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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  October 21, 2021 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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and this is just a taste of what is to come. good morning. thanks for joining us for our midday newscast. i'm kris sanchez. more than that tree damage in san francisco in just a moment but first we begin with the rain continuing to make its way across the bay area. our nbc bay area storm ranger is scanning the skies as our region continues to get a dose of much needed precipitation. all of this of course is just a
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preview to what is going to be a soggy weekend. hope i didn't ruin it for you. our meteorologist is here. it was a wet commute this morning but the next storm system is still coming. >> this one could impact our commute even more heading into the overnight early morning hours. right now though san francisco, look at the live cam. this is sort of our go-to because the rain has been stopping and going. however, satellite radar if you look out in the pacific you can already see our next storm system starting to develop. this one is going to push in later into this evening again to early tomorrow morning. let's look at how the rest of the afternoon will shape out. we have our very own storm ranger up and scanning. a couple spotty showers in through san francisco. along the interior valleys through fremont getting a little activity in through livermore. if you get video or pictures of the rain make sure to tag me and i'll share them on the morning show tomorrow. the hour by hour outlook, let's talk about the next couple hours.
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because this will help you plan out your storm prep. again, we'll see a scattered chance or two of showers at least for the first half of the day. right now it is about 11:00 looking ahead to 3:30 and we still get a couple chances for some activity, isolated rain up through santa rosa, up through san francisco and along the coast line. pushing further ahead, 4:30, some clear out and up next right there. our next storm, i'll go into more detail on that in the next few minutes. >> weather coverage continues with some in the north bay preparing for the possibility of flooding and others in san francisco cleaning up damage. we'll go to marin where our reporter has been keeping an eye on all of it. all day today you've been wearing your rain jacket. >> reporter: hi. the rain jacket is really something you'll need if you're heading out. the rain has slowed a bit. more of a misty situation but that still can make things dangerous on the road. something that has not slowed is
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the flooding. i'll step out of the way once the bus passes. if you look at the top of your screen we are at lucky drive at 101 northbound and marin county. that area had a little cooling on the road. the freeway overpass sign notified drivers there was some pooling on the far left lane, marin county northbound at lucky road. it's not just this area. the rain really making its presence known throughout the bay area. take a look at this video. we got this from the citizens app of a tree down on sutter near japan town. you can see the tree landed on top of a car. we didn't receive any reports of -- we didn't receive any reports of injuries, but again, that video quite a scene there this morning and in the north bay we had crews all last night in the sky hawk community. speaking with local law enforcement they tell us fire crews have slowly transitioned from being on guard for the
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fires, helping neighbors prepare for the continuation of rain with sand bags. so far crews say the rain has been manageable but then attention really on the burn scar areas, the area where vegetation is gone and that loose soil is at risk of being washed away. >> we're looking at how much rain we'll get and what the weekend is looking like and hopefully will be able to declare the end of fire season locally. >> which would be some good news as we all know. earlier today thousands across the bay area were without power. this morning pg&e showed clusters from the city to the east bay. from what it appeared those were not power shut-offs from pg&e. a spokesperson tells us outages aren't uncommon following a dry spell and then bouts of rain. the combination of dirt and dust on the lines combines with the rain and could create problems. again right now we are at 101 northbound in marin county. it is the far lane that is a
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concern. throughout the bay area the rain has been continuing to fall. out on the roads give yourself a little extra time. if you are in those communities where the ground has some burnage keep a close eye for flooding. folks in the sky hi neighborhood have the sand bags. that could be a good idea if you live where the vegetation is gone. we're live in marin county, cierra johnson. so there could be increased slide danger in the caldor fire burn zone. the u.s. forest service is monitoring 400 square miles of land impacted by the fire. the big concern, hazardous debris forming a dangerous mud flow. the worries continue throughout the rainy season but this week could lead to possible road closures on highway 50. if you are heading up highway 50 make sure you plan ahead and do please drive carefully. when we're not on the air you
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can get your micro climate forecast on the go. download the nbc bay area and you can get alerts for when rain is going to hit your neighborhood. also on the app we always have our radar running. within the last hour millions of californians tested their readiness for the next quake. did you get an alert on your smartphone? a lot of us did, the great california shake out event and a chance to see how prepared we are for the next big one. nbc bay area's bob redell joins us live. b.a.r.t. also participated. how did it go? >> reporter: went as planned i just heard from the b.a.r.t. pio. the great shakeout took place at 10:21 this morning on the 21st day of october, 10-21. what b.a.r.t. was doing was testing the early warning earthquake system. when they triggered that test all the trains on the system immediately slowed down to 27 miles an hour and then came to a
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brief stop. if this had been a real earthquake, a real emergency, the trains would have stopped for five minutes to ride out any possible aftershocks then passengers would have been off loaded at the next station. >> when we get a warning of a medium to large earthquake, approximately a magnitude of 4.0, our system, the electronic early warning system, will actually start to slow our trains down before we, the staff, and you, the patrons, actually feel the earthquake. >> b.a.r.t. is especially concerned about the hayward fault which runs in a north/south direction in the east bay. all five b.a.r.t. train lines either cross or run near that fault. the transit agency says it is half way through an earthquake safety program to retrofit part of the system and the trans bay tube. the great california shakeout is an annual event. lots of kids were in school this
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morning practicing their drop, cover, hold on drills. you are probably wondering what is the significance of october 21st. back in 1868 the hayward fault had a magnitude 6.8 quake. scientist at the usgs describe that fault as a tectonic time bomb and they believe it will rupture at any time again. they are concerned it would produce 6.8 or 7.0. like you i also received an alert here in alameda county on my phone about emergency preparedness all part of the great shakeout day in the great state of california. reporting live in dublin, nbc bay area news. >> always a good reminder. drop, cover, hold on. in a few hours we should learn the reason behind the mysterious death of this family from san francisco who had recently moved to sierra foothills. even their family dog, the couple, and their 1-year-old daughter all died while on a
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hike in august. their bodies were found near the south fork of the river. at one point investigators were considering toxic algae blooms as a cause. other possibilities including drugs, foul play, suicide were all ruled out. investigators plan to hold what they say will be the final news conference later this afternoon. this hour we are still waiting to see if the partial human remains found near this florida park are those of brian laundrie. crews have been looking for gabby petito's fiance for more than a month now. a backpack and notebook belonging to the 23-year-old were also found in the search. nbc news' sam brock has the latest as the world awaits answers in this high profile case. >> it's been an active scene so far in north port, florida. we've watched as k-9 teams have come in and out of the park. there is an evidence response team on site right now trying to collect as much information as possible to confirm the identity of the human remains which authorities said specifically were located next to belongings of brian laundrie's, a notebook
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and backpack submerged in water. the question becomes how did they get that confirmation? the attorney for the laundrie family says they believe it is a, quote, strong possibility it is brian's but they're waiting on forensics. we spoke with experts who say the timeline is likely about 48 hours, maybe sooner. as you'll recall investigators went to the laundrie home weeks ago and probably confirmed a dna profile at that time. if it is a fingerprint they'll be using, maybe a matter of hours. a dental imprint perhaps more like a day. they have to extract dna from bone, that could take about a week. lastly we know from the attorney the parents in the case flagged the fbi the night before and came out here to search the trails when they found those items and that is when authorities were able to locate those human remains. in north port, sam brock, nbc news. just about 30 minutes ago closing arguments were set to begin in the trial of a danville police officer accused of killing an unarmed man in 2018. andrew hall is fighting
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manslaughter charges. the victim was shot and killed after police tried to stop his car after he drove around a road block. the defendant never took the witness stand. while he is now being investigated for the deadly shooting of a homeless man this past march the judge did not allow that incident to be included as evidence. a north bay leaders are making a big investment to make sure water flowing if normal supplies dry up. the marin municipal water district is approving more than $23 million to fund an emergency supply pipeline. the 8 mile pipeline is called the main back-up plan in case severe drought continues and the main reservoir runs dry. the overall cost of the project is $90 million. the bottom line is getting steeper. prices are going up. what experts say is the number one reason behind rising inflation. but first, tonight show's jimmy fallon is spending time on the west coast with kelly clarkson. he says he enjoys walking to
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work in new york city and every now and then gets recognized by fans on the street. he talked with one woman for 20 minutes but then she didn't realize who he really was. hear the full story on mistaken identity when you tune in to kelly clarkson right here on nbc bay area at 3:00 this afternoon.
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the nation and certainly a lot of families are dealing with an economic one-two punch. the ongoing crisis with the supply chain and soaring inflation. together they are driving up prices for everything from gas to food. nbc's tom costello has the details. >> reporter: from checking out at the grocery store to filling up at the gas pump we're all digging deeper in our wallets with prices on just about everything trending higher. inflation for september matched june and july, the highest
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levels in 13 years. billionaire investor paul tudor jones warns it is likely here to stay. >> it is probably the single biggest threat to certainly financial markets and again probably i think society just in general. >> reporter: a gallon of gas now averages $3.36 up 17 cents in a month. and $1.20 over the past year since the pandemic recession. the price of a used car has trended down in recent months but still a 24% spike from last year. it is a similar situation in grocery stores. >> i'm on social security so i have to be very frugal on what i buy especially now. the prices are really up. really high. >> reporter: in the past year a gallon of milk is up 14 cents on average. a nearly 50 cent increase for a dozen eggs. more than 60 cents for a pound of ground beef. >> i've noticed everything going up even if it is like 20 cents, 30 cents, everything has started
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going up a lot. >> reporter: rising food costs are adding another challenge for the nation's restaurants. still struggling to recover from the pandemic setback. tyler aiken owns two restaurants in philadelphia and serves as chef and partner at le cavalier in wilmington and says costs are up significantly for certain meats and equally critical kitchen staples like frying oil. >> paying $25 last year and now in the $60 range. >> reporter: aiken says they've had to pass some of the cost on to their customers. >> it can have a sticker shock effect to guests but it is not an abuse of circumstance. it's just the reality that we're facing right now. >> that was tom costello reporting. developing right now in san jose police are hoping you can help solve a road rage incident that sent one man to the hospital. this happened friday night when police say a woman was driving an suv and hit another car near capital expressway and capital avenue. when the woman driver did not stop the other driver followed
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her, hoping to exchange information, and that is when things turned violent. his wife says that once they pulled over the other driver made several phone calls and two men showed up and severely beat her husband. he is now hospitalized with serious injuries. >> my biggest fear is that he doesn't make it. there's not too much more they can do but wait. >> police say the woman's car is similar to the one on your screen, a silver cadillac escalade year 2014-17. if you have any information call san jose police. with the rainy season coming san francisco's public utilities commission is reminding residents what they can do and what it is doing to ease flooding risks. the city provides a flood water grant program which will reimburse property owners up to $100,000 for storm water run-off improvements that lower the risk. those include things like flood barriers, sump pumps, and other improvements. also the pec is doing its own
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work, capital improvement projects to help reduce the risk of flooding. and we know that the concern about flooding is certainly very real as the rain continues to fall. not the biggest storm we've seen but the biggest storm so far. >> yeah, there is a bigger one on the way and the biggest one we've seen since january. we've seen this light on and off again rain for the past several days because of the instability. great shot of walnut creek. for the most part, if you live south of the golden gate bridge you'll get a lot of cloud cover today much like yesterday. however, take a look at satellite radar so we've still got some instability. you can see the rain bands pushing through. if i zoom this in a little bit closer we have our storm ranger up and scanning. you can see it is starting to get a little of the scatter in through san francisco. for the most part we are going to see some of this rain start to sort of move out into the afternoon. behind that though we've got another system rolling through. you can see it developing here just off the pacific. this is going to move in late
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tonight overnight. however, if you live in the north bay, you'll still get a chance to see some rain and also you might get some spotty rain chances as well into the afternoon. temperatures remain in the 60s. i want to take you through the hour by hour outlook. by about 3:30 the majority of the rain that is going to linger is going to be up through the north bay, san francisco, around the coast line. south of that we pretty much just keep the cloud cover in there but into the overnight hours you see the frontal system, expected to start to push north to south. look at the yellow and orange. that is light to moderate. heavy at times. right for your morning commute 7:30 you can see this starts to push further southward into the santa cruz mountains as well so your early morning commute will be a slippery one. please make sure to check your tires, windshield wipers. we catch a bit of a break heading into friday afternoon into early saturday morning as well. but, you know, this initial system tonight already triggering a couple flash flood
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watches further up north into the interior areas up near the south lake tahoe area. there is a flood watch right now in effect from tonight through tomorrow morning so no flash flood watches here in our areas but we are monitoring the burn scars because the big storm is expected to move in on sunday. this is our area for concern. the highest totals will be in the coastal mountains and the north bay. right now it is going to be a rainy sunday overall but the late rain at least through the south bay really starts to push in later into the night. in addition to rainfall totals from 2 to 5 inches just out of the higher elevation areas we also get sierra snow. beautiful shot of greater tahoe and look at the snow potential heading into sunday's storm. we could see upwards of 2 feet in some of the sierra peaks. this will be fantastic for our sierra snow pack. not a lot in terms of putting a huge dent on our drought but certainly will help ease some of the wildfire concerns. seven-day outlook we'll keep the rain in the forecast. you've heard us say the word
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atmospheric river over the past several days heading to sunday's event. what exactly is it? let's talk about our climate in crisis. we tap into this twice a week and all day every day online as well. so let's talk about the warming and atmospheric rivers. it is based on continued warming from oceans and the air heat. for the atmospheric rivers it gives them more fuel to grow stronger and bigger and in return you're thinking what is an atmospheric river? it is called sort of a river in the sky because when we see it on satellite it looks like it forms a sort of river as it taps into moisture. that can bring flooding rains, basically a lot of rain in a short span of time which is why the concerns in the burn scars will be something we look out for heading into the weekend. there is a potential the atmospheric rivers could be 25% wider and longer. what can you do at home? well, reduce any sort of
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emission or greenhouse effect. it is something we strive for and of course i have my small changes you can make at home in my climate hacks. check it out. climate in crisis. i have over 45 climate hacks on there of just tiny swaps so you can help our planet. get ready. we got a ton of rain on the way. great news for california but be safe everyone. >> you can always find vianey online. coming up if you know a member of dub nation chances are they are in a very good mood today the warriors kicking off a great start to their home games. can they keep it going? the next big challenge tonight and what fans need to know if you are heading to the game this nba season. the bay area company belcampo is closing its doors. all of the restaurants and butcher shop will shut down. the company once promised
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organic and sustainable cuts of meat until it got caught in a scandal after one butcher accused the company of mislabeling products. you can watch the full story on our website at nbc bay or watch it on your nbc bay area app which is free for down load. happening now the weekly jobless numbers are in and showing some improvements. the labor department says unemployment claims fell by 6,000 to 290,000 last week, the third weekly drop in a row. and the fewest number of people to apply for benefits since the pandemic started in march of 2020. however, the report also shows hiring has slowed in the past two months even with a new record number of open jobs on the market. we'll be back after the break.
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happening tonight the golden state warriors tip off the home portion of the new nba season and they got off to a great start tuesday in los angeles when they beat the l.a. lakers at home at the staples center. tonight they face the clippers. the season warriors fans have to show proof of vaccination in order to get into the chase center. earlier this week building inspectors were there following two falls during a sunday night concert. one man died. so far they have not made any recommendations. all right. this may not be a must win yet
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for the 49ers but is a game that could define the season when they play sunday night football. the niners host the colts and a win will put them at .500 and break a three-game losing streak but the big question for fans, who is going to start as quarterback. rookie trey lance is dealing with a knee strain. jimmy g. is rehabbing his injured calf. he says he does think he is on track to play. don't forget nbc bay area will have complete coverage of the niners/colts game starting with pregame newscast at 3:00 in the afternoon, kick-off 5:20, and post game newscast live from levi stadium. one more look at the forecast in case you're heading outdoors. >> if you live north of the golden gate bridge or around the coast line you'll see showers not so much for the south bay but not going to rule out the chance to see light rain at times. heading into the evening we'll get a little break and then overnight into early friday morning's commute we get our second storm system that moves
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in bringing a higher total for the north bay and then into sunday and monday still on tap to see the biggest storm that we've seen since january. >> we'll make sure you join us tomorrow morning. vieney will be here and mike will get you on to the roadways safely. for today get the latest information at nbc bay
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right now on "california live" get ready for the magic. "disney on ice" is back. >> then we're stepping into history through the secret stairs of los angeles. plus amber found a stunning retreat scandinavian style. >> oh, hello and welcome to the cutest room ever. >> lisa found a new workout for your booty. >> building a better butt. >> it's all happening right now on "california live."
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