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tv   Today  NBC  October 23, 2021 5:00am-6:30am PDT

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good morning, breaking overnight, loaded gun. >> we need help immediately. >> new details into the investigation of a shooting on a movie set. alec baldwin was told the prop gun was safe before he was fired sha shot. >> it's impossible to understand how a live round ended up in that gun. >> why was the gun loaded? will anyone face charges? what's being done to make sure it never happens again? we're live with the latest.
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getting closer, still no deal from democrats on president biden's multi-trillion dollar spending plans but congressional leaders say they are making progress. the president conceding some of the key priorities are off the table as they scale back plans to bring moderate democrats on board. we'll breakdown what's in and out. safe and effective. just days before an fda advisory panel is expected to weigh pfizer's lower dose coronavirus vaccine for kids between ages 5 and 11, pfizer releases new data showing it's more than 90% effective for kids. as health officials announce progress in the fight against covid, with cases declining and more americans eligible for booster shots. and world series bound. >> tucker hits into the air to left. back at the wall. gone! >> the houston astros clinched the american league title knocking off the boston red sox last night thanks to a
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lawsuit inning three -- late inning three-run homer. will they face the dodgers or the braves? we could find out later today, saturday, october 23, 2021. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with peter alexander, kristen welker, and dylan dreyer. welcome to today. thapgs for joining us on this saturday morning. reunited and it feels good. a good old fashioned cold. >> nice to have you back, and you're back on a busy day. we want to start with the top story, the details released last night revealing what happened when alec baldwin accidentally shot and killed the cinematographer killing the director on the set.
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new court documents. >> reporter: court records reveal that alec baldwin was told the gun was cold or without bullets or, in fact, the gun was loaded. the district attorney's office said it's unclear if charges will be filed in this case. but we're hearing from experts there's likely more than one person to blame for such a tragic accident. >> this morning horror and heartbreak. the film industry reeling from a tragic mistake. with more details from the tragic and deadly accident. alec baldwin seen in anguish thursday after firing a prop gun on the set of "rust" killing cinemaing to photographer, halyna hutchins and injuring director, joel souza. they grabbed a prop gun off the
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cart, handed it todwin and yelled cold gun, unaware it was filled with live rounds halyna hutchins took a shot to the chest while joel souza was hit in the shoulder. the person in charge of the prop guns was hanna gutierrez reed. she's brand new to the role, following in her father's footsteps. >> i'm still learning. dad has taught me. i think loading blanks was scary to me. >> live ammunition is never to be used except for the very rare occasion with special conditions such as notification shall be made on the call sheet which did not appear to be the case for the movie "rust". >> so if it was a live round, where did it come from? how did it get into the gun? >> reporter: nbc learning from a source familiar with the matter, the prop gun has misfired on set
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before, prompting some crew members to walk off the work site. movie productions writing they were not made aware of any safety on set but added they will be conducting an internal review of procedures. the 30 rock actor says he's cooperating with police and is in touch with hutch inns' husband writing our loss is enormous. >> and tributes are pouring in for halyna hutchins a rising star in the film community. and announcing a new scholarship in her name focused on helping female cinemaing to. fers. there's so many questions. what are the legal ramifications in a situation like this? >> reporter: one big question we're asking, how did the live
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ammo end up on set. typically in a shooting death the person firing the gun is the primary wrong doer but experts are because baldwin was told the firearm was not loaded there may be an exception to that. but oftentimes on sets numerous people are involved in scenes like this, starting with the armorer who arranged the prop guns but how did that live ammo end up on set, still the big question. >> we'll have a lot more in our next half hour by the way about prop guns the obvious safety issues concerning them and how this incident could lead to changes in hollywood. here in washington, democrats in congress say they're edging closer to a deal on president biden's multi-trillion dollar domestic bill but they aren't quite there yet. the president conceding several of his key priorities are now out. nbc news white house correspondent kelly o'donnell
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has more on where negotiations stand this morning. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. we have seen deadlines come and go before but democrats are signaling they're close to getting the biden agenda done. house leadership told members to be prepared to vote on the bills that includes the infrastructure, climate and the care economy this week as the white house tries to build momentum to the finish line. a campaign style push from the vice president friday. >> let's get to work. let's pass our build back better agenda. let us build an economy that works for working families. >> reporter: at stake, the president's multi-trillion dollar plans for infrastructure. climate and social programs. >> i do think i'll get a deal. >> months of fierce disagreements among democrats led to scaled back proposals. free community college and expanding medicare services out. while paid family leave is in,
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but time limited. >> it is down to four weeks. the reason it's down to four weeks they can't get 12 weeks. >> reporter: the president can't get agreement from kyrsten sinema to raise tax rates on corporations and wealthier americans forcing democrats to consider other ways to increase tax revenue. some progressive lawmakers are frustrated by moderate senators whose demands are shrinking the plans. >> senator kyrsten sinema, senator joe manchin, come to my district, visit with my folks. >> reporter: while republicans warn about higher taxes and inflation. >> the american people would be better off if this reckless tax and spending package never passed. >> reporter: congressional democrats and the white house say they are finalizing details of a deal reshaped by compromises. >> the alternative is not a larger package, it's nothing. so his objective is to continue to press forward, to bring the
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parties together to get a historic package done. >> reporter: obviously the white house has been eager to get this done for a long time but there's now an external kind of time pressure. president biden is headed to europe later this coming week and part of that international conference deals with climate. so the president has told democrats it would be a value to the u.s. to have leadership on climate based on action here at home with legislation. peter, kristen. >> kelly o'donnell at the white house. thank you. anna palmer is the cofounder and ceo of punch bowl news and nbc news contributor. we want to dive in. let's start where kelly left off. members of congress on friday saying they're close to getting a deal. how close are they and how much pressure is there given that president biden is headed overseas next week?
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>> as you know, there's oftentimes the devil is in the details so there was good momentum this week with speaker pelosi meeting with the president, side considerations happening, the speaker said they were 90% of the way there. but that last 10% is really where it's going to be difficult, how to pay for it, what are the health care provisions that are ending up in the final bill. they're moving towards something whether they get to the deadline that the president wants to have something done before he goes to glasgow is a big question. >> you're hearing the frustration amid top democrats, gavin newsom saying get something done here. what are the political consequences for democrats, for the president and for his party, including the fact that there was a big governors' race in virginia not far from us here in washington just a couple weeks away and the midterms less than about a year out. >> i don't think the political stakes could be higher for joe
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biden. this is his signature legislation that he's trying to get done. it's his legacy of his first term really. there's a lot of nervousness among democrats, particularly moderates who see a tough hill they have to climb in the midterm election if they don't pass something on, certainly the bipartisan infrastructure package but also reconciliation, they feel they're shot and come back and winning in november is going to be a long shot. >> it's not done until everything is done. to the latest on the covid vaccine and new encouraging data for parents of young children. pfizer announcing its vaccine is 90% effective in children between the ages of 5 and 11. that news coming ahead of the review of an fda panel next week. kathy park is in new york with the latest on that. good morning. >> reporter: peter, good morning to you. yeah, if these covid vaccines
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for kids clear the regulatory process, we could see shots in arms by early next month. but for millions of eligible adults, boosters are ready to be rolled out now at thousands of clinics, doctors' offices and pharmacies. this morning more progress in the fight against covid, health officials saying infections are going down and the number of people qualifying for boosters is going up. >> tens of millions of americans became eligible for enhanced protection from a vaccine booster shot. and nationwide cases and hospitalizations are down more than 50% since september. >> reporter: that welcome news coming on the same day that pfizer said its lower dose shots for kids appear to be more than o% effective against -- 90% effective against the virus. >> i'm waiting for the vaccine. >> reporter: health regulators will be weighing in over the next two weeks reviewing data that could soon clear pfizer's
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vaccine for children ages 5 to 11. this week the biden administration outlined a strategy to vaccinate roughly 28 million children. the campaign includes more than 25,000 pediatricians and primary care providers to help with the rollout. late thursday, the cdc signed off on moderna boosters for 65 and older, adults with underlying health conditions and those at higher risk of catching the virus. for j&j, adults vaccinated for two months can get a booster too. >> all three covid-19 vaccines authorized in the united states are extraordinarily safe. as demonstrated by the over 410 million vaccine doses already given. >> reporter: pushing ahead on a path out of the pandemic with more tools in the fight. and more than 10 million americans have already received
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their boosters so far. and according to the cdc, the number of people receiving boosters is out pacing the number of people receiving their first dose of the vaccine. kristen, peter. >> a lot of families paying close attention to this news. thanks very much. we want to turn to haiti where it's been a week since 17 missionaries, most of whom were american were kidnapped by a haitian gang. the situation is getting dire with the gang leader threatening to kill the missionaries if his demand is not met. katie beck is following this story. what's the latest this morning? >> reporter: good morning. unrest continues across the small country as demonstrations are bringing outrage to the streets. this while officials give us very little information about the status of those 16 americans and one canadian still waiting for a rescue. as conditions in haiti grow more violent and the consultant descends deeper into chaos and desperation, 17 lives continue to hang in the balance.
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>> it is a tragic, profound crisis that we are trying to get out of. >> reporter: but getting out for the americans has a $1 million price tag for each one of the missionaries being held hostage, among them five children one as young as 8 months old. the christian aid ministries group abducted by a notorious haitian gang. kidnappers posting a chilling video thursday warning if demands aren't met, hostages will be shot. in the u.s. the ohio based faith group praying for its members trapped in haiti, offering prayer even for the gang members. >> we thank him that he is god and ask him to hear our prayers and bring our families home. >> reporter: the white house friday insisting rescue efforts are constant and ongoing but offering little detail for intervention. >> we are working around the
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clock to bring people home. >> reporter: in haiti people protest fuel shortages, lawlessness and an economic collapse across the nation. faith groups across the u.s. organizing prayer chains for those doing good and now facing an awful situation. >> we believe that prayer has a tangible effect on other believers. so it's for them that they would have the courage to be faithful. >> reporter: now the state department says they've been working tirelessly on this case, but in situations like these it's best to not publicly detail the steps to bring individuals home. peter and kristen. >> thank you. with dylan away our friend simara has a check of the forecast. serious weather out west? >> yes. we are taking ourselves to the west coast. this is saturday, notice the time stamp, 8:00 p.m. tonight we have the onset of rain from washington into oregon right
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into northern california. forward in time to sunday, the second round, the second part of the storm bringing some heavy rain to parts of northern california. we'll see the radar light up with orange, yellow, that's very heavy rainfall here. northern california areas up to seattle and northwestern washington could see 10 inches of rain or more. when we think about the wildfires out west this rain comes as a relief but there's a caveat with that. those fires left behind burn scars that in conjecture with the heavy rain could lead to mud slides and debris flowing. so 6 million people impacted in california. this storm is not only bringing rain but also snow. that's something we'll talk about later on in the show. let's look at the forecast across the country for now. while they're dealing with cold air, rain and snow out west we have a
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and right now in san jose, 54 degrees, conditions are pretty calm overall. we are expecting though the chance for some spotty rain showers for the afternoon. temperatures will climb into the upper 60s for seasons, concord at 65. we'll get a couple of showers today but we are still on tap to get that big storm heading ento sunday. that'll bring several inches into the area. that live image you can see. that's your local forecast. kristen, peter, back to you. >> thanks very much. still to come after that accidental movie set shooting a look behind the scenes, just what is a prop gun and how can the industry prevent this from happening again? tributes pouring in for actor peter scolari, we'll look back on husband career. that's after this.
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back on his career. that's after this. is
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we are back on this saturday morning with the weekly download, our look back at the week's other big stories. >> the week began with the death of a four star general and trail blazing statesman. the nation mourned the death of secretary of state colin powell. he passed away at the age of 84 from covid-19 complications. >> general powell was scheduled to receive a booster shot last week before he fell ill according to a family spokesperson. >> powell had been battling cancer as well as parkinson's disease. guilty.
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>> the gunman who killed 17 students and stuff in florida. >>ed a guilty plea. >> he shot everyone he saw and some he didn't see. >> now a jury will recommend whether cruz should receive life in prison or the death penalty. a miracle in texas when 21 people on board a jet that crashed survived. >> the faa said the jet tried to take off at 10:00 a.m. instead it rolled through a fence and caught fire. in a statement the spokesperson said we are extremely grateful there were no fatalities or serious injuries. we'll work with the ntsb and faa to ensure we are complying with all the requirements. prince william held a reception to thank those who helped him with a statue of his late mother.
5:23 am
>> the statute depicts princess diana as a humanitarian. >> prince harry staying in california this time after unveiling the statute with his brother this summer. some of the week's most intense moments caught on camera. a gas explosion at a hotel in northern china. hundreds of people on the spanish island of la palma were forced to evacuate. and wildlife rescuers released six sea birds back into the pacific, nearly a month after they were rescued from a massive oil spill off the coast of southern california. and an unexpected reunion for a high school football player in north carolina. his big brother who also plays football as a a cadet at west point came home for the first time since june and chose to
5:24 am
spend his short hours of leave to surprise his brother. >> a nice reunion. you have to go back to where we started the piece. which is colin powell. i think everyone so stunned by his passing this week and didn't realize he was suffering from some other illnesses but obviously ultimately it was covid-19. >> i think stunned but also just really grateful for his service. he was in many ways the ultimate soldier and statesman, acknowledging his failings and mistakes but having a difference in the lives he made in both parties and our country over the years. >> that's why you had presidents past and present coming out to remember him and honor him. still to come, believe it or not it's time to start your holiday shopping. retailers already offering black friday deals and why you should start sooner rather than later. >> beetles fans debated why the group broke up and paul mccartney is sharing the truth
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good morning, thank you for joining us on this saturday on this october 23rd, i am cara clapper. i want to giver you a look as people are preparing for tomorrow's rain. we are anticipating a downpour. in san francisco, crews are delivering piles of sandbags. the department of emergency management will operate its emergency center this weekend. it will be ready to respond to storm related emergencies. city crew are cleaning out storm
5:27 am
drains. crews will once again put flood barriers in place to protect homes and businesses that commonly flood. pg&e says it's anticipating power outages from strong winds. we have a look at pg&e's 26 acres store jars in fremont. the utility says they'll bring crews in outside of the bay area to help restore power. you can track the storm in the palm of your hand, download your nbc bay area app, one of the things you can access is our nbc radar. you can zoom in your neighborhood and get a precise timeline when the rain will hit. it's a great tool. >> i prefer checking in with vianey arana for our micro climate forecast. >> the fact they are storm tracking prepping is perfect. we'll get a chance of spotty
5:28 am
showers here and there. 54 degrees in san jose. daytime highs will be in the 60s. i do want to show you aside from the temperatures how satellite radar is looking because we had that second storm that passed through late thursday night and into friday morning. we sort of had a break since. we got some instability that could bring a couple of spotty showers throughout today. this is the big storm we are monitoring. we are expecting several advisories including wind advisories to take effect starting tomorrow. we have our own mobile doppler radar. the afternoon and of course tomorrow. kira. >> thank you, we'll see you for the full forecast at 7:00. thank you. coming up at 7:00 on "today in the bay," halloween is just eight days away, bringing
5:29 am
concerns of a surge. we have recommendations for everyone to have fun but keep safe. we'll have our full forecast with vianey coming up. right now we'll send you back to the "today" show.
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before the president left, we talked policy, mainly the policy about the oval office and how i'm not allowed in it. >> we are back on this saturday morning october 23, 2021. and that is jason sue day cuss playing then vice president joe biden when he was a cast member on saturday night in 2013. the ted lasso star is back to host tonight with lots of people wondering will he play president biden? we'll have more ahead on pop start and peter may stay up for this one. >> anything for ted lasso.
5:31 am
our family is way deep into that one these days. we want to begin with a check of today's head lines. the u.s. killed a senior al qaeda leader in a drone strike two days after a military post was attacked in the southern part of that country. no civilians were injured in the strike. the supreme court is getting ready to hear challenges to texas' controversial abortion law. the law remains in place as the court hears the arguments on november 1st. the court will not weigh in on the constitutionality of the law and instead consider the unusual way the law is crafted and whether the justice department has the right to sue to block it. one half of the world series match up is set, the houston astros blanking the red sox 5-0 in game six of the american championship league series securing their spot in the
5:32 am
classic. this is the astro's third world series appearance in the last five seasons, last won it in 2017. they face either the atlanta braves or the los angeles dodgers. the braves lead the series 3-2. we want to look into the deadly shooting on a new mexico movie set. the weapon actor alec baldwin was holding was a so-called prop gun. so what exactly is a prop gun and why are they used on movie sets and tv sets. we have more from los angeles. >> reporter: good morning. with official documents stating a live round was inside the gun involved in this incident, the use of a blank round is no longer a theory yet it is important to understand the dangers of all real weapons which can be used as prop guns and do have the potential to fire any type of round with some in hollywood saying movies could look for an alternative.
5:33 am
this morning industry experts left stunned at revelations that alec baldwin was handed a loaded prop gun while filming the movie "rust". >> it's impossible to understand how a live round ended up in that game. impossible. >> experts say live rounds are rarely used, if ever, on set. >> we do not sanction live ammunition on set. so if indeed it was a live round, where did it come from? >> with details emerging, the use of prop guns in many hollywood is under scrutiny. the term prop gun is used for fake guns and real guns used on set. >> if we need something period specific it's altered in such a way you can't load the live round. >> reporter: more often prop guns are loaded with blank
5:34 am
rounds which are similar to live ammunition but they don't carry a bullet instead they're sealed with materials like plastic or paper. in 1984, actor john eric hacksham died from injuries caused by a blank round. and in 1993 actor brandon lee, the son of bruce lee was killed by a projectile shot from a prop gun while filming the crow. since thursday's incident there are new calls to end the use of prop guns. director craig so cyril said he used digital effects tweeting there is no reason to have guns loaded with blanks or anything on set anymore. now the tragic accident already with widespread impact on the industry. abc's "the rookie" is changing its policy to no longer allow live weapons on the show, adding, quote, any risk is too
5:35 am
much risk. >> i imagine the entire industry is looking at this closely. thank you for that. we want to check the weather again right now. there's some snow you're watching already? >> snow? >> same system hitting the west is bringing heavy rain along the coastline but also snow in the higher elevation. you see the blues and purples that's snow mixing in with the rain but that ramps up come sunday. so we are looking at a winter storm watch for the sierra nevada from lake tahoe down to lone pine. snow, two to three feet is possible in the sierra nevada so looking at the rain, the snow and that snow wouldn't be possible without cold air. look at these temperatures. we have this october chill setting up in the northwest and we'll get to that texas warmth in a moment. salt lake city, 8 degrees below the average, 53 there.
5:36 am
tahoe 46 in the higher elevations much colder. to texas, down towards areas like carlsbad, 89 degrees, am ril la 85. and the central portions of the country temperatures in the low to mid 80s to watch for. out east staying warm. we have she was talking about the snow in the sierra and in coming rain. we got a couple of spotty rain chances through the afternoon. mid-60s down to the south bay, 68 degrees in san jose, 63 in san francisco. here is a closer look heading into sunday, that's going to be our big rainmaker. it's on track to make its move late tonight, of night into sunday morning.
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>> and that's your local forecast. >> thank you so much. i know you still have to carve your pumpkin but black friday sales have already arrived. >> how can you get the best bargains and make sure your gifts arrive on time, even with the supply chain issues, we'll the supply chain issues, we'll look a woman: i have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. now, there's skyrizi. ♪ things are getting clearer ♪ ♪ yeah i feel free ♪ ♪ to bare my skin, yeah that's all me. ♪ ♪ nothing and me go hand in hand ♪ ♪ nothing on my skin that's my new plan. ♪ ♪ nothing is everything. ♪ woman: keep your skin clearer with skyrizi. most who achieved 90% clearer skin at 4 months had lasting clearance through 1 year. in another study, most people had 90% clearer skin at 3 years. and skyrizi is 4 doses a year, after 2 starter doses. ♪ it's my moment so i just gotta say ♪ ♪ nothing is everything. ♪ skyrizi may increase your risk of infections
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to satisfy a cat's craving for meat. feed your cat's wild spirit with blue wilderness. ♪♪ three times the electorlytes and half the sugar. ♪♪ pedialyte powder packs. feel better fast. we are back with today's consumer and while it's not even halloween, christmas still two months away, some stores are already rolling out their black friday deals. >> the early start comes amid the supply chain crisis that could delay gifts arriving under your tree at christmas. stephanie rhule is here with more on all of this. so good to see you. peter and i have been joking that we haven't carved up our pumpkins yet and yet the holiday
5:41 am
sales are starting. why are they starting so early? put this into context for us. >> you better get on it. we've talked about it every day. there are all sorts of supply chain delays, shortages across the board, that's causing shipping delays. if you need something quickly you need to be sure you're getting it now. stores realize they could end up with a log jam come later december so they're trying to offer promotions now to get people in stores and demand is up. seeing retail sales up 14% higher than where we were last year so the consumers want it as well as the stores. >> if you don't get a head start right now, what's the risk to waiting? >> listen, if you want something very, very specific, you don't want to wait. this year hanukkah is almost a month before christmas so you have that demand. if you have kids that want the hot items, the baby yoda, the nintendo switch, you want to be
5:42 am
sure you get on that now if you want something specific. it doesn't mean there won't be sales. there will be sales, promotions over the next month but you have to keep in mind just because something says sale doesn't mean it's suddenly a great deal. do your homework, especially for big ticket items, look at how they were priced last year because things are more expensive. >> that's a good tip. give us the bottom line here, steph, what is on sale now, and what's worth buying early if you think about it? >> the big box stores, they're always going to have the big black friday sales that's when you see the big electronics items, but the stores, they started it last year, they're doing it again this year. amazon starting their black friday deals already october 4th. target did it, they started it october 10th. lowe's october 28th. you have a little bit of time. walmart, november 3rd is when they start their deals. if you're a walmart plus customer you can start getting
5:43 am
those deals a few hours earlier. >> your shopping strategies, what are you recommending to folks? >> no -- every retail store i cover is going to complain as soon as they hear this come out of my mouth. buy less this year. all of us have spent the pandemic cleaning out our garages, attics, basements, do not buy a ton of stuff to fill those places up again. narrow the lists down and get creative, go crafty, go consignment, i'm wearing from shop repurpose. if you shop local also remember your mom and pop store have struggled to pay up for labor, they can't compete with the big box stores, it's hard to deal with the shipping delays. if they have things you like in their stores support that business. >> blues usually look good on me and i'm often a large, we'll talk about that later. >> extra large, peter. >> no doubt.
5:44 am
>> there you go. >> have a good weekend. >> shopping for you. coming up, the emotional moments for the late paul walker's daughter as her is struggling to manage your type 2 diabetes knocking you out of your zone? lowering your a1c with once-weekly ozempic® can help you get back in it. oh, oh, oh, ozempic®! my zone... lowering my a1c, cv risk, and losing some weight... now, back to the game! ozempic® is proven to lower a1c. most people who took ozempic® reached an a1c under 7 and maintained it. and you may lose weight. adults lost on average up to 12 pounds. in adults also with known heart disease, ozempic® lowers the risk of major cardiovascular events such as heart attack, stroke, or death. ozempic® helped me get back in my type 2 diabetes zone. ozempic® isn't for people with type 1 diabetes. don't share needles or pens, or reuse needles.
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believed to be a cause of migraine. do not take with strong cyp3a4 inhibitors. most common side effects were nausea and tiredness. serena: ask about ubrelvy. the anytime, anywhere migraine medicine. and we are back now on a saturday morning with your pop start, nbc news now savannah sellers is in new york for us this morning. great to see you. what's on tap? >> good morning to both of you, so good to be with you. first up peter scolari, the emmy award winning actor died friday morning after a two-year battle with cancer. he had starring roles in girls, newhart and evil. but he rose to fame in the 1980s comedy "bosom buddies". he and tom hanks disguised themselves as females to live in affordable housing.
5:48 am
it turned peter scolari and tom hanks into stars. bob newhart remembered his friend on twitter saying peter scolari was a fantastic person and joy to work with. peter i know you had a chance to meet both of them. you're in that picture. >> that's right. bob newhart when he posted his tribute to peter scolari, this is a picture from 2008, there i was in the middle, peter scolari on the right and newhart, for a cast reunion. i remember scolari and julia duffy, they were just a perfect couple there. >> how incredible you got to meet him. >> up next vin diesel is all about family as seen of new pictures of meadow walker's wedding. diesel who is meadow's god father stepped in where his friend paul walker could not and walked her down the aisle.
5:49 am
she got married earlier this month in the dominican republic after the pandemic had interfered with her plans. and jason sudeikis is returning to "saturday night live" tonight to host. >> i'm hosting snl this week with brandy carlyle. >> we're going to kill it. >> be so fun. >> you're the best host ever. >> you're the best musical guest ever. now manifest it. >> this is the first time for him to host snl but he was a cast member from 2005 to 2013 and worked as a sketch writer on the show for two years before that. you can catch "saturday night live" tonight, saturday, at 11:30 right here on nbc. i can't believe he's never hosted before. >> it's hard to believe, really good stuff but it's about four hours past peter's bedtime. but he's a favorite.
5:50 am
>> no doubt. i'm looking for a roy camp cameo. hopefully a good ted lasso moment tonight. the budding relationship between a little boy and his neighborhood sanitation worker. we're bark with their story after this. let me get this straight. you've got an a.i. strategy to deliver a better customer experience, that will help us retain our customers and even grow our business? how much is this going to cost? here's the figure. 59. 59 million? no, five9. as in five9 intelligent cloud contact center. they won't just power our transformation. they'll fund our transformation. yes, yes! exactly! what are you waiting for? ♪ ♪
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5:57 am
people are prepare for tomorrow's rain and the possibility of flooding. we are anticipating a downpour tomorrow. in san francisco crew are delivering these palettes of sandbags to neighborhoods that often flood. the department of emergency management will activate its emergency operation centers. it will be ready to respond to storm-relate emergencies. crews are cleaning out storm drains. in the mission, crews will put flood barriers in place to protect homes and businesses. in addition to flooding concerns. pg&e is anticipating power outages from strong winds. >> and other news today as national prescription drug take back day. it's an ideal event to keep them out of the wrong hands. many agencies like a concord and danville police department have drop off sites.
5:58 am
you can drop off your prescriptions at most police stations and va across the bay area. the event allows people to drop off prescriptions, drugs that are spired expired. >> let's check in with vey na arana with the rain. sounds like a little spotty chance here and there. today going to be our calmest day of the weekend when it comes to rainy weather. golden gate bridge, beautiful shot there. a lot of rain and that storm system ma moved in late thursday into friday made its exit. if you live around the coastline, there is a good chance you may get shower activities. temperatures in the mid and upper 60s. oakland, 63 degrees. half-moon bay at 59. i want to show you on our radar. it shows what we got ahead.
5:59 am
at atmosphere we have been monitoring. we expect intense rain and gusty condition and sierra snow. we got our doppler radar up and scanned and ready to go. we'll detail at 7:00. we'll see you at 7:00. >> vianey, thanks so much. we have new details on the movie set tragedy that left a bay area native seriously injured and another person killed. what we are learning happening to alec baldwin fired that prop gun. we'll have everything for you at 7:00. right now back to the "today" show.
6:00 am
good morning, breaking overnight. loaded gun. >> we need help immediately. >> new details in the investigation into the deadly shooting on a new mexico movie set revealing the prop gun handed to alec baldwin had a live round inside and the actor was told it was safe before he fired that fatal shot. >> it is impossible to understand how a live round ended up in that gun. impossible. >> new questions this morning. why was the gun loaded?ce charg? and what's being done to make sure it never happens again? we're live with the very latest.
6:01 am
beatles mania, paul mccartney revealing in a new interview out today that jon lennon was responsible for the band's breakup. >> jon walked in the room one day and said i'm leaving the beetles. >> it comes as a new documentary is being released. tastes great, less alcohol? inside the new trend brewing across the country. designer non-alcoholic beer that has some beer drinkers asking for more. >> it does taste like beer. >> absolutely, good beer. >> "today," saturday, october 23rd, 2021. >> we're the wilsons from at atlanta, georgia. >> celebrating our 1st, 4th and 43rd birthday.
6:02 am
>> happy 23rd birthday to marty in st. louis. >> happy birthday. >> happy birthday! >> good morning, and welcome back to today on this saturday morning. happy birthday all. great to have you back this saturday. >> no doubt. looking forward -- thank you to you for volunteering to do the nonalcoholic keg stands later this hour. >> that will be peter. we have a lot to get to, including our top story. new details overnight revealing what happened moments before alec baldwin mistakenly fired that deadly shot on a new mexico movie set, the accident killing the film cinematographer and injuring its director. emily joins us from los angeles with the latest. new details coming from new court documents this morning. >> reporter: good morning, that's right. records reveal that alec baldwin was told the gun was cold or without bullets but, in fact, it was loaded.
6:03 am
the new mexico district t' still unclear if charges will be filed in this case but we're hearing from experts there's likely more than one person to blame for such a tragic accident. this morning horror and heartbreak, the film industry reeling from what many are calling an unfathomable mistakes with new details released about details of this tragic and deadly accident. alec baldwin seen in anguish thursday after firing a prop gun on the set of "rust," an independent western. killing cinematographer halyna hutchins and injuring director joel souza. >> we need help immediately. >> reporter: according to a search warrant released late friday night another crew member and assistant director on the film grabbed a prop gun off the cart, handed it to alec baldwin and yelled cold gun, unaware it was loaded with live rounds. halyna hutchins took a lethal shot to the chest while joel
6:04 am
souza was injured in the shoulder. the person in charge of prop fire arms was hanna gutierrez reed, appearing on a podcast last month revealing she's new to the role, following in her father's footsteps. >> dad has taught me everything. i think loading blanks was the scariest thing for me. >> reporter: a safety bullet tin says live ammunition is never to be used except for rare conditions and notification shall be made on the call sheet which was not the case for the movie "rust". >> if it was a live round, where did it come from, how did it get in the gun? >> reporter: nbc news learning, the prop gun has misfired on set before. rust movie productions writing they were not made aware of any official complains of prop safety on set but added they
6:05 am
will be conducting an internal review of their procedures. the 30 rock actor said he's cooperating with police and is in touch with halyna hutchins' husband. her husband writing our loss is enormous. >> tributes are pouring in for her. overnight the american film institute announcing the creation of a enough scholarship in her name, focused on helping female cinematographers. kristen, peter. >> thank you, emily. here in washington democrats in congress say they are edging closer to a deal on president biden's multi-trillion dollar spending plans but they aren't quite there yet. kelly o'donnell is at the white house this morning with the latest on that. >> reporter: good morning. it's been a long contentious road for the president's
6:06 am
programs, but there are fresh signals from democrats they are finalizing the deal. disagreements within the democratic party led to changes that trim back the size and components of the president's ambitious plans, his campaign promise of free community college has been dropped. plans for paid family leave and child tax credits remain but for shorter time periods. and the intention to pay for the programs with higher tax rates on corporations and the wealthy will not be included, they're look for other ways. still speaker pelosi and the white house say even in a smaller form than originally considered, this legislation will make a big impact. republicans say the impact will mean higher inflation and taxes. timing to be determined, but the president travels to europe later this week and would like the members of his party to get a deal completed that he can tout as an accomplishment on the world stage among other leaders
6:07 am
talking about climate. >> thank you. new york real estate heir robert durst has been charged with the murder of his former wife who was last seen in 1982 and declared debt in 2017. just last week he was sentenced to life in prison for murdering a friend in what prosecute es say was an attempt to cover up his wife's murder. feel this is a morning we could use a morning boost and savannah sellers is back. >> if you need a boost, this is a really good one, it's such a sweet one. one of the many challenges of moving to a new place is getting to know your neighbors and making friends. but for a little boy in louisville came easy thanks to a garbage truck. this is 2-year-old isaac. he and his family moved to a new neighborhood and days later he
6:08 am
was drawn outside by the noise of a garbage truck and with a wave to the man behind the wheel, a friendship was born. >> i was having a bad day, pull into the court and look over and the kid was out here smiling and waving and he cheered me up, made my day. >> he was so touched he went out and found an isaac-sized garbage truck for his friend and he makes sure to stop by and say hi every week on his route. >> that is so sweet. i can't tell who's happier patrick or isaac. >> hard to have a bad day staring at isaac. >> and the little truck. >> amazing. still to come, paul
6:09 am
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we are back with today's talker. this is a good one with the beatles back in the spotlight, paul mccartney is speaking out about the reasons the fab four broke up in a new interview set to air later today. >> this is a revealing conversation. matt bradley is in london this morning with more on what sir paul is saying. matt, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, guys. so this is where the beatles ended. right here at abbey road studios which gave its name to their last album. but now after all of these years of being accused of breaking up the band, paul mccartney, he finally wants to set the record straight. >> and here they are. >> reporter: today the surviving
6:13 am
beatles just can't let it be. more than half a century after their split, the fab four still pointing fingers about who broke up the band. in an interview set to air later today in the uk, paul mccartney lays blame on jon lennon. >> jon walked into the room one day and said i'm leaving the beatles. it's quite thrilling, like a divorce. and we were left to pick up the pieces. >> reporter: paul mccartney has long been faulted for breaking up the greatest band of all time. >> it was the most difficult period of my life, number one the beatles were breaking up, this was my band, my job, my life. i wanted it to continue. i thought we were doing some pretty good stuff. >> paul mccartney is engaged in an ongoing process of creating or laying claim to his own legacy. >> reporter: most historians say the beatles broke up because of creative differences and differences over management.
6:14 am
>> if you speak about the beatles breaking up as a divorce you don't know what happened in anybody else's marriage and we don't know what happened in the band. >> reporter: the beatles especially mccartney are having a renaissance. a new documentary called get backs comes out next month on disney plus. >> you recorded our conversation. >> reporter: boasting 60 hours of unseen footage shot in 1969 right before the rift. paul mccartney wrote about forming the band in the new yorker this month, it does feel like some kind of imagine ping it's a wonderful lesson about saying yes, when life presents these opportunities for you. a good lesson for the beatles fans who still believe in yesterday. paul mccartney can say whatever he wants, but jon lennon is no longer around to defend himself. he was assassinated in 1980. so the final word on the beatles
6:15 am
breakup, it may never be written. kristen, peter. >> matt bradley, fascinating. thank you for that report. we know the beatles have pointed the finger at jon lennon but it was striking to hear paul mccartney talk about it in such details. let's look at the forecast if we can. simara theodore joins us again. >> out in the central plains we're tracking the threat for severe weather. it's going to tap into a lot of moisture from the gulf. this is 8:00 p.m. saturday getting started. and then as we head through sunday, check this out, areas from missouri into illinois, indiana and ohio, a line of showers and storms which could be severe. for my friends in northern missouri along the i-35 corridor, i want you to turn your alerts on tonight because
6:16 am
the weather occurs when we're a sleeping. there's isolated threats of tornados, wind that's your neighborhood forecast. kristen, peter, back to you. >> thanks so much. still ahead right here. a brewing trend in the beer industry t ha
6:17 am
6:18 am
6:19 am
we are back this morning and we're already drinking when you think about october you might think about oktoberfest. i might think about oktoberfest. and more specifically about some beer. >> that's right but these days not everyone is drinking alcoholic brews. nonalcoholic craft breweries are seeing an increase in sales. joe fryer checks it out for us. >> reporter: it looks like a standard social setting with hands grasping glasses of beers with names like this. >> i'm drinking the new raspberry lime rattler. >> reporter: typical beer lin go with an unexpected twist. >> it's the full taste experience, just without the alcohol. >> reporter: no alcohol and yet -- does it taste like beer? >> it does. >> absolutely. good beer. >> great tasting nonalcoholic beer is an oxy --
6:20 am
>> reporter: it didn't stop them from making the beer in 2017. after bill realized he felt better when he didn't drink alcohol night after night. but something was missing. >> without a beer you were proud of in your hand i felt like an outsider. i made a positive life choice but was put in a penalty box. >> he teemed up with john. >> this looks like any other brewery, right? >> yes. >> reporter: john said he'd only go to market with smag that tasted like the craft beers he had been making his whole life. >> it took nine, ten months to find our process and find what tasted good. >> does it taste good? >> it tastes excellent. >> reporter: rather than take his word he offered me a taste test. >> that's the goal. >> reporter: they make dozens of
6:21 am
styles from crisp goldens, to those giving up alcohol for a few days, ant or longer. >> i came into this world through the road of recovery. i quit drinking four years ago, i hoped it, cracked it and thank you. >> reporter: in recent years big beer brands have all unveiled nonalcoholic options. it's believed the global market will grow from $923 million in 2020 to more than 1.7 trillion by 2028. and athletic is the fastest growing brewery in the country. alcoholic or not, two years in a row. >> what do you think is the future of nonalcoholic beer? >> i think it's going to continue to grow as more and more people realize this can taste just as good as alcoholic beer but you can maintain your life a little bit better. >> reporter: a brewing business
6:22 am
that's no beer bust. for "today," joe fryer nbc 4 news, stafford, connecticut. >> should we try these? >> it's 8:21 a.m. somewhere. let's do this. >> .5% alcohol. peter is not the biggest drinker. >> i'm a light weight i acknowledge it. >> that's the most beer he's had in a long time. that's not bad. don't chug it, peter, you'll be tipsy. that's good. that's good. it does taste like beer, that's serena: it's my 3:10 no-exit-in-sight migraine medicine. it's ubrelvy. for anytime, anywhere migraine strikes, without worrying if it's too late, or where i am. one dose can quickly stop my migraine in its tracks within two hours. unlike older medicines, ubrelvy is a pill that directly blocks cgrp protein, believed to be a cause of migraine. do not take with strong cyp3a4 inhibitors. most common side effects were nausea and tiredness.
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6:26 am
about rybelsus® today. so peter is now on his second beer. i think keg stands coming up next for you. nonalcoholic. there you go. nice. >> it's a good start to your saturday. we hope you have a great weekend. >> thanks everyone. have a good start. chrs. a eeli good saturday morning, thank you for joining us, i am
6:27 am
kiraklapper. >> a live look, we are expecting a storm tomorrow. the department of emergency management will activate its emergency operations center, that means it will be ready to respond to storm-related agencies. crews will pit flood barriers in place to protect homes and businesses that have flooded in the past. pg&e is anticipated of strong winds. equipment you see here are at the ready. in the even of widespread power outages, the utility will bring in crews from outside the bay area to help restore power quickly. you can track the storm right on your phone, download our nbc bay
6:28 am
area app, one of the tings you can access is our radar. you can zoom into your neighborhood and get a precise timeline on when the rain will hit. it's a great tool to help plan your day. let's check in with our meteorologist vianey arana. >> today is the calm day. we'll start sto see a chance of heavier band. we'll see spotty rain chance along the coastline. area in the north bay, you can expect to see that as well. as far as what we are monitoring, we have been prepping for the storm. this is the third storm of the three that we have seen this week, the two earlier happening this week. you can see the development of the storm which is why we have our very own mobile doppler radar up and scanning and ready to go, expect it to get several
6:29 am
inches of rain for tomorrow and sierra snow. a lot of advisories take in effecttomorrow's big storm. coming up at 7:00 a.m. >> a lot of good info. we'll see you for that then. >> it's 6:29. halloween is a week from tomorrow bringing concerns of another covid surge. we have recommendations from health leaders to have fun but keep safe. we'll have that and all your top stories and vianey's forecast coming up at 7:00. we hope to see you then. right now we send you back to the "today" show.
6:30 am
. narrator: when you see this symbol you know you're watching television that is educational and informational. the more you know on nbc. corey: hey, everyone, i'm corey robinson, and we're about to explore the world of sports to show how anyone can make a difference as an athlete and as a leader. this is "oneteam: the power of sports". today, we look back at some of our favori stories, starting in the nfl, where these stars never take a day off, especially when their community needs them the most. jared: it's been an awesome opportunity for me to have a chance to give back and to uplift those communities and to be a part of those kids' lives. corey: and later, noor ahmed's strength isn't just in her golf game; it's in her ability to overcome some of life's ugliest


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