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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  October 19, 2021 11:00pm-11:34pm PDT

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and reaching a breaking point. a man demand changes after confrontations like this one at city hall. slander, bigotry and hatred are completely unacceptable. >> hold that double double. in and out forced to temporarily close its doors. why this san francisco location is making national headlines. and developing at this hour, a facelift for facebook. a major change facebook is reportedly about to make. good evening. you might be able to hear it now. the rain has arrived. this is san francisco. the windshield wipers in full effect. the first of three storm that could bring a significant amount of rain to the bay area this week. let's get right to jeff ranieri with an important update. >> we've got the storm system
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sitting just offshore. the main storm front. we're getting ahead of it some of the wind gusts of about 15 to 40-miles-per-hour. he sow it is exactly what we've been wanting with the drought and that fire danger. as we get a closer look here, you will see the widespread rainfall across marin, napa, sonoma county. we've seen about .500 to a quarter of an inch. we do have a couple heavier pockets. you can see this moving offshore in daly city at 11:27. let's move it a little more to the north and the east. this complex right here now starting to move into emeryville, into berkeley at 11:08. martinez at 11:45. some heavier rainfall with that. where do we go from here? once we hit 11:30 tonight, we'll see the storm system pushing in. it will break up a little bit in the early morning hours but i think we'll keep more rainfall chances in the east bay
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peninsula and a little in the south bay. we'll talk about the stronger storm system for sunday and monday. it's here in a big way. thank you. jeff is here tracking the storm on twitter. he just posted this update within the last hour. it is a good resource for you. his handle, at jeff ranieri. first the vaccine mandate. now the follow-through. our investigative unit has confirmed that 40 san francisco cops have been placed on leave because they haven't been vaccinated for covid. 59 other unvaccinated officers already on leave for other reasons could be next. sources tell us that they returned to work and have not gotten their shots. those 59 cops will be placed on leave. this is pathway for termination. that's a total of 99 office here's could be fired if they don't get vaxxed. there are about 2,100 total officers on the force for sfpd
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so this would be just under 5% of the force who could be fired. the police officer's union sending up the statement that says, unfortunately, the city's rush to terminate office letters make our city less safe. the city has botched and bungled this process from the beginning. first approving all religious exemption requests and then demanding a doover to reject every religious exemption request. you simply can't make this incompetence up. san francisco is experiencing a shooting and retail theft epidemic and fewer officers will only make things worse. we have reached out to the mayor's office for comment but have not heard back quite yet. also developing, facebook is reportedly changing its name. the ceo mark zuckerberg reportedly told the verge that in the coming years, facebook will transition from a social media company to what he calls aa meta verse company.
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a name change might be announced at the annual connect conference. it will likely put it next to whatsapp and others under a parent company. it refers to a virtual world zuckerberg wants to bull. he also said that more than 10,000 employees are working to build consumer hardware like augmented reality glasses that he predicted will be as popular as smartphones. new at 11:00, these demonstrators crossed the line. they were outside the home. los gatos mayor calling for her to resign and the mayor's husband to be arrested. this group is upset with the policy. tonight they had a protest like the one outside the mayor's home. terry mcsweeney. >> reporter: about a dozen protesters, one that w a mega
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phone, outside the home this evening. among other things, they don't like her pro lgbtq policies. >> she's promoting all these groups, none of which are family orren. all of them are anti-family. anti-family. anti-pro creation. okay? that's kind of scary when you think of where we're going. we now have gender neutrality in our town. what is that about? we have rainbow cross walks. >> reporter: the los gatos police officer stopped by to inform about the noise ordinance. the mayor that while the agreements are part of the process -- >> however, slaner, bigotry and hatred are completely unacceptable. >> those who called in agreed with the mayor. >> we can and must do better. >> reporter: this disruption at a town council meeting this
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month is exactly what they were speaking with though they said it was the mayor's own husband who had to be restrained while shouting outside this meeting, politics getting personal. other mayors have been targeted. libby schaaf had her house defaced. tonight in los gatos, the protesters gathered as quickly as they dissipated. the los gatos mom accused of throwing alcohol-fueled sex parties for teenagers is back in the bay area. shannon o'conner had a different look when she arrived at the airport today. these photos were iginla to us by a passenger who was on the flight from idaho. she was in a wheelchair. you see her being escorted by sheriff's deputies. he with spoke to a mother who identified herself as a victim's mom. she was waiting for her to
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handle. >> she 100% lied to us. she gained our trust and she betrayed our trust. it is very, very violating. it is not just the parents. it is us as moms. we feel super violated and it is hard to process. she faces 39 charges of child abuse and sexual assault. among others, giving alcohol to them and many other go then encouraged others. this is a disturbing case getting national headlines. we spoke with long time bay area defense attorney who has worked several high profile trials. >> usually when i've seen cases like this one, parent do these crazy parties and give a bunch
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of alcohol and do this stuff for kids, i've generally seen it charged as contributing to the delinquency of a minor. out of recognition, you know that kids are like, hey, let's party. but this is an interesting charging thing because in this instance, there is none of that. the sort of tenor of the charging is all that she caused all these kids to do, you know, these things. >> connor was arrested in idaho. there were ten underage boys and two underage girls in the home where she was staying. investigators are trying to determine if she'll face charges in idaho as well. a bay area woman found safe after disappearing in the sierra national forest. from palo alto, she was reported missing sunday afternoon after becoming separated from her group on huntington lake.
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both survived temperatures as low as 17 degrees. searchers finally spotted her about four miles away. she was not hurt and reunited with her friends. happen burgers and politics. not a good mix. bay area in-n-out burgers are being required to comply with the covid guidelines and because they are not, many locations are being shut down. >> reporter: san francisco health officials shut down this in-and-out burger. it is now allowed to be open but because they refuse to have staff checked for vaccination proof, no one can eat inside. >> i'm kind of sad about the fact that we can't eat inside. >> reporter: they are ordering to go tonight. health officials said they issued a notice of closure for the jefferson restaurant last week after responding to 311
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complaints in september about staff not checking for proof of vaccinations. it is now open with no indoor dining. >> my understanding is they were given over two weeks to comply. >> reporter: the executive director of the golden gate restaurant said if smaller restaurants can follow the rules, so can in and out. >> it's pretty selfish. there are a lot of children that are not vaccinated yet. we know the 5 to 11-year-olds aren't. we know there are a lot of immuno compromised folks out there that are exposed. >> reporter: customers in line say they are glad the doors are open but believe the chain should follow the rules. >> they should not be allowed to circumvent the laws everyone else is following. >> if that's the rule, they should follow it. >> reporter: in and out is violating rules in pleasant hills. they have been issued two notices of fines totally $750
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for failing to have proof of vaccination. as aut burgers strongly believes in the highest form of customer service and that means serving all customers who visit us and making all customers feel welcome. we refuse to become vaccination police for any government. nbc bay area news. mixing and matching covid vaccines. as early as tomorrow, the fda could not only authorize fully vaccinate americans to get a booster shot but also okay receiving a different brand than originally received. the move comes after new research shows that antibody levels rose 76 fold when those who got the johnson & johnson vaccine received a modernaa booster. the fda is expected to sign off on moderna and j&j boosters this week. it will then be reviewed and then approved by the cdc. here's another promising sign. california's positivity rate has dropped below 2%. compare that to january 1st when
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our positivity rate was at 17%. not out of the woods yet though. california is now back in the cdc's orange tier for transmission. orange means substantial. the state's seven-day average was 60 cases per 100,000 people. to go back to the yellow tier. the moderate level. that number has to drop below 50. keep in mind, it is still below the transmission rate in the country. speaking of that yellow tier, marin county has reached it. if it stays there the next two weeks marks rin county will likely meet the criteria to completely lift its manner to mask mandates. that's because they also cleared another threshold. more than 80% of the population eligible is fully vaccinated in marin. we are back in 60 seconds. still ahead, searching for answers after two separate falls during a concert at chase center. what we've learned about the man who died plus the red flag that another man is raising about the arena. also, 30 years since the
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oakland hills fire. look back a tragedy and a look to the future. what the fire department is asking the city not to do. and thankfully, we are getting some rainfall to help our immediate fire danger right now. we'll track this and two more storms back behind it. coming up in about six minutes.
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tomorrow netflix employees are staging a walkout. this will has been at the company's hollywood offices, not the los gatos headquarters. they're angry about the content of dave chappell's special. yesterday netflix co-ceo dodged questions with the special. he deflected multiple questions about companies' culture and finally said no comment. his show has been criticized by
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several lgbtq groups as being transphobic. netflix employees plan to submit a list of demands at the rally. questions about the safety of chase center after two reason falls at a concert. we spoke to the man who nearly fell and said the stage is dangerous. inspectors spent the day investigating. we're learning the new york man who died jumped from timer deck. he did not fall. why is unclear. another man who did fall landed on a fan below sending both to the hospital. tonight an architect and fish fan at the show said he nearly fell getting to a seat in the front row of the upper deck. >> i deal with codes every day and i just want to be, to feel safe when i'm at a warrior game or a show with my friends. the general consensus among me and my friends is that the space
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felt, the conditions felt unsafe. >> he also filed a explain with the city of san francisco. as of now, no changes have been announced at chase center. a concert is scheduled tomorrow and the warriors play their home opener on thursday. google is giving some land back to san jose so it can build affordable housing near its new village. the mercury news reporting that google is giving three parcels back to the city for free. the land is right next on google's proposed transit village that will consist of office buildings, homes, restaurants and much more. we've outlined and shadowed that map for you. these parcels are at north montgomery street and north autumn street and across from the northern parking lots of the sam center along the arena. google plans to build 1,000 affordable homes in the village. in addition, another 240 affordable homes are built on the land that is just returned to san jose.
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gaining ground, the estrada fire in santa cruz county is 90% contained. it started as a controlled burn last friday but it quickly got out of control prompting evacuations. cal fire will be conducting an internal review. about 150 acres have burned so far near watsonville. for those of us here 30 years ago, this is an anniversary we will never forget. october 19, 1991. the oakland berkeley firestorm ignited near the called cot and killed 25 people. more than 3,000 homes were also destroyed. >> it was like a parking lot. you couldn't move. the cars were from the top of the hill. >> reporter: gordon made it out alive but 25 others did not. >> people literally had to run for it. >> reporter: more than 3,000 homes were destroyed including
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the father of mayor libby schaaf's father. >> we went through everything. >> reporter: 30 years ago, robert lipp was a rookie firefighter on his day off. he just happened to live right on the edge of the fire. >> you just have to maintain your vigilance, readiness at all times. not just as a firefighter but as a community member. >> reporter: in the last three decades, technology has vastly improved, allowing for better communication among fire agencies. one. key issues only day. also more than 90% of homeowners are now complying with the city's vegetation management requirements. but the fire department said there's one problem on the horizon. and they're not referring to climate change. >> we continue to push for a narrowing, a limiting of that volume of the development in the oakland hills. >> reporter: over the summer the city's fire chief sent this letter urging the city to
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prohibit building of accessory dwelling units in the fire prone hills. >> adding to the fuel load, adding to the number of people living in the areas. and adding to the likely number of vehicles that will follow. >> reporter: mayor schaaf said when granding units for inlaw units in the oakland hills, they should take into account the evacuation routes. >> that doesn't mean we should not stop hearing new ways to accommodate fire safety as well as our need to build cities. >> reporter: in oakland, nbc bay area news. >> jeff ranieri back with us. i remember that day. we were not used to fires and the skies were orange like we saw a couple years ago. it was just alarming. >> and that is one of the first things that flashes back in our minds along with the napa fires this time of year up to the north bay. here's the good news. it is what we've all been
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wanting. we've been asking for with that rainfall. and we have enough here to at least help with that immediate fire danger. there is no lightning associating with it. we'll get through this storm system with no problem. you can see on storm ranger, we have that scattered rain over the north bay. so far about .500 to a quarter of an inch. the first rainfall over the east bay moving off toward the north and the east. this would pick up the rainfall at 11:38. the second area is just leaving san francisco and it is also moving to the north and the east, expecting that heavier rain to continue into oakland at 11:44 and just after midnight, picking up in orinda. we'll get some showers over the east bay, the peninsula. a little for the south bay.
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as we roll through tomorrow morning, we'll be left with the cloud cover. it is a good time of year to check the tires. we haven't had a whole lot of rainfall in the last year and we're heading into this really wet period. so make sure you check the tire pressure. also the treads to see what kind of shape they're in. when it comes to rainfall, we're looking at a quarter to a half inch. a quarter inch or less for most of the bay area and right there, around a half of an inch. as we get you started for tomorrow morning's forecast, 50s to low 60s. a nice start for october. it will be real comfortable for us. a little chilly but you've got your jacket. daytime highs tomorrow don't really warm up a whole lot. cool in santa rosa.
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then in san jose, 67 degrees. then we get another storm system thursday into friday. the one we're watching for is saturday night into monday. that's one that could bring us a problem. san francisco hangs on with 50s as we head through the next seven days. on and off rain chances through next monday and into the inland valley, thursday into friday, higher totals have run an inch into the north bay. and then saturday night into monday, we could see an inch and a half of rainfall. i still need to see more consistency with the rain system but we could see some flooding problems. we'll keep you updated. >> for tonight, it will be good sleeping weather with the rain. >> i can't wait. thanks. happening now, a statue is one step closer to being removed. the statue of thomas fallon.
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he once served as mayor of san jose and was a captain in the mexican-american war. some call it a statue of imperialism. the removal was endorsed. the city council will vote on it in a month. every single day, we're all getting a little bit better. we're better cooks... better neighbors... hi. i've got this until you get back. better parents... and better friends. no! no! that's why comcast works around the clock constantly improving america's largest gig-speed broadband network. and just doubled the capacity here. how do things look on your end? -perfect!
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because we're building a better network every single day.
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chinatown business owners are getting hit with lawsuits. dozens of small businesses have been slammed with these lawsuits claiming their shops are not in compliance. those identifying lawsuits are predatory attorney who's shake down these mom and pop
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businesses. supervisors are calling for changes at the state and federal levels. >> what we want to have happen is to have them have an opportunity to get support to address the issue. and some time to address the issue before they can be taken to court. >> business and community leaders across chinatown have been on alert after roughly 100 businesses were hit with such lawsuits. exposure to covid has grounded buses in an east bay school district. nearly 1,300 berkeley students are without buses after transportation staffers were exposed to the virus. it affected 11 drivers which is more than half the district's force as well as the dispatcher and scheduler. up next, the warriors tip off the season against the lakers. we'll tell you who was sitting courtside and how this game ended.
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los angeles. national tv against the lakers. a lot of celebs in the house. that was adele. usher, james cordon, jalen ramsey, jack nicholson, most importantly, klay thompson. hopefully he'll be healthy by january. the warriors came alive in the fourth quarter. the newcomer from the sacramento kings. get used to him. he had 15 points. steph curry said he felt like trash. watch the passing here. he gets to andrew wiggins. he finishes with the three. the warriors beat the lakers 121-114. they look good tonight. a nice way to start the season. the home opener is thursday night at chase center against the clippers. the hockey season starting after opening the scenic with a win. the sharks were in montreal tonight looking for the win
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number two against the habs here. ricky scored the first two goals of his career. the sharks win 5-0. they're now 2-0 on the season. they play in ottawa on thursday. we're back in a moment. if you're working from home, you're probably driving less. maybe a lot less. at metromile, we think you should be paying less for your car insurance; a lot less.
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the rain is here and it looks beautiful outside. this is a look at a wet golden gate bridge. jeff? what can we speck overnight? >> a spotty rainfall. no problems as we roll through tomorrow morning, we'll keep that spotty rain chance with us. a second system thursday and friday. then saturday night into monday, that's where we could see one and a half to two and a half inches. we'll continue to watch out for it. >> you'll be busy and we'll be wet. thanks for joining us. have a great day tomorrow. [ cheers and applause ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon."


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