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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 28, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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warmer in san francisco with upper 60s. clear lake headed toward 76 degrees. we will see a lot of sunshine today. once again, those changes in the forecast for the weekend. of course, with our climate in crisis, we've been looking at all aspects of how this could change our weather across the bay area. cierra johnson joins us at the golden gate bridge with a look at one iconic thing for san francisco that may be changing. >> reporter: you're right. i'm at the golden gate bridge. it's a surprisingly clear morning. there have been some mornings you couldn't even see the red of the bridge. scientists say we may see more
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clear days because of something weather related. according to research a biologist at uc berkeley has studied fog patterns and found a 33% decrease since the early 20th century. the researcher also found that the fog carl or karla, as it's known in the bay, is starting or stopping earlier all due to climate change. this morning we're also taking a closer look at the water that drenched the bay area just a few days ago that did a number on many parts of the bay. we saw video of flooded roads and some drivers stranded. did it make a difference in our much-needed rain totals? the answer in part is no. the department of water resources compiled the numbers and show even after all of that rain, many of the states
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reservoirs are still holding less water than historic levels. there are just a few outliers but shasta lake still has around 41% of the amount of water it would normally have this time of year. many may be asking are we at least in the clear in terms of fire danger? well, some are answering no to that question as well. the press democrat took a closer look into the issue and found while the ground may be wet, that wind is always potentially an issue. while the rain did help a little, we get one big windstorm and it can hit those power lines and we can be in a world of hurt. so a lot happening here in the bay area with the fog and the water levels as well as the fire risk. we'll keep you updated with all that's going on. live in marin county, cierra
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johnson. northern california off to a good start when it comes to rainy season. here's the before and after satellite image at how the atmospheric river impacted the sierra. on the right you see over the same barren terrain, ten days early, look at all that snow. more than two feet of snow fell there. all lanes of westboundle 580 back open this morning. all lanes were closed. traffic was backed up for miles. right now the alameda county sheriff's office is only saying the coroner was called in for a death investigation. they're not indicating anything more than that. vallejo leaders are extending the city's mask mandate. council members adopted indoor mask requirements at the end of august.
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the city mandate is extended indefinitely. new this morning san francisco is extending the program that placed homeless people into hotels during the pandemic. about 1200 people are now living in hotels. since the program launched in spring of 2020, more than 3700 people have been helped and more than 700 have found permanent housing. city leaders are extending that program through next september at a cost of more than $20 million. california attorney general will be at oakland boys and girls club talking about the dangers of illegal cannabis look-alike products. president biden today leaves for europe. he's going to meet first leader head to scotland for a climate change summit. he has unfinished business on
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capitol before he leaves. chris pollone? >> reporter: the president is delaying the departure of this trip to europe. two sources confirming to nbc news that the president plans at the white house this morning to layout his framework for a deal on that large social spending and anti-climate change bill. it's unclear whether all democrats are on board with that. in europe preparations are under way as rome and glasgow set to welcome the world's top leaders. in just an hour, president biden will make a pit stop here on capitol hill meeting with congressional democrats as work on those two major spending bills approaches the finish line. democrats have been saying a deal is close on that spending deal with money for new social
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initiatives. the white house has also been dialing back expectations over recent days. >> they're sophisticated. they're seeing we're on the verge of getting to a deal. they don't look at it through the prism of whether there is a vote on the legislative body before he gets on an airplane. >> reporter: the white house says it expects all democrats to be on board with the freedom work for this agreement. so far reporting shows that progressives are skeptical unless they see a real concrete framework and know moderates are on board, it's not likely they're going to vote on it. the house speaker wants to vote on that bipartisan infrastructure bill today but it's not clear if that's going to happen either. >> i know the deadline passed for the bipartisan infrastructure bill. that's urgent. talk to us about why that is. >> reporter: so there is money in that bipartisan infrastructure bill to keep the
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federal government able to fund what they call service transportation projects, basically road and bridge projects. that money will run out on sunday. there was a temporary extension to do it. but if this bipartisan bill isn't passed for another extension by sunday, then the transportation department likely is going to have to furlough some 3700 workers because they won't have the ability to spend any money. >> now is not a good time. chris pollone in washington, thank you. a live look in los angeles where help is on the way for struggling families. $1,000 no strings attached every month for a year. organizers say there will be no restrictions on how that cash is spent. to qualify you must be at least 18 years old, have one dependent child or expecting dealing with a covid related medical or
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economic hardship. income must be at or below the poverty line. oakland has a similar program in place. the san mateo hayward bridge moving along for us this morning. it looks nice and clear. >> it's still going to be nice and quiet around the bay area. we're starting out with temperatures in the low 50s in santa rosa. we'll see some clouds for the early hours. take a look at our trend. it stays cool through about 9:00. then we start to warm up. a lot of sunshine in the forecast today with some mid 60s. we're headed for even some mid to upper 70s with our inland areas with napa reaching 74, san jose 74.
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it looks pretty good for today, but we do see some changes. i'll talk more about that in a few minutes. >> out of richmond, very light traffic flow. just west after the toll plaza, reports of an incident on chp. that's all we have, is an incident. the slowing doesn't show up. there are no problems on the speed sensors. to the north, there may be a little bit of fog developing. we're not looking at any problems. a smooth drive coming this direction for your commute. no delays through the east bay or the trivalley. how many of you love orange juice when you wake up? you probably learned early in life it's not so good after you brush your teeth. next we're going to talk about that major juice company that is
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fixing that problem. plus a venture capitalist attacks dads.
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happy thursday. we get data on jobless claims here in about 15 minutes. starbucks having trouble finding employees like everyone else and will raise its minimum pay to
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$15 an hour nationwide. you can't ignore starbucks also facing some union organizing nationwide as well. a twitter watchdog group has analyzed long time attacks on megan the duchess of sussex. she's been described as the most trolled person in the world online. the analysis showed 83 accounts were behind 70% of the attacks on twitter. the haters getting retreated by others to reach 17 million twitter users. a venture capitalist went online called dads who take time off losers. he was amplifying a message by podcaster joe rogan.
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this is the fellow seen here. that's his tweet. so the tweet says, wow, great for fathers to spend time with their kids and support moms, but any man in an important position who takes six months of leave for a newborn is a loser. now he cofounded palo alto's -- with peter teal. you may recall that he founded paypal. he's a very unusual fellow. we'll find out more on our podcast sand hill road. as we all know, dads who take time off to spend time with their children are just good dads. >> yeah. >> i agree. >> as long as they're helpful and not just couch potatoes
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sitting over there. mcdonald's executives anticipate prices in the u.s. will rise by 6%. some of it is also the result of wage hikes. the company is using a pricing advisory service to understand how much customers are willing to pay. tropicana creating a tooth paste that won't ruin the orange juice taste. >> most tooth paste ingredients -- tropicana's
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toothpaste won't include it. when you drink your orange juice, you won't have that strange taste. >> will it be as effective? >> i don't know. trending this morning, we're asking our viewers a very important question yesterday ahead of halloween on what their favorite scary movie was. >> many people reached out with their choices. nightmare on elm street, my favorite, of course. halloween up there, texas chain saw massacre and poltergeist. the winner is halloween coming in with 40% of the vote. coming in second, my favorite nightmare on elm street followed by poltergeist. those are just the four that i picked that i kind of remember
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growing up. we wanted to take a look at each state's favorite movie. surprisingly here in california the movie train to busan is a south korean zombie film. i've never heard of that one. >> i don't watch a lot of horror movies. >> i feel like somebody mentioned it but i don't remember much. >> maybe you should check it out. >> let's get a look at the forecast. halloween this weekend. finally these kids get to go out and about. is the weather going to cooperate? >> yes. i'm with arizona on the favorite
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movie, carrie, of course. it's starting out all clear and not scary at all. it is clear in the south bay as our temperatures head for the low to mid 70s today from milpitas to san jose and los gatos reaching 73, gilroy with 77 for a high temperature. the seven-day forecast is already up. we see temperatures coming up a few degrees, martinez reaching 73. 74 in livermore. half moon bay 64. san francisco from the mid 60s to the low 70s today. it's going to be much nicer with all of that sunshine and mid 70s for sonoma today as well as santa rosa reaching 75 degrees.
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the next storm system arrives early next week. we will see the storm system passing just to our north going into the weekend. there's another one behind that that looks to bring us a better chance of rain starting on monday. at this point computer models putting down about a tenth of an inch of rain for parts of the east bay. san francisco could get up to a half inch of rain. higher amounts for the north bay, which is quite typical of storm systems for this time of year. we're waiting for the update of the draught monitor in about 20 to 30 minutes to see if all the rainfall we had recently will affect the exceptional drought we're seeing right now. looking at our temperatures for the inland areas over the next few days. nice and warm today and tomorrow, a little bit cooler for the weekend, which i think is perfect. when the kids are wearing
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costumes, you don't want it to be really warm. next week we'll see temperatures coming down as the rain moves in. mike, did you have a report of a hit-and-run going on? >> hit-and-run sounds dramatic. that just means one of the vehicles involved in the crash kept going. a big rig was involved here and another car was brushed by that big rig. one car is on the shoulder. the big rig is not there. technically a hit-and-run. no injuries reported and no slowing. highway 4 is basically at speed all the way in through concord. nice travel time for these drives. a little bit of slowing out of the altamont for 580. he booked one flight, so why was he charged for two?
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nbc bay area responds, next. as we head to break, i want to share these photos submitted by our viewers. they're a few pups that are definitely in the halloween spirit. >> beanie babies.
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rodrigo in marin county booked flights to paris for $1,252. he says chase rejected the transaction, then told him to try again. lo and behold, two charges appeared on his statement. bottom line, he was overbilled $1,252. he tried to fight it himself but
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didn't get anywhere, so he asked us to step in. we asked chase to check out his bill and one week later it credited him. he said, this matter was resolved with the customer made whole and the credit issued. when you spot a credit card billing error and can't iron it out yourself, you can open a credit card dispute. we made a how to video showing you each step on our website. just look for the how to play list. coming up, crisis diverted. an unruly passenger forcing pilots to make an emergency landing. >> new details about what authorities say was an assault.
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i drop off and pick up my kids from school so, i can't work early. or late. and i need to make enough to make it worthwhile. i can only work two days a week. and it can't interfere with my other job. i can do full-time. just not daytime. and i need benefits. good ones. and you know, it would be nice if you paid for my tuition. like all of it. ♪ ♪ ♪
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i believe in freedom and i'm going to stand up for it for my kids. >> a show of support. protesters rally behind in and out's decision not to require. proof of vaccination for its customers. a live report on the deal to keep double doubles flowing in the east bay. awaiting final approval for expanded covid vaccinations. how quickly experts believe your life may change even if you don't have young children of your own. and kari hall is tracking warmer temperatures just in time for the weekend. this is "today in the bay." we're broadcasting through
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your television traditionally, we also stream live on >> looks really nice across the bay area i. we're waking up to clear skies and it's going to be another comfortable day for the bay area. going into the weekend we'll see more clouds and a slight cooldown for halloween activities. then we're watching the drought monitor, which we'll get the update here soon and we'll see if those numbers change after all of the rainfall recently. our high temperatures today reaching into the mid 70s for the north bay. also mid 70s for the inland east bay, san jose reaching 74 degrees. again, look at that weekend forecast coming up in just a few minutes. protesters plan to be out in force today supporting in and
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out's decision not to police proof of vaccination requirements. the move is coming at a possible cost for some of its locations. bob redell is outside the pleasant hill in and out. >> reporter: more people are expected to protest outside this in and out here in pleasant hill to show their support for this restaurant which has refused to check vaccination or negative test status of their indoor diners as required by contra costa county. as a result of this defiance, all five in and outs in the county have agreed to stop indoor service and instead are open for takeout and drive-through only. this was the scene last night at the in and out in san ramon where a dozen people protested. the county briefly shut down
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this pleasant hill location on tuesday for repeatedly refusing to comply with the county health order. they wrote we refuse to become the vaccination police for any government. >> i think people should have the right to choose what goes into their body. >> the folks that work in these restaurants, to try to make them the vaccine police to violate my personal liberty, they just want to come to work. >> i encourage everybody to take seriously local health orders and i encourage everybody to support businesses that support the state. >> reporter: that was governor newsom. he was in alameda county yesterday to receive his booster shot and to encourage all eligible people to get vaccinated. reporting live here, bob redell. staying ahead of the game while p go-ahead from the cdc, it's busy
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producvaccine. the green light could come as early as next week. pfizer doses for children contain one-third of the adult dose and are specifically marked with orange lids to avoid confusion. you may have a lot of questions. visit our website, for more information. five questions parents have about covid vaccines for young kids and the answers from top experts. a follow-up to a deadly police shooting case decided this week in an east bay courtroom. the family will receive nearly $5 million in a settlement with the county. jurors convicted danville police officer andrew hall of felony assault with a firearm in 2018. but they deadlocked on a more serious manslaughter charge. the settlement was reached
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during the trial. developing charges may be coming for a passenger accused of assaulting a flight attend on an american airlines flight from new york to orange county that was diverted to denver. police took the passenger into custody after the plane landed because that passenger refused to wear a mask. >> the man punched the woman. he knew he had done something wrong. i understand he actually punched her twice. i did see her walk back down the aisle afterwards. she had blood spatter on the outside of her mask. >> that plane took off about two hours later, landing in orange county about 10:00 p.m. yesterday. american airline said the passenger will not be allowed to fly with american airlines again. no word on how that flight
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attendant is doing. engineers will drill five new holes deep under san francisco's millennium tower to see if they can secure the foundation to bedrock. the high-rise is leaning more than 22 inches towards fremont street. previous drilling designed to secure the foundation was halted because it was actually making things worse. san francisco gave the tower permission to expand testing for a possible fix, this after a test drill two weeks ago caused minimal sinking. another sign fire season is getting closer to ending, cal fire lifting more suspensions on burn permits. six counties are listed in the latest order including nap that, sonoma and solano. new video to show you of a
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black bear hanging out in a residential neighborhood in southern california. researchers tracking it say the little bear made the trip across the san gabriel mountains, stopping in an avocado tree. the family called fish and wildlife to capture the 2-year-old bear. they tranquilized her and took her safely back to the mountains. we got some snow up in the mountains. >> yes, we do. we're going to talk about where you can see the best fall colors. if people are going to be heading out this weekend, head
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to the pumpkin farm to get those last pictures of the kids in their costumes. expect it to be nice and warm as we look at temperatures throughout the day, reaching into the mid 70s for the start of the weekend. also the alameda county fair will be going on. in pleasanton temperatures will be about 70 degrees. cooling down quickly in the even ing time into the upper 50s. where you can see snow and fall colors, head up above 4,000 feet in the sierra. you can check out where to make your weekend road trip to see the best of the fall colors. go to
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it looks really nice this time of year with beautiful scenery around the bay area. how is it looking for the commute? at the bay bridge toll plaza, we've seen some slowing on the approach to the bay bridge. metering lights should be on soon. there will be slowing up the incline, but not as severe as it sometimes is. a little bit of slowing for 37 as well. highway 4 not showing up on the sensors. the rest of the bay shows a smooth drive. there may be an incident just north of 680, sounds like maybe a stalled vehicle. pushing back against a controversial law, next, the local agency offering to pay workers to relocate in response to texas's new abortion ban. in washington it is really
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down to the wire. the president has a flight to catch. congress has not got things together yet. the latest coming up.
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last night they say this rv
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was stolen in san francisco. the chase ended when the driver ran through an intersection, hit a prius and flipped over. the prius driver had minor injuries. the rv driver went to the hospital. president biden is headed to capitol hill trying to hammer out a last-minute deal. even democrats are complaining that the effort to build back better feels rushed. >> which is ironic. they've had time. they didn't get it done. now with biden headed to europe, they want a deal in place before he goes. the white house says the president will even delay his flight by a few hours if he needs to. biden headed to europe in part for a climate change conference. the build back better deal had a lot in it about clean energy. it probably paints the wrong picture for our leader to tell other world leaders to get their climate act together when he
5:45 am
himself has been unable to convince the american congress. among the things that feel rushed, how to pay for the programs in the bill. joe manchin says he supports the change in how we tax the very, very rich by redefining income, . >> everybody should pay their fair share. if you're not a billionaire, you should be paying your fair share. that's all. that's the patriot tax. >> paying your fair share. it's true some billionaires pay less in taxes than you do. some billionaires don't have income the way the tax law says is income. here's elon musk last month.
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>> with respect to my personal taxes, i don't actually draw a salary. my cash compensation is basically zero. >> so restructuring the tax code very last minute. what democrats are trying to nail down is a framework, not an actual law. they're going to announce they've agreed to agree. president biden will announce that from the white house later this morning. the take-away, free preschool for american kids is in, money to take care of the elderly, expansion of the affordable care act. out is paid family leave, free junior college, clean electricity plans and tx hikes on the rich. also a congressional discussion with oil executives. we're keeping an eye on that. a new job fair this morning
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decision to ban abortions there. >> ten forms are joining forces to host a job fair for those in the communications or public relations field. participants must want to relocate from texas because of the abortion ban or work for employers who support reproductive rights. organizers hope to find candidates looking for a change. >> i find this a real self-inflicted wound on texas's effort to grow their economy. any talented person is now thinking do i want to live in a place that's going to police my reproductive life? a lot of people are saying no and a lot of people are reconsidering texas. >> the job fair will run for 30 days. this morning we're learning more about a new vaccination requirement for oakland
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students. >> a lot of the talk this week regarding vaccination has been that vaccine for elementary school age children 5-11. while bay area school districts prepare for that, there are still decisions to make for kids 12 and up who are already eligible. oakland unified is one oh of the first districts to outline specifics of its mandate. that includes enforcement. this is what it is going to mean. students who are unvaccinated and not exempt will have to transfer to independent study or unenroll. that will only happen after they have been educated and given information and offered the opportunity for a vaccine. those two other options, banning participation in extracurriculars and following the state requirements, those options were taken off the table at the meeting last night. also, we know that the mask
5:49 am
mandate is tied to the overall vaccination rate including vaccination for children age 5-11 once it is authorized. bay area health experts say allowing students to stop masking at school is a great incentive for vaccination. >> they said they have no metrics for children. they're the ones that are the least likely to get severe disease. i think they need to positively motivate vaccines and say they're going to have normal regular school. >> santa clara county is also getting ready with vaccination sites set up at the fairgrounds in san jose. you can also go to your regular provider. the county of santa clara has been ordering doses of the abou
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masking is tied to kids vaccinations. >> we've been saying while our rates have come down, why are we still wearing masks. bay area health leaders say we have to hit that 80% vaccination rate for the total population or we have to continue to mask for eight weeks following authorization for kids 5-11. trending right now, a wedding surprise to remember. two southern california brides were stunned when a famous face crashed their wedding ceremony. >> it was none other than tom hanks. he came by to tell the newlyweds that their wedding was one of the most beautiful ceremonies he's ever seen. hanks watched the ceremony from afar and came over to congratulate them afterwards. he even took a picture with the
5:51 am
newlyweds there. >> there's no crying in weddings. [ laughter ] >> that's a nice surprise. let's take a look at the forecast for today. meteorologist kari hall has a look at what we can expect. can we top we're going to match yesterday. we're going to see more of the same kind of temperatures around the bay area. we're starting out clear. we'll head for 73 in martinez, san francisco with highs in the upper 60s, clear lake reaching into the mid 70s as well. we're going to see a couple of days of some dry weather and more clouds moving in by the weekend. this system is going to bring in a slight cooldown as we'll see it moving just to the north of us. there's another system right behind that that will bring us some rain for next week. it does look mostly cloudy for the weekend.
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showers really making it into the bay area on monday. we could see some decent rainfall totals. rain for parts of the north bay will be higher reaching up to about a half of an inch, a quarter inch of rain for parts of the east bay and south bay. we're all wondering what is going on with the drought. it's been so massive across the region that we are now in what they call a mega drought. updates came out this morning. for coastalonoma counties making some advances. we have temperatures in the 70s, dropping back to the upper 60s for halloween weekend. rain arrives on monday as temperatures reach the mid 60s.
5:53 am
>> we're looking at 15 minutes since the metering lights turned on, filling in all those lanes all the way back to the toll plaza. slowing here at highway 37. a steady flow out of vallejo. a little slowing in pittsburg and bay point and concord as well. that's your typical pattern. a crash on the shoulder north 101 at brokaw. 5% of unvaccinated adults say they have left a job due to a vaccine mandate. this as the federal government prepares to unveil new vaccination rules for workplaces. next, warriors superstar
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steph curry in an unguarded moment. trick or treat! do you have any idea whose house this was? trick or treat! did you ever hear of michael myers? trick or treat! [ screaming ] happy halloween, michael.
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climate hacks. >> you've probably had this happen to you. you're watching tv and you're thinking why won't the volume go up? the remote needs new batteries. i counted ten things around my apartment that needed batteries. those can't be good for the planet. a study estimated americans throw away 4 billion batteries each year. when they're not disposed of properly, batteries contribute to water and air pollution. when batteries corrode in landfills, chemicals soak into the soil and can contaminate the groundwater. it's time for your climate hack. let's swap out these single-use batteries for rechargeable ones instead. in most cases rechargeable batteries work just as well as disposable ones. let's swap the batteries you can
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charge over and over again. most last up to four years. the average household burns through about 47 batteries a year. if each family bought just 12 rechargeable batteries, that would save 188 batteries in four years per family. our climate in crisis starting to chip away at one of the simple pleasures at this time of year. >> warmer temperatures have impacted the process that makes leaves change color. warmer temperatures are preventing chlorophyll from stopping its production, leaving the trees greener for longer. you can watch the full report on nbc lx.
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steph curry says he got goose bumps thinking about his recent talk with a man on oklahoma's death row. julius jones. steph curry spoke with jones's family and was connected by cell phone with julius. jones's family says their talk reinvigorated their cause and their push to free him. right now, new drought numbers now out since the bay area got pounded by an atmospheric river. meteorologist kari hall is breaking it down. is the bay area signature coastal fog on its way out forever? a live report on the concerns some scientists are having that
6:00 am
the fog is slowly fading from our view. and president biden embarks on his second overseas trip since taking office. he's heading to europe. we are broadcasting on your television and also streaming at if you have to head out this morning, take us with you. good morning on this thursday. i'm marcus washington. >> i'm laura garcia. we want the get straight to the new drought data that's out right now. did that atmospheric river put a dent in anything? >> it did make a small impact. think about the magnitude of that atmospheric river. the strongest one in history dumping as much as 25 inches of rain in p


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