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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 26, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> i am cierra johnson. both, marcus and laura are off today. let's start this hour taking a look at your tuesday forecast. kari, it's chilly out there. >> it's chilly, and of course this is after all of the rain fell so it feels really humid this morning, too. looking at the rainfall totals we had over the past week, and, wow, pretty empressive with napa and santa rosa getting five times the normal amount of monthly rain. looking at napa, over 9 inches of rain there. livermore had over 4 inches. san josé, 2 3/4 inches of rain. redwood city measuring over 5 inches of rain. it's very nice to see all of that. of course we didn't want it all at once. there's one more system that will sweep through, mostly bringing in a chance of showers for the north bay. if we go hour-by-hour, off and
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on rain starting late morning into the early afternoon. santa rosa could see spotty showers. the rest of us will have that slight chance of rain, but the best bet will be in the north bay. we will be watching that. mike, you were saying there were trees and wires down on the peninsula. >> yeah, specifically la honda. dry roadways compared to yesterday, that's a pleasure. over here it's a tough drive from alice's takeout, a tree is down. we have the big trees in the area and it took down wires, and maybe i think electrical and cable wires as well. 92 is probably the best way to get to 280. 880 is open, unlike yesterday.
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there was flooding yesterday but today it's clear. happening today a vote that may determine if alameda county is all in when it comes to keeping the a's in oakland. you might say oakland leaders are cheering on the sidelines. bob redell is live. what kind of decision are we talking about? >> reporter: good morning. today at noon the alameda county board of supervisors could vote on what is a nonbinding resolution to say, yes, we intend to commit taxpayer money to help with the new stadium. they would be saying it's their intent to earmark millions in future revenue. the a's want to move out of the coliseum, which is old and deteriorating and they have indicated they are willing to
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move out of the bay area if they can't come to good terms on the site. while the oakland mayor is confident there will be a yes vote, she thinks inaction on the resolution or a no vote will indicate to major league baseball that there is not a path forward for the a's in oakland. before today's meeting, labor activist will protest against the resolution, and what they say is the proposed transfer of hundreds of millions of dollars in taxpayer revenue to help john fisher, the billionaire owner of the a's to help pay for the infrastructure cost proposed of the stadium, and they would be protesting against that. >> thank you. now to the pandemic.
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while some bay area counties have loosened their mask mandates in certain situations, santa clara county still has not. yet the county clarified what it would take to do so. health leaders tweeted three criteria, and one of them is when the transitions are low, and low hospitalizations, and when there's a 80% vaccination rate for everybody over five. a new report indicates california is lagging behind in vaccinating state workers. good morning, kris. governor gavin newsom said several months ago all state workers must be vaccinated or get tested weekly, and a new
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analysis shows that's not the case. according to the "los angeles times," about 59,000 state workers are unvaccinated. among them 3,600 staffers at the california dmv, and a little more than half of the state's california highway patrol employees provided proof they are vaccinated. a chp spokesman said they completed 2,100 tests but declined to elaborate on how many are being tested weekly. some statements are failing to report vaccination rates or testing information altogether. meanwhile florida state governor, ron desantis wants to hire out of state officers.
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also, thousands of demonstrators joined a march in new york city yesterday to protest that city's covid-19 vaccine mandate. 46,000 unvaccinated city employees have until november 1st to get their first vaccine dose or be placed on unpaid leave. the associations are fighting back against the rules. the city is not changing course and the mandate remains in place. back to california, according to "the los angeles times," over the last week, california averaged more than 200 new cases per day. covid has killed more than 71,000 californians. >> thank you, chris. a lot to talk about back here at home. san francisco looking to make history as the first city in the country to mandate paid sick leave for domestic workers. this includes nannies and house cleaners. happening later this morning
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supporters will hold a rally to push for the change. there's already a law on the books that needs to be followed. morales has worked for a nanny as a decade and she remembers having to go to work sick. >> many times i think definitely more than 30 times having any sort of pain from the typical labor of domestic work, and it would be so important to have actual paid time off. >> the proposal includes the creation of an app that would be used by the domestic worker and the employer to keep track of hours worked. if the ordinance is passed and signed by the mayor it would likely go into effect later next year. and then the ig reports district members are ditching the idea of acquiring temporary plans, and the agency is more
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inclined to purchase water from the russian river. taking a live look at the golden gate bridge. you can see the cameras a little foggy, but yesterday you could barely see the road this time yesterday so this is something we like to see, something a little clearer. meteorologist, kari hall is here to talk about what we can see for the rest of the day. >> yeah, we're looking at how effective are our reservoirs, and take a look at our reservoir levels in the north bay at about 33%. before all of the rain fell, guadalupe river and the reservoir is 8% of capacity. after all of that rain, it did go up about 10% for east bay mud as well as marin water went up, and silicon valley water only went up less than 1% even with
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all of the rain. we do have a little more rain in the forecast, and we'll talk more about that coming up in a few minutes. mike, it says it's calm at the golden gate bridge. >> yeah, it looks calm. the roadway is drive, no sliding around this morning. when i refer to this sign here, this is the one i am talking about, and right now it says four lanes, and sometimes it says caution on the bridge when the crews are crossing, and typically we will have two lanes open and they have not moved the center divide yet. here we have a disabled vehicle that could be in the slow lane as you are going east away from concord and over towards pittsburg. it's counter whatever morning commute we have. over here, mild slowing out of the altamont and clear all the way on 580 and across the bay.
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here's oakland with an easy flow of traffic. >> thanks, mike. when it comes to your holiday food shopping, you may have to sit down for this one. thanksgiving may just cost you more than ever before. the new data suggesting rising prices will impact your family at the dinner table. you may have heard hurts is going rent teslas, and that's excellent news if you are in the market for one. that's coming up. there are troubling indicators including the onset of cold weather that sends people indoors where the coronavirus could be more easily spread. just head over to our website or the app and type in that "covid-19" in that search bar. we'll be right back.
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right now at 5:13, as you are stepping out the door the south bay is dry and the temperatures are in the upper 40s. we will see a mix of sun and clouds today and a slow warm-up. we'll talk about our rain chances returning for parts of the bay area. coming up, i'll have a look at how climate change affects atmospheric rivers and projections for that. how that atmospheric river
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affected 880, but this morning all clear and dry. this is a great flow of traffic. headlights heading south bay towards tesla. happy tuesday to all of you. shares in tesla closed above $1,000 monday. after news the car company would start supplying hertz with tesla iiis the deal will provide hertz with 100,000 new electric cars. there are so many interests angles to this. it will be giving people a taste of what it's like to drive electric, and it will make tesla's much more affordable a few years from now because rental fleets turn their rental cars over quickly, and this is bad news, maybe, if you own a tesla. it's good news if you are in the
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market for a used tesla a few years down the road. the stock price as it spiked was surprising considering tesla was already selling cars as quickly as it could. tesla problems are not in demand. even tesla's ceo is, like, what? elon musk tweeted this. speaking of elon musks, he is worth more than the entire company that owns the tv station, and worth more than united airlines. that's not the full story. elon musk is worth 19 times the cap of united states airlines. facebook reporting profits saying the recent changes that apple made to its phone where
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you can stop facebook and others from tracing you around the web hurt advertising income. zuckerberg telling investors there will be a new focus on young adults. quote, we are retooling our teams to make young adults the north star. lots of older people use facebook regularly, but as with all older media, older people are as not as desirable as the target audience. kris and cierra, we will be looking at the advertisers that make things, and if they cannot get the thing to sell the thing they don't need to ties on twitter. >> we have been hearing a lot about hyperinflation. walk us through that. >> yeah, this is jack dorsey
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talking about hyperinflation, and he said it would happen soon and the world as well. it's an economic term, and we can say immediately there's no hyperinflation in the united states, and so he's dead wrong in that sense. it's concerning, yeah, because we have seen a lot of inflation. yeah, it's a concern. >> thanks for the fact check. >> you bet. >> thank you. all new this morning, the impact from the supply chain issues we have been talking about will likely have you sitting at the thanksgiving table wishing for seconds but not getting any. holiday food items may make it the most expensive in history in
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part because prices doubled for the corn they gobbled up. canned good prices are higher in part because steel prices are double than what they were prepandemic. so make your green beans from scratch. >> green beans for everyone. trending this morning, "halloween" is already in the works. there is hope her character could finally achieve peace. >> so for me there's life in the old girl yet. it feels, to me, hopeful. even though the end of "halloween kills" is so shocking that it's hard to imagine any hope. the truth is, the end of
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"halloween" will make people crazy. >> you can watch "halloween kills" on peacock. i want to know if you have seen the latest "halloween" movies? i have been covering my eyes through all of the clips. october is very hard for me. i want to know what you think. if you have not watched it, let me know what your favorite movie is, and i won't watch that either. >> i love as we are walking down the hall way here, and you are just walking towards it and it's creepy. >> i'm not going home yet. >> i do believe, like she says, where the profits are good for the movie, there's a sequel coming. that's how it goes. let me see how the roadways are developing, and there's character out there on the
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roads. yesterday they were soaked and flooded, and 880 this morning, it's boring. it's great. it's clear through fremont. great. over on the peninsula side, there's a closure for 84 from skyline where alice's takeout and restaurant is, and i should give the supply shop there where we bought sandwiches a shout-out as well. south of there it's closed because of the eucalyptus tree down. there's cable lines down, perhaps, and it's remote. over here a smooth and easy drive throughout the east bay. the north bay, in problems. a boring commute compared to yesterday. here one disabled vehicle reportedly sticking in the slow lane away from concord, so keep that in mind as well. looking at the bay bridge, we had -- yesterday we had lights
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out across the span. you see the taillights going from left to right. they are well lit by the streetlights this morning. no problems of the view on or of the bay bridge. >> i like the boring commute compared to slipping and sliding all over the road like yesterday morning. we are getting the chance to dry out but there's another system moving in closely as we go into the morning and afternoon. spotty showers here and there, and tomorrow it's all clear. our temperatures will be warming up a little bit more sunny for tomorrow. the rest of the week is looking good, especially if you are already making halloween plans. take a look at our hour-by-hour forecast, and at lunchtime, clearlake and santa rosa will see spotty showers moving in. not all of the bay area will see the rain. it does look like it's fairly quick moving and light. our northbound areas will be the best chance of seeing at least one more round of showers today.
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overall our temperatures are still cool, only reaching into the upper 60s for the south bay, and 66 in san josé, and gilroy reaching 65. 64 in walnut creek. in oakland today expect a high of 63 degrees. some low 60s in san mateo. daly city heading up to 61. 59 in engelside. ukiah reaching 59 degrees, so it's cooler there where we will have the best chance of showers by noon into 1:00. then as we go through the forecast, once again drying out. temperatures coming up to the low 70s for the next few days. for halloween, it will be slightly cooler. san francisco will see that slight chance of rain today, a mix of sun and clouds and temperatures in the low 60s and then warmer by the end of the week and into the weekend, once again, looking good here. now let's talk about our climate in crisis and something that is
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all on our minds right now, atmospheric rivers. as we look at how climate change could affect our atmospheric rivers, they are common as we look at what it is. it's basically a long, narrow flow of humid air and at any point there's usually 11 on earth at any given point, and these rivers in the sky or pineapple expresses are high humidity regions that flow from one area to another. they could be up to 2,000 miles long and can bring half of our yearly rainfall each year. nasa scientists are look into this and projecting in the future atmospheric rivers are going to be a little less common, but the ones that do happen will be longer and bring in more rainfall. that could mean that we could have long swings going from extreme drought to extreme flooding. we do need to be prepared for
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that. we are following this and the projections. you can find out more information like this on our website at we have seen flooding. are you covered if those waters flow toward your home. i am consumer reporter, chris chmura. we will have answers coming up, next. and then kari hall here, a getaway with her husband here? what is that like? i don't know. keep up with kari on twitter, instagram and facebook. you're watching "today in the bay."
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good morning. for most people the bottom line answer is, no, your homeowners insurance policy does not cover flood damaging, and you must buy a separate policy. most california homeowners and renters do not buy flood insurance. we checked. only 204,000 california
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properties have flood insurance. if this weekend's flooding convinced you to get flood policies. uncome sam sets the rates so every agent should quote you the same price. e the policies may not take affect up to 30 days, so as these rainstorms after the wildfires, you want to get that coverage as soon as possible. >> you can go the our website or call it for more information. we are one step closer for vaccines for kids. the major meeting, happening right now.
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in just a few days' time, millions of parents all across the united states should be able to breathe a sigh of relief. >> right now at 5:30, one step closer in expanding covid vaccinations for younger children. the pivotal meetings getting started at this hour that could green light shots for kids as young as five. with a new hurdle cleared for funding for bart, a look at
5:32 am
bart's overall cost. this is "today in the bay." good morning. thanks for joining us on this nice and mostly dry tuesday morning. i am kris sanchez. >> i am cierra johnson. laura and marcus are off this morning. we have a lot to get to this morning but let's get a look at your commute and forecast. kari, how are things shaping up for this tuesday morning? >> some of the water had a chance to soak in the ground and now we are watching one last shot of rain, especially as it moves over the north coast and far northern california, and we will look at moving into the parts of the north bay. looks like spotty and light showers. not all of us will see it but there could be a chance of additional rainfall. once again, it would be for the north bay and some of it could make its way into the san francisco and oakland and parts of the east bay as well. we will have, still, active weather for us today before we go back to the warm and dry weather. i am watching that and we will talk about rainfall totals and
5:33 am
what is ahead in our halloween forecast. that's coming up in a few minutes. moving you forward on the covid vaccination rollout for children, and pfizer says their vaccine is more than 90% effective. the first vaccinations may start in a matter of days. tom, this would be the last group of school-aged children to receive that shot. >> reporter: that's right. you can imagine what evacuation rates here in marin county, better than 90%, and there are a lot of people here waiting to get this final age group of school-aged kids vaccinated, and that's the reality in our house, where our first grader, our 6-year-old is telling us she's eager to get the shot, and that's not something you hear from this age, and that's the
5:34 am
reality for a lot of families right now want to go get their kids vaccinated. there's still a lot of resistance, but it's becoming clearer and clearer, that two things are working, the vaccine and masking. the fda panel is meeting right now, and 30 million more schoolchildren across the nation will become eligible and could start getting their shots would not weeks. a move getting blanket approval for most doctors studying the science behind the vaccines and their effectiveness so far. >> based on the data i feel comfortable for vaccines for the children, and i recommend it for my grandchildren when my daughters have called me and asked what should we do, and i say the minute the vaccine is available, get your kids the vaccine. >> reporter: as pfizer seeks its approval, moderna is releasing data saying it is seeing strong
5:35 am
immune responses from children in the clinical trials. hopefully the shots going in arms will be possibly before thanksgiving. thom jensen for "today in the bay." now the u.s. is averaging about 73,000 new covid cases per day, and that's down from 173,000 cases per day recorded back in september. the fbi data is detailing anti-asian hate crimes increased 73% in 2020. the fbi reposted the data yesterday when an error was found in ohio data in the first press release. 500 more cases were counted in
5:36 am
ohio alone. it's 5:35 right now. the elizabeth holmes fraud trial resumes today. a pfizer scientist talked about the report he wrote, and then prosecutors presented what they suggested was a forged letter to walgreens indicating pfizer approved the blood testing. one juror was let go for playing a gam in her notebook. then, a danville police officer was accused of killing an unarmed man in 2018. andrew hall never took the stand in his manslaughter trial. he shot and killed a man when
5:37 am
police tried to stop his car when he drove around a roadblock. police in palo alto are concerned about a elaborate crime that affected a woman in her 70s. police released this image of the car involved. they are now looking to see if the theft may be connected to similar crimes in neighboring cities. anybody with information could call the palo alto police. new this morning, another hurdle cleared in bart's expansion into san josé. $2.5 million was locked into the project of federal funding. the department of transportation announcement suggests the costs has grown to $9 billion, far
5:38 am
more than the $7 billion budget. they did not address the discrepancy. we want to get a look at the forecast with meteorologist,kari hall. impressive rain totals. >> yeah, absolutely. look at all of the rain that fell, and santa rosa, nearly 11 inches of rain. napa, 9 inches. that's five times our normal monthly rainfall totals, so that's pretty crazy to see that in october. livermore had over 4 inches of rain, and also more than 4 inches of rain in hayward. nearly 7 inches in san francisco over the past seven days. we have one more chance of showers. this looks pretty light. we can see the rain moving further up around eureka and
5:39 am
into redding. that slight chance of showers will be higher for the north bay compared to the rest of the bay area. temperatures staying in the 60s this afternoon. mike, you are tracking one alert. >> yeah, in the wood side area, so local to these folks here who are trying to connect from the coast side on 84 over in towards 280, your cutoff. it happens during stormy weather. i don't know if that's why this tree is down but there's a eucalyptus tree down across from lines, and we know cable and internet have been called out for service and they will not get there for another hour or two. 92 to the north is the easiest access for back and forth, and that means you have to travel up highway 1 for the locals. easing back into the morning commute here, dry roadways, and we'll check out the bay area
5:40 am
coming up. the edd answering tough questions about massive pandemic fraud, and the changes they are putting into effect. in washington president biden running out of time for his build back better. halloween is only four days away. my kids have told me that every single day. if you are looking for events this halloween, go in trending bar right now, that's where you will find your full halloween guide.
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hiv medicine is one part of it. ask your doctor about dovato-i did. ♪♪ right now at 5:43 on this tuesday morning, a much drier commute for you as you are heading out in the tri-valley this morning. temperatures in the low 50s. we're still going to see a mix of sun and clouds. a cool day as we only head for the low 60s. we'll talk about more changes ahead in our forecast. that's coming up in a few minutes. can you see it? it's happening. the backup just starting to form at the bay bridge toll plaza. folks are slowing to the edge of the screen. the metering lights have been turned on about ten minutes ago. it's a slower build and we'll show you how the rest of the drive is shaping up. and then surrounding the deadly on-set shooting involving alec baldwin.
5:44 am
three revolvers were recovered and spent casings. they say they were discovered in-boxes, in a fanny pack, and some were loose. a cinematographer was killed during the filming of the movie "rust." and then president biden would like to see progress on his build back better. >> the democrats are running out of time not just with president biden headed to a big climate change conference on thursday, but next year's midterms where republicans could take back control in congress. president biden pushing parts of his build back better with more help for young parents with child care. new funds in his proposed bill would help communities pay for more schooling for preschoolers.
5:45 am
>> the earlier our children begin to learn, the better for themselves, their families and the nation. studies show that children who have attended high school -- quality preschool, are more likely to finish high school and get a two or four-year degree, after high school. >> and democrats have had to peel back with some democrats. the bill will not add to the debt if we raise taxes on the rich and corporations, but arizona's kyrsten sinema, opposes raising taxes. president biden's tax breaks and cuts were actually not that popular, at least not among american voters. now that they exist, even some democrats want to keep them. even though taxing the rich and
5:46 am
corporations while leaving regular americans alone is normally democratic dogma. the other democrat that has to be convinced is joe manchin. sinema and manchin hold all the power. our camera crews caught up with him at the capitol. he's still against parts of the bill that call for a cleaner environment. president biden will appoint this woman to chair the federal communications commission. she would be the first woman to run the fcc, and she's running it now. bottom line, both sides like her. we'll watch for any progress today. that seems to be what we are doing lately. >> thank you, scott.
5:47 am
president biden is nominating a stanford law professor for the state department position. she's served in the past in the state department's war crimes issues office. she posted on twitter that she hopes to help shape atrocities and responses. state lawmakers are getting an update on the employment department and its massive fraudulent claims since the start of the pandemic, which are somewhere around 10% of all benefits. there are nearly 140,000 backlogged claims. the edd said they made about 60% of the recommendations. maybe the giants fell a
5:48 am
little short but the stage is set tonight for baseball's fall classic. >> the first two games will be played in houston's minute maid park. maybe giants' fans can root for the prior giants manager, dusty baker. we know the astros have been there before, and we know how they got there, too. trending this morning, the pride of san mateo, tom brady has done it again passing another milestone thought unachievable. >> on sunday, at the end of the game he gave away a game hat to a boy that was holding a sign that said tom brady helped me beat cancer.
5:49 am
first he received brady's 600th touchdown ball, and then he gave it back for a $1,000 gift card for fan merchandise. >> oh, what? sorry fan. that's a lot of hoodies, i guess. >> how are you in the front row and don't know that? >> i don't know. so the recent storm turning the sierra into a winter wonderland. some drivers were caught off guard yesterday because they were not watching kari hall. powder was coming down. others were just happy to see wet weather after a really dry season. some places got up to two feet of snow. not enough to go snowboarding and skiing and all that, but it's a nice start. >> yeah. keep in mind it's october and it
5:50 am
was a nice way to start to build the snowpack. mt. rose got 42 inches of snow. of course they have been tweeting about that. there were a lot of spots that did get decent amounts of snow. looking at the forecast, well, it's pretty dry. one inch, maybe a dusting over the next week or so. this is the last little bit we will see for a while. we do have one more system passing by two our north that is bringing in scattered light showers. the northbound will have the best chance of seeing this rain for today, especially by late morning and early into the afternoon. i will stop it here at 1:00. looks like santa rosa, napa, ukiah could see a slight chance of seeing rain pushing through. our main focus will be the north bay. anywhere across the bay area could see a few spotty showers. looking at our reservoir levels, many people are asking how did
5:51 am
that rain help us out. the east bay mud storage in the reservoir was about 67% before the rainfall, and we were doing bad here in the south bay, only 8.7% at the guadalupe reservoir. after the storm it came up about 1%. east bay mud came about 3%. marin water came up about 10%, and still a boost but not anywhere close to where we should be for this time of year. the reservoir levels are running very low. now looking at the forecast for today, slight rain chances. napa, 62. go into the rest of the forecast, it's going to dry out. temperatures heading back up. we'll see low 70s in the forecast going into tomorrow through friday. slightly cooler for the weekend.
5:52 am
making plans for halloween? it will be in the 60s. san francisco will see mainly mid-60s throughout the week. temperatures don't change too much here but we will see a mix of sun and clouds. mike, you are seeing the bay bridge getting busier. >> behind me -- oh, surprised me. the backup formed over the last ten minutes. we have had about 20 minutes of the backup forming here, and seeing it in all of the lanes. 880 over crossing looking fine coming this area. highway 37 and highway 4, your usual suspects now kicking in, and so it's close to 6:00, and it's later than what we usually see on tuesdays. right now rain is not a factor. we are seeing slowing right there as folks come to the last stretch of vasco where there are
5:53 am
shops and coming down to the county line, so 21 minutes off marsh creek to 580. east bay 580 getting away from livermore and in through the altamont, typical slowing. not bad, but the volume is building. san josé, 101, 680. highway 84 is closed between skyline and williams because of a downed trees. you will have to go all the way over here to 92, and locals may know a better way but that's the closest one that i can see and advise. and then a fantasy 5 lot reticket worth 169,000. the winning numbers are 4, 11,
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30, 32, and 39. if that was you, give me a call. still ahead on "today in the bay," we do have an update coming out of florida on brian laundrie's mysterious death. how his parents are grieving after the discovery of his body. plus, coming up at 6:00, make or break moments for the a's and the city of oakland off the diamond. ahead in a live report, a crucial vote that decides if the team stays or goes in search of a new home. by the way, we are also up on facebook live. we will chat during the break. if you have questions for us, tune in. it's on my facebook page, kris sanchez, nbc bay area. you're watching "today in the bay."
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evil dies tonight. [ chanting ] evil dies tonight. [ screaming ] [ chanting ] evil dies tonight. [ screaming ] happy halloween michael.
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welcome back. you're watching "today in the bay." the cause of death for brian laundrie is still unclear. in recent weeks they have been flooded by people demanding justice for petito. >> we feel that the laundrie family know something and they
5:58 am
need to come out and speak. >> the family lawyer denied the claims. laundrie remains the fbi's only person of interest in the disappearance and homicide case. public health experts are calling on children and adults to get their annual flu shots to fight the virus. >> this concept of i have a strong immune system so i will let it fight whatever i come across, it's silly. you are giving your system an advantage. >> you can watch that full interview on xfinity lx. coming up this morning on the "today" show, an exclusive announcement from the world renowned cleveland clinic on an
5:59 am
important development in research breast cancer research. prices are going up for disneyland and california adventure. disney has a tier system that charges more for its busier days. there's a new tier coming in march. once that starts, that means a trip to disneyland in the summer or holidays could cost as much as $164. a christmas ticket would be $159. then the alameda county fair is opening back up after the rain shut it down. crews spent yesterday picking up from the damage from the high winds and constant rain. the fair is picking back up, and
6:00 am
you can now enjoy it through halloween. right now at 6:00, staying or leaving? a big vote planned today on the state of the oakland's new stadium. plus, are state vaccination rates working? a look at how state agencies are failing to meet governor newsom's guidelines. and then paid sick leave for the domestic workers, and the bay area city hoping to make it happen and what needs to be done, next. this is "today in the bay." we're broadcasting to your tv and streaming live on good morning. it's tuesday. i am cierra johnson. >> i am kris sanchez. laura and marcus are back off. by the way, we are also broadcasting on facebook live if you want to join us for behind the scenes stuff.


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