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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  October 29, 2021 12:37am-1:37am PDT

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[ cheers and applause ♪ >> announcer: from 30 rockefeller plaza in new york, it's "late night with seth meyers. tonight -- olivia munn, comedian roy wood jr., producer jason blum. featuring the 8g band with atom willard ♪ [ cheers and applause and now, seth meyers >> seth: good evening. i'm seth meyers. this is "late night. we hope you're all doing well. and now, if you don't mind, we're going to get to the news senate democrats this week introduced a new bill proposing a so-called billionaires income
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tax, while senate republicans introduced a new bill proposing you can claim your yacht as a dependent. [ laughter ] in a recent interview, singer olivia rodrigo said that when she went to the white house earlier this year, president biden gave her a pair of sunglasses, m&ms, and a shoehorn with the presidential seal, which is definitely just some stuff that was on his desk when she showed up. [ laughter ] "you -- you wear shoes, right? [ light laughter ] the house voted today on the protect older job applicants act of 2021, i assume to get ready for the 2024 election. [ laughter ] president biden today unveiled a revised framework for his domestic spending plan, which includes more than $555 billion for clean energy even joe manchin says he supports that $400 billion he only hopes that they'll find responsible way to use that $310 billion [ light laughter ] after all, $120 billion is a lot of money, and nobody wants to waste that $42 billion [ light laughter ] he then added, "hey, how about zero?"
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[ laughter ] president biden met today with house democrats to discuss his healthcare spending proposal in the infrastructure bill, which is now down to a 30-day trial for webmd plus, and they're gonna paint some tunnels on a rock, like wile e. coyote. [ laughter ] with more and more policies being cut from president biden's build back better spending bill, including guaranteed paid leave, tax hikes on the wealthy, and several other policies that the president promised, many are wondering what's actually left in the bill. so we thought we'd give you a quick rundown of what's actually left in build back better. ♪ this song again? [ laughter ] ♪ free vision care for anyone with perfect 20/20 eyesight a 1% tax hike on billionaires for each trip to outer space [ laughter ] guaranteed childcare for children ages three to four, provided by children ages five to six [ laughter ] for anyone who wants to attend community college, a free copy of "community" season one on dvd. [ laughter ]
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if anything falls off of a crumbling bridge or overpass and hits you, you get to keep it [ laughter ] for women who have just given birth, a big scoop of turkey hill's rocky road ice cream. in lieu of paid leave, they added two more take your child to work days ♪ any 12 albums for just one penny. student loan forgiveness, you still have to pay it back, but we'll forgive you for making the mistake of taking one out. [ laughter ] universal wealth care. [ light laughter ] one extra digit in each american's social security number guaranteed pre-k for wacky adult children whose hotel magnate fathers paid their way through elementary and high school, but now would like to prove themselves as competent functioning adults, in order to take over the family business. [ laughter ] you can use the bathroom if you asked nicely everyone is eligible to receive $1 million from a billionaire, in exchange for just one night with your wife [ light laughter ] one free month of tubi [ laughter ] they'll throw a traffic cone next to the pothole on your street if you quit whining about it and finally, a new houseboat for joe manchin. this has been "what actually is left in build back better.
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[ cheers and applause ahead of president biden's meeting with pope francis, white house press secretary jen psaki said yesterday that she does not expect the two to discuss abortion wow. so they're keeping it. [ laughter ] according to a new survey, 19% of americans said they rely on their body's internal clock to wake them up at a certain time oh, yeah, there's a term for those people what is it again oh, yeah, late [ laughter ] apple released an iphone update this week that allows users to add their coronavirus vaccine card to the wallet app and guess what, it doesn't fit there either [ laughter ] and finally, five men in new york were charged yesterday with operating a narcotics ring that allegedly smuggled millions of dollars worth of cocaine hidden in children's lunch boxes. still healthier than lunchables.
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[ laughter ] and that was the monologue, everybody. we got a great show for you tonight. [ cheers and applause you know her from "the newsroom" and "the daily show. she's currently starring in "violet," which is in theaters tomorrow and on-demand next week olivia munn will be here [ cheers and applause he's a very funny comedian you know from "the daily show. he's got a great new stand-up special that premieres tomorrow night on comedy spent -- central, excuse me roy wood jr. is going to join us here in studio [ cheers and applause and you have probably heard of blumhouse productions and blumfest their latest is "halloween kills. and the guy behind it all is here tonight my friend, producer jason blum will also be here in studio. [ cheers and applause i can't wait for you all to meet him. but before we get to all that, after slogging through months of painful negotiations over their domestic agenda, democratic leaders and president biden claimed today that they've reached a deal on a framework for a massive bill to expand the social safety net. but it's still not clear if there are enough votes for the plan for more on this, it's time for "a closer look." ♪ [ cheers and applause
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>> seth: to give you an idea of how things are going in congress right now here's a photo utah senator mitt romney posted today of himself dressed up as "ted lasso," serving biscuits to democratic senator kyrsten sinema [ light laughter ] man, you know you're unpopular when you can single handedly ruin one of america's favorite tv shows [ light laughter ] this is like when rudy giuliani ran out of the white house bathroom with his pants around his ankles, george costanza style. [ laughter ] or like when nixon showed up to a press conference dressed as radar o'reilly the "m.a.s.h." references are back [ light laughter ] but this just proves, once again, that we need roy kent in congress, because that picture makes me want to [ bleep ] - >> puke. [ laughter ] >> seth: now, even if you've only been paying cursory attention to the news lately, you've probably heard the democratic negotiations over their massive infrastructure and social safety net bills have been -- and this is the exact political science term originally coined by historian doris kearns goodwin in her prize-winning study of power and influence in the 19th century -- a [ bleep ]-covered
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ass-over-tea-kettle cluster [ bleep ]. [ laughter ] that's from the x-rated version of her famous book, "team of mother [ bleep ] rivals. [ laughter ] by the way, that is the most high-minded joke you'll hear tonight that also has three bleeps in it [ laughter ] the process has been a brutal slog, thanks almost entirely to two centrist democrats, joe manchin and kyrsten sinema, who decided to hold the bill hostage and turn it into a public melodrama to feed their own egos and to protect their corporate patrons. sinema has raked in money from wall street and big pharma and manchin has been called the king maker by fossil fuel lobbyists, and personally profits from the coal industry in his state and yet manchin frequently does a "woe is me" routine for reporters. like earlier this week, when he seemed to agree that life might be easier for him if he were a republican >> have you ever thought life would be easier for you if you shifted to being a republican? and somebody has said recently that, you know, people have approached you about doing that. >> every day >> every day so, um - >> well, either that or just ch -- here's the -- i -- i keep asking - >> wouldn't life be easier for you to do that >> oh, it would be much easier my goodness. >> are you thinking of doing - >> but is that the purpose of
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being involved in public service, because it's easy >> are you thinking about doing it >> no. i've never -- i -- i never thought from this -- i'm -- what i'm telling you now is who i am. do you think by having a "d," or an "i" or an "r" is going to change who i am? i don't think the rs will be any more happier with me than the ds are right now. [ light laughter ] okay i mean, that's about as blunt as i can put it so, i don't know where in the hell i belong. >> seth: man, this adaptation of "dear evan hansen" sucks [ laughter ] should never have let someone that old play a high schooler. but seriously, is this a musical? are you about to break out into song he looks like he should be sitting next to a fake window, looking at a cardboard cutout of the moon ♪ i have d next to my nam but i'm not sure that i'm the sam where do i belong ♪ [ light laughter ] i think there was seriously one solitary clap. [ laughter ] but, like, it was like a reverse clap it was this. [ laughter ] this is all just a self-aggrandizing shtick from
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two senators who want to be seen as straight shooting, middle of the road dealmakers, but who are, in reality, just protecting their interests of the corporate patrons and themselves i mean, manchin literally has a stake in a family-owned coal company and a so-called houseboat named almost heaven, where he was confronted recently by activists who literally kayaked there to ask him questions. [ light laughter ] i'm sorry, but that's not a houseboat. that's a yacht you know how i know? houseboats don't have cursive on 'em. [ laughter ] a houseboat's something a grizzled, retired cop played by clint eastwood or tommy lee jones lives on in a movie where a young rookie comes to him asking for help catching the alphabet killer. "i told you, i'm not on the force anymore. "but you're the only one who's come close to catching him." "didn't you hear me, damn it i'm not a cop anymore. [ light laughter ] hell, i'm not even a man after janice left me [ laughter ] i don't know where the hell i belong." ♪ where do i belong ♪ [ applause ] manchin has been the key foe of budget chairman bernie sanders, who's been pushing for the full
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package that originally included, among other things, drug pricing reform, tuition-free community college, paid family and medical leave, medicare benefits for hearing, vision, and dental, and significant climate provisions to help stave off, you know, planetary collapse although, i guess you're not too worried about rising sea levels when your house is also a boat [ laughter ] publicly, in front of the cameras, manchin has very much tried to make it look like he's negotiating in good faith with bernie like when he wandered over to pose for pictures with bernie in the capitol parking lot before they each got into their cars. >> here, get a picture you want to get a picture of us? >> you're gonna get in here. >> get a picture of us, huh? we're talking. >> all right we're talking. >> you're gonna have a resolution by the end of the week, it sounds like >> we're talking >> we're talking we're gonna make some progress >> senator sanders, you prepared to make some deep cuts to climate change and other things like that? >> all right, guys, just watch the vehicle please come on out. that vehicle is gonna come out >> seth: my favorite part of the clip is at the end when manchin slides comfortably into a giant pick-up, and bernie squeezes into what i can only assume is the smallest compact car on the market that came pre-installed with three carpoolers.
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"no radio, no chitchat, just off to work and home again." [ laughter ] and it is very on brand that bernie is much less enthusiastic than manchin for a bull[ bleep ] photo op manchin's got the energy of a used car salesman shooting his own commercial, and bernie's having none of it. "yep sure, we're talking. and, as you know, famously, talking is my favorite thing to do [ light laughter ] i just love to sit around and waste time making small talk with guys who live on houseboats why don't we exchange phone numbers, so you can call me and we can stay up until 3:00 a.m. talking about our hopes and dreams, what we're going to wear to prom. [ laughter ] and then, maybe after that, we can find some time to make some matching friendship bracelets. [ laughter ] [ applause ] but in private, manchin's been munch more hostile to bernie's agenda, an agenda president biden himself mind you, has said he was fully behind. axios reported last week that manchin threatened in a meeting with bernie and other democrats to kill both the bigger social safety net bill and a bipartisan infrastructure bill. manchin and sanders squabbled behind closed doors, with manchin using a raised fist
12:49 am
goose egg to tell his colleague he can live without any of the president's social spending plan according to one senator in the room, joe said, "i'm comfortable with nothing." bernie said, "we need to do $3.5 trillion. manchin said, "i'm comfortable with zero," forming a zero with his thumb and index finger all right, first of all, never get into a hand gesture battle with bernie sanders. the man uses his index fingers the way ninjas use throwing stars. remember the debate? he never had to say a word he just raised that index finger while someone else was talking it would be like watching the rock pick up his microphone. [ laughter ] but say all you want about manchin, and clearly, we've said a lot. at least he's a democrat from west virginia, where trump won by almost 40 points. sinema, on the other hand, is from arizona, a state joe biden won, and where her poll numbers among democrats have collapsed thanks to her obstructionism and, unlike manchin, she never even talks to the press or to voters, for that matter. she holds private fundraisers and meetings with lobbyists, but then when constituents and reporters try to get answers out of her, this happens >> i know you're getting dozens of lobbyists and talking with corporate donors about the package. >> yeah -- that's obviously -- >> how many times will you meet with constituents?
12:50 am
>> yeah. >> today well - >> yes >> what do you say to progressives -- progressives that are frustrated that they don't know where you are >> i'm in the senate >> there are progressives within the senate that are frustrated that they don't know where you are, either. >> i'm like, literally right here at the elevator >> any comment on your stance on anything, senator? >> seth: man, reporters are getting desperate. they're starting to sound like a family trapped in an escape room "puzzle master, can you give us a clue anything we've been here for three days." [ laughter ] sinema blocked everything, from increased taxes on the wealthy, to drug pricing reforms, some of the most popular components of the bill and in the process, she and manchin have turned an entire negotiation into a nightmare slog to the point where even reporters and correspondents are having trouble keeping up with what's in the bill and what's not. >> likely in, universal pre-k, a one-year extension of the child tax credit, childcare center funding, pell grant increases, some unspecified climate change funding and an elder care provision. now, here's what might be out. free community college
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this was very important to progressives expanded medicare coverage that includes dental, vision and hearing coverage the clean electricity performance program. that is a major climate initiative and tax hikes on corporations and high earners what's still under discussion? well, an $800 medicare dental voucher program, four weeks of federal paid family leave, expansions in red states that haven't expanded it already, and to pay for it, you've heard a lot about this, a billionaire wealth tax so it's a lot to cover >> seth: out, mom jeans. in, hip huggers. out, the kardashians in, the jenners. [ light laughter ] this process has been so chaotic they had to break out the big board. next thing you know, they're going to run steve kornacki out there to do math on the fly while they feed him a steady diet of paper and sharpie. [ light laughter ] now, the list of what's in includes a lot of great, transformative stuff, like the child tax credit, universal pre-k, and some major climate stuff, among other things. but the list of what's out is infuriating.
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for one thing, how can anyone be against drug pricing reform or free community college or paid family leave we're one of only a small handful of countries that doesn't have it. it's insane. everyone deserves the right to be at home with their families and children and besides, in my experience, the more time you spend with your kids, the more desperate you are to go back to work [ laughter ] after a week of lockdown with my family, i called up nbc and said, "we need to do the show in the attic. [ laughter ] by the way, still can't believe we lost the best show in an attic emmy to bbc's period drama, "upstairs: even more upstairs." [ laughter ] and that's a perfect example of the kind of high effort, low return joke we learned to tell when doing a show in an attic. [ laughter ] that joke would have killed in the attic. [ laughter ] the audience would have been buzzing, because the audience were wasps [ laughter ] but after all the obstructionism and hostage taking and painful cuts, today democrats claimed they had a tentative deal on a framework for a bill and biden himself went to the hill to tout it, claiming everyone was on board.
12:53 am
>> mr. president, what's your message to address those who don't trust manchin and sinema >> it's a good day >> do you think you have enough of a framework to get progressives >> yes >> is bernie sanders on board, sir? >> everybody's on -- you're on board, aren't you? >> seth: it's not a good sign when biden's talking like an amtrak conductor who dozed off "hey, man, shouldn't you be saying 'all aboard'? "what? i'm on board, you're on board, we're all on board, right? [ light laughter ] so there you go, the process was painful. the cuts were brutal but at least now, finally, democrats have a deal everyone can get behind, right? >> we heard from senator dick durbin, a short time ago, after the meeting started. he said, "i wish i could say yes, but there's a great deal of uncertainty within the caucus. he was asked if he's confident all 50 democrats in the senate are on board he couldn't say yes. >> seth: what? then what the hell was this announcement all about don't tout the deal unless the deal is done don't be the dad that says, "who wants to go to disneyland? and then, after the kids scream "yes," go online to see if
12:54 am
tickets are available. "okay, just remember kids, we have very inflexible dates, so fingers crossed. [ laughter ] oh, shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot. [ laughter ] who wants to go to busch gardens? stop hitting me! i am your father [ light laughter ] don't you throw that lego brick at me. [ laughter ] the stakes for this bill cannot be overstated. democrats have to deliver on their promises, boost the economy, give voters a reason to keep them in office. otherwise the people who could very well power in 2022 and 2024, are the gop cult of authoritarian weirdos, leaving the rest of us to say -- >> i don't know where in the hell i belong. [ laughter ] >> seth: this has been "a closer look." ♪ [ cheers and applause we'll be right back with olivia munn, everybody ♪ ♪♪
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♪ [ cheers and applause >> seth: we have had one of the best sitting in on drums this week he's played in iconic bands like against me, angels and airwaves, social distortion, and now plosivs. their debut single "hit the brakes" is available now their self-titled album will be out in february. atom willard is here thank you. [ cheers and applause >> thank you so much >> seth: we got him. lovely to see you again. our first guest tonight is a talented actress you know from "the newsroom" and "the daily show." she stars in "violet," which is
12:59 am
in select theaters friday, and at home on demand november 9th let's take a look. >> all the benefits of knowing someone for 20 years, i guess. >> you're a baby >> uh-huh. you know, i feel weird lately. >> don't tell her. >> are you sick? >> no, i just -- you know, the committee in my head you know, just never really noticed it much before >> what committee? >> you know, the voice that tells you you're a piece of [ bleep ]. you know, or whatever. everybody has it you know what i'm talking about. >> i guess >> you sound crazy [ cheers and applause >> seth: please welcome back to the show olivia munn how are you olivia [ cheers and applause >> hey, how are you, seth? >> seth: it's always great to see you. and i want to start off by saying congratulations i know you're expecting a baby how's it going >> thanks. yeah, it's going really good it's, um -- it's -- i'm exhausted a lot. tired, but it's going really good i'm getting lots of really great advice from people and lot of
1:00 am
confusing advice as well, but i'm doing really good. >> seth: do you find -- i found one of the most confusing things is people would suggest specific baby gear to you that was important to have. and the brand names were impossible to keep separate in my head. >> that's 100% true. i mean, there's this one item called the snoo that people bring up a lot and then, i'm not -- and i'm not quite sure, like i know it's one that rocks the baby. then, there's one that like docks the baby and then there's another one that like props the baby and they're all like -- you're right. they're all named the same thing, and i have no idea what anyone's - and i'm trying to research it. i actually have the -- the thing i have the hardest problem with is i don't know how many things to get you know, like i don't know how many onesies you're supposed to get. i don't know how many bottles you're supposed to get how many diapers you're supposed to have. like, i don't -- people give me a lot of advice but i need real specific - >> seth: i think you only need one onesie i think that's why they're called that. [ laughter ]
1:01 am
i think it's right in the name for you. have you received anything that you would -- i mean, i know it's impossible until you actually have the baby, but is there anything you feel like has been good advice >> yeah, there's so much great advice i honestly -- the one piece of advice that's coming to my head that i would not classify as great, but it's the only i'm thinking of now is, i have a friend of mine who said she has a gift of being able to tell you how tall your baby will be [ laughter ] and, yeah, so i said -- she said "do you want to know how tall your baby will be? so, i said "sure." she said "ok how tall are you?" i said, "i'm 5'5." she goes, "okay. how tall is john?" i said, "he's six feet." she goes "hmm. the baby will be six feet. [ laughter ] like, i was like -- i don't know where she comes up with those figures, but that's been like -- i get that kind of advice from people >> seth: yeah. maybe you need, like, i don't know, like, friends with, like, a firmer background in
1:02 am
childcare. i do love anybody who's like, "i'm going to make a prediction where you can't find out if they're right or wrong until, like, the kid's 18." [ laughter ] >> no, no. >> seth: promise i'm right stay in touch. >> i think she's talking about a six-foot baby that comes out of me [ laughter ] you know, it just stretches, it just keeps going >> seth: i love talking to you about your mom is she excited about the fact -- i guess this is the second time she's going to be a grandmother? >> yeah, you're right. she is so excited. and she said to me the other day -- she said, "hey, i want to have the baby for two weeks, 15 days. and i said, "yeah, you can come visit whenever you want. she goes, "no, no, i want to have the baby all by myself for two weeks, 15 days." and i said, "you can come and have all the time you want by yourself with the baby." she said "no, i want to bring the baby to oklahoma at my house. all by myself. two weeks, 15 days."
1:03 am
and i said, "why do you want the baby in oklahoma at your house by yourself for two weeks, 15 days? and she said, "because i want to be able to do whatever i want with the baby and the parents can't tell me no." [ laughter ] i'm like, "okay. so, i'll just give you my baby and you can do whatever you want." so she's not going to get the baby for two weeks [ laughter ] >> seth: yeah. she gave away way too much of the game in the ask. i also like that -- i like that in her head she thinks she needs two weeks, but just in case its not enough, i might need that 15th day [ laughter ] >> actually, it's a travel day she's added in >> seth: you've got to be careful. i feel like when grandparents take their kids -- their grandkids out, like, they act like they have diplomatic immunity and no rules apply to them and like, they'll bring back the kids, and the kids will be all amped up and you'll be like, "what'd you do?" and they're like, "nothing they had like a coffee and some beef jerky." and you're like, "no." [ laughter ] >> i remember when my -- we had my niece and when she was a baby and my sister had really strict
1:04 am
instructions, like, "i don't want her to have --" she had like a dairy allergy so she was like, "i don't want her to have this or any sugar yet. and then i saw my mom hand her an ice cream cone. and she goes, "shh don't tell the mom." i was like, "this is crazy." like, you're -- what are you doing? like, the mom should make the rules. and -- and so now i remembered that so, clearly, i'm like -- very like - i'm very wary of her >> seth: i think that's a very good place to be so this film, as we tell from the clip -- or hopefully people could tell from the clip -- you play a woman, violet, in this film, who is competing with the voice in her head. the sort of -- the voice that maybe anxiety would put there for us, and a pretty incredible actor playing the voice. >> yeah, that's justin theroux playing that insidious voice in my head, constantly -- you know, telling me -- telling violet how not good enough she is and how, you know, just everything is going to burn to the ground because of her. >> seth: was this part emotionally exhausting to play, to play somebody who's dealing
1:05 am
with these sort of internal anxieties? >> this project was really emotionally exhausting for me. i had actually gone from two independent movies right into this third independent movie back to back to back so i was already so emotionally exhausted. physically exhausted and i -- i mean, i am one of those people that struggles with that internal dialogue that's -- that voice that's always telling me, you know, so many things that just create so much self-doubt and self-hate. i mean, i struggle with that a lot. and i've worked really hard to put that voice into a box. and so then to go on to this film and be doing this role with this voice and then there's justine bateman who directed the film. and she's yelling on the microphone, you know, like, just screaming out all these things to you it was really emotionally draining and it was so exhausting and there was times that i just broke down crying in the middle of a scene, in the scenes where you're not supposed to be crying but it's ok if i cried and i'm crying, i'm breaking down crying and they yell cut
1:06 am
and i'm still crying and i'm just kind of trying to remove myself to collect myself. and then the a.d. comes over and they're like - 'cause it's an independent movie, so time is of the essence, and there's no money. and he's like, "hey, i really need you to, like, stop crying [ laughter ] just get back to the scene." and i was like, "oh, okay. just trying to, like, reckon -- just like bury it deep down like my mom taught me just bury all that stuff and just keep on going [ laughter ] >> seth: see, what's that she can teach your baby when she has her for two weeks, 15 days [ laughter ] just bury her emotions hey, thanks so much for being here, olivia congratulations on the baby. congratulations on the movie [ cheers and applause we'll see you soon >> thank you >> seth: olivia munn, everybody. "violet" is in select theaters friday and at home on demand november 9th we'll be right back with roy wood jr. [ cheers and applause ♪ ng a lincoln, stress seems to evaporate into thin air. which leaves us to wonder,
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in filipino: you'll always be in my heart.
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[ cheers and applause ♪ >> seth: our next guest is a very funny comedian and correspondent on "the daily show." his stand-up special "imperfect messenger" premiers friday on comedy central at 10:30 pm let's take a look. >> you ever been somewhere and there's too many american flags? [ laughter ] it feels -- there's a little too much freedom in this space [ laughter ] and it just don't feel right like how many american flags >> seth: please welcome back to the show our friend, roy wood jr. [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪ >> seth: hi. welcome back >> they look good. >> seth: it has -- >> what's happening, man >> seth: it has been a minute since you've been here 2014 was the last time you were here >> yeah, man i came in here and did the damn
1:12 am
thing. and then got "the daily show" like not too long after that >> seth: that's right, and then you were a very busy man and i'm happy when you're busy i'm a huge fan of your work. i love seeing you on "the daily show." i love seeing your stand-up. >> man, i love seeing you as well i was trying to come see you in boston you was doing the live show. >> seth: yep july >> in boston and i was in boston, we was shooting "confess, fletch" with jon hamm we was wrapping up production on "fletch. and then, the more i wanted to come there, the more i realized, i don't, like -- you know how there are a lot of wrong ways to catch covid. you don't want to catch covid going to the seth meyers show -- >> seth: right >> and then bring it back to jon hamm >> seth: no. >> that's a terrible situation and then, also your fans -- here's the thing i noticed about. like your fans, there's a little bit of overlap between the people who love you and the people who love "the daily show." >> seth: yes, sir. >> and these people talk a lot [ light laughter ] they mean well, but it's covid i need you to keep it short. >> seth: yep >> but the people are like, "hey, i just want you to know how much you mean to me. [ light laughter ] just, i love you --"
1:13 am
i'm like, hey, i would rather you hate me, because it's a quicker conversation >> seth: right, because if you run into somebody who hates you, it's much quicker, yeah. >> "hey, hey, kiss my ass! i'm like, thank you. [ laughter ] that was brief that was a brief conversation. >> seth: did you ever catch covid? >> yeah, but, see, i caught it -- i caught covid in the early days when you still had to be ashamed about it. >> seth: uh-huh. [ laughter ] >> you remember the early days of covid "i just want y'all to know i'm doing fine and we are -- we are taking all the precautions." like you had to whisper, "i had it but then i -- you catch covid now and you can tell everybody "yeah, bitch, i had it, i had it three times. what hey, i caught covid. i'm going to the grocery store you want something?" >> seth: i would love it, yeah you got the antibodies go >> yeah, people are wide open with it now. i had the whisper covid. >> seth: yeah. oh, the whisper cover, that was the worst one to get everybody says delta is bad. whisper, that's the tough one. >> that's the one. >> seth: that's the one you don't want to get. this is -- we were talking backstage. i'm so impressed by this
1:14 am
because i was watching your special and i was thinking to myself, gosh, this feels really fresh and of the moment. and a lot of times -- people don't know this -- but specials are shot four, six, eight months before people can see them you shot this two weeks ago. >> shot it two weeks ago >> seth: that's amazing. >> shot it two weeks agow. >> the world changes too fast and the last thing i want to be is the comedian with a special that's not on the pulse of where we are as a people now comedy when it's at its best is on the finger of the pulse now not what was three, four, five, six months ago >> seth: yeah. >> so, you know, i'm very thankful to comedy central and the production team for, you know, being able to help me turn it around that fast. because that's what i wanted like, you don't want to be the dude talking about delta in your special and we've moved on to omega, lambda, theta [ laughter ] >> seth: yeah. >> so you know - >> seth: i mean, if you did a special six months ago, you very possibly could have like, "it's over!" >> yeah. >> seth: and then people would watch it now and be like, where was he [ light laughter ] >> yeah, or the asteroid could hit. you never know >> seth: right >> anything could happen
1:15 am
>> seth: that would be the worst thing about an asteroid hitting, would be your special not being timely >> yes >> seth: you talk about police in your special. you know, law enforcement. you also mention you have a couple of family members in law enforcement. >> so i mean, thanksgiving should be okay [ light laughter ] i don't really go in on the police i was trying to, like, you know, just present different prisms into police reform for sure, i know one of my cousins, he ain't gonna be offended because he is one of the laziest state troopers [ laughter ] which honestly is just like a beautiful bridge to help with the community. it's -- you ever feel good when you see somebody not be good at they job >> seth: yeah. [ light laughter ] >> i'll be like, all right, man, maybe you are one of the good ones you didn't even tuck in your shirt. he drives his squad car on his off days >> seth: in uniform or out >> no. regular clothes. he drives a police car in regular clothes, then wants me to go run errands with him i'm like, first off, you need to take the car back to the station. it ain't supposed to be at your house. and he like, "hey, i'm just
1:16 am
running to dollar tree right quick. come with me." i'm like, "no, bitch i'm not riding with you. in a squad -- two black dudes in regular clothes in a police car? [ laughter ] do the other police know?" "man, they know me." i'm like, no "all right, well, i'm gonna go change i'm gonna go put on my uniform." i'm like, "that don't solve my problem. [ laughter ] you in uniform i'm sitting up front with you, i'm wearing regular clothes. now i look like a snitch i look like -- [ laughter ] look like you taking me to dollar tree to reward me for snitching. [ laughter ] [ applause ] so - >> seth: i get it, man >> i love him. i love him, man. >> seth: i love seeing you i love the special it's really something else thanks so much for making time for us, roy. it is always such a pleasure >> thank you for having me, man. [ cheers and applause >> seth: you guys, that's roy wood jr. "imperfct messenger" premieres friday on comedy central at 10:30. it's wonderful be right back with jason blum. [ cheers and applause ♪
1:17 am
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[ cheers and applause ♪ >> seth: our next guest is an oscar-nominated and emmy award-winning producer behind movies such as "the purge," "us," and "get out." his annual event, blumfest, featuring conversations with blumhouse filmmakers and actors is going on now. and his latest movie, "halloween kills," is in theaters and streaming on peacock let's take a look. >> what are you guys doing out here >> it's halloween. we went trick-or-treating. we got a whole bag of candy. >> you guys should not be out here right now okay it's not safe. >> ooh, i'm so scared. >> are you guys alone? where are your parents >> no. >> no, we're waiting for our friends. >> and like there's a creepy man in a white mask. and he keeps like trying to play hide and seek with us. >> where did you see him >> he's just hiding behind trees. >> and he pops out, like, "peekaboo. i mean, we're not three years old. come on, man >> oh, look, there he is ♪ >> oh, hello >> is that dennis' mask? >> run go home now!
1:23 am
>> seth: please welcome to the show jason blum, everybody [ cheers and applause ♪ bdy it's so great to have you here >> well, it's -- i'm very excited to be here very excited this is amazing. i've been dying to get on this show >> seth: well, this is big this is big for both of us >> this is big >> seth: congratulations this movie's doing great you obviously have been in the horror business for a while. i would imagine when you have something like "halloween," that people have a relationship with, you're making a sequel to it, how much do you have to come up with new and fascinating, and dare i say, fun ways for people to get murdered? >> well, you have to -- i mean, it's a big -- we have a science lab. we have to do all these different things no, danny mcbride and david gordon green came up with these crazy ideas. someone gets -- one of the most wild kills we've ever had in a movie, is they take a fluorescent light bulb, break it in half and stab someone in the
1:24 am
armpit >> seth: yeah. >> and that was pretty amazing [ laughter ] but -- but you know -- >> seth: when they call you up and tell you that, are you just like - >> i'm like, yes yes! and then they have to -- you know, people count the kills they're like, 33 kills in this movie. there will be 47 kills in the next movie, or something, i don't know >> seth: was halloween always a big deal to you? >> the holiday of halloween, not -- the movie, not 'til i was older. but the holiday of halloween was a big -- my mother and i loved halloween. my mother would -- and i would start doing our costumes in august and i was a dinosaur once. i was the abominable snowman halloween was a huge, huge event in our household people always say, you know, did you love horror movies as a kid? actually, i didn't i loved all kinds of movies. but i was a very odd child >> seth: okay. >> and although this is not halloween related, one of the things that i did when i was very young is i collected my fingernails. >> seth: okay. >> yeah. >> seth: that is -- that is very odd.
1:25 am
[ laughter ] >> it was very strange and somehow i think this was a -- >> seth: you would clip them and save them? >> they were a part of my body and i would -- so >> seth: i think we know -- you can jump ahead we know what fingernails are [ laughter ] >> sorry, yes. my mistake i'm very nervous >> seth: you're starting way - >> yeah, too early starting too early okay, yeah so -- no, but i felt they were part of me and i didn't want to let them go. so i put them in a little plastic box which i still have now -- >> seth: wait. [ laughter ] >> one time. hold on, it gets worse [ laughter ] one time, one time i actually -- this is part of what was in the box. one time i grabbed a couple of my mother's fingernails. [ audience groans so in this box there are a bunch of tiny fingernails from a little boy and about eight colored fingernails from my mother sitting in this box. this box has been with me since i was five years old i brought it to all the different places that i lived. and i -- very, i thought, astutely, hid this box under my sink in my bathroom. >> seth: okay. >> my wife, lauren blum, used to be my fiancee. before she was my wife
1:26 am
before that she was my girlfriend when she was my girlfriend - >> seth: we all know how that works. >> got it. okay, thank you. [ laughter ] got it she found the fingernails. >> seth: no! >> yes and i still married her. that's how i knew she was right for me >> seth: right >> yes >> seth: i think i should stress she still married you. >> that's what i meant that's what i meant. that's what i meant. [ laughter and applause >> seth: you were like, i'm still going to marry you even though you snoop around. [ laughter ] you go where you're not supposed to go, lauren. >> correct >> seth: one of my favorite things when i first met you is, you know, obviously -- and i should note, i think the first movie that sort of brought blumhouse to prominence was "paranormal activity." >> correct >> seth: so this is a movie that everybody had sort of passed on. what was it that you saw in it that you thought, "oh, this is -- i actually think an audience will love this" which obviously they ended up doing. >> you know, a long time ago i worked for a company and i passed on "the blair witch project. >> seth: wow >> i never -- i never -- you know, i was always punished for passing on that movie. everyone made fun. found footage, da-da-da. and "paranormal activity" when it first came out was about ten
1:27 am
years after "blair witch." so that experience was relatively new and i just -- i just saw it and then i screened it with an audience and anyone could have told you, if they bothered to watch it with an audience, the movie was going to work. but everyone had seen it on dvd or on cassette and passed. it was going to home video land and i said to the director, "i really think i can get this into a movie theater. i passed on 'blair witch,' i see the same thing here. it took three years to do, but it really was the birth of our company. so i'm very -- very -- it's a very beloved movie to me >> seth: and you had a dream that if you made money on the movie, you would get the car that you'd always dreamed of having to go to work in. >> correct >> seth: and i'm going to show everybody. i want everybody to imagine what a big hollywood producer wanted. >> this was my dream >> seth: and now i'm gonna show everybody what it is [ laughter ] i should note it says "blumhouse electric" on the side of it. >> and here, i don't know if you can see, it says "residential and commercial." [ laughter ] >> seth: but now, you -- this is actually a functional van. and the reason you wanted a van -- >> so i've always been -- i've always lived in los angeles, but had been trying to move back to
1:28 am
new york it's only been about 22 years. i'm still doing it and i can't -- one of the things i don't like about los angeles is the traffic and it's such a waste of time. i'm a very, very efficient person so i said if i ever have a hit movie, i'm going to get a minivan, hence the chevy astro which is a very unusual minivan, because almost no minivans have a flat back. they always have bumps for the axle the reason that handymen always drive chevy astros is because the bottom is flat i bought a minivan -- i bought a used chevy astro for ten grand and i paid a stereo guy $25,000. he ripped out the back he put in a comfy chair, a computer, a printer, when you used to have to print boarding passes i used to print boarding passes in that. i still have a van it's a little more upgraded from that but it's my efficient way to tackle and never think about los angeles traffic. >> seth: it's really nice that a kid creepy enough to save fingernails ended up in a white van. [ laughter ] [ applause ] jason blum, everybody. "halloween kills" is in theaters now. for more info on blumfest 2021 go to we'll be right back with more "late night.
1:29 am
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♪ [ cheers and applause >> seth: i want to speak for a brief moment to our studio audience and say how happy i am that we have you back. i know you're different people each night, but i'm going to speak to you as though you are one group. thank you for reminding me that we do this show for people and not just wally and some increasingly disinterested cameramen. [ laughter ] but as much as i love you people in the audience, i'm going to show you the door soon, because i'm about to record the emmy-nominated segment, "corrections," where i respond to youtube commentators. we do that without the audience because i have to be laser-focused to box with the jackals on the internet. check it out tomorrow on youtube to see if i survive. we'll be right back. [ cheers and applause ♪ you only get one first bite
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[ cheers and applause >> seth: i want to thank my guests olivia munn, roy wood jr., and jason blum i want to thank atom willard and the 8g - >> hey >> seth: hi, amber [ cheers and applause >> seth. >> seth: yeah. >> it's fall, and the leaves have begun to change color and you've got to get out and see it >> seth: you just want me to leave so you can set up the studio for your "amber ruffin show" halloween episode? don't get cobwebs on my desk [ maniacal laughing stay safe, get vaccinated. we love you. >> we love you [ cheers and applause ♪ well, it stopped students and teachers in their tracks. a bay area teenager seen wearing a kkk costume at school. tonight the reason he says


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