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tv   Early Today  NBC  October 28, 2021 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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it was a live round in the gun. investigators are saying the shot fired by alec baldwin that killed the cinematographer and injured the photographer was live ammo. heavy political pressure on progressive democrats to back his infrastructure bill before he jets off to europe for economic meetings. a massive caravan of migrants are making their way to the u.s. border. our vaughn hillyard is on the keep the insurance institute for highway safety is out with their
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new suv ratings. their results may shock you. and sam brock with a solution to power problems for people who find themselves in the eye of the storm far too often. "early today" starts right now good morning i'm phillip mena glad you're with us. i'm francis rivera officials confirming that a live round was in the gun used by alec baldwin during a scene rehearsal. the million dollar question is how a live round got into the revolver in the first place. nbc's miguel almaguer starts us off. >> reporter: on the set of "rust," investigators say alec baldwin fired a single live round, a real bullet that traveled through and killed halyna hutchins and grazed joel souza. he was handed a colt .45 he was told was safe to use before he
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pulled the trigger during me hearsal. >> if the sheriff determines a crime has occurred, an arrest or arrests will be made and charges will be filed. >> two people accidentally shot on a movie set >> reporter: interviewing the 16 cast and crew members who were inside the church during the shooting, authorities have now seized 600 items of evidence among them, three guns and 500 rounds of ammunition, both blanks and real bullets. the single round that killed hutchins now in the hands of the fbi. inside the revolver alec baldwin used or were there other live rounds inside the chamber? >> not that we're aware of >> reporter: with baldwin questioned multiple times, investigators have interview the two other crew members who handled the gun and are in charge of safety armorer hannah few tear resident reid and assistant director dave
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halls. according to a new search warrant, when questioned by investigators, dave halls said halyna hutchins showed him the firearm. he can only remember seeing three rounds he advised he should having checked them all but didn't. >> the two people whose job it was to ensure safety, obviously made some serious miss steps shouldn't they face criminal charges? >> we just can't say that at this point because the investigation is not complete we know that mistakes happened we're not exactly sure who did it >> reporter: authorities say basic safety protocols like banning live bullets from the set were clearly not followed. investigators confirm they're now looking into reports, staff on the set of "rust" may have taken live target practice when they weren't filming, fatal mistakes in this deepening probe. nbc news was able to view some behind the scenes video on the movie set. we could clearly see the handling of weapons which some
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safety experts said was questionable francis. >> my tkpwerblgs thank you breaking this morning, l.a. county is considering a $2.5 million settlement over the kobe bryant crash photos. >> the board of supervisors will consider approving the settlement for the two families who are suing over the unauthorized sharing of crash photos vanessa bryant filed a similar lawsuit. the families could see a decision by next week. a final review is set for tuesday. with build back better on the brink, president biden is trying to salvage his signature spending plan. he is departing this afternoon, using morning hours to negotiate with top democrats for a deal along with a vote on the bipartisan infrastructure bill kristen welker has the latest on negotiations >> reporter: the urgent scramble by democrats to reach an agreement on president biden's multitrillion spending plans that he wants to have finalized
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before he leaves for his high-stakes trip to europe with top negotiators shuttling back and forth between the white house and capitol hill, democratic leaders struck an optimistic note. >> an agreement is within arm's length and we are hopeful we can come to a framework agreement by the end of today >> reporter: but there are still a slew of unresolved issues between moderates and progressives, including how to pay for it now a newly suggested billionaire's tax who earn $100 million or more in three consecutive years, there are questions over whether it is constitutional and key moderate joe manchin is already blasting it >> i don't like the connotation that we're targeting different people >> while other democrats are raising questions about what could be cut out we learned negotiators have dropped paid leave from the package. >> it would be devastating for
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working women. >> reporter: key progressives tell us they don't just want an agreement, but they want a framework in writing on the larger social spending package before they'll move forward. phillip. a caravan of thousands of migrants are headed to the u.s./mexico border someone lurking from within the caravan. our vaughn hillyard has the details. >> reporter: this latest caravan now numbering in the thousands these migrants, many from honduras, guatemala, haiti, el salvador stopping forest after going through a block aid of police and national guard. the migrants now are still 1,100 miles away from the united states they're facing a lack of essentials like water. but some worry about the dangers lurking from within. this man didn't want anyone to recognize him. he is accused of taking $1,500
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from this woman cecelia guzman he assured her he has been a human trafficker over 25 years and was going to take her nephew to the u.s instead, he disappeared with the money. she says she saw him on tv walking with the caravan and she went out to hunt him down. guzman turning him into the police but others say it's not only human smugglers they are afraid of they, too, have to protect themselves from other migrants this hon during yann scarlet was beaten up by multiple menopause she is a lesbian others say they are escaping violence and discrimination in their home countries, the same that follows them on the
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caravan. the destination still months away but despite the turmoil from wi within, this caravan is continuing on. >> our thanks to vaughn hillyard for that report. new cases of covid-19 have plummeted kraog the country. according to cdc data, cases in the u.s. are down 57% since their last peak september 1st. new infections have seen a 16% drop over the past week. hospitalizations have also declined 54% since late august the cdc director said the country is moving in the right direction, but we must remain vigilant heading into the colder, drier winter months. an inexpensive anticipate depressant could treat covid-19.
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a pill called flu mocks mean a chilling new warning about the terror threat from afghanistan. the senior pentagon official says with american troops out of the country, isis-k could regain the ability to attack the u.s. within six months to a year. isis-k is responsible for the attack on 16 u.s. service members during evacuation efforts in august. >> a new report is suggesting meghan markle and prince harry were the target of a coordinated hate on social media according to the research, 83 accounts backed by 187,000 followers, were responsible pore approximately 70% of the hate content targeting harry and
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meghan twitter told buzzfeed news it was actively investigating the information and accounts in the report houston astros look to bounce back in the world series in a big way houston pitches all around the diamond. that one into orbit. the shot in the 7th put the game out of reach houston's pitching stepped up and kept the braves far from home plate astros even up the series with a 7-2 win. game 3 is tomorrow as the series shifts over to atlanta, a die-hard fan and her son will be there. mickey benton tweeted to the team to say the last time atlanta was in the world series, she was watching them play as she gave birth to her son. now they are flying the mother and her son for game 4 after requesting tickets, former president trumpis set t attend game 4 in atlanta >> let's check in with meteorologist janessa webb hi, janessa. >> reporter: good morning.
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the severe weather threat continues. now it is across the florida panhandle. this is the same system that impacted texas yesterday morning. tornado watches are currently in place across the florida panhandle. this entire rainmaker will make its way into the mid atlantic as we go into this afternoon. the backside of the storm system heads into the northeast as we go into tomorrow so the storm prediction center has issued a slight risk for damaging wind gusts, a few tornados because it's still very warm across the carolinas into the orlando area and we will watch for a little bit of hail going into your afternoon.month across d.c. to w york city. we're going to get an additional two to three inches as we go into your friday also boston could pick up isased are
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still pretty windy to casper wyoming. another system headed for washington state we'll talk about that coming up. all right. janessa, we will check in with you in a bit thank you. bruce smith was one of the scariest defenders in nfl history. now he is embracing that in time for halloween. check this out so smith played 19 seasons in the league, in buffalo and in patient. the defensive end recorded 200 sacks in his career. he was inducted into the hall of fame in 2009 now the all time sack leader is commemorating how he terrorized them each of the 76 tombstones represent a quarterback that smith sacked in his career you see some legends, john elway, aikman, montana, steve young. the list goes on and on.
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we are a family business gucci is an empire >> style, power. >> gucci is like a cake. you have a taste then you want more and then you want the whole thing for yourself >> there's the newest look into the highly anticipated film "house of gucci. soon enough we will get to see al pacino, salma hayek and more. it premieres in theaters november 24th. >> as extreme weather becomes more frequent, solar panels may provide a reliable way the keep the power on what the costly technology is still out of reach for many. here's nbc's sam brock
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>> reporter: over the thwack of hammers, residents with no access to power for days or even weeks. everyone, that is, except for jenhe will paisley >> we didn't worry we had power for fans. we had power for fridges we were able to run the a.c. it was easy. >> reporter: hazlett's bright idea was to bank on the sun and her 36 solar panels, along with a battery storage unit tucked under her porch. >> it is tucked away >> reporter: tucked away and quiet. >> once it's up there, it just works. i don't have to think about chasing gasoline i don't have to think about running extension cords. >> reporter: it's a process the lifetime new orleans started after katrina and isaac. a valuable lesson for anyone
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living in areas vulnerable to storms or cold snaps like the one that blind sided texas last summer. panels and batteries can cost up to $20,000 this is where congress comes in and the hotly debated bills on investment and infrastructure. >> one of the things we can do to grow rooftop solar is for congress to extend tax credits for those technologies which will make it in reach for more and more american households >> 65 billion earmarked for renewable energy it's the regular sillation bill at 30% for a decade. credits that enabled hazlett's investments in the first place would that have been feasible without the tax credits? >> no. without the tax credit, i wouldn't have been able to afford it. >> reporter: the window to act before the next devastating event is cracked open right now. >> it makes a difference when you know you live in a
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best sleep with a cold, medicine. it's not just a thanksgiving turkey expected to gobble up more money this year just about everything on the table will be more expensive this holiday season. nbc's kerry sanders breaks it down for us. >> reporter: this thanksgiving, be prepared to fork over more dough for your feast last year, as people gathered in smaller numbers, thanksgiving prices were the cheapest in a decade but now, with higher demand and lower inventory, pound for pound, glut any is going to cost more >> we are sitting in almost a perfect storm. multiple issues at one time when the food and ag system
4:27 am
>> reporter: the nation's food supply has been hit hard by transportation costs, labor shortages, and inflation the cost of turkey is set to surpass the all-time-record by the end of the year. in north carolina, it's almost twice the price to ship sweet potatoes from the farm to your table. canned cranberry sauce will also cost more. the cans are made of steel the price is up 200% extreme weather wreaking havoc droughts and hurricanes impacting sugar crops and refineries across the u.s. even your holiday cheer will be pricier. >> it's a bottle shortage. it's a label shortage, a cork shortage everything >> i have people coming and i have to feed them no matter what >> reporter: how do you make sure your family's feast doesn't break the bank a turkey breast instead of a whole turkey
4:28 am
start shopping early ask guests to bring their favorite thanksgiving dish most importantly, remember, it's not what's on the table but who is around it that matters most >> and a thanks to kerry sanders for that report. an important lesson after our year of covid. >> spooky season is in full swing right about now. can you guess which horror morey is the most popular in your state? >> somebody open this door >> arizona and connecticut had carrie as their top four flick look at that map colorado big on "the shining." no surprise there, "texas chainsaw massacre in texas in california, it was a train to
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busan, a south korea zombie film >> i have never heard of that. i have to check it out >> sixth sense i liked that one >> the psychological thrillers >> yeah. much better. much better. thanks for wak your doctor gives you a prescription. let's get you on some antibiotics right away. you could have it brought right to your door, with 1-to-2 day delivery from your local cvs. or same day if you need it sooner. but at a time like this, aren't you glad you can also just swing by to pick it up? and get your questions answered. because peace of mind is something you just can't get in a cardboard box. that's healthier made easier.
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at cvs. in and out and bay area health leaders. the possible long-term impact from the shutdown. awaiting final approval for expanded covid vaccinations may mean a lot to people with young children. how quickly your life could change once that plan gets the green light. and meteorologist kari hall tracking warmer temperatures just in time for the weekend. this is "today in the bay". good thursday morning


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