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tv   Early Today  NBC  October 27, 2021 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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28 million children across the u.s. may soon be eligible for a covid vaccine. but just how many parents will allow their 5 to 11-year-olds to get the jab? this morning, we will get new details of the biden's billionaires tax as new layers to the president's build back better mega bill takes shape social media giants grilled on congress about keeping young people safe for harmful content. get ready for the future of air travel happening right now
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airlines using images of your face for boarding identification and showing pride for your hometown "early today" starts right now good morning i'm francis rivera >> and i'm phillip menna will the white house strike a deal democrats are tryinging to get their sweeping spending plan across the deadline. negotiators near an agreement to pay for the bill nbc's chris polone is in d.c. with the details >> democrats are scrambling to pay for this build back better bill as it's called. and three senators are now proposing a minimum corporate tax. it calls for corporations that make more than $1 billion in profits to pay at least 15% on that profit. proponents say between 2008 and 2015 a, 40% of the nation's biggest companies paid zero in federal taxes in at least one of those years.
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backers sa billions of revenue over ten yeersz and now they want to use that revenue to help pay for president biden's pet social climate bill as democrats try to deliver the president a couple of legislative victories. >> democrats in both chambers are working really hard to get this consequential desperately needed legislation across the finish line. i believe a final deal is within reach. >> the president has been actively involved in brokering a deal moderate senators joe manchin and krysten sinema were back at the white house tomorrow >> chrisank you. some 36 million american families have gotten began in
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july now a new census bureau survey is looking into how households have been spending that money. some of their child tax credit money went to pay for food meanwhile, 33% of recipients used the money to pay for utilities. nearly 31% of families used the funds for transportation for school and just over 30% purchased new clothes and accessories. the data comes on the heels of the fda's advisory panel voting to recommend the approval of pfizer's covid vaccine for kids ages 5 to 11 here is nbc's alice with barr. >> dr. warton voted yet. >> reporter: pfizer covid vaccines for children as young as 5 are one step closer after an fda advisory panel voted to recommend them >> it is pretty clear to me that the benefits do outweigh the risks. >> the pfizer data shows its child size doses are more than 930% effective at preventing symptomatic infection in 5 to
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11-year-olds >> the data will show that it is extremely safe >> one focal point, mild inflammation of the heart that appeared in some older teens and young adults post vaccine. there were no documented cases in the study of 5 to 11-year-olds and doctors say the risk is higher from getting covid. >> it causes myocar dietis at a far higher rate than what we see with vaccination >> i am very hopeful that they will approve that. i think anything to keep our kids safer >> reporter: but a recent poll shows they may be in the minority woenl 30% of parents planning to get their children vaccinated right away. >> i think honestly a solid year of testing and people, you know, really working out the kinks in it will do us better >> reporter: that's worrying for many doctors who say vaccinating elementary age kids will be key in getting the pandemic under control. >> not only can they get sick, but they can spread it to others and that's the big concern700 cd
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from the virus since the pandemic began the cdc weighs in next week before a final decision that could allow shots in arms by early november in washington, alice barr, nbc news today, the sheriff and district attorneys will begin laying out what they have found so far in the fatal shooting on the set of the movie "rust." in an interview with the "new york times," district attorney mary carmack altwee said everything, including criminal charges, are on the table. she took issue with the terms that a prop gun was on the set noting it was an antique gun this investigation could take weeks as police continue interviewing witnesses the da and the santa fe county sheriff will hold a press conference later today
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meanwhile, "rust" producers have opened ue hired outside lawyerso interview employees. an osha representative will be present for those. a big legal win for vanessa bryant the judge ordered her request to answer questions under oath about the photos taking at the crash scene where her husband and daughter and seven others died bryant sued the county last year stating she and her family suffered damages after sheriff deputies snapped photos of her husband and child. tiktok, snapchat and youtube were all in hearings on capitol hill here is nbc's hallie jackson >> reporter: for the first time,
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reps from tiktok and snapchat facing fiery questions from congress >> you're a parent how can you allow this >> reporter: those executives from platforms hugely popular with young teens defending their practices, along with youtube, arguing they protect kids and trying to separate themselves from facebook. >> tiktok is not a social network based on followers >> snapchat was a decidely different platform where people could come and talk to the friends they have in real life >> we do not support features such as comments or live chat. >> reporter: lawmakers looking for more >> being different from facebook is not a defense that bar is in the gutter. >> reporter: congress could put in place stricter privacy laws and other protections for kids and teens. for example, banning like buttons and auto play, requiring platforms have a way to flag harmful content and preventing websites from promoting influencer ads to young teens. >> we're open to getting feedback from outside experts and policymakers and parents
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about ways we can improve. >> we are constantly trying to balance the freedom of expression with being responsible. >> reporter: some senators looking for a stronger commitment to support specific legislation. >> this bill has been out there for years. and you still don't have a view on it. >> reporter: and while there is rare bipartisan unity on this, the question is what specifically will congress do and when might they do it? senator blumenthal telling nbc news action may take a matter of months back to you. >> hallie, thank you the powerful nor'easter is still hammering new england this morning. overnight, wind gusts along the coast of massachusetts reached as high as 94 miles per hour that's hurricane-force strength. at least 60,000 people have lost power. the northeast has been drenched in heavy rain and some places like new jersey and new york about a month's worth fell in less than a day causing flash flooding >> nbc's janessa is tracking
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that nor'easter as well as extreme weather in the northwest. >> good morning. we never like to see a storm system making its way westernly. it should flow a different way easternly. right now, the backside continues to spin across the cape cod area, across nantucket. cape cod is really getting hit hard right now we've had reports of wind gusts over 90 miles per hour and they've been pretty consistent up to about 50 miles per hour sustained winds. that's going to continue throughout the morning into your midafternoon the flood threat is going to start to die down for new york city to long island. as this storm system starts to push off short so look at some of these winds through 6:00 p.m nantucket up to 55 miles per hour portland, maine, 44 les per hourmi
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60s. ton of sunshine across the sierra nevada all the way down to l.a severe weather is ripping through the plains we'll talk about that, coming up >> a lot of important stuff to cover. thank you. election data king steve kornacki breaks down one of the most consequential governors races in the nation. and watch out for cannabis candy. to kill 99.9% of bacteria and it eliminates odors. spray it on your furniture, your rugs, your clothes - wherever bacteria and odors hide. you can even sanitize your car seats! for a deeper clean and a freshness you'll love... try new febreze fabric antimicrobial. ordinary tissues burn when theo blows. so dad bought puffs plus lotion, and rescued his nose.
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with up to 50% more lotion puffs bring soothing softness and relief. a nose in need deserves puffs indeed. do you struggle with occasional nerve aches in your hands or feet? try nervivenerve relief from the world's #1 selling nerve care company. nervive contains alpha lipoic acid to relieve occasional nerve aches, weakness and discomfort. try nervivenerve relief. president biden was in virginia overnight trying to boost support for terry mcauliffe. with less than a week to go, republican glenn youngkin has been gaining ground. better to break down this race for us, nbc numbers guru, steve kornacki >> all right, we are inside of a week to go in virginia and this is -- hey, this is what a close race looks like. democrat terry mcauliffe leading
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glenn youngkin, the republican what you see here is the average. that lead now for mcauliffe down to barely a pioint this was more of a lop side race now it's getting close with a week to go in virginia the president coming in overnight. remember, joe biden won virginia by 10 points last year so, obviously, democrats are looking to try to recreate what happened to just one year ago in virginia when biden won the state easily it's one of the reasons why you hear when democrats, when terry mcauliffe talk about this campaign right now, they are so quick to invoke the name of donald trump to try to attach donald trump to glenn youngkin, the republican if they can get people to react to youngkin in virginia like they reacted to trump, that obviously would bode well for the democrats. again, the polling is showing a much closer race than the biden/trump election last year
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one of the big reasons has to see with the suburbs around washington, d.c. and northern virginia, suburbs outside of virginia, too. these are areas that over the last ten or 10 years and particularly during the trump presidency really moved dramatically towards the democratic party and the goal for glenn youngkin and for republicans has been they don't think they're going to win a lot of these blue counties in the suburbs that you see on the map here, but can they cut back, can they peel back some of those gains made in the trump era. here is louden county outside of washington, d.c. this is a big suburban area. joe biden won it by 25 points last year. take a look at the trends in loudan county. in 2016, hillary clinton won it in 2017. less than a decade ago, loudoun counties was a swing county.
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what glenn youngkin and the republicans are trying to do, they don't think they're going to win loudoun county. they're trying to come closer than donald trump did. if they can do that, if they can peel back some of those gain that's democrats made in places like loudoun county in northern virginia, then they have a shot at pulling off the outright victory a week from now in virginia breaking it down like steve can. steve, thanks. a woman in strir beach just sold $31.8 million worth of counterfeit coupons to shoppers and used that money to finance her own home renovations and vacations. fbi investigators said when they served lori ann talon a search warrant, they found fake coupons in every crevice of the house. she knew how to manipulate bar code toes make these coupons work using different techniques. she was sentenced to 12 years in prison after pleading guilty to mail, wire and health care
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we have a consumer alert to tell you about ahead of halloween. attorneys general in states including new york, ohio, connecticut and arkansas are issuing a warning about marijuana products that can look like ordinary snacks and candy check for a thc logo in the corner these products contain high levels of thc and can be dangerous to children if ingested now to the multi million dollar lawsuit popping out of the toaster. a new york woman is suing kellogg's for $5 million alleging strawberry pop tarts are deceiving consumers by
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claiming strawberries aren't the only fruit in their filling. claiming it is false and deceptive. kellogg's told nbc it wouldn't comment on pending litigation. >> but we will be following this story closely. new technology is taking night at airports across the country. one of the biggest airlines is rolling out new facial recognition technology to help speed in check-ins and tsa screenings tom costello shows us how it works. >> just in time for the holiday travel rush, delta air lines and the tsa taking facial recognition to the next level. >> state of the art technology rolling out here in atlanta, also detroit for those who opt in, no more scanning your paper ticket or mobile boarding pass all you'll need is your face passengers will check in using the phone app with their passport photo on file once here, no need to show your driver's license to an agent simply walk up to the kiosk,
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drop your mask, the camera compares your face with the photo on file. >> put the bag on the belt and off it goes. to join the program, you must be a delta sky miles member and have tsa precheck. then, jup just upload your passport security checkpoints also get easier once you're in the tsa precheck lane, walk up to the camera, take off your mask -- >> and come on through >> and you're through. the tsa says biometric scanners are more accurate than manually checking ids when you show up at your gate, no phone, no ticket, you simply walk up to the camera, take off your mask -- >> welcome aboard, sir >> you're done a lot of people may be concerned about their photograph in your system for privacy reasons >> absolutely. we, in fact, do not store any imagery of any customer. all we do is once this kiosk takes your photo, it maps that photo with what customs has in
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the debate with the passport information. >> soon it plans to expand to laguardia airport, l.a.x. and other hubs taking facial recognition from the curb to the jet bridge tom costello, nbc news, atlanta. still to come, a campaign to unite the nation by honoring your hometown. and the braves make history in game one of the world series. definitely after meatloaf. like clockwork. do it! run your dishwasher with cascade platinum and save water. did you know an energy star certified dishwasher uses less than four gallons per cycle? while a running sink uses that, every two minutes. that means even small loads can save water. so why not do it? run your dishwasher every night with cascade platinum. the surprising way to save water. hi. so you're the scientist here. does my aveeno® daily moisturizer really make my dry skin healthier in one day? it's true jen.
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here is one slammed into left field how about that start to the world series he puts atlanta up 1-0 >> solair making history right out of the gate in the world series he became the first player in world history to lead off a game one with a home run in the fall classic. he put braves on the board while charlie morton kept the astros off it he would leave the game in the third, but atlanta would stay in
4:27 am
control. the braves take game one on the road, 6-2. how about some free food the stolen base here means taco bell is handing out free tacos locos on november 4th. there is nothing quite like the pride and powerful memories we all share about our hometown. anne thompson has a look at the new stories to share our stories and unite us >> reporter: small or big, near or far, hometowns are what we have in common >> we've got this in our dna >> reporter: now documentary filmmaker ken burns hopes to unite our divided country encouraging americans to honor your hometown. is this designed to be an antidote to the divisiveness on social media >> yeah, i think so. can't we all set it aside for a
4:28 am
moment >> reporter: the project enlisted some famous friends to kick off video submissions ♪ in my tennessee mountain home ♪ >> reporter: dolly parton sings. >> i'm proud of my hometown. >> this is the only hometown where i can do things like this. >> mark vanderhay shows off. >> we're all have a community somewhere. >> trisha yearwood and garth brooks get to the heart of the matter >> let's focus on the things that tie us and not divide us. >> this town has so much history and it preserves it. >> just look at this pie and tell me you wouldn't like to spend time here. >> it's this simple reset that allows us to be americans, to subscribe to the things. remember, we know when we were born, philadelphia, 1776 >> reporter: pursuing happiness to find the best in our hometowns and each other anne thompson, nbc news.
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>> home is where the heart is, really, and where it is can run really, really deep, as we see >> it does with me shout out to el paso, texas. >> thanks for starting your wednesday with "early today. coming up on the "today" coming up on the "today" show your doctor gives you a prescription. let's get you on some antibiotics right away. you could have it brought right to your door, with 1-to-2 day delivery from your local cvs. or same day if you need it sooner.
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but at a time like this, aren't you glad you can also just swing by to pick it up? and get your questions answered. because peace of mind oa box. and get your questions answered. that's healthier made easier. at cvs. right now at 4:30, preparing for a rollout. this morning we are one step closer to your children being able to get the covid vaccine. how soon it will be available and where you can sign them up once it's organized. more curveballs may lay ahead


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