and we will talk about that warning as more folks hit the road. how georgia is bracing for what many believe will be hard
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to hear testimony.
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a very good morning to you. take a look at this. this is a live look at highway 80 at king vail. do you see that white stuff there? yeah, snow. all lanes are back open, however you do need chains if you are going past truckee. it's amazing to say that, because we anticipated rain and snow for so long and there you go, there you see it.
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i'm excited. >> i am excited, too. >> a trip for you. >> it's still snowing. take a look at our radar, still coming down and the forecast was for about two to eight inches. once this all wraps up and somebody goes out and sticks the ruler into the totals are. looking forward to that once the sun rises this morning. the 7-day forecast at the bottom of the screen. a cool layer moving in behind the rain and snow we're seeing in the sierra. our temperatures today, only in the low to mid-60s. it's going to feel chilly out there and only reaching 62 today in oakland. 65 in danville and in livermore, 64 degrees for a high temperature today. only up to 55 in half moon bay. 62 in palo alto. in san francisco, mostly upper 50s. we'll reach up to 61 in the mission district, and 64 today -- well, 63, we'll see
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that in santa rosa this afternoon. here's what is going on. we'll dry out, and cool temperatures continue. look at tuesday night, 8:00, the next round of rain will be coming in. starting in the north bay, off and on showers between tuesday and early wednesday morning, and then it clears out. still lingering light showers continue throughout the day on wednesday. we're transitioning to a wetter pattern here especially for the middle of the week. the rain forecast is looking decent here with the next system coming in, possibly, at least three quarters of an inch of rain up around santa rosa, and we will see for the rest of the bay area about 0.1 to a quarter inch of rain. it's looking great, but take a look at the extended forecast for the sierra. yeah, check that out. maybe a couple feet coming within the next week or so. by the end of the month it does look like that forecast is
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panning out with possibly some above average precipitation headed to the bay area and the sierra. so we're just going to take it all in. take a look at these temperatures. upper 60s for us. for the middle of the week, the next round of rain comes in late tuesday night into early wednesday. off and on showers between thursday and friday and also for the weekend in san francisco we will stay chilly here with highs mainly in the upper 50s and low 60s. mike, you are looking at treasure island? >> yeah, from the emeriville camera. we just took a look at the smooth move here, and there was a crash on the lower deck coming up to where the two levels are. there have been a smaller incident showing up on the shelter in place report, and still the note is there. overnight we had a number of
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single car crashes and it happens when the roadways are slippery. keep that in mind. we had a little rain in some of the spots, and it will be enough for the oil and grease to rise to the top and that may be extra slick this morning, so use caution. damp roadways at the very least, and the traffic and weather systems are tied together. here in san josé and los gatos here, and then over the summit you will have spotty areas where there are wet and slick roadways. back over to you. >> good advice, mike. thank you. now investigators boarded a ship operated by the mediterranean shipping company saturday in the port of long
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beach. they now believe back in january during a storm the ship dragged its anchor close to the pipeline. the pipeline only started leaking oil earlier this month. the ship started to drift to the east crossing the pipeline multiple times that morning. happening today, jury selection begins in the case of a high profile shooting that parked protests across georgia. >> we are talking about the death of ahmaud arbery. >> millions have seen the disturbing video, 25-year-old ahmaud arbery, shot and killed as he was jogging. jury selection begins in the murder trial of a father and son who grabbed their weapons and
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chased arbery down, and also a neighbor that joined the pursuit recording it on his cell phone, and the men saying they were trying to carry out a citizens arrest because they had reasonable and probable grounds of suspicion. the killing sparked protests around the country and in georgia, and many in the small town of brunswick where the trial will take place, and they are worried of what would happen outside the courthouse. >> if anything bad happens, it has to be somebody that doesn't live here and doesn't take pride in the community. people want justice and a fair trial for everyone, and basically bottom line, justice. >> jury selection in the high profile case could take up to two weeks. los angeles county wants
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vanessa bryant to undergo a psychiatric examination because of the suit she filed. palo alto is trying to go more green. city the city council is expected to prove a complete transition for the smart meters. this move would end the meter reading. the update will cost more than $18 million. installation is expected to start next year and completed by the end of 2024.
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we'll be right back. it's 4:54.
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take a look at this. drone video showing great white sharks swimming along the coast of del mar. look how close it got to that surfer there. some surfers say they were certainly caught by surprise when they saw the shark. get this, the director of the shark lab said some of the size of the sharks, they are probably just juveniles. it's typical to see them this close to the beach this time of year because the water is warmer. fans were grateful to the team for bringing back what they
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missed in 2020. yeah, the excitement of the season. jonathan bloom has a great story on the many of fans already looking forward to cheering with 40,000 of their closest friends next season. you can watch that story online at it's 4:58 right now. coming up here on "today in the bay," we're tracking your monday forecast. meteorologist, kari hall, is here with that. >> the first system moving out but there's another one behind that. we're excited about this. we'll talk about what it could mean for the bay area, coming up.
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the woman walked into the bathroom there with bright eyes, going, i'm so excited. it's raining. >> we all are. rain turning to the bay area, and there's more on tap. so exciting. meteorologist, kari hall, checking the forecast this week and what it may mean for our drought. and then rescue efforts in haiti. and then the new precautionary steps taken to ensure kids are safe from covid. this is "today in the bay." the rain is here. the rain is here. >> yay.
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