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tv   The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon  NBC  October 28, 2021 11:34pm-12:37am PDT

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and running again. it reopened tonight. great news because it's the theater program's biggest fundraiser of the year. so check it out. this is what they had to deal with. that's what it looked like before. but it's up and running. it's also going to be friday and saturday. and then the younger kid time is from 7:00 to 8:00. and after 8:00, is when things get really goer and scary. >> they're practicing there. >> so if you have little ones, you're going to want to go earlier. >> lee high school? >> lee high school. >> halloween is here. i would like to go really late so i get scary. >> we'll see you tomorrow. >> bye. [ cheers and applause ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon."
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tonight, join jimmy and his guests - chrissy teigen matthias schweighofer, musical guest, skepta, and featuring the legendary ots crew >> questlove: 1540 yes, sir >> steve: and now, here he is, jimmy fallon [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: welcome! welcome! thank you very much! thank you very much! oh, my goodness! [ cheers and applause that's what i'm talking about. i love you oh, it's so good to hear you welcome, everybody enjoy yourself welcome, welcome, welcome to "the tonight show. thank you for being here [ cheers and applause thank you for watching
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well, guys, after teasing a name change for a while now, today, mark zuckerberg finally revealed the new name of facebook here it is >> to reflect who we are and what we hope to build, i am proud to announce that starting today, our company is now "meta. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: yeah >> steve: meta >> jimmy: meta >> steve: what >> jimmy: yeah, meta, as in when i joined facebook, i met a lot of crazy people. [ laughter ] >> steve: hey! ♪ [ cheers and applause yeah wow, baby! >> jimmy: yeah facebook changed their name. in response, spectrum was like, "we used to be time warner and people still hate us." [ laughter ] it feels like when there's an e. coli outbreak at a pizza place and they just change their name from "sal and tony's" to "tony and sal's." [ laughter ] same gross owners, yeah.
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companies often change their name to help their image and since it is up for grabs, johnson & johnson is now facebook and facebook. [ laughter ] they'll take it. "meta. yeah, "meta. apparently, they're trying bring back younger users they even released a new ad. and it seems like they're trying a little hard to get to young -- you be the judge. ♪ >> what up, fam? do you want a dope social media network that's so snatched then join facebook >> f -- f -- f -- facebook >> it's gucci. no cap >> the worst >> we are totally busting with russian memes. [ cheers ] and we got a hella fire ceo. what the zuck? [ roaring facebook we're not cheugy, we're the goat [ screaming also, we're thirsty a-f. >> jimmy: yeah, interesting. i just - [ cheers and applause >> steve: wow. >> jimmy: what up, fam [ laughter ] some news from the white house, coming off some of his lowest approval rating numbers.
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today, president biden left for europe and his first stop is in rome where he's gonna meet with pope francis now, however, the vatican just canceled the live broadcast of the two of them meeting. not a great sign for biden when the pope is like, "i can't be seen with you right now. [ laughter ] meanwhile, since biden is going to be out of town for halloween, the white house will not be holding its usual trick-or-treating event. [ audience aws ] smart -- smart move though announce to the entire country that you're going to be out of town on halloween. [ laughter ] that feels -- "how far do you think i throw this egg it hit the west wing from here, i think. if there is another toilet paper shortage, you can find it in all the trees around the white house. [ laughter ] biden actually wanted to do trick-or-treating but joe manchin blocked it because he hates government handouts [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause >> steve: come on. come on. >> jimmy: that's right no halloween at the white house. meanwhile, one very nervous bird was like, "you're still doing the turkey pardoning next month, right [ laughter ] i am -- i'm jiblet, by the way
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i'm wish bone, yeah. [ laughter ] in a couple -- a couple weeks. it's going to be like, "red light, green light with us," so - [ laughter ] you guys see this? while talking to a reporter, senator bernie sanders was interrupted by a phone call and people were talking about his loud ring tone listen to this >> so you're not on board with the spring work 'cause it's now drafted. >> i want to see it in language [ phone ringing i want to see it im -- improved uh, i got a guy. i can't get to it. i -- i -- i -- you know. >> jimmy: yeah, that's actually -- that's actually not an old, timely ringtone. he actually has a rotary phone in his pock -- [ laughter ] "i can only go 60 feet from my house before the --" then he picked up the phone by putting a horn in his ear. "hello [ laughter ] what?" hey, this is cool. delta airlines is launching a new program that will use facial recognition for passengers going through tsa it's all part of delta's brilliant plan to get people to take their masks off at the airport.
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[ laughter ] they actually had the same facial recognition program before you board a plane on southwest airlines check this out [ laughter ] >> jimmy: yeah yeah, they don't mess around on southwest. yeah [ laughter ] they don't mess around [ cheers and applause some more -- some more travel news, this is real united airlines just announced that next month it will begin selling mini bottles of hard liquor on flights. [ cheers and applause yeah, the move is all part of the company's new slogan, "united, you know we're going to duct tape your ass. [ laughter ] >> steve: wow! >> jimmy: i just have one more i just have one more [ laughter ] hey, i saw that a futuristic robot dog was just spotted walking down 6th avenue here in new york city. watch this video, yeah
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[ bark ] yeah even crazier, there was another robot walking behind him with a little plastic bag >> steve: oh [ laughter ] i love how new yorkers walk by like nothing was happening they're like, "oh, yeah. [ laughter ] robot was like, "i'm a a cybernetic organism sent from the future to pee on fire hydrants." [ laughter ] they're like, "oh, yeah. that's normal. no big deal. and finally, this isn't good -- a new study shows small amounts of plastic are found in the food from chains like mcdonald's you can tell things are bad at mcdonald's today, they changed their name to "mcmeta." [ laughter and applause we have a great show give it up for the roots, everybody! ♪ [ cheers and applause ♪ [ cheers and applause
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what a show we have for you tonight. her latest cookbook, "cravings: all together," is available now. chrissy teigen is here >> steve: hey. [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: number one book -- number one book on amazon right now. plus, he directs and stars in the "army of the dead" prequel, "army of thieves," streaming on netflix tomorrow matthias schweighofer is here. [ cheers and applause matthias schweighofer. right now, we are -- we are trending in germany. >> steve: really >> jimmy: yes. he's massive any -- anyone from germany here perfect. we - >> steve: yeah, there you go >> jimmy: someone here >> here. >> here. >> jimmy: yeah >> steve: yeah >> jimmy: do you love matthias >> yes, of course. >> yeah. >> jimmy: "yes, of course. see? that's exactly right [ laughter and applause >> steve: that's what we said. >> jimmy: we love matthias, that - >> holy matthew. >> jimmy: yes. what [ laughter ] >> holy matthew.
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>> jimmy: say it again >> holy mess you >> jimmy: holy mess you? >> holy matthew. >> steve: holy nephew? >> all you guys do >> jimmy: is that a -- [ speaking in german ] holy nephew? what are you saying? [ laughter ] does anyone know what he's saying >> holy matthew. >> steve: holy matthew >> jimmy: oh, thank you. holy matthew [ cymbal crash ] >> steve: son of a bee sting [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: i love that dude and we got great music from skepta tonight [ cheers and applause skepta hey, guys, it is time for "tonight show" hashtags. here we go ♪ hashtag hashtags ♪ >> jimmy: now, we do this thing every week where i send out a hashtag and we ask you guys to respond to that topic so since halloween is this weekend, i sent out the hashtag, #makeamoviesoundscary i asked you guys to describe a a non-horror movie as if it were a horror movie. so let's -- let's take a look at some of my favorite shows first one here is from @kyledice23.
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he says, "the hangover: after a night of drinking poison, three men with amnesia set out to find out if their friend is still alive. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause >> steve: holy matthew >> jimmy: this one is from @movienerd15 >> steve: 15 >> jimmy: he says, "the breakfast club: a high school principal locks five teenagers in the library until they each have an emotional breakdown. [ laughter and applause it's like, "stop torture! this one's from @aldvitt she says, "the little mermaid: a kleptomaniac makes a deal with a sea witch in exchange for human flesh. [ cheers and applause well, this one is from @mackupsidedown. >> steve: dang [ laughter ] mack up -- >> jimmy: mack upside down ♪ return of the mac return of the mack
11:45 pm
once again ♪ >> steve: take two ♪ oh my - [ laughter ] >> jimmy: who sings "return of the mack?" >> questlove: mark morrison. >> jimmy: mark morrison. was that a one-hit wonder jam? >> questlove: yeah >> jimmy: that's it. >> steve: that -- what a day >> jimmy: if you're going to do it, that's the jam to do it. >> steve: yeah, we'll do it at the half mack upside down it's a win >> steve: win. >> jimmy: he says, "paw patrol: a terrifying dystopian future where all public safety officers are replaced by dogs. [ laughter ] that happened on 6th avenue. this one from @ddancer42 she says, "home alone: a a neglected child takes joy in torturing people who come to visit him. [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: oh, this one here, this is from @joelversusmonstress he says, "star wars: an old hermit convinces a young farm boy to murder his father." [ laughter and applause
11:46 pm
this one's from @greg -- this one from @gregharsenal203 >> steve: arsenal? >> jimmy: didn't you go to school with greg - >> steve: i did. i granted greg harsenal 201. who's this guy >> jimmy: oh, no, no, no [ laughter ] this is a totally different -- no, no this is gregharsenal203, sorry >> steve: i hit for that guy >> jimmy: yeah, no -- well, don't judge him. >> steve: he owes me money >> jimmy: he says, "ratatouille: psychotic chef lets mind-controlling rats take over his kitchen." [ laughter ] [ applause ] >> steve: like willard >> jimmy: yeah this one's from @lmittz6012. he says, "cast away: a former fedex employee loses it all and starts having conversations with a volleyball covered in blood. [ applause ] this last one is from @bakeross1988. he says, "when harry met sally: crazed stalker hounds a woman for 12 years until she hasn't -- all right, there you go." that's -
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[ cheers and applause >> steve: wow. >> jimmy: there you have it. those are "tonight show" hashtags and check out more of our favorites. go to we'll be right back with "tonight show" rap remix ♪ when you' riving a lincoln, stress seems to evaporate into thin air. which leaves us to wonder, where does it go? does it get tangled up in knots? or fall victim to gravity? or maybe it winds up somewhere over the bermuda triangle. perhaps you'll come up with your own theory of where the stress goes. behind the wheel of a lincoln is a mighty fine place to start. (music plays throughout) oh! we're dancing. woah! oh. ok!
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♪ [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: welcome back, everybody. thank you for watching it is time for "tonight show" rap remix. here we go ♪ tonight sho rap remi tonight show rap remix ♪ ♪ tonight sho rap remi tonight show rap rap rap remix ♪ ♪ tonight sho rap rap rap remi tonight show ♪ helping us out is our very own tariq trotter. tariq, there he is right there [ cheers and applause tariq, you're an amazing rapper, but i want to -- >> tariq: yes, i am. yes. [ laughter ] go on. >> jimmy: yeah i wasn't pausing for a a response [ laughter ] but i do want to put your skills to the test >> tariq: okay >> jimmy: yeah, and i want -- i would like to see if you can add rap to verses to songs that are definitely not rap songs >> tariq: mm >> jimmy: so we gave you some
11:52 pm
song titles right before the show this is real we did this. >> tariq: yeah >> jimmy: you had a few minutes to write some verses are you ready to do this >> tariq: yeah, i'm ready. yes. i'm ready. >> jimmy: here we go since halloween is this weekend, your first song is "monster mash. let's hear what you got. ♪ he did the mash he did the monster mas the monster mash ♪ ♪ mash, mash, mas mash, mash, mash ♪ ♪ it's that spooky season dancing craz we call the monster mash ay♪ ♪ when it comes to hallowee this song got monster cachet caught on in a flash, grea make you want a sashay ♪ ♪ you know it's october when you hear this graveyard smash play ♪ ♪ hop in a hearse no time to swerv hitting some zombies man, that's gotta hurt ♪ ♪ look out for ghosts look out for ghoul dodging more monsters than jay-z's old verse ♪ ♪ the annual bo it's back at the top ol' bobby picket you already knew ♪ ♪ gave it a bea play on repeat and when the track ends ♪ ♪ i'm behind you like boo! ♪ [ cheers and applause thank you. >> jimmy: i should just go home that's unbelievable!
11:53 pm
that could be the name of your next album "at this point you should just go home. [ laughter ] >> tariq: yeah >> jimmy: that was great this next one, this one is popular on tiktok right now. we gave you mika's "grace kelly." >> tariq: oh >> jimmy: whenever you're ready. ♪ ♪ i could be brow i could be blu i could be violet sky ♪ ♪ i could be hurtfu i could be purpl i could be anythin you like ♪ ♪ i could go vira i could tren to the tip top ♪ ♪ i could pick out a song and make up a danc and post it on tiktok ♪ ♪ you could do a duet with me or ask what the dealio ♪ ♪ then post tha and get a tv sho and coffee named after u like the d'amelios ♪ ♪ now we're breakin the internet 'cause our content is so great ♪ ♪ i just hope you don't break your nec when you're climbing on milk crates ♪ [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: for this last one, it is football season, so we gave you "we are the champions. take it away
11:54 pm
♪ we are the champion my friends ♪ ♪ snap me the bal don't need t change the call ♪ ♪ i'm on my tom brady ain't no doubt i'll win it all ♪ ♪ i'm dodging all the tackle in the backfield you're not hurting me ♪ ♪ i'm rapping over sample of the late, great freddie mercury ♪ ♪ my talent's so immaculate they're calling it scary ♪ ♪ the other teams beyond their means they're saying hail marys ♪ ♪ on the ground or in the ai i always get it done ♪ ♪ that's wh we are the champions of the world ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: wow! wow! wow! stretched it like taffy. stretched it like taffy, man >> tariq: what happened, man >> jimmy: that's fantasic. give it up for tariq trotter right there. [ cheers and applause stick around, we're talking to chrissy teigen after the break come on back ♪
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for just $3.99. it's finger lickin' good.
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♪ >> jimmy: my first guest is a "new york times" best-selling author whose latest cook book, "cravings: all together," is available now. ladies and gentlemen, please welcome chrissy teigen [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪
12:00 am
>> jimmy: that's got to feel good >> it's a good audience. >> jimmy: right? a little standing o for -- >> it's good to see you, jimmy fallon >> jimmy: it's so good to see you, bud congrats on the book >> thanks so much. >> jimmy: number one not too shabby >> not bad, right? [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: can't get better than that >> so happy. very lucky >> jimmy: yeah i wanted to talk to you, because it's been such a -- it's been an awful year. >> i know. honestly, i just -- so much has happened and it's been so rough for everybody. and you look back and you're like, "the pandemic? how long has it been i have no clue now we say a year, but what is it? like 18 months now and i'm just honestly happy to be here. i'm so -- i just feel so good. i'm ready for this next year ahead. >> jimmy: do it. we're going to get there >> yeah. >> jimmy: i saw an interview -- or i read an interview, actually you were talking about this book and how this one is very personal >> yes oh, my goodness. >> jimmy: you know i love the cook books i love the other two i love the photography is fantastic. >> thank you, yes. alex alex is an incredible photographer [ cheers and applause
12:01 am
>> jimmy: i love the photographer >> i wanted everything to be so joyful and vibrant and bright. and i was like, "this is a a must." i want it to be colorful and fun i want the recipes to be comforting for people and it's everything that we needed in the time that we wrote it. >> jimmy: food is always there for us >> yes, it is. >> jimmy: no matter what we go through. >> it's the one constant >> jimmy: it really is it's the one thing and you go -- you know, and if it's comfort food, it's comfort food if it's mac and cheese, it's mac and cheese >> this is all like food to eat on the couch, basically. >> jimmy: yes! that's what we want! [ cheers and applause >> that's all i want >> jimmy: is there one ingredient that we'll never see in a chrissy teigen cook book? >> well, this is the issue because i obviously have to create for everybody so even if i'm like, "ugh, other people like things." i have to put it in there, but i genuinely think like if the devil had a garden, he would grow beets [ laughter ] >> jimmy: no it's a divided audience. really >> it was a divided audience like golden beets are good so i have a recipe where i use golden ones. but they need to be really sugared up and everything. the red ones are just, like, vile
12:02 am
i don't know, they taste like dirt >> jimmy: i don't think my wife likes beets either i like beets >> i don't think they're supposed to be eaten, honestly really >> jimmy: yeah like pickled beets >> i heard you don't like mayonnaise either. so that is -- and i think mayo is the binder of all things. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: mayonnaise is -- even the name is -- >> oh, i go to subway, i'm like, "extra mayo. extra, mayonnaise. >> jimmy: oh, no, they change the name to try to make it young like, "hey, we're mayo." [ laughter ] just call yourself meta. it's fine. we get it. >> it's so good! [ laughter and applause metanaise. >> jimmy: metanaise. you'll see it's going to come out like, "oh, we're aoili we're travelled. >> i know! i will do french fries in the mayo thing but mayo -- i feel like it binds the flavors of things. i'm gonna get you to like it >> jimmy: i know, i can grow out of it. i went to a wedding once, and i was just so hungry, and it was one of the longest services ever and i'm -- you know, i grew up catholic there were like extra steps in this wedding i was, "i never heard of this step."
12:03 am
i'm like, "i'm so hungry." and we got to the reception. we had to get in a bus to get to the reception, up a hill and the stuff. i go, "i already put in the work, man. and i get there, and they go, "french fries. i go, "oh, my god, yes." and they came in a cone with mayonnaise on the bottom >> no! >> jimmy: pre-dipped and soaked in mayonnaise. well, don't you hate when you go to a wedding -- >> we're never invited to weddings i think people assume that we can't go, so we really don't get very many invites. >> jimmy: really i don't want to go anymore >> no, i love -- i like them a a lot. >> jimmy: you do >> yeah, i do. but then there's always like, "there just happens to be a piano. and then you're like - >> jimmy: "ah, john, you know, can you --" >> yes every time yeah that's so crazy -- >> jimmy: "that's so weird that there's a piano here on the back of this bus who would have known john, do you want to play maybe one? halloween is this weekend. since you're a mom and a cook book author, your opinion on this is very, very important to the world right now. how do you feel about candy corn
12:04 am
>> oh, no. okay, i -- okay >> jimmy: here we go tell me. >> i saw a tweet you know, people on twitter love to be mad at candy corn, and i had typed out a tweet where i said, "i don't know, guys i kind of like it. and when i say kind of, i really like candy corn >> jimmy: you really like candy corn >> i had typed this out, and then i was like, "i can't say this it's too controversial." [ laughter ] like it really is. of all the things i've done. and i'm like, "no! >> jimmy: you didn't send it out? the audience seems to be with you. >> do you guys like candy corn [ cheers and applause i think it tastes like a a buttery mrs. butterworth like, to me it tastes like a a delicious syrup, and i bite the white tip off and -- do you think there's different flavors? no >> jimmy: i try to imagine that there are, but no, they're not no, right? no, they're all -- all three colors are just three -- the same >> white, yellow and orange. >> jimmy: it's just candle wax, candle wax, candle wax >> no! >> jimmy: yes! >> no, it's good the pumpkin-shaped ones? do you like those ones they're so good! [ cheers ]
12:05 am
>> jimmy: i feel like the pumpkin-shaped ones are candy corns that went to witness protection [ laughter ] >> nobody likes -- >> jimmy: "we're not candy corn, we're pumpkins." >> we'll change the shape. >> jimmy: yeah, exactly. here's what i like about the book because not only is it great recipes and i know it comes from love and i know you actually make these. but there's also a bonus recipe at the end after like all the credits like a marvel movie. [ laughter ] you finish the movie and then it's like, "oh, here's your easter egg." [ laughter ] and then there's another little bonus recipe there now what is this one >> this is essentially, well, i love even numbers. i had an odd number of recipes in the book. and then i figured marijuana has been legalized in so many states, so why not just give something for the high people. [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: okay all right. all right, can you explain what it is? >> this is essentially gardetto's tossed in butter stuffed into a pita. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: so it's basically like chex mix in a pita? >> yeah, it's some buttered gardetto's >> jimmy: all right, so you put some butter in there >> yeah. >> jimmy: all right, let's try this together.
12:06 am
[ laughter ] good luck buddy, happy halloween. >> this is not what the book is - the book is real recipes >> jimmy: oh, no, legit. i thought it would be funny to eat this >> cheers. >> jimmy: cheers congratulations on number one. [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: "cravings: all together" is available now when we come back -- we're going head to head in a game of "pup quiz. [ cheers and applause ♪ you don't just leave with better mornings. you leave supporting brighter futures. and bigger dreams. supporting family business, girls with curls, and working moms. when you shop black-owned, mexican-american-owned, korean and queer-owned, you leave with change in your hands.
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♪♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause >> steve: welcome back to "the tonight show." i'm steve higgins and we are about to play "pup quiz. >> jimmy: "pup quiz. [ cheers and applause ♪
12:12 am
>> steve: playing tonight with the host of the "tonight show," mr. jimmy fallon >> jimmy: hi, everyone ♪ [ cheers and applause >> steve: and his opponent, the author of the new book, "cravings: all together," chrissy teigen [ cheers and applause oh, my gosh. what a crazy game. now, you know, for halloween all our puppies are dressed up in costumes. >> oh, my gosh [ audience aws ] >> steve: this one is dress as dead -- skeleton [ laughter ] a skeletion gary frick junior. you know him, you love him this is how the game works >> jimmy: aww, he's cute >> steve: we'll be asking both of you trivia questions -- if you answer the question correctly, you win a golden retriever puppy. >> aww >> steve: if you answer it incorrectly, your opponent gets the puppy. most puppies at the end of the game wins. >> jimmy: okay >> steve: chrissy, you are up first. you ready? >> the stakes are so high. >> jimmy: i know >> steve: so high. oh, deary. >> jimmy: a skeleton puppy >> steve: what is the technical name for a group of bats
12:13 am
is it, a, a haunt, b, a cauldron, or, c, a party >> jimmy: what >> steve: yeah a haunt -- >> jimmy: can i get help >> steve: -- a cauldron -- if you want to give her the puppy, sure >> jimmy: no, i don't. i want the puppy it's definitely c. >> steve: a party of bats. >> i think it's a haunt. >> steve: you think it's a a haunt. is that your final answer? >> yes >> steve: oh, no, it's a a cauldron [ buzzer ] ♪ >> oh! >> steve: oh >> jimmy: wait, i thought it was a haunt as well, but - >> steve: you get gary frick junior. there you go [ applause ] >> jimmy: oh, my gosh! >> i'm so jealous. >> jimmy: he smells like - >> steve: smells like strawberryies. >> jimmy: smells like a puppy! >> in costumes too >> jimmy: he's so cute hi, buddy. >> steve: alright, jimmy, next question is for you. >> jimmy: yeah >> steve: your favorite movie, the 1985 movie "teen wolf" - >> jimmy: uh-huh >> steve: michael j. fox's basketball team has what animal as their mascot? >> steve: wolf >> jimmy: no >> steve: dragon >> jimmy: maybe.
12:14 am
>> steve: or beaver? don't -- >> jimmy: it can't be a wolf he is a wolf >> steve: right? teen wolf. >> jimmy: dragon doesn't really -- i don't associate dragon with a high school team name like, the basketball team we're the dragons. >> steve: right. >> jimmy: so i pick the beavers. i think c. >> steve: final answer >> jimmy: i think it's beaver. [ dings >> steve: beaver, that's correct! [ cheers and applause oh my gosh jimmy getting the role of a puppicino. this is a frappuccino made of puppy skulls >> jimmy: what is this [ audience aws ] >> steve: mary kennedy as a puppicino [ cymbal crash ] not a frappuccino. a puppicino. >> oh, my god. [ audience aws ] if that's a better one, there's more >> jimmy: it's so cute [ laughter ] they're so cute. [ barking >> steve: you know what that means? >> jimmy: no >> steve: it's time for double puppardy [ laughter ] questions are now worth two puppies. >> jimmy: okay, don't scare the puppies. >> steve: ghost sharks we all love ghost sharks sure >> i don't even know what that means. >> steve: they have a retractable sex organ called a "clasper," ouch, that comes out of what part of their body
12:15 am
the tail, the forehead, or the dorsal fin the clasper. >> jimmy: double puppardy. >> steve: yep, double puppardy >> forehead? >> steve: is that your final answer >> yes >> steve: forehead, you're right! [ ding ] [ cheers and applause ♪ >> jimmy: you're charmed him >> steve: oh, my gosh. a brotosaurus -- >> jimmy: oh, no >> steve: and a chef >> jimmy: oh, no oh, no >> steve: please welcome lisa armstrong and peter winston. peter loves cooking just like you. >> jimmy: oh, no oh, no >> steve: oh, there we go. look at that little brontosaur - okay, jimmy. how many different species of spiders are there? >> jimmy: oh, easy >> steve: 450 -- >> jimmy: i don't even need the multiple choice. >> steve: oh, then what is it? [ laughter ] >> jimmy: just show us for fun >> steve: okay, just for the people >> jimmy: just for the audience >> steve: 450, 4,500, or 45,000 spiders >> i'm so happy right now. [ laughter ]
12:16 am
>> jimmy: it's the best game i don't want it to end well, i think there are a lot of spiders >> steve: so do you think there's a lot of spiders >> jimmy: i'm going to say c, 45,000 spiders >> steve: that is correct! [ ding ] [ cheers and applause now, your puppies are dressed as frankenpup and a rodeo horse. say hello to kyle mcadams and michelle gordon, the rodeo horse. [ audience aws ] >> jimmy: hi, bud. [ barking >> steve: oh, you know what that sound means it's time for final puppardy >> jimmy: double puppardy? >> steve: yup. [ laughter ] for all -- for all of your opponent's puppies so pick up the ipads this is a numerical one. >> jimmy: all right gotcha it's a numeric - >> steve: numeric answer whoever's the closest -- >> jimmy: hey, buddy >> steve: up or down - >> jimmy: okay >> steve: gets all the puppies >> jimmy: yup, got you okay >> steve: ready. >> jimmy: yup, hold on rodeo pup. >> steve: how many pounds -- >> jimmy: i think i'm missing a puppy. sorry. i lost one of the puppies. [ laughter ] where's the skeleton puppy oh, here he is >> steve: there he is. there's skele-pup. that's gary frick junior
12:17 am
>> jimmy: no, of course it is. >> steve: how many pounds does the world's largest salamander weigh? the world's largest salamander you have ten seconds starting --- >> jimmy: what do you mean ten seconds? >> steve: now! >> oh, my god. >> steve: 9, 8, 7 -- >> jimmy: you're scaring the pups >> wait, without going over? >> steve: you could over or under. >> jimmy: world's largest salamander >> okay. >> steve: the world's largest salamander [ buzzer ] okay jimmy, what was your answer? you wrote the word "so." >> jimmy: no [ laughter ] supposed to be 50. >> steve: oh, 50 50 of course 50 50 or so >> jimmy: 50 pounds. >> steve: 50 pounds. >> jimmy: 50 or so pound salamander >> 20, 20 pounds the winner is jimmy! [ dings >> no. >> steve: 130 pounds oh, my gosh. >> jimmy: chrissy i'm gonna let you win this one i'm going to let you win this one. just 'cause it's halloween why not? come on, this is so good [ audience aws ] get these puppies. >> steve: there you go >> thank you
12:18 am
>> jimmy: yeah, you take care of your friends. >> this is this the best game! all the puppies. [ cheers and applause [ laughter ] >> jimmy: look at all the puppies. >> oh, my gosh >> jimmy: our thanks to chrissy teigen and all these adorable puppies stick around for more "tonight show," everybody happy halloween! [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪i put in the work all day i put in the work all day♪ ♪them man are doing this thing part time♪ ♪no i'm doing this thing all day♪ ♪i put in the work all day i put in the work all day♪ ♪look, no i don't care what you think or say♪ ♪i put in the work all day♪ ♪ ♪ ♪i put in the work all day♪ ♪♪ got this gorgeous italian leather bag from marshalls.
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♪ [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: my next guest got great reviews earlier this year for his role in the huge film, "army of the dead. he was amazing now he directs and stars in the film's prequel, "army of thieves," which begins streaming on netflix tomorrow. please welcome matthias schweighofer. [ cheers and applause ♪ you look sharp, bud. looking sharp. >> thank you >> jimmy: how are you doing right there? welcome to the show, matthias. >> this is set -- sorry. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: i love your laugh. that's -- i love the dude.
12:24 am
welcome to our show. >> yeah, this is crazy >> this is like, "oh, my god it's jimmy fallon. >> jimmy: no this is matthias schweighofer. this is finally we're we meet. >> by the way, you say schweighofer like -- this is like, really -- it's a hard word to say. like, your last name even, you know, schweighofer it's fantastic >> jimmy: schweighofer >> yeah, it's great. >> jimmy: i have a little -- i'm half irish, half german. >> yes, and you -- >> yeah, yeah. >> jimmy: so that's the irish part of me saying schweigh - my -- my grandmother came over to america ellis island as a baby sh -- schalla. >> okay. >> jimmy: that's her last name from bremen. >> okay, bremen. yeah >> jimmy: bremen >> demon yeah, demon. it's like -- you know, it's like, bremen >> jimmy: of course. >> it's like how you say it's a -- [ laughter ] >> jimmy: of course. i know what you're talking about. [ laughter ] i was doing a lot of research on you because i was a fan from "army of the dead," but then i
12:25 am
saw this headline and i loved it matthias schweighofer, they call me the justin timberlake of germany [ laughter and applause i feel -- i feel it a little bit. explain again, why >> i don't know. if i -- if someone said that in germany or -- or if i said that in an interview -- [ laughter ] >> jimmy: either way it's -- it's -- someone said it, right? >> you know -- [ laughter ] >> jimmy: this - >> sorry, no no, really, it's because their was a time, you know, like, i'm -- i think i'm a good dancer, but a, kind of, shy dancer and -- >> jimmy: what is shy dancing? >> do you know like -- shy dancer is, you know, somewhere in the shades. you really -- you think you're like - >> jimmy: quest, can you give us a - ♪ >> like, when you a -- [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪ [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: i can't kick 'em yet [ laughter ] >> i like how you get the kick in the end why not a little pop to the end there? yeahlere getting
12:26 am
to see how -- how charming you are, but also, how talented you are. you directed this film as well as acting in it. "army of thieves." and here are some reviews -- early reviews that came out. someone says, "in the early scenes of his english language directing debut, he occasionally recalls wes anderson he -- even as echoes of martin scorsese's clockwork studies in hugo. >> isn't that cool >> jimmy: you just got compared to wes anderson and -- and -- and martin scorsese. >> i could be wes matthias scorsese. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: wow, that is -- that is -- yeah you should think about that. so you're working with zack snyder, right so that's a big break right there. >> yeah. >> jimmy: but then you start doing -- you start doing the scenes and we had taken the tar on the show when we were talking about the movie. and i watched the movie and i go -- "she -- "she steals every scene. i love her." then you come in i go, "who is this guy?" >> yeah. >> jimmy: and you just stole every scene and you're just charming and funny yeah, it was -- it was so -- you know, i was so happy about the critics to be -- you know, this german guy, he's actually really funny
12:27 am
he has a cool sense of humor and, you know, because i all ways love -- you know, american comedy, it's like, you know, when i was younger -- because i was born behind a wall and the wall came down in east germany, so -- and then the world came down and, you know, everything from america is swept over and i love to go >> jimmy: what were you watching what were you in to? >> "fresh prince," you know? and -- [ laughter ] >> jimmy: yeah, of course. of course, yeah. >> yeah, yeah. >> jimmy: "fresh prince. yeah >> i -- i -- i love it >> jimmy: it all begin with "fresh prince. >> i couldn't understand it because i had no english but it was like this [ laughter ] you know, this world's like -- ♪ >> jimmy: yeah >> and that was great. and then i saw et for the first time and i thought, "you know? the world the came down. and in america, it's possible to talk to aliens. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: anything is possible [ laughter ] anything is possible in america, yes >> and -- and -- and i loved it and so i started to dream big and here we are. >> jimmy: ah well, i'm so excited
12:28 am
i'm happy that you're here [ cheers and applause i'm happy that we're - >> thank you >> jimmy: -- friends now >> yeah, we're friends yeah >> jimmy: i want to show everyone a clip. here's matthias schweighofer in "army of thieves." take a look of this. >> i just want to clarify once more >> zip it. >> okay. >> okay, if you say so ♪
12:29 am
>> ladies and gentlemen, there's a new kid in town! >> jimmy: that's right there's a new kid in town. [ cheers and applause matthias schweighofer! "army of t hello to all our friends in germany. thank you so much for watching we'll be right back with a a performance from skepta. the kid did well, but then you came down. [ laughter ] ♪ [ cheers and applause
12:30 am
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♪ [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: performing "lit like this" from his ep, "all in," here's skepta. [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪ got the girls, the cars the money in the ban keys to the hous whip bigger than a tank ♪ ♪ so much ice it's a joke don't mistake it for a pran when you're lit like this ♪ ♪ you might need to get a shan you might need t get a skeng ♪ ♪ how you go to jail for a he didn't even get a ten them boys snitchin', man they're rattin' ♪ ♪ on their friend he's a opp boy can't pattin' up again back from the village ♪ ♪ with a brand new source another g.o.a.t. got sacrificed of course
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12:36 am
[ cheers and applause >> jimmy: join us tomorrow night. idris elba and keri russell will be here and we have music from sabrina carpenter. my thanks to chrissy teigen, matthias shcweighofer. skepta once again. and the roots from philadelphia, pennsylvania thank you for watching stayed tuned for "late night with seth meyers." goodnight, everybody thank you. [ cheers and applause ♪
12:37 am
[ cheers and applause ♪ >> announcer: from 30 rockefeller plaza in new york, it's "late night with seth meyers. tonight -- olivia munn, comedian roy wood jr., producer jason blum. featuring the 8g band with atom willard ♪ [ cheers and applause and now, seth meyers >> seth: good evening. i'm seth meyers. this is "late night. we hope you're all doing well. and now, if you don't mind, we're going to get to the news senate democrats this week introduced a new bill proposing a so-called billionaires income


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