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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  October 30, 2021 11:00pm-11:29pm PDT

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and rain chances for halloween sunday. right now at 11:00, a halloween party takes a deadly turn. a south bay councilwoman's home is now a crime scene. and headlining in more ways than one. catching attention for comments about san francisco. plus -- >> it's an active investigation. a woman died. she was my friend. she was my friend. >> you see right there, his
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first on camera comments since the shooting. an emotional interview with alec baldwin. the news at 11:00 starts now. good evening. >> new developments tonight as gilroy police investigate a house party that turned deadly. it happened at the home of council member rebecca armendariz. >> reporter: tonight police focused on the home of councilwoman armendariz. there was a halloween party at her house and a male was left dead and three others hospitalized. her neighbor told us he attended the party last night but left before the shooting happened. he said there were about 70 people there. mostly teenagers and young adults. >> translator: i had gone over there with my youngest son and i
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didn't like what i saw. it was pitch black and a lot of people wearing dark clothing. >> reporter: neighbors reported hearing several gun shots and say the street was so packed with cars, first responders had a hard time getting to the victims. >> translator: there was not any more room for the firefighters or ambulances. they had to run in with the gurneys. >> reporter: and gilroy police confirmed that tonight s.w.a.t. teams were sent here to the corner of church and eighth streets in the connection with the shooting investigation. we reached out to councilmember armendariz who issued this stale saying, i am thankful that my family and i who live on las animas were not hurt by this tragedy and i pray for those whose loved ones have been touched by what occurred. in the meantime we're giving full cooperation to the police department. police say tt issuing happened after several people at the party got into a fight and at least one suspect fired a gun.
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the council member issued this statement saying, i am devastated that we have more victims of gun violence in gilroy, and that this tragedy took place at my colleague's home during a halloween party. i have spoken with council member armendariz and she is heart broken right now. my office is standing by in support of her, the victims and their families. in gilroy, nbc bay area news. >> speaking of halloween parties gone bad, there was one near sacramento last night that turned into a double homicide. it happened at a banquet hall. hundreds of people showed up to the erotic exotic halloween ball. about 1:00 a.m., someone started shooting. it spilled into the parking lot. when officers arrived, two men were dead at the scene. a sour note hung over last night's headlining act at san francisco's outside land concert. the front man strokes complained
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about not being allowed into a restaurant because of an issue with his vaccine card. they blamed him for what he called crazy low sound levels. the band was set to play for 90 minutes but played just an hour instead. the crowd at outside land still going strong and so is the crowd in the castro. plenty of costumes on display there. halloween always bringing in lots of visitors. for the first time in 15 years, the castro even hosted a street party including pandemic conditions, made for a lively night on halloween. sergio quintana. >> reporter: for years there hasn't been any kimes of a street organized event for halloween. this year the organizers of this street dance event said they wanted to put together an event that was safe under pandemic circumstances. the celebration this year is a whole lot different than last
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area. >> happy halloween! >> reporter: since san francisco basically banned halloween last year, they are making an extra effort to let their creativity shine. this is at market. it is called glow in the streets. complete with live deejays and cocktails, they say this is the kind of event that is needed. >> this is a safer harmless way to gather our community. we're outside. and that is safe alternative for many people in our community. >> this is a smaller, cute, leave, drop them off and come back for more. >> reporter: the halloween street fair was canceled after 2006 when nine people were injured in a shooting. there are lots of police out on patrol now. in the neighbor overall, many businesses say they welcome all the people here after more than a year of pandemic restrictions.
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but business owners want to remind people, we're still in a pandemic. >> wear your mask where it needs to be and bring your vaccination card because people are checking flag. >> reporter: and they're asking people to be patient. sergio quintana. nbc bay area news. >> looking at all that halloween stuff, it begs the question, what will it be like on halloween night? what's the answer? >> the timing should work out pretty good. in the short term, we'll see a little light rain briefly. nothing yet. but notice the futurecast tomorrow morning. mostly cloudy skies. it could be possible for the morning and sunny breaks in the afternoon as we head into the evening hours, increasing clouds. the temperatures in the low 60s around san francisco, mid 60s toward the tri-valley, and san jose tomorrow briefly should be in the upper 60s. so the window of dry weather
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should hold up for evening plans butterfly two storms quickly follow. one later on tomorrow night. if you get into monday, and the second storm arrives mid-week. in fact, the rain totals with both those storms have gone up with evening updates. we'll have a closer look in about eight minutes. >> thank you. if you're looking for events this halloween, we've got you covered. head to click on halloween events in the trending bar at the top of the home page. what you'll be seeing, check out halloween events in our mobile app. new developments in the investigation into the january 6th riots at the u.s. capitol. president trump is trying to block documents from being released to the committee investigating the insurrection. it includes call logs, remarks and speeches and hand written notes from his chief of staff. the former president has sued to prevent the national archives from transmitting the information, calling the request
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for documents a, quote, illegal fishing expedition. he challenges president biden's right. a gala dinner with other heads of state in rome for mr. biden. earlier, they voiced their support for a global corporate minimum tax raitt of faenl%. a not month umtal agreement. not only would it be helpful for the build back better agenda. president biden expected to meet with the president of turkey tomorrow as tensions rise between two countries. back here at home, vice president kamala harris was getting her booster shot today. we're will she got a third dose of the moderna vaccine. she qualifies because of her duties as vice president that put her at risk of become examining posed to the virus. hundreds of thousands of covid vaccines gone to waste. california health workers have
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thrown out nearly 650,000 covid doses since december. that's according to the "san francisco chronicle." the number represents just 1% of the total doses given out but it is still significant. especially considering some countries are struggling to get any doses. as a whole, the u.s. has wasted an average of 4.8% of available doses. they're usually thrown out for one of two reasons. the dose was expired or it was mishandled. so let's look at how many shots sboofg the arms of californians. nearly 88% of people 12 and older statewide have received at least one dose of the covid vaccine. 71% of californians are fully vaccinated. when it comes to booster shots, 8.3% have gotten the additional dose of the vaccine. we're back an emotional roadside interview. alec baldwin speaking out for the first time.
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a lot of years together and a lot of taco bell. >> a beautiful couple celebrating their beautiful love for each other with their love of a popular fast food chain. we'll show you their unique wedding reception right here in the bay area. and maybe a little light rain in the morning before much better chances arrive right there. you'll see how much rain we can expect. the key deadline set to affect thousands of employees in two bay area cities. >> we'll tell you where you'll be able to loosen your mask.
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for the first time, actor alec baldwin spoke out about the accidental shooting on the set of "rust." he fired the prop gun that took the life of halyna hutchins. >> she was my friend. she was my friend. the day i arrived, i took her to
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dinner with joel the director. we were a very, very, excuse me. we were a very, very, you know, well-oiled crew shooting a film together and then this horrible event happened. i've been told multiple times, don't make any comments about the ongoing investigation and i can't. i can't. i can't. >> that interview happened in manchester, vermont where he's been staying. he said the only reason he agreed to talk so the paparazzi would stop following him. he added that he supports the idea of limiting firearms on sets. new at 11:00, days before halloween, a san jose family is outraged. that's because thieves stole beloved decorations from their yard. security cameras captured it friday morning. you can see a group taking down one of two giant inflatables on mchenry street in the rose garden neighborhood. the home owner says he understands it is not a major crime but it's a bummer for the kids.
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>> yeah. we have a bunch of bowls of candy to hand out and no decorations. it is just, i've been working from home for the past year and a half. and to see all the kids and families and strollers going by every day. it is quite fun to turn them on right when the kids show up and they inflate and their eyes just light up. >> here are what the 12-foot inflatables look like. they're hard to hide. at least one neighbor has already donated money to help replace them. >> a sobering reminder to be responsible and safe this weekend. take a look at this. see that car going over and rolling and rolling? the chp posted this chopper video of the rollover. you can see him getting out with his hands over his head. that was the passenger. the driver lost control while speeding. you saw the car roll several times and then it caught fire. and went someone gets out and he's clapping his hands. both people were able to walk
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away without injuries but not without trouble. open house at levi stadium. today, fifa members gave a tour of the stadium in hopes of being the site for the world cup matches. if levi's is selected, some minor modifications will have to happen and that includes replacing the grass. the 49ers and host committee say they're more than willing to make those necessary changes. this is one of my favorite stories of the day. definitely a first and it may not be the last. a bay area taco bell. the restaurant in pacifica has the reputation for being perhaps the most beautiful taco bell in the world. >> it is. >> right? so beautiful. so a sacramento couple decided to host their wedding reception there. they got married at city hall on tuesday. then everyone drove down the coast to the fast food joint for
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the reception. they say some of the guests were skeptical but they ended up having a blast. >> uncles, aunts, they had some healthy skepticism. >> it was kind of fun when we first walked in. there were other patrons in the store and they were cheering along with everyone else. >> the couple says the staff went above and beyond to make their day special. even decorating with hot sauce pockets. >> that's how you say i love you. >> i love their hot sauce. i can drink it. like i have hot sauce with a side of, you know, a taco. >> you probably know this, that the lady who loves the taco is new here to nbc bay area. but you're not new to the area. you used toley near that taco bell. >> yes. i would run in that area. >> you would run to the border. >> yeah.
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i would run to the record with and then run back to reply mom's house when i was staying there. i love that area. the most beautiful taco bell. bay area, born and raised, sf state. i've been gone for reason the years. the last five years i've been working at nbc boston. i'm glad to be back. >> fantastic to have you. >> great to have you. >> always great to have rob in here, too. >> welcome back. you missed this in boston. the beautiful view of the golden gate bridge. looking good. no fog. we might see a little drizzle, or a braef light rain for the morning and then the skies will clear up. right now, 57 degrees in san francisco. partly cloudy skies, livermore, 54. in san jose, partly cloudy. 67 degrees. the line-up for tomorrow morning has a little drizzle and light rain. we'll see it hour by hour. some brief clearing late
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afternoon. the clouds will spill in toward the evening. we should see upper 60s. low 60s from san francisco to oakland. and more low 60s into the north bay. so hour by hour you can see the areas in green on futurecast. that will indicate some drizzle or maybe light rain, maybe as late as noon. but watch the trends. there is the brief clearing. i think we could see a light rain earlier than this is showing. evening, we're mainly dry. sunday night into monday, you can see the rain filling back in once again. the moderate rain at time for the north bay but nothing like we saw about a week ago. you can see the rainfall total. highest impact will be in the north bay. during the day monday. they're even red. they are going to come up a little bit. it could be a half inch to an inch of rain. so there is our first rain chance. the next one may have a little
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more moisture with it. that will be during the day wednesday into thursday. and then we'll catch a break as we wrap up the week. so last weekend, we had a really strong atmospheric river that stalled out. notice two storms do have a little of that moisture but they move through very quickly. so not as much moisture. that scoots out of here pretty quickly. if you add up the rainfall over four days, pretty good totals. especially for early november. two to three inches around nome contract county and generally less than a half inch of rain. most of the forecast is good news. we need the uranium at times monday into wednesday. nothing too heavy. low 60s around san francisco and upper 60s the next seven days. so breezy at time. you won't be in the snow and the nor'easters. >> it's a lot warm he.
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>> i have to put away all my snow gear. no more snowstorms to cover. >> you can bring it back out when you go skiing at tahoe. >> i love tahoe so much. i'll bring it out again. in hockey they have short handed goals. this is a short-handed team. >> it might be the best effort by the sharks in years. how many players were out today because of covid-19? guess what. they still won the game. stick around.
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welcome back. i'm anthony flores. the sharks were down but not out against winnipeg. seven players missed the game after being put on the nhl's covid-19 protocol. the game against the jets delayed a half-hour. the stand coach john mclean serving as acting head coach. tied 1-1 in overtime.
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no problem. they snap their skid beating the sharks 2-1 in o.t. overcoming so manyn. not only did we need to win it and get back on track but missing a lot of key guys and having a crazy day. just came together. a big win. >> to basketball, the warriors versus the thunder. after michigan state beat michigan. and look at that alley-oop to andrew wiggins. they are up 11 at halftime. second half, they blow it open. curry had 7 point but didn't score in the fourth quarter for the fourth straight game. it didn't matter tonight. the warriors beat the thunder. the 49ers are in chicago to put an end to their four-game losing streak. the bears will be without matt nagy who is still in covid
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protocol. a lot of people want to know, is jimmy g just one game away from losing his job? >> i would never answer that question. you can ask it a thousand different ways. try to get our team out of this losing streak. we've hunkered down this week. we're going to chicago and play as good as we can. >> what you are you doing at 9:00 a.m. in the morning? watching our friends at nbcsports bay area for 49ers pregame live. 9:00 a.m. then switch back over for the postgame show. game four of the world series in atlanta. the astros up a run in the seventh. not anymore. swanson ties it 2-2. next batter. jorge goes -- there he is! gone. back to back. 3-2, 3-2. the braves now lead that series
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three game to none. that's
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take a look at this. one home in berkeley skimmed the blood and gore for decorations and had a scarier threat. an environmental disaster. the front yard was transformed into an oil spill complete with a cardboard tanker and a streak of black running across the sidewalk. this is the home of julie twitchell, a long time advocate for awareness. she said she doesn't want to just spook kids about climate disasters. she wanted to have messages of hope. the population of monarch butterflies has been dwinling
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but this year it is way up. the butterflies at the sampg twaer in pacific grove. so far about 2,600 have made it to pacific grove this year. last year the entire western population was about 2,000. so it's up significantly. saturday night live is next.
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[ nbc theme tones play ] >> and now a message from the president of the united states, joseph r. biden.


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