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tv   Today  NBC  October 26, 2021 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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>> that's what we like to see. that's what is happening on "today in the bay." we'll be back at 7:25 with a local news update. have a great day. good morning. storm alert. states of emergency declared along the east coast as a powerful nor'easter slams the region with heavy rain and high wis. the midwest bracing for another round of tornados. >> can opener ripped the lid off the house. >> while out west, that historic bomb cyclone unleashes new misery on millions. al's full forecast for a busy day of weather, straight ahead. dose of hope? a key fda meeting today on pfizer's covid vaccine for younger childrs amoderna announces its shot is safe and
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effective for kids. so could a nationwide rollout be just days away? and how will health officials convince hesitant parents to vaccinate their children? we're live with the very latest. battleground, president biden making a campaign stop in virginia today where the governor's race is razor thin with just one week to go. >> i'm still up and down and seeing what people are really going to do. >> ahead, the political fight that's become a major test of the president's power and popularity nationwide. mounting questions. the safety concerns raised on the set of alec baldwin's new film before that fatal shooting of a crew member. >> i turned the job opportunity down on "rust" because i felt it was completely unsafe. >> what the investigation is now revealing about other incidents involving prop guns. the growing call for major safety changes in hollywood as baldwin's wife breaks her
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silence about the tragedy. all that, plus new rules. the just announced guidelines for travelers entering the u.s. will they add more chaos at airports during the busy holiday season? and the saints shine. new orleans defeats seattle during a rain-soaked monday night clash with help from a rookie's nfl debut. >> bomb away. and good for you, kid. >> the game-winning kick he will never forget. today, tuesday, october 26th, 2021. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> that was weird. anyway, welcome to "today." it's a tuesday morning. we're so happy that you're joining us. >> maybe it's the rain. maybe the rain got into the audio panel and made that funky
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opening. >> it may be abi lite tlof roker, too. the spirit of roker. we're going to get right to our top story. we're talking about that dangerous weather all across the country. >> it's raining hard. here in the northeast, 39 million people under flood watches. >> meantime, parts of the midwest and the south bracing for a new round of severe storms that could produce even more tornados. >> and adding to the concern, the bomb cyclone that dumped record rains in the west is now beginning its march across the country. >> al has his eye on all of it. we're going to get to him in just a second. but first, nbc's stephanie gosk out in the elements here in new york. hey, steph, good morning. >> hey, hoda, good morning. it is raining hard now. it has been raining hard like this all night long. there is a flash flood watch in effect here in new york city but there are warnings for flash
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floods in new jersey. it won't be as bad as hurricane ida. 11 people were killed in that storm who live in basement apartments in this city. here in queens there are construction crews clearing out drains. and they have brought in water pulls to pump the water out. but the message from the mayor is stark. he says if you live in one of those basement apartments, it is time to get out. overnight, a ferocious nor'easter walloping the tri state area and southern new england. with torrential rain and powerful winds causing streets to flood and downing trees and power lines. coastal communities preparing for a potentially devastating storm surge. >> we can't -- we can't fool around with this because we will lose the neighborhood if we do. >> this following days of wild weather out west, where a phenomenon known as a bomb cyclone pounded oregon and california becoming the strongest storm ever recorded in the region. 8 million residents under flood
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and wind alerts. >> individuals are stuck in a large amount of water here. >> in san francisco, powerful winds blew over semi-trucks like toys, backyards turned into rivers forcing evacuations. other residents using any means necessary to keep the raising water out of their homes. the drought and wildfire scorched ground unable to absorb the onslaught of rain. hillsides turning into have a great day. landslides. nearly 100,000 people are still without power. meanwhile, in the midwest, heavy rain and wind causing surging waves on lake michigan while tornados, some as powerful at ef-3s carved paths of destruction across missouri and illinois. >> can opener ripped the lid off the house. >> the cleanup here just beginning as the powerful storm strengthens and moves up the
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east coast. residents now bracing for the worst. subway system surprisingly up and running and uneffected. although this is not as big as hurricane ida, you can remember that it was shut down. and they did have 100 crews out overnight to try to prevent the scenes we saw during recommending nanremnants of hurricane ida. they put covers over the vents to prevent that kind of disruption. it will continue raining here. and that will be replaced with really high winds, 25 to 35-mile-per-hour, 50 miles per hour out on long island. and those conditions then will start to move up the east coast in places like boston and maine, they will start to feel those high winds and that heavy rain throughout the day. guys, back to you. >> steph, thank you. >> some stuff for al to keep his eye on coast to coast. >> we're going to focus here in
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the northeast. we have this nor'easter, an east coast storm that produces coastal winds from the northeast, check. that's what's happening today into tonight. we've been talking about bomb cyclone out west. what's a bomb cyclone? it's when a system goes into what they call bombogenesis. that's intensifying with a pressure drop of 24 millibars in 24 hours. it's still too early to tell, but that could happen later on this afternoon or this evening creating a possible bomb'easter coming up the coast. we are looking at heavy rain, flash flood watches and warnings for 39 million people in the northeast and new england. you can see that heavy rain moving up from upstate new york into new york and parts of new england starting to dry out a little bit in philadelphia. these two systems will merge, slowly intensify and move away with the heaviest rain today. behind it, very strong, gusty winds. for today, widespread flooding. we're looking at this flooding that could be made worse because of the leaves that are down
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clogging storm drains. we're going to watch that throughout new england. rainfall amounts anywhere from 2 to 4 inches. could be upwards of 5. the strongest winds are going to be along the new england coast with wind gusts at hurricane force possible and that will bring some power outages and those outages worse because, of course, we still have leavn o the trees and those could come down bringing down more power lines. coming up, we're looking at the possibility of a tropical storm system forming a little later on off the northeast coast. guys. >> al, thank you so much. this is an important day in the covid battle. a potential game changer for tens of millions of families. experts at the fda are set to weigh in on whether to recommend pfizer's vaccine for younger kids and armed with new data showing a low dose of its vaccine is safe for kids ages 6 to 11, moderna is now getting ready to seek approval, as well. nbc's sam brock has the latest developments for us. sam, good morning. >> reporter: hoda, good morning. trials for kids here in new orleans have helped us get to
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the point where youngest members of our community may soon be able to get a shot in arms. this comes as the advisory panel today, if they recommend the covid vaccine would fast track it as many parents remain on the fence. as the nation awaits a key decision on pfizer's kid-sized vaccine, parents of 5 to 11-year-olds are split on whether to sign their kids up for the shot. >> i feel like for a little child, their immune system is still developing. >> reporter: a child-sized dose is more than 90% effective at preventing infection in that age group. moderna says their vaccine creates a robust antibody response in children 6 to 11. but even with those encouraging numbers, a recent survey of parents shows the majority remain uneasy. just under a third says they'll
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wait and see. nearly a quarter says they will not. dr. cline here in new orleans hopes parents vaccinate their kids before the holiday. >> the last thing in the world we need or want is another surge of covid. this is an opportunity to get a lot of kids vaccinated right now to prevent that from happening. >> reporter: children's hospital in new orleans has been conducting trials for kids with the moderna vaccine while nearby ochsner health has tracked thousands of kids with pfizer. last week alone, the american academy of pediatrics reported 118,000 kids with covid cases, but making up a quarter of all phone sz. the start of the pandemic. 166 of those deaths in that 5 to 11 age group. >> we should be doing everything
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we can possibly do to protect everyone from this disease, but particularly society's most vulnerable members. and those are children who can't advocate for themselves. they're dependent on adults to do the right thing. >> so, sam, let's talk timeline. bottom line,ust how soon should parents expect that vaccine for kids? >> good news, it could be really soon, hoda. assuming a recommendation from the panel today, you could be looking at a full fda vote in a week. the cdc shortly after that. so we're talking about shots in kids' arms early in november with children being fully vaccinated by christmas. meanwhile, president biden races to secure a deal on his economic agenda. he's hitting the road today stumping for the democratic candidate for governor in virginia. it's seen as a referendum on the
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president's popularity. kristen welker is in arlington with more for us. >> reporter: hi, savannah, good morning to you. early voting is under way here in virginia at polling places like this one. and the race for governor is razor tight. democrats have won the last four presidential contests here. so this is state is increasingly blue, but republicans are trying to win it back, including those all-important suburbs. looming over all of it, president biden, his stalled agenda and former president trump. this morning, one week until the first big test of president biden's popularity and former president trump's staying power. the election for governor in virginia turning into a terry d republican glenn youngkin are crisscrossing the state in an urgent final push. >> my fellow virginians, this is our moment right now. >> together, we will kee bellwether for both parties. democrat terry mcauliffe and
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republican glenn youngkin are moving for a final push. >> my fellow americans, this is our moment right now >> together, we will keep virginia blue and move this great commonwealth forward >> mcauliffe is bringing in his party's biggest names. president biden will appear with him tonight on the heels of appearances by vice president kamala harris and former president barack obama bringin overnight, youngkin suggesting in an email to supporters the reason why mcauliffe is bring in so many heavy hitters is because he's scared and desperate. the republican businessman is walking a fine line when it comes to former president trump. mr. trump endorsed youngkin, but has not campaigned with him in person youngkin is trying to win over critical suburban voters by focusing on education and mask mandates >> virginia parents have the right to make decisions on their children's education >> mcauliffe has tried to paint
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youngkin as a trump republican >> president trump represents so much of why i'm running. >> reporter: the party in power traditionally struggles to turn out its voters while president biden won points, hi virginia by 10 points, his approval rating has taken a hit here most voters we spoke to say they've already made up their ndmis. >> why youngkin? >> because i'm tired of career politicians. >> why mcauliffe >> he was a good governor the first time around and the republicans have gone off the deep end >> reporter: but it's virginia's undecided voters who may determine the outcome. >> i'm still up and down and seeing what people are really going to do and if they're true to their word. >> meanwhile, kristen, the pressure is on back in washington on the president to deliver on his spending bill we've seen the back and forth. what is the latest where does it stand? >> reporter: there is still no deal yet democrat leaders had targeted
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the end of this week to reach an agreement. that's when president biden e tn leaves, it could be a big blow to travels overseas to europe and he has a number of key summits. but overnight, last-minute wrangling over the size and scope of this plan look, if they can't get a deal by the time president biden leaves, it could be a big blow to him and to his party ahead of these key races. >> kristen welker on the campaign trail, i think your jet just arrived thank you. it is 15 minutes past the hour craig is on assignment tom, good morning. >> good morning. we have a travel update. the u.s. is getting set to roll out new guidelines that will impact anyone entering the country. ron is at laguardia airport with details. >> reporter: good morning, tom the airports are getting busy and they're going to get busier with international travel opening up and more foreigners in this country. there are going to be a lot of rules and restrictions for
7:16 am
unvaccinated americans returning home this morning, could vaccine mandates be coming for travelers? as the u.s. prepares to reopen its borders, the government face stricter rules.lans in they'll have to present a negative cov place for americans. starting november 8, unvaccinated residents and those coming into the country will face stricter rules. they'll have to present a negative covid test taken one day before re-entering the country. fully vaccinated americans will still have a three-day window for covid-19 testing but if they can't provide proof of vaccination, they'll have to take a test the day before the flight >> make sure when you're traveling internationally, you take your proof of vaccination with you >> reporter: nearly two years after america closed its borders to visitors from dozens of countries, including european countries, canada and mexico, travelers from those country committees now come in but nearly all will have to be vaccinated these are the requirements proof of vaccination, a vaccine
7:17 am
given before leaving their home country, a negative covid test taken within 72 hours of comings is on th to the u.s the burden of verifying all this is on the airlines although some companies have put vaccine mandates in place for their employees, leading to push back and reversals in areas like southwest, airlines have left decisions for travelers up to the biden administration >> i think everyone is just over being locked down and over being stuck. >> reporter: now companies will have to check travelers' vaccination status it's one more step that could lead to backups head into an already heavy travel season. there are some exceptions, especially for international travelers who are children under the age of 18 who will not have to show proof of vaccination they will have to take a covid test one day before traveling. as always, check with your airline before making plans and reservations >> thanks so much for that let's check in with al man of the hour with all this weather. >> we are talking about this system
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invest 94l off the north carolina/virginia coast. it could become a tropical system in five days, a 50% chance of it we hope it's going to move out into the atlantic, but we're going to continue to track this thing. the rest of the country, big storms in the northwest. afternoon storms, heavy ones in the plains and that heavy rain here in the northeast. that's what's going on we're going to get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds she needed a bigger fridge asap if she was going to fulfill her orders. so she used her american express business platinum card® to earn more points on the big-ticket purchase. she got the new fridge, fulfilled the orders, and with her extra points, she got new equipment that allowed her to expand her business by rolling out a new product. get the card built for business. by american express. i am meteorologist, kari hall.
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we look at our start to this tuesday, and we see the clouds clearing out for a little while over san josé, but we will see more clouds moving in and the north bay has a chance of showers. temperatures staying cool with highs reaching into the mid-60s for the south bay and lower 60s for much of the north bay. going into the next several days we will be drying out as our temperatures warm up. valley temperatures in the low 70s. >> and that's your latest weather. guys still ahead this morning, in the wake of that tragic shooting on the set of alec baldwin's new movie, what we're learning about other incidents involving prop guns and then the alarming rise in fatalities among u.s. service members in preventable humvee accidents. vicky nguyen has that story and an exclusive look at new technology designed to save lives. but first, this is "today" on
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now is the time to get your eyes checked. eye care is important to your long-term diabetes management. see a path forward with actions and treatments that may help your eyes— and protect against vision loss. visit and take control of your sight. good morning. it's 7:26. i am kris sanchez. today's top stories include waiting for that possible green light on covid vaccinations for children as young as five. >> good morning. i am thom jensen in mill valley. a lot of parents eager to hear what comes out of the panel meeting this morning. this is the final step in giving eligibility in vaccinations to 5 to 11-year-olds. kids could start getting their shots within a couple weeks.
7:27 am
i am bob redell. today we get an indication into how serious alameda county is in wanting to keep the a's in oakland. at noon the board of supervisors will vote on a nonbinding resolutions to earmark revenue to earmark onsite infrastructure for the a's new terminal. the a's are indicating they are willing to move out of the bay area if they can't come to terms on the howard terminal site. kari, going to stay dry. >> it's dry for now, but there are spotty showers moving in from the north. we will see the storm system to see if the north bay could get additional rainfall totals, but it looks slight. it's going to be chilly. keep the umbrella close by in the north bay. kris? >> we have more local news
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and now paying less for car insurance. with metromile's per-mile pricing... your rate is based on how much you actually drive. isn't that delightfully different? get your free quote at we're back. 7:30. news this morning from buckingham palace, the queen carrying out her first royal duties, several virtual audiences since last week's orders from her doctors to rest for a few days. so it's back to work for the queen. >> bouncing back, that's good. headlines at 7:30, two people were killed, five others injured including a police officer in a shooting yesterday. it happened at a shopping mall in boise, idaho. the suspect was critically injured with an exchange of gunfire with police and is now in custody. no word this morning on what led
7:31 am
to that shooting. the names of the victims and suspect have not been released. federal health officials are extending its covid safety rules for cruise ships until mid january. the order mandates testing and some additional safeguards for crew members. the cdc said that after january 15th, it plans to move to a voluntary program for cruise lines to control the spread of covid-19 on their ships. turning to football now, the saints and the seahawks battling each other and the soggy weather on monday night football. >> snap. picks it up and throws for kamara. and he's going to get there. >> alvin kamara with a 13-yard td catch. he had a monster game. he gives the saints the lead just before the half. the saints would score one more time the entire game, but that's all they needed. this 33-yard field goal seals it.
7:32 am
rookie kicker undrafted brian johnson making his debut. new orleans win 13-10. who dat nation. everyone going wild. i have the cufflinks on today in honor of the saints. >> that rookie, can you imagine the pressure? >> and he nailed it. a lot more to get to this morning, including the latest on that tragic shooting that happened on the set of alec baldwin's new film. >> as investigators try to determine what exactly went wrong, new details are emerging about the troubled production there in new mexico. >> meantime, the incident is fueling calls for sweeping change on the sets of other movie and tv productions. miguel almaguer is in santa fe with more. >> reporter: guys, good morning. over the last couple of days, investigators have been coming and going from this ranch behind me leaving with bags of evidence including firearms and spent shell casings. tomorrow they'll hold a major press conference as we try to learn exactly what went wrong here. the set of "rust" now on
7:33 am
indefinite pause as santa fe sheriffs look to determine what caused the fatal accident. >> we've had two people accidentally shot on a movie set by a prop gun. >> reporter: the deadly shot fired by alec baldwin from a prop gun he believed was safe. his wife posting on instagram, my heart is with halyna, her husband, her son and their loved ones and my alec. cinematographer halyna hutchins passed away after being hit in the chest. the shot also hit joel souza. according to an affidavit, alec was given the gun by dave halls. he had grabbed one of three prop guns set up by the armorer left on a coat outside the structure due to covid-19 reconstructions. neither halls nor armorer hannah gutierrez reed have spoken publicly about the tragedy, but this is not the first time halls has been criticized for safety
7:34 am
issues. in 2019, he was fired by another film production after a gun went off unexpectedly, injuring a member of the sound crew. but industry experts say only the armorer or the prop master should be handling weapons on the set. not the assistant director. >> i'll be honest with you, that idea would have broken fingers if they picked up a gun off my cart. that does not happen. >> armorer clay van sickles says the difference between a blank and a live or a dummy round is easy to spot. >> i would click through six times so everybody can hear that nothing happens. it's literally that simple and it takes seconds. and there's no reason not to do it. >> reporter: veteran prop master neal zaromski says he sensed warning signs on "rust" even before filming began. >> i turned the job opportunity down on "rust" because i felt it was completely unsafe. >> reporter: zaromski says one
7:35 am
big red flag was producers took two distinct and challenging jobs, assistant prop master and armorer, and combined them into one. >> i impressed upon them that there were great concerns about that and they really didn't respond to my concerns about that. >> reporter: hutchins' death has fueled an outcry for improved safety on film and tv sets. an industry in mourning and seeking answers for what went wrong. >> miguel, this wasn't the first incident with a prop gun on that set. what more do we know about it? all right several crew members had walked off the set citing safety concerns. they said that there were multiple misfires of that expect same prop gun, one of the reasons why they said that they decided to walk away from the production. meantime there is talk of new legislation being introduced to prevent the use of guns onsets. >> miguel almaguer for us in santa fe, thank you. coming up next, our
7:36 am
exclusive look at what's being done to improve the safety of military vehicles. >> hey, good morning, guys. vicky nguyen here in indiana. i'm standing in front of a humvee that is specially equipped with life-saving technology. this humvee is actually going to roll over. wait until you see what happens in the crash when the air bags deploy. that's next on "today." tony b here to warn you about this new beefy black & bleu. with a one-two punch of bleu cheese and horseradish aioli. you punch me, jimmy's john's? i punch back. come on! don't eat the black and bleu! i'm a sucker for bleu cheese. the beefy black & bleu. for a limited time
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back now at 7:40 with in-depth today. this morning, rare and exclusive access to a crash test invst ing military humvees >> it's so surprising. some say the vehicles lack safety features that could prevent injuries and even deaths >> our good friend vicky nguyen is here now with more on that. good morning >> reporter: good morning to all of you you are about to see what happens inside a military humvee when it rolls over a government report released earlier this year found humvees, the most common military vehicle are involved in more army and marine corps accidents than any
7:41 am
other tactical vehicle what's more, many of these crashes happen in noncombat situations this morning, see why advocates are calling for changes to help save the lives of service members. a warning, some of this is footage may be difficult to watch. the impact is jarring. you're watching a crash simulation involving a military humvee 10,000 pounds of metal traveling at just 25 miles per hour rolling over twice after hitting a ramp a sobering example of what can happen in combat and during routine training >> we knew it was bad, but nobody thought that wes wasn't going to make it >> abby coubey is the widow of staff sergeant wesley coubey in june, her husband was on a training mission. he died after the humvee he was training mission he died after the humvee he was riding in rolled over. abby is now raising their three children >> i didn't actually get to be with him or say good-bye
7:42 am
>> reporter: the investigation into what caused the accident is still ongoing, but his death is not isolated according to the government accountability office, there were more than 3,700 tactical vehicle accidents from 2010 to 2019 in noncombat situations almost a third involved humvees. 123 service members were killed contributing to what congress called a trend in nonmilitary deaths in the military the armor added to humvees makes them prone to rollovers. two years ago, the army contracted immi to research and test safety solutions for the humvee nbc news was invited to immi's crash test demonstration for a measures could help service look at how additional safety measures could help service members survive. i'm here in indiana and joining me now is nick, the lead engineer here at immi. we're standing in front of this humvee it's specially equipped.
7:43 am
what do you expect to see today? >> we're going to induce a rollover and we'll see how our technology will help a service member in a crash over a conventional three-point seat belt >> engineers rig the humvee with 30 cameras to capture every angle inside and outside the vehicle. inside the humvee, both test dummies are belted the passenger in the back is wearing a standard seat belt and the driver is wearing a four-point seat belt system that pulls the driver down to create space between their head and the ceiling. >> launching vehicle in three, two, one -- >> traveling at 25 miles per hour, the humvee hits a ramp designed to simulate what could happen in a real life rollover the humvee flips twice, almost jumping the barricade. and on the inside, chaos watch as this rider wearing just a standard seat belt is thrown from side to side. in slow motion, you can see the rider's head hit the ceiling with every roll.
7:44 am
but not the driver the air bag and the four-point seat belt protect the driver's head and neck. >> that was incredible to see in person we saw what happened on the outside. what happened on the inside? >> so everything worked just as planned. was pulled and then the entire seat was pulled to the floor, opening up? >> and that pro survivable space for the service member >> and that protects your head >> and that protects the head and neck from coming into contact with the roof. >> the army is exploring other safety solutions, including better driver training and the use of simulators to build driver experience. but for families who have lost service members, the changes are long overdue >> i never really realized it was a problem. but now that i'm, i guess you could say kind of living a nightmare, it is a problem and it is frustrating. >> so sad for that family. that demonstration was troubling just watching that so this is new to us, but it's not necessarily new to the military >> no, it's not, tom
7:45 am
this has been a known problem since at least 2014 when a milis fatal. some have been equipped with antilock military report found blunt force trauma in humvee crashes to be fatal. some have been equipped with antilock brakes. immi says installing that system will cost $4,000 to $5,000 per vehicle. a humveemaker says they do support the research to make their humvees safer. let's check in with mr. roker again. a busy day >> we're going to be looking at that severe system today this weekend, it's the strongest storm ever to have hit the west coast. the pressure dropped 46 millibars in 24 hours. that's almost double what it would normally take to make for a bomb cyclone we're going to see more of these because of climate change. warmer waters make these bomb cyclones more common
7:46 am
the warmer water and cold air masses as they move onshore. the heavy rain has ended on the west coast snow through the rockies but today, later today into the overnight period, that same system is going to cause severe whether for 12 million people. wind gusts, very large hail, 2 inches in diameter and several tornados possible. we move on into wednesday and look at this, 13 million people along the gulf coast up for severe weather from bay city all the way to mobile, alabama for strong wind gusts, a few tornados and isolated activity going on we're looking at heavy rain from the gulf coast all the way into the mid plains with anywhere from 1 to 3 inches of rain as this system moves to the east. that's what's going on around good morning. i am meteorologist, kari hall. we have one more chance of showers moving in from the north. it's mainly for the north bay, but still already spotty sprinkles out there as you get ready to head out the door, especially in san francisco near the coast. the rest of the forecast is
7:47 am
drying out. our inland areas will reach in the low 70s starting tomorrow continuing to the end of the week. there will be a storm system passing close by. by the weekend, looks dry for halloween with highs in the 60s, and 60s in san francisco. guys still to come this morning, potential hope on the horizon when it comes to breast cancer >> this morning, a vaccine being looked at to tackle the most aggressive and lethal form of the disease. but first, these messages. innovating, sourcing organic ingredients testing them and...fermenting. fermenting? yeah, like kombucha or yogurt and we formulate everything so, your body can really truly absorb the natural goodness that's what we do so you can do you new chapter. wellness well done
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coming up on popstart, what would you guys do if you met
7:52 am
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good morning. it's 7:56. i am kris sanchez. here's what is happening now. >> i'm bob redell. today we could get an indication into how serious alameda county is in want to go keep the a's in oakland. at noon the board of supervisors will vote to a nonbinding resolution for onsite structures at the team's proposed new stadium at howard terminal. the a's have indicated they are willing to move out of the bay area if they cannot come to terms on the howard terminal site. want to get a look at the forecast. kari, still green on your radar? >> yeah, we have one more chance of rain coming in.
7:57 am
this is a weak storm system but bringing in light showers further to the north and maybe move into the north bay by late morning and into the afternoon. spotty showers in the forecast today, but after that it's all dry. our temperatures will be warming up. we will head for the low 70s in the inland areas. a few more clouds moving in on saturday. san francisco will also see off and on light rain today. then we are in for more sunshine for the rest of the week and temperatures in the upper 60s, and making plans outside for halloween day, looking good, about 64 in san francisco. kris? >> you know the kids are waiting for that forecast. we have more local news coming up for you in just a half hour, and of course, midday news is coming up at 11:00. have a great day.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
it is 8:00 on "today." it is 8:00 on "today." coming up, triple threat >> we can't fool around with this because we will lose the neighborhood if we do. >> wicked weather from coast to coast. heavy rains and winds in the northeast. tornado threats in the middle of the country as the west coast recovers from that devastating bomb cyclone and braces for a new storm. al is tracking it all, live. breast cancer breakthrough >> if we could prevent 12% to 15% of breast cancer and the most deadly type of breast
8:01 am
cancer, it would be a major step >> the new vaccine to prevent one of the most aggressive forms of breast cancer why this early study has doctors hopeful. just ahead, how the trial will work and what researchers are hoping to see. and live in studio 1a, lady a stops by to talk about their latest album and give a special performance. plus, we will catch up with chrissy teigen after a challenging year and get recipes from her new cookbook today, october 26th, 2021 >> hello from elementary school. >> we're coming to you from white bear lake minnesota. go, bears. >> hi, i'm lauren. >> and i'm julie >> roses are red violets are blue and we hope you love halloween as much as we do happy halloween. >> hi, "today" show. >> we're from camillas, new york >> today we're celebrating -- >> my brother carter's 11th birthday
8:02 am
>> this is kelly and john from st. petersburg, florida, and we're here to celebrate ila's second birthday. say hi, hoda >> hi, hoda. >> happy birthday. 2 looks good welcome back to "today." we're so happy that you're joining us it's a tuesday morning craig is on assignment it's a soaker, isn't it? >> i like how you said 2 looks good she didn't look a day over 1, does she would you take a look at our awesome fans right now >> if you come out in ponchos and an umbrella, it is a soaker, but they are here. >> do not say we have fair weather friends. >> totally worth it, too exactly. we're counting down to sunday night, halloween and tomorrow on "today" we're going to help your family how to prepare for how to trick or treat safely to where to find the best halloween costume ideas. >> we are excited to announce our costume. we're going to reveal it right now. we are going to be -- not until friday you're going to love it, though. i think it will be fun
8:03 am
>> you guys are loving your costumes this your invitation to join us. can't wait to see that this is your invitation to join us we may treat you to some special surprises, as well go to >> good one. >> it's true it's not enough to dress up any more now we have to perform >> we have to go all out i think you'll like it we're going to get right to your news at 8:00. the first nor'easter of the season is drenching the east coast. it's expected to bring dangerous winds and flooding, leading the governors of new jersey and new york to declare states of emergency. that storm is only part of a triple threat covering most of the country. the midwest, the south, the west coast, all weather problems of their own. al has the latest on all of this al, busy morning >> it is, guys we have a flood watch right now. flood warnings 39 million people in the northeast and new england. the rain now really getting
8:04 am
itself together as this low pressure system develops rain and flooding widespread stream flooding. flooding could be made worst by those storm drains clogged because of the downed leaves locally we could see upwards of 5 inches of rain, as well. the winds will be a big problem, too. knocking down power lines and trees. and those power outages stretching from augusta, maine, all the way down to point pleasant, new jersey later today into the overnight, that storm system, that big bomb that came into the northwest and the california coast, it is now going to be in the mid plains. 12 million people at risk for severe weather, wind gusts and large hail and tornados possible and then by wednesday, that moves into houston, texas, all the way to mobile, alabama for 13 million people. wind gusts of 60 miles per hour or higher. few tornados and isolated hail, as well. so we're going to be very busy over the next 72 hours guys >> al, thank you
8:05 am
and we could be on the verge of a breakthrough in the battle against covid-19 experts at the fda are about to decide if they will recommend the pfizer vaccine for young children and moderna is about to seek approval, as well. nbc's sam brock has a closer look at the meetings today sam, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we're here at children's hospital in new orleans which has been conducting trials for kids with a moderna vaccine. nearby ochsner health has been conducting the panels with pfizer the results have been excellent for that two-dose vaccine. about a third of what adults were getting is almost 91% effective in preventing symptomatic covid infection for kids 5 to 11 years old just last week alone, there were 118,000 kids across the country that had the covid-19 infection. that is down from a peak of about 250,000 in september so that's been cut great news there, but still a staggering number. and it comes at a time when the kaiser family foundation most recent study shows roughly 32%
8:06 am
of parents said they would wait and see. 24% said definitely not. physicians say getting your child vaccinated is the best way to prevent a surge it is entirely possible that the pfizer vaccine could be available for kids by the first week of november that's the very latest, savannah, from new orleans back to you. >> that's next week, sam thank you very much. following the successful launch of its space tourism business, jeff bezos' blue origin company is teaming up with boeing and others to build a space station. they plan to call it orbital reef right now it's still on the drawing board, but the company says it could be in orbit by the end of a decade. it would resemble the international space station. blue origin says its own space outpost would generate new products and discoveries and even new forms of entertainment. just think, guys, our kids may grow up to go on vacation in space, hit that space station and hit the all you can eat buffet >> what happens in the space station stays at the space
8:07 am
station. >> let's get our boost a man who has been married to his wife for 18 years also helped raise her three children who are now young adults so one day he decided to surprise them all with special presents for them to open. take a look. >> oh, no way. >> he wants to adopt you guys. >> oh. >> oh, my gosh >> and all the paperwork right there to start that adoption process. of course, the kids teared up. big hugs to dad. >> looks like dad was crying, too. coming up next, a "today" exclusive. in the fight against breast cancer, an experimental vaccine a decade in the making now being tested we'll have exclusive details, right after this
8:08 am
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8:11 am
we are back, 8:10. >> this morning, the cleveland clinic announcing a major advance in research. anne thompson is here with more. >> reporter: the potential here is enormous. because of all the advances we've made in breast cancer treatment over the years, triple negative breast cancer remains the most challenging to treat, basically because chemotherapy is the mainstay of that treatment. now, a first step in the still long road to create a vaccine to prevent this deadly form of breast cancer. it is the most aggressive and lethal form of breast cancer triple negative. with none of the biological characteristics that typically respond to hormonal and targete the therapy. but this morning, new hope as the cleveland clinic tests an experimental vaccine >> how significant could this be >> well, if we could prevent 12%
8:12 am
to 15% of breast cancer and the most deadly type of breast cancer, it would be a major step >> reporter: the experimental vaccine is ten years in the making the study will involve 18 to 24 patients who have completed treatment for early stage triple negative breast cancer in the h risk for recurrence. each participant will receive past three years they are tumor free, but at high risk for recurrence. each participant will receive three vaccinations two weeks apart. the experimental vaccine is designed to target a lactation protein called alpha lactalbumin found in the majority of triple negative breast cancers. it should activate and expand the body's t-cells to attack the protein killing the cancer cells before they grow into tumors >> what we're trying to find out in this phase one trial is what dose we should use in feature studies. that dose will be determined on the basis of side effects and the immune response. >> reporter: who could benefit
8:13 am
the american cancer society says triple negative breast cancer accounts for 10% to 15% of all breast cancers it is more common in women under 40, african-american women and those with a brca 1 mutation >> i do want to see that we are aiming to help people. i don't want to raise false hopes, but we do have hope >> reporter: to prevent a deadly form of breast cancer. now, this is just the beginning of human trials. and a vaccine could take many years, perhaps even a decade to develop. and there is other research going on, as well, into other forms of breast cancer but all that work could represent some hope of the horizon for so many people >> hope is the key word here, anne thank you so much. we turn now to dr. maria white, director of breast radiation oncology at clinic medical center and a breast cancer survivor herself. dr. white, good morning to you >> good morning. thanks for having me with all the talk that this is
8:14 am
experimental and ten years away, it is hope >> it is hope. >> what are the implications of this >> this is very exciting i take care of these patients in the hospital this type of breast cancer is more deadly, more likely to happen in young women, people of color and people with a brca 1 mutation plus, it disproportionally affects all those people and it's their lives at stake. affe young families so we absolutely need new treatment options. it's the reality is it affects these young families so we absolutely need new treatment options it's going on be more promising for the future >> people may be looking at this and saying, great, breast cancer but it hits this targeted group tested have been through cancer and this is remission, right? >> that's right. >> this treatment follows the standard of care that is
8:15 am
and the people who are being tested have been through cancer and this is remission, right >> that's right. >> this treatment follows the standard of care that is currently in place chemo, surgery, radiation. and the goal is to risk the recurrence of these people who are at a high risk of having breast cancer come back. >> it's been a difficult time to get to this point for this particular trial which is now going to start in humans, but it why does it take could be ten years why does it take so long now we've seen a covid vaccine develop overnight, which was pretty rare itself >> absolutely. we've been spoiled by the covid vaccine. and we have a vaccine against cervical cancer. it's time for a vaccine for people with breast cancer, right? but it can take years for an early study like this to turn into a treatment that's available for the public that's why it's so important to do these clinical trials if you are someone out there who is dealing with cancer and making treatment decisions, ask your doctor if there's a
8:16 am
clinical trial that is right for you. >> can we say time frame for us, we have young daughters. do you think this something our young daughters will see in their lifetime >> i sure hope so. and i have a young daughter, too. five to ten years for maybe something like this to come along, but who knows, maybe we can accelerate the availability of these treatments when we really give more attention to clinical trials and aim higher to save more lives >> we were just saying the science is amazing you said it's dazzling >> it is dazzling. it's exciting to be a doctor right now. i've seen a lot of miracles and we need another one for women with triple negative breast cancer >> thank you for your perspective. >> thank you for having me 16 minutes past the weather. let's get a check of the weather with mr. roker >> as we take a look across the country, more wet weather for the pacific northwest, but nothing quite like what they saw earlier in the week and over the weekend. some snow in the rockies, but as we get back towards the east where all the action is right now, we will be watching more develop during the day temperaturewise, it will be chilly from the northern plains
8:17 am
into the pacific northwest, intermountain region with temperatures in the 30s. 90s through texas. even a little on the cool side down in florida with temperatures into the 80s. 50s in northern new england and the great lakes and that heavy rain will continue this afternoon into this evening in new england and strong, gusty winds througtomorrow afternoon. afternoon severe storms developing in the central plains today and we are still looking at some snow and wet weather for the intermountain regions of the northern rockies and on into the southwest. that's what's going onrod the country. here is what's happening in your good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we're watching one more round of light showers approaching from the north. and this will mainly affect parts of the north bay today. we're going to see some spotty light showers, may already be misting and drizzling near the coast. as we go into today we'll see our temperatures reaching into the low 70s for the rest of the week. this storm system moves out of the bay area and then we're in store for dry weather at least into early next week.
8:18 am
and san francisco will see some light rain in the forecast for today. channel 108 siriusxm radio right now, best time of the morning. popstart >> you are the bomb dignity. >> first up, the late show with stephen colbert had a lot to talk about with bruce springsteen. brought his born to run guitar with him bruce had one fan interaction that stuck out >> i'm on my motorcycle with a friend of mine we're coming from lake placid. it's hundreds of miles to get from lake placid we're trying to do it in an afternoon. it starts pouring and it's pouring and it's pouring and we're riding and we're just, you
8:19 am
know, it's like pins and needles hitting you and we're soaked, completely to the bone go through a toll booth. i'm stuck in traffic i'm drenched and a guy rolls down his window, hands me an 8x10 and a pen so i signed it and handed it back to him. >> that's a good one next up, we had a big night on "the voice. ed sheeran joined us and last night he was helping out our thr ed coaches in the knockout round. ed and ariana took a quick second to catch up ahead of each other ahead of their team rehearsals >> so glad you're here hi >> nice to see you and you're married now >> yeah. >> you, as well? >> and we have a kid >> that is so exciting i met ed when i had red hair it was in 2012 he was at my manager's office hanging and playing music. he is a brilliant songwriter >> how is it going >> the worst
8:20 am
>> okay. >> i've know i'm not okay >> i've known ariana for a long, long time. and we've worked together on songs in the past. it will be a good first season for her, i think >> ed has covid now. that was shot a long time ago. >> just making sure. >> aired last night through the magic of television. but that was like eight weeks ago. another round of knockouts tonight at 8:00 eastern, 7:00 central. thanks in advance for watching next up, prince has won grammys, an oscar, and now he may receive the congressional gold medal it's the country's highest civilian honor with past recipients being rosa parks, jackie robinson and george washington minnesota's congressional delegation introduced the legislation with amy klobuchar saying the world is a whole lot cooler since prince was in it. we honor his memory and contributions as a composer, performer and music innovator. the legislation will need
8:21 am
support. two-thirds of the house and senate got bipartisan support in minnesota. prince still bringing people together let's go to the big board where steve kornacki is going to break it all down. >> i don't know if there's two-thirds vote for anything maybe they will make it a purple medal. >> that's as political as popstart has ever gotten finally, it's bracket time we have round two of our halloween horror show bracket here brock-o-lantern. today viewers have spoken "the shining" took down the classic people can't get enough of jack nicholson. friday the 13th moves on to the next round it beat the blair witch project. wasn't even close. on the other side of the bracket, get out, no match for
8:22 am
ghost face with "scream" slashing away 68% of the vote. it's going up against "halloween" which took down hoda's "a nightmare on elm street." 63%. there you have it. shining against friday the 13th, good matchup and then you've got scream versus halloween >> cast by the bbc to make the making of "the shining." a 30-minute documentary behind the scenes it yields one of the greatest moments. the here's johnny theme, jack nicholson getting psyched up, getting ready for the roll. >> head to to cast your votes we'll have another round tomorrow >> good. i just got really into the
8:23 am
bracket. >> sold it >> sell it >> guys, i'm glad you mentioned lady a one of the most talented trios in music >> oh, my god, they're together. >> they've got special performances, plural. performances, plural
8:24 am
8:25 am
8:26 am
good morning. it's 8:26. another hurdle cleared in barts expansion into san i don't say. the bta blocked in nearly $200 million for the funding. the department of transportation announcement suggests the cost has grown to $9 billion, far high than bta's nearly $7 million estimate. vta did not address the discrepancy. and we're recovering from a lot of that rain yesterday. today looks like it could be a better day for the bay area. >> much of the bay area does
8:27 am
start out with some dry weather but we are still watching out for spotty showers. it's mainly for the north bay where we'll have the highest chance, but anywhere across the bay area temperatures reaching into the mid-60s. see some low 70s by the end of the week. and for the weekend if you're already starting to make plans, expect highs to continue to reach into the upper 60s and still more clouds moving in. >> i'll have another local news update for you in about half an hour.
8:28 am
8:29 am
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8:30 am
>> louder, louder. what we really need right now is a little lady a. >> and a bloody mary >> grammy winning trio lady a, in the flesh >> charles, i don't want to put you on the spot, but of this new records, you have said this is your most vulnerable and honest record to date we're looking forward to talking with them about it plus they're going to treat to us a special performance. also joining us this half hour, chrissy teigen
8:31 am
plus she has a new cookbook out. >> and coming up on the third hour, our new series, how to adult. this morning, vicky nguyen has the 411 on appliances. from repairing to replacing to which warranties are actually worth -- >> al, i love it when you do millennial talk. >> that's ithat's it. >> we're a >> we're adulting. and tomorrow on "today" jill martin will be here. >> cashmere sweat perhaps. >> a fan favorite. and think about this, a cooking show plus a podcast plus al roker >> the perfect storm >> a cyclone of events >> thank you it's called cooking up a storm with yours truly so you've got questions about
8:32 am
thanksgiving, we have assembled a murderer's row of chefs. we have ina garten, and we're going to tell you how to make a great thanksgiving dinner. sola elwahli gives you one of the greatest thanksgiving turkey recipes ever >> wow okay >> no kidding. >> we're doing away with turkey this year. we just decided we don't like turkey everything else we love. turkey. everything else we love. >> before you do, try this turkey recipe. a great turkey in 90 minutes >> wow >> check out the podcast >> in 90 >> deep fried? >> in 90 minutes >> it is not fried but you have to -- >> this is better than the butter ball hot but you have to -- >> this is better than the butter ball hot line >> made by chick-fil-a >> and all six episodes will drop on monday it's going be on video on today all day. it's going be -- it's everywhere it's nowhere
8:33 am
i'm chicken man. okay just go with it. okay oh, how about weather? good idea. >> no time for weather >> there's no time >> heavy rain today in the northeast. severe storms in the afternoon northwest storms moving in again in the pacific northwest tomorrow that next storm system gets it together in the northern plains all the way down into the southern plains with severe storms costal rains hanging around new england. windy conditions in the western plains plenty of sunshine southeast and the mid mississippi ri good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. it's going to be a chilly day and still a lot of clouds lingering. in some spots across the bay area we'll even see some light showers passing by. so we're watching out for those rain chances but mainly for the north bay. that will be the focus of those showers moving by for later this morning into the afternoon. the rest of the forecast is drying out. we'll see more sunshine.
8:34 am
our valley temperatures will reach into the low 70s. it looks pretty good leading into halloween weekend. >> it's called dry brining and you will want to kiss me full on the lips after you try it. >> what? >> it's crazy uncle al thanksgiving >> we've been waiting all morning for this a face-to-face chat with some music and grammy winners lady a sitting with us today but first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:35 am
8:36 am
i have type 2 diabetes. i've pricked my finger. . . too many times. and my a1c was still over 9. then i got the dexcom i just glance at my phover 9. there's my glucose numbe i juno fingersticks.phover 9. there's my yes.ose numbe holy cow my diabetes is no longer a mystery. my a1c has dropped over holy cow 2 points to 7.2. that's a huge vict to 7.2. i feel like i'm calling the sh thanot my diabetes. series on "today" is proudly presented to you by citi we're back with lady a >> i am so happy this year, now five grammy wins and 11 number one hits later, they are out with a brand new
8:37 am
album called what a song can do. >> the last time we caught up with them, it was over facetime. but now we are thrilled because you are with us in studio 1a hillary, charles, dave, how areo you? >> good to see you. >> i had to double-check my notes. 15 years you guys have been together >> yeah. >> and you guys were old elementary school or junior high buddies, first, right? >> yes >> and then you brought hillary into the mix >> i think we were 25 and she . >> it worked was 20 we made her drop out of college. >> it worked out >> and you guys were recently inducted into the grand ole opry >> that has to be one of those milestones >> for sure. the pinnacle for me personally, my mom moved to nashville to pursue country music when she was 19 the fact that we got to get that invitation -- >> and this was so bizarre because i had played golf with darius rucker that day >> are you kidding >> and then he's there and he
8:38 am
like, didn't tell me and then he's there and i was like, wait, what it never was a topic of conversation, hey, i'll be at the grand ole opry tonight and so are you he's our closest friend and we've toured together so many times. he's one of my best friends of all time to have him kind of be that guy, it made us think about now next we get to hopefully invite someone into the opry, as well >> y'all have put out such great music. everyone changed a lot during this pandemic. everyone comes on and talks about a different feel they have to their music you guys talked about this being the most personal of all your music. how so >> i think we had more time than we've ever had to really think about what we want to say as a band i think it was all stripped away to the song writing. we wrote over zoom and we eventually wrote together and
8:39 am
poured our hearts into all of these songs. i think waits a way for us to start to process what was happening. >> specifically, too, songs like worship what i hate, which it was our therapy i think waits a way for us to start to process what was happening. >> specifically, too, songs like worship what i hate, which is dealing with -- especially during the pandemic, how much we leaned on social media the whole time, drinking, letting a lot of things come to the forefront of things you need to change, you know >> i have to shout out dave. first time in 15 years, you -- you're the lead vocal on a song that you wrote and there's a great story behind it >> i know. >> we've been waiting for you. >> once every decade i wrote a song for my wife for mother's day this year i didn't buy her anything. i just wrote her a song. and we were in the last few weeks of making the record and i texted and was like, if you hate this idea, but people have been with us since the beginning. i think they know what we all bring to the table, and i thought it might be a different character to have on the record. they were super supportive >> y'all performed live last
8:40 am
night in new york. i have some friends who were there and they talked about how magical it was just the vibe of being able to sing to actual people. how has that been for you guys >> it's been amazing when we were able to tour, we did almost three months of a tour we didn't miss a weekend, which was a miracle. and it was really, really special. we saw so many people, i think, just even if they were wearing masks, through their eyes, this was one of the first times they've experienced loud music in a long time so we just were full of gratitude and we'll never take for granted being up on stage again. >> it was such a gift for our soul, too. you could see it in people's eyes, the emotion. it was so fun. >> we get to hear your music now. that's the tour. you guys did it backwards, you did tour and now you're releasing the album. we don't have live music in our studio yet, but i hope you come back when we do.
8:41 am
let's hear it. it. ♪ lady, lady ♪ ♪ boy, i'm not the kind of girl to go and fight for ♪ lady, lady ♪ ♪ boy, i'm not the kind of girl to go and fight for all your attention ♪ not too afraid to c this off and go sew what i've been missing ♪ ♪ mm, mmm ♪ ♪ leave the ♪ mm, mm ♪ ♪ i'm not too afraid to call this off and go see what i've been missing ♪ ♪ mm, mmm ♪ ♪ leave the dress at home cause it makes me too polite ♪ ♪ no more waiting by the phone i'm stepping out tonight ♪ ♪ because i feel like a lady ♪ ♪ sippin on tequila with my levis on ♪ singing to the music ♪ a lady singing to the music playing all night long ♪ ♪ yeah, i'm feeling right, i'm living my life, i do what i like ♪
8:42 am
♪ cause i feel like a lady, a a lady ♪ ♪ treat myself to what's up on the lady ♪ ♪ treat myself to what's up on the highest shelf i want it, i get it ♪ ♪ i want it, i get it ♪ ♪ i might look are like i'm lonely, but i'm only loving every minute ♪ ♪ oh, baby ♪ ♪ leave the heels at home, cause they never do me right ♪ man, these hips don't lie ♪ ♪ because i feel like a lady ♪ ♪ sippin on tequila with my ♪ going dancing on my own man, these hips don't lie ♪ ♪ because i feel like a lady ♪ ♪ sippin on tequila with my levis on ♪ ♪ a lady singing to the music playing all night long ♪ ♪ yeah, i'm feeling right, i'm living my life, i do what i lad
8:43 am
yeah ♪ ♪ like ♪ ♪ cause i feel like a lady, a lady ♪ ♪ feel like a lady, a lady, yeah ♪ ♪ ♪ might change my hair, and dhang my mind ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ might change my hair, and change my mind ♪ might change your whole life ♪ ♪ i might break your heart and not think twice, that's right ♪ ♪ because i'm a lady sipping on spin tequila with my levis on ♪ ♪ a lady singing to the music playing all night long ♪ ♪ i'm feeling right, i'm living my life, i do what i like ♪ ♪ cause i feel like a lady, a di lady ♪ ♪ i feel like, feel like a lady ♪ i feel like, i feel like a lady ♪ lady ♪ like a lady ♪ ♪ i feel like, i feel like a lady ♪ like, i feel like a
8:44 am
lady ♪ ♪ lady ♪♪ >> oh, it's done. >> how did you like watching yourself? ♪ lady ♪ >> oh, it's done >> how did you like watching yourself >> you are awesome >> if hoda wasn't rocking out to it i like this part >> it's really cool. you guys are the best. >> hillary, charles and dave, thank you so much. and they're going to have more music for us you'll be here all morning long, third and fourth hours i don't know which camera to look like, but here it is. coming up next -- >> we have chrissy teigen who has a new album out, the comfort food from inside out but first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:45 am
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welcome back chrissy teigen, already a best chrissy teigen, already a best selling author, is out with her most personal cookbook yet it's called cravings altogether. this is your very first television interview since the summer there was a big cyberbullying scandal thent that
8:47 am
stuff. >> of course, yeah >> you were accused of bullying some p here you are i'm figuring since you're here, let's just talk about that stuff. >> of course, yeah >> you were accused of bullying some people online on twitter. a lot of people took it personally they talked about how painful it was. one person said that you said something to her, as to this person saying, quote, i can't wait for you to die. and you apologized and you apologized profusely there were plenty of things where you said i was mortified, i was insecure, i was an attention seeking troll. i'm ashamed. i figure now we've had time to reflect, time to do the work did you ever get to the bottom of where did i do that stuff >> i feel like there was honestly so much -- having this periods of time to digest it all and to look back and to realize that honestly, there is always so much time to grow and to learn and to become more empathetic and to just -- i look at my kids and i look at what i want their values to be and how
8:48 am
i want them to treat people and to see that in myself, that i wasn't doing that, you know, was i think the hardest part for me was realizing that, my goodness, like this really had an effect on people. i think i used to kind of live in the internet phase. i would honestly -- you felt like you weren't talking to anybody. you threw things out there you didn't feel like anyone was going to read it and i kind of became the person that was that person that people thought the messages weren't going to. you just kind of throw things out there and you don't really think about the impact and the person on the other side i think about how much i've changed just in the past year and how much i've grown and learned. and then to think on of that in the term of a lifetime, how much room there is to always know more and be better >> i think we're all different than we were ten years ago i mean, if everyone dug back in everyone's hour and thought about these are the things i said and have done -- >> it's just -- >> you did talk about apologizing. you said i've apologized
8:49 am
publicly to one person but there are others i need to say i'm sorry for. i'm in the process of that have you been able to do that? and how was that received? >> yeah. definitely i wanted to make sure first of all that they were okay with me contacting them. so, of course, like some people, you know, maybe they didn't -- they don't want to be in contact with me or they just had gotten past it or moved past it themselves but, yeah, it was nice to be able to have everybody's contact information and be able to reach out on my end. if they accepted it, that's great, but they didn't have to, either you let people process things their own way. >> and i want to get to the cookbook and we're going to take a whole segment to cook right after this but you were talking about the cancel culture and that was when things got canceled, endorsements or tv gigs. is it back in place for you now? >> i mean, the thing that was important to me was realizing, you know, you don't really realize -- you know, i think you learn so much in the moments
8:50 am
where you do lose so much. you lose it all, your world is kind of turned upside down for me, it was a big moment of, wow, i need to find out how i can be better, how i can grow f from this, learn from this, and honestly, i think -- you know, you don't want to say there's that old cliche like i'm glad it happened, but truly, it made me a stronger person, a better person i realized that, you know, i -- like that's when i went sober, i went clean i'm 100 days sober today i'm so excited >> wow >> so i feel so good i feel very clearheaded. i feel very -- i don't know. i just -- i feel like i have done the work and i just hope these people can, you know, forgive and be able to, you know, welcome the fact that hopefully they've seen me be better >> well, a hundred days sober, that's a congratulations in order. >> thank you >> we're going to get to your cookbook right after this commercial, but you dedicate it to jack. >> yeah. it was quite a year, huh
8:51 am
yeah >> to lose a child it is a difficult moment >> and to not have really processed that, you know, to really -- to explain that to your children, what happened, and to have to explain it to yourself because i threw myself into the cookbook instead of processing it. so, yeah, it took a lot of therapy, a lot of, you know -- i needed to be clear that's why honestly going sober was so important i needed to be clearheaded i needed to be able to understand what i was taking in in therapy and absorb it instead of just hiding behind alcohol. >> it seems like there's a brighter new you sitting here before me. >> i really feel good, i do. >> i want to say congratulations on the cookbook. >> thank you >> and these are comfort food recipes. we're going to learn about them. we are going to take a quick commercial break, we are going to come back we're going to get to the bottom of whether john is a fan of a
8:52 am
certain recipe >> he better be. >> he better be. >> but first, this is "today" on
8:53 am
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we are fwak with we are back with today food and more with chrissy teigen as we turn our attention to comforting dishes featured in a new cookbook it's called cravings altogether. what are we making >> we are making orange chicken fried sandwiches it's one of my favorite recipes from the cookbook. i use chicken thighs >> al, she uses only chicken thighs >> yes yes. >> but you can use chicken breasts. to have theed sess my so we're going to toss in our garlic, tossed sesame oil, soy sauce, orange zest and orange juice. >> mush it all up. >> mush it all up. let it sit for about an hour or overnight, whatever you want and then we're going to do a classic dredge flour first, seasoned salt season every part of your dredge >> don't do the egg first? >> egg wash. >> we do flour and then egg and
8:55 am
panko. >> and then panko. come on, baby. >> it's a better bread crumb and season every part of it. >> yes >> so the longer you let it sit, the longer the panko will adhere to that chicken. and then we're going to make a coleslaw so your toasted sesame oil, chinese hot mustard, salt and some mayonnaise. >> how are your kids, by the way? >> they are so good. hi, luna, if you're watching miles is definitely not watching >> no. >> he sleeps in. miles is little john i'm sure you've seen him he really is so we've got onion, cabbage and carrots. toss that up >> i'll do that. >> fry this chicken here >> okay. >> oh, this is nice. sizzle. >> what is john's >> nice and sizzle >> what is john's favorite thing
8:56 am
that you make? >> he has a lot of recipes in this book, honestly. blueberry pancakes so much we have a date night cod in there that's awesome luna and miles have a lot of recipes in the book. >> can you put it altogether? >> yes. sorry. i'm going to use my hands. >> a lot of flavor. >> thank you. >> we're big >> can you put it altogether >> yes sorry. i'm going to use my hands. >> a lot of flavor >> thank you >> we're big on seasoning. >> is it good? >> so -- >> early for it. >> good. >> wipe your mouth >> get the book. it's called cravings all together recipes are on >> she'll be back on the fourth good morning. it's 856 mim. a possible make-or-break decision looming today in the args's plans for a new stadium near jack london square. alameda supervisors are voting on a resolution to proud future tax revenue to cover renovation
8:57 am
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preparing for the big one. the fund home owners can apply for. and we'll introduce you to a bay area athlete making strides on the ice as a world class figure skater.
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live from studio 1a in rockefeller blah z, this is the third hour of "today." >> good morning and welcome to the third hour of "today." our cousin to the show, vicky nguyen. >> i think we may elevate you to sister. >> that's a big deal for me. >> it's a big squid. >> kind of. kind of. for me, since i don't have my readers on, we look like sisters. >> so we larchbed this


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