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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  October 29, 2021 1:37am-2:06am PDT

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[ cheers and applause >> seth: i want to thank my guests olivia munn, roy wood jr., and jason blum i want to thank atom willard and the 8g - >> hey >> seth: hi, amber [ cheers and applause >> seth. >> seth: yeah. >> it's fall, and the leaves have begun to change color and you've got to get out and see it >> seth: you just want me to leave so you can set up the studio for your "amber ruffin show" halloween episode? don't get cobwebs on my desk [ maniacal laughing stay safe, get vaccinated. we love you. >> we love you [ cheers and applause ♪ well, it stopped students and teachers in their tracks. a bay area teenager seen wearing a kkk costume at school. tonight the reason he says he
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did it, and the growing debate over how he should be disciplined. still on the fence, covid shots for kids could begin next week. but not every parent is ready for it. the new survey and experts say opinions will likely be swayed once the shots begin. and just in, addressing the rumors. the woman in charge of weapons on alec baldwin's movie set tells her side of the story. >> good evening. we begin with the halloween costume that crossed the line. school leaders say it was zurich and unacceptable, a student wearing a kkk costume at pittsburg high. >> so now the question is what should happen to that student. that question generating a loft debate. here is nbc bay area's cheryl hurd. >> reporter: the picture hit social media yesterday, which was also costume day at pittsburg high school. the student all in white dressed up as a kkk member, flanked by students of color posing with him. the school principal says the
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motivation was a dare. >> that is not okay. at all. that is disrespectful. >> reporter: the student wasn't caught until fourth period, likely because he was wearing it only in between classes. >> i don't think he should be expelled or anything. i don't think he should be suspended. i think he should be pulled to the side and have a conversation with. >> reporter: students reacting to the picture on campus today with anger and confusion. >> it's my ancestors were in slavery. and the kkk is against black people. >> i walked past him thinking he was a ghost and thought nothing of it. >> reporter: we spoke to her mother by phone who was stunned. >> i can not believe it. i am completely shocked. >> reporter: principal todd whitmire releasing the statement which says in part, "the student has been assigned consequences for his actions and will also participate in our restorative justice process to learn how his actions have impacted and harmed others." the other students in the picture will also have to
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participate. the principal told me by phone that private conversations with the students revealed that there is a lack of real understanding of the kkk's history. the superintendent says a restorative justice conference will take place next week. she also says it's important for the people involved to come up with ways to repair the damage that they caused. in pittsburgh, cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. while students at another east bay school also in trouble tonight, administrators at de lasalle disciplined two students of them reenacting the 2020 murder of george floyd. the east bay times reports the photo shows one student smiling while kneeling on another student who is raising a clinched fist which is a common solidarity symbol for the civil rights movement. late tonight we received letter sent to parents. the letter would not say what i'm of the punishment the students received but called the incident out of step with the
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school's mission. this is a good sign. new covid cases are dropping, signaling a downward trend in the nation's fourth covid wave. take a look. this is the seven-day average of new cases nationwide. you can see we peaked in september. more than 160,000 new cases a day. that number has dropped now for than half. a few weeks ago, california was one of just a few states in the orange substantial level of transmission. tonight there are ten states in that orange tier, including florida. let's take a closer look in california. in august, our cases peaked at more than 15,000 a day. now we've gone from 15,000 to about 3,000 a day. so we are trending in that right direction. jessica? >> and with the covid vaccine roll-out for 5 to 11-year-olded potentially just days away, we're getting a better picture of parental thinking on vaccinations with some increased hesitancy. the kaiser family foundation is hopeful that the pause that some parents feel right now may
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change when the roll-out begins. here is nbc bay area's sergio quintana. >> reporter: for many at the queen's pumpkin patch in saratoga, this is the first time they've been able to hunt for a gourd as the pandemic put a damper on halloween fund last year. child vaccines are top of mind. >> to get vaccinated. >> she is actually due for her last round of vaccinations for mmr, mumps, measles, rubella next month. so i think it's easy to just lop covid into the same thing. >> reporter: her child is still too young for the next round of vaccine approvals, but both parents' attitudes are typical for about a third of those surveyed by the keizer family foundation. they asked will you get your child vaccinated? 27% said they will right away down from 34 last month. 5% said only if they had to, and
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a little less than a third said definitely not. >> we haven't really seen any statistically significant movement over time. it's really been broken almost into equal thirds. >> reporter: liz hamel says parents who are he's important raised a number of concerns like long-term effects or being able to get time off if their child has side effects. but the biggest barrier is it's just not available for young children. hamel said parents' attitude did change with older kids. >> the share of parents who are ready to get their teen vaccinated has increased, as they've learned more, as they've seen other teens get vaccinated. so we would expect the same thing to happen with younger kids as well. >> sergio quintana, nbc bay area news. a big change coming for thousands of east bay businesses. beginning monday, some of those business also be allowed to drop their indoor mask requirements. alameda county is joining contra costa county in easing mask mandates. san francisco and marin counties are already doing this as well. here are the details.
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people will be allowed to take off those masks offices, gyms, and religious gather, but only if there are less than 100 people inside and everyone can prove they're fully vaccinated. >> this is a reasonable step at this time. at some point,l have receded enough that we can really remove all of these types of requirements. >> alameda county health leaders say they're not letting restaurants, bars, or movie theaters ease these mask rules quite yet. they're waiting until the county reaches more strict gels, including an 80% vaccination rate. right now alameda county is at 72%. for more stories about covid, head to we have answers to your questions about mask rules and vaccination mandates. a shootout in the popular
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haight-ashbury community leaves the community riddled with bullet holes and fear. tonight police say it happened when two rival gangs crossed paths. nbc bay area's jean elle has more on the call for action. why police say they can't provide extra patrols. >> reporter: bullet holes in homes and businesses in the haight-ashbury district of san francisco, a reminder of what police say was a shootout between rival gangs in two cars friday at 3:30. >> i hear like brrr, pop pop pop pop. >> and then i hear like a one car. >> reporter: oscar jackson says he was working on the third level of this scaffolding at haight and lyon when a bullet got close. >> one guy in the apartment hey, one bullet is in my apartment. >> reporter: and that was on the second floor? >> the second floor. >> reporter: and you were on the third floor? >> i was on the third floor. >> a little frightening. >> reporter: a bullet penetrated hannah lieber's next building. it landed in her neighbor's dresser next to their baby's
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changing table. >> so their dresser is right next to the changing table. they have a newborn baby. >> reporter: a window at coffee was also shattered. at a community safety meeting tonight, officers located one of the cars involved in the shootout. a victim who arrived at the hospital on their own is in critical condition. and a drive-by shooting at haight and cannon may be related to the shootout. street violence intervention programs say they are working to de-escalate the tension out on the street. witnesses to the shooting say they would like to see more police. >> we need more police right here. >> reporter: park district station chris pedrini says the department doesn't have enough officers. >> the end of june, we had many officers retire. and then with the vaccine mandates, we -- department wide we lost about 100 officers to that. so our staffing numbers are really tight right now. >> reporter: police say no arrests have been made. jean elle, nbc bay area news. a san francisco supervisor is trying to force district
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attorney chesa boudin and the sfpd to release detailed records about how often violent's storyt night and today that proposed law cleared a major hurdle. supervisors voted to push the legislation forward to the full board for a final vote next month. a police captain spoke in favor of these new requirements. the d.a.'s office did not attend, but district attorney boudin sent a letter criticizing the proposed law, saying the kind of data being requested wouldn't be enough to draw any fair conclusions about how well his office is fighting crime. supervisor catherine stefani, who proposed legislation, took exception with the d.a.'s reasoning. >> my legislation doesn't stop the d.a. from releasing anything in addition to what's required in this legislation. in fact, it would be very welcome. i urge the district attorney to release what we've requested and more.
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>> if approved by the full board next month, both the d.a.'s office and sfpd will be required to start releasing a new wave of data on a quarterly basis. santa clara sheriff laurie smith has a new challenger for her job, and it's one of her sergeants. sergeant christine nagayai will be running for the position. she lives in san jose, originally from pennsylvania. she has worked in the sheriff's office for the past 19 years, mostly in the custody and jail decision. her goal is to return integrity to the sheriff's office after a number of scandals under sheriff smith. santa clara's board of supervisors recently passed a unanimous no-confidence vote in smith. now our investigative unit has spent years looking into various accusations involving sheriff smith. you can watch and read all of the stories by going to the clock is ticking for muni drivers to get the covid vaccine. all san francisco muni employees must be fully vaccinated by
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monday. muni series since all the workers will not comply, it wil. a few short service lines will be temporarily suspended and riders may see crowding and longer wait times on some muni routes. >> so is it too harsh, or is it a step in the right direction? oakland unified has now rolled out specifics on its new vaccine mandate for students 12 and up. it goes into effect january. the message to students is clear. get vaccinated or go online for class. starting january 3rd, all students will have to prove they've been vaccinated in order to be in the classroom unless they've been given medical or a personal belief exemption. students who have one dose are waiting to receive their second dose will also be exempted. the district says all unvaccinated students will be directed to the district's online learning program. but several people, including one oakland pediatrician is worried that the mandate may disproportionately impact students of color. >> that we make sure that our
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children are not going to fall behind. so the state has to come up with a plan for how do we bridge the digital divide that we know is still present in communities of color. >> this is progress. this is what los angeles unified has already done. this is what piedmont unified is doing. >> now the district says it is working on expanding the online learning program to ensure that there is room for everyone who wants to use it. we have new video tonight of president biden arriving in italy. there is the first lady and the president. it's friday morning there, just after 8:00 a.m. this is the first stop in a five-day trip to europe. the president is expected to meet with pope francis, his first meeting with the pope as president. but the main reason why he is in europe is to meet with other leaders from the most powerful nations at the g20 summit this weekend. we are back in 60 seconds. ahead, telling her side of the story. a statement late tonight from the woman in charge of weapons on alec baldwin's movie set.
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her attorney reveals what she asked for but was denied. a mega change for facebook. it's now meta. will you notice anything different? we break down the company's big announcement. and i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri tracking some cooler changes for just in, breaking her silence. tonight we're hearing from the woman in charge of firearms after that tragic shooting on a movie set. in the last hour, the attorney
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for hannah gutierrez-reed released a statement, saying, quote, hannah was hired on two positions on this film, which made it extremely difficult to focus on her job as armorer. she fought for training, days to maintain weapons and proper time to prepare gunfire, but ultimately was overruled by production and her document. the whole production set became unsafe due to various factors, including lack of safety meetings. 600 pieces of evidence have been collected, including 500 rounds of ammunition. investigators say it will be sent to the fbi crime lab for analysis. last week actor alec baldwin was rehearsing a scene that included pointing a gun at the camera. that's when cinematographer halyna hutchins was shot and killed. director joel souza also wounded. he is from the bay area. well, tonight what's the deal well this? meta, a new name and a new sign outside of facebook hq in menlo park. you see it there. facebook is rebranding.
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they revealed its new corporate name called meta. so what's going change? nbc bay area's ian cull explains. >> reporter: late tonight, the facebook name change buzz continues at headquarters in menlo park. the famous sign replaced with meta. the announcement made during a virtual event hosted on the company's facebook page. >> our mission remains the same. still about bringing people together. our apps and their brands, they're not changing either. and we are still the company that designs technology around people. >> reporter: facebook, whatsapp and instagram won't have name changes, but the overall company that owns them is now meta. google made a similar move with alphabet in 2015. >> it is time for us to adopt a new company brand to encompass everything that we do. >> reporter: in moving forward into the metaverse, a virtual
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future. >> hey, mark. >> what's going on? >> reporter: an investor in this space says the idea isn't all that new. >> if you think about it in general, we've been in a, you know, quasi metaverse for a decade now, right? think how much time you spend glued on your phone, on instagram. >> reporter: the announcement has been years in the making, but comes as the company faces pressure. >> face bob's products harm children. >> reporter: after a former employee turned whistle-blower said the company is knowingly and willingly spreading misinformation. what does that do for their image? >> i think it gets pr to shift focus. having said that, i think a lot of concerns raise ready still top of mind for a lot of people. >> reporter: there someone more change too. the company's stock symbol will transform to mtrs. ian cull, nbc bay area news. another night of demonstrations. this is at the in-n-out in pleasant hill. a lot of people showed up to
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support in-n-out's refusal to check the vaccination status of customers who want to go inside to eat. last week the county briefly shut down the restaurant. this week in-n-out doubled down, proactively shut indoor dining at all five locations in contra costa county. so we know in-n-out's stance, but what about other restaurants? we checked on some in the east bay. >> reporter: recent in-n-out closures in the bay area have resurfaced a big question. who should enforce vaccine requirements or mandates from the county? some fast food chains we visited today, burger king, wendy's, kfc and mcdonald's didn't want to bother answering that question. so like in-n-out burger, they've now closed off all indoor dining. taco bell was an exception. this one had an open dining room complete with signs reminding custom mothers of their requirements. but after completing my order from a digital kiosk saying i was dining indoors, no one asked for proof of vaccination or a negative covid test.
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the experience was different at chick-fil-a where they were checking towards for customers dining in. >> it's a good thing to enforce it. i saw the woman in front of me, and she did pull out her card. >> reporter: baba lou's in downtown walnut creek. she supports masking and vaccine requirements but admits enforcing the mandate puts her employees and her business in a precarious position. >> even if we ask, they get really upset. nobody wants to carry their vaccine card. nobody wants to show that. so we at least ask them to be masked. >> reporter: like in-n-out, she's looking for more support from the county or local officials. five in-n-out locations in contra costa county remain shut down for indoor dining nbc bay area news. let's turn things over to jeff ranieri. what do we call this? friday adjacent. >> friday adjacent. >> friday lights. >> i like those. yes. tgif almost, right?
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it's just a little bit of ways from happening. and tomorrow's weather is going to cooperate with you. you've got one more day this area of high pressure. that's what brought us the 70s the past few days. it's moving off towards the east. i do see temperatures dropping off a couple of degrees, but we'll stay mild and dry. let's move into the friday morning forecast and start off with a little bit of cloud cover through the bay in the chilly 50s over the tri-valley, peninsula and south bay. right here through the east bay, down to 54. san francisco 55. and the north bay at 53. as you move through the day tomorrow, substantial warm-up for the afternoon. even those there are a couple of degrees cooler, it's going to be perfect down here through the south bay. 76 in gilroy. 73 in cupertino. very similar weather here through the inland east bay. 74 in pleasanton. 72 in vallejo. also noticing the temperatures dropping through the peninsula as we get a little bit of that ocean breeze mixing in. 27 in palo alto and 68 in san mateo. now we did have some 70s the
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past two days in downtown san francisco. but tomorrow widespread 60s returning. it's going to be a good day, though. winds not too gusty out of the west at 12 miles per hour. let's move it off to the north bay. still doing storm cleanup. weather will also be cooperating with you here. 73 in santa rosa. 72 in novato. 69 in mill valley. so tomorrow, this is the last day of weather like this that we got some changes coming on in. so once we hit this weekend, it looks like rainfall would stay to the north. but i am seeing some cooler temperatures. also some cloud cover moving in. with a second system on monday, that's when we get our chance of rainfall returning. rainfall totals on this, no big changes. quarter to half inch with a better bet of a half inch right towards the north bay. on the seven-day forecast, we are keeping i dry all the way through halloween in san francisco. 63 degrees. and we'll see a second chance of rain next week it looks likely wednesday night into thursday that would be the one to watch out for with a quarter to one-inch possible. we'll keep cool 60s there, and
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also across the inland valleys as we head into next week. so, yes, halloween is saved and inquiring minds want to know. raj, are you going to be giving out those full-sized candy bars at your house? >> willie mays does that in atherton. we need to go to atherton. >> yes, that would be a good catch. >> i have the little snack sized. snickers and three musketeers. >> you're going cheap. >> now you're bullying me into it. i will upgrade. >> i had to find out. >> thank you, jeff. >> and bring the leftovers. >> let's move on. happening now, a mess down at l.a.x. reports of a possible shooter at the airport caused panic and flight delays. police received calls earlier this evening about a person with a gun at l.a.x. when word got out, it caused about 300 people to run out of the airport on to the tarmac. officers arrived and detained one person. no weapon was recovered. all f
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they're fighting to get their jobs back. this afternoon, about 200 hotel workers marched through downtown san francisco. it was part of a nationwide day of action. they say their jobs haven't come back during this pandemic, even as business rebounds. not just in the cities. a similar protest outside the hilton doubletree at the berkeley marina. workers say part of the reason there are fewer jobs because
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many hotels are ending daily housekeeping. one company called unite here says that means it's a loss of about 3,000 jobs in the bay area alone. it's going to be frighteningly fun. more than 200,000 people expected to descend on golden gate park this weekend for the first outside lands music festival since august of 2019. the three-day festival starts tomorrow. there are new protocols in place. everyone is required to provide proof of vaccination or a negative covid test within 72 hours of entry. you're encouraged to wear a regular mask and to try to social distance. but with 70,000 people, that's not too likely there will be a lineup includes lizzo, the strokes, plus food, drink, and a little sense of normalcy. >> everybody is coming back out of the covid quarantine to be able to be out here and getting all these local people participating in the event, from people working in the event,
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vendors, restaurants, artists, musicians. we just feel very grateful that we're here and able to do this. >> san francisco also brought in equipment ahead of time to mitigate the impacts from last week's big storm when everything got soaked. >> that's going to be fun. >> and it's going to be a nice clear weekend. up next, something strange at the warriors well, it was a little too much to hope that they were going to go completely undefeated this season. sorry to break it to you, but the warriors finally lost. it was a nail-biter. >> steph curry, his anniversary. 12 years ago tonight, he made his nba debut. he is now one of the greatest
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players of all time. there is steph curry. here is the new star, ja morant of the memphis grizzlies. what game this was. final seconds in regulation now. watch carefullyfully, steph with the chance to win. usually this goes. in steph curry was scoreless for the entire fourth quarter and in overtime. i don't think we're ever going to say that again. and in ot, steph was cold, so get it over to the brother-in-law, damion lee. he hits it into the extra frame. that gave the warriors a 101-one hundred lead. but here is ja morant. he is so good. grizzlies win 104-101. the warriors' first loss of the season. they're 4-1 on the young season. at the shark tank, guess who? randy hahn and there on the right drew remenda, our old friend working the broadcast. that was the best news of the night. as pour the game, it was ugly. sharks and canadiens. this was all montreal in the
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white jerseys there. montreal wins it 4-0. last weekend extraordinary a haunted house, but the students would not be denied. they got the haunted house up and running again. it reopened tonight. great news because it's the theater program's biggest fundraiser of the year. so check it out. this is what they had to deal with. that's what it looked like before. but it's up and running. it's also going to be friday and saturday. and then the younger kid time is from 7:00 to 8:00. and after 8:00, is when things get really goer and scary. >> they're practicing there. >> so if you have little ones, you're going to want to go earlier. >> lee high school?
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>> lee high school. >> halloween is here. i would like to go really late so i get scary. >> we'll see you tomorrow. >> bye. breaking news tonight. former new york governor andrew cuomo charged with a sex crime. cuomo now charged with forcible touching after groping a aid at the governor's mansion in 2020 it comes two months after he resigned over allegations of sexual harassment from some women. just in, cuomo's response. also tonight, president biden traveling overseas after announcing what he calls a historic new framework for his spending plan. a potential breakthrough after weeks of deadlock. the president on capitol hill today his private plea to democrats, what's in, what's out and why it is still not a done deal. the vaccine mandate battle
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new york city firefighters protesting hours before a deadline begins to get the shot or face unpaid leave. the warning from the union. how many fire companies could be shutdown. new images of alec baldwin and his family days after that deadly movie set shooting our exclusive access inside the investigation. what the sheriff now says about possible criminal charges. the violent attack on an american airlines flight. a passenger punching a flight attendant, forcing an emergency landing. police waiting for the man at the gate. and facebook's big change, the new name just unveiled. this is nbc "nightly news" with lester holt. >> good evening. there is late word tonight of a criminal sex charge filed against disgraced forker new york governor andrew cuomo. a misdemeanor complaint accusing him of forcible touching of an unnamed woman last year.


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