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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  November 5, 2021 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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right now at 11:00, another step in ending the pandemic. the big weekend rush expected as counties get their child vaccination clinics up and running. we're moving you forward with what you need to know to keep your families safe. good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm marcus washington. we begin this midday with the covid vaccine rollout happening right now for children 5 and
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older in contra costa county. counties across the bay area are ramping up operations. nbc bay area's bob redell is live outside one of those sites in concord. bob, what has the demand been like there this morning? >> good morning. we heard from contra costa health services in the past hour. demand has been high. they've got about 400 appointments today for kids ages 5 to 11 at their three county-run clinics. antioch, richmond and in concord. and they say they have the same level of demand in terms of appointments for tomorrow as well. we saw a number of moms and dads bringing their young sons and daughters in for their first rounds of shots here at the concord clinic. this was this morning before the start of school. these parents tell us it's important they get this done on day one. >> it's been hard protecting them without -- with just using masks. now we have the vaccine which we know protects them even more.
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>> just to make sure that if something were to happen, she were to be exposed she wouldn't have to quarantine the same way. missing ten days of school is not easy. >> i'm excited because then my mom says that i can go to chuck e. cheese. >> i'm excited but i'm not a fan of having a needle in my arm. >> i'm with you on that. but you understand the importance and you appreciate it? >> yeah, so that i can be safe and so that i won't get sick or anything. >> so again today the first day in contra costa county where kids 5 to 11 can receive their covid vaccine shot. these are at no cost to you. if you can't get in today there are plenty more times i saw online tomorrow throughout next week. that scheduling website, covid we checked with other counties in the bay area. marin county says its large-scale clinics set to begin tomorrow. next week, napa and sonoma will
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begin offering shots for kids at either local schools or county-run clinics. alameda and solano counties are telling us it could be a couple more weeks some time mid-november. all those dates are for count-run vaccination sites only. your pediatrician, hospital or pharmacy might have availability sooner. if you have questions about a vaccine we can help you out. check out our vaccine frequently asked questions. faq session. find it on or the bay area app. click or tap faq covid vaccine for kids. has a lot of answers to questions. for example, should i get my kid vaccinated. what side effects and those sorts of things. reporting live, bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> listening to that kid, i think chuck e. cheese would have been a big persuader for me as well. a fierce battle over the newly announced vaccine mandates for private companies that impact tens of millions of
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workers. at the same time, pfizer reveals promising results from a pill to treat covid-19 and will seek emergency approval from the fda. nbc's gabe gutierrez has more from new york. >> reporter: the rush is on to vaccinate younger children ages 5 to 11 at mobile vaccination sites like this one. meanwhile, pfizer is out with new encouraging data this morning about the anti-viral pill to treat covid it's developing. the company says according to a study the pill reduces the risk of hospitalization and death in high-risk adults by 89%. pfizer's ceo says the company plans to submit the results to the fda for emergency use authorization by thanksgiving. this comes a day after the uk approved a separate anti-viral pill developed by merck. an fda advisory panel is set to consider that pill here in the u.s. by the end of this month. meanwhile the biden administration has just
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announced a sweeping covid vaccine mandate for employers with more than 100 workers. by january 4th, they'll be required to ensure that their workers are vaccinated or are tested weekly. several gop-led states are -- say that they are already planning to sue. fines could reach nearly $14,000 per violation. gabe gutierrez, nbc news, new york. multiple cal football student athletes will not play in saturday's away game in arizona. so they are dealing with covid protocol. currently 99% of the football team at cal fully vaccinated. all other student athletes traveling to tucson will be tested and cleared prior to leaving. in a statement, the cal director of athletics said as we know, this pandemic is not over. even with 99% of our football student-athletes fully vaccinated, we have seen that breakthrough cases are still possible. the university says it will continue to monitor that
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situation closely. new details this morning, and we are all hearing about these stories of those unruly airline passengers. maybe even have seen some of those passengers yourself firsthand. now the fbi is giving aviation leaders a new way to crack down on bad fliers. kris sanchez has a closer look at how airports are implementing new safety guidelines. >> this means that the worst offenders, the most unruly of passengers can be criminally prosecuted and not just fined but that's only happened 37 times this year. now this year the faa got about 5,000 complaints about aggressive or disruptive behavior. in 277 cases the agency initiated enforcement actions which for the faa only means fines. 37 cases were reported to the fbi for criminal prosecution, which is fewer than 1% of all cases. now the flight attendants union has been pushing for a no-fly list after several of their members were assaulted.
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by the way, the majority of all the complaints, 72% of the 5,000, are related to masks, which are required of everyone over the age of 2 on planes and in airports. the mask mandate for passengers has been in effect since february and it will remain in place at least through the holiday. >> thank you, kris. it's time to take a live look outside. looking at the bay bridge there. a little hazy out there this morning. meteorologist kari hall is tracking how our day and weekend is going to shape up. how is it looking out there? >> we're still in for a lot of changes, marcus, as we go into the weekend. take a look at the storm system to our north. it won't bring much in the way of rain but will start to push in some clouds as we head into the afternoon. we've had a nice start to our weekend with some sunshine that we're still seeing over the south bay right now. but as you get ready to head out for lunch, take it outside. enjoy it. we'll see our temperatures go from the low 60s into the
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mid-60s for today. it's a little cool for some spots, but once again more clouds moving in today. taking a look at all our microclimates. napa headed toward 67 degrees. also 67 in concord. in palo alto, we'll see those highs in the mid-60s. san francisco, about 65 degrees. as you make weekend plans, maybe heading to napa valley, we will see increasing cloud cover and slightly cooler temperatures for tomorrow. as well as more clouds, but sunday we're looking at more sunshine and we know we'll be setting our clocks back an hour. we'll remind you of that and i'll talk about some more rain in our forecast coming in early next week. that's coming up in a few minutes. lso a police officer is now out on bound this morning. as you can imagine, his profession raising eyebrows. cierra johnson takes a closer look at what happened and why his employer and what they are saying this morning. >> good morning. a bit of a bizarre story here
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when san mateo police responded to a robbery in progress at this rite aid in san mateo. i'm sure they never imagined they would be apprehending another member of law enforcement. san francisco police sergeant dafin cole is off duty when he was arrested wednesday on suspicion of robbery at the rite aid here on concord drive in san mateo. according to a post, when they arrived on scene, the suspect, sergeant cole, attempted to flee on foot but was later captured. take a look at this. this is a picture of sergeant cole tweeted from the sfpd twitter account. the department says cole has been with sfpd since 1994. he was most recently assigned to field operation with the department. he was placed on unpaid leave pending an internal investigation. back out here, the rite aid has reopened for the day. and as for sergeant cole, he's out on bond, but he is expected to be arraigned at the hall of justice in redwood city on
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november 18th. in san mateo, nbc bay area news. four-star general colin powell. d.c. leaders came today to honor him at his funeral and the former secretary of state died last month from complications from covid at age 84. president biden along with former presidents barack obama and george w. bush attended today's ceremony at the national cathedral in washington. at his funeral, his son remembered his late father's accomplishments but also highlighted his role as a father, as a man and he says it's something he hopes others can emulate. >> example of colin powell does not call us us to emulate his resume, which is too formidable for mere mortals, it is to emulate his character and his example as a human being. we can strive to do that. we can choose to be good.
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>> general powell was vaccinated, but according to a family spokesperson, he was also battling multiple myeloma, a blood cancer that weakened his immune system. coming up here -- when it comes to holiday shopping your bottom line may feel a little burnt, right? next here on midday, why thanksgiving may just cost you more than ever before. we'll tell you the new data suggesting that rising prices will impact your family at the dinner table. and a shot of wellness. today on the kelly clarkson show, actress anna kendrick teaches kelly how to stay healthy by drinking shots of ginger but warns it's kind of hard to keep down. you can watch what happens on the kelly clarkson show when she drinks that coming up at 3:00.
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like all of it. ♪ ♪ ♪ thanks for sticking around. we have more details regarding the deadly shooting in campbell
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earlier this week. today the 18-year-old man accused of firing the shots will face a judge for the first time that shooting happened tuesday on west sunny oaks avenue. that's where authorities say a 42-year-old man was shot and killed. a tip later led police to locate the suspect who they say officers found in a car about a mile from the scene of the shooting. that was the city's first homicide in four years. authorities are not revealing details about possible motives. a live look inside capitol hill right now. this is after months of back and forth negotiations. a resolution may finally be at hand for two of president biden's signature efforts. house lawmakers are set to vote today on his top spending priorities. infrastructure and social policy. in a letter to house speaker assuring members, the social spending measure now priced at $1.7 trillion is not only paid for with new taxes but projections show that it would actually trim the budget deficit over the next decade.
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even if it passes, that will faces an uncertain future in the senate. >> people are concerned. they're concerned about inflation. they're concerned about the debt. we don't talk about it, but they are concerned. >> democrats hope they have everything wrapped up by thanksgiving, but the senate is out of session for the next week so the earliest it could take up the social spending and climate change bill is november 15th. many democrats worry the lack of action in washington hurt their chances on election day. meanwhile, the economy getting far better. scott mcgrew has more. that message seems lost right now, scott. >> marmarcus, there's a lot of d news and it does show the democrats' trouble in getting messaging across. the poll numbers are so low, but the economic numbers are really solid. the latest employment report shows things going very well. 531,000 jobs created in the month of october. better than we were expecting.
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unemployment rates fell more than we were expecting, down to 4.6%. and more good news. wages are up for the year, around 5%. that matches inflation numbers. those wage numbers so very important as we deal with an inflationary environment. if you haven't asked for a raise, you should because if you are making the same amount of money, you're kind of taking a pay cut. your thanksgiving dinner will likely take a bigger bite out of your budget this month. ingredients for your traditional turkey day dishes, cranberry sauce, yams, they could be pricier and harder to find. that is because of higher costs related to shipping, delivery and increased demand. no matter how big your feast, there are still plenty of ways to save. when it comes to the turkey, consider buying a smaller one or opting for a less expensive meat. experts suggest shopping earlier this year and using rebate apps or grocery store cards to save
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money. you can also host a potluck dinner to create a sign-up sheet and find out who is bringing what. if you do plan on cooking and paying for the entire meal, have an idea how much they are willing to spend per person. taking a live look midday at sfo. starting next year, you'll have the new option to travel to your neighbors to the north since it's on a direct flight. flair airlines will begin offering flights to canada in the spring. they offer fairly low-cost fares but seat selection and carry-on items will cost more. nonstop begins to edmonton the start of april. vancouver flights kick off in may. overcoming our climate in crisis through advanced technology. one bay area company is hoping to do just that. what this new single use plastic bag that's biodegradable. it's made of farmed seaweed. the bags are designed to quickly
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break down in backyard compost and it also tells the chronicle the company just received their first round of funding and they plan to release their first retail shopping bags some time next year. nice to see that. the question i had earlier today, can you eat the bags? i love seaweed so i don't know. probably not. >> i just want to know, will it hold all of my cans and everything that i bring home from the grocery store? will it be really strong? so we have a lot of questions. we need some samples here and then maybe you can snack on it later, marcus. let's get a look at what's going on as we see this live view of the golden gate bridge. it is a nice start to our friday. hopefully you have plans to get out there and enjoy it. although as you are heading out, we are starting out with sunshine now but we have all of this happening to the north of us with a storm system that's bringing rain across far northern california. some of this rain may make it down to ukiah but that looks like it's going to be the extent of where we see some rain.
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if you are in the south bay, heading out for a hike this afternoon, it's going to be nice but you'll notice more clouds moving in as we go into today. we're starting out at noon. partly cloudy but notice that it does become mostly cloudy as our temperatures reach into the mid-60s. and then as we head to the south bay for a look at our high temperatures for today, east san jose will reach up to 58 degrees. we'll see about the same in gilroy. and for the east bay, temperatures in the mid-60s. danville and fremont reaching 67. check out the seven-day forecast. it's already up at the bottom of the screen. the peninsula today reaching 64 in san mateo and redwood city. and san francisco into the mid-60s downtown as well as in the mission district. our north bay highs once again will be cooler because of the showers that may be moving farther to the north but we're looking at sunshine and temperatures reaching about 66 degrees in sonoma. there is so much going on this weekend. maybe you'll have a chance to check out the ice rink that just
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opened in san francisco at union square. usual tradition we have to celebrate the opening of the holiday season. and so we're going to see more clouds tomorrow. and temperatures there reaching into the low 60s. looks really nice for that. and then for the end of the weekend, the home 49ers game. it's an early afternoon game so at kickoff we'll be at about the upper 60s in santa clara and then halftime, some mid-60s but really nice weather. and a mix of sun and clouds. here's what's ahead going into next week. another storm system coming in. moving in on monday. so this one looks to bring us some pretty decent rainfall totals and we'll see more of that heading into tuesday as well. this is some -- what one computer model is showing. they're still going back and forth with how much rain we'll see. this is putting down pretty decent amounts. we could see possibly two inches of rain in santa rosa and about an inch and a half in spots like napa, closer to mill valley and san francisco. and then about a half of an inch
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of rain for the spots like the inland east bay and the south bay may get a little more. so it does look good there and hopefully the storm system holds together to bring us decent rainfall totals. i like that it's not during our weekend. so we'll be watching our temperatures in the 60s. of course we fall back. we set our clocks back one hour on sunday morning. and we'll be adjusting to the time change because on sunday evening, the sun sets shortly after 5:00 and then we'll have those earlier sunrises for early next week. and more clouds and once again those scattered showers arriving on monday into tuesday. it does look like it clears out by wednesday and thursday as all nice and sunny. and for san francisco, we do have more cool temperatures in the forecast. especially once that rain arrives on monday. and we'll see only some highs in the low 60s for monday and tuesday. marcus? >> thanks, kari. coming up, a giant good-bye. buster posey formally announcing his retirement.
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what the next chapter looks like for the all-star catcher and his family. but first, happening now, last-minute preps are under way for this year's new york city marathon. the pandemic, of course, canceled last year's marathon. this time around, covid-19 safety protocols will take center stage. proof of vaccination or negative covid test will be required within 48 hours of that race. face coverings are mandatory at the start and in post-finish area. there will also be more waves of runners so that everyone can socially distance themselves. all right. we'll be right back.
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okay, giants fans. they knew it was coming but that did not change it easier to here. buster posey saying good-bye to football. with his four children in the front row and his wife by his side, posey announcing he is retiring. he cited the desire to spend more time with his family. also the physical demands of playing catcher. >> i'm so very humbled to have played a part in some of those memories. to the fans, thank you for all your support i've received the last 13 seasons. i look forward to creating new memories of my own and sharing them with family and friends as i pull for the giants the rest of my life. >> he also gave us so many memories. 34-year-old posey played 12 seasons and was a seven-time all-star. he's planning to move the family
11:26 am
back to georgia where he grew up but also says he's leaving open the opportunity to work with the team in some capacity. we posted the entire news conference, if you missed it yfrkts at also make sure you grab some tissues, too, so if someone walks in and sees tears rolling down your eyes, just say i've got something in my eye. another hopeful sign for hollywood's rebound. this is a big weekend at the box office with two highly anticipated releases. and for the first one, we need you to channel your inner superhero. >> captain rogers. >> who do you think is going to lead the avengers? >> i could lead them. >>. [ laughter ] >> that was a joke because i could have done it, right? marvel's "eamericans" stars an ensemble cast. it spans from 5,000 b.c. to the present day and introduces a whole new band of superheroes.
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and if you are looking for something a little more historical, "spencer" starring kristen stewart is also on the silver screen. she plays princess diana. the story that spans three days over christmas when she chose to end her marriage to charles, prince charles. that title refers to diana's maiden name. the north bay's guy fieri agreed to officiate kristen stewart's wedding. maybe she can get someone to officiate the wedding and cook the meal after. a two for one maybe. >> absolutely. that would be quite amazing. all right. let's get to our forecast this weekend. we're going to see our temperatures in the mid-60s. at times some clouds rolling by and this weekend we get a little bit extra sleep. i'm looking forward to that. but then we'll also have those early sunrises and early sunsets. so get ready for that as rain
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moves in next week, marcus. >> looking forward to sleeping in an extra hour. thanks, kari. thanks for joining us. our next newscast coming up at 5:00. you can always get the latest at thanks for sticking around for us this morning. have a great weekend.
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right now on california live -- brooke burke and i are in her backyard to have some inspiring girl talk and a little booty burn. >> then "california live's" elf on a shelf. >> and you are going to catch me if you can. >> plus, star power. how america fe rrerr's new show is helping build a town in east l.a. >> and we reveal the lady who helped them ste


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