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tv   Today  NBC  October 19, 2021 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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we're back at 7:25 with a live local news update. >> watering the grass -- >> turn it off. we're in a drought. >> we're going to be having rain coming soon. all right, we will see you soon. make it a great day. the "today" show is next. kotb good morning. breaking news. mixing it up? the fda planning to allow americans to mix and match their covid boosters, according to a new report, in a an effort to make the shots as effective as possible. so what would the new approach mean for million was amecans? we will have everything you need to know. breaking overnight, ransom demand. the haitian gang behind the kidnapping of those american missionaries reportedly asking for $17 million for their release. the fbi and the state department now with teams on the
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ground, working to free the 12 adults and five children being held hostage for a fourth day. >> battle lines. former president trump blocks a request to get his records. and today's vote on holding trump's former adviser, steve bannon, in criminal attempt for defying his subpoena. >> honoring an icon. >> one of our great military leaders and a man with overwhelming decency. >> colin powell, one of the most influential political figures in history, dying after a battle with covid, a loss especially hard on the leaders he blazed a trail for. >> i lost a tremendous personal friend and mentor. >> straight ahead, how general powell's legacy is being remembered. those stories plus katie couric live. the former "today" show anchor
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opening up like never before in her new memoir. she talk about going there. >> and busting loose. >> trying to get the big guy going. and he's going! >> the tennessee titans take down the bills led by star running back derek henry and a last-second stand by its defense. >> leans forward. i don't think he got there. >> we'll have the highlights from yet another thriller in the nfl, "today" tuesday, october 19th, 2021. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb. from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. we're happy you're with us this morning. >> lots of news to get to. the fda reportedly on track to allow americans to mix and match their covid booster doses.
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>> however, the agency is not expected to recommend any one shot over the other and could suggest getting the same booster as your original vaccine when possible. >> it comes as the showdown over covid mandates intensifies with one university firing its head football coach overnight for refusing to get vaccinated. >> in a moment, we'll weigh in on that changing approach to boosters. first, megan fitzgerald has the latest. >> reporter: good morning. the president of the police union here saying a third of the police department did not comply with the mayor's vaccine mandate orders that went into effect over the weekend, which means they could lose their job. meanwhile federal regulators are working on a plan that would improve the efficacy of the j & j vaccine. this morning one step closer to a boost of immunity. the fda is expected to approve mixing and matching covid
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vaccine after researchers found levels for johnson & johnson recipients increased 15 times. that's according to reports from "the new york times" and "washington post" but not confirmed by nbc news. the government would not recommend one shot over another and it might note that using the same vaccine as a booster when possible is preferably, according to "the new york times," citing people familiar with the agency's planning. it comes after months of confusion after the biden administration publicly backed booster shots before they were approved, followed by uncertainty over whether mixing and matching boosters, particularly for those vaccine nated with j&j is advisable. as the battle over those who haven't gotten the vaccine heats up and some high-profile fallout in washington state which countries employees to get the jab or lose their job. washington state university announcing overnight it has let
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go a football team coach, along with four of his assistants for not complying with the mandate. police unions also pushing back, including in chicago where the . but only in about 65% of the police force is vaccinated. that means thousands of officers' jobs are on the line. >> there's too much government control in that you're going to tell me what i'm going to put in my body. that's my choice. >> reporter: what do you say to the mayor who says these officers swore an oath to protect the citizens of chicago? >> they're not refusing to frokt protect the citizens of chicago. the city is refusing to will the them protect the city of chicago. >> reporter: right now surpassing 45 million of infections of covid-19 and more than 730,000 deaths so sadly this pandemic is far from over. back to you.
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>> we want to turn to dr. ashish ja. thanks for being here. >> thanks for having me. there is a plan about mixing and matching the vaccine shots. how does that play out and what does it mean? >> clinically all the data says mixing and matching is fine, there's no downside and may be better, particularly if you're a j & j recipient. you don't have to worry about getting a moderna before or pfizer if you got pfizer before. you can get any as a booster and it will work as well as the original. >> if you did get the j & j, does it make sense to seek out the moderna or pfizer? >> there's one studion this, not a huge study that does seem to suggest you get a bit more of a
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short-term benefit. the most important thing is people should go ahead and get second shot if you got j&j and much more important that you get that second shot. >> if i got moderna to start, is it better to get the pfizer, for example? i'm asking is there a benefit to mixing and matching? >> if you got moderna or pfizer, i see no data that says there's any down side or that says there's an up side. it's probably the same. get which ever one is convenient. i don't think it makes a huge difference. >> and, finally, a lot of people are of course mourning the passing of general colin powell, who was vaccinated but died of covid-related complications, a breakthrough case. he's also battling cancer. what would you say to those who see that and find themselves confused about whether or not the vaccine really does protect from serious illness and death? >> is there's no question
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vaccines do prevent serious illness, not 100%. general powell was immuno compromised, battling cancer and obviously an older gentleman. part of what happens in a pandemic, we need to protect ourselves and we need to protect each other. unfortunately vulnerable people may still get a breakthrough and get in trouble. it's important not to confuse the vaccines which are working more broadly with the fact we've had too many infections in our community. >> thank you, appreciate it. >> turning to the efforts to free the 17 missionaries being held hostage by a haitian gang u.s. officials are on the ground there. there's a report the kidnappers are demanding $17 million for the group's release. sam brock joins us with more now. hey, sam good morning >> reporter: hoda, good morning. a million dollars per person,
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according to "the wall street journal. the justice minister in haiti saying this situation could take weeks to resolve as we learn more information about the reported ages of the kids being held hostage overnight a major request for ransom "the wall street journal" report reporting the gang reporting the kidnappings wants $17 million, also telling the journal the children kidnapped include a 5-month-old baby teams have been dispatched to haiti with white house officialing any potential plans to free the people under wraps >> the president has been briefed. due to operational considerations, we're montana go -- not going to go into too much detail. >> haiti is a country ravaged by extreme poverty, political instability and natural disaster
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protesters in miami calling on the u.s. to stop deporting haitians the us has pledged money and training for haitian police forces by one study kidnappings have jumped 300%. one doctor has to negotiate with gangs to get oxygen for covid patients inside. >> sometimes we have real hair raising days faces shortages can you imagine if we have 65 patients, 40 would be dead in an hour the minute they don't have oxygen that's how bad they are. >> from police to school children, no one in the country is off limits. every single day, they take at least 20 to 25 people in haiti >> every single day? >> every single day. they kidnap you. your family doesn't have no money. what do they do? they kill you. >> reporter: we have reached out
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to the office of haiti's justice minister and have not been able to independently confirm that information. he does tell "the wall street journal" he is concerned any ransom money would go to more money and ammunition >> sam brock there thank you. >> there's more to get to, including the investigation into the january 6th insurrection president trump now working to block any access garrett haake, good morning. >> reporter: the members say they fully expected this lawsuit. with tonight's vote, they're hoping to show they're still moving full steam ahead. the battle between former prum and the congressional committee investigating the january 6th
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attack on the capitol heating up this morning mr. trump continuing to fight against his actions beautiful and during the insurrection. >> if you don't fight like hell, you're not going to have a country anymore. >> reporter: his suit seeks to prevent the national archives from turning his records over saying it's an effort to distract from president biden's drop in the polls. >> there was a love fest between the police, the capitol police, and the people that walked down to the capitol >> reporter: the suit calling the it an illegal fishing expedition the committee's chairs vowing to fight, planning a vote tonight to recommend holding form are top trump aide steve bannon in trillion contempt for refusing to testify or hand over documents related to his alleged role in the insurrection attempt. ba bannon warned of the coming chaos.
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>> all hell is going to break loose tomorrow >> reporter: bannon is saying he's been legally instructed not to comply and not provide documents by trump >> people need to show up and if they don't, they need to be prosecuted >> reporter: the battle comes down to who has the right to invehicle presidential executive privilege. president trump says he can shield him from testifying and president biden says that's his call to make it's a point the courts are ultimately going to have to settle >> thank you very much we turn to the growing tributes of the life and legacy of colin powell >> that's right. flags are being flown at half staff across the country as the nation honors the former sek general and secretary of state he passed away from covid and
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also had battled cancer and parkinson's. andrea mitchell joins us with more on this remarkable life >> reporter: he was indeed a trail blazer a deck rated combat veteran, he helped reshape the u.s. military during his 35 years of military service before becoming secretary of state, serving four presidents this morning the nation paying its respects to colin powell, who spent a life time breaking barriers the son of jamaican immigrants, he rose from the rotc to four-star general, later becoming the first african-american chairman of the joint chiefs and then the first black secretary of state powell broke from republican ranks to endorse barack obama in 2008 >> i think he is a transformational figure. >> reporter: the former president reflecting that powell understood what was best in this country and tried to bring his own life, career and public statements in line with that ideal. president biden monday >> he's not only a dear friend
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and a patriot, he's one of our great military leaders and a man of overwhelming decency. >> reporter: am mentor to countless soldiers >> i feel like i have a hole in my heart >> reporter: we were with him in afghanistan in 2002. >> what's it going to take the put the country back together? >> it's going to take the entire community. >> reporter: to his regret he told the u.n. saddam hussein had weapons of mass destruction, based on false information >> we are giving you information on false intelligence. >> reporter: powell was a fierce critic of president trump. >> it's one of the most disgusting things i've ever seen as a public employee >> reporter: this viral moment from two years ago when powell's car got a flat
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a military veteran and amputee pulled over to help him fix it >> i walked up to him and said you're general colin powell and he said "yes, i am. >> i knew he was one of me >> reporter: above all, never lose faith in america. it's faults are yours to fix, not to curse america is a family. there may be differences and disputes in the family but we must not allow the family to be broken into warring factions >> reporter: despite his many accolades, perhaps powell was most proud of his dished military service, all preferring to are called general, even after serving as secretary of state. and he helped to educate many students like him. >> a life dedicated to public service. andrea, thank you. >> a great loss.
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a the lo of people are asking questions about his health and that fact that he had covid. >> mr. roker, you're talking snow >> this is outside of salt lake city they picked up about seven, eight inches of snow california has seen their driest year since 1924, reservoirs way, way down all across the state and here's the lates, t, what we're looking at today we expect to see this drought, the 2021 water year ended september 30th they've only got 50% of their average rain and snowfall. it's the second driest year in 125 years, drought emergencies in 50 of 58 counties, 87% of the state is in extreme drought. but will is good news. they got three storms stacked up
7:18 am
out across the pa scific. they'll bring rang tuesday, wednesday, thursday right into friday and that will help diminish the wildfire situation and maybe put a little bite into that drought we're going to get to your local forecast coming up in the next al set us up nicely with that explainer. a live look in san josé, a closer look at your daytime highs. we will see dry weather for the first half of the day, and by the second half, the late-evening rain expected to move in from the north to south. temperatures topping out in the upper 60s as well as low 40s yet
7:19 am
again for tonight. here's a closer look at your 7-day forecast. you have a storm moving in tonight and a second storm on thursday, and then a third storm over the weekend. 30 seconds and that's your latest weather. guys >> thank you comi up, katie couric backng i
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a very good tuesday to you. it's 7:26. i am laura garcia. here's a look at today's top stories including inspections at san francisco's chase center after a deadly fall. >> reporter: good morning, i am cierra johnson in san francisco. building inspectors will be back after two individuals fell or jumped from an upper balcony during a concert on sunday, and the building inspectors will be following up on two complaints filed days after.
7:27 am
we will bring you updates. i am kris sanchez. the mother accused of throwing parties for young teenagers could be back in the bay area to face charges as early as today. she faces 39 charges including child abuse, and sexual assault and fraud created by credit card use of an employer. let's get a look at your microclimate this morning. vianey is in for kari. >> as we step out the door, here's a closer look at your daytime highs. temperatures running a few degrees warmer and then we get a system that moves in later tonight. upper 60s for the interior valleys, and then rain will start out in the north bay overnight and becoming widespread into the early morning hours on wednesday. a closer look at your 7-day
7:28 am
forecast, a second system moves in thursday and then one on saturday, laura. >> i will be back with another local news update in half an hour. hope to see you then. have a great morning.
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we are we are back, 7:30 now, tuesday morning, 19th of october, 2021. >> we love our little spot. we're going to head outside and say hello to our friends. we're going to bundle up, too, and say, hey. >> transportation officials in washington, d.c. have taken more than half of the city's metro system train cars following last week's derailment due to a possible safety issue with wheel assemblies. more than 700 train cars were
7:31 am
pulled offline. nobody was seriously injured in that derailment but officials say they've known about a issue with wheel assembly since 2017 and are working to resolve that problem. >> now to heart stopping video out of southern california. a drone captured these images of several great white sharks swimming near a group of surfers. this happened right off the coast of del mar just north of san diego. experts say they appear to be juvenile sharks based on their size and it's fairly common to see them this time of year. thankfully nobody was hurt. >> they say football is a game of inches. that proved to be true as the bills battled the titans on "monday night football." >> derek henry into the second level and into the end zone! touchdown! >> so the titans take a three-point lead with about three minutes to go. moments later the bills march down the field, had a chance to take the lead but quarterback josh allen is stopped short on
7:32 am
fourth down and inches. the titans hold it to win 34-31. some fans are criticizing the bills for not just kicking the field goal and sending the game into overtime. that would have been the safe play. but oh well. savannah, over to you. >> thank you. katie couric who sat in this very seat at "today" for 15 years has a new memoir this month, she here to talk about it. good morning. >> hi, savannah. >> tables are turned. >> i know! >> you put it out there, it's all about grief, loss, successes, failures, breakups, boyfriends, family skeletons. >> yeah. >> why did you want to write a memoir like that? >> i couldn't imagine writing something that wasn't honest and sort of radically transparent. i didn't want to do like a victory lap or my greatest hits. i think i've had an extraordinary life, i've had incredible opportunities, as you say, i've had some huge successes and some pretty public
7:33 am
failures, too. i've embarrassed myself, i've been proud of myself. and i think one of the reasons is and you can relate to this, savannah, people always say i feel like i know you. but the box puts you in the box and the flat screen flattens and i wanted to share the messy parts, what real life was like. >> so is this the real katie? >> yeah. i think it connects with people on a very deep level and i think you see all sides of me. and my truth, i feel comfortable with that. and i think it's really -- it's such a fun ride and i think it's kind of an emotional roller coaster. and, as you said, i deal with everything. it's the whole kit and ka boodle, as my mom would say. >> you say it's honest, the publisher calls it brutally honest. you take your shots. there's some snark. are you worried about the reaction it might get?
7:34 am
>> first of all, i think it's been wildly misrepresented. i don't think the tone and the spirit and the content of the book is like the tabloid headlines i understand are kind of portraying it. i think it's actually really -- it is honest but it's very complementary about many, many people. but, yeah, listen, iin wanted to be honest and i wanted to talk about my experiences honestly. it's really about my journey. and i think i'm harshest on myself. it's very self-critical, very i think introspective. i call myself out on a lot of things because i think it most important to be honest about yourself and your own actions and behaviors and attitudes. and i think what was really interesting about this book, savannah, i graduated college in 1979 and got in business in 1980.
7:35 am
so i got to witness really seismic societal changes. so i wanted to talk about my personal story against this backdrop of a change in attitudes and how we see things very differently in 2021, in a good way. >> let's get into it. because you do chart this meteoric rise in the news business. in a way you were an overnight sensation. a lot of people know that. >> i wasn't really an overnight sensation. >> to everyone it seemed like it. >> i worked hard at local news and cnn. >> everyone has that perception that you just kind of came on to the scene and you were famous and america's sweetheart. but what did you want people to know about the boy's club that you encountered and what it was really like in the news business? >> i think early on i examined a lot of sexism, people call it casual sexism.
7:36 am
i don't think there's anything sexual about it. and i walked into a meeting with executives and a woman said that's not why katie's successful, she's successful for her breast size. that set the tone for the rest of my career. it was a very male dominated industry, run by men, very few positions for women. i've always said women need to be behind the scenes to really change things and i think you're seeing that now. >> let's talk about that because you talked openly about female mentorship. you said you had your own insecurities. you know, you felt like you had to protect your turf. those were your words. >> yeah. >> do you have regret that now? what's your perspective on it now? you said i was less welcoming when charismatic female correspondents entered my
7:37 am
sphere, there was only a few coveted spots for the women, i had to protect my turf. >> i think have mentored scores of women, many who still work on the show in the control room, hi, ladies. i think there are very few jobs for women and men are making decisions not necessarily based on the right criteria, that sometimes you do get insecure and sometimes you do get territorial. i think it's human nature. i think anyone in a high-profile position in a coveted spot and even outside the tv industry both women and men have felt that occasionally. i just was honest enough to admit it, i think. >> and to be clear, did you ever actively try to sabotage now female correspondent? >> never, never, never. i wish i had extended myself more and shown people the ropes a little bit more. but i think when people are outwardly kind of vying for your job, it is hard to be generous, i think.
7:38 am
>> let's talk about your time " were here 15 years and nine of them was with matt lauer. you wrestled with the allegations against him. what did you ultimately conclude? >> that was really, really hard and it took me a long time to come to terms. the side of matt i knew, you all knew. he was kind and generous and considerate, a good colleague. as i got more information and learned what was going on behind the scenes, it was really upsetting and disturbing. and i think -- and then i did some of my own reporting. i talked to people, i really tried to excavate what had been going on. and, you know, it was really devastating but also disgusting. and, you know, i think what i
7:39 am
realized is there was a side of matt i never really knew and i tried to understand why he behaved the way he did and why he was so reckless and callous and, honestly, abusive to other women. >> were there things in the course of writing this book you looked back on, stories and memories that you came to see in a different light? >> you know, there's always gossip in television news. and i think there was gossip here and there about certain people and, you know, i think it was a very permissive environment in the 90s and i think permissive environments often result in serious transgressions. i think back then it was sort of like you felt like it was none of your business and nobody ever came to me to talk to me about it. and i think our notion of what a consensual relationship is has changed dramatically and you have to consider the power dynamics. i'm sure you've learned a lot about this, too.
7:40 am
>> you talked about after his firing, whether -- grappling with whether to continue that friendship and you even include your actually text messages you had with matt, you kept them. where does that relationship stand now? >> we have no relationship. i think i used those text messages because i thought they were very illustrative of the way our relationship devolved and ultimately deteriorated. i thought that was a powerful way to really let the reader in to my thought process and as i got more and more information, how it was harder and harder for me to reconcile these two sides. >> talking about journalism and this is very much a journalism story. you did make an eye-opening revelation about an interview with ruth bader ginsburg, and decided to leave out newsworthy comments that she made about
7:41 am
kneeling during the national anthem. >> yeah. >> how did you justify that? it violates a cardinal rule of journalism to do that. >> i think what people don't realize is we made editorial decisions all the time. i chose to talk about this and put it in the book for a discussion. i mentioned it was a conundrum, that i asked justice ginsburg and colin kaepernick and taking the knee and how she felt about that and i did include the fact that she said it was dumb and disrespectful, it was stupid and arrogant and quite a bit of what she said. there was another line that i thought was -- i wasn't sure what she meant exactly and i thought it was subject to interpretation. what i wish i had done was ask a follow-up to clarify or just run it and let her clarify it later, but i think the most pertinent and direct response to the question about colin kaepernick i included and that's why i
7:42 am
raised it because maybe i should have done the other sentence as well. >> let me push you on it a little bit. because she did make those comments. you said in the book that you wanted to protect her. that's not an occasion where you're using that objectivity that's so important to us journalists and the question is whether that undermines us reporters where reporters are under an attack like that. >> the justice said sunshine is the best disinfect ant. the more we can be transparent and -- >> do you think you should -- >> ultimately i think i should have included it. she had to make a statement afterwards saying her comments were harsh and dismissive. i think i still believe i used the most critically important response but i think you're right, it might have illuminated it even more if i used that
7:43 am
other state. >> it's a journalism story and a personal story. you lost your husband jay when you were just 42 years old -- >> i was 41 and he was 42. >> he was 42. reading those chapters moved me to tears. how hard was it to relive that with your girls? >> you mean rewrite it? >> relive those memories of jay's passing. >> you know, it was very hard. i was very private. you know, obviously i lived this out in a very public way but i was really private because i felt like it was not my story to tell back then. this was happening to jay, not me, as my dad reminded me in the hospital. you know, it was heartbreaking. and i think -- i hope those chapters will help people deal with terminal illness and loss. i have a lot of regrets. jay and i never really talked
7:44 am
about the fact that he could die. i was terrified to give up hope. and, you know, it was devastating. and i really wrote this book for my girls. i dedicate it to ellie and carrie because i really wanted them to get to know the father they never got to know and they both called me in tears. and i think they're grateful for the book and i wanted to write a book that showed me as a person in full, you know, with imperfections and shortcomings and great success and great moments of triumph. i wanted them to see you don't have to be perfect and thins can happen and you can be resilient and move on. >> well, on a lighter note, on the "today" show, there's a lot of fun in this, too. including an offer of a date with michael jackson? you're here for the later hours,
7:45 am
you'll have to get into that one. >> i just got a text from the rabbi about that. more later. >> we'll go there later. katie, thank you for your time this morning her book is called "going there. she'll be with us in our third and fourth hours to talk more about it >> coming up, answers to questions to the loss of colin powell and questions about vaccinations that doctors are hoping to clear up first, these messages. most reliable 5g network. like 2 lines of unlimited for just $27.50 a line. that's our everyday price. plus, our plans always come with unlimited talk, text and data included. so, switch to t-mobile and get 2 lines of unlimited for only $27.50 a line. that's half the price of verizon or at&t. only at t-mobile. the leader in 5g. if you have medicare and medicaid, a unitedhealthcare dual complete plan
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7:49 am
cover making a return into the afternoon. daytime highs in the mid and upper 60s today. 67 in san josé. 65 in oakland. mid-50s for san francisco. expect to see that rain start to move in later this evening starting out in the north bay with overnight scattered showers into the early morning hours for tomorrow morning. that's your latest weather guys >> thank you inside the event being hosted by prince williams inside kensington palace today. we'll take you there live and tell you why prince harry is not attending. first, these messages. regina approaches the all-electric cadillac lyriq. it's a sunny day. nah, a stormy day. classical music plays.
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run a marathon. instead, start small. with nicorette. which can lead to something big. start stopping with nicorette. just ahead, an adorable "today" exclusive. >> a petite mom and her adorable twins are taking over tiktok she's going to join us live after your local news.
7:53 am
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visit and take control of your sight. a very good tuesday morning to you. it's 7:56. i am laura garcia. here's a look at what is happening now. i am bob redell with significant news for those that initially received the j&j vaccine. the fda expected to approve the pfizer booster shot for those that had the j&j vaccine. time now to check that microclimate forecast. vianey is in this morning. how are we looking? >> it's going to be a rainy
7:57 am
night and a rain we week ahead. we have sunshine to start out and clouds moving in and temperatures today will be comfortable, cool overall, just a few degrees warmer into the afternoon. concord, 69. notice the late-evening rain, and the first system moving in tonight around 7:00, and then more widespread at 10:00, and then we get a second and third storm that moves in the middle of the week and into the weekend. >> thank you. thank you for joining us as well. i'll be back with another local news update. see you in half an hour.
7:58 am
and there you have it- woah.
7:59 am
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it's 8:00 on "today. coming up, mix and match the fda planning to allow americans to get a different booster from their original shot what it means in the fight against the coronavirus. remembering colin powell, tributes pouring in for the former secretary of state amid questions about the breakthrough covid infection that contributed to his death
8:01 am
the special significance of the event and that monument. >> plus, touching memorial a new statue of princess diana, the new significant of the event and that monument. >> and tiny mom and big babies meet tiktok's viral sensation. a new mom's who has more than 40 million views. >> visiting today from lake tahoe. >> centennial, colorado! >> franklin, louisiana. >> portland, oregon. >> good morning to my students at cleft elementary in mendon, massachusetts! here from houston because today is our 43rd anniversary. >> wishing a happy 14th birthday to our grandson in florida
8:02 am
we love you, reilly! >> we're celebrating our eighth wedding anniversary. >> and our new arrival coming this december. >> congratulations welcome back to "today." from groceries to food so happy you are with us on this tuesday. a lot of people rely on food deliveries but how do we know what arrives is safe to eat? >> vicky wynn will have more on what you need to know tomorrow on today i hope she does not investigate insomnia cookies, which we get to our house hopefully those are okay federal health officials are expected to approve mix and match covid booster shots as early as this week but that news comes as the pushback against
8:03 am
vaccine mandates intensifies hey, megan, good morning >> good morning to you the fda is expected to allow americans to mix and match the covid vaccines but some research that really stands out here is recipients of the j&j vaccine, when they received the booster of moderna, 15 days later they're seeing a significant increase of immunity to the tune of 76 times more antibodies in the system by just getting that half dose of moderna we do know the fda is expected to approve additional boosters of moderna by the end of this week we're talking millions of americans who could be eligible for another shot meanwhile here in chicago, defiance, the president of the police union saying some 3,000 police officers have defied the mayor's vaccine mandate that went into effect over the weekend. that means these could lose their jobs
8:04 am
mayor lori light foot saying some officers have already been placed on unpaid leave this is a developing story we will continue to track >> megan fitz gerald for us. thank you. >> as we remember the late general colin powell, his family is sharing more about when he tested positive for covid-19 and the underlying health conditions that made him more vulnerable to an underlying infection. >> there are some lessons here for sure the news of colin powell's death was the result of covid-19 complications came as a shock and quickly triggered renewed focus and skepticism about the vaccines but health experts say it is not a prize that he was fully vaccinated and still vulnerable it's important people understand why. colin powell is being remembered today as a man who dedicated his life to serving his country, a four-star general, chairman of the joint chiefs, secretary of state. 'tis his death, due to covid-19
8:05 am
complications, even though he was fully vaccinated is raising questions with some vaccine sceptic suggesting it proves the shots don't work but colin powell was battling park inson' december and multiple myeloma, a blood disease that leaves his vulnerable >> what would you say to people that the virus doesn't prevent serious and death. >> there's no question that the vaccine does prevent serious and death. unfortunately people with serious illness may still have a breakthrough >> a recent study showed only 45% of those with the disease developed an adequate response to the pfizer vaccine. >> is there a lesson to be learned for people who are immuno compromised and who are already vaccinated
8:06 am
>> absolutely, number one, if you're immuno compromised, you must remain vigilant and, number two, the people around you need to be protected. >> health experts also emphasize the importance of a theyird shot general powell was scheduled to receive a booster last week before he fell ill breakthrough covid cases rarely result in death. 85% of deaths were in those over the age of 65. general powell's death is not an argument not to get vaccinated, it an argument for people to get their shot the cdc said people with severely compromised system should get a third shot 28 days after their second dose. that's because they're likely
8:07 am
not to generate the same number of antibodies. >> we've covered the news now for the boost, hoda. >> boston street performer radda rao had a surprise guest in her audience this weekend. ♪ ♪ ♪ you give me all of you ♪ >> john legend was in boston with his family. they stopped by just to listen she recognized him and admits it made her a little bit nervous. afterwards legend walked up and give her a hug and a tip and said thank you so much for singing my song. they do! >> coming up next, this mom so
8:08 am
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8:13 am
alexis larue has become a breakout star known as the tiny mom thanks to her two adorable not tin at all babies. one of her videos has more than 48 billion views on tick ktok >> hello, everybody. if you don't know who i am, yes being i'm the girl who had the video go viral >> 22-year-old alexis larue and her baby girls have become the talk of tiktok she posted this vie rat video september 27th holding her ado adorable 7-month-old twins, each baby weighs 21 pounds and tick tock fell in love. with that she's now known as the tiny mom with 48 million views and seemingly just as many questions. >> i am 115 pounds, why many
8:14 am
about 5'3" yes, my hands are a little bit big. i don't know how i could edit this video see, it would be very complicated. >> reporter: the twins were born in march weighing 6 pounds, 6 ounces and 6 pounds, 7 ounces. since then they have tripled in size she and her fiancee say the kids are just happy and healthy they now have more than 7,000 followers and a digital family album delivering an endless loop of smiles. we want to see those smiles. the girls are so sweet, camilla and elena joining us this is insane one of the first things i was thinking is i want to know what you're feeding those beautiful babies so tell us >> honestly like they -- so they are formula fed and they drink like about six ounces every fewt
8:15 am
them on my digital frame just so i can look at their sweet faces. alexis, how has it been to become a viral sensation? you put this picture up, it's cute, it's funny and now everybody he knows you guys. >> it's insane to me. i'm a stay-at-home mom. in my free time, i just did tiktok videos so it's something fun for me to do. so when i posted the video, it's a really big one that went viral, i didn't think anything of it, actually. i wasn't even going to post it. but then i posted it and the next morning i woke up and it completely blew up. it was just like i was in such shock. it was crazy. >> i love you had to show that this wasn't edit it. you're like, i couldn't edit it and now we're over here and we're moving. is it the positioning of the pictures or -- >> they're so big. >> they are big. >> yeah, i mean, a lot of people did accuse me of, like, using a
8:16 am
filter, editing the videos. but, no, i do say that it is the angle that i take the video at that exaggerates their size. but it is true, i am very small and they are relatively big babies. so it's not like it's completely fake, but the angle that i take the videos does exaggerate it. >> they are just so sweet. i'm impressed, alexis, that you can hold both those babies, that's 42 pounds, with one arm. i mean, you're amazing. >> thank you. it's crazy because even like carrying groceries, i feel like i can't do it, but then when it comes to my baby, like when you're a mom, you just find the strength. >> and what with their dad? what does he think about all of this attention? because y'all are -- the three of you are stars. >> i think that he' hours during the day and the so
8:17 am
crazy. i think for both of us. >> it's really fun. and your babies are just giving a lot of people something to smile about. so thank you for sharing those cutis and tell them to wake up already. >> i know. >> and we want the gerber people to come calling because it's time. and if you want to see only more photos and videos of these adorable twins, we'll have them for you, let's go over to al for a check of the weather. >> nobody is as cute as those two. warm temperatures from wichita up to green bay, 73. staple in detroit and cincinnati, st. louis at 75 degrees. and as we move into tomorrow, look at this, this warmth making its way to the east. d.c. will be 77. rochester, new york, 68 degrees. that's 10 degrees above average. even memphis, 80 degrees and as we head toward the latatrtte pa of the week, temperatures do cool off. for example, pittsburgh thursday, 68. by saturday in the upper 50s, low 70s into raleigh.
8:18 am
by saturday, new york city will be down to 64 degrees, but still, nice and good morning. live look in walnut creek. starting out chilly and also some sunshine but we'll see clouds make their return and also rain on the way. so daytime highs for today will be upper 60s for the interior valley, 69 in concord, 67 in san jose. upper 50s and low 60s around the bay and coastline and expect that rain to move into the north bay, overnight bringing showers to the south bay into early tomorrow morning. >> don't forget, check us out on our today show radio siriusxm dhanl 108. but in the meantime, pop start. >> let's get right to it. princess diana, a reception
8:19 am
atkinsington palace to remember diana and thank you for those who helped make a new statue possible. molly hunter is here with all the details. hey, molly. >> reporter: hey, guys, good morning from a windy kensington palace. kensington palace says tonight is a private event. we understand there will be a lot of high profile donors and ben factors there to celebrate the life and legacy of princess diana. this morning, preparations are under way for a party for a princess. months after harry and williams unveiled this statue, today, a larger private reception postponed because of covid, a moment to acknowledge those who made the statue possible. >> this wasn't paid by the british nation. it wasn't paid by the uk government. it was paid by donations and ben factors. >> reporter: now open to the public overloo a sunken garden.
8:20 am
both brothers worked closely with the sculptor to bring their vision to life there had even about hope that the memory of their mother migh. and then i think people thought maybe october will be the moment they come together, and those hopes have been dashed. >> reporter: but today, only one of her son's will be here to greet princess diana's supporters. harry, meghan, lily and heal the rift between them at home in the u.s., harry and megan recently teaming up after a world wind trip to new york city last month. while here in the u.k. prince william focusing on the earth shot prize, the environmental awards over the weekend speaking passionately about climate change
8:21 am
>> we need some of the world's greatest brains and minds. >> both sons separately doing the kind of work that would make their mother so proud. >> now, carson, of course they question are we going to see those brothers together any time soon you heard there are a lot of crossed fingers on this side of the atlantic that maybe, just maybe harry and megan might fly o her over for her very first christmas. that's major material. >> molly hunter. >> and the guy on the bike is excited for the story. next up, adele it seems like the pop superstar is everywhere since she released new music last week. the british native sat down for a blind taste test of traditional british food and
8:22 am
revealed the one item she keeps in her purse whenever she eats out. >> is this is fry up is this a fry up it's a fry up. british bacon! this might be controversial because i like sauce on my beans. sometimes they put this on that was so vinegary. that's why i carry heinz ketchup in my bag everywhere >> pittsburgh steelers will be happy. >> you can never say that adele's not prepared when she shows up a 95-year-old comedy legend is back with his new classic the original film sold the story of civilians throughout history with his slapstick style of comedy
8:23 am
the movie will be co-written and produced by ike bairnholtz, "the history of the world part 2," set to stream on hulu. 95 >> incredible. taylor swift, paul mccartney, drew barrymore and christina aguilera will help to induct the incoming class of hall of famers this year's ceremony is celebrating the go-goes and jay-z and marking honors for tina turner and the fu fighters siriusxm. finally, it will hair on hbo, hbo max and sirius xm. yesterday you were among the honorees, hoda, the annual event
8:24 am
that celebrates the most o outstanding female leaders in the field of communication your good friend maria shriver was there. you left us with pearls of which is -- wisdom >> if you want something bad enough, say it to yourself i as you wanted kids and i looked at joel answered said i want you to think about this for a minute because i'm about to ask you something very important, take a week and think about it he looked scared and i said i would like to explore adoption with you and he paused for a nano second and said i don't need a week, i don't need a minute, the answer is yes so say your dreams out loud. if you speak them, sometimes they do come true. >> i want a new ford, i want a new ford
8:25 am
>> you're so shallow, carson >> do you know who the friend was who told me to speak it out loud, even if you whisper it in the bathroom mirror? >> a former matrix winner. >> where's your matrix where's pop start's matrix >> our friend molly hunter >> congratulations, hoda so sawawesome. >> that was amazing. >> what if we want more "pop start" >> i'm hosting "pop start plus," amazing moments from the "today" vault, weekdays at 12 p.m. and we invite you to join us today >> who is a little rusty when it comes to your morning routine? >> if you've forgotten how to get ready, you are not alone
8:26 am
we have some no-fuss products to get you out of the home. but first, these messages. very good morning to you. it is 8:26 right the now. a south bay statue one step closer to being removed. the statue sits in downtown san jose. falson once served as mayor and captain of the mexican-american war. the art commission agreed on endorsing its removal. city council members will vote on the recommendation next month. let's get a look at that forecast. a chilly start to our day. >> it really is.
8:27 am
we started out in the low 40s. now climbing into the mid-50s. san jose right now 47 degrees. so still pretty chilly out there but notice by 10:00 a.m. in the mid-50s and also we'll notice an increase in cloud cover. topping out in the upper 60s today and then we've got rain moving in later tonight, starting out in the north bay, becoming start youred and spreading southward into the overnight hours and early wednesday morning so tomorrow morning if you have to get up for work early expect a wet commute. second system moves in on wednesday and third system on saturday. >> thanks so much. thank you for joining us as well. another update is coming up in about a half hour. see you then.
8:28 am
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good morning, everybody. it's 8:30 now, tuesday morning, the 19th of october. it feels like fall i might say it feels a little wintry
8:31 am
>> brisk >>. >> coming up, guys, we are helping you put your best face forward. if you've abandoned your make-up routine during the pandemic, this morning we have a no-fuss product to get you out real quick. >> and the latest "read with jenna" book, wait until you hear how a message in a bottle changed the course of his life >> and othe past 150 years that have been the most popular and the author who sorted through all of them. >> later on the third hour from pumpkins to costumes to candy, it's our halloween consumer confidential vicky has tips for staying safe and a plan to scare up some savings for us
8:32 am
>> and hoda sits down with olivia newton john guys, remember look at the guy -- >> and, by the way, she said they actually made that music video up because she thought it was too riske. >> it was. >> pretty cool >> and check of the weather. al >> i'm channelling that guy. ne that move let's show you what we have. starting off with "today," beautiful day in the eastern third of the country i mean sunny skies things kind of quiet really, mountain snows in the rockies, wind will be picking up out west as we move into tomorrow, much welcomed rain into the pacific northwest, some strong storms in the upper plains turning milder
8:33 am
and here's a live look right now in san jose. everything is dry for now but rain will move in later this evening. current temperatures 47 degrees, 40s throughout. bumping up into the mid-to-upper 60s by this afternoon. here's a closer look at your seven day forecast. the rain will move in late tonight into early tomorrow for the first system and then a second system that moves in on thursday. a third system moves in on saturday. also expecting sierra snow with dangerous travel. check those road conditions. cool temperatures all the way. that's your latest weather these folks have come the furthest from guam >> my name is naomi. >> barbara >> from guam, i love it! >> just ahead, the make-up products that will help you go the extra mile when you need a the extra mile when you need a for people living with h-i-v,h keep being you.
8:34 am
and ask your doctor about biktarvy. biktarvy is a complete, one-pill, once-a-day treatment used for h-i-v in certain adults. it's not a cure, but with one small pill, biktarvy fights h-i-v to help you get to and stay undetectable. that's when the amount of virus is so low it cannot be measured by a lab test. research shows people who take h-i-v treatment every day
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and get to and stay undetectable can no longer transmit h-i-v through sex. serious side effects can occur, including kidney problems and kidney failure. rare, life-threatening side effects include a buildup of lactic acid and liver problems. do not take biktarvy if you take dofetilide or rifampin. tell your doctor about all the medicines and supplements you take, if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, or if you have kidney or liver problems, including hepatitis. if you have hepatitis b, do not stop taking biktarvy without talking to your doctor. common side effects were diarrhea, nausea, and headache. if you're living with hiv, keep loving who you are. and ask your doctor if biktarvy is right for you.
8:36 am
back now with back at it today. with life looking a little more normal today, work, weddings are all picking up and that means you're probably busting out of that make-up routine for the first time >> and our beauty expert is here with five multi purpose products you can shop along which using the qr code you see. hi, christina. good morning you have a fwgorgeous model and you're going to start making up alexa's face. >> i am. i've already applied her base. you always want to start off with a base. spf i'm using the tinted moisturizer. it has spf 35 so you have your sunscreen covered for the day. >> you put the liquid found ace right on the brush >> yes, i did. if you want more, you can always apply more
8:37 am
it's perfect for that make-up-no make-up look >> after you do the base, you use a bronzer. even in wintertime do you do a bronzer like that? >> absolutely. i'm really excited about this brand. it called -- it's so cute, right? >> looking like lipstick >> it's mango people it's a new brand it south asian founded they're really known for their pigments >> i've never seen bronzers like this >> what? >> so you want to apply it to the perimeter of the piece you just add a little bit of warmth as you said, we're not seeing the sun as much these days >> what kind of brush is that? is that a spongy brush >> no, it's a fan brush. it's great for blending. >> and contouring, too is that what's happening on the cheeks >> we're contouring a little bit but we're not getting that harsh contour. you get a more subtle warmth and
8:38 am
definition to your face. >> so you got to work that in. >> blend that in >> we're hanging on every word here blend that on in >> let me move around here >> and is this a blush, a stick blush that we have in. >> they call it a multi-stick. >> that is for the brand nudestix it's a pigment that you can use on your eyes, lips and your cheeks i'm actually going to use it as a blush on alexa and also a lipstick let me get around on the other side of her. smile there. >> way to go, alexa. >> and i'm going to blend it upwards toward her temple. >> what are you blending with? with the stick itself or is it another brush? >> actually, on the other side of the brush is a tiny brush so it's so incredibly convenient, especially if you're in a rush, say you're getting ready in the back of a car we've all been there
8:39 am
>> she has a rosy glow now >> i'm going to apply it on her lips, too. >> is it buildable, if you want it to be a little thicker? >> absolutely. >> isn't that great to just have a couple things in your purse instead of a huge purse? >> let's do brows and mascara. >> we have this brow gel, it has a really skinny applicator all you have to do is brush upwards. >> oh. >> and you're going to get more color. >> we see. >> yeah. fills >> so if you were a victim of overplucking, like many of us were, it really fill it is in. >> i like that >> what about the mascara? >> the mascara is from a brand called kosas what i love about it is that it actually has castor oil in its formula.
8:40 am
so i'm going to let alexa apply this herself because we're all particular about how we apply our mascara. castor oil is known to help your lashes grow. so you're getting length and volume and a treatment for your lashes >> by the way, i can't believe you're applying mascara. >> let's see your beautiful face it looks really good and natural, too >> a beautiful glow. >> scan the qr on your screen if you're interested in the products products >> coming up, wait until you
8:41 am
alright, here we go, miller in motion. wha — wait, wait, is that a... baby on the field?? it looks like it, craig. and the defensive linemen are playing peek-a-boo. i've never seen anything like that before. harris now appears to be burping the baby. that's a great moment right there. the ref going to the rule book here. what, wait a minute! harris is off to the races! we don't need any more trick plays. touchdown!! but we could all use more ways to save. are you kidding me?? it's going to be a long bus ride home for the defense. switch to geico for more ways to save.
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8:43 am
of this pick i thought "a gentleman in moscow" was a great book >> you're such a reader. >> he's a book worm, carson. >> i'm so lucky i got to catch up with him. what you may not know is that the gifted man that wrote this novel put his writing career on hold to pursue a whole different path on wall street. but in his 40s, he sat down and decided it was time to give his dream a shot proving it's never too late >> my friends really didn't even think of me as someone who wrote fiction, my colleagues didn't know i wrote fiction >> reporter: his story reads like one of his novels, a jour journey inspired by books, adventures and detours i've read you were 7 years old when you knew you desired to right. fate would send him a literal message. you're 10 years old, you write him a note in the bottle, you
8:44 am
put it into the ocean and you receive a note back. >> i didn't say help, it wasn't an s.o.s. note a man from "the new york times" found the bottle we corresponded until i was 18 then eventually i met him. >> he went on to pursue writing at yale university and received a masters degree in english from stanford after garage raduation, he moveo new york city, intending to write but his plans changed. >> i didn't see the work going very well, i was lonely and broke. a friend of mine started an investment firm and i joined the firm >> reporter: he went on to have a successful career in finance but he couldn't lose his first love g >> the first ten years i was in that industry, i stopped writing, which was a little anxiety provoking. i was worried i wouldn't go back to it. >> reporter: in his 40s, he gave his dreams another chance. he worked full time on wall
8:45 am
street and spent husband weekends righting. "rules of civility" came from an old note he wrote to himself >> is it true you would write things and hide them in drawers? >> i had had 20 years before i wrote that book. it was on a little piece of paper saying, oh, wouldn't it be interesting if >> five years of weekend work and it became a breakout best seller what did it feel like to tell your boss, tell the world -- >> i finished the draft without talking to anybody, got an agent. i kept all that private because you're like that's probably not going to work out. >> reporter: his retirement from the finance world gave him the freedom to write half a decade later he reached the best sell are list again with "a gentleman in moscow. >> do you ever ask yourself why did i wait so long >> yes i feel like i'm four books behind
8:46 am
>> his readers grateful he's writing. >> you're really hoping it will resonate with someone and provide a comfort or law or an insight they haven't had before or maybe just pass the time. then to hear back from those people, that's one of the most beautiful things about the modern era >> it almost like getting a letter back in a bottle. >> that's right. >> reporter: during the pa pandemic, he split his time between work and his study what do you think the walls would say if they could talk >> it's very quiet and his study is surrounded by unique objects >> i went out and got the wholee true for the group of postcards from the era,
8:47 am
>> momementos of a dream atthatm true for this writer >> the american renaissance writers, i like to keep them close at hand. >> i wonder if you could put the lincoln highway here and be okay with that. >> some other kid's desk one day, i hope. >> y'all, his books are on desks all across -- at least with us "the lincoln highway" just hit number one on "the new york times" best seller list and ai saw his journal for his new book he wouldn't let me peek inside but i took a picture but i did get a text from somebody we all know >> don't roll your eyes. >> does it rhyme with oprah? >> yes she wrote me this in june, back at you, sister i suspect you're the one that claimed willie and billy on the
8:48 am
lincoln highway. if so, good on you." >> it the book club that she and oprah and reese and all her besties -- >> lilly and willie are the two main characters in -- i said i got this text from oprah, she loved your book. he blushed a little. he's just an incredible, brilliant writer >> do you rub it in oprah's face that you got it for your book club and not her book club >> i did not rub it in her face. i told her i couldn't help it. >> i know al roker, my only book club member sitting here enjoyed it >> i love seeing how much you love it. it like this tickles me. >> i support when they come out on movies. moscow" is
8:49 am
coming out in a movie. speaking of the >> i'm just going to text beyonce. can you help me? >> speaking of the times, we're cooking up a stir fry and a cooking up a stir fry and a wildly popular ce.ak
8:50 am
i drop off and pick up my kids from school so, i can't work early. or late. and i need to make enough to make it worthwhile. i can only work two days a week. and it can't interfere with my other job. i can do full-time. just not daytime. and i need benefits. good ones. and you know, it would be nice if you paid for my tuition. like all of it. ♪ ♪ ♪
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back now it is 8:51. we're digging into some of the the "new york times" most popular recipes. >> more than a thousand drinks and recipes can be found in the one of a kind book, the essential ""new york times" cook dht book >> amanda is the founder she spent years trying and tasting all these recipes. >> tough job, amanda >> how on earth did you narrow it down? >> i talked to readers the "times" helped me, fellow writers.
8:52 am
>> it's too heavy. >> it's about a thousand just short of. >> it's the biggest cookbook i've ever seen >> it's got it all, got it all >> you picked these two, though. these are some of your favorites? >> yes, in the new edition this is a spicy beef stir fry. it can be as spicy as you want pt the first thing you do is you want to grind garlic and chiles to a paste you can just do it in a food processor. so if you are not -- yes, yes. that would be great. let me scrape more of this off >> mmm, it smells good >> you don't want it to brown. we are going to add actually, you know what, we're going to add -- no, not yet that's chicken stock i'm going to turn this up.
8:53 am
do you want to add the beef? >> yes, i'll do it i'll do it with this i'm in what kind of beef did you pick >> it's tender loin. you want to slice it thin so it cooks quickly. this is chicken stock. do you want to add things? >> yes >> this is oyster sauce. >> you it tell me when >> then soy sauce and fish sauce. pour that right in >> al, how is it over there? >> i'm just about done >> did you eat yours already >> just about. >> that's why hoda's doing that, we won't let her eat it. >> that is not kind! >> how long do we cook this? it super quick, right? >> it very quick >> you basically want to coat the beef with the vegetable oil.
8:54 am
>> got it. got it go, carson >> this looks yummy. >> now we're going to let that cook you're going to just cook the beef through and then add lime leaves -- have you ever smelled these? >> can i smell >> wow that is fragrant >> it's just rice and -- >> oh my god mmm! i stopped listening, it's so good >> oh, my gosh that's the most flavorful rice i've ever had. >> so this and -- okay, i'll get back to that so this recipe is called -- a southern indian dish called kurd rice can i put you to work again?
8:55 am
>> oh, man >> poor hoda >> this is yogurt and cooked rice it's actually served cold. >> wait, what? that's wild. >> we've got some oil in here. oops, did i just break this? okay, great. so you want to heat the oil and then you're going to add mustard seeds. so these are the black mustard seeds. >> that's greek yogurt in the rice >> we dumped yogurt in >> can you use any kind of yogurt you like. just stir it up. as soon as these start popping,. >> what if you don't have those? >> we're basically a the mustard seeds, we're going to add cashews and -- if you
8:56 am
do >> if you don't have these available, can you just use a spice you have >> is this separated by chicken chapters >> it's organized pretty traditionally but then the recipes in the chapters are organized chronologically. >> what do you put in there? >> now we're going to add some chiles >> we're going to run out of time >> all right, all right. a very good morning to you. it's 8:56. a mother accused of hosting out of control parties for young teenagers may be back in the area as soon as today to face charges. she's accused of providing alcohol to minors and
8:57 am
encouraging them to have sex. police arrested her last week in idaho where she now lives. there were ten underage boys and ten underage girls in the home where they arrested her. last week she was extradited. happening now, chris sanchez is following developments at midday from our home page. link more to the back story. the scene of two falls on sunday night. one of them deadly. happened during a fish concert. head to our home page we have full details there.
8:58 am
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4:30 to 7:00.
9:00 am
live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza, this is the third hour of "today." >> good morning and welcome to the third hour of "today." today happens to be national new friend day. did you know that was a thing? >> i didn't know that. >> dylan and i have talked about this for a while. when you're an adult sometimes and you have careers and kids, it's hard to make new friends. >> drake has no new friends if you listen to drake. >> happy new friends


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